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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by NewAjala(m): 7:24am On May 09
Why can't I buy from paxful? What am I doing wrong pls? Tho I haven't verified my ID but have done phone and email verification which allows me to buy and send back to a limit of N478k but yet I can't even buy 20k... Pls can someone tell me where I'm getting it wrong

Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by NewAjala(m): 7:04pm On May 08
If you missed BTC & ETH as assets to buy early and hold long term. Here are list of some you need look out for in the near future

BNB - has its block chain with loads of projects built on it and still building

LINK - Oracle king in crypto space

DOT - Interoperability between multi block chains in crypto space

SOL - Playing major role in DEFI space, ETH competitor

ADA - DEFI, POS and Interoperability between different block chains, Smart contracts enabled and other chains can build on it.

CAKE - Biggest BSC DEX

UNI - Biggest ETH DEX

ENJ- NFTs, Gaming




Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by NewAjala(m): 6:55pm On May 08
The 4 Wise Men Part 2

The "Almost" Infallible Financial Risk Management In Crypto

If you have money, divide it into 4.

1. Trading
2. HODL'ing
3. Risking
4. Rescuing

There was a guy on this thread that started with $10k and has lost almost 90%. I didn't follow the story up that much.

Let's assume there is a guy called James and he is smart with risk management.

From the $10k, each of the 4 takes $2.5.

After he is done researching (for three days or more) and found great coins with a low or risky market cap that is about to have some big event launch soon, he starts praying for the market to have a huge correction.

He didn't just jump in. Though, he could use 20%, 30%, or 50% of his "Risking" to have hourly fun as he prays for a big correction.

From all the coins he has found through days of research, he sets a 2.3% increase and decrease alarm to alert him whenever any of those coins go up or down by 2.3%.

You see, with $10k, he didn't just jump into a trade with all the money. He outlined a process and a strategy.

As he is playing around with 20 or 50% of his "Risk" money, he is waiting for a crash/correction. It may take days, weeks, but not up to 2 months before everywhere turns bloody.

By this time, he already has 5 coins he is monitoring and has found all the exchanges offering the coins and registered, but one of the coins is the main focus. Let's say, STC. It has less than 500 million cap and has lots of room for growth.

With the Trading and HODL'ing money, buy the same coin in 4 different exchanges when crash happens. That will be worth $5k.

Trading and HODL'ing money combined = $5,000.

Example: Let's assume the coin is called ABJ (just came up with a random name) and it's on:

Binance $1,250
Ku.coin $1,250
Gate.io $1,250
AscendEx $1,250

20% of 1,250 = 250
30% of 1,250 = 375
50% of 1,250 = 625

Calculate the last two BTC crashes and how it affected that coin. Use that knowledge to calculate three consolidation spots on your "about-to-be-bought" coin's chart with 1 day and 1 week TF of where it will likely hit if another crash happens.

Now, set a descending buy order of $250, $375, and $625. Do this for all the four exchanges. You're done. If you wish, you can go on your knees and pray for the market to crash.

Now, you can use 50% of your risk money, $1250, out of $2,500, to have some dangerous fun with Future Trading of either 10% or 25% leverage with any volatile coin of your choice that crashes easily whenever BTC sneezes. Long or short, your choice.

If you're not comfortable with leverage, then use a coin that just started pumping and immediately jump in with of 50% and with market order and if it keeps pumping, opt out after 20, 30, or 50 minutes — depending on your conviction and tolerance.

If it drops the moment you jumped in, wait for 20, 30, or 50 minutes for it to go up.

If the coin hates you and refuses to go up after 50 minutes, slowly deploy the remaining 50% of the risk money (i.e. 1,250) by 20% ($250), 30% ($375), and 50% ($625) each time it drops further.

Fear not, you'll get all your money back with profit. It's risky moment, baby. Allow the adrenalin pump, but don't panic because of money.

If kidnappers or gunmen adopt you today, I pray not, you'll give the entire $10k just to spare your life without thinking twice, so why panic because of a fraction of that money? Don't be in terror; be confident. Life is more important than money.

