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Culture / Re: This Is Izaga The Tallest Igbo Masquerade by oloshun(m): 6:20pm On Nov 28

Okay. I think it is Ilorin Yoruba that refer to them as Alangere.

This is what am talking about. Look at the both of you exchanging knowledge of cultural differences and similarities in a neutral manner. Why can’t Nairaland be like this always?


Politics / Re: Zamfara: We’re Not Scared Of Rerun – PDP Boasts As Court Sacks Gov Lawal by oloshun(m): 8:39am On Nov 17
Many politicians in Nigeria are so powerful that they has zero electoral value. Except for their Rigging Powells

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Romance / Re: Men!!! What's Your Definition Of A Submissive Woman? by oloshun(m): 9:15am On Nov 13

This confusion is confusioning my head.

Stay at the back seat, but operate from the passenger seat?? ?? ??

That is the passenger from the back seat. Lol
Romance / Re: Why I May Not Marry A Nigerian Man (opinion) by oloshun(m): 8:45am On Nov 11
Hahahahaha. Truly you are in the mood to look for trouble. I feel the same way. That is why I looked towards Cambodia.

Cambodia? Ha!
Politics / Re: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Visits Yoruba Cultural Centre In Lagos by oloshun(m): 4:07pm On Oct 31

As someone from Edo, I find myself drawn to the Yoruba culture of Nigeria. It's not just a fascination; it's a deep appreciation and love that I hold for what I consider to be the most beautiful culture in Africa. It might seem unusual for me to have such an affinity for a culture outside of my own, but there's something truly special about the Yoruba heritage that captivates my heart.

The Yoruba culture is a tapestry of history, a masterpiece of traditions that have withstood the test of time. It's like a living museum of Africa's past, present, and future. I can't help but be entranced by its richness and depth.

What stands out most is the way Yoruba culture weaves together a complex fabric of language, spirituality, art, and community. The Yoruba language is like a dance, with its melodious flow and expressive words that seem to carry stories within each syllable. It's a language that can paint a picture with its very pronunciation.

Their spiritual beliefs are equally captivating. The Yoruba pantheon of gods, the Orisha, is a fascinating blend of mythology and reverence. The intricate rituals, divinations, and ceremonies that honor these deities are nothing short of mesmerizing. I admire the profound connection they maintain with their ancestors, believing that the spirits continue to guide and protect them.

Yoruba artistry is a realm of wonder. The Adire and Aso-oke textiles are not merely fabrics; they are works of art. Each pattern and motif tells a story, preserving their history and heritage in threads. The intricate beadwork, the stunning masks, and the sculptures are a testament to the incredible talent and creativity of the Yoruba people.

Music and dance are like the heartbeats of the Yoruba culture. The talking drums, the rhythms of Sango, and the energy of Ogun's dance, all come together to create a unique and exhilarating symphony. Their festivals, like the Eyo and Osun, are a spectacle of color and joy, a testament to the celebratory spirit that runs through their veins.

What's most striking is the strong sense of community and family in the Yoruba culture. I, from Edo, can't help but appreciate the way they embrace one another, the warmth in their interactions, and the strength of their bonds. They place great importance on names, known as "Oruko," and I admire how they cherish their ancestors and carry their legacies forward through generations.

It's worth noting that my love for Yoruba culture does not diminish my love for my own Edo heritage. Rather, it serves as a testament to the beauty of diversity in Nigeria. We are a tapestry of cultures, each offering something unique and beautiful. The Yoruba culture, in all its magnificence, adds vibrancy to the mosaic of our nation.

So, as someone from Edo with a deep admiration for the Yoruba culture, I can't help but celebrate their traditions and their profound impact on Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The Yoruba culture, with its language, spirituality, art, and sense of community, is a treasure that enriches us all.

From your piece up here, I am marveled. Your presentation speaks high volume of your intelligence. If you don't mind, I would like us to engage more on academic issues. I have sent you an email request in your NL page. Thanks.

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Business / Re: US Supports 18,000 Nigerian Businesses With $244m by oloshun(m): 10:23pm On Oct 26
How exactly did they get the businesses? Will it reach those poor market women who sell akara, garri, beans, rice, etc., the main people running the economy or some selected VIPs?

Sometimes when your business is registered, such funds are not always available for individuals. They are donated to investment funds which are later redistributed among banks like Bank of Agriculture, industry where people can apply for soft loans. So the first qualification would be business registration with CAC or other agencies. But I must confirm, these funds have helped a lot of people. Because the grassroots don’t have or don’t to attempt or ask about information, we don’t have them.
Music/Radio / Re: Ayra Starr - Rhythm & Blues (Official Music Video) by oloshun(m): 4:58pm On Oct 12
[quote author=Onefornaija26 post=126361771]
My crush

b]Please where can one buy a used car in the USA?

