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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 8:34pm On Jul 27
In one of TheGidRedpiller's recent posts, he needed help transcending the anger phase of the red pill.

You see, life is an examination. More accurately put, a daily test. I.e., life is a bunch of daily tests, and the "red pill" is a formula!

Now, the following question goes to you (and anyone still struggling to leave the anger phase) :

How do you feel when you leave an exam hall, knowing that you used the correct formula? You feel happy, right?

Like I said earlier, the red pill is a formula that can be used across various fields and subjects: Religion? Politics? Women? Name it.

"Woman," is the subject in this case, and you should rejoice, for you've discovered the correct formula!

So, my dear friend, when next you see women, find that inner smile in you —the kind of smile you get from using the correct formula in the exam hall. You're now a king.

You see the subject (woman), and you know that you probably know them better than they know themselves! Speak of superiority! You're now a winner.


Knowing all that you now know about the subject (women, in this case), you've just got to look them in the eye, and smile.

Smile! You are boss.

I dedicate this post to anyone still struggling with the anger phase of the red pill.

"A perfect picture of the knowledge of the red pill (in any subject/field), is like a 5-year old trying to "fool" an adult. The 5-year old is the subject, you are the adult." - Me.

"The red pill is a formula. Red pillers use this formula to make their calculations in their daily tests called life." - Me.

— oyolohi

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 9:37pm On Jul 22
To juicywales, and your girlfriend-kissing-some-other-dude story:

Your situation and the Red Pill is like trying to build a ladder to heaven as a kid: You keep using your time, and energy (both physically, and emotionally) to build the ladder while you grow up in ignorance.

One day, someone pats you on the shoulder, and shows you the bigger picture —a picture of space! Everything above earth!

You can now see other planets, our galaxy, and how our whole planet looks like an insignificant ball: You now see that even if you build all the way up to conquer earth, there's still no sign of heaven; You see how foolish you've been all your years, and you're thrown into denial by default.

You want to quit, yet you've invested too much.

Will you stop building? Will you rather continue?

Now, most humans would continue —at least, for a little longer. It's fine...it is recommended...we're not machines. However, some others will build till they die, even after glimpsing the bigger picture... and that's the sad scenario.

The day you take one more look at that picture of space and understand why you need to quit, is the day you truly swallow the Red Pill.

Now, here's the picture of your "space": I took 4 clear shots, all for you!

Pic #1. You can't give your girlfriend what she wants, and if you do, she'll no longer want that which she "wants." It's female nature (perhaps human nature, generally)

Pic #2. She will fûck that guy, and she'll enjoy every bit of it. She'll fûck him again, and again, and again...and when she's done, she'll fûck him 7 more times to seal it —and she'll swear with her life that she didn't fûck him —against strong evidence, maybe.

Pic #3. You can never change her, not even with marriage.

Pic #4. More heartbreaks are coming your way as long as you're truly with her (in your heart). Not just her, but you'll get these heart breaks I write of in every relationship you commit to truly in your heart.


So, my friend, it is up to you now.
Will you continue building to find heaven? Will you stop?

In any option you choose, the picture I REALLY want you to remember is #4, the last picture:

"More heartbreaks are coming your way as long as you're truly with her (in your heart). Not just her, but you'll get these heart breaks I write of in every relationship you commit to truly your heart."

Thank you.

I direct this post to juicywales (you might want to go back, and read it again), and I dedicate this post to Fatalveli (I hope you learnt something).

"It's one thing to fûck a female, it's another thing to fûck her without your heart. Keep your heart out of the vàgina. It belongs in your chest." —Me.

— oyolohi


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 8:50pm On Jun 27

Most men don't know that A woman can be fuccking 10 different men a week and still claim to be single and searching...

The way men interpret singleness is different from how women interpret theirs.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 3:43pm On Jun 25
While men prefer to be moral creatures, the biologically smarter specie (woman) has preferred, and thus remained instinctive.

If you think women are governed by morals, or any other principles understood and upheld by men, then think again.

That's why if given the opportunity, the kindest woman can be more brutal than the most aggressive man. And they'll do that without flinching.