So, if it refuses to go back after 50 minutes of using 100% of your risk money, be a little patient for 10 more minutes to make it 1 hour. If you leave hurriedly, the moment you do, it will pump.

It didn't pump after the extra time elapsed, so it's time to tactfully deploy 50% ($1,250) of your rescue team money of $2,500.

In fact, you'll hardly use your rescue money in most cases, so don't think ahead of yourself. Stay calm and make clean cash. Cry.pto hates balless and panicky people.

This approach may seem like it's tasking and an overkill, but it's not. You'll reap the profit sooner than you expect with 100% confidence.

If that young man that started with $10k had used it, he would've been a positive motivational speaker by now. #Lol.

The above may be seen as a method for rich people or moderately rich men.

Do you guys notice I like using 20%, 30%, 50%, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and 50 minutes? I also use 20 hours, 30 hours, and 50 hours. Not forgetting 20 days, 30 days, and 50 days.

If you adopt this kind of wait period or financial division of money, you'll be organized and you'll be patient. Always use your stopwatch. Install an app for it or use the one your phone has.

After you've made some hundreds or thousands of dollars with your risk money, look for 20 risky cap coins and invest $100 each the day there will be another market crash.

Hodl the $100 investment for at least 3 months or even 5+ months.

The profit is to be reinvested, not to be eaten. $100 for 20 dangerously risky cap coins = $2,000.

When you make more profit, invest in 30 coins = $3,000.

More profit again? Invest in 50 risky and unpopular Asian coins that are still sleeping with a potential to explode = 5,000 from your risky money's profit.

By September 7th, you'll scream at your success. Yes, I know someone is probably say, "It's easier said than done." Stop it and chase away the spirit of laziness and pessimism.

This strategy I revealed, most will charge money to expose it, so cherish it even if you won't use it now.

Part 3

If you don't have much, divide it into two only.

He asked, and here is the answer.

Divide in 2 and each of the 2, divide in 3.

Trade: Phase 1 — $250 out of 500.
Rescuer: Phase 2 — $250 again.

I use 2, 3, 5 formula.

20% first buy, then relax and watch for minutes or hours via your alarm. ($50).

30% if it falls from the point you bought. ($75).

50% if it falls further. ($125).

This is only after your research or analysis and the coin is in red or consolidation.

The phase 2, Rescuer, is a backup for emergency (risk) purchase or money you'll use to rescue your initial investment if the coin is going up and down and the highest it goes is where you bought the 20% spot.

In this case, use the remaining $250 to rescue everything by buying at the bottom and when it rises back to the 20% spot you bought with phase 1 money, you cash out everything and wait till it falls again, then buy with the rescued $250 at the bottom at once and go to bed.

When you wake and realize it has gone way up, good, but if it has gone way down, still good.

Use your rescuer money to rescue the $250 as you did earlier. If it goes up, cash out the rescuer money and its profit and HODL the trading money.

Use the profit to buy an extremely low cap coin you trust or at least like after research.

After every two successful Saturdays, opt out on the third Saturday at 11 PM. Why? Say what? Say what? Anything can happen. These are mostly days for crash/correction = buying time.

Don't be tempted to rejoin yet — wait till 11 PM on Tuesday to go fully again.

This three-day patience can save you millions of regrets, and tears and at the same time, it can make you feel left out if the market doesn't crash within this three days, but boomed instead.

In life, and in becoming successful, it's better to take action and regret than to be left out, but in this business, it's better to be left out than to take action and regret.

As we all know, even if you get left out, in less than 8 weeks, a big crash/correction will happen and 70% or more of the of the new profit others made when you were waiting will vanish and you'll join them afresh with a clear focus of where to cash out.

While they are angry a crash happened without them taking profits, you're happy it did. You've waited for so long for this day and it's worth it.

An unmarried woman who aborts a baby does not know there is a married woman who will do anything to have a baby.

There are people who will do anything for the market to keep going up and at the same time, there are also people who will go to any length for the market to crash to jump in.

