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Romance / Re: Pls Help, My Sister Lost It by nicky4lif(f): 8:33am On Dec 03, 2013
It will never grow back but she can fill it.
Autos / Re: Went To Contonou To Get My 2006 Toyota Avalon Xl by nicky4lif(f): 2:07pm On Dec 02, 2013
I don't like the car cos it reminds me of my ex.my ex bought same car with same colour last year nd he changed.he started carrying different girls nd we broke up,only if I knew,I wld have advised him against it,that we shld be using the bus we were using.


Music Business / Re: A Nairallander Needs A Record Label by nicky4lif(f): 8:51am On Dec 01, 2013
Oleeee,because u see he really needs this,that's y u want to steal from him.is selling of contact what u do for a living?not only 10k,y not make it 50k.
prdjgood: yea just mention any record label in nigeria.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: For All Nairaland LADIES Only. by nicky4lif(f): 10:35pm On Nov 30, 2013
Very funny thread.
Culture / Re: Why Do Igbo People Detest Marrying Other Tribes? by nicky4lif(f): 3:45pm On Nov 28, 2013
Well me I'm igbo nd I love my igbo brothers nd can't do with out them,don't want someone who will be jumping like an abino when my people are speaking or playing our song.aside igbo,I can only marry from delta igbo.its not my fault,I just want someone who understands my tradition.


Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: I Need A Gay Friend by nicky4lif(f): 11:41am On Nov 27, 2013
No u are the biggest fool nd so shameless.how do u even enjoy being fu.cked from the anus?u are so irritating.
averageme: You're the biggest ignorant fool
I'll be stoned with your dad
Cos I'm with him now
Family / Re: Man Who Murdered In-law Granted Bail, Absconds by nicky4lif(f): 10:15am On Nov 25, 2013
Is not nigerian police?money has changed hands.look at the way that demon pieced a fellow being yam with his bloody eye,ontop of the man's money.I can't imagine how the woman is feeling right now.nigerian police.
Music/Radio / Re: Nigerian Songs You Can't Understand How They Became Hit Songs by nicky4lif(f): 9:16am On Nov 23, 2013
Oshe gbon gbon gbon gbon gbon gbon gbon gbon gbon gbon gbon gbon gbon by jay 1
Romance / Re: Story Of This Girl I Met That Begs Too Muc by nicky4lif(f): 7:56pm On Nov 20, 2013
cheesy cheesy
lynpetra: No mind all those babes wey dey form.Back in school I and my flatmate/bf dealt with them.Remembered one fool my classmate brought to my house,na so I sit down dey sew my pant with needle and thread ,the babe start to dey laff me,me dey laff sef thinking she was just joking until she said,"God forbid!once my pant is torn,I throw it away!"My classmate just dey laff her friend for her mind cos she knows am about to bring d biitch down to her level.After serving them,I brought down my box,opened to reveal several sets of new fairly expensive pants and bras(mind you its my ex that buys them because I no get that mind to carry more than 2k buy one pant,my yash na gold grin).The foolish gurl just rush and starts picking,"oh my God,this are all secret possessions,blah blah blah".I gave her three pants(and e pain me oooo),after which I opened my door and told her,"Madam can you get out my house?"
Romance / Re: Story Of This Girl I Met That Begs Too Muc by nicky4lif(f): 12:31pm On Nov 20, 2013
Really?benin girls but I have this benin frnd,she was calm cool headed nd all so I always believed what ever she saaid.she said her dad is not a good man,he beats her mom,doesn't give the mom money nd he is very rich ooo...her words(if u see the compound my mama from the comot,u no go believe.wen my mama dey go farm,people go dey ask am,nobi dis compound u from comot,nobi that man be ur husband?so we went for her wedding some months back nd I was shocked what I saw,to say the list..we didn't even see compound to do the wedding.another one is one benin frnd of mine,4yrs ago that I met her,she said she was travelling nd that everything was ready so she was just waiting for the date she will leave,untill now she is still herem..later she start saying her husband/husband to be will come nd pick her from here nd that her car had already been bought...this is 4yrs after nd she is still here.she told she bought a car nd she has a driver but she was giving the car out to her mom that she needed a jeep,so when I told her I wanted to see the car,she took a pix of one car without a plate now nd sent it to me,I did like I didn't notice.on her bithday she downloaded a lot of cakes nd wrote on her DP(this is just my birthday cakes oooo,I wonder how my wedding gift will be...I ignored her.she wrote again(yeeeeee my xmas gifts has started coming...yeepeed thanks for the 1million naira...I ignored.she wrote again(yeeee,its happening now at lepaz boutique apapa breanch nd then I ask her,girl how do I get to ur boutique lekki breanch?my sister's guy just came back nd they are looking for where to shop,then she said....girl the shoes I have there from 25k to 75k so I was like...are u trying to say I can't wear such shoes?(She)no but I don't want window shoppers(me)my just got back nd u can't tell me he doesn't have money(she)girl I no want ooo,if he likes let him come from the sky,can he spent 400 to 500k in my boutique(me)girl does it matter how much he spends,what u shld be worried abt is collecting ur money for the ones he will buy(she)no oooo,no bring them come,someone warned me abt window shoppers(me)girl u can lie,u will just be lying up nd down(she)kai,I no nice like this ooo...I no fit talk pass like this...bad belle.what for ikoyi breanch december(me)no lie jor nd she deleted me.who cares?I had always wanted to delete her cos of her many lies,good she did it herself.
jassie: @OP, I donno where your girl is from, but I know that's typical of Benin Girls. . . Most girls and even guys from Edo/ South-South region always try to prove what they're not. . . Evident crudeness. . . SMH. tongue
Romance / Re: Whats With Girls Sef? What Did I Do Wrong ??? ??? ??? :-\ by nicky4lif(f): 8:12pm On Nov 19, 2013
I can't just stop laughing,this is so funny.why wldnt she run?who will tell her mom how the tin take happen?if I'm the one(God 4bid)as the fight is starting,I have removed my shoes right in ur very eye nd locate my house sharp sharp.
sexxyg: D girl run sey make dem no kill u finish con bounce on her grin
Romance / Re: Whats With Girls Sef? What Did I Do Wrong ??? ??? ??? :-\ by nicky4lif(f): 4:32pm On Nov 19, 2013
I didn't say u shld use it to impress the girls but to avoid what just happened from happening next time.

