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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by ogoji(m): 12:21pm On Jul 14, 2017
My Oga its seems UTA doesn't allow for external health insurance policy. please what are the alternatives if any sir.

Have you checked if your school accepts external insurance policies as long as it meets certain requirements firstly? Usually, that is much cheaper as you've probably already seen. ISOA is cheap and okay..There are other ones too. Do your research and post what you see here.

And for the jeans, buy your stuff from Nigeria if you can, at least till you get fully settled except you want Walmart Faded glory jeans smiley

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by ogoji(m): 1:42am On Jul 09, 2017
Yes oooh, Any good news
Please is any UT Arlington grad student on this thread? Or anyone who will be attending the school for fall '17 semester.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 1:51pm On Jun 22, 2017
Please who has flown with egypt air to jfk? where you able to book a one way ticket?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 2:49pm On Jun 21, 2017

Greatest Uites ......... Just hailing.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 11:52am On Jun 12, 2017
So nobody dey go Florida international university, Nawa o...... Is Florida a wrong choice of state for an international engineering student in US Me am not understanding o

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 11:47am On Jun 10, 2017
Thanks for the enlightenment.

@bolded. Yesterday was only scheduled for student visa applicants ONLY because it's termed STUDENT VISA DAY at all US embassies globally. Most people are unaware, but its a day to celebrate student visa applicants. Congrats Sir
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 5:44pm On Jun 09, 2017
Visa was approved yesterday and its worthy of me to give back to a thread that GOD used to ease my tension and prepare me for the said day.

I was at VI by 5:50a.m but missed my way before arriving the embassy at 6:25a.m. entering the presmisses it was raining heavily, so people stayed under a tampoline shed to the right of the gate. Give it to those TOUTS at the embassy, they can make money out anything; one was on my neck with different scopes, like internet available and coloured DS160 pasport photographs and the likes. but This thread helped me hold my stands with a deaf hear to them. By 6:40a.m the rain subsided and i was able to make it into the embassy compound proper and i was safe from the downpour that started again.

after all the checkpoints, and searching i was done with biometrics, and joined the waiting line. My people I-20 be like pure water for my eyes ooh, its like the whole naija wan go study abroad ooh. The first approval i noticed was @princeG23, who lectred the chinko guy and was beginning to over do it(Over confidence from nairaland thread). all the approved here i recognised.

I was interviewed by the guy in window 5 whom the person behind me already complained rejected him his lastattempt, and also rejected who was before me for wanting to learn a trade in a salon.

VO; morning
ME; good morning

VO; pass me your passport and i-20
ME; passed it to him while asking how he was.

VO; Now lets get straight to the point, Tell me about your school
ME; University of Texas at arlington, is located at the northeastern part of texas, it has been classsified by the carnegie foundation as a tier-1 reaserch institution in the US and they have quite a number of faculty members with Phds in my area of interest.

VO; Did you apply to any other schools
ME; yes i did, University of TEXAS at arlington, and University of North Dakota at Grandforks, University of louissianna at Lafayette

VO; what was your undergraduate degree
ME; Pure and Applied Mathematics

VO; When did you graduate
ME; 2012

VO; I get you must have done youe NYSC after that, so what have you been doing since then.
ME; I have been working since then even till now

VO; So what do you do where you work
ME; I help students prepare for the GRE, GMAT and SAT in Mathematics

VO; Oooooh so you are something like a math tutor
ME; Yeah

VO; So who is paying
ME; My dad

VO; What does he do
ME; He is a retired government official, but currently into Poultry Farming

VO; Okay so now tell me something about mathemtics, say Calculus
ME; (As at this point i now GOD had sealed the Job) I made him know i was laughing at the Question before i responded [Calculus is a mathematical tool in analysis used in studying change].

VO; Passes me a document which i imagined to be my I-20 ans says you would be needing this at the POE............
me; Me with JOY i placed it in my folder and merried home. It was when i got back to my office later in the day and looking up our thread, that i read @princeG23's trancript that i remembered i didnt see my own white paper. But dont worry GUYS it was chilling inside my I-20 at home.

Special thanks to GOD and all who contribute to this THREAD.
NB....... Do your work Physically by studying the thread and mastering trancsripts, and also your work spiritually by PRAYING and Fasting, whichever way works for you. But the GOD FACTOR can never be OVEREMPHASIZED

Thanks again house God bless us all as the approvalS keeps coming in.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 4:44am On Jun 09, 2017
YES......... I did mine in a week and 2days
Good evening everyone. Please someone should help explain the following
1. how does Form A works to pay tuition fee?
2. What is the exchange rate to pay the tuition?
3. Is it possible to pay sevis fee, pay visa fee, fill ds160 form and book visa interview and go for the interview just within two week?
4. Is there any benefit Bank or federal government gives to students who which to study abroad.?
@lagosismyhome, walspring and others, please kindly oblige
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 1:55pm On Jun 08, 2017
Been a SILENT follower of this thread for the last 1month, With a grateful HEART to the almighty GOD, VISA was APPROVED this morning at walter carrington. 7:00 a.m batch. Thanks to the house for the experience, GURUS and none GURUS, especially my FRIEND turn BROTHER @donanod.
God Bless US all as we wait for more approval, my brother donanod, you are next in line.



Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 10:32am On Jun 01, 2017
Visa got approved today at Lagos embassy!!!
It rained early in the morning and after going through the normal screening I finally land inside the decision room. I was interviewed at window 3 by a middle aged cute oyinbo woman. Here goes the conversation
Me : Good morning ma ( she no answer, me self bone face, I smiled at her as she is busy typing fast ...?
After a while
VO: Tell me about your course
Me: my course is industrial engineering with option in embedded system ( na so she stop me and say embedded system , I said yes.)
VO: Tell me all you know about embedded system
Me: embedded system are set of interrelated computer software enclosed in a single hardware unit to perform a programmable function ( na so she dey nod head up and down, I no stop I still fire on ). Embedded system consist of microcontrollers and microprocessor which are used to produce automated system
VO: what are the applications of embedded system
Me: They are used in Fire alarm as we have the smoke sensor, motion sensor , light sensor and other automated systems
VO: who is sponsoring you
Me : My dad
VO: what does he do
Me: he is a real estate agent , he Buy and resell landed properties .
VO: thank you (she brings out the white paper) you will need this at the point of entry , you can pick up your passport at bla bla bla ..

Thank Allah for everything . It's just a soft work . Thanks everybody on here that have helped me one time or the other and people that posted their transcripts .. I learnt a lot from this forum and am thankful to Almighty Allah .

What I just see is that you shouldn't be under pressure , prepare, relax and most of all pray for grace . I'm happy I finally got to share my own transcript on here too
CONGRATULATIONS bro............... smiley
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 10:29am On May 31, 2017

Congratulations, i will share my own success story soon too o grin grin
AMEN OOOH me too would share my testimony soon in JESUS name(AMEN).


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 10:05am On May 30, 2017
Slept in the office for my 7am appointment because its closer to the consulate. Got there in the rain by 5:30 or so. After all the checks, queued up and the VOs came to their desks. I wanted one other slim vo because he seemed cool and patient lol, but I was asked to meet the Chinese guy - I think he should be about 32. I wouldn't say he's strict, as the interview wasn't as scary as I feared. You just need to give him or any of them good responses..