The buyer lives in the USA and will use the
Autos / Re: Mercedes Benz Of The 1960s, 1970s And 1980s Which Was Your Favourite? by oloshun(m): 10:44pm On Oct 07
Fresh Vboot still dey house dey waste.
I'm not a fan of manual

Is it for sale? I take God beg you. I love manual.


Politics / Re: Abati Counters Rufai Oseni On Live TV by oloshun(m): 10:47pm On Sep 08

Your work to desensitise Yorubas who fell for Igbo propaganda is well appreciated.

You are inadvertently ensuring that in any future election, Peter Obi would never achieve the kind of non-Igbo support he achieved in 2023.

I am the last that would be decieved by Igbo propaganda.

A friend of mine is also regretting .

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Travel / Re: My Crazy Story In A Tanzania Prison by oloshun(m): 5:05pm On Aug 31
If you find USvisa, you can stay in my fir 2 months
Sports / Re: I'm A Beautiful Woman And I Want To Start A Family— Francisca Ordega by oloshun(m): 12:16am On Aug 24
This is what I try to make men understand on this forum but most of them can't spot it.
Some weeks ago a very successful woman wanted to jump into the lagoon cos of man. That is just one out of many who have gone beyond just thinking suicide to attempting it. This is another successful lady thinking about settling down. My point still remains that being successful will not make a woman forget or kill her need of a man. Am not talking about the perverts who claim feminist online but are craving for a man's touch. My advice is this guys look beyond social media groom yourself, work hard and be ready for the future. 7 women will still say let us bear your name we don't need your money. Please guys don't die now stay alive for the future.

I am speechless! This is one of the most matured ladies on NL. Your analysis is as real as reality. I commend your confidence, boldness, and intelligence. Please keep it up, real ladies and gentlemen need this kind of conversation.
Family / Re: My To Be In-laws Are Frustrating Me by oloshun(m): 10:44pm On Jul 25
Brother, first, I do not want you to think you are young. We thank God that you have achieved what seem to be hard target-comfortable zone. Because it is not common for people to achice that with the current situation in the country, people will automatically see you as a mean ticket. This is the best time to reorganize, recognize, and know what you really want for your life.

This is not time for drama in your life. I am not saying living is bad, and to love is not a bad thing either; but it is not everything we love that is good for our progress, stability and contuity.if her family wants her to travel before marriage, let them send her, she is not your wife yet, thus, you are not obliged. If you take their condition now, just know that you are going to have a transaction wife, and your home is transaction because they will always use your wife as a bait.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Specially Receives Ibori At His Residence, After Meeting 1999 Governors by oloshun(m): 12:11pm On Jul 13
I really do not like Tinubu

However I totally respect him as a political operative. The man is always thinking many steps ahead.

He knows APC is weak in the SS, so he's looking to solidify his position there. With Wike and Ibori on side, he will be in a very strong position in that region.

Others could learn a lot from him in strategic planning

This is what my friend from Delta told me yesterday. He said he doesn't like him but he knows how to work his things out before time.
Travel / Re: Which Of These Transportation Methods Have You Not Used And Why. by oloshun(m): 9:37pm On Jul 08
An aircraft o. Infact, it's a major dream for me. At 36 years, I've never board a plane. Shege. I hope somedays I will get favoured. It's going to be a dream come true for me. Let it just fly me up and come down. I will glaze the memory in my mind.

If you want to go locally, I can pay for it. Or if you have visa, then we can talk.


Education / Re: Solve This Easy And Yet Tricky Question by oloshun(m): 8:33pm On Jun 23
Damnnn niggar
Grab my weed while I put on my intellectual cap

But after puffin more than three drag of my weed then the answer was 11:55am

Because mid night is exactly 12:00am...consider the word "to"

The distance from 11:55am to 12:00am is the shortest
Compared to others moving in a clock wise direction

I nor go puff more drag of my weed again because if I try am I go arrive at another answer

Sorry oo! But sincerely, this is you talking , please leave Politics alone.
Politics / Re: Caption This Picture Of Tinubu by oloshun(m): 9:19pm On Jun 22
God bless Jagaba. I hate this man before but now I begin to love him.

One of my friends said exactly the same thing yesterday. If I tell you why he say he don like am, you go laugh tire. I still dey laugh now sef.
Celebrities / Re: Dagrin’s Mother Cries For Help, Seeks Financial Assistance by oloshun(m): 7:19pm On Jun 22
I don’t cry; but reading about DaGrin and the comments make me cry. Is good to be you. DaGrin died long ago and people still love him like he was here yesterday; regardless of tribe nor religion. DaGrin was loved by ALL across ethnicities. I came to realize something: the special people created like that come to life once in a while, deliver their destined messages, and pass away at early age. May his soul rest in pease always.

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Celebrities / Re: Portable Brags: "Michael Jackson's Glory Isn't As Great As Mine" (Video) by oloshun(m): 7:32pm On Jun 21
The most popular product made by humans is Coca-Cola, the most popular human being born of a woman is Jesus Christ. Micheal Jackson is second most popular person dead and alive.. Because a single track of a dead Micheal Jackson is more popular than Portable.