A woman will just sit and be watching you on the low, feeding you the illusion of control, nurturing whatever she thinks about you...and suddenly, she acts!...and that may be your literal death. They do it in a way akin to how a lioness lies in the bushes while monitoring the weakest antelope (simp) in the herd.

Finally, married men (or men intending to get married), take note: A moral animal has no chance against an instinctive animal especially when cohabiting without restrictions.

Do whatever you wish with this message: I don't really care who wins, I'm just the messenger.

— oyolohi

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Crime / Re: How Can Anyone Be This Bold Enough To Ejaculate On A Lady In A Public Transport by oyolohi: 9:36pm On Jun 11
This is just sad.

I've studied sexual behaviors of mammals (especially primates) for years.

The funny thing is that those guys beating the creepy guy are just showing off to the lady...so she could accept them sexually. They don't realize it, though.

I just give up for all animals on this planet. We're animals, too.


Romance / Re: [part 3] RED-PILL MEMES For Redpillers' Entertainment! by oyolohi: 4:44pm On Jun 07
Hodlers will understand better grin


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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 9:42am On Jun 07
So what is women's biggest asset if I may ask?

The man's asset = Commitment.
The woman's asset = Liability

Just kidding. grin Oh, no! NOT Kidding! shocked

Ironical, isn't it? grin


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 11:29pm On Jun 04
This is so heartbreaking, he should take everything he gave her and divorce her that's the best thing to do in this kind of situation, some women are just so evil and pathetic.

You see? That's a problem.

This man already has kids with this woman. Should he divorce her now, and divide his work time raising the kids? Or, perhaps, he should get married to another lady who'll assist him? A lady who'll also want her personal kids...which equals more trouble for him? Any decisions he make will have an adverse impact on him. He has been fùcked.

I always sound like a mad man to some of my friends and relatives when I tell them to accept, and anticipate such heart breaks before going balls-deep (a.k.a marriage) into commitment to any woman. As a matter of fact, anticipating heart breaks isn't enough, but men have to understand that it is imminent.

Just that those who hate heartbreak, and are smart enough to understand that heartbreak is inevitable, are too smart for marriage. And why not? It's a lost game. grin

I've studied the historic past, and present of biological creatures —especially gender dynamics and reproduction patterns of mammals, especially primates.

It's not just that Men like stress (actually, they don't). Neither do Women understand how they function: It is way beyond everything society tells you —and only our DNA knows exactly what it is up to behind the scene.

My greatest advice to any human, especially the men of this thread, is to realize that they're (we're) just animals.

If you still think you're not an animal, or that you have a higher purpose as a Homo sapien, then you might still believe reproduction and marriage has higher meanings: if that's the case with you, that means you're not yet ready to live a life of bliss. LOL. You can as well swallow the Blue Pill, and go back to sleep believing marriage and reproduction define you as a man.

I won't say much.

— oyolohi

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Politics / Re: 2023: Kingsley Moghalu Declares For President, Unveils SWAG Agenda by oyolohi: 9:06am On Jun 01
Some of these people have no meaningful and visible impacts in their local communities yet they declare their interest to rule Nigeria. Looking at the promises above, they do not clear a path to a better economy, same old stories.

No difference between you and those who are currently there. You enter, you become something else. I refuse to be gullible.

No be only swag, na maltina

Abeg shift.

Oga, you for do small research before you draw conclusions na.

I bet you don't know he's platform won the the 2019 election in his local government area.
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 5:27am On May 25
"If a b*tch wasn't there when you were broke, don't take her seriously when you become rich."

This is BULLCRAP. Stop teaching boys this.

Women are always after something... I learnt that the hard way.

If she was "there for you," It's either she has no better options or after something else: sexual? Commitment?

Fear any woman despirately after your commitment; she'll get back her investment—which is literally an investment—in a thousand folds. They can literally kill you if it gets to that. No woman is FATHERchristmas!

These women who'll be "there for you" are usually way over 30. It's diminishing options, bro. Their game is to find someone with a bright future and guilt trip you aka "be there for you." I've seen it.

Be warned. Okay.

