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Politics / Re: Hunger Bites Imo Governor’s Appointees Months After Appointment: SA, SSA Lament by NJPot(m): 3:53pm On Aug 12, 2020
Tinubu and Oshomole and Mbaka, come and carry una Supreme Court governor. We donate am to Lagos. Imo don enter one chance
Politics / Re: Southern Nigeria Should NEVER Blame The North For Anything by NJPot(m): 1:50pm On Jul 19, 2020


By Charles Ogbu (Twitter@RealCharlesOgbu

The biggest lie ever sold and bought in the Southern part of Nigeria is that the North is the cause of the under-development of the South. Sadly, for decades, this lie has been swallowed hook line and sinker by less discerning youths down South who are too naive to understand that their thieving political class remains the real authors of their misfortune, the same misfortune which is being nurtured and nurished by their deliberate ignorance and refusal to look in the mirror.

But wait first, have you been following the revelation coming from the on-going public hearing on how the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) spent over 80 BILLION NAIRA meant to develop the Niger Delta mostly on themselves in less than a year?? If you haven't, please pause here and go to Google and YouTube to read and watch for yourself, then come back to continue reading.

NOTE, almost everyone at the leadership of the NDDC comes from the Niger Delta. And for over 16 years, the MDs of the Commission have always come from the region. Even the current minister is from the Niger Delta. Meanwhile, as these Niger Delta indigens were sharing the money meant to develop THEIR OWN REGION amongst themselves ( 3.14 BILLION was shared among themselves as COVID-19 palliatives with a single staff getting 10 million as COVID-19 welfare package, as attested to the NDDC IMC chairman, Prof. Keme Pondei before the public hearing), students from the same Niger Delta who were on NDDC scholarship abroad were being ejected from their schools over non payment of their school fees.

And remember, we are not talking of the BILLIONS of dollars budgeted for the Commission under Obasanjo and Jonathan. This 81 BILLION is just the money cornered to private pockets between October last year and now. Go to the core oil producing villages and communities in the Niger Delta today and you will cry yourself to sleep at the level of unutterable poverty and lack of development in the region. The same region that is feeding virtually the whole country.

Tomorrow, some people from this same region will expect Charles Ogbu to join them in blaming the North for the under-development of the Niger Delta.

Coming to the Southeast, during the last two govts of Olusegun Obasanjo and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, notable Igbo sons and daughters occupied strategic position in the federal govt. We had the post of the CBN governor, the secretary to the federal govt, the very powerful Coordinating minister of the economy, the chairman of both Chambers of the National Assembly Committee on works, the deputy Senate President and the speaker of the House of Representatives, the Aviation minister amongst others.

Yet, all through the 8 years of Obasanjo and 5 years of Jonathan, none of those Igbo sons and daughters (except a few) remembered that their people have always yearned for sea Port, Rail lines, STANDARD International Airport, 2nd Niger Bridge, dredging of the river Niger and renovation of federal roads in their region, provision of which would see Igbo land witness unprecedented development and get a reprieve from the long years of DELIBERATE economic strangulation imposed on her by the Nigerian state as a hangover of the Biafran war.

Today, those PDP thieving political elites who didn't remember Ala-Igbo when they had the time are on almost all Igbo WhatsApp fora brainwashing less discerning youths that the North is the cause of our under-development. When they were there, what did they do?

Is it not a thing of shame, ridicule, even, that Buhari - a man who is of a distant relation with fairness and justice - is now the one building the 2nd Niger bridge and transforming the Enugu airport into a truly International airport, the snail speed of work in those two projects notwithstanding

Sometimes, we just have to hurt ourselves with the bitter truth instead of comforting ourselves with lies.

Southern youths must stop being fooled by their dishonest thieving political elites. We must do away with the culture of defending Southern thieves who steal not from the National purse but from the little allocation mapped out for the development of the South.

A politician who stole to buy mansions in Dubai cannot suddenly become "our thief" worthy of our support simply because he comes from our ethnic stock.

Whether you are agitating for Resource Control, separate independent Nation or Restructuring, you must learn to start holding your own political elites accountable because in truth, even if Nigeria were to divide today or get restructured such that each region can now run her affairs with reasonable level of autonomy, Angels will not come down to run those independent units. It is still those politicians who are our own people that will run things and if we don't cultivate the culture of holding them to account now, we may not be able to do it then because in my place, there is a saying that one does not learn how to be left handed at old age.

