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Business / Re: MTN: The Oliver Twist Of Our Time! by pewekac: 12:06am On Jul 27, 2011
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 3:38pm On Jul 24, 2011

We were 13 (12 guys and 1 lady) dt did driving test on d 29th. Although they asked for our drivers licence while we were driving but those who didnt have dt claimed dt their licence is under processing were allowed to do d practical. Pewakac or smooth called kemi, she told him dt they are still compiling d result dt they will get to us when they are through(dont know how long it takes to compile result dt has been compile by AA rescue already). Kemi's number is 0**********. Im also contemplating whether to call her today

I never called Kemi oh. I think we should give her a break and quit calling; i can imagine how inconveniencing it is for her.
The truth is not being in the first batch we'll need to be very patient. let's stop worrying and freeting and instead start preparing for how to excel at the interviews.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 2:03am On Jul 23, 2011

enjoy your weekends and let's all hope monday bears the good news.
wey golland, skydon & omolasgidi gan sef?
Ah ah, thought you guys were in already to start training August 1st; what you waiting for? results of medicals? Didn't Castano say it was more or less just a formality?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: BAT Test By Kimberly-Ryan by pewekac: 5:03pm On Jul 21, 2011
Dunddy ,jujufada, Top Dog, tundebabzy, ijeoma911

Kindly forward the attached brief for assessment center to me (please my email is on my profile page, don't want to leave it here for security reasons). I didn't get invited (on hindsight i didn't get my stories correct) but it could come in handy elsewhere.

Thanks and goodluck with BAT!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 12:35pm On Jul 19, 2011
Info from gravpe vine is that only 17 were taken yesterday and to start training August 1st. So we've gots to be sharp at the interviews. It is not yet Uhuru guys!!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 1:23am On Jul 14, 2011
Dunddy I'm in the same category as smoooooth; we're awaiting our interviews. Congrats guys! "See you in house"!

apt test - 21st May
driving test - 6th June
interview - 27th June
discussions/medicals - 18th July


apt test - 21st May
driving test - 29th June
interview - 20th July (Amen !)
discussions/medicals - 10th August (Amen !)
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: BAT Test By Kimberly-Ryan by pewekac: 9:27pm On Jul 11, 2011
Thanks Dunddy and Co; you guys rocked.
had my interview in Abuja today and as you said it was all competency/role based questions. I think we were about 6 in all and we were told we'd get feedback next week. Another batch of interviews are scheduled on Wednesday (and possibly tomorrow) .

Went through a very lengthy thread at Naija Hot Jobs the other day in which they were recruiting for management trainees; heard they eventually took not more than 10 as is their tradition. And so i expect the same brutality with this recruitment; could be as low as 4 TMRs eventually taken.

See you guys at Assessment Center (Amen!) May the best man win and good luck to all of us!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: BAT Test By Kimberly-Ryan by pewekac: 4:17pm On Jul 06, 2011

please when did you guys write the test?

i wrote 2nd June 2011 at Abuja
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: BAT Test By Kimberly-Ryan by pewekac: 9:59pm On Jul 05, 2011

errrr, I just got an invitation for BAT interview,
Same here man. it's my 1st after the test. details below:

Venue: British American Tobacco
NEXIM House (1st Floor)
Plot 975, Kur Mohammed Street,
Central Business District,

Date: Monday, 11th July, 2011

Time: 11:20am

Seems the mail came in by 5.30pm though i just checked it now. Got a call from a BAT lady by 8pm informing me of the email and asking that i acknowledge willingness to attend ASAP. I think i'll do that via both email and phone.

, Dunddy i just dey follow you for back oh. 2nd batch in NBC now 2nd batch in BAT. God dey!
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Nokia E65 & Sony Ericsson K750i For Sale by pewekac: 9:46am On Jul 05, 2011
still available? im interested. will call
Technology Market / Re: Sony Ericsson T715 For Sale In Xtrimly Good Conditn.for #8k: Cal 08069643862: by pewekac: 9:45am On Jul 05, 2011
still available? im interested. will call
Technology Market / Re: Neat Sony Ericsson 4 Sale by pewekac: 9:41am On Jul 05, 2011
still available? im interested. will call.
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Neatly Used Sony Ericsson For Sale by pewekac: 9:40am On Jul 05, 2011
still available? im interested. will call.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 11:37pm On Jul 04, 2011
Kalan is there something you know that we don't. Spill the beans man.