— oyolohi

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Family / Re: The Perks Of Being A Pregnant Bride In Today's World by oyolohi: 11:02am On May 21
New meme dey this post. If you know, you know grin


Family / Re: Sickle Cell Child by oyolohi: 9:58am On May 15
1. You can't convince a monkey to give you one banana for a promise of a bunch of bananas in monkey heaven.

2. Our close relatives, Chimpanzees, gorillas, etc., murder infants that aren't theirs after taking over a harem of females from another park. Human males also did this in the past.

Bottom Line:
There's little or no sense in investing in a gene that ain't yours.

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Politics / Satire: Reasons Why Nigeria MUST Be ONE by oyolohi: 9:07pm On Apr 28
Nigeria has come a long way since our very dear colonial masters left us in good hands. Of course, we all know how the British people operated in the past --they had the habit of invading foreign lands and literally proclaiming: “I claim this land for my King!!!” Next, they transform the entire land to a company, tasking and taxing the aboriginals, etcetera; at which point, it doesn’t matter if aboriginal people already existed. It happened in many lands: America, New Zealand, Nigeria, and worse of all --Tasmania.

In the mid 1700s, a British expedition sailed and laid hold of the south-western Pacific Ocean to conquer new lands including Tasmania. Tasmanian had survived over 10,000 years (independent) before the first British ship touched her shores. Who were the friendly, zealous, peaceful, unsuspecting aboriginal Tasmanians to smell the impending doom?! Long story cut shot, the British in their usual barbaric manner exterminated the Tasmanian. In 1976, the LAST Tasmanian (Truganini, a woman, who had died a hundred years earlier after being super depressed due to the loss of her entire clan) was given up for Burial. Samples of her hair and skin were held in Britain until 2002.

Now, journey with me into pre-colonial “Nigeria.”

Once upon a time in this place now called Nigeria, tribes lived in relative harmony --a time when “unity” was based on genuine desire to do business, however, Usman, and the British came and changed it for us grin The British interrupted Usman Dan Fodio in his Jihad, in a promise not to interrupt his ultimate plan in the long run. They (British) then did the unthinkable: “Uniting” so many tribes with different Gods and cultures... well, what did they care? If not that our sun was too hot for them, who knows? they might as well exterminated us like they did in New Zealand and Tasmania!

As one of my favourite author explained, “Evolution has made Homo sapiens like other social mammals, a xenophobic creature.” were the British not aware of this fact before stitching over a hundred tribes in one piece called Nigeria? (where that Lugard mistress even dey sef? I wan do her something grin)

A little study of the history of Britain, and how they lived, will open your eyes to the fact that they had nothing for us --as in, in our interest. Nigeria is plainly a company. They had to leave eventually, but they were far smarter than us in their ways --their ways (politics, etc) which they forced on us, and which became our ways --consequently, they were smarter than us. They left, and as promised, they had to make the North a majority and handover democracy (a government of the majority) to us! How brilliant!!!

Honestly, I don vex, and I honestly can’t mention one reason why Nigeria should remain in a forced unity -- a relationship that didn’t flourish naturally, a relationship as unnatural as f*k! --not based on mutual benefits. Imagine if the unity was based on mutual respect and benefits. Where capitalism was the order, and not “One Nigeria” --which is more like “One people, different gods, different cultures.” Why can’t Nigeria peacefully disintegrate, and live in an ecosystem where any unity (if any) would be entirely based on mutual respect, and commerce.

I’ll end with this quote:
“People who do not believe in the same god or obey the same king are more than willing to use the same money.”

There comes a time when pikin go leave him parent house go marry to form him own family. Why hold back the pikin whe wan go, and still you no de treat am well?

PS: Please, if you know any good reason why Nigeria must be one, abeg, add. My head is literally empty in that department RN.