(Twitter @RealCharlesOgbu).

Who imposed Uzodimma on Imo State? Come to Imo State now and see how hopeless everyone is. They removed Ihedioha and installed their puppet. The north is our problem.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Is A National Leader In APC - Bello by NJPot(m): 2:32pm On Jun 27, 2020
Has Bello paid Kogi State workers and pensioners since this year.
Politics / Why Igbos Would Never Vote A Northerner Again As President by NJPot(m): 11:39am On Jun 27, 2020
It is obvious that Nigeria is not yet one nation. Nigeria still plays regional politics. Developed countries like US, France, Germany, UK and so on or even Ghana don't care what region the president comes from. Tribalism in Nigeria got worst under Buhari and Tinubu's style of politics. Most appointments under this regime went to northerners. And Tinubu wants to become president or install one of his erand boys as president after Buhari so that he would continue the tribalism from where Buhari stopped.

But Igbos are ready for Tinubu and his boys. Igbos would vote massively for a northerner in 2023 if APC does not field a real and correct Igbo man as their presidential candidate. The real Igbos in APC are Chris Ngige and Ogbonnaya Onu. Rochas and Orji Uzo Kalu no follow.

I repeat. Igbos would vote massively for another northerner in 2023 after all they have not completed the Yaradua's tenure. It is either APC Igbo president or PDP northern president. Chikena.

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Politics / Archbishop Obinna Speaks To Uzodinma Over Almajiri & Herdsmen Invasion Of Owerri by NJPot(m): 9:17am On Jun 09, 2020
Apparently angered over the heartrending movement of almajiris ,who are mostly dishevelled lads surreptitiously packed like sardines in articulated lorries from the North headed for the south east parts of Nigeria,the Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Most Reverend Anthony Obinna has called on Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State, to defend their homes and lands.

The Archbishop in a letter sighted by Trumpeta dated Monday, 1 June titled ‘Defend our home and lands’ and addressed to Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State, raised alarm over alleged plans by herdsmen from the Northern part of Nigerian to wipe out Igbos across the country.
“He said ,’Having already spoken to Governor Hope Uzodinmma on these threats, I hereby publicly charge him to recognise that it is his primary duty as the chief security officer of the state and the lives of Imo people, their homes, their lands. Your excellency your voice should be loud and clear on this life and death issue”.

The respected clergy urged immediate action to stop alleged mass killings of the Igbos in their home states and other places in Nigeria.
According to the Bishop, ‘In the midst of the fear, panic and anxiety caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19)pandemic, it is unfortunate, sad and very distressing that our people are being subjected to vicious threats and acts of invasion, massacre and sack from herdsmen from the Northern part of Nigeria.”

The statement which read in part said: ” The hatred of Igbo in Nigeria had already been demonstrated through the Nigeria’s brutal war against Igbo who decided to live on their own as Biafrans away from Nigeria who had rejected them with so many merciless killings in cold blood.
“Not satisfied with defeating us in an uneven war, there is threat to wipe out the Igbo and take over our God-given lands. “
The cleric charged other South East governors and other Igbo at all levels to rise up and protect the people, their homes and lands.
“I urged all our people to rise up in prayer to God in vigilance and legitimate self defence . The right to life, to our home ,and to our lands is God given”.

Recall that Nigerians have in recent days been inundated by the heartrending spectacles of almajiris. This development has necessitated captions like Enugu govt intercepts 9 buses relocating almajiris from North ( May cool; Police intercept 200 Lagos -bound almajiris from Katsina ( SaharaReporters).online news portals and TV, with identical banner headlines like, “ Ogun intercepts truck carrying 30 almajiris among others.

Crime / Re: How To Make Money From Money Rituals by NJPot(m): 4:41pm On Jun 04, 2020
Don't mind them. Money rituals does not exist.
Health / Re: How True Are The Healing Claims Of Celgevity And Superlife STC 30 by NJPot(m): 4:39pm On Jun 04, 2020
They may be scammers.
Politics / Re: Calling Uzodinma ‘Supreme Court Governor’ Is Derogatory – Imo Elders Warn by NJPot(m): 11:04am On May 21, 2020
must you keep on wailing like this till 2023 or 2027 Godwilling, Don't you think you are doing yourself more harm than good? Support Governor Hope Uzodinma Now, Cos with Hope uzo ga adi riri Nma(with hope,the road and journey must be better)

Let us be sincere. Hope Uzodimma is already a failure. Why has he stopped paying pensioners since March even in this difficult covid-19 period. That is the height of wickedness. He even owed Imo workers since march and paid one month salary to some.