The percentage is 98 to 2.

98% want it to go up.
2% want it to come down.

These two percent that wants it to go down are richer than the 98% that wants it to go up.

Even if you're not rich yet, be on the side of the rich (the whales) in this business.

They should crash the market for you to buy, not crash the market for you to cry.

Key in when the whales commit their sins of panic. It's a buying opportunity, not a crying opportunity.

Know this and profit shall never depart from you as long as the bull run has not ended.

Please, someone should quote the guy that whales devoured his 10k to read this.

It's free doesn't mean it's a cheap or a waste. Don't waste this revelation. Even if you don't use it, find someone who will.

All the best. More money and more crashes. #Smile.


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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by NewAjala(m): 12:37pm On May 08
and using paxful is self explanatory, because they sieve the best deals for you at the top..

If you still need more help buying from there..holla me,
How fo you buy with paxful
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by NewAjala(m): 2:25pm On May 03
To those who want to master technical analysis like a pro, read this 12 minutes post below (on Binance website) and watch those short videos I posted some weeks ago. That's all you'll ever need.


Let me see if I can find those videos and repost the links.


1. Video for beginners, click here https://www.nairaland.com/6318352/crypto-currency-investors-thread/404#100186553

2. Video for advanced traders, click here https://www.nairaland.com/6318352/crypto-currency-investors-thread/404#100186825

3. When you're done, finally digest everything with a 3-part video posted by Coin Bureau on YouTube and you're finally an over-pro.


Some lazy people will think this is so hard — only if the knew it isn't.

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Programming / Re: I Want My Son To Be A Programmer, How Do I Go About It by NewAjala(m): 9:22pm On Apr 30
You are in the right track of grooming him for the future considering the current dilapidating state of this failed country... you can start him with basic computer knowledge (if he lacks it yet) then html, c or python . Do not listen to anyone castigating your plan for him... Before he gets to 20 you'd see how proud you'd be to have a son like that cos the future is on tech already.

For me, as my pikin(boy or girl) begin to talk nai I go start dey hammer am with coding skills.
Nairaland / General / Re: Benin Electricity Distribution Company Is Frustrating My Life by NewAjala(m): 11:24pm On Apr 28
Good day folks. It has been a turbulent period for me since BEDC installed their prepaid meter at my residence. The meter came with 100 units of electricity which the staff told me would be free of charge grin
However, when I made an attempt to top-up the units when it was running low from a vendor, I was told I have to pay for the "free" 100 units before I would be able to top up. I had no choice than to part with 11,000 naira to pay off the 'debt' and buy 5000 naira worth of units for the top-up.

I was told to proceed to the BEDC area office close to where I bought the units to obtain activation tokens being my first transaction on the meter. At the BEDC area office, the customer care agent gave me a series of code to enter on my meter when I get home for activation, and wait for another set of code from the BEDC headoffice via SMS, without which I wouldn't be able to load the top-up tokens I purchased.

After following these instructions, I waited in vain for the final code from BEDC which wasn't forthcoming. I placed several calls to their hotline with some below-par agents attending to me at different points, each with a different method of how to solve my problem. Well, I finally got a competent agent who promised to escalate my case, and wait for 24hrs to receive the code

I finally got the code the next two days but not after making series of threats to their hotline, and I was able to load my top-up tokens. But this is just the beginning grin

Almost a month passed and I would need to top-up again. This time, I opted to do it online via quickteller since my meter has been 'activated'.
I made payment but didn't get my tokens until after 24 hours. I proceeded to load the meter but I got an error message.