— oyolohi


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 11:07am On Apr 28

Nice points here man...
But there's something i'll like to discuss here with you bro...
Mehn...Death is a bitch man...i'v had lots of experiences that has made me to just enjoy myself and not deprive myself of anything all in the name of savings....
People save but end up not living to do what they have been saving for....
So i kind of feel like savings and investment are the same thing because you can end up loosing both....so i do one and MOST TIMES leave the other one out.
I'm the kind of person that if my last card is 200k and from here to Australia for vacation for example is 200k, mehnn...i'll go man....because i feel like, who knows, anything could happen anytime and someone else who end up using the money for me grin .....
My question however is " Since death is inevitable, isn't savings a 50/50 stuff just like investments??
i did not say saving is bad....i do save too...but since death is unpredictable, i just feel depriving myself of some enjoyments because of savings can go two ways


One question: what's the difference between dying with a billion naira in your name/dying empty?

Remember, in death, there is no pain/regret of not enjoying your money. And realistically, you're most likely not to die now.

Sometime ago, I lived this way, you know, like... "Na wetin person chop be him own." but I later stopped being scared of death after realizing that nothing matters after death.

I went off this thread and started saving and investing not minding "enjoyment" and tomorrow. I saved everything, invested almost everything without minding if I died in the process or not —I overcame that fear!

Before I clock 30, due to this financial decision and my current return on investments, I will be nothing less than a multimillionaire. Sometimes, I look at the money in my name and just wonder. Just within a year, and I changed everything for myself —All thanks to overcoming that fear for dying without enjoying.

BTW can't your immediate family, or charity enjoy your money if you don't? Lol. You can only feel the pain if alive!

The takeaway here is that, in death all these wouldn't matter, and you're most likely to live than die! It's logic bro.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 12:47pm On Feb 20
A message from me, to all humans:

Know, and accept the fact that you are an animal (without special purpose) —just like every other animal on the face of this planet —and know peace!

You will never overcome your animalistic instincts if you still feel that your life has special meanings —which will consequently lead you into doing the many useless things/traditions propagated by society.

These animal instincts I speak of are the things that make you that irredeemable "simp" or whareva, an unsuspecting lover of stress, etc. —not just in female matters, but in all aspects of life!

The strongest of these instincts I speak of is the desire to replicate your gene. Yes, I said that.

I can't stress this enough: know that you are an animal like the chicken in your backyard, and know peace. Only then will you see the ultimate explanation to everything we've been trying to discover in this thread.

— oyolohi

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Politics / Re: Oyo Deploys Over 200 Amotekun Operatives To Deal With Fulani Warlord, Iskilu Wak by oyolohi: 6:45pm On Feb 12
Amotekun deployed; Watch and see how the Nigerian army will, too, be deployed.

And the funny thing is that between the two agencies mentioned in my post, one's logo has Arabic inscriptions (matter-of-factly, the only inscription).


Na joke I dey o... Serious joke.

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Storm Ogun Villages Again Over Herdsmen/Farmer Crisis by oyolohi: 4:26pm On Feb 06
The worst crime against humanity is uniting peoples of different languages, culture, and religion.

I looked into every possible future of Nigeria and I saw one that many Nigerian miss. I saw a United Nigeria...a united Nigeria with only one Tribe, one region --the North.

A future where the disguised Jihadists succeeded in carrying out their mission.

Have you ever heard learned men such as Ahmadu Bello speak about the other tribes in Nigeria? Only then will you understand how DIFFERENT we are.

Nigeria is a FALSE and EVIL marriage. Colonial Masters who didn't give rat a$$es about us or our future initiated a marriage between two couples where one party had it in their religious faith (and were already exercising that duty as at that time) to exterminate the others by all means (Jihad, terrorism or whatever.)

How did the British do that? Have you studied the geography of Nigeria? They made a certain region a majority (by all means: land mass, population, etc) and gave us democracy --which is indeed a government of the majority! It was a deliberate and well calculated move...and believe me, they're still benefiting from that move.

Insecurity will never end in "Nigeria" as long a a certain region do not perceive their acts as evil. And who does?

If only Nigeria's unity was based on mutual profits and respect, and not the illusion of "one Nigeria."

In a parasitic relationship, the host either gets rid of the parasites, or dies!

