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Romance / Re: Pls Help! Clove Of Garlic Came Out Of A Girl √agina During Sex by Nobodys(f): 3:56pm On Jan 27, 2019

Smiles, not up to dat, yeast infection is not somtin u can contract...Over-the-counter medications are always available to treat it. It's not somtin serious n its not a matter of bn promiscuous...It is usually caused by excessive yeast discharge in the vj.
... You know garlic isn't only used to cure yeast right?....

There are other serious infections that garlic treats and they are highly communicable too....

Op, if you dived in raw, then please go get tested...
Romance / Re: Pls Help! Clove Of Garlic Came Out Of A Girl √agina During Sex by Nobodys(f): 12:03am On Jan 27, 2019

She told me it was intentional and never said she has an infection
. Intentional?. Damn! she probably knows something that I don't... lols.. haven't heard of that one before oh.

Whatever the case is, she needs to know that it's not safe to 'leave' a clove of garlic in there ...
Romance / Re: Pls Help! Clove Of Garlic Came Out Of A Girl √agina During Sex by Nobodys(f): 12:00am On Jan 27, 2019

You're saying she has an infection and that could possibly cure it? Understood dear! So why did she become restless and couldn't offer a plausible explanation when I demanded that from her?
.. Maybe she was just shy and a little ashamed...

Some babes feel shy talking about all of that with a guy...

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Romance / Re: Pls Help! Clove Of Garlic Came Out Of A Girl √agina During Sex by Nobodys(f): 11:47pm On Jan 26, 2019

I know about that but we are talking about glove of garlic here
If you know what I'm talking about then why are you flabbergasted?.... Yeah, it's a clove. so?.
Romance / Re: Pls Help! Clove Of Garlic Came Out Of A Girl √agina During Sex by Nobodys(f): 11:39pm On Jan 26, 2019
her level of ignorance and mumuism is on the high side
Ignorance?. why?. That's a smart babe there....

She had an infection and wanted to get rid of it... That's exactly what garlic does...
The only mistake she made was leaving a clove inside her, and I don't think that was intentional....


Romance / Re: Pls Help! Clove Of Garlic Came Out Of A Girl √agina During Sex by Nobodys(f): 11:32pm On Jan 26, 2019
Lols...Op, simply browse about Garlic, and it's various WONDERFUL uses...... Thank me later.

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Romance / Re: Wrong Choices. Need Wise Counsel. by Nobodys(f): 11:03pm On Jan 26, 2019
And your daughter?.... what's gonna happen with her?...

I can bet with my last penny that you and your new found lover are not in love... It's all INFATUATION....It's freaking obvious...

Well, sometimes we let our emotions control us so much that we forget about everything happening around us, we forget about everyone around us. we just wanna be with that one person that's driving us crazy, probably go to an island and live there together forever.. buh it never happens that way, why? because Infatuation doesn't stand the test of time... with time it fades away and we get stuck with the mess we've put ourselves in....
Ma'am, this is exactly what's gonna happen to you if you don't think.... one day that love will fade and you'll be stucked in a marriage as a second wife... What are you gonna do then?. look for another man? remarry?....

We can't force love buh we can learn to love.. As much as love is a feeling it is also a choice.... You are married, say that to yourself 20 times. You have a beautiful daughter... Your marriage lacks love, yeah that's a problem that you can fix, and it's not by running away buh by learning how to love your man.... There are other things needed to keep a marriage. Love is never enough. so get those things in check, you and your man... You both should do this for yourselves and for your daughter.....

I will strongly recommend a book to you... Written by Chip Ingram, " LOVE, SEX AND LASTING RELATIONSHIPS".... It's a trustworthy escort out of your current confusion....
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nobodys(f): 3:02pm On Jan 26, 2019
cheesy,u no wan pound yam bah grin.
For the yam balls-
Peel and boil your yam(make e cook oh grin)
Then allow to cool small oh grin
Pour in a bowl and mash
Then add ground tomatoes,pepper and onions
The add fish or any protein of your choice
The add margarine
Break an egg in a bowl and set aside
Get flour too and set aside
You can add veges to the yam mixture is optional.
Mold your yam mixture into a ball,coat first with the flour and then egg and fry.Shikenan
....Damn!.. I'm certainly gonna try this out.. Thanks...
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nobodys(f): 2:21pm On Jan 26, 2019
. Breakfast - Spaghetti and eggs.
. Lunch - Yam porridge and 'stolen vegetables' grin..yeah, you heard that right... Quoting my nebor "vegetable wey you thief dey sweet pass the one wey you buy." grin... Tested and approved. cheesy... . Try it at your own risk.....