Dunddy driving test - 6th june --->interview - 27th June was actually more than 2 weeks; about 3 sef.
and do you have any intel that you state your dates thus?:

medical - 12 July (Amen)
letter - 28th july (Amen)
resumption 1st August (Amen)
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 6:17pm On Jul 03, 2011
ok i guess. waiting for interviews.

i recommend we all explore this site for our sales interviews; they did a damn good job of covering all the basics:


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 11:41am On Jul 02, 2011
smooooooth your profile shows you're above age limit. uhm; you might want to cover your back/tracks and work on your defense at the interviews
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 11:15am On Jul 02, 2011
i don't even think that score guys were peeping is correct. OR i'm preety sure the test score will be added and everything rounded to 100.
come on there is no way they'll drop the guys i saw driving on wednesday. if that is termed not being able to drive than shoot me.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: BAT Test By Kimberly-Ryan by pewekac: 1:04am On Jun 18, 2011
can you give us a run down of how the interview went? And i guess you've got to be a smoker to land such a job huh?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 2:22am On Jun 08, 2011
informative and interesting read Dunddy. Let's have more of this guys when we're in similar situations. Thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 12:12am On Jun 01, 2011
Dunny your computer problems at the test helped you; congrats!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 12:00am On Jun 01, 2011
omolasgidi yes; i guess that means your friend was successful and all others who didn't get the mail weren't. on to the next one :-(
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Calling by pewekac: 1:44am On May 23, 2011
crazy test huh; may the toughest guys make it! Questions weren't anything different from what I've come across in my jackings but the environment the test were written made em something else plus i guess i could have prepared better.

Noticed that the discipline of almost everyone i met there (11am Abuja) was along the social sciences line of Economics, banking and finance, accounting etc. Any comments?
Computers / Re: Window 7 Ultimate *key* by pewekac: 3:36am On Feb 25, 2011

My system was formatted and windows 7 was installed on it, unfortunately after windows update download and installation, it tells me the version of windows OS I'm using is not genuine, Please can someone kindly share a key with me?? I will be very grateful

Anyone who still has this problem should get in touch with me/send me a mail (email available on my profile page for members), I'll fix you up real good faster than you can say Microsoft. lol.
Computers / Re: My Windows 7 Operating System Is Fake, What Do I Do. by pewekac: 3:34am On Feb 25, 2011

My windows was peforming an update online when i got a message from microsoft that my windows is fake. Someone told me that the system will crash if i don't get an authentic windows. Is this t rue? What should i do.

Anyone who still has this problem should get in touch with me/send me a mail (email available on my profile page for members), I'll fix you up real good faster than you can say Microsoft. lol.
Computers / Re: Windows 7 Help Wanted Am Finished by pewekac: 3:33am On Feb 25, 2011
Tony Montana:

Som1 installed windows 7 for me som wks ago,now it tels me it wld xpire in 10days.wat do i do,it even ask 4 d product key wc i don't ve.help,help

Anyone who still has this problem should get in touch with me/send me a mail (email available on my profile page for members), I'll fix you up real good faster than you can say Microsoft. lol.
Family / Re: Moving Out From Parent's House- Your Experience! by pewekac: 11:08am On Feb 08, 2011
Like so many posters have said there's no definite time and at times staying back even after being gainfully employed helps you save up for a big break. Its like asking the question when should one start making babies?

Anyways in my case like that of many others it was 8 months after NYSC when I got a good job. Lost it 2 years later and moved back to strategize. Moved out again when the coast became clear. family will for ever be family; The only guys that will forever unconditionally have your back.

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Romance / Re: How To Make Someone Stop Loving You Without Heart Break by pewekac: 10:34pm On Jan 29, 2011

I. Tell the guy dat u're pregnant. OR
2. Tell the girl dat u're broke.
Best suggestion/reply thus far. trust me, Chances of success are over 90%. No chick wants a broke a55 so don't just say you're broke, act it! Likewise knowing majority of guys want to eat their cake and have it feign pregnancy and watch his distance himself from you. You can later claim you had a miscarriage.
Romance / Re: Whether Na One Naira!…yeah Right! Potential Or Ready Made Man by pewekac: 9:06am On Jan 16, 2011

By TJ O'Karo

Undoubtedly, the track “One Naira” off Nigerian rap sensation, MI’s sophomore album MI2 is easily a fan favourite. Coming off a much anticipated, yet not-quite-up-to-par with his hit debut album. The track dwells on the idyllic topic of romance with or without finance. Well, as nice and as well-meaning as it may sound, One Naira tries to sell us a lie – the lie that love (the true one as well as the fake one) does not require money.