The region I speak of will continue to encroach 'Nigeria' until they hit the ocean. The case of southern Kaduna will be replicated in middle/southern Nigeria one day, just one day. I write with a heavy heart; At the top of Martin Luther's voice I scream!

— oyolohi

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Career / Re: Are Readers Still Leaders In Today's World? by oyolohi: 12:32pm On Jan 19
As long as "reading" equals knowledge: yes, readers are leaders.

To lead a herd of humans, you'll require a level of knowledge the herd lacks; You'll realize this after studying the early life of leaders.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 2:19am On Jan 18
I see an unmarried man and I'm happy for him;

The next time I see him, he tells me he's married. I feel sorry for him; I ask if he has kids yet: he says no --and I feel a sudden glimpse of hope for him.

A few more years, I hear his woman has littered 3 kids already. My glimpse of hope for him evaporates as the news sinks in.


I've studied the human body and come to agree that our DNA is the most selfish part of us (men for example) --not even the pen!s. It is so selfish that it must achieve whatever hidden agender it has --even at our cost. It is ironic, I know, as "Our" DNA is part of us and ours --or is it?

Consider your DNA as a baton (mater-of-factly, it is a baton) that only needs to be passed around in a relay race. The baton doesn't belong to the athlete, he only need to stress himself running with all his might just to pass it on: as as soon as he does, he lost relevance to the next athlete while the baton lives and feasts on its next host --another athlete willing to stress himself running to pass it on. The baton doesn't care if you stumble or break a bone; it must be passed on. Athletes see how their fellow athlete gets tired yet they feel compelled to experience the pointless race --forgetting that they have a choice --a choice to walk out of the tracks as soon as the baton is passed to them; A choice to seat under the comforting shade of the beautiful big mango trees surrounding the tracks --enjoying the view of the billions of athletes still in the field spending their lives ridiculously passing batons.

If YOU could hear the baton speak (like the athlete who now enjoys the cool breeze), you'll hear the baton say words like "Good dog, good dog, fetch!" while it throws mango fruits inches forward for you to fetch/race ... mangos the athlete can only enjoy the SWEETNESS for a few minutes...more accurately put: a few SECONDS. The athlete fails to realize he can actually enjoy the same mangos + an extra bonus --the shade --without having to stress himself running around to pass batons!

"Good dog, good MAN, good micro organism, procreate!"

— oyolohi

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Nairaland / General / Re: WHY Do Visitors Concentrate On Television When Food Is Coming? by oyolohi: 5:26pm On Jan 17
It is fun being a Nigerian at times.

grin When they're bringing food: if there's no television to save the day, you'll see how heads will begin to turn like standing fan; re-noticing all those picture frames we've finished noticing before.


Romance / Re: Do You Think Nigerian Women Love Flowers? by oyolohi: 11:34am On Jan 16
Think of it this way: will you accept flowers as payment after giving a service?

I've said enough. I think we now understand why Nigerian girls do not fancy flowers.
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 6:31pm On Jan 15
You just described my cat, cats are selfish unlike dogs that are loyal.
Women have same similarities with cats swearz
Lol. Just this evening I was thinking about the striking similarities between women and cats ... and I thought I was the only one ==> https://www.nairaland.com/6365410/future-catinism


Romance / The Future Of Catinism by oyolohi: 6:22pm On Jan 15
At the moment, cats are owned by man. They are cared for, loved and protected. It is worrisome to think that a day will come when a bunch of cats --for no clear intent --will rise against man in a movement called Catinism, or whatever it might be.

Oh! How foolish is the home (pet) cat to join the movement of Catinism. They've had too much food and time, and have failed to realize that the movement was initiated by pained street cats who had nothing to lose. How heavy is the prize for love, sympathy, care, and protection given to cats by man?

Men will then gather and say: fine, let us grant this request; We accept equality: let the battle begin!

Time passes, and the battle field is troubled by echoes of cat cries of unfairness --as though it wasn't an accepted challenge! Men will then say: Oh, my once dear cat.

The beautiful and sad end of Catinism that brought about dog chains on the cat's neck, permanently tied to a pole in the bedroom --not even the olden luxury of the kitchen!

A message from me, oyolohi, directed to whomever it may concern.