Where this Grandpa majorjeffery? Ngwanu bring your plate before you say I stingy.. grin....

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Celebrities / Re: Princess Vitarah Stepped Out In Bra Top For An Appointment With Dentist by Nobodys(f): 1:42pm On Jan 26, 2019
Yabaleft nor get branch for US ?........

See her toothpick leg... Tell the dentist to also check your brain Biko... grin

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Romance / Re: Does This Stigmatization Exist? by Nobodys(f): 1:39pm On Jan 26, 2019
. Ignorance is disease.

Forget about them, dear. don't even worry about them..

I have a neighbour with this same mindset, her daughter died trying to push a big baby... I asked, why didn't they option for CS? didn't they check her pelvic?... So sad, They were actually warned by the doctor, but with the mindset that CS is a bad thing, they pushed the girl into labour room...[ you will deliver like the Hebrew women, we are praying for you].. Things were getting out of place, she was bleeding too much and it was too late, she died....... poor girl......

Even after this, one of my neighbors still said "I would never allow my wife to give birth through CS, after all nor be CS my mama take born me"... I just ignored him. no need wasting energy on dumb people...

Ignorance is a disease....

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Jokes Etc / Re: How Different Naija Girls Is Handling Stealing Of Pants Saga (meme Collections) by Nobodys(f): 2:04pm On Jan 17, 2019

now you have spread your legs for him hit once. check your panties. thats the message.
... I don't usually reply dumb mentions buh your gender got me...

Haunty, We're friends not Fuvkmates....bye.
Jokes Etc / Re: How Different Naija Girls Is Handling Stealing Of Pants Saga (meme Collections) by Nobodys(f): 1:51pm On Jan 17, 2019
Hahaha... No 3 got me laughing my ass out........

I have this friend, we met someday on the road, I was waiting for Keke when he stopped by to offer a lift, he was driving this really really flashy red solara.... Omo, see the way I run ehhh....Kikiki,I didn't turn back ni.. Fear of Yahoo boys is the beginning of wisdom...

We are friends now, we met again... He makes fun of me anytime he recalls that incident...


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nobodys(f): 11:57pm On Jan 16, 2019
Rice and egg stew??. grin...

Dunno the name of this sauce o. but it's made with tin tomatoes, onions and eggs....saw my neighbors doing it so I follow do... It was delicious...*winks*.

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nobodys(f): 12:18am On Jan 16, 2019
Calm down, nor dey sob again. cheesy

Just dm me ur location, lemme waybill some fresh palm fruits to you. wink
....Palm fruits isn't the problem, dear...

Na dos spices, benetete, Taiko, blabla.. normally for warri we go just buy Banga spices . buh here in uyo, nothing like that... ** cries*.
Romance / Re: I Honestly Need Your Helps. by Nobodys(f): 11:37pm On Jan 15, 2019
...SMH... some people will never learn... sorry sir but you are one of them, your girlfriend too.

Damn 2 good times, two abortions and she still allowed you to touch her without protection... You went swimming without protection!. damn... some people will never learn...

You aren't ready for marriage, you can't even get your people to go see her family. smh... All I will say is, own your responsibilities and stop making excuses...... and don't even think of aborting that child, don't go there......


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nobodys(f): 11:15pm On Jan 15, 2019
Happy New Year!, my people. I dun miss ona scarra.. cheesy

Its been a long time o, e don tey well well.. chai.

Well, make e for no loss, make ona wash hand and com join me make down dis correct banga soup and eba for the night.

May God bless whoever brought this combination to life. grin

My favourite. chai. you just killed me...

