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Business / Re: CBN Asks Banks To Pay Higher Interest On Savings by nomenclature(m): 11:21am
More money for Nigerians as CBN asks banks to pay higher interest on savings
The rate has been revised from 10 per cent to 30 per cent of the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR).

there is no way they will give you more than 5% interest rate if them too try sef, remember inflation is at 20% and still climbing so even if they give you 19% , you are still at loss.
Best thing to do is convert your money into foreign currency and invest it in any good ETF tracking the S&P 500 .
At least then you will be guaranteed at least 9% ROI in hard currency.
I recommend VOO , IVV, SPY

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Salma Al-shehab: Saudi Woman Sentenced To 34 Yrs In Prison For Twitter Activism by nomenclature(m): 9:41pm On Aug 17
Lol, imagine the world without Islam. Muslims think
upside down
She lived abroad and was gradually getting imbibed the way of the west .
Its people like her that the west use to overthrow and install puppets in other countries ,like zelensky and that useless puppet from venezuela.
When talking about Muslims, don't talk about the ones in africa , look at dubai,Kuwait, qatar,Oman and tell if you won't like to be a Muslim.
I am not even a muslim


Politics / Re: ‘How Can Bashir Ahmad Earn More Than Prof. Femi Osofisan?’: Fierce Reactions by nomenclature(m): 10:18am On Aug 17
It is what it is. Unfortunately nothing’s going to change until Nigerians start holding their leaders accountable for recklessly mismanaging their collective wealth. Nigerian leaders are evil!
The same Nigerians are waiting to vote in a well renowned failure again, the university students on strike are still waiting to vote in a renowned failure.
If you think I am talking about your candidate,make heart attack kill you


Politics / Re: Kabaka Says "Emillokan" Song Is A Song Of Victory (Videos) by nomenclature(m): 9:51am On Aug 17

Una never cry , soon na HBP
No worry yourself , vote tinubu, you think say u no go suffer am? Naso una vote buhari sp vote your choice . You.go follow suffer am
Health / Re: I 'Surrender' After This– Pregnant Woman In Labour Tells Husband(video) by nomenclature(m): 3:38pm On Aug 16
If only men knows the pain women goes through, they would continue to buy us heaven and earth without complaining.
Men also go through pain to provide ,shut the Bleep up


Foreign Affairs / Re: A New Party Without "Structure" Has Won The Presidential Election In Kenya(photo by nomenclature(m): 12:52pm On Aug 16
Soon you will know why it is called Nigeria and not Kenya.

You are not ashamed to be pinning hope on rigging ..ANIMALS IN HUMAN FORM
Romance / Re: My Friend Married A Narcissist And I Am Now Her Emotional Wastebin by nomenclature(m): 7:25pm On Aug 15

The devil will be surprised at who sent you! Wtf! Why can't you leave people's wives alone!!!!!
This kind of OP is the reason why people like tate are fighting for men... what a useless simp still keeping friendship with a married woman

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Billboard At Taraba City Gate Pulled Down (Photo) by nomenclature(m): 9:54pm On Aug 11
Tell Peter Obi to condemn IPOB terrorism if he is not their Patron

Peter Obi will cede South South oil wells to the East.

And how does that concern you?
You are trying to divide us ,there is nothing like south south , we are southerners .
Politics / Re: You Won The Ticket, But Lost The Election, What Have You Achieved? - Wike by nomenclature(m): 1:13pm On Aug 11
- Wike

Video Here:

And this is someone that wants to be vice president .
No sane person will make you his vice
Travel / Re: Cameroonian Man Excited As He Relocates From Poland To Nigeria For Better Life by nomenclature(m): 8:40pm On Aug 10

He is most welcome, let him come with his change solution for the country and he will win and prosper here cheesy cheesy grin grin grin cheesy cheesy.i crush on men like him
Dey ready to chop cassava and agbado

Politics / Re: PDP not responsible for my performance, I will do well under any Party - Wike by nomenclature(m): 8:20pm On Aug 09
God bless Incoming President Bola Ahmed tinubu.

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria
Even this picture you posted, see who is supposed to be the first Lady behaving like a mental case . U no get shame ? Even if you no get adviser, u no go advise yourself?

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Politics / Re: PDP not responsible for my performance, I will do well under any Party - Wike by nomenclature(m): 8:18pm On Aug 09

the only thing holding you is that governorship position which you will leave next year after that , you are just like any other politician.
The kind of betrayal you will receive from your successor will shock you . You think you are invincible.


Politics / Re: INEC Backtracks, Recognises Lawan, Akpabio As Senatorial Candidates by nomenclature(m): 4:17pm On Aug 09

You think Nigeria is SE where you do anyhow?.. Tucano will land on your thick head.
Toy tucano that is produced by Pakistan is what you are used in boasting.
Mumu somebody
Phones / Re: Call, Data Costs To Double As FG Invokes New Telecom Tax by nomenclature(m): 7:57pm On Aug 08
I must collect my Election Dues in 2023, to cushion all this Taxes.

