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Autos / Re: SOLD SOLD!!... Distress Sale: Buy My Clean Camry by ogawisdom(m): 2:30pm On Jul 25
V6 for this economy

U are a dreamer but then u may get a maga

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Nairaland / General / Re: Help!!! How Do I Gain Respect From People by ogawisdom(m): 5:32pm On Jul 17
I have been a victim of disrespect over the years from mainly my friends. I don't know if it is because I'm too free or too playful but I hardly gain the respect of people.

Please I need tips on how to gain the respect and loyalty of my friends.

Start by respecting yourself


Anybody dt disrespects u cut d bastard off n move on
Romance / Re: She Said "Yes" Yesterday But Demanding 60k Today. by ogawisdom(m): 2:03am On Jul 13
No woman, no cry. A girl that barely said yes to me yesterday is demanding 60k from me for wardrobe allowance.

Giving her the money is not the issue. but i fear a relationship built on such ground will collapse in no time.

What happens when hair and feeding allowances enters? i sometime wonder if having a girlfriend is worth it because almost all of them have multiple boyfriends whom they cash out from. i see no difference between them and olosho. petronizing olosho gives much rest of mind than a girl who is yet to be your wife.

Nairalanders, how do you people cope with girlfriends palava in this present state of Nigeria?

What do you need girlfriend for?

The same olosho other guys are digging with 5k is now billing u 60k.

Well since u have the money pay her, next will be 150k
Politics / Re: Lauretta Onochie Is Not Our Member - APC by ogawisdom(m): 7:57pm On Jul 11
grin impossibility is nothing

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Romance / Re: Should I Go On With The Marriage Preparation? by ogawisdom(m): 3:14am On Jul 11
I have this girl I have been dating for 4 years and we are planning to get married to this year. But I notice she does not like to sacrifice. I mean, she is kind of selfish.

she is studying and i send her money aside the one the parent gives to her but if i request for a video call, she would ask me to send her data, if she comes to my house and i don't give her TP not minding that i gave her money some weeks/days back she would be angry.

Yesterday i booked a ticket for her to come to lagos from anambra, after booking she asked me to also send her some feeding money for the journey. I refused and asked her to take from the 20k I sent to her last 2 weeks, she then said " WHO PAYS FOR TP AND NOT GIVES FEEDING MONEY?  

Long story short, I had to cancel the ticket. I have constantly complained about her selfishness  but no improvement .

what should i do?

It will end in tears

She is an ingrate n selfish

Stop dating girls without a source of income

Better quit now or regret later
Romance / Re: 'I Need Some Space': What Does This Mean In A Relationship? by ogawisdom(m): 1:04pm On Jul 10
“I need some space “,What does this mean in a relationship?

Ur tenure is coming to an end grin
Politics / Re: Ojukwu Lighted Up Cigarette, Smoked At Aburi, Ghana Meeting (Video) by ogawisdom(m): 11:39am On Jul 10


Is smoking now a crime or is he smoking with your mouth.

By the way he still didn't die young
Autos / Re: Buy And Drive 2005 Toyota Corolla For Sales by ogawisdom(m): 8:07pm On Jul 09

Then why dont u use it for ur uber ur self instead of selling that car for such ridiculous price for some innocent person. So that u go dey go mechanic everyday dey spend more on am. Smart ass.

Price is a function of demand and supply (basic economics)

That car is hot cake in naija simply the best selling. Most toks even come in with over 150k mile n are sold for 2.5m now.

Deal with it Nigerians will kill to own a Corolla
Car Talk / Re: Please Help, First Personal Car! PHOTO by ogawisdom(m): 4:52pm On Jul 09
Well, the title is clear enough. I'm saving for my first car. And I need numerous sources of income to make it happen, sooner.

I thought of saving #100,000 every month, and that will amount to #2,400,000 in 24 months.

I've have always loved Lexus and the sleekness of their sedan cars. But I need help determining the ideal car, one that wouldn't cost me an arm and leg.

I need advice on how to make this happen, and sooner.

I believe two heads are better than one!!!

I'm 26 years, and it feels I'm missing a lot not having a personal car.

I need your help to think.

Lalasticlala, car lovers and dealers, your help is needed!