I'm faraway from home and I can't prepare it because the spices are no where to be found here .

Romance / Re: I Got Her A Gift Today! by Nobodys(f): 11:07pm On Jan 15, 2019
such girls are rare,

unlike the species we have here on Nairaland
such girls are everywhere.... Nairaland isn't an exception...Be good and you will attract good people.. after all, we attract what we are right?....

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Romance / Re: The Funniest Couple Conversation You May Ever Read by Nobodys(f): 4:35pm On Jan 15, 2019
This one don chop new year chicken alone finish come remember me now. cheesy

Happy new year dear.
lolz. didn't forget you, you know I can't do that right...I'm glad you're fine....

About new year chicken, I kept the legs for you....cheesy
Romance / Re: The Funniest Couple Conversation You May Ever Read by Nobodys(f): 10:24pm On Jan 14, 2019
For suggesting I submit my balls to be hit with hammer, I go run far away from you 'cos you are a potential murderer. What kinda wife is this bikonu? undecided
. grin Happy new year.
Romance / Re: Ladies, Age & Marriage (picture) by Nobodys(f): 5:35pm On Jan 14, 2019
When she begins to see marriage as some kind of achievement... when she has no other dream to chase.... That's the time she starts feeling the pressure to get married.....

I say this because, not only girls that have clocked 30 feel the pressure. some young girls in their early twenties are already feeling pressure to get married... thats Y you will see a young girl saying ' if I nor marry before I finish school Wetin I gain?'... or,' my first plan for this university Na to find husband'.

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Romance / Re: He Proposed To Her, She Said Yes: But Don't... by Nobodys(f): 5:20pm On Jan 14, 2019
This is the true story of my right hand man.
He has been dating a girl for some months, they have even gone to see the parents of themselves at different occassions. They are already planning to settle down soon.

Few days ago, my guy decided to propose to the girl on her birthday possibly as a surprise package and to make a love history.

Eventually, the lady said yes and happily received the ring with hugs and smiles, while onlookers at the suya joint were busy taking pictures/videos and while also yelling for fun.
I saw everything happened tho...

At the end, the lady told my friend: "we are not posting the pictures and the videos online right now, until two months to our wedding".

My guy got heart broken and afterwards accused the girl of 3 possible things: 1. keeping secret relationships or 2. maybe doesn't love her or 3. still being hunted by her bad pasts?

As for me, i have been trying to persuade him to continue the relationship or maybe give the girl more time... Though the relationship is now complicated with issues aince that moment...

What can you say about this?

Do you think the girl is still cheating on him or she doesn't love him enough to proudly flaunt him to the world to see?

Or will you advice my guy to continue the relationship or give her more time?
...They both have trust issues.... One thing that popped into my head when I read her statement is that she doesn't want to count her chicks before they're hatched, she probably doesn't trust your friend 100% to carry out the wedding plans, so she's maybe being extremely careful.. probably due to past experience... buh a question I asked myself is, if that was the case, then why does she want the pictures to be posted two months to the marriage? cause engagement can still scatter one month to the fixed date...

With that, I think there is more to this than wanting privacy or being careful..cause if it were to be a thing of privacy then I think the niggar would have known, they probably dated for awhile so he should know what kind of person she is, if she's the type that likes privacy or the opposite....

Well, what I will say is, do not pressure him to go on with the marriage plans though, don't rush them... he shouldn't rule her out just because of mere assumptions, he should at least give her the benefit of a doubt.. Both of them should sit down and trash out their trust issues...then they can talk about getting married...
Romance / Re: Why Do You Regret And Feel Ashamed After Sex? by Nobodys(f): 11:57pm On Jan 13, 2019
. Because you don't really understand what sex is.....Or probably to you it's just a means to an end......

Sex goes beyond humping, sweating, ejaculation... only do it when you're ready....aside the physical act there is also a psychological aspect...This here is what most people don't understand.....

