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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 11:06pm On Jun 10, 2020
If the F1 visa is approved the B1/B2 visa will be revoked.
But if the F1 visa is denied there is no reason cancelling the B1/B2 except in cases like ,if other issues come up pertaining your past travel that you cant defend.
But from the few ppl I know that had similar scenario their B1/B2 visa wasn't cancelled after they were denied F1 visa.

shocked shocked shocked undecided @the bolded! Revoked gini?
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by OmoBendel24: 10:02pm On Apr 23, 2020

Why? They could have at least let people know if their application is successful or not, after all nobody can travel now.

There will be no need for that since you cant travel if your Application was successful... Nobody knows when this whole shutdown will be over, so what is the need of approving a visa when u cant ascertain the validity.

"If you’re not exempt from the travel restrictions, don’t apply during the pause (April 9 to 29, 2020). You will not be able to come to Canada.

For more information, see Common questions about applying for a visitor visa or eTA: Q. I applied for a visa to visit Canada before the pause took effect. Will I have to reapply for my visa after the pause ends?
No. Your visa application will be processed once the pause ends.

How the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is affecting immigration, refugees, citizenship and passport services: common questions about applying for a visitor visa or eTA
Until further notice, most people cannot travel to Canada, even if they have a valid visitor visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA). Some people may still be able to travel to Canada by air if they’re exempt from the travel restrictions and are coming for an essential purpose.

This page provides answers to common questions about the current pause in processing visitor visa and eTA applications (unless you’re exempt) and the need to apply online for a study permit or work permit from April 9 to 29, 2020)....

Your application won’t be processed until the pause is lifted if

you don’t meet one of the exemption criteria
an officer determines that you’re not travelling for an essential purpose"


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 4:35pm On Apr 17, 2020
Imagine! One full week plus, no post here. A whole this "USA Visit Visa" thread?

I'm not by any means saying we should open the floodgates of "wahala" please oh. God keep us all safe through all of this, even as our prayers and supplications thus far yield earnest results. Evil/darkness will not triumph over good/light!

Love you guys, keep safe....

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Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 6 by OmoBendel24: 9:45pm On Apr 02, 2020

my iphone typing, i'm working, no time to correct. BTW your writing is sooo ignorant. Where did you learn English?

So as I understand here and all around the world Nigerians don't care about Nigerians, Nigerians don't want to help Nigerians yet asking for help from Americans and other countries and when I asked what's wrong for American Nigerians to help Nigerian tourists stranded in US? You all get offended attacking me?

OK, for our government in this global pandemic situation, Americans come first, yet US and other countries are and will send help to Nigeria, ask Buhari where and to whom will go this help. Enjoy.

Okay, I can relate. Maybe you are actually not a Nigerian but an Indian like someone did insinuate the last time.

"Prof", this is about the same thing you did the last time on the US Visit Visa thread that almost got you roasted, you are on it again right about now. You better sit down and ensure you write well from this point on, else every "i" not dotted and "t" not crossed would come under fierce scrutiny.

By the way Prof., what's BTW? And didn't they teach you at least the basics as regards punctuations when writing? Your writing is so "scholarly" and "rich" undecided.


Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 6 by OmoBendel24: 7:04pm On Apr 02, 2020

I meant FORCE MAJOR situation is not considered a personal fault.

It is FORCE MAJEURE though.

Meanwhile, you don still go chop and gather plenty liver come again, dey yarn "pua-pua" full everywhere here again like who forget sense for house. By the time dem kpokpo you small again now, eyes go turn you, you go begin go delete and edit most of your posts the way you do am for February wey dat jaguda bully of a person called Afonja light tinkini small fire for your yansh come let everybody from dia enta your body. Kiaful oh!

Will only advise you to be humane....


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 12:13am On Apr 01, 2020
One thing I strongly believe is that Afonja is likely here in the midst with another moniker, the quarrel here is just too much, he's the major one with so much energy to dissipate like this.

I also know that he definitely can't be groovychick, every other person quarrelling here these past few pages could pass for a "suspect" per Afonja new moniker, including @Rago.

I think Rago lost the plot the moment he didn't know to concentrate his energy on getting down with Afonja specifically. The goodwill he enjoyed here at some point was as a result of his standing up against the "bully" Afonja, almost nothing else. Learn to exit the stage when the ovation is loudest.

