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Foreign Affairs / Re: Cancer: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG, Dies At 87 by porka: 7:10am On Sep 19
Condolence to her family.

This clearly shows that human beings have no power over life.

This woman held on to her seat tenaciously in defiance of nature.

She refused to resign to go take care of her failing health, earnestly supported by her ultra liberal/left-wing supporters in the media and especially in the democrat party.

In spite of multiple life threatening surgeries, she refused to quit, she played politics with her own life throughout, believing that the republicans would nominate a hard conservative to replace her.

It is worth noting that there was no call for her to resign because of her failing health and her advanced age from any of the usually WOKE section of the media and the new age movement. Nobody thought it fit to advise her to take a bow after serving her country meritoriously for decades.

Imagine if it was the other side of the divide. Extremely partisan pundits and so-called experts from the left would have been hosted many times by the leftist media like CNN and others to pile pressure on her to resign. There would have been hundreds, if not thousands, of Op Ed and editorial opinions in the New York Times, Washington Post and other leftist media on the need to get her out.

Now see the very precariously situation her death has put the nation. This period that the country is not in a good situation and literally divided as never been seen before is when her clock stopped ticking.

Her demise will so energize the conservatives more than before. The motivation to troop out enmass to vote has just been presented to them.

Those who hold power today should know that life is fragile. It is not worth any political considerations. Life will move on after one is gone. It is not worth anything holding on to power when one's capacity is already sapped and the health is not at its best. It is always wise be true to oneself and bow out honorably in order to avoid this type of controversy.
Politics / Re: How Nigeria Can Reduce Unemployment? by porka: 12:56pm On Sep 03
Nigeria is a country of 206 million which is expected to increase.The human population is the energy of any country that is why countries with low birth rate are constantly seeking migrants or increased birth rate.Our problem is not overpopůlation.

Nigeria is a consumption based economy inspite of the increasing poverty.The countries you buy your products (tourism,automoblie,Accesories etc)from are getting richer taking your money and creating employment for their children.
We the consumption based country keep sinking in poverty because we spend more than we can afford.

In Sweden,they value their volvo cars and Scania trucks.Volvo buses are used for Public transport.Remember that when you buy from China you put money in the pocket of the chinese man to provide for his children or youth.

We Nigerians love to complain without proffering solutions to the problems facing us as a people.
Government cannot do everything.

Nigerians need to produce what we use ,eat and wear,we have the large population to make a lot from one another keeping the money in our pockets and economy.

Every family should go back to the days when families had a special skill like Gold smith,hunters,Traders,farmers etc passes onto to all children of the family aside schooling

The Scandinavians no matter their level of edication always have a special skill or learn new skill for side hustle.

I read a news about increasing rise of food products.The solution is plant more food crops and watch the prices go down.Subsistemce farming can also help some families to cushion the effect of high food prices.
What are your solutions to the unemployment in the country?
Lets create our paradise in Nigeria and learn from each other.

Your solutions are mere wishes. Large population alone is meaningless without other factors of production. All the factors of productions - LAND, LABOUR, CAPITAL, ENTREPRENEUR AND REGULATIONS must be appropriately combined. Out of these, Nigeria, and indeed, Africa can only boast of 2 (two) - LAND and LABOUR. Africa does not have adequate CAPITAL. We don't have enough skills to manage resources and people - ENTREPRENEUR (MANAGERIAL abilities). Poor REGULATORY framework is one of the results of poor MANAGERIAL skills. These also reflect on the choices we make in selecting our political leaders. Everything is interwoven.

Africans, like you, should stop being elementary. Those type of elementary skills you mentioned cannot develop any country. There is no country that has ever developed through HUNTING. It is just a fallacy. No country has ever developed without CAPITAL - and FOREIGN CAPITAL is a key component of it. All the requirements to lift Africa up are already in the books, we should not reinvent the wheel. Countries do not necessarily have to produce EVERYTHING they consume internally. It doesn't make sense. What is important is to PRODUCE more than one CONSUMES. And SELL higher than one BUYS. On the technical side, one has to PRODUCE what one can spend less on and gain more than the other person producing it - COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE. All countries buy from and sell to one another. If things cost less to buy than to produce, it makes no sense to produce them, it's a waste of resources. All countries have things they can produce cost effectively.

In all these, FOREIGN INVESTMENT is key. Foreign investment brings the needed CAPITAL, plus TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION. It uses local LABOUR (which is employment), and stimulate competition for local investment. FOREIGN INVESTMENT also comes with SKILLED HUMAN RESOURCES. Ultimately, these skills and TECHNOLOGY are TRANSFERRED to local folks, who can then replicate the business in MULTIPLE, thereby creating EMPLOYMENT opportunities for others.

All the countries you mentioned are still desperately seeking foreign investments in one form or another. The large population of China was a liability until its leaders called FOREIGNERS to come in and invest. They took a cue from Singapore's earlier experience, which enabled them to rise from abject poverty to a first class society in one generation. That method has worked for all the country that has adopted it. It has worked all the time. There's no need to go back into AMAZON FOREST MODE (like hoe and cutlass farming or wood carving or hunting as you suggested) to develop. Development doesn't happen backwardly. CAPITAL can be created locally or IMPORTED from abroad.

When next you reflect on this issue do not just do it in abstract like the radio or television show guests do. Consider them in tangible form. When next you go to Europe or America or Asia and you see bridges and those fanciful things that Nigerians like to focus on, don't just assume that they GREW from the ground by MAGIC, consider that CAPITAL, LAND, LABOUR, ENTREPRENEURSHIP (MANAGEMENT) and REGULATIONS have gone into them. It is the country that knows how to combine these factors that will reduce unemployment, not the country discouraging youths from going to school and instead pushing them to learn trade or push carts or carry Dane gun to hunt games.
Religion / Re: CAMA: FG Says Religious Bodies Must Submit Details Of Their Finances by porka: 8:40pm On Aug 22

I think your question is disingenuous

No one is "regulating" churches in their spiritual activity

This has to do purely with MONEY and FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY

Charities which is what Churches are ,are subject to all kinds of rules in the USA and these are regulated by various legislation and bodies

e.g the USA has sanctions in place against certain countries like Iran, Cuba etc that means that churches and other Charites in general canot make donations that are prohibited by sanctions

With regard to their Financial activities they are under the purview of the Inland Revenue IRS
In the UK it is the Charities Commission which incidentally has been scrutinizing the activities of several Nigerian churches in the UK

e.g KICC
Regulatory action taken
The inquiry issued an order on 16 February 2011 under the then section 18 (1) (vi) of the Charities Act 1993
(now section 76 (3) (f) of the Charities Act 2011) to prevent the trustees from entering into any investment
of the charity’s property without the written approval of the commission. The order was discharged on 29
July 2011 after the ex-trustee resigned, and the FSA had obtained a restraining injunction and freezing order
on 11 February 2011 in civil proceedings in which the FSA also sought a restitution order.

Christ Embassy
The Inquiry appointed an interim manager, Rod Weston of Mazars LLP, (the IM) on 6 August 2014 under section 76(3)(g) of the Act to take over the management and administration of the charity to the exclusion of trustees. The trustees were not excluded from performing the religious and/or spiritual functions connected with their roles as Pastors within the charity.



It is clear that the financial activities of many churches lack transparency and often are criminal.

Churches are registered as charities making them exempt from many taxes and so their financial affairs cannot be hidden from the public

Do you know the meaning of disingenuous or you think you know it?

Find a quote from the referenced post below:

In sane societies like USA, South Africa, UK, Europe, Australia etc, there are agencies that regulate religious organisations, CSOs and NGOs. Why should Nigeria's be different?

Then answer the simple question and stop the blabs.

Name the agency responsible for regulating churches in the United State of America?

If you need help don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you.


Religion / Re: CAMA: FG Says Religious Bodies Must Submit Details Of Their Finances by porka: 5:18pm On Aug 22
Those against CAMA Amendment are either ill-informed or mischievous.

In sane societies like USA, South Africa, UK, Europe, Australia etc, there are agencies that regulate religious organisations, CSOs and NGOs. Why should Nigeria's be different?

Some people said it is a fight against the church, and I ask, which Church?

If the Bible is right, the Church is the congregation of believers. It is not a building or religious organisation. And believers don't need any formal nomenclature or organisation to worship. The Bible says where two or three are gathered, CHRIST is present. The Bible never said people should establish organisations, neither did the early Christians establish organisations.

Now let's look this....

A man wakes up on a faithful morning, he approaches CAC (Government) to register his organisation, which he names XYZ Church

He lists himself, his wife, Kids or associates as Trustees

He gets certificate from the government to operate...

Yet, he argues with the government that they have no right to regulate the activities of the same organisation that he went to government to register.

He shouts persecution, war against the church and God.

Meanwhile, he is the final authority and CEO in the religious organisation, and won't hesitate to show the exit door to anyone that questions his authority.

The irony is that he abides to similar laws abroad...

As much as I'm not a fan of this administration, I support this CAMA... Although Nigeria politicians are useless


FG or any other government cannot regulate the "Church" (congregation of believers). Even the Roman government couldn't regulate the Church.

However, government can only regulate religious organisations (formal organizations) that are registered with the government in line with the constitutional mandate.

The rule is simple, don't register your organisation with government if you don't want to be regulated... Same way you don't register your business and NGO with government if you don't want their regulation...

Please name the agency responsible for regulating CHURCHES in the US and how the 'regulations' are done.

Thank you.

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Crime / Re: George Floyd: SHOCKING! The Police Cop Who Arrested Floyd Is NIGERIAN (Photos)!! by porka: 2:18pm On Jul 02
Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with the lives of the black people. It has nothing to do with George Floyd's death.

Black Lives Matter is an organization founded by three homosexual black women. One of the major aims is to propagate homosexuality agenda among blacks since black people across the world are mostly conservatives. How come such an organization was