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Romance / Re: Pls Help. How Can I Over The Urge To Watch Pornography by Nobodys(f): 3:20pm On Jan 12, 2019
Hello Nairalanders, Have Been Trying To Quit The Habit Of Watching Porn For 1 Year Now And I Can't. Each Time I Made Up My Mind To Stop Watching After 2 Weeks The Urge To Watch Will Come And I Will Fall Into It. Pls I Need Help In Quitting This Habit Because Its Making Me To Loose Focus And Causing Headache, I Just Clock 21 And I Dont Want To Continue With This Habit. Pls Help
You can try those apps that block porn websites, I really don't know much about it but I know there is a way you can block those websites, that way you won't be able to access them with your phone...This is just like a 'self deprivation method'..

Buh I will advise you to also use the 'Mind method', where you literally train your mind to hate pornography, you read good books on quitting pornography, when the urge comes you read the book....Those books deal with the mind and I think if you can check that then you can check the act...

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Romance / Re: Mention Two Things You Know Are Sweeter Than Sex by Nobodys(f): 1:36pm On Jan 11, 2019
I wanna change my way so I am looking for new source of inspiration.
Well since you seek inspiration, I will tell you one thing sweeter....

Have you ever given someone an unexpected-really-needed gift?.. Walk down the street, you'll find little kids, homeless, hungry and helpless, they are everywhere so just search... when you find them, give them something, it could be money, clothes and even a toy ..There is this feeling that will envelope you afterwards, you will be really happy that you could help...

I think that feeling is sweeter than sex...

I think you should modify the topic of this thread, that is if you actually need mature response..

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Politics / Re: Throwback Picture Of Jonathan Campaigning In Akwaibom In 2015. by Nobodys(f): 8:35am On Dec 30, 2018
Peeps are actually concerned about the crowd? Lmao.. I drove past Edet avenue that night and saw PEOPLE, mothers, youths, fathers, sitted on the floor, waiting for their settlement... The road where filled with people that came from far places, waiting for their money....that was around 10pm.

I asked my neighbor who is a supporter of APC 'not cause he likes Buhari though, buh because according to him, Na APC Na money dey', He was mad at me because according to him, my question is an insult to him, as I don't aspect him to go stand under sun for hours just because of chicken change...

Summary of it all is this, 90% of people that crowded that stadium went there because of money, Well to do people have no business there, People went there with their Belle in mind not Nigeria....This is something every intelligent people should know, invite Atiku to that stadium and watch the same people flood the stadium again....

Buh if you insist that Akwaibom people love Buhari, argue away...
Family / Re: Urhobo Names For Girls? by Nobodys(f): 3:42am On Dec 29, 2018
Eguonor. etc...

I think Onome, Ufuoma and Fejiro are nice names...


Celebrities / Re: "The Man I'll Be Facking " - Laura Ikeji All Smiles With Her Husband by Nobodys(f): 11:11am On Dec 23, 2018
Ugly woman
checks her DP.....

Sings 'Jealousy is the root of hatred, jealousing another man's properrrrtttyyy, JEALOUSY'....*drops mic*

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Celebrities / Re: "The Man I'll Be Facking " - Laura Ikeji All Smiles With Her Husband by Nobodys(f): 11:07am On Dec 23, 2018
What did she drink?.. grin
Family / Re: See Moment A Little Boy Kicked His Mom's Pot Of Stew While Dancing(See Reaction) by Nobodys(f): 11:05am On Dec 23, 2018

The purpose of beating him isn't to bring back the pot of stew, but to teach him that what he has done is wrong and to teach him to desist in the future
..That stew is obviously hot, and you won't tell me that there isn't pepper in the stew, now imagine all of that pouring directly on the face on a little child, isn't that enough teaching??.... You think the boy is still gonna go dancing all around the place again?..

Y'all should think for God sake.......
Family / Re: See Moment A Little Boy Kicked His Mom's Pot Of Stew While Dancing(See Reaction) by Nobodys(f): 10:58am On Dec 23, 2018
A sensible mother won't beat the child...

Don't know why Nigerians think beating is the only way to discipline a child... With the experience alone, the child won't try that dancing shit again... so why add beating?. but trust naija parents to flog the hell out of him, funny enough it won't be because they want to discipline the child but pepper-eye for the stew wey him trowey......

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