Demicoker used to be a gentle person before oh! I saw that idiotic attack on the Canada Visit Visa thread, I typed a response to him already but just decided to let go on the day, I understand the pains that caused you and I blame you not for all you have been doing to get back at him. Downside is that I feel you long ought to have relaxed yourself and gather firepower for when he comes back from wherever, you are wasting "bullets" on wrong targets, they may even end up no longer sympathising with you when the day comes, don't lose your goodwill.

@all, una happy "quarantine" oh! I really do hope we all, especially our leaders, learn this time around, I really do hope. This may signal the beginning of our doing things right in and for Nigeria, I mean by the time we survive this period, else I will conclude that these leaders are the real "demons", walahi! Nigeria may be great again it seems now on the surface....

May we all be protected of the Most High God, we will come out victorious and much more bettered surely! Regards

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 8:57pm On Mar 23, 2020
Chai! cry

Corona virus na bastard sha oh!

See as the world just freeze dey on standstill shocked

Dear God, I turn to you, in adoration I bow before your throne, with my hands lifted up high!

Darkness as black as night covers all the nations of the earth,
but the glory of the LORD rises and appears over us.
All nations will come to our light;
mighty kings will come to see our radiance
saith the word of the Lord

We stay and restrain the power of darkness world over at this moment in the name above all names, the name of Jesus! The light of God shines through and pervades the boundaries, bringing forth solution.... Amen


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 9:45pm On Mar 20, 2020

"If you are a tourist B1/B2 visa..." and "... do to Corona virus....?" Who wrote this? On the USCIS website? That person needs to be quarantined methinks. This looks like the handiwork of that person that does most of the spellings/translations we see in Yoruba movies. I'm talking of just that person oh, not generalizing on that tribe please.


Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by OmoBendel24: 2:43pm On Mar 16, 2020

It has always been like that,it’s not lately! You’d need a yellow card to travel outside Nigeria! I’ve never passed through the airport without a yellow card!

Please na, don't say these with such authority. And not even "lately"? Haba!

I have seen a couple of places, the first time I was made to get a yellow card for travel was on a road trip via Seme-Aflao to Ghana, next was a visit to SA, I can't remember any other country requiring same from me even if I believe there'd be more countries requiring it not just lately. But the US, Canada, the UK and Schengen countries I have seen so far have never asked me for it, neither have they asked it of me from the Nigeria end on my way to these countries, not even UAE, and not even Kenya if my memory is serving me right.


Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by OmoBendel24: 2:48am On Mar 09, 2020
She is good! So long she isn't staying in Canada for upto 6 months at a time. She can even flagpole lol. What I mean by Flagpole is, she can go to the US border and turn back same day, and Canada immigration officer will stamp her passport again for another 6 months. If that makes sense.

Got a question for you tho, I don't mind going aside to talk a out it, why visiting visa, why not super visa. If you do not mind, may I know how how you applied for the vising visa? Cos I am in the same shoes right now and about to apply for mumc

Body fit "phone" her on the third try, read that somewhere some time ago, that's visa stringing. No longer visiting home country! She has abandoned her residence and is now actually residing/trying to reside in Canada, against her visa's term.... Or is she a RESIDENT of any of the other countries?


Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by OmoBendel24: 8:37pm On Mar 08, 2020

Does it really matter? That application was refused! Your US visa twist would have been applicable if the visa was grated. I believe it’s either this is a terrible mixup by the VO or the application was badly put together.

Okay, didn't read where it was stated that the application got refused. So, I was just trying to see if it's a CAN+ qualified application or something.

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Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by OmoBendel24: 2:00am On Mar 08, 2020
Good day house, i just want to confirm the possibility of Canada VO to decide on an online TRV application within just 3days of submission of the application.
Need expert opinion on this.

It's possible though....

Is this a visa renewal or does the applicant have a valid US visa?
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by OmoBendel24: 11:08pm On Mar 05, 2020
Good day everyone pls who can help me calculate Canada visit visa processing time, application submitted at the VFS center on January 3, 2020 biometric done the same day and passport collected too..pls how many days is it day?

63 days, calendar days. That's how they calculate their own, not business day.