— oyolohi


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 2:05am On Jan 15
A woman is truly in love with you when she has invested more into the delusion that both of you would be together forever. A girl that invests her money into a relationship, her time, emotions, committment and a lot of sexual fetishes will not leave you easily.

Oh! Dear men, do not be fooled by a woman's investment in a relationship! I repeat, do not.

A woman who invests in a relationship is highly dangerous. These kinds of women are capable of seeing a lifetime into the future while the man sees only a few years ahead.

Recently, my friend's good friend passed away. His wife was the kind who invested in relationships. Her husband went up the ladder and passed away as a multimillionaire. After his death, I noticed that there were no family members and friends! That was strange for a man of such status.

I was shocked the day I heard that his wife went against their family doctor's advise when the man was ill --something that cost the guys life. This young, healthy man died like a goat. He was fooled by his wife's investment in the relationship (Which of course, yielded profits for her --the sole aim of investment!)

Enchanted by her investments when they were younger, this man deserted his family and friend. As soon as he died, the woman took over everything. I was in denial of what went into play --only to later hear that the woman sent away the man's one nephew who was living with them shortly after his burial. This lady returned home barely 2 days after putting the guy in the hole, she left her husband's village; contrary to their custom/tradition. It is all her and her kids as I speak. She've sent away the "outsider" (her late husband's nephew).

She's still young and ready to mingle.
I find it hard to bring myself to think: what if her late husband's 2 kids aren't even his owing to the kind of paternity fraud perpetrated by some Nigerian women?

Women do not freely give, a woman will most likely invest in a guy with a brighter future (financially or whatever ways). While this isn't a general rule, I think I've seen and said enough. Begin to take note of such relationships and tell me your findings.
Even if the guy has no obvious bright future, believe me, for 'mere' companionship, provision and protection when she becomes old and 'expired.' is investment with good return. Same reason while you'll hardly see very young girls investing in a relationship: proof me wrong.

Remember, the sole aim of a woman's investment in you is profit --even at the expense of your life. Be warned!

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 2:13pm On Jan 14
No matter how red pilled you are, you'll still periodically fall in love with women.
If you understand the body chemicals responsible for "Love", you'll realize that you can't/may not be able to help it. However, the difference between a blue-pilled man and a red-pilled man in love is that: the red-pilled man realizes that the things MEN IN LOVE do, are so stup.id that only MEN AT GUNPOINT should do --hence a red-pilled man is more aware of himself, and maintains his sanity when his body system releases the chemicals responsible for "Love." He knows it will pass; so he takes a chilled bottle and continues observing life.

— oyolohi

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Family / As a man, how do I bring up my daughter in this world of so called woke men? by oyolohi: 9:23am On Jan 14
If you've been following trends, you must have realized that more men than comfortable have been claiming memberships of certain groups of "woke" men... speaking of MGTOW, Red Pill, and of recently, Stingy Men/Guys associations. It doesn't end there, more of these groups will rise --you don't need a prophet to realize that. While it's hard to say exactly why it happens now, judging by human social evolution history, things like this are bound to happen soon or later in the future.

However, be warned! Do not be distracted by pains or fun, especially if you're a father/plan to father a girl child in these modern times: you should bring up your daughter in ways that will ensure her smooth survival even in the worst case scenario.

Without further ado, lets dive straight into how to achieve this:

1. Hangout more often with your daughter.
Most men are of this mentality that girl children are to be raised entirely by their moms. Judging by the breed of men currently available, you'll realize that maintaining this mentality might end up problematic as you wife (if you have one) might still be of the old "women are entitled" mentality. If you identify yourself by any of these groups of woke men, ask yourself: what if every man out there is like me? Will my daughter be in trouble if entirely raised by an entitled woman? Hence the need to spend more time with your daughter; take her out when hanging out with your male friends from time to time. That way she'll end up with a better understanding of how modern men are wired.