Thanks in advance!!!
.it's not worth it savings dt long to acquire a liability. Save to acquire assets
Autos / Re: Buy And Drive 2005 Toyota Corolla For Sales by ogawisdom(m): 4:49pm On Jul 09

U can do better than this man...
My reason for that price tag is because that car is dead already no offence.
U didn't even say the mileage which I know is above 150k on its odometer prove me wrong.

When I was in nigeria I had this exact same car I bought for 1.250 and only used for 6 months b4 I disposed of it. if the mileage is above 150k even a fool wont buy for 500k.
Post a picture of the milage let's see. Its not always about the body works of the car cause from what I can see from the car engine the car is already dead on arrival.

Just FYI if u need nice clean cars just ask and I might be of help to u.
Na America I base. I can get u a very good one with 85k mileage i.e a new baby for 1.5 including shipping and clearance �.. so think again....

Lol dt Corolla can easily do 300k miles with good maintenance, na still tear rubber @ 150k miles
Autos / Re: What Toyota Car Can I Buy With The Budget Of 900k by ogawisdom(m): 4:44pm On Jul 09
Is Toyota the only best car to use in Nigerian? Hmm I can't even used it , I thought so then when I haven't tried other car not until I tried other make then I see that there are many cars that are far better than Toyota, Nigerian mentality japanese is only the good cars in Nigerian putting there head in one basket. With your 900k you will get another make that is far better,stronger than the so called Toyota Camries etc.

Oga come back n list better options within the budget
Education / Re: Philip Okafor: UNIBEN Student Returns A Missing Wallet With Money (Photo) by ogawisdom(m): 7:54am On Jul 07
Car Talk / Re: How Long Is A Car Battery Meant To Last. ? by ogawisdom(m): 4:20am On Jul 06
If na all these Korean battery then u will be lucky to do above 2 years

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Romance / Re: Is It Wrong For A Married Lady To Cook For Her Ex In His House by ogawisdom(m): 2:02am On Jul 05
Good morning guys I leave alone and I don't know how to cook soup but can cook stew and others so I called my ex girlfriend yesterday and she is married last year so she came we went to market and buy food stuffs and she cooked for me. I want to know if is wrong for a married lady to do that?

U are probably an imbecil.e if u don't know that it is wrong. Don't worry mobs will burn u alive soon, just continue. Imagine person wife angry

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Politics / Re: "You Have NOT Done Enough!" - Nnamdi Kanu's Family Criticises Britain by ogawisdom(m): 12:17pm On Jul 04

Kanu is a very stupid person to visit any African country at this time. He lacks common sense. How can you be captured so easily like a fowl. He lacks wisdom.

Ojukwu could have been killed easily during his time of fighting Nigeria, he insisted on going to aburi for safety reasons. Wise man vs foolish man

I am so pained how is was easily captured by FG, foolish man let him rot in jail

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Family / Re: Heart Breaking Photo Of A Family Of Four In Abuja by ogawisdom(m): 12:09pm On Jul 04
please send it to their master in aso rock for help.

everyone is managing this change cool


Food / Re: Things I Bought For 2100 by ogawisdom(m): 9:39pm On Jul 02
Must u prepare stew with tomato

Why not do vegetable stew n stop wasting your money.


Education / Re: Advise A Medical Student In Dilemma by ogawisdom(m): 8:44pm On Jul 01
Even if u are 400l, i will still advise u to start med/Surg at another school 100l it's totally worth it at the end
Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu: I Don’t Want To Die Over Usifo Ataga's Case by ogawisdom(m): 8:49am On Jun 27
Death by hanging period

Justice must take it's full course
Politics / Re: Dot In A Circle: Enyinnaya Abaribe Wearing 'The Dot Nation' T-Shirt (Photos) by ogawisdom(m): 8:48pm On Jun 22
First president of Biafra
Family / Re: What Should I Do? My Husband Said Our Marriage Is Over-Pls Advise by ogawisdom(m): 1:55pm On Jun 20
If u kw u hate submission why bother about marriage. u can't challenge a man always n expect love no way except he is broke n jobless
NYSC / Re: Monthly Budget Of A Youth Corper Serving In The North by ogawisdom(m): 5:59am On Jun 19
Hello, I am corper serving in a semi-urban area in the north central region of Nigeria. My monthly allowance is N33,000 plus my employer's monthly stipend of N4,000. My monthly total earning is N37,000.