VO: good morning
me: good morning
vo: passport, i20? so why are you going to St Cloud?
me: I'm going to st cloud state university to study for an MS degree in Applied Clinical Research.
vo: how many schools did you apply to?
me: I applied to 4 schools; the university of Rhode Island, Virginia Commonwealth university, the university of Texas medical branch and St cloud state university.
vo: why st cloud?
me: I chose to attend st cloud because the clinical research program focuses on medical device research which basically aligns with my interests and I will ( vo cuts in)
vo: did you take any tests?
me: I took the GRE and TOEFL.
vo: how was your score on the GRE?
me: it was fair enough, I got 149, 149, 3.5
vo: ooh that's impressive( inside my mind I was like that one na score, you need to come GRE thread for nairaland make you see what brothers and sisters are doing to the GRE, but I was happy to hear him exclaim that way though)
vo: you do correlation and validation studies where you work( he read it off my ds160)
what's it about?
me: I told him we do it on new medical equipments and diagnostic procedures to ensure optimal standards.
vo: what's the difference between correlation and clausation?
me; I told him I wasn't sure what the difference is ( I had not heard that word in the context he was asking so I chose to be honest instead of explaining rubbish)
vo: what will this degree do for you?
me: this program will equip me with the requisite skills to be able to perform proper and ethical biomedical research upon my return to Nigeria.
vo: what's your research topic?
me: I'll be working on biosystems neuromodulation(the guy is super fast with asking questions and typing)
vo: do you have any scholarship ( looks at i20 for less than a second)?
me: no, I do not.
vo: OK, enjoy your time at st cloud.
me: thank you.
Passed i20 back with white form and said to pick up passport in three days.
Thanks to God and everyone on here for all your help. Walspring, Mekurexx, for assisting to pay fees from WES evaluation through application circle, I remain grateful. And to a kind heart Kene for adding his money to complete my sevis and pay in less than 48 hours to my interview- after my bossom friend( not from nairaland) squandered the first money I sent to him for sevis, may God bless you. Goodluck to everyone.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 12:00pm On May 24, 2017
Congratulations Bro...... God BLESS your new Journey
Good morning all, I want to use this opportunity to specially thank God almighty for his grace and favor in the course of my US movement. And I want to thank Mr Seun (Shayhune) who helped me after my second Denial last week. He volunteered to help me through the whole process and mock interview. God bless you. And to everyone else that corrected me when I posted my transcript last week, thank you too. God bless everyone. After 2 denials (April 28 and May 18) I finally got my visa approved today (May 24). I went 3 times in less than a month, I wasn't going to relent because I'm not a quitter nor a dull guy although It's all the Grace of God. The 2 times I was denied, as I was leaving Walter carrington I went straight to a GTBank branch to pay the 64k again for the appointment. I told myself I wasn't going to quit and I'm going to the US whatever it took, the same way I told myself back then I wasn't going to any other school asides from Unilag when I left secondary school and people were discouraging me but I tried till I got my admission. Let me cut the story short. I chose the 6:30 appointment because I was told the VOs are always livelier in the morning and as such I should make sure I'm in the first 3-5 people on the queue inside. So I did that I was the second person to enter the consulate but by the time we got to the queue for the visa, I was third on the queue. So the fresh young guy VO called the first guy in front and the CGI guy told the girl behind him to follow him and queue behind him in front of the VO. So I was left in front, 5 seconds later I was called by a VO, mind you this VO was ruthless the last time I went for the interview. He was denying everyone that came to meet him that day, I guess he was in a bad mood or he only asked technical questions that the people weren't prepared for, I was praying not to get him that day but then I still got denied.lol. So as I walked towards him I just said "God take control". So he said Good morning and I answered Good morning and how was your night.
VO: Night was good and yours?
Me: Was alright too.
VO: So tell me what interested you in this school that made you choose it.
Me: My research interest aligns with that of a professor(Cuts me)
VO: What research interest?
Me: Embedded systems in power electronics.
VO: What is Embedded systems
Me: An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function on a larger electrical system (I just learnt that last night, didn't know what the research Entailed before last night, something just told me to google and know the definition of all the words in the research name)
VO: So what will you be doing with this professor?
(I didn't know what to say as I didn't prepare for that question)
Me: The research is designed like your mobile phone where all the electronic circuits on the motherboard in the phone have a dedicated function in a larger electrical system which is the phone in its entirety. (Na idea I use, that was just an example of embedded system wey I repackage)
VO: What school did you have your bachelors?
Me: University of Lagos.
Types for 5seconds and asks me to pick my visa in 3 days, I didn't expect it. It didn't last up to a minute and he didn't look at me once throughout, he was just typing and asking the questions. I was waiting for questions like "Who's paying"?,"What school and what course?", "What do you do now?. etc.
I'm very happy. I was confident and very calm this time because not being calm cost me at my last interview. I was the first person issued a white paper today at the Lagos Consulate as that guy in front of me was still with that fresh VO guy and so was the girl behind him. Thanks to everyone for their encouraging transcripts and words. It's God at the end of it all, I prayed to God and emptied my pocket in church last Sunday and told God to help me this week and he did. Let me stop my epistle here, sorry I'm used to writing epistles.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by ogoji(m): 4:30pm On May 23, 2017
LOL That GRE score not possible, Probably a typo

Is this GRE score a mistake ?? .... very low GRE for such a high GPA.

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Politics / Re: Chief Of Defence Staff Vs Chief Of Army Staff: Which Position Is More Superior? by ogoji(m): 12:38pm On May 22, 2017

You just typed Bullshit. The CDS is a military man and a 4 Star general while the COAS is a lieutenant General. The CDS by his rank alone has power to mobilize guys from the Army and by his position as the CDS can mobilize from any of the Armed forces.

I wish civilians can stop interfering into military discussions if we know nothing about it.

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Education / Re: Has PEDMAS Really Taken Over From BODMAS? by ogoji(m): 9:27am On Jun 27, 2016

6-1x0+2÷2 = 7, using PEMDAS

6-1x0+2÷2 = 5, using BODMAS

I don't think PEMDAS and BODMAS are basically the same.

You really never knew your maths well.
USING PEMDAS 6-1x0+2÷2
= 6-0+2÷2 after simplifying your MULTIPLICATION First,
= 6-0+1 after simplifying your DIVISION
= 6+1 after simplifying your ADDITION
= 7
USING BODMAS 6-1x0+2÷2
= 6-1x0+1 after simplifying your DIVISION FIRST,
= 6-0+1 after simplifying your MULTIPLICATION
= 6-1 after simplifying your ADDITION
= 7

