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Politics / Re: Tinubu’s 2027 Campaign Billboard Mounted In Abuja (photo) by Never4getU: 4:43pm On Jul 15
Politics / Re: Onanuga To Obi: You Only Post Unverified News, Why're You Silent On LG Autonomy by Never4getU: 9:05am On Jul 13
Onunuga, find shame.

Preferably in your spare time !

Obiphobia is real.

The man said the truth though. Obi can't be saying he wants a greater Nigeria but whenever the govt make a good move he's always quiet but very critical on issues that portrays the same govt in a bad light, isn't that hypocrite?


Politics / Re: Food Importation Will Erode Gains Made In Rice, Maize, Wheat — Naija Farmers by Never4getU: 6:05pm On Jul 10
We prefer importation because Nigerian farmers are only extorting the citizens of their hard earned money. What's the point, if we are farming and growing our own food yet the spike of farm produce is worse to when we import.

Are course in this country? We have fuel but non oil countries are better than us.

Pls food should be imported and forget all these useless farmers
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Commissions Borehole In Anaogaji, Kogi State by Never4getU: 6:00pm On Jul 10

Posted by Peter Obi


Criticism is healthy for a assuring and just society. I'm certain in my mind that the debacle of substandard boreholes been erected as dination by Peter Obi in the north has yielded a good result otherwise we won't see a modern and healthy borehole as this.

Now we can applaud this gesture
Travel / Re: Customers, Commuters Complain About Road To Portable’s Odogwu Bar In Abeokuta by Never4getU: 5:53pm On Jul 10
LoL Portable is a hard man hence the hard way to his location/Abode

Omoolalomi more Grace and blessings Inshallah💯🍾🍺🤒

Funny Nigerians.. portable is now their govt they need to hold accountable.

Portable business is located around the place ur govt fail to delivered good governance instead of pressuring ur fail govt u're calling out an innocent man who is also a victim of bad govt...u people won't stop to amaze me.

Now I see why other African countries continue to drag us online bocz we're too frivolous
Education / Re: 72 Nigerian Railway Engineers Trained In China Return by Never4getU: 11:46am On Jul 09


To start disaster to our trains..me I no dey enter train again ooo
Fashion / Re: Beautiful Lady With One Arm Captivates Viewers With Her Braiding Skills (photos) by Never4getU: 10:09pm On Jul 07
In one region of the country 😜 this disability is opportunity
Politics / Re: Senate Spokesperson, Adaramodu Refuses To Disclose How Much Senators Earn by Never4getU: 10:07pm On Jul 07
They always keep it secretly

But why we they be keepi6it secret? It's a public office, I mean they represent the Nigerian people; in the sense why should what they earn as a direct benefit shouldn't be open to the tax payers?

This country is gone to the dogs and the better we the citizens realizes the better to safe it from these criminals.

The white colonial masters were saint given what is happening to us.


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Politics / Re: Let’s Learn From Kenyan Experience – Peter Obi Tasks Political Leaders by Never4getU: 6:05pm On Jul 07
Also let's not learn on how to destroy our own country all in the name of protest .

We can't be complaining of hardship and still cause more hardship

What is left of the country more refinedly destroyed by the political elites who should be prioritizing the people but are instead making themselves the centre stage of governance by blindly stealing of public funds.

The country is no more better destroy than this my brother

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Politics / Re: First Lady Unveils Vegetable Garden At State House (Picture) by Never4getU: 11:56am On Jul 07

How do you know it's scam?

She should tell us that's where she picks the one she cook for her husband

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Politics / Re: ‘Don’t Donate Your Pension Benefits To Churches, Mosques’- Sanwo-Olu Pays N4.46b by Never4getU: 6:16pm On Jul 05
He would have said spend your money wisely.

It's good he mentioned the church and mosque. What is ur own motive to the mention
Politics / Re: Adada State:the Emerging New State In South East. by Never4getU: 6:59pm On Jul 03

Yoruba man Cry 😁

Mumu and who is helping u to create the state?