If you like sell your Vote or not, who go Win.......go Win!
You are not intelligent

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Politics / Re: We Will Teach Those Underrating Rivers State A Lesson With Our Votes - Wike by nomenclature(m): 7:03pm On Aug 08

For anyone doubting the resolve of Wike to work for Asiwaju, this is your answer. I love the bolded, support who you will benefit from.

With Wike, Asiwaju can be sure of at least 25% of the votes which is a great feat considering the fact that both Obi & Atiku will dilute each other votes. If you fail to secure bloc vote from Rivers, where else will Atiku get the numbers in the South?

The only thing that can give Atiku a lifeline in this election is if Peter Obi withdraw for him coz for every one vote Peter Obi gets, it is -1 for PDP and +1 for APC.

God bless wicked Wike, the slayer of IPOB terrorists, and the nemesis of Atiku.
He is not God ,he has only one vote and afew miscreants


Nairaland / General / Re: Some Of The World's Most Expensive Items Ever Sold At Auction (Photos) by nomenclature(m): 3:50pm On Aug 08

Pls kindly teach me how.
I always wish to save in Dollars.
I am not saving in dollars,I invest in dollars and rands for now , there is difference between saving and investing but if you only want to save, better get a dollar bank account from any of the national banks in nigeria , but if you want to invest, buy stocks of foreign companies and invest in mutual funds as well.there are also fixed income investments that can guarantee you at least 7% return on equity in dollars annually if you invest with them,there are alot of apps/channels to do so,I am not promoting/recommending any,Google is your friend.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Some Of The World's Most Expensive Items Ever Sold At Auction (Photos) by nomenclature(m): 2:45pm On Aug 08
Auctions have long been full of dram, from furious bidding wars to ridiculous prices, astronomical sums of money and the finality of the thud of the auctioneer’s hammer have captured the imagination of the public for decades.

Below are some of the world's most expensive stuffs ever sold/purchased at auction.


Stop converting to that useless currency called naira .
If any of my earned money stays in naira ,for up to 24 hours, I will begin to panic, I immediately convert all my earned naira to stocks and other dollar asset classes

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Family / Re: How can I stop my wife from divorcing me? by nomenclature(m): 11:43am On Aug 08
Be doing whatever your hands find to do but start tithing. Your giving is your ladder out of this hole.
If you don't have energy to pray, attach yourself to those who have.

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Politics / Re: Omenuwoma Josiah Rejects Appointment From Governor Okowa, Supports Peter Obi by nomenclature(m): 10:27pm On Aug 07
This is a very stupid decision. Im voting for Obi but my friend, you have to better your life and destiny and you don’t do that by throwing opportunities away.

An Obi won’t do that for you.

However, Obi2023
He is not from your failed generation, this is a woke generation. Your genrratin can sell their conscience over a plate of amala

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Romance / Re: The Moment A Groom Wept Uncontrollably At His Wedding (Photo, Video) by nomenclature(m): 10:31pm On Aug 04
9ja girls don't love and dey will never love u.

They are nothing but useless. All of them...

Know this and know peace
Women don't love ,comot for naija so you can see that nigerian girls are saints.
Some for abroad go Bleep you ,Bleep your friend, even Bleep your brother with wedding ring on.
The worst is that they will have no remorse . They fear nothing . The small religion wen we get for naija dey make us get fear of God. Here ,they fear nothing . Eg south african women (I no call person name oh)
Politics / Re: Abdul Aziz Yari Visits Wike Again (Pictures) by nomenclature(m): 8:33pm On Aug 02
After Jagaban for south na Wike.
My brother name lie .
Let me tell you the truth ,wein dey protect wike na via say him still be governor and rivers state vote matters .
If wike finish him tenure, he go just be like any other politician.
No forget say naso fayose dey do that year for ekiti state ,where him dey now

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Foreign Affairs / Re: China Deploys Nuclear Missiles, Tanks, Heavy Military Equipment To Taiwan Border by nomenclature(m): 6:13pm On Aug 02
All na show of force. grin
Naso una tak for Russia
I no want any hashtag of #prayfortaiwan oh.
Country wen dey go Space Nigerians dey call am paper tiger lol.
Even usa no mumu like this
Foreign Affairs / Re: Pelosi: China Announces 4 Days Of Military Drills Encircling Taiwan by nomenclature(m): 6:09pm On Aug 02
Why all these show of force undecided undecided
This is how Russia were busy making noise up and down, today where is Russia. They can't even crush small Ukraine.
I have always told people that winning a war is not basically by manpower and arms.
You can only win wars when your strategies are superb coupled with your intelligence too.
That is y no nation on earth can dessimate Israel no matter how small they are. They can wipe u even if it will take them years, u can ask Iraq, Afghanistan, and others.
Let's always pray for a war free world. Wat is never an option.
Stop typing from your Anus ,Ukraine has lost a landmass biggest than the uk.
Europe is suffering
Now countries are moving away from the us dollar
Ukraine is still pounded everyday
If you think it's easy to take a territory, try starting war with your next community and you will understand


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia's Medvedev Dismisses Biden's Arms Pact Call by nomenclature(m): 4:52pm On Aug 02
You reason like a kid, those drones,tanks, missiles etc, did u know where they get chips, parts from?
Russia's aim was to take the entire Ukraine, seize Kiev, remove zelensky etc but failed.