I proceeded to call their hotline as usual but no luck this time, my calls keep on getting rejected. I paused for a while and tried again after few hours and I was finally able to speak with agent who told me I need to fill a certain complaint form on their website, after which I would be sent another kind of token from their headoffice

I proceeded to fill the form on their website but the form wasn't submitted because "my meter number does not exist" grin
I tried to get across to the customer care agent again to notify them of the development but their hotline has been unreachable since my last call.
I proceeded to make a google search of their alternate complaint lines(if any) and I was shocked to see that the two other lines quoted on their website, each had 10 digits instead of 11, thereby making those numbers invalid.
I've been in total darkness since then, not because I didn't pay my bills, but for the inefficiency of Benin Electricity Distribution Company cry
Mods, kindly help me take this to frontpage for more views
1. Avoid online transaction like plague. Go to the nearest POS or BEDC office to purchase your units.
2. Do not allow your units to go totally empty before reloading.
3. Most new meters are like that, just request for KCT and you'll be fine.
4. In the midst of this frustration, do not be tempted to connect on direct.
5. Keep trying the hotlines, it will go through

May the Lord give u strength to scale through the hurdle

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk/life As A UK Immigrant by NewAjala(m): 11:08pm On Apr 28

First of all I would avoid London. Staying 2yrs in London and paying nearly half of my salary for rent and another fraction for bills, with no assistance, largely kept me out of this group for months. I lived from shift to shift and nearly got my back broken, only to get home to be reminded that food stuffs is running out, and cable was giving a resuscription warning. I couldn't cope for long. Despite sticking to Amazon prime, and using only charity shop, the permutations did not balance.

I got a job up North without discussing this prior and informed my family that they could stay back if they wanted. Obviously they ran along. I still pay these things but its a fraction of what I earn, so I don't mind at all. All my expenses is not up to the rent I paid in London despite increased wages

The Midlands would be a place to look at, places like Stoke on Trent, Sherwood forest, Black country, Lincoln etc are all cheap but run down areas compared to the big 4, there is also a flux of Nigerians there, with Nigerian pastors opening ministries too. Pay 10% of your income to these dudes is at your discretion, I guess most are hustlers on suits. On the borders of Manchester but still in the Midland is chesterfield a very nice place too.

If you move toward Manchester avoid the city centre. Areas like Boston, Preston, the Pennines etc, is like living in Mowe but claiming Lagos. These would probably be cheaper than living in Manchester.

The north of England have some very affordable places too. Ranging from places like Scunthorpe a near shot hole, to Bradford that is filled with Muslims and blacks, but are both affordable places to the very deprived Hull where Doctors are paid to train. Leeds, wakefield, Sheffield are all big cities from the Yorkshire point of view but are quite affordable. I would avoid York itself if it
you want to save money. While it's beautiful, and heavenly to live in, its cost of living is close to London in some ways. There are other largely rural areas in Yorkshire, people own 2-3 horses here, and a lot of farm lands, things are pretty cheap and organic.

You can live in Newcastle, Sunderland, middlesborough and it's surrounding areas with a fraction of your income. Those areas though cheap are quite cold and you cold end up being impregnated by your husband every year in a bid to cure cold, and end up with more child care bills.

I could write about Essex, but I found Chelmsford expensive but beautiful to stay in.

Lastly let the one true guide lead you to were you will find comfort and peace

But I would avoid London, Cambridge, oxford or the other big 4 as a rule of thumb

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Programming / Re: The Travails Of Junior Developers by NewAjala(m): 5:48pm On Apr 22

Just hope they don't teach you Fortran and Matlab in place of JavaScript. grin

Lol exactly what I saw in the curriculum... FORTRAN COBOL BASIC
Programming / Re: The Travails Of Junior Developers by NewAjala(m): 5:21pm On Apr 22
Is it really important doing a post graduate course on IT (someone with non IT background) for the sake of getting a rewarding job afterwards?
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 10:50pm On Apr 19

The above subject matter refers.
We write to inform that the Vice-Chancellor on behalf of Senate has approved the extension of course and examination registration for the 2021_1.

To this end, the new date for the closure of course and examination registration is Friday, 7th May, 2021 at 11:59pm. Also, the new dates for Orientation and Matriculation Ceremonies are Friday, 14th and Saturday 15th May, 2021 respectively.

Thank you.


Pls does this date applies to fee payment for new students or not?