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Politics / Re: Adada State:the Emerging New State In South East. by Never4getU: 6:59pm On Jul 03
Creation of Adada State is unarguably a step in the right direction

Yet u hate on Tinubu like say
Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Claims On FG Disobeying Court Order On Kanu Is False - Premium Times by Never4getU: 6:19pm On Jul 02
This is a grave error from Mr Peter Obi. He should have done his due diligence on the matter before issuing that statement.

It's not the first time he comes on national TV to lie about obvious kies
Politics / Re: BVN, NIN Details Available On AnyVerify For ₦100 by Never4getU: 9:01am On Jun 23
This is a serious breach of privacy...Too bad cry

The good news is that, BVN or NIN details alone are not sufficient to wipe off your accounts.

With 2 factor authentication already set by all Banks on their Apps and online banking and with your Phone/SIM intact, you have no worries.

Our last line of defence and hope is that Telecoms operators don't employ scammers by error otherwise, we are finished cheesy

We have a useless govt who is only interested I compounding the already disturbing situation of the country. Nigeria is a porouse entity with no data verification base.

I have witnessed another person NIN being used to register a sim for another individual unknown to the owner. Once u submit ur NIN to procure a sim the vendors just naturally start using for new customers without one. So if this people commit heinous offense the originally owner is in serious trouble
Politics / Re: Atiku, Tambuwal, Others Visits Buhari At Daura Residence by Never4getU: 8:47am On Jun 23
If the north unites with less strong holds from south South, Tinubu is a goner come the next election.

Tinubu has done more than enough within a year plus, he needs to be shown the exit door before the masses start dropping lifeless out of hunger.

Dey play

Tinubu is Nigeria socrate the father of politics...that man will beat them to their own game. Don't forget, after all politics is one; interest only maximization of interest


Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Slams Obidients And Defends Prof Wole Soyinka - Over 3,500 Likes by Never4getU: 6:25am On May 25
Reno needs some pu.ssy…

He is very jobless

Get some sense Reno is telling u to people human and stop allowing mad-man gives u advise all the time. Mumu

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Politics / Re: There Were No 'TRIBES' Before The British Invaded Nigeria by Never4getU: 6:23am On May 25
Nigerians were united until the Ibo coup of 1966 and the Ibo wanting to dominate North,SW and the Niger Delta of Nigeria, and since then Nigeria has never been the same again.

Irony of life...the same ibo are the one cry wolves now as though they're innocent to the problem yet they're the foundation to the problem.

Only tribe in the whole nation wanting to dominate host community.

Fear those tribe

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Crime / Re: Lady Confronts New User Of Her Stolen Phone After Tracking It (Video) by Never4getU: 10:00am On May 17


Lady confronts new user of her stolen iPhone after getting it tracked.

The lady revealed that the iPhone was stolen alongside her money.

She further revealed that she will be handing the new iPhone user to the police.

However, defending herself, the new iPhone user said that she bought the phone with her hard-earned money.

This one boyfriend don scam her grin
Politics / Re: Tinubu Orders Suspension Of Cybersecurity Levy by Never4getU: 4:00am On May 13
This why you do not have civilians as NSA, the business of the ONSA is not revenue generation.

This Ribadu man is a terrible choice.

Thats not correct. Democracy is not autocracy or dictatorial. Civilian govt is the rightful government to govern over the affirs of the ppl.

Military doesn't have a place in civilian government
Travel / Re: Lagos-Kano Rail Begins Freight Operations In June, Says FG by Never4getU: 3:01pm On May 10
Some will still wail over this good news

This isn't a good news. Pray nothing serious of fracas didn't breakout of southwest or Lagos in particular, it will be easier for northerners knowing they would just jump into the rail before arriving lagos to access any west state of their choice.

This isn't business project but politics for 2027 not about Nigerians and Nigeria development
Politics / Re: Relocation Of Destitute To Home States ‘ll Continue – Lagos Govt by Never4getU: 9:25am On May 09
grin... how is this legal??... Deporting citizens in their own country?

When does becoming miscreant a legal adventure?