Now Russia is crying accusing America for supplying Ukraine with HIMMARS..

If you were intelligent enough, you would know that every country depend on each other .
Even the america you are defending gets its semi conductors from Taiwan, thesame Taiwan China is gearing to take over.
You CNN ans BBC rainwasgsd black fools are thesame reason africa it's Today.
I am very sure you also shouted Sai baba in the past .
Russia has always been on the side of Africa, putin was in south africa during aparteid.
The usa you loved so much supported the aparteid regime .
Black man is irredeemable, you make your enemies your friend just for a visa ..
Getting American visa is a lifelong ambition for people like you .you throwa party for getting another countries citizenship , does that not show how stupid you are


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia's Medvedev Dismisses Biden's Arms Pact Call by nomenclature(m): 4:47pm On Aug 02

A super power should have taken over the poorest country in Europe in a few days. Here we are 6 months already. Most boring war ever.
Why did it take nigeria up to 3 years to take over a rag tag army like the biafra army with no tank?
Wh did it take usa to retreat in Vietnam after many years
Why did I take America 20 years in Afghanistan by still didn't succeed.
Anyway you are a black man from the most corrupt country in the world , getting a usa or Europe visa is your life ambition .
People like you are those that celebrate getting another countries citizenship.
Your ancestors also exchanged their people with a keg of gun powder .

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Speaker Nancy Pelosi Visits Taiwan (pictures) by nomenclature(m): 4:42pm On Aug 02
China how far,
God bless America. To all the haters of America just know that one way or the other you and your lineage have benefited from Americans good deeds. in form of aids, health care, vaccine subsidy, Pharmaceutical research, Business Grants etc.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia's Medvedev Dismisses Biden's Arms Pact Call by nomenclature(m): 11:03am On Aug 02
Russia is running out of steam in Eastern Ukraine, what made you think Russia can last longer in war with the America?

Some of your talk thru your azz cos of hate for America yet it changes nothing.. the fact still remains that Russia is overrated.

This running out of steam you guys are talking about is very laughable , america has so much brainwashed you guys.
Even biafra was able to hold Nigerian government for up to 3 years in a war, now you say Russia has ran out of steam in 5 months . A super power oh , Russia produce almost anything they need both in technology ,tanks, drones, missiles, satellites in space ,nuclear weapons , and natural resources needed for man to survive. Even if you no get brain,u no go borrow ?


Politics / Re: Benedict Johnson Canvasses Support For Tinubu Presidency In Igbo by nomenclature(m): 3:39pm On Jul 31


Same background with Zack orji own,they have been paid
Politics / Re: Fact Check: Did Tinubu Share Ghana Must-Go Bags Containing Cash To Delegates? by nomenclature(m): 3:36pm On Jul 30
FACT CHECK: Did Tinubu Share Ghana Must-Go Bags Containing Cash To Delegates?

Anytime there is a fact check , don't bother to open the thread ,just know they are trying to discredit the fact
Celebrities / Re: Amber Heard Declares Bankruptcy, Unable To Pay Johnny Depp by nomenclature(m): 12:05pm On Jul 30
Yanga de sleep trouble go wake am. In a bid to bankrupt the guy, she has been bankrupt. Best thing for her to do now is to swallow her pride and plead with the guy. From what I see, the guy loved her and still has feelings for her. That alone will give her a soft landing. He is Rich. He can even give her the money to give him officially. Men are more considerate than women.
Feelings kill her there and all the feminist .
And you poster trying to manipulate Depp because e don reach to pay , e no suppose better for you

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Foreign Affairs / Re: War: Russia’s Plan A, B, C In Ukraine Have Failed Already – Britain by nomenclature(m): 6:45pm On Jul 29

Source: https://dailypost.ng/War-Russias-plan-A-B-C-in-Ukraine-have-failed-already-Britain
The same British that said ukraine is defeating Russia.
Said ghost of kiev is real
Said putin is sick
Said putin has stroke
Said putin will die soon
Said ukraine has won
But still russia keeps taking territories upon territories.
Only the brainless morons on this forum will believe them ,watch them do

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Education / Re: Most People Don't Know That These Words Exist. by nomenclature(m): 11:28am On Jul 29
You probably don't know that:

1. The day after tomorrow is called Overmorrow.

2. The first cry of a new born baby is called Vagitus

3. Your little toe or finger is called Minimus

4. The dot over an "i" or a "j" is called Tittle

5. When your stomach rumbles, that's a Wamble

Below are other words which most people presumably don't know exist.
Stop pushing us deeper into a colonial language that we are trying to separate from.
Why don't you tell us what this words mean in your language as well?

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