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Career / Re: I Received My First Salary Today (PHOTO) by Oluwaseyi00(m): 6:05pm On Dec 05, 2023
Whatever is pushing you to marry should also push you to seek a better life. That quoted sum is a mere chicken feed.

By all means, uncage your family.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Strictly For Those Interested In Teaching Jobs by Oluwaseyi00(m): 5:22pm On Aug 05, 2022
Hello,does anyone knw hw much Almond spring school in igando pay?I was invitd for an interview.pls its urgent,thanks.

Hello, do you work with Almond Springs School? I'd appreciate if you can tell me what their salary is like. Thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How A Company In VI Treated Her New Chef Staff by Oluwaseyi00(m): 12:38pm On Jul 21, 2022
Evil employees. Employees from hell. Always running amock to cry falsely on almost everything. If all the men in your genealogy were men enough, you won't be looking for employment. Evil doer. I hate the " Quick Call-out Culture ".

Companies are folding up. Not just nationally, but globally. In their bid to improve humanity, some people do their best in their capacity to provide job opportunities only to be repaid badly by employees from Hell

Post the picture where you stay, let's have a look at that before we comment on this. Low-life shanty squatters always forming posh.

Are you the horrible employer?


Politics / Re: APC Presidential Primary: (Live Updates, Pictures & Results) by Oluwaseyi00(m): 5:32am On Jun 08, 2022
Abeg my people, shey na who win this election go emerge the presidential candidate for APC?
Most definitely

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Religion / Re: Deeper Life Lady Lists '20 Facts' About Godly Female Members Of Her Church by Oluwaseyi00(m): 7:06pm On May 26, 2022

Baba.....i know ok.....i ain't a bad person as i be street so which step I'm i retracing?.... undecided

I never called you a bad person, I was just reminding you of eternity with Christ which only comes through Salvation.

So, can you say you'd make it when He comes now?
Religion / Re: Deeper Life Lady Lists '20 Facts' About Godly Female Members Of Her Church by Oluwaseyi00(m): 3:38pm On May 26, 2022

I was christened in Deeper life but Mehn i be confirm street now..... grin grin grin grin grin

Hmm! It's not too late brother.
You can retrace your steps and come back home

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Religion / Re: Deeper Life Lady Lists '20 Facts' About Godly Female Members Of Her Church by Oluwaseyi00(m): 3:32pm On May 26, 2022
I'm also a Deeperlifer too but then....

But then what?
Religion / Re: Deeper Life Lady Lists '20 Facts' About Godly Female Members Of Her Church by Oluwaseyi00(m): 3:29pm On May 26, 2022
You are cordially invited.

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Investment / Re: Why Do People Go Broke After Winning Huge Amount Of Money by Oluwaseyi00(m): 8:08pm On May 09, 2022
Doesn't matter the millions of dollar you won or were given, without the requisite financial intelligence to maintain that level of wealth or prosperity it will surely dissipate.

That's why you first change your mindset before changing your life. It's a world system.

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Travel / Re: The 'Joloff Rice' Served By British Airways (Pictures) by Oluwaseyi00(m): 7:38pm On May 06, 2022
That food go don over cold. Looking contaminated.
I no go chop am.
I dey carry snacks for pocket for plane. In case dem go bring werey food.

You can't board a flight with edibles handy undecided, the only option is to load it in your luggage.
Romance / Re: How Do I Tell Her I Have A Daughter Elsewhere! by Oluwaseyi00(m): 4:08pm On May 03, 2022
I will be brief...

I dated a lady in 2009, despite that she knows I wasn't ready to father a child, she got pregnant and hid it for about 5-6months before she came to my patents through my elder sister....now I hardly sleep,

Well, I started dating another girl (23yr old) early last yr, obviously we started as a sex mate thinking the relationship was heading nowhere so I thought there was no point of being straightforward about having a child before meeting her....

Now I've seen other qualities that I like in her, we love each other and the relationship has taken another face, I don't want to lose her Care and love. I ought to have told her before, now I'm scared, I know she will be heartbroken, I don't know what she could do when I finally tell her, but what I know is that, she will leave me once she found out elsewhere....