Would this shift also affect TMA schedule?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Best Hand Work To Learn As A Guy? by NewAjala(m): 7:11pm On Apr 12
Where can someone learn all this digital marketing, programming and the likes please.
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 8:23am On Mar 29
Pls is there any specifics to follow while paying tuition at the bank after generating RRR? also can I pay at any bank of my choice?
Travel / Re: Poland Work Visa by NewAjala(m): 10:41pm On Mar 27

Is there any country that their Appointment equals visa Nawa ooo you don fall my hand

Read and understand previous correspondence make u no fall my hand
Travel / Re: Poland Work Visa by NewAjala(m): 4:49pm On Mar 25
Not here to drag words... One is enough for who wise
Travel / Re: Poland Work Visa by NewAjala(m): 6:45am On Mar 25
Face it or leave it bro... Poland don cast! They are only after your money now... Appointment does not equal visa.
Travel / Re: Poland Work Visa by NewAjala(m): 6:24pm On Mar 24
Poland is casted!


Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 10:37pm On Mar 21
Pls, How much can I fund my ewallet with to cover up semester registration and tuition for PGD Info Tech?
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 2:30pm On Mar 20

Rename the file (passport) to your matriculation and upload. If you still have issues, convert from JPEG to .PNG. with the name still your matriculation number and upload

Thanks bro... It worked

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Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 7:52pm On Mar 19
Please help... trying to upload my passport photo using my matric num as file name as requested but it queries that file name is too long and so did not upload. what can I do here?
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 8:50pm On Mar 16

Bro hw far nw.Abeg which pgd course u applied for?

PGD Information Technology

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Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 10:32pm On Mar 11

Go to remita.net, click resend invoice/receipt and input your RRR. When you click submit, the receipt will be sent to the email address you used while generating the remita

Thanks bro, That was really helpful. I have successfully filled the admission form and given a conditional offer. Next is to get my transcript, will my admission be cancelled if i dont present this on time? I guess some other applicants were not required of this... what do you advice?
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 9:43pm On Mar 11
Pls o I need help.... I just paid registration fee now thru remita but my payment slip did not come up although my payment was successful and I confirmed again on the portal with my RRR... How do I get the remita payment slip pls... And after this what next?

Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 7:08am On Mar 10
Also pls can someone explain to me how these TMA 1,2&3 works, I'm not getting the picture.

Also if I apply to a PGD now and complete all registration, will my studies begin immediately?
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 7:04am On Mar 10

About 4-5 months. Wondering where you saw 2 months from.

From the time table online... Except I'm not understanding it properly
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 8:53pm On Mar 09
Please PGD and MSc students... How many months is a semester? I just saw 2months only!
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 8:33pm On Mar 09

If you have registered for project, seminar, IT or practicum visit your study centre as from today to do the needful (Project and seminar will go with 3 topics as proposal), you can chat up for topics.


So as we bid farewell to our graduates, it's necessary to remind everyone that:
Admission, Examination and Course registration are scheduled to end on 20th April, 2021.

Kindly follow the school calendar for proper guidance. If you've special Questions or need some sort of assistance in regards to your studies, let me know privately.

Thank you!

Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by NewAjala(m): 6:58pm On Mar 09
Is it possible for one to complete PGD and MSc in Information Technology in 2years without delay?
Career / Re: Lecturing In State University Vs Federal Polytechnic by NewAjala(m): 6:43pm On Mar 07
Take both if in same state! You won't be the first nor the last

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Travel / Re: I Have Bsc. Chemistry (pure And Applied) by NewAjala(m): 11:14am On Mar 07
Also look at Asian countries if GRE scares u
Travel / Re: I Have Bsc. Chemistry (pure And Applied) by NewAjala(m): 11:14am On Mar 07
Yes you can if u ACE your GRE and TOEFL, get good recommendation letter from your profs and a good motivation letter too... Shoot at USA n you'll be just fine

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Travel / Re: I Just Got A 3-Month Visa To Dubai, I Need Your Suggestions Please!!! by NewAjala(m): 10:08am On Mar 07
unskilled though

Thanks... May God continue to elevate you

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