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Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by NRIPRIEST(m): 12:22am On Dec 25, 2016
Sometimes you talk as if you sleep on the same bed with Pep. I don't want Iwobi going near Pep but how can it be hard to get Iwobi if Pep brings the right figure?

He spent close to £50 each to get Sane and Stone. Are you saying that City cannot afford to use that same amount to buy Iwobi?

Does it mean that because James (of Madrid) gets more links, then Iwobi is better than him?

There are far better points to use to support Iwobi.

The first sentence left me dead grin grin
Health / Re: Obiano To Open The 16 Storey Hospital At Umuchukwu Village (Photos) by NRIPRIEST(m): 11:24am On Dec 23, 2016

Nwanna a!! smiley

Nnukwu Ada!

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Health / Re: Obiano To Open The 16 Storey Hospital At Umuchukwu Village (Photos) by NRIPRIEST(m): 10:03am On Dec 23, 2016
Ọmanbala nnem, okasi akasi.
Slowly but surely we must get there.
Give Anambra twenty years with a visionary leader like Obiano and we will reach the promise land. I can't wait for all the investments Obiano is attracting to start yielding revenues.


Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Snubs Eva Alordiah's Fiancé, Caesar, At The Headies 2016 (Video, Pics) by NRIPRIEST(m): 9:35am On Dec 23, 2016
Damnn grin
Maybe wizkid didn't see him cus of the hood and specs

Smartest comment so far. He was heading towards the lady and probably didn't see the gentleman because of the hood.

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Politics / Re: Willie Obiano: A Square Peg In A Round Hole by NRIPRIEST(m): 12:39am On Dec 19, 2016
When true sons of Ọmanbala speaks none of you will matter. Akpọkuedike till his tenure is over.

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Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by NRIPRIEST(m): 12:33am On Dec 19, 2016
So, basically, Iheanacho was benched again. Guy need to tear race run comot for that club.
Travel / Re: See Imo First Flyover Beautifully, Magnificently And Tastefully Completed (pics) by NRIPRIEST(m): 4:39am On Dec 18, 2016

the only thing is I really pity the south east for they are endowed with such God forsaking state called Anambra or rather Baberian. the truth is that Anambra people are jealous of imolites because imo people are more civilized than they are. don't u see Anambra people can't pronounce letter 'r' if an Anambra wants to say 'promise' he pronounce it as 'plomise' this alone is a sign that they are still in the stone age.

Poor thing. And he thinks we believe the Ikwere tale. You are pathetic. Omanbala till Jesus comes again. Whether we pronounce "r" properly or not it will not change our identity. Stop crying more than the bereaved and accept who you are. You are too little to cause me to insult Ndi Imo nor make comparisons.

Come rain come sunshine.... Hear this, Ọmanbala nnem, ọnye abụrọ ọna ebe.

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Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by NRIPRIEST(m): 4:12am On Dec 18, 2016
Why is the best player in our league last season going to Etoile de Sahel? I am afraid that is not a good career move.

It appears that European clubs are more interested in Academy players than our league players.
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by NRIPRIEST(m): 10:06pm On Dec 17, 2016
Why is the best player in our league last season going to Etoile de Sahel? I am afraid that is not a good career move.

It appears that European clubs are more interested in Academy players than our league players.

When you are 30yrs, have responsibilities and the chances of landing a European club is not coming, what do you do.
Anybody remember Wobo Uwaezuoke, formerly of Enyimba? Same thing happened to him and Jude Aneke. These guys are all top scorers but age is not on their side and they need something for the keeps before they retire. North Africa offers a decent pay and well organized league for an aging player. There you have it but any young player heading to the North is not serious with his career.
Politics / Re: Some Beautiful Photos Of Anambra State And Some Political Establishments by NRIPRIEST(m): 9:45pm On Dec 17, 2016
The problem of be it onitsha or any other city/town in the south east is the absence of basic infrastuture like good roads,water,sanitation etc,not forgeting taking care of all those mad ppl/destitutes roaming the entire zone. So itz not abt showing good roofings and brigdes. What of enugu/onitsha expressway and others??

The Onitsha you speak of is that of 10yrs ago.


Culture / Re: Ndigbo And Her 'integrated' Eri/nri Brother by NRIPRIEST(m): 11:15pm On Dec 12, 2016

There’re the Aro; a great history AND a modest people. They could even, if they please, submit a credible case of being descendants of the biblical Arodi.