We all knew him as a fraud star but I taught he would pretend small to be good at least now when Imo people are still very much in love with Ihedioha. I taught he would have outshined Ihedioha and steal the hearts of Imolites as a smart person. But no, he chose to show his true colours. Wicked and heartless Scammer.

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Politics / Re: Wanted Pdp Youth Leader Replies Wike From Hideout by NJPot(m): 5:22am On May 17, 2020
I believe you guy. Corruption has eaten deep into the marrow of Nigerians. The police are busy collecting money and allowing interstate movements. If you try challenging them, they would frame you up and you are gone.

The same thing happens in the Church, politics and everywhere in Nigeria. The language is bribe , money bribe money. That's all. Who can save us from this?

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Health / Re: 2 COVID-19 Patients Discharged In Imo Today by NJPot(m): 7:45pm On May 16, 2020
Hope the hopeless uzodimgba would not bring more alamajiris to Imo State to spread more covid in Imo.

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Politics / Re: This Picture Proves How Powerful And Connected Nnamdi Kanu Is by NJPot(m): 11:08pm On May 14, 2020
Ohamadike. when he speaks the zoo trembles.

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Politics / Re: Uzodinma Denies Paying Herdsmen N8m For Missing Cows by NJPot(m): 8:58pm On May 14, 2020
I don't think he made any payment. There is no herdsmen/ farmers issue in IMO state

The opposition PDP in Imo and the hordes of bitter IPOBians scattered all over the place are obviously very displeased that this news is fake. One can already see several of the unfortunate fellows weeping and wailing all over this thread, and insisting the earlier FAKE facebook report must be real.

The ipobian slander mill has since been on rampage, churning out fake news upon fake news upon fake propaganda against Uzodimma since he became governor.

The other time they claimed Uzodimma had placed Hausas in Imo state on stipends (how daft); of course it was rightly debunked as foolish news. Then they proceeded to say Uzodimma was appointing Emir of Owerri, Emir of Mbaise and Orlu. That too was debunked as stupidity. Then Abba Kyari died, and some retardeens claimed Uzodimma was renaming Imsu to Abba Kyari Uni. These twerps just never get tired of churning out rubbish and peddling same on facebook and WhatsApp.

stop defending all these politicians. It was my village that the Fulani came. Some villagers killed some of the Fulani cows and ate. Anyadike in Imo state house and Emeka Chinedu in federal house helped in resolving the issue and Uzodimma also came into the matter. The Fulani headers mentioned the number of their lost cows which was settled with money. That was what brought peace. They were warned not to bring their cows to Mbaise again. Though I hate Uzodimma, but what he did was the best thing to do to bring peace. But due to people from other Igbo regions has lambasted Uzodimma for settling the Fulani herdsmen with money, he is now denying it.
Politics / Re: Uzodinma Denies Paying Herdsmen N8m For Missing Cows by NJPot(m): 8:48pm On May 14, 2020
Is it a surprise? Imo people want him and they should enjoy him.

Will he come out and say oh yes I paid fulani for their cows? Hell No.

A coward will be coward for ever. Imo enjoy your governor biko.

to be sincere Imo people didn't vote for Uzodimma. Hedid not even campaign. He was imposed on us. I taught he would pretend to be good and do better than Ihedioha but he was quick to show his true nature which every Imo people know. Uzodimma is a first class scammer without a single conscience. do you know that up till today, Imo workers and pensioners have not been paid since march. Yet he claims to be probing Ihedioha who never owned anyone. Uzodimma may be assassinated the way I am seeing it. The hatred he has accumulated for himself is still on the increase.
Politics / Re: Throwback: Gambari Asks Buhari To Implement 2014 National Conference Report by NJPot(m): 9:13pm On May 13, 2020
Nigerian politicians say the truth when they are on opposition. But when the power goes to their hands they become liars.

