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Travel / Re: My France Picture Gallery by ninja4life(m): 7:16pm On Jan 27, 2020

Each unit of a NPP produce 1000MW of electricity and maybe 700-800MWe goes to the grid. I don't know how many they want to install. Maybe we are starting with something small.
Thank you.
I hope this project succeeds.
Travel / Re: My France Picture Gallery by ninja4life(m): 8:31pm On Jan 26, 2020

How sure are you?

Any layman could be paid millions to go steal nuclear rolds from the power plant.

[/b]Steal nuclear rods for what purpose? Its not like crude oil with a large market.[b]

Would the nuclear plant be made very secure?

[/b]As secure as it should be...[b]

How sure are you that that there wouldn't be tribalism and nepotism wouldn't be the order of the day when people are being employed?

[/b]I hope not[b]

Would erudite scholars be considered first for employment?

[/b]Definitely, especially for sensitive positions. Also based on the op, the nuclear plant would be run by the Russian company for some time, they'd definitely employ capable Nigerians who will then take Over at the specified time.
Not everything is doom and gloom about Nigeria.[b]

Travel / Re: My France Picture Gallery by ninja4life(m): 11:52am On Jan 26, 2020
Let's get back in to the lab or school. This is why we are here isn't it? And I will be needing your inputs too.

Few years ago, Nigeria signed an agreement with Russia Atomic Energy (Rosatom) to build a NPP in Ituh LGA Akwa Ibom State. The agreement was that Rosatom will build manage and handover to Nigerians in 2035 or thereabout. The construction and installation of the reactor core will start next year (2021). The geological assessments etc has been done, approval has been given by presidency too, and there has been an ongoing sensitization (poorly done anyway) of stakeholders in the local government. Remember, Rosatom will build, manage, train (Nigerians) and handover in 2035. The cost of building this is $10b and will be financed by Rosatom. Nigeria will manage and ensure good environment.

Few days ago, the FG through El-Rufia after their executive meeting said the Federal Government has spent N1.3Trillion on electricity in the last three years. The truth is, while there is improvement, many are yet to experience this. I do not wish to forget also the amount spent thus far on electricity without any improvement.

Now does Nuclear Solve bulk of the problem? Yes. The major cause of the corruption in the power sector is the channel through which the money is spent. It is spent on an open ended project that can't be accounted for properly and that is why any auditing of the power sector won't work. In 2007, my company was the consultant for the NBET (Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading) Company. It is important to know that NBET is the sole buyer of all electricity generated in Nigeria. Currently, Nigeria operate a Single-Buyer model which works only for countries with small economy and populations. In this World Bank sponsored consultancy project, I was deeply involved and that is where I saw the weakness of our power sector, the death thereof too.

Nuclear PP is a focused niche. It has a set budget for each amount of electricity. It is an area where you can track progress and monitor generation because it is highly regulated. Activities of NPP is not only monitored by the host country but by the international community. Every country currently constructing a NPP is known, the stages are there and it is closely monitored. This makes it highly efficient in it's delivery and hard to steal fund. What about our current process? It is weak, open ended, no one is interested, there is no set budget for any amount of electricity, no one monitors them and that is the loop of events that we are in.

I hold the opinion that we will continue running around this loop and having little or nothing in power output if we don't consider a highly monitored source of electricity. Trust me, I have been to top of where these issues are discussed and I can tell you that even in the next 15 years, our case is not going to be different.

So what do you guys think? The classroom is open, no one is inside but you can contribute. I will like to hear your thoughts. Drop the comments and I will do well to respond. No one is right or wrong here anyway.
I am of the opinion that we can manage a nuclear power plant. It's an efficient source if energy and it's cheaper in the long run. I disagree about your view on Nigerians not appreciating risks. There are perhaps few people as conscious of risk as we are. Also the fact is, the nuclear power plant wont be managed by the average Nigerian, but rather by educated scholars like yourself; who are aware of the risk and will take the necessary precautions.

I also don't think the problem affecting oil vandalism will apply to nuclear power plant, as there's little of direct economic value to be gotten by raiding a nuclear plant.

I agree with you, we need nuclear power plant, it would provide us with a constant amount of electricity generation. Do you have an idea of the amount of power the nuclear plant in akwa ibom is expected to generate?

This is an interesting and educative thread sir. Well done.


Travel / Re: Yankee To Naija: Thoughts And Experiences by ninja4life(m): 8:51am On Jan 05, 2020

Excellent point Sir, thanks.

Whatever you do, do not entrust friends and family.

My suggestion is this:

1) Stockpile war funds little by little into your local bank account (never use your Nigerian address where you live in at your bank). You can do this from the comfort of your phone in the USA or most other developed countries. This is crucial. Don’t wait for a huge sum. Even as little as $500 is something.