(Incidentally, I read a quality article many years ago which said that Ojoto in Idemmili is either partly or fully Aro. It then dawned on me that Africa’s greatest poet, Christopher Okigbo, is from Ojoto. Note his name—Okigbo—being typically Aro. But as the fervent Nri noise swept through much of northern Anambra in recent times, a new history was launched of how Ojoto is no longer Aro but Nri. The vendors of this Nri version admit that their town was founded by two brothers named Ojo and Oto, yet unbeknownst to them, I guess, is that 1. Ojo as an original name isn’t Nri but Abia—think Ojo Mmaduekwe. 2. Ohafia/Orofia villages are scattered across Njikoka, Dunukofia, Oyi and Idemmili. 3. Under Obosi history we find the following: “Oral history shows that Obosi people originated from Arochukwu via Ojoto. Some ancient people of Arochukwu migrated into Oze, Ora-Eshi, and Nri, then founded Ojoto, Ihiala, and Alor. Some Ojoto people that left then founded Obosi, Nnewi-Umudim, Ibuzo and Umuru-Ukpo. The founder of Obosi was a hunter named Adike from Ojoto.”)

Anyway, towns and villages linked to the Aro are scattered across Anambra, Abia and Imo, and these folks have so much to be proud of—and they usually are, but always through the handsome agent of modesty. Always a successful people in culture, education and monetary wealth. I have a lot of respect for the peoples originally from that region: Bende through Ohafia down to Arochukwu. Great-great peoples. They rarely blow their own trumpet, or attempt claiming what they aren’t. The Aro of Arochukwu even admit to being somewhat mixed with the non-Igbo ethnicities across the borders. But this honesty and modesty only serves to make them even more attractive and easy to embrace. You exuberant Nri folks should take a leaf from the Aro book.

This is just a heap of garbage. Now, Chris Okigbo is from Arochukwu? This is what happens when you have no identity.
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by NRIPRIEST(m): 7:10pm On Dec 12, 2016
Obinna Nwobodo set to return for Rangers after injury

Obinna Nwobodo of Rangers

Obinna Nwobodo has said he hopes to soon return to action after he was injured in a pre-season game for Enugu Rangers.

The injury against Niger Tornadoes ruled him out of the NPFL Super 4, which Rivers United won.

“I got injured in a pre-season friendly against Niger Tornadoes in Benin City and so I missed the Super 4,” he disclosed.

“But I am getting better and I am almost coming back.”

The former Flying Eagles star midfielder has been linked with a transfer overseas and he himself said he will not rule out the possibility of moving abroad.

“I am still a Rangers player, but nothing says I will not be playing in Europe the next day,” he said.

Offensive midfielder Nwobodo was outstanding last season as Rangers won the league after a 32-year wait.

By Olieh Otuchelu


Now, I am relieved. Rangers are gonna be deadly this season.

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Culture / Re: Ndigbo And Her 'integrated' Eri/nri Brother by NRIPRIEST(m): 1:50am On Nov 27, 2016

I am greatly surprised by the content of this discussion. It’s proof of how drastically the beliefs of the Internet world could differ from the realities of the true world.

I am Nnewi South and here’s our general view of the Nri: My ancestors believe the Nri to be immigrants. We have an unmistakable view of them as being “other”—i.e. “foreign/non-Igbo”. This isn’t contestable among my folk, but is not at all negative because in Amichi, my maternal hometown, the Nri are invited to “cleanse” the land, most likely from nearby Oraeri although there is also an Nri community within Amichi itself, called “Umu-nri Ebenasa Amichi” and located right on the borders between Amichi, Osumenyi and my hometown of Utuh-Mbadike. Amichi has its centrally located Eke market, but the Umu-nri Ebenasa has its own small Nkwo market—and there’s a palpable element of isolation to that Nkwo market (full name: Nkwo-Agu Umu-nri Ebenasa Amichi).

The story is much deeper than that, but I know for a fact, as a man who grew up next to his ancestors, that the Nri are secondary settlers wherever they are found in Igbo-land. Amichi is an Okotu town related to Osumenyi, Ogbodi, the Adazis, etc. and I am a “nwadiana” there, hence I am aware that my mother’s people, as the true owners of the land, are not excited to intermarry with folks of Umu-nri Ebenasa of the same Amichi.

There’s consensus across the entire southern Anambra—from Nnewi through Aguata and ending in Orumba—that the Nri were “foreign-turned-Igbo”. I am therefore surprised to discover here proof of what seems a serious attempt to elevate the Nri at the expense of their own hosts. And when a debater linked to Nri says here that “Igbo and Igala are related” I hope he or she is aware that 1) it isn’t a flattering declaration to any Igbo person who is clear about his aboriginal identity; and 2) the right statement would be that “the Nri and Igala are related/cousins”.