2. Do not defend her unnecessarily.
While some might argue that the "entitlement" women feel is entirely instinctive, let's not forget the very things that shapes instincts in the first place: if your daughter has male siblings for example, and they have fights, instead of taking her sides and consequently giving the boy more punishment for their act, you should instead encourage the girl to fight better next time instead of crying. Hey, I know, you're probably thinking why I would encourage fights among siblings in a family.:.but hey, if you grew up with siblings in Nigeria, you'll recall that you also had your gigs and WWEs grin however, time passed and you've all realized that those acts were mere childishness. You've probably come to love each other unconditionally. However, if you're the no-nonsense type of father, ensure that you give the girl and boy equal punishment. That way you'll be indirectly telling her to step up; for she'll know that same weight of consequence awaits them both if they engage in such acts next time. Take life easy with them, no matter how hard your are on them, they'll still engage in these acts from time to time, you know that from your own childhood experience!

3. Be available for her.
There's a level you'll be available for you daughter that she'll even feel more comfortable coming to you than her mother. That way, she'll open up to you about her friends, school life, probably love life, etc. Always be conscious of how you handle these Jists as these are what shapes her mentality and determine whether she'll come to you next time. If she got into a fight with a random boy in school, teach her how to beat the boy mercilessly and also take advantage of society by reporting the boy --as the boy in such school setting might get the most punishment. That way she'll know how to mercilessly fight for herself and also use society to her advantage. If you took my "fighting and equal consequences" advise of Number 2 point above seriously, great! you've already trained her how to face such combat situation in the society at large.

4. Do not designate chores based on prejudice.
As we all know, there are certain chores designated for guys and others for girls in the family and society. This usually, and consequently ends up reinforcing the girl's trust in the old society. Raise your daughter to do all the chores boys usually do alongside everything girls usually do. This should also be the case for your boy (especially if you want to raise him as independent on women) let him learn to cook from a young age, while also doing everything guys do normally. Back to the point, training your daughter to see all chores as actually "do-able" by girls will give her an edge over the kinds of girls who suffer most in this woke world of men.

That's it my friends. My points above no doubt will shape your daughter to adapt and take charge in a world of "woke" men.

Note, I'm not saying you should raise your daughter as a tomboy, let her spend as much time with her mom/other girls. The most important thing, however, is not to leave her upbringing entirely at the mercy of women: Won't she end up as exactly what you (the woke guy) don't like in women if you allow that?

I'll put a fullstop here, feel free to add yours.

Remember these wise words: With family, comes great responsibility. It isn't by force to have wives and kids in this modern times. Most importantly, your kids did not beg for the life you gave to them; thats why you must know these things as a man in order to bring them up (the girl child in this case) in the best ways possible.
Education / Re: 9 Things You Should Never Post On Any Social Media by oyolohi: 8:30pm On Jan 13
10. Click baits

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Romance / Layers of a woman's package by oyolohi: 6:06pm On Jan 12
How true is the saying that "Na woman dey kill man." ?

Well, here:

Women be like packages. Packages that come with nested layers of inner packages.

The first layer (the one a man sees the first day he meets the woman) is probably the most beautiful.

As soon as you toast her, and she agrees, she opens the first package/layer of stress to you.

Next, she waits until your third leg waka go colonize the thick jungle inbetween her two legs (commitment), then, she opens up another inner package of stress.

At this point, most men will not notice how every package has an inner box contained it. They go on like excited monkeys on fool's errand trying to see when they'll open the final package that doesn't contain an inner box --which consequently leads to marriage based on "love."

After marriage, the woman opens the most sacred chamber to the man. This chamber is the darkest of all, really really really, as in really dark dark... DARK! chamber of stress and ingredients: a Billion Shades of Stress.

After the marriage stage, the man is projected into another level entirely --exponential growth of stress that comes to life as soon as she starts littering... Kids. At which point, her packages get an upgrade from the apparently lifeless nature of which the man still feels he can escape anytime, to a permanent kind of package which life has been given to!