Business / Re: CBN Opens Discount Window To Boost Liquidity by ogoji(m): 3:08pm On Jun 23, 2016
May God Just Have Mercy On This Nation.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ugandan Legislator's Photos Having Sex With GF Published On Pages Of Newspaper by ogoji(m): 12:19pm On Mar 17, 2016
not in Africa, Africans are not human being , they are animals.... I can bet all I have got.... The guy will rather get more fame... and political recognition..... blacks are pigs...
Business / Re: Today's Naira Rate Against Dollar, Pound And Euro by ogoji(m): 12:05pm On Mar 17, 2016
Dollar has now become an excuse for almost anybody rendering any service in Nigeria, even when not our currency.
Romance / Re: Seven Things Singles Do When Tired Of Being Called "Single" by ogoji(m): 10:49am On Mar 16, 2016
I am on reserve for that one man.
lool Stupedinluv...... i hope i dont have to be stupedinluv to be that one man wink grin
Romance / Re: Did I Goof? My Experience With A Lady I Love. by ogoji(m): 9:12am On Jan 05, 2016
sorry for quoting the full episode. Please sir repeat after me, AM a big olodo,am a big olodo say it 10 times and then bath naked in d market for 7 days. That's d only way to be free from the stupidity u displayed to that girl.
Next time u see her, tell her u r sorry for everytin u said and then tell her u want to say something real bothering u in ur hrt.
Tell her to come close and bring her ear then say this slowly from the bottom of ur hrt "THUNDER FIRE YOU!!!!"

i cant fit to burst laff enof.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Things I Learnt During Interviews No One Will Tell You. by ogoji(m): 5:47pm On Dec 27, 2015

Actually it is mostly driver problem. Rare to have BSOD in safe mode.

Guys a whole lot of things can cause Blue screen.

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Romance / Re: Can A Guy and a lady be "Just Friends"? by ogoji(m): 8:02pm On Dec 25, 2015
i like the word QUASI as used by you

Yes, only if both are in different relationships.

If I am married/dating and she's also married/dating then , theoretically, our emotional and sexual needs are being satisfied by our partners which are essentially the reasons why people date.

It's quasi-impossible to be just friends with a woman if she and/or you are not already dating others.
Romance / Re: She Has Helped Me A Lot But All She Wants Is Marriage by ogoji(m): 6:07pm On Dec 17, 2015
rooster AND BULL.
Romance / Re: I Need Help Fast! I Keep Falling In Love With The Wrong Guys by ogoji(m): 9:13am On Dec 17, 2015
Sorry babe its only your part of the story i have here, the side of the other dudes would have helped to givee you the best advice.
Culture / Re: The Wife & Daughter Of Ooni Adeyeye Enitan-Ogunwusi by ogoji(m): 8:39am On Dec 09, 2015
They must be really young before They got that woman.

lmao!!!!!! grin woman indeed.


Education / Re: NUC Names University Of Ibadan Number 1 In Nigeria – See List Of Top 100 by ogoji(m): 12:59pm On Dec 07, 2015
A model of what a university should be like.
Family / Re: Dear Family Please Advice A Wife To Be!!! by ogoji(m): 9:18pm On Dec 01, 2015
i would say theres nothing perfect nor honest in this answer he just gave (my opinion).What if she marries that very handsome man and gives birth to an slowpoke or a child with down syndrome? Why would you look out for looks in man ahead of his inner qualities? You need to understand that a man can easily look out for these things in a woman, focus on making his money and end up getting them even if he marries at 40....can a woman do the same?
You need to understand that if that guy was that ugly, she wont even be considering anything, let alone coming here to ask for opinions. I think being beautiful or handsome is a relative term. Kate henshaw is a beautiful woman but ugly if compared to beyonce. So is john terry a handsome man but ugly if compared to zlatan ibrahimovic. So many people say oshiomole is ugly but i would say he is handsome compared to aristide bance of burkina faso!
You are so so funny with your comparison.
Gaming / Re: Need Fighting Game Warriors In Port Harcourt! by ogoji(m): 11:43am On Dec 01, 2015
Hi Nairaland,

I just want to reach out to anyone interested in playing fighting games on a competitive or casual scene. A few of the fighting games I play are Mortal Kombat X (MKX), Street Fighter 5 (SFV), Ultra Street Fighter IV (USF4), Injustice Gods Among Us (IGAU), Rising Thunder, Skull Girls...etc

If any of these look familiar and you'd wanna play some matches with me, feel free to send an sms or whatsapp message to 08116901545. You could also add me on the Steam platform; just search for Ajetovski

Oh and I'm based in Port Harcourt...hoping I'm not the only one here interested in fighting games. Lol


too bad am in lagos would have been happy to play ssf4 with an opponent that counts himself worthy.
Politics / Re: PMB Vs GEJ With Queen Elizabeth At CHOGM (Photos) by ogoji(m): 8:44am On Dec 01, 2015
I'm APC buh na GEJ get this one... Buhari stood like house boy

what do you expect from a soldier?
Gaming / Re: What Game Are You Currently Playing? by ogoji(m): 11:12am On Nov 25, 2015
am looking for a guru to play STREETFIGHTER with; could be ULTRA or SUPER any one would do.

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