I have a car and I dont see any reason why I need to drive out of the gate just to go pick somebody at the bus stop.
Must I kick-start my car to impress a girl.
Romance / Re: Whats With Girls Sef? What Did I Do Wrong ??? ??? ??? :-\ by nicky4lif(f): 3:43pm On Nov 19, 2013
cheesy this is so funny.well on a first date,I will do just what she did.though its not ur fault nd not her's either,she didn't send u to the area u leave(no female visitor)only God knows where that is.show them a new level by buying a car so u will just be driving ur girls to ur house without them having to touch them.as for the girl,I still will not blame her cos....maybe when she saw u,u were looking cute nd when the fight started,she cldnt find anything sexy in u anymore.with the swollen mouth nd eyes,who wld stay?in nigeria 2day were everyone is looking for a reason to kill for fun nd u said she shld stay?if its me,I will run as fast as my legs can carry me,thinking u are all thesame thesame people.don't get me wrong ooo,its not ur fault nd not her's either,its just happened.
Romance / Re: Please Interpret For Me,igbo People Here by nicky4lif(f): 7:03am On Nov 19, 2013
cheesy yes,run.
IZUKWU: so she wan use the ótu kill me abi.
Romance / Re: Please Interpret For Me,igbo People Here by nicky4lif(f): 7:01am On Nov 19, 2013
:DI can't stop laughing.the girl is one bad,sharp,not to good onitsha girl.she just wanted to scatter ur head with that,which she finally did.she just told u that,otu ga egbu gi(kitty cat will kill u)just 4get the babe cos she is wiser than u.
Romance / Re: How Long Did It Take You To Get Over An Ex? by nicky4lif(f): 12:40am On Nov 13, 2013
This november makes it a year(that's when he opned up ooo,that he is praying nd needed space)even though I lost him long before then.its over a year now nd I still love him,I didn't go abt it any how......;ust cried....took pill to sleep....called endlessly...nd prayed like over a year for him to come back but all didn't work nd I'm still loving him so I told him we shld be frnds,maybe that will lake me not to miss him much.

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Romance / Re: What Does She Mean? by nicky4lif(f): 7:32am On Nov 05, 2013
Don't call her agin she will call,even when she calls,if u like don't pick she will text to explian herself.she wants to start feeling important cos she feels u have fallen for her.
TrickofTech: On reflection. She has taken everything without actually giving anything AT ALL!