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Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by OmoBendel24: 4:50pm On Mar 03, 2020
. Oh thanks, are weekends included when counting the days?

Yeah, calendar days. Not business/work days.

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Travel / Re: U.S Visit: Port Of Entry Interview/stories. by OmoBendel24: 3:07pm On Mar 02, 2020
I went both to secondary and agriculture
Was scanned but nothing was removed

Okay. What happened at Secondary Inspection please? They checked your bags for what you brought in, nothing was removed, and you were asked to go, and that was all?
Travel / Re: U.S Visit: Port Of Entry Interview/stories. by OmoBendel24: 7:31am On Mar 02, 2020
I came into USA last December via IAH
I brought kanda, knorr cubes, dry fish, stock fish, oha, ugba,all seeds for making soups grounded. I went to secondary for inspection but nothing was removed and I was allowed to go
So it really depends on the cbp officer
I didn’t spend more than 4mins

Being sent to Secondary Inspection is quite different from going through Agriculture. Seems you were sent to the latter and not the former. Correct me if I'm wrong however....
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 9:01pm On Feb 28, 2020
Don't mind them boys. They don't like foreigners on here. They think ur trying to hijack them or something. They are the honest, decent, upstanding folks. We are the bad eggs. Even if we just offer a small support to a stranger. You can't beat them lol

Big bro Seyewest is the only one keeping this place together. He's a Fundamentally good guy. Very thoughtful and understanding.

See wetin go happen again. They coming strong again over nofin

Inside DM support, abi? Quite kind of you.

Render help here, shine here, nobody owns here.


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 3:47pm On Feb 28, 2020
Chei!!! cheesy cheesy

If your hand is clean and you are decent, why won’t you sit and eat with “elders”? Uncouthness will not let you be great.... How can you call out someone that did wrong and yet get lampooned by same person and the people around will be happy and excited about it? Imagine it was Seye, we will rally round him firmly.

Circa (and Rago), you went against the tenets of this thread, you’d be told so all the same, irrespective, and I’m quite sure the moderator will not not allow such posts stand. If you must be of help, be of help here, openly, you’d be appreciated for that. Don’t lead people in a suspicious and cunning manner to your DM or whatever, definitely not openly.


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 8:30pm On Feb 26, 2020
Something strange happened to me at JFK this morning. The APC receipt printed an X over my profile information. Thereafter I proceeded to the CBP desk and was admitted for 6 months. Thereafter the CBP officer who admitted me locked up her closet and asked me to come with her to get my checked in bag. We picked it up and she took me near the exit door of terminal 4 and handed my passport over to her colleagues there (though none of them were putting on a CBP uniform). The colleague searched my bag and put it through a scanner. Then searched my body and asked for the names of people I plan to visit on this trip. After that he handed me my passport and said I can go.

I would have called this secondary inspection but I was admitted for 6 months prior to this search and they initiated no phone call or got any approval prior to letting me go. They also didnt ask for any documentation aside from counting the amount of cash I had on me. The whole delay took about 15 mins. Is this something new ? Havent been to USA since September 2019.

ESCORT! Because you declared having foodstuffs or at least ticked some of those stuff positive, which is normal. Routine

Anything discovered that you didn't declare means fine for you....
Travel / Re: U.S Visit: Port Of Entry Interview/stories. by OmoBendel24: 7:40pm On Feb 26, 2020

They have one in Abu Dhabi.

They have 8 of such facilities in Canada alone I think, I used the one at YYZ lately. About 15 or 16 worldwide currently.
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 6 by OmoBendel24: 1:43pm On Feb 22, 2020

Pls help us demystify the illegality. Because it remains a mystery to some of us. Even people schooling in the US get discounted amounts based on payment structure. Its obvious when you see the itemized bill. Is that one charged back too? Even when you attend global conferences and training and get an Early bird discounted fee is that one also illegal?

Let's not think Nigerians living in Nigeria are daft. We might be paying this discounts back because we really just want what we want and are resilient but it's not enough to think that we are foolish.

Sometimes I wonder why the hospitals include all the plenty discounted amounts in the itemized bill in the first place? You can keep that for your internal accounting just give us the breakdown of what we paid for.... but then again I think they keep doing it cus they know are not doing anything wrong so they clearly show everything for their own record keeping and all.