At the kids stage, the woman's packages have now evolved into generating their own packages of stress that intensifies during their teenage years. At first, these new kinds of packages called kids are so cuuuute (awwww), like energetic puppies... but the excited monkey fails to realize that puppies do not remain puppies forever --not even close to a fourth of their entire lifespan. At this point, the monkey trying to see when the packages will finish becomes miserably confused grin as the live packages are more than he can keep track of while simultaneously managing the woman's packages; He realizes a similarity in the nature of the Kids' packages --you open one, just to find another. From the soiled nappies stage to pre-school, school, teenage rebellion, up to their years of higher education. If the man ain't lucky, he births "Lazy" packages that won't gain independence: And who art thou to call them lazy, independent or unserious? You gave them life they didn't beg for! Deal with it. Yes, that's right.

At this confused and pathetic stage, the man's life flashes before his eyes and he realizes that he once had a choice: Not to get too excited opening up onion layers of a woman's package (the more you open, the more you cry) --and it has no end. However, 15 years too late.

Man now spends most of his free time hanging out with fellow married/miserable friends, trying to escape the nagging mountain of boiling vulcanoes at home.

Finally, the man dies trying to win the battle; Or, he could win --consequently, he becomes too stressed, and weak after "winning" --and may die without realizing. Worst, he realizes how much he could have enjoyed a less stressful life if only he transcended his biology and the selfish, impulsive pushes made by his DNA to replicate it self, while offering him a few seconds of pleasure: Good dog, good dog, fetch!

Tarnk you.

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Romance / Re: Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria Funniest Pictures So Far by oyolohi: 4:27pm On Jan 12
all these broke ass niggaz mayne. almost 99 percent of the beggars on nairaland are men but they get angry if women beg them for money grin grin grin

Why dem no go vex?

Have you ever seen a beggar begging a beggar without getting the begged begger angry?


Romance / Re: What Is The Essence Of Marriage? by oyolohi: 2:23pm On Jan 11
You won't understand until you get old and no one to look after you

Bull crap. No offence.

Why do you think men who marry for the illusion of alleviating loneliness mostly end up doing everything to avoid wife and kids wahala. They end up prioritizing time with their fellow men --hanging out just to avoid their homes for a while.

The children you speak of won't keep you company the time you need them most; they'll be long gone by then, either married and facing their own homes or whatever; yet the fear of the inevitable loneliness drives you into a lifetime of stress, and imminent loneliness?

Even if your children forfeit their own lives to "take care" of you, do you know how much you'll spend on them from when they were toddlers up until after their higher education? You could simply pay a nurse (even minimum wage) that will be more than willing to do the things even your wife and children won't want to do for you. If you had your time to yourself, you could make so much money that you'll comfortably pay someone to care for you till the day you die.

Me, for one, don't want to live until that point that a man becomes a liability to himself. My long life shouldn't reach the stage when I no longer keep memories, have sight or have to poo in napkins.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 12:59pm On Jan 06
so what about men going their own way ?

MGTOW comes in stages. Stage two to three are men who have come to deeply understand the society and consequently no longer give f.ucks about it.

MGTOW is like a quiet bar without a sign, no recruitments...nothing. You stumble into it, they raise their glasses to you.

An MGTOW level 3 man can get up one day and decide to get a vasectomy without regrets because he has seen how much of a scam marriage, morals, children, etc. are. You don't speak of patronizing prostitutes/porn to an MGTOW guy: he knows that society frowns on these things simply because of mere prejudice and the nonsense called morals. If he finds any of those entertaining, he goes for it!

MGTOW are men who can spot and detect stress from a thousand miles away --no matter how much you disguise it. You offer them crap: they simply give you a long stare and continue sipping their beer.

Finally, the last stage of MGTOW is leaving the bar filled with other MGTOW men and enjoying the mountains and rivers of a distant land flowing with milk and honey. grin

— oyolohi

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by oyolohi: 12:10am On Jan 06
While sex is pleasure to men, it is more of a weapon to women.

Most guys here will almost never simp for a lady, however, we fail to ask ourselves questions such as: if sex was a being, am I a simp for it?
Can I willingly say no to sex even with an erection?

You wouldn't be far from liberation the moment you start asking yourself such questions. The day you stop simping for sex among other weapons such as religion, government, etc., you'll attain a bulletproof state in a world full of gun welding individuals.

— oyolohi

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