To the Igbo of the interior, the Igala is as foreign as the Bini. The Idoma is in fact closer. And as you can imagine, we are just as clear as to the origin of the Onitsha folks and of most of their neighbouring towns. Ancestors, modest and tolerant, may not speak frequently of these heavy matters to the young, until a need arises—for example on the question of marrying into a certain clan; that is when they sit you down and tell you who is who in your State, local government, and town.

I will just end by pointing out that if wealth accumulation and modesty—the two hallmarks of the true Igbo entity—are held up as the ultimate standard for counting or discounting one as “purely aboriginal Igbo”, then the Nri and most of their northern Anambra hosts are clearly immigrants from a different ethnicity/nation. The two wealth belts of the Igbo—1) from Anaocha/Idemmili down to Nnewi and ending right around Orlu; 2) the Bende area of Abia State—clearly leave out much of the Nri and their northern Anambra hosts. While they evidently are among the noisiest and the least modest of Igbo folks.

There is no doubt that the propagators of Nri flag-waving are driven by their own painful and in fact understandable need for a permanent resolution to their dilemma of “an Igala origin vs. Igbo identity”. For, the Igbo who are certain of their aboriginal status are usually the most modest and confident of us.

Mind you: my ancestors of Nnewi area do not detest the Nri one bit. But they see them for who they are: migrants from Igala-land who are now fully integrated into the Igbo culture. And we of southern Anambra aren’t alone in making this distinction; I recently spent a few days among the clan of the Eziowelle, Abba, Nimo and Abagana (Njikoka and Idemmili North) and these folks strongly distance themselves from their neighbouring Nri, implying rather diplomatically that “the Nri are from somewhere else”.

Globally, a culture’s purest people are found in the geographical center. As such, one who cares of the purest Igbo kind—least tainted by an outside influence—should look, for example, at an eastern Orsu person. It gets no purer than that, and there are also other such examples.

And lastly: Dear Abagworo/Abagoro, you are in the right and have my full backing, bro! Keep making that noble case. It takes a dangerous degree of bias to look at the attire of the traditional rulers of Nri and their northern Anambra host communities, and not realise by instinct that they are akin to those used by the non-Igbo cultures across the waters or, more importantly, to fail to notice the blatantly immodest and un-Igbo loudness of those regalia.

You are very ignorant. You should shut your mouth and let informed people speak. Nnewi people are not famous for their culture or great history. Shrewd traders, yes. Wealth, yes. But not history nor culture! Go to the backyard and play with the maidens. Atụlụ mụrụ ebune gba aka nwa.

But hear this, fear will not let your church loving Igwe Ọrizu break kolanut before the Eze Nri. And you don't know anything about Abagworo.
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by NRIPRIEST(m): 11:22am On Nov 25, 2016
A lot has been said on this thread about Iheanacho being or not being a CF and arguments and counter arguments have been exchanged and all of this is with a view to finding that icing striker on the delicious cake baking now for Nigerian football. However I will not join issues on that point cos my eyes are fixed elsewhere and time, thank goodness is ticking fast to bring my desires to reality for Osimhen. So Let it be said now, loud and clear that Victor Osimhen is the undisputed natural heir to the central forward throne of the Super Eagles. Supernerd has often reiterated this. Osimhen has 'it' -if you know what 'it' means-he's has great physical stature, he's quick, strong in the air, good with both feet, dribbles, has great positional awareness, he's gifted with the killer instinct and composure of a deadly goal poacher and more importantly he appears to me to have the deep self knowledge of being a striker. Some say he is too young and that he lacks experience. For other players not of the ilk of Osimhen I can admit of such objections but if you'd apply such criteria to this boy I'd say bullocks to that! I remember vividly seeing a wonder kid stripling called Eto'o scoring goals with the aplomb of a goal king aficionado at the African cup of Nations in 2000. He was very, very young, a teen. Eto'o went on from there in leaps and bounds to establish himself as a nightmare for defenders and goalkeepers in the best teams and leagues in the world - Spain, Italy. I look at Osimhen and something happy clicks in my guts. I repeat he has that certain indefinable and unnameable '' something' that 'it that 'all great strikers have. That boy is not one of many who failed to live out their potential. This our Osimhen carries greatness inside him. And therefore I roll out the royal red carpet, I sound the trumpets heralding the King as we cry 'All Hail the King'!