Plus if this were really fraud, the Departmemt of Justice (DoJ) would have come for these hospitals by now. Monitors like PwC, Deloitte and the rest would have been placed in their organisations and every transaction would have been scrutinised for a minimum of 3 years while they are paying fines.

Some of us here are Fraud Examiners by Profession and while we know Health Insurance Fraud exists, this one doesn't qualify.

So please be fact based when declaring something a fraud not just because someone referred to it in a seemingly intelligent way without evidence.

Enough said!


[/color]If the US Embassy or Govt knows for certain that its illegal, why are they then allowing the hospitals cash out with double payments? Since the discounted amount has purportedly been gotten back from the insurance companies or government why ask us to pay that amount to the same hospital again? Shouldn't they ask us to pay the Government since it's the Govt that has been ripped off according to them. Infact some hospitals have tried to reach them to explain yet they dont respond to emails or calls etc. So what then is this about if not just hogwash?[color=#000099]

Thank you. Makes sense!

Just added an excerpt (@the colored part) from your previous post to this your above quoted post....


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 9:26pm On Feb 20, 2020

you have odogwu thermocool generator (that nobody has) and visited 20 states ( you must be the first) this little dude just like to feel on his weak ego

No arguments. Kee yourself! New York, Georgia, California, Nevada and Texas in this order may not cost you more than $350-400 in flight tickets (the most expensive being $122) if you know what you are doing and doing them ahead. Generator is part of the Nigeria "constitution". So, what's in these? Park well!

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 9:01pm On Feb 20, 2020

olodo you wrote a book in response to two sentences grin grin. that raggedy, broken high horse that you on must be making you hallucinate. shocked shocked shocked
Oya write me another fabooo encyclopedia grin grin grin cheesy cheesy cheesy

Lolz! Kolomentality cheesy
Travel / Re: U.S Visit: Port Of Entry Interview/stories. by OmoBendel24: 6:03pm On Feb 20, 2020
Guys! Am visiting US next week for a conference B1! I will be staying at a friends place! She has requested i help her bring some food stuffs over from Nigeria! Hope that won’t be a problem at POE?

Not a problem normally. Where did you say in your application you were going to stay, and did you say yes to knowing someone in the US? Not a big deal though, but let's just know.
Travel / Re: Securing Visa To France, Applying From Nigeria... by OmoBendel24: 5:18pm On Feb 20, 2020
I dont think it has anything to do with his available cash. Something else went down.

My thoughts too. Maybe his itinerary's financial implication was crazy however!
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 2:59pm On Feb 20, 2020
Good job @ tunlaji aka omobendel for that fake transcript. You did have fun with that and fooled alot of folks cheesy

Lolz cheesy! Na your way na, to have doubles and live a double if not triple or quadruple life, dear Twood double.... Which makes sense to you and people here? That you are one and same with Twood that has been run out of NL once more, or that I Omobendel24 and Tunlaji are same? Nairalanders, be the judge oh!

Olodo! E pain you well well as I dey burst you and tear your file with all those your fake sanctimonious post of yourself. I actually just ignored you all that period lately that you were busy lieing to the house, just did so for good reason.... But we go continue to dey treat your ef up wella, yeye somebody! cheesy cheesy


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by OmoBendel24: 1:28pm On Feb 20, 2020

He’s just trying to test his story. All this talk about agents and one way ticket is not true. Even if this was the issue, would it take 3 months to be resolved? How did he stay 3 months in the US without working? A single man with a job not a mother who just birthed. He should stop insulting our intelligence and come clean. Instead, he’s busy castigating the VO and playing self righteous talking about appealing. No wonder the VO was annoyed.

Lolz! And from the way the VO warned him about unintelligent lies, some extras may have even gone through his mind sef, like "one more stupid lie from this guy, I will just tear/'wear' him one sound slap if my hands could just be unrestrained". Saying this because of all his boldness and effrontery at doing wrong and defending same dumbly, imagine him thinking Dropbox would have las las helped him dodge this refusal and saying that "most peeps here are too sentimental", this isn't one of such, he still doesn't know what he's up against, but "eyes go definitely clear am soon"!


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