If u can't rent an apartment away from ur state then the question is what are u doing there?
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Is Saddened & Shocked By The Deportation Of Osun Indigenes By Lagos by Never4getU: 7:06am On May 07
Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha...PO abeg slow down you are giving agbadorians HBP ...please remember they love to be in slavery because of tribe and religion.... one of the sins of bello apart from stealing public funds which most of his colleagues is equally guilty is saying that Peter obi won the election but they helped tinubu rig it...that statement is the mean reason he will eventually be in jail.. .. Peter obi please calm down ..we see them already wailing bitterly emergency lovers of Nigeria

Mumu the same Obi deported ur asses and sack ur Eastern people from civil service before
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Is Saddened & Shocked By The Deportation Of Osun Indigenes By Lagos by Never4getU: 7:04am On May 07
Same Peter Obi that deported Ebonyi and Akwa Ibom people during his tenure as governor of Anambra state. This man grin

That's exact reason we tell u guys that the man is liar and pretender
Politics / Re: Rivers Assembly Is Non-existent to Me, Peace Accord not binding - Fubara by Never4getU: 5:47am On May 07
Magnus Abe belonging in Wike's camp has sent even more shivers down the spine of Fubara. The house of assembly is an independent arm, it is not within your powers to recognize or derecognize any lawmaker, it is only the court of law that can make the pronouncement. Fubara is not facing governance, he's talking too much and might not end well for him.

I don't understand it I should say Fubara is toddler in the position of authority. How can elected gov be saying assembly exists because he wanted it to? Doesn't understand his office is one part of the branch? Does he realize he holds no such power under the constitution? Whatever has happened in the past by some govt officials or elected office holders using police against states and national assembly is impunity of the highest order, an illegality
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Crystal Palace Vs Manchester United (4 - 0) On 6th May 2024 by Never4getU: 5:26am On May 07

Man UTD without Fernandez...one useless team behind my house will beat them blue black.. DStv should better remove man UTD matches from supersport to cartoon network for now until they are serious next season

No excuse abeg. Arsenal 5 against Chelsea una know wetin una talk .... useless manu
Politics / Re: Whites Want To Colonize Africa Again. by Never4getU: 2:05am On Apr 28
I saw an interview on twitter were white elires were talking about how they plan recolonizing Africa again,They said they are tired of our people mass migrating to their land that its posing a security threat to them now they wanna help us recolonize Africa.

U're leaders are using white to recolonize u again while they take bounty on ur head
Politics / Re: Omokri Bombs Obi Again, Digs Up Old Tweet Of Threat To Non-indegenes by Never4getU: 4:48pm On Apr 26
Abeg, which portfolio is Reno occupying in Tinubu government.

How is this question so relevant to the allegations at hand against you messiah?😅
Politics / Re: Why Is Reno And APC Propaganda Focused On Peter Obi When Nigeria Is Collapsing? by Never4getU: 9:18am On Apr 26
Honestly, who can explain this to me? Nigeria is collapsing before our eyes and Reno Omokri and paid APC hacks are dancing the dance of a dying patient.

Fuel is over 1000 in most states

Dollar is over 1400 again

Food is now luxury

Nigeria is totally Collapsing.

What exactly is happening in Nigeria?

Rather than put pressure on government to work with his media influence, Reno is focusing more energy on how many schools Obi built? undecided undecided

Or How many exam malpractices centre flourished under Peter Obi? sad sad

Even if all these were true which of course they are not, how are these past events relevant to the present reality in Nigeria?

How does this affect the current HELLFIRE NIGERIA HAS BECOME UNDER TINUBU?

The annoying part is that Peter Obi is not even President. How come he is more popular and trending than the president? I am very confused undecided

Because Peter Obi will be worse since he started by faking and telling us too many lies about his capacity to deliver.

It should ha e been easy if he had a good precedent while he served as a governor. Trying to appear more like a saint now speak volumes with lots of deceit.

How on earth will someone embark on a borehole project to alliavate or ease the w suffering people goes through over water but he started buy erecting substandard water projects and inaugurating same without any shame in him. In this 21century?

How can any right thinking person be reasoning like that?

That goes to show his failure and an invitation to get worse if given a chance at the highest office.

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