We spoke last night and I asked her what can make her break up with me, her reply was, if her mother should reject me or if she herself should find out any of my secrets from another person...how do I tell her Honestly I'm afraid of loosing her...I'm 31yrs old, she's serving rn.

Is the name of the girl Tosin?
Education / Re: Mention A Popular Place In Your School And Someone Will Tell You The Name by Oluwaseyi00(m): 12:15am On Feb 17, 2022
Motion ground

TASUED cheesy
Crime / Re: Life Imprisonment: 4 Offences Punished With A Life Sentence by Oluwaseyi00(m): 1:13pm On Nov 05, 2021
What's the sentence for corruption and bad governance again? sad

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Sports / Re: Italy Vs Spain : EURO 2020 Semi-Finals (4 - 2) On Penalties On 6th July 2021 by Oluwaseyi00(m): 9:18pm On Jul 06, 2021
Chiiiiiieeeeesssssaaaaaaaa shocked

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Business / Re: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies by Oluwaseyi00(m): 4:00pm On Feb 06, 2021

Some code digits

Oops! I can't really verify that claim... What I have now is below sale limit.

Still try out Blockchain or Roqqu.
Business / Re: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies by Oluwaseyi00(m): 3:52pm On Feb 06, 2021

Luno ain't buying.

What's the response you're getting?
Business / Re: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies by Oluwaseyi00(m): 3:39pm On Feb 06, 2021
Pls, i have 4 Bitcoin, who is interested in buying for God's sake. This ain't a joke pls.

Sell it on Luno or Roqqu
Career / Re: EndSARS: MBH Power Suspends Staff For Participating In Protest by Oluwaseyi00(m): 10:45am On Oct 15, 2020
If you read that termination of appointment letter without the lens of myopism, you'd see that the company's action was legitimate, considering the fact that they've sacrificed a lot to keep their staff hale by providing those logistics and by telling them to work from home.

The guy who should supposedly be at work, chose to join the protest. He was unwise.

I pray he gets another soon, but this time, wiser.

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Sports / Re: Troost-Ekong Moves To Watford From Udinese by Oluwaseyi00(m): 1:24pm On Sep 30, 2020
Naira landers please between Singapore and Finland which is better for working,living and schooling just asking for a friend

Entertainment / Re: Fade Ogunro Gives Ballet Dancer Scholarship After Viral Video by Oluwaseyi00(m): 5:36pm On Jul 10, 2020
Seest thou a man diligent in his business...

This is the end result.

No one is lucky, something propels the luck.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Aston Villa Vs Manchester United - (0 - 3) On 9th July 2020 by Oluwaseyi00(m): 9:31pm On Jul 09, 2020
This Greenwood boy will kill premier league keepers with his shots oooo undecided

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Tottenhan Hotspur Vs Manchester United (1 - 1) On 19th June 2020 by Oluwaseyi00(m): 10:44pm On Jun 19, 2020
Education / Re: I Caught A Co-Teacher Eating From A Pupil's Lunchbox by Oluwaseyi00(m): 4:03pm On Jun 12, 2020
A teacher's experience with a co-teacher. Share yours.

Yes, I know we teachers should be weary, yes I know we should be ripping our inner garments for the gory nature of the economicsphere but it shouldn't stop us from putting on that big smile sometimes and yet illuminating our life.
Was there a time you taught in a school? Share some of your OMG moments.
Here's mine: I remember a day I caught a co-teacher eating from a pupil's lunchbox. I was like a deer caught on headlamps. She was dumbfounded and at the same time beseeching me already through her eyes (I could read that).
Here was a teacher I really didn't like because of her numerous flirtatious stories even retold and used as a singsong by students to their peers for listening pleasure. Second reason I didn't fancy her presence was an experience I witnessed between she and another co-staff which I wouldn't want to retell.
I was the Dean of Studies and also not sb who dances to the date-me-flirt tunes of co-workers so she felt she was done and dusted. How did I handle the matter?
I could never justify her actions but rather than reporting and she losing her job, I decided to ponder over what to do so I wouldn't let my bias preside over matters. I could have just queried and boom! she's gone..but I thought about thinking it over.
During this period I was still thinking it over, she came with the stereotypical 'woman-power' seductive approach to ensnare me for a fling or whatever the plans were (probably to shut my mouth).
Once she noticed I weren't a sort who shrunk bank from my principles and beliefs, she apologized and I had her document and sign never to repeat such.
Yeah, as for the food part, we entered into a contract where she signed. I also warned her against it as it was very bad.
I know it really didn't make a difference but I really didn't want it seem overlooked. Well, she was queried still and punishments given after she still went behind doors eating a well-garnished poisoned food by a parent. Craizily, the parent must have noticed.
Good for her the poison was not to kill but for unstoppable farting, vomiting and stooling.
What a world!