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Family / Re: My 4-Year-Old Daughter Keeps Telling Mysterious Stories About Her Past Life by oloshun(m): 4:05pm On May 30
Most people don't believe but reincarnation is of the most real thing in life. For instance, as I type, my name is Babatunde, I might not remember everything about my past life, but I tell you, I remember 50% of it. To nail it, I remember the cause of my death and the face of the last nurse that was in the room in the last dying minutes. She was the same nurse when I was reborn 3 years after. I am still friend with the grandchildren of the friend that poisoned me to death in my past life. There are many of things I still remember. I had three wives in my past life and three of them are still mygrandmother's, and many more. Apart from age differences, my uncles and aunts still come to me for advices everytime. Lastly, I was a great Orisa worshipper in my past life, and I am still one now. My name was Olayiwola-Olosun then, my current name is still Olayiwola-Olosun.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Posseses Skills To Address Economic Challenges, Says Babangida by oloshun(m): 7:06pm On May 29
Jagaban himself

I need statement of purpose/personal statement asap. Can you contact me on oloshun@gmail.com? Thanks.
Politics / Re: Former President, Buhari & Wife Land In Daura (photos) by oloshun(m): 5:18pm On May 29

Actually in a sane society you would be picked up by DSS to provide evidence to your maligning accusations on Buhari

Pigs better understand that Tinubu isn't Buhari that let go of unruly behavior


You are very right right. Tinubu isn't Buhari.
Politics / Re: Inaugural Address By President Bola Ahmed Tinubu by oloshun(m): 3:25pm On May 29

I have been reading this your statement since last year. When will you ever have something to eat?

This girl is an embarrassment.

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Politics / Re: Inaugural Address By President Bola Ahmed Tinubu by oloshun(m): 3:24pm On May 29
Please if anybody can help me with any little amount to eat I will be very happy. Feeding is a big problem for me and my family please no matter how small. I havent eaten anything since yesterday in the morning pls. My dad is a retired teacher and my mom is late. Am a single mother with my own son mouth to feed, the little money i make have use it to cater for my dad illness and pay house rent but his health is getting worst. Now we can't even eat or buy water to drink. Please if you're reading this message pls come to our aid, no matter how small it will go a long way pls. May God meet you at the point of your need as you have show us mercy amen

Acct num:
First Bank

I think you should be tired of this scam now. It's long due. You are the same person, you open about two accounts daily and post the same thing and using your popular account to sympathize with yourself. How come the writeup and the account details never changed. You are a big scam!

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Politics / Re: What Tony Blair And I Discussed - Bola Tinubu by oloshun(m): 9:54pm On May 23
I blame Ariel and PDP for this. Why would Atiku underestimate Tinubu? Someone that a case as governor against a sitting president who was your boss? And he raised the red flag by saying emi lo kan, and you didn’t know it was time for alliance with some political parties? Atiku is Nora politician

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Science/Technology / Re: Titanic: Full-Sized Scans Shows What Happened The Night The Ship Sank (Pictures) by oloshun(m): 9:06pm On May 19
Why did you post this today? When I am packing my luggage for a cruise, why?


Celebrities / Re: Davido Dancing To Unavailable With Chris Brown And Poco Lee by oloshun(m): 10:23pm On May 17

Nigerian bloggers no sabi anything, must they talk. Ok, even if you must talk, why didn't you show us video with the real music playing

This is the most thing that annoys me. You want us to see video and you talk all through.

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Family / Re: My Wife Hates My Daughter From My First Wife by oloshun(m): 4:57pm On Apr 27
Brother, this is a very sensitive matter. My best advice is for you to let your wife go. If it is not working now, it won’t work later. Your daughter’s life and well-being should be your paramount priority. When she is grown, you can consider remarrying if the situation remains the same.


Health / Re: Please Help, My Son Has Dandruff For Over 8years Now by oloshun(m): 2:46pm On Apr 19
I can mail you something from the US. Please contact me through email. He will fine soon.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: China’s President Xi Calls Putin "Dear Friend" As They Meet In Moscow (Photos) by oloshun(m): 7:57pm On Mar 21
Putin is my role Model.

Put in is your role model? Did you say that or joking?
Politics / Re: If This Election Is Not Credible, I Will Fight To The End – GRV by oloshun(m): 7:57pm On Mar 18
Your mentor PO sef never fit lift hin fist take do anything cuz he knew he lost.. Whetin you you wan con do ?.. Whho u wan fight to the end ? With Whetin you wan take fight? Lmao

Ingbo boi showing his Ingbotic chest beating attitude already.

E jeh gba f’Oga yin, keèle roonà loor.. Awon Omo Ode.

Please kindly send me an email on olodhun@gmail.com

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