Like any Nigerian who listened to music in the 80s, African American songstress Gwen Guthrie said it all in her 1986 hit, Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ on But the Rent: men have to have a J-O-B if they want to be with her or any woman for that matter. Money, excuse me, plenty money is certainly a sine qua non in matters of the heart for without it, like erstwhile rapper Freestyle said in his track Money, “Woman cannot gel!” Allow me to illustrate.

At the university, my friend Ayo met a very lovely and pretty girl, let’s call her Shade. Ayo and Shade became good friends and he carried a torch for her. At the time however, Shade was in a relationship that lasted all through university, so Ayo bid his time and waited for his chance. His chance came at graduation when Shade broke up with her boyfriend. He said that it was as if heaven had smiled down upon him; finally Shade was his. They served in different states and they tried to see each other as often as possible. They would take long walks, hold hands and declare their love for each other. They talked about their plans for the future as he said he had every intention of spending the rest of his life with her. She said she felt the same way, and things could not have been better. They declared their love for each other saying all the sweet nothings – truths and lies – that accompany such tender moments. And of course she said what I am sure most women have said at one time or the other: “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. It doesn’t matter even if we don’t have any money…money is not a big deal…I could live under the bridge with you if that was our only option, just as long as I am with you!” And did Ayo believe her? Hmm…he did o! Of course he had no plans of residing anywhere near a bridge or flyover but it seemed very reassuring to know that Shade was someone who would support him even if he didn’t have much; someone who would not push him into doing things that he could not do. Alas, Ayo was wrong. Only four months post-service, and no job, Shade told him that he was not ambitious. Ouch!!! Whatever happened to “staying with me under the bridge?” The writing was definitely on the wall. Well, needless to say things did not work out between them as I guess there were a few issues that one naira could not solve.

Funny enough, I find that it is always the women who are the ones who make such promises. It is not like the guys made them make such commitments at the threat of breaking up with them now? So why even bring it up? Truth be told, (responsible) guys know that they need to have money to take care of a woman; they wouldn’t want to date or marry a woman only to have her suffer. Man is meant to be the primary provider, with the woman acting as a help-meet. So we don’t need such declarations! Or I could be wrong o; maybe it serves to add weight to the depth of feeling and emotions being felt by the woman. Maybe guys see it as an ego boost when they imagine that their girlfriends or wives would not leave them even if they had just one naira!

We can excuse the relationships because after all as some guys would say, “Na me be her papa?” But money is important in every relationship, especially in marriage as the man has to provide and care for his wife. Truth be told, most women today are not even willing to settle for ‘potential’ – you know the intelligent guy that has a good first degree and has the potential to make it in life. They would prefer ready-made guys. MI raps about how his babe should stick with him “although the money is a maybe”! Laugh Out Loud!! All I can say is that he has keyed into the seemingly romantic notion of love without limits and turned it into a hit song. Sharp guy. I have seen too many marriages shake and crumble because the man had challenges providing for his wife and/or family. The irony is that this one naira part is actually part of the traditional Christian wedding vows, remember “for richer, for poorer”? Or maybe they should take that part out of the vows, like a girl I met said with all seriousness, “If he can’t take care of me, why bother?”

So in all seriousness, please, let’s not deceive ourselves here. There is no such thing as “romance without finance.” I daresay money is what makes the romance sweet sef; it is what oils the gears of love. Or do you want to be trekking when you can jump BRT; or enter BRT when you can enter okada; or enter okada when you can take a ride in a taxi? Guys please do not be deceived when a woman tells you such things like what Waje is crooning in One Naira o! it is just empty, sweet nothings and should not be taken seriously or else you might just get the shock of your life. And ladies, please don’t tell me it is a euphemism. Stop deceiving us, thank you.

Photo Courtesy: www.banknotesnews.com
Best thread i've read all morning. Would definitely want to read more from this writer.
Health / Re: Postinor 2 - How Effective Is It? by pewekac: 3:22pm On Jan 14, 2011
True talk about it destabilizing the menstrual cycle. A chick I had se3x with took it and I always had a heart attack over fears of getting her pregnant (was a raz chick,i would have died of shame) plus it cost me a fortune with the resultant medical checkup. Abeg practice Safe sex if you can't abstain. :-)

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