It was a very funny yet serious experience. Hanty couldn't stop farting, pooing and vomiting. Share your experiences too please, be it a student gist or a teacher palaver.

Very poor write up. You're a teacher, you can do better. It lacks cohesion and coherence.
Career / Re: Should I Pursue Another Federal Job Or Leave For Canada? by Oluwaseyi00(m): 3:05pm On May 23, 2020
I just marvel at how people who have never been in the civil service will come and tag others liar.

What will I gain from reducing my salary? Shouldn't I even be ashamed of my salary as a MSc holder and a senior level civil servant?

Don't mind the guy, he feeds on hearsays. They won't ask questions.

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Career / Re: Should I Pursue Another Federal Job Or Leave For Canada? by Oluwaseyi00(m): 10:09pm On May 22, 2020
The 80k for level 10 with a year left for 12 weak me too. Lies too dey too much for most of these Nairaland stories.

How much do you know about fed. Jobs
to start with?

Don't disgrace yourself here.


Crime / Re: Have You Ever Been Scammed? Share Your Experience!! by Oluwaseyi00(m): 4:46pm On Apr 23, 2020
If you have been scammed online and you have the accounts details of the scammer Let me know you can get back your money

I was scammed ooo... How can I get back my money?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Tony Elumelu Foundation(tef) Africa Corona Virus Idea Challenge Application by Oluwaseyi00(m): 6:52pm On Apr 15, 2020
Op are you sure this has anything to do with TEF?
WHY is it redirecting to slack community

It's TEF initiative
Jobs/Vacancies / Tony Elumelu Foundation(tef) Africa Corona Virus Idea Challenge Application by Oluwaseyi00(m): 5:51pm On Apr 15, 2020
Hi There,

Do you have an idea to tackle the coronavirus in Africa?

We encourage you to apply for the AfDB #AFRICAvsVIRUS as 35 African countries will be participating!

Deadline: Today.

What is the #AfricaVsVirus Challenge?
The AfDB Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab is organising the #AfricaVsVirus Challenge as an opportunity to create tech and non-tech solutions to tackle some of the most pressing challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Apply with your idea to unlock opportunities to develop your idea and receive up to $50K in in-kind prizes.

Apply at www.Africavsvirus.com


Seun, Myndd44, Lalasticlala One of your NL pals might win this 50K dolls.

Romance / Re: I Lost my job, my girlfriend dumped me and nairalanders saved me from suicide by Oluwaseyi00(m): 11:28pm On Apr 08, 2020
Thanks bro this really touched me. I have been planning for a sucide now since January this year but I am having a rethink right now.

I dunno what you might be going thru but you have to throw away that thought. There's more to life than suicidal thoughts. I Pray God strengthens and help you. Quote this post with your phone number.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Hail Chadian Army On Their Way To Attack Boko Haram (Video) by Oluwaseyi00(m): 4:05pm On Apr 05, 2020
I lost my respect for the Nigerian army the day I saw that video.. shame of a nation

There's nothing wrong in hailing a fellow comrade bro, if that alone made you lose your respect for them, means you hadn't one in the first place.

Fighting war is the same as sacrificing your life.
Family / Re: What's The Most Painful Thing Someone Ever Said To You? by Oluwaseyi00(m): 10:22am On Apr 03, 2020

Lol, I won't answer you Mr punctuation error judge. I hope you know there's what we call 'typing error'? Additionally, am a science student and not an English graduate. However, 100 of your miserable species combined can't stand me in spoken English. Idiot!

You said you won't answer him but ended up killing him. sad

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