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Politics / Okorocha’s Camp Opt For PDP Begins Consultation With Party by NJPot(m): 8:52pm On May 13, 2020
Indications are that a former Governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha is preparing grounds to dump the All Progressive Congress, APC, for the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.
Trumpeta learnt that already, Okorocha has sent out a delegation to begin talks with PDP on the possibility of joining the party before the 2023 election year.
Our source said that Okorocha is no longer comfortable in APC, especially with what is happening to his faction of the party in Imo State.
Although Imo APC may look like one and whole but Trumpeta was told that the Party in Imo State has various cells, controlled by various Heads.
This Newspaper was told that there is the “Sherrif APC” headed Gov Hope Uzodinma, the Okorocha APC, with Senator Okorocha as head, Araraume APC with Senator Araraume as Leader, “AA APC” led by Chief Uche Nwosu, the Coalition APC, with Dr TOE Ekechi as Leader, and the Coalition APC, with Chief Uzoma Obiyor as Leader. There is also another “APC” which operates under the wing of a former Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere.
Trumpeta learnt that as a political Soothsayer and old horse in the game Okorocha has realized early enough that all it takes is a little push, and the entire Imo APC crevices will fall apart and the party will disintegrate in the State.
Another fear, Trumpeta learnt, is that Okorocha is sure that immediately Buhari’s second term expires, it looks difficult for APC to remain intact again.
But most importantly, Trumpeta was informed that the way and manner Uzodinma has treated Okorocha after setting foot inside Government House, Owerri, despite all the agreements they went into before the Supreme Court victory is ridiculous.
Trumpeta learnt that Okorocha has also realized that remaining in APC in 2023 to fight for the party structure in Orlu with Uzodinma will be a herculean task, and therefore better to move to PDP on time and solidify Orlu PDP under which platform he will go for a second term in the Senate.
Sources from Abuja said that already Okorocha’s “delegation” has commenced contact with PDP top shots on plans to return to PDP.
Already, it is said that Okorocha is receiving good news from his delegation, as Okorocha’s file as a pioneer member of PDP is still intact, and would be given “fair hearing”.
Sources said the matter is still a top secret and will not be surprise if both PDP and Okorocha deny the story.
“It remains a top secret for now. But one thing certain is that Okorocha is tired of APC” Trumpeta was told.
It would be recalled how the APC 2019 Imo Governorship ticket was denied Okorocha who wanted to handover the flag to his son in-law, Chief Uche Nwosu, his presumed successor.
However, Alhaji Gulak, who was sent by APC to conduct the Imo Governorship primaries handed the ticket to the present Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma, and fled Imo State at the dead of the night.


Politics / Re: FG Spends N679m Daily On Feeding Schoolchildren During Lockdown by NJPot(m): 7:10pm On May 13, 2020
EFCC should investigate this
I just don't trust that Sadiya
But if the president av a crush on you, u can pretty much do anything

this must be Jubril
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Exonerates Wike, Blame Hotels Owners For Demolition by NJPot(m): 7:37pm On May 12, 2020
Ohamadike has spoken. When he speaks, the zoo trembles.

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Politics / Re: Wike: Nnamdi Kanu Replies Critics Over Demolition by NJPot(m): 7:35pm On May 12, 2020
Ohamadike has spoken. When he speaks, the zoo trembles.
Politics / Re: Ikpeazu Returns To“classroom”, Teaches Senior Secondary Students Biology(photos) by NJPot(m): 7:32pm On May 12, 2020
he should teach them the organic structure of kerosene
Politics / Re: Those Who Celebrated The Release Of Orji Uzo Kalu Were 100% Right To Do So by NJPot(m): 2:46am On May 09, 2020
They are all thieves but if Uzor Kanu should be jailed, then Tinubu and co should be jailed too.

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Health / Re: Help ! I'm Suffering From Heavy Brain Fog. by NJPot(m): 2:25am On May 09, 2020
Please someone should help me out. Almost as if i am losing my mind. I've lost friends , girlfriends , business opportunities and much more due to this fog thing. I can't think straight , can't focus , making poor decisions, getting progressively dumber. Like my head is full of cotton. I overthink , but can come to no definite conclusion. I don't even enjoy music anymore. Basically i'm losing all sense of self.I can't play like i used to , talk to people like i used to. Like i'm a different person entirely Can't even recognize my own self. Depression is not too far behind. I do things like i'm on autopilot or i'm remote controlled. I'm not usually aware of what i'm doing and i can't even live in the present. My metal faculties are seriously out of whack.

And i used to be an highly intelligent person. So i'm just scared and frustrated with myself as i'm just getting worse and worse every waking day. Here's a list of what i'm going through

memory problems
lack of mental clarity
poor concentration
inability to focus.

Please is there someone else out of there that has gone through something like this and have conquered it or is there someone that can recommend a psychologist or therapist for me. Thanks in advance.