2) Don’t waste your vacation. Stockpile them and come to Nigeria once a year for at least a month.

3) Before you arrive, work with a lawyer and/or realtor to setup property views for you. You’ll use your Nigerian phone number for this because you’re not calling from USA but from Abuja wink

4) Then use the lawyer for final details. Lawyers too can steal or swindle but only the most foolhardy will do it in this modern Nigeria.

5) Don’t buy in forests, don’t buy from yahoo estate that are using Ponzi schemes. Instead look for already developed area with properties that have cofo.

6) I’ll never advise anyone to go into a business without being on the ground.

Good luck.
Thank you sir.
Enjoy your retirement sir.

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Travel / Re: Yankee To Naija: Thoughts And Experiences by ninja4life(m): 9:16am On Jan 04, 2020
This is a beautiful thread sir. I'll implore you to ignore the naysayers to avoid derailing the thread.

My question to you is regarding investing while working abroad. How do you navigate that? Does it require monitoring by someone on ground here in Nigeria? And if so how do you know who to trust?

Enjoy your retirement sir.


Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Freethinkers, Atheists And Agnostics, come in, let's talk by ninja4life(m): 3:27pm On Jan 03, 2020
Big ups to the creator of this group. I believe we "unbelievers" need to unite in the face of relentless persecution in our messed up society. If we don't love and give ourselves a sense of belonging, who will?.

My intro coming up...
I agree.
Any ideas on how to get more people involved?
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Freethinkers, Atheists And Agnostics, come in, let's talk by ninja4life(m): 4:56pm On Jan 01, 2020
So I'll start the thread by introducing myself:

Age: 22 years
Hobbies: reading books, sleeping (yeah it's an hobby) tongue
Likes: humor, intelligence, philosophy
Dislikes: arrogance, close mindedness,
Looking for: friends( both Male and female), possible relationship
Other information: I've been a freethinker for about 7years now....
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Freethinkers, Atheists And Agnostics, come in, let's talk by ninja4life(m): 4:52pm On Jan 01, 2020
There seem to be no thread for freethinkers to interact. The purpose of this thread is for freethinkers, atheists or agnostics to make friends, hookup, or for relationships etc.

So for the purpose of this thread, you should introduce yourself in this format:

Looking for:
Other information:
Romance / Re: Are There Atheist, Agnostic Women In Nigeria? by ninja4life(m): 1:53pm On Dec 21, 2019
I know 3 from nairaland. My babe belongs to a freethinkers group on whatsapp. Them plentt
Can I join the WhatsApp group?
Health / Re: How Do I Manage My Constant Shoulder Dislocation by ninja4life(m): 5:01pm On Nov 30, 2019
I will advice you to go to hospital for treatment. Delaying treatment could worsen it so much that you'll be unable to use the arm and it will be very painful. So I'll advice you to save money and go for surgery before it gets worse and you'll have no choice.
Health / Re: My Friend Is Suicidal by ninja4life(m): 4:05pm On Nov 30, 2019
Hi guys,

Back in school, we called him oga, because he is more senior than all of us and we respect him, we were roommates and studied the same course. After school we did not maintain any contacts, a couple of months ago he sent me a message stating how broke he was and if I could help him with a thousand Naira, I had only 3k in my Nigerian account so I sent it to him, he reached out to me again a couple of months later asking for assist. At this time I decided to speak to a mutual friend who in my opinion is closer to him and he confirmed that "oga" has been calling and asking for money too. I went ahead to help him as I thought whatever the case may be, he must need it and that is why he resolved to begging.

Fast forward to yesterday, he reached out to me with the most disturbing messages


I was baffled by this and asked for him to clarify, and he wrote back


We had a discussion I explained to him how taking his life is not the solution and he should exercise some patience. At this same time, I was trying to figure out how to get the money for his rent over to him. It took the whole night for the money to be transferred and by this morning he sent me a message saying


I called him immediately and we talked and I transferred the money to him, he was grateful. I think for now we might have averted any harm that he intended on himself, but for how long? And what can I do to help him?
I am very sorry for the position your friend is. My advice is to try and be a friend to him. Offer a listening ear for him to talk to. Try and re assure him and if possible take him to an hospital to see a psychiatrist.

It seems the root cause of his problem is unemployment, if there's any thing you can do to help him get a job, please do. If he can't get one, let him be engaged doing something he enjoys. Also you can involve friends and family who can offer him support.