Beautifully written. Well, we will wait till January when he makes his debut and wish all goes well, insha Allah.

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Religion / Re: Awka Cathedral Celebrates Christ The King by NRIPRIEST(m): 11:05am On Nov 21, 2016
Christi bu Eze uwa nine!
Culture / Re: A Brief History Of The Ikwerre People Of Rivers State. by NRIPRIEST(m): 7:17pm On May 25, 2016
I have been to PH, Omoku in Ogba land and etc and the people there are quick to say they are not Igbos. The Ogba man was vehement about it saying his people are Yoruba who speak Igbo as lingua franca and that does not make them Igbos. The man stayed in Lagos. Our driver attached to us at the Agip gas plant at OB/OB offered his own opinion saying 'We are always saying we are not Igbos, what are we then? We are Igbos. He also stayed in Lagos before relocating home.

The truth in my opinion is that the ancestors of Ikwerres and Ogba people as at 500 years ago were Yoruba people with headquarters in Benin. Not Edo as they say but Yoruba, Benin had components of Igboid, Edoid and Yoruboid. Yoruba was the lingua franca like English is lingua franca in Nigeria today but the country contained native speakers of Edoid and Igboid languages who were subjects. In Ikwerre and Ogba land, the Yoruba were entrenched otherwise they would have been overwhelmed by the Nri Igbos. The Benin empire collapsed same way Rome collapsed and their Yoruba language disappeared. The language remains in Itsekiri. Itsekiri is the most accurate representative of the Benin empire but the headquarter was Benin. Benin has also lost the Yoruba language. So the ancestors of Ikwerre and Ogba were Yoruba from Benin but today they are Igbos who are still Yoruba in societal organisation but Igbo in language. I will say Ikwerre and Ogba should accept their new identity as Igbos while keeping their history of Yoruba Benin origin. Onitsha is no different from Ikwerre. They are also Igbos who were originally Yorubas. Arochukwu too are culturally not Nri Igbos. Maybe only Enugu and Imo are full Nri (I am not sure). Nri Igbos are the original Igbos who owned the language. They were not warlike in the past but now have assimilated people with language.

Onitsha is Yoruba Benin origin while Asaba is Igala origin, both are now Igbo in identity. A large part of Anambra is Igala origin. So it is a mix. Ikwerre and Ogba are no different.

This thing you wrote belong to the trash can!

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Culture / Re: Igbo learning thread + Translator by NRIPRIEST(m): 1:21pm On May 25, 2016

That particular phrase means "an interesting thread from which everyone will gain" lol.

That's some serious stuff... grin
Culture / Re: Igbo learning thread + Translator by NRIPRIEST(m): 1:19pm On May 25, 2016

Radoillo nwa awka a pugokwa nairaland eri onwa ito kita. O tegokwa o pulu.

Nya mee chighata kam jou ya ife melu ndi Oka ji eli nkakwu.... grin grin
Politics / Re: Obiano At Owerre-Ezukala Cave And Waterfall In Anambra by NRIPRIEST(m): 11:44am On May 25, 2016
Does the governor of Enugu see all these? Are his handlers, relatives and friends, reading all that is happening in Anambra state? When Sullivan Chime was the governor of Enugu, I remember people were mocking Anambra and Willie as Chime was everywhere developing Enugu...Now Enugu is at sleep. What is really happening in Enugu?

For me , the best governors in Nigeria today are governors of Lagos and Anambra. Lagos got loan and are regenerating Oshodi area with $70million. That's the way to go...

Nobody kicked Anambra because Obi outperformed Chime. Obi was building infrastructures around the state while Chime was beautifying Enugu city.


Politics / Re: Profile Of Peter Obi, Former Governor Anambra State by NRIPRIEST(m): 11:40am On May 25, 2016

Keneking love him or hate him, he kept faith with Anambra by giving us Obiano , one of the best performing Governors in Nigeria. While we complained that he underperformed during his tenure he promised to put in place someone who will not disappoint
But as for the sycophants (Obalila, Asha, Rev Fr Nripriest) saying he didn't steal dime from Anambra grin

I have integrity and you don't . I can't soil my hands. Obiano is excelling because of the foundation Obi laid....Obi did all the dirty work for him.
Culture / Re: Igbo learning thread + Translator by NRIPRIEST(m): 1:28pm On May 24, 2016
Ehen, mbu ma echefuo. O di onye maala whne mkpatara nwanne anyi nwokho mbu Radoillo alias Uzu-Oka Nde Igbo njiri fuo? O teela maa nhubeela e.

Kee udili ofufu ina ekwu makia? Is he actually missing or he just left Nairaland?
Culture / Re: Igbo learning thread + Translator by NRIPRIEST(m): 1:27pm On May 24, 2016

O lo loo! Bigfrancis21, I yoduola daa? A aha niile e etuga m etuga, o maa onye nwe? grin Lekwala kemgbe manu hubeela gi! Ahu amagbuga gi! cheesy I kachaala e. O rii onye anwu ngi ime owula. Anyi richa nma, o wu he nde e lega manu anya ehienna. Elee kpa ornu na agumakwukwo shi agaga? O kweshikwanna otu eshi, anyi agbokama meghee otu ili ke gi 'u u'o biila onye owula ke wu urnu. Obi amaala m nma ihu sha nde ke m ka nokwa e. Ya riila gi nma, nwokhe oma.

Ok,i understand everything you wrote except this part.."ili ke gi 'u u'o biila onye owula ke wu urnu" . Sounds like you are talking about some paying a condolence visit a bereaved person.

As for Chinenye, I will need an Ngwa class to even attempt reading what you wrote,else I have a migraine. And I am been honest. I tried reading but it's very tough.
Culture / Re: Igbo learning thread + Translator by NRIPRIEST(m): 1:13pm On May 24, 2016
Umunne,nkelu ka eke si anya anwu? Asim ka njuo unu ora.

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Celebrities / Re: Celebrities From Anambra- PHOTOS by NRIPRIEST(m): 11:42am On May 23, 2016
THIS NONSENSE IS THE PURE REASON THE IGBOS ARE NOT UNITED!!! What difference does it make if a celebrity is from Anambra, Abia or Imo? Are we not supposed to be one? Whoever started this trend on Nairaland needs to revaluate his reasons.

We don't have to be one to respect each other. What is lacking is not unity but respect and tolerance.
Celebrities / Re: Celebrities From Anambra- PHOTOS by NRIPRIEST(m): 11:40am On May 23, 2016

That's a mature comment, not the disparaging comment on Enugu dialect made by someone on this thread, you are correct bro.. My mum is from Ngwo, she is well educated and proud of her dialect..

A little history, back in the day Enugu (042, Capital) was seen as a town full of cultured and educated people irrespective of state of origin, it was more of an administrative capital full of civil servants , Students, yuppies, guy men with no money but a na adoga and small to medium businesses owners. Around mid nineties to early 2000, a lot of business men and women both legit and illegal started investing in hotels and the hospitality sector( joints, ebe a na aku), remember O' Neil, Polo, Mcdavos, bubbles, Hobbies, Nourisha ( there meatpie na die back then grin)etc even old warhorse Presidential hotel had a make shift club to tap into this booming sector.. With the proliferation of these joints and hotels plus the serene calm and peaceful nature of Enugu,
Traders,Businessmen, ndi na acho ebe a na akacatch fun, found Coal City a worthy place to escape the hustle and bustle of commercial towns such as Nnewi, Onitsha, Obosi on weekends.These guys came with what Enugu folks use to call ndi omata slangs, Omatas are seen as loud mouthed, uncouth, uneducated money miss road.. Girls are not happy to show them off but these guys are loaded and had no problem collecting your babe if you no sharp.. Then you will hear slangs such as, nna, one omata guy gbaji m aka meaning, " a rich trader don collect my bae" grin.. There slangs started becoming popular and was spreading faster than you can imagine among young people, you hear them in Campus halls especially in Esut and IMT, UNN was still fighting hard to keep there fake funne, but it wasnt long before they were equally swept off by this huge Tsunami that was Omateeee slangs..Back then you will hear phrases such as " gbalu ogwu nwuo, ifea last bus stop, Nwanne analie m, Nwanne parkia, friends asking you for a drink at a bar will say " Nwanne kpuo m isI akpulu Albert".. Girls are no longer babes, Enugu folks even started using the same slang which was considered derogatory or not classy to describe girls..e.g Nwa mbo, akwa nwa, akwa baby, umu, Nwa, so nwa, egovin, udala to recent one such as pino pino ,nnunu. The moment young musicians from ogbes such Achara Layout, Abakpa, Uwani, Ogui started infusing these slangs into their songs mixed with slangs coined and made in Enugu,the rest is history.. Raw, Flavour, even to current guys like Zoro and Phyno for me are the ones driving this whole trend. Zoro's current hit Ogene is typical of what's happening right now, a combination of Enugu dialect and bits from Anambra. You can even hear it when listening to Stormrex or some of Flavours songs..

If i see an Enugu guy man talking, whether in NY or London , i will know immediately..
These are my experience , from Ogui as a kid to Trans Ekulu i lived through it, i dont claim it to be gospel by the way.. Udo

Slow dog, Flavour, Phyno, Selebobo Didi nna men are all from Anambra, Zoro is from Agwu, Stormrex Ezeagu.. Enugu been an old colonial capital, former An am bra before states were carved out was a melting point, and is still is, for Igbos from different states, then you get Hausas, Delta folks, middle belt and small Yoruba population ( na them sow trado wear pass for Owerri road) Huge deposits of Coal meant lots of families moved to Enugu to work from other regions back them, there were no states back then, listen to Onuigbo by Late Osadebe, he told a story of Onuigbo, a man who went to mine coal in Enugu and no one knew what happened to him.. Anyway, apart from the hausas all of them mingle and see themselves as ndi 042.. I know a lot of Imo people that have lived all their lives in Enugu ( ndi ala wu otu) but hardly go to there villas, we usually give them house keys when we go for Xmas hols.. The see themselves as full 042 peeps and nothing more..Good times..

With regards to the topic, I have a healthy respect for Anambra folks, they sure have there sheer number of people na eme ofuma just like every where else..

Guy, you couldn't have written any better.
My self was not even born in Anambra but I started hearing slangs like Aroba/Alobam,nkolo/corner,asa/fine chic and the rest from my friends and cousins who lived in Onicha and I am also very familiar with my numerous relatives who lived in Enugu and these slangs were strange and novel to them.
Not trying to take anything from Enugu but lately I have heard Enugu guys lay claims to these slangs they used to despise and mocked the guys who used it...Like the case of a stone rejected by the builders.
Celebrities / Re: Celebrities From Anambra- PHOTOS by NRIPRIEST(m): 11:31am On May 23, 2016

You are boring.

Come harder.

Iti boribo

Look at this demented f.ool !
Celebrities / Re: Celebrities From Anambra- PHOTOS by NRIPRIEST(m): 10:50pm On May 22, 2016

Nwanne na UMUOJI idemili north {ngwulube okodu}

Agu grin...Nwanne ozu!

Celebrities / Re: Celebrities From Anambra- PHOTOS by NRIPRIEST(m): 10:48pm On May 22, 2016

Because you are dumb and slow.

I would eat you for dinner. Lol.

Anyway I am just being lenient for now.

Mumu. Shiite is a muslim sect. Your vocabularies is very poor.

Lol...Are we in class.....Nairaland censors some bad words.....I honestly don't know what to tell you....But while you are at it the sentence "your vocabularies is very poor" is wrong. Nigga,I got your weak mind fuuccked up....lmao
Onye ka nmadu ka chie!
Celebrities / Re: Celebrities From Anambra- PHOTOS by NRIPRIEST(m): 10:41pm On May 22, 2016

Onye nkaa asikwa no gini. Where be delta. The ninja avengers?

Bros,where are you from?
Celebrities / Re: Celebrities From Anambra- PHOTOS by NRIPRIEST(m): 10:05pm On May 22, 2016


Seems like you just learned how to cross out a post.

Surprise me. Be a little creative.

Afo anu.

Ain't this some Shiite!
You are on this case like your life depends on it....lol
And what's up with you and calling people illiterate? It's becoming redundant and I doubt you can define the word,properly....f...cking loser!

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Celebrities / Re: Celebrities From Anambra- PHOTOS by NRIPRIEST(m): 10:01pm On May 22, 2016

I bu a local man. Go on and pick a seat over there.

I am not on your level. Go and look for your fellow illiterates and lackies to mingle with.

Lol....I am too big and high above you to stoop. And what is wrong with being a local man? Is it some kind of disease? Bros, I feel your pain and I don't want to worsen your state of mind. Inferiority complex is very harmful to the mind... Nigga, you are wearing inferiority like a crown....lmao


Celebrities / Re: Famous Celebrities From Abia by NRIPRIEST(m): 9:36pm On May 22, 2016

Fake news....my dear sister, KANU is from arochukwu o....such okija trace tales have long been debunked....enough of this claiming

I know it sounds funny but the guy you quoted is actually right. There was even a ceremony about that in Ihiala.

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