How did I not realize this earlier?

Don't care what people say...going to hurt her for this emotionally.

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Politics / Re: Uke Stampede (survivors Account) by nicky4lif(f): 6:48pm On Nov 04, 2013
What is ur gain?

Shut up your putrid mouth.....!!!!

The crowd from all accounts was too heavy for the adoration space.....the antics and presence of Obi to campaign just worsened an already terrible situation....it was a tragedy waiting to happen...and Obi ignited it.
Celebrities / Re: New Photos Of 9ice And Toni Payne's Son, Zion (photos) by nicky4lif(f): 10:57am On Oct 31, 2013
Airforce1: Who is the real Biological father
Romance / Re: What Does She Mean? by nicky4lif(f): 5:57pm On Oct 30, 2013
Well,all u need to do is tell her ur mind nd also find out what she has in mind to.u sound very smart from the way reason so just tell her nd u guys can take it from there.

I wish I was as cool and strong as you! : P (I am being sarcastic). Clearly you do not have very deep emotions. I pity you.

Perhaps you are upset because I called you a MUGU.
Politics / Re: 24-hour Curfew Imposed In Yobe by nicky4lif(f): 1:22pm On Oct 25, 2013
U are just a sick man for saying that besides that wld be the best option for the northerners cos it will be very stupid of me to step out of my house 2015(in the north)when I'm going to look for daily bread they kill me,how much more to go nd vote(the main cause of the fight)God 4bid.
Donmams: As 2015 nears, GEJ will do his best to destabilize the North in order to prevent elections from taking place at all costs. We know the Chief of Army Staff is behind the shootings we see in most parts of the North East. Their schemes will fail.
Romance / Re: Just So Lonely by nicky4lif(f): 4:57pm On Oct 23, 2013
Make sure u appreciate her when u finally find her,unlike some guys that will start asking questions like(y is this girl acting like my wife when I'm not married to her yet?cld it be she wants me to marry her but why does she want to marry me?)Men!very hard to please.
Catalyst101: Ehmmm.... I feel same way too bro. So many girlfriends, no wife. I need a wife. Lord have Mercy.

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Family / Re: Girls Can You Allow Your Dad To Lap You In A Commercial Bus? by nicky4lif(f): 10:24pm On Oct 22, 2013
thorpido: ok no wonder.I guess u didn't attend a boarding school.
Family / Re: Girls Can You Allow Your Dad To Lap You In A Commercial Bus? by nicky4lif(f): 10:32pm On Oct 21, 2013
Yes I am the type.my dad can only lap his wife while my husband laps me(not praying for that though). I don't know how often an erection happens but I know even if it doesn't happen,u will still feel it.
thorpido: Whao,u're the one thinking too much about it.You strike me like the kind of person who wouldn't even be comfortable changing clothes in front of friends.

By the way,a man doesn't have erection all the time.I don't know what u mean by your dad's thing touching u.
Family / Re: My First Time by nicky4lif(f): 10:29pm On Oct 20, 2013
I don't get,did u say u know me?
ITbomb: ok , I bin wonder whether this girl wey I know well well still be virgin , I for kill myself
Family / Re: My First Time by nicky4lif(f): 8:23pm On Oct 20, 2013
;Dthank u my fellow jjc for saying the truth
mysticgal: i would do same thing oh @op
Family / Re: My First Time by nicky4lif(f): 6:33pm On Oct 20, 2013
winkI promised not to tell,so I wldnt.
ayde: grin grin dis babe you funny o! Oya tell us about it, at least me I wan hear read am tongue

Family / Re: My First Time by nicky4lif(f): 4:30pm On Oct 20, 2013
undecidedits finished nau,what else do u want to hear?unless u want to hear about my first time on flight,the landing was an experience I will never 4get but can't share that before some people start asking me the village I come from hahahahahahaquote author=30DB4FA6]Op continue ur story na!!!! Abi e don end for there?[/quote]
Family / Re: My First Time by nicky4lif(f): 4:23pm On Oct 20, 2013
Good for u but as for me.I can't stay in abuja,infact if I dream nd see myself in abuja i wll make sure I return in same in same dream before I wakeup.author=ayde]^^@nicki4lyfe.. Mayb, but that's when and if I set my heart to start getting used to it.

Me wey dey seriously pray that my hubby gets transfered to Abuja tongue ..I'l just work my own transfer too sharp sharp cheesy ..equation balanced. [/quote]

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