This is a good thing you're doing, looking out for your friend. Take care.
Travel / Re: Internship At Medical Research Center, Gambia by ninja4life(m): 10:29pm On Nov 29, 2019
Perhaps you can post this in health section. You'd be more likely to find someone who has an idea of what you are asking there.
Health / Re: "I Am Having Stomach Ulcer, How Can I Manage It?" by ninja4life(m): 6:17pm On Oct 14, 2018

Psychosomatic symptoms!
Thought about that after your post.
For the op, there was nothing to suggest somatoform disorder. Also because you had such a case doesn't imply other people with symptoms suggestive of peptic ulcer, also have the disorder. So if the op follows your advice to ignore the symptoms, that could exacerbate his condition.
Health / Re: "I Am Having Stomach Ulcer, How Can I Manage It?" by ninja4life(m): 1:25pm On Oct 11, 2018

Forget about it. Don't think about its symptoms and u will soon see it vanish... into the thin air.

Its a conditioning of ur mind!

I was in that shoe a couple months ago, I stopped seeing symptoms when I started breaking the "ulcer rules" and took my mind completely off it.

Now, I don't have symptoms any more - even though I skip meals often...

Its a paradox....

But most expressions of symptoms are unreal, they are actually in our minds....
Really? How can ulcer be a manifestation of the mind?


Health / Re: "I Am Having Stomach Ulcer, How Can I Manage It?" by ninja4life(m): 1:13pm On Oct 11, 2018
Been going through this for a month now, deprived me of all joy, the pain is smarting, please do you have any idea on how I will go about it. Your suggestions are welcomed.
Best advice is to go to the hospital.
Stomach ulcer is mostly caused by a microorganisms called Helicobacter pylori. To eradicate it, different drug combination can be used.
One of such combination is: clarithromycin, omeprazole and amoxicillin. These should be taken for 10-14 days for complete eradication of the bacteria. Though you can also buy antacids(liquid) for symptomatic relief for the stomach pain.
Also avoid eating peppery food. Eat regularly as at when due.
Religion / Re: Is Sex With Sex Doll A Sin? by ninja4life(m): 6:49am On Jan 21, 2018
Firstly, what's a sin? Sin in this context is simply a transgression against God's will.

There are different religions with different Gods they claim to serve.

The God's will is what is written directly in religious writings for example the Bible, the Quran etc

So my question to you is: is written it written anywhere in your religions God's law directly that 'you should not have sex with a sex doll' if not then you have your answer.

Note: religious leaders personal belief isn't an authority.

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Literature / Re: Once Upon A Time by ninja4life(m): 5:45pm On Dec 24, 2017
Bisi froze in fear at the silhouette of a man standing in the door way.
nice one bro.
can you continue the story?
Travel / Re: Watch Japanese Police Officer On Bicycle Chase & Pull Over A Lamborghini Huracan by ninja4life(m): 10:33am On Dec 23, 2017
countries like..?

Oya, state naming them..

Lukatiu.. just wan talk
Singapore, even here in Africa Botswana

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Politics / Re: My Countrymen by ninja4life(m): 10:53am On Dec 18, 2017

Your entire babble except the bolded is irrelevant. This is why Biafra is a necessity.
of all the points the op made about how the country needs unity, the only thing your bigoted and twisted brain can come up with is the above. SMH
Literature / Re: An Ace For Oscar (A Short Story) by ninja4life(m): 7:38pm On Dec 31, 2015
Excellent write up. Keep it up larrysun
Romance / Re: Dont Date A Man Who Reads!!! by ninja4life(m): 1:04pm On Dec 27, 2015
Dumbest thread EVER.
Fell asleep half way grin
FYI, I'll date a man who reads because I read myself and what's more important than finding a partner with whom you share common traits.
actually what the op is saying is the advantages of dating a man who reads.'sarcasm'
Literature / Re: The Last Wolf Series : The Forgotten Mate (December 2015 Story of the Month) by ninja4life(m): 12:42pm On Dec 23, 2015
Wow this is getting more interesting and twisted by the day
Literature / Re: The Skywalker Series by ninja4life(m): 12:07pm On Dec 23, 2015
Following thread. Abeg try and update as fast as possible
Literature / Re: The Last Wolf Series : The Forgotten Mate (December 2015 Story of the Month) by ninja4life(m): 12:24pm On Dec 19, 2015
Nice story. Following thread
Pets / Any Dog Kennel In Ife??? by ninja4life(m): 10:53am On Oct 22, 2015
Please if you own a dog kennel in ife or knows one...kindly signify
Education / Re: Mtn Foundation Scholarship 2015/2016 by ninja4life(m): 9:23pm On Sep 10, 2015
Abeg send me the mtn past question: majekodunmiajiboye@gmail.com
Phones / Re: Blackberry 10 Devices Home: Z10, Q10 Etc by ninja4life(m): 8:49pm On May 23, 2015

use autoloader.
what's autoloader? How do I get it on my bb.note I don't hav access to bb world
Phones / Re: Blackberry 10 Devices Home: Z10, Q10 Etc by ninja4life(m): 7:31pm On May 23, 2015
How can I update my bb z10 without wifi?

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