Have you taking hard substances like hard drugs or alcohol before?

Go for blood and urine tests. Especially for diabetes and kidney function tests before any other thing.
Politics / Re: Is VP Osibanjo Suffering From Stroke?? [Photos] by NJPot(m): 9:17pm On May 08, 2020

I just realized channels took down the video. Crazy!!

The video is still there. Open it separately through YouTube.
Politics / Re: Reaction To Pictures Claiming That Abians Are Jubilating For Orji Uzor Kalu Rel by NJPot(m): 8:23pm On May 08, 2020
When the wife of an APC chieftain delivered triplets. I love this. That is what some zombies here do. So it is our turn to say everything is fake news.


Politics / Re: Buhari/Osibanjo Whereabouts: Why Are 'they' Not Attacking Arewa Youth Like Kanu? by NJPot(m): 8:15pm On May 08, 2020
Why the sudden quietness? Why are they hushed, avoiding the thread like Coro? I expected them to call arewa youth leader the names they called Kanu. Are they not saying the same thing? Nigerians do not like truth. One day, you will realize the risks Kanu takes for your sake.

It is like Buhari is in coma and Osinbajo is recuperating from stroke.

What pains me most is not Buhari’s or Osinbajo's disappearance but the poor and wretched guys that would be jumping from one post to the other to rain insults on anyone who inquires for Osinbajo's whereabouts.

What kind of APC supporters are these. They would soon come and insult their father in the name of insulting me. Useless and pathetic set of morons.

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Politics / Re: Osinbanjo: The Run Away Ababoku by NJPot(m): 8:03pm On May 08, 2020
















Osinbajo is recuperating from stroke. What pains me most is not Buhari’s or Osinbajo's disappearance but the poor and wretched guys that would be jumping from one post to the other to rain insults on anyone who inquires for Osinbajo's whereabouts.

What kind of APC supporters are these. They would soon come and insult their father in the name of insulting me. Useless and pathetic set of morons.

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Politics / Re: Just In!!! Imo NULGE Workers To Go On Strike Over Salary Non-Payment by NJPot(m): 9:41am On Apr 21, 2020
Local govts refused to pay salaries in Imo state?

Wrong time for industrial action and civil disobedience.

However, let's not forget who to blame.

I suggest we blame some or all of the following

Abba Kyari
El rufai
Yoruba muslims.

The useless scammer you people, with the help of Abba Kyari and Tanko, imposed on Imo State has refused to pay workers salaries and pensioners even going to media to falsely claim that he has paid in March 25. Today is April 21 and no payment yet. Karma will hunt all those who did this evil on us.
Politics / Re: Why The Northerners Will Smile Again When A Southerner Takes Over From Buhari by NJPot(m): 8:24am On Apr 17, 2020
The northern Nigerian muslims remain ungrateful parasites.
Health / Re: My Addiction To Porn And Masturbation Almost Ruined Me by NJPot(m): 11:17am On Apr 16, 2020
My story continues, truth is completely eliminating masturbation doesn't come easy at all... your mind still goes there, you have those imageries in your mind and you still wish to play with your self... It takes determination to let go of it, but one of the major way to deal with masturbation is AVOID BEING IDLE, this is exactly what breeds the thought of trying it out...(just a little won't cause harm, you may say).. you compensate yourself with fake stories like it doesn't being STDs and doesn't lead to unwanted pregnancy but the truth is the long term effect of it can kill you and make you useless psychologically and health wise... truth is you can't masturbate moderately.. it's a real deal to stop it, but you first need to avoid being alone...

just as the law of thermodynamics states Energy can neither be created nor destroyed... habits cant be destroyed, instead they can be transferred, I had to come off with another new habit of gaming and public outing to let this dilemma go.... All I ensure was to make sure this new habit lasted for 3 weeks and zoom I had no interest in masturbation again.. This time I had to stay all clear of porn too... (if ain't tasting the soup, stay clear from the sweet aroma)

Now my game since then has improved, I'm not married tho but I have a serious fiancee and I feel much better, I feel more content added to me, more concentration and more results... The truth is abuse is always an issue... whether masturbation or usual sex but trust me masturbation isn't an option... it makes you socially akward, kills your manliness, concentration level drops... while I insist addiction to anything is worse, masturbation causes more harm... please be safe

It is always a good thing to stop a habit you don't like. Congrats if you will not do that again.


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