Below is my monthly budget (NGN)

GAS - 1600
FOOD - 15,580


TOTAL MONTHLY SAVINGS - 14,000 + budget surplus

I have learnt to be frugal and only pay for needs and not wants ever since I started service because cost of living in Nigeria is very high. I am also brain storming on business and farming ideas to venture into to supplement my earnings.

Corpers in the house, how much do you earn, spend and save monthly?

For someone in the North ur feeding budget is too high. U should feed with under 10k
Politics / Re: Governor Ikpeazu Relaxes Curfew In Aba, Umuahia; Now 10pm To 6am Daily by ogawisdom(m): 5:48am On Jun 17
Nice one

Aba has no night life Sha since uwa
Politics / Re: Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu Assumes Command As Director Army Public Relat by ogawisdom(m): 5:44am On Jun 17
Spokesman Kee una there angry angry angry
Celebrities / Re: Angela Nwosu: “My Husband Is My God And I Will Give Him My Whole Life” by ogawisdom(m): 5:31am On Jun 16
;that woman is just an attention seeker everything she does she post in on fb the funny thing is that most girls love her I don't know if she bewitch them.

They will die for her bc she is always doing give away grin

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Car Talk / Re: Do You Have This Car For Distress Sale? by ogawisdom(m): 6:59am On Jun 13
U are looking for a stolen Corolla, see you shirtless with boxer on awaiting trial soon.

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Family / Re: My Fiancée Is Pregnant For Me, And This Is Happening by ogawisdom(m): 6:49am On Jun 13
Hello Nairalander,
A brother is absolutely confused for the past few days now.
Please forgive my grammar because I'm not in the right frame of mind.

My Fiancée is 3 weeks pregnant and since then, she has never been herself.

We planned getting married by next year January after I'd met with her parent and they agreed to the wedding plan.

The major problem is that she is a well-known person, and getting pregnant out of wedding luck is not what it's expected of her. I'm 35 and she is 27.

We both love each so much, there is nothing I can't give to her, same goes to her. In fact, she is perfect for me.
Left to me a lone, I'd prefer she keeps the pregnancy since I'm not longer a kid and she not either. But the trauma is changing her to the opposite of herself; she is losing it.

Instead of seeing her going through the trauma, I'd rather agreed with her to terminate the pregnancy. I can't afford to continue seeing her going through this.

I've agreed with her to abort it.
Here is the issue:

None of us has done this (abortion) before, and we don't know the right hospital to go to.
Abortion is still illegal in Nigeria even though some hospitals are still doing.

As Nairalanders would say, "what do you want us to do now?"

I'd like to know which hospital to visit.
Is it all hospitals that do it? If know, how do I know which hospital will be willing to help us out?

Please help a Nairalander out.

I know some people would say that why did we have unprotected sex when we're not ready for a baby. Well, it's a stupid thing I did and I take full responsibility for it.

Shit happens and I'm experiencing one.

If you decide to bash me for my foolishness, I'll gladly take it because I deserve it.

Jesus I can't believe this. I am in shock. If u abort this baby u may never have another, please don't do it. Get the traditional wedding sorted out n take ur wife home n have ur child. Even if it means borrowing some money, it's worth it since there is mutual love.

Alternatively take her away to a secret place for one year to have the child. Don't kill a child bc of something common now

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Health / Re: Mass Resignation Of Doctors In Ondo Over Unpaid Wages by ogawisdom(m): 10:04pm On Jun 06

You know Doctors working as Teachers and Nurses?

What sort of buffoonery is this?

Many doctors in Nigeria are fish farmers now others are plain jobless n hopeless. It's about survival now n not wearing lab coat around on empty stomach.
Health / Re: Mass Resignation Of Doctors In Ondo Over Unpaid Wages by ogawisdom(m): 9:58pm On Jun 06
Its very unfortunate are are complaining of shortage of medical personnel;most of them are leaving for greener pastures abroad while the few that choose to stay are not paid their allowances.

They didn't choose to stay they are the bad ones among them that can't pass any medical exam to practice outside Nigeria. They are just killers in lab coat. Brilliant Doctors don't practice in Nigeria, they sit for the required exams pass at one sitting n leave Nigeria.

We are left with bad doctors dt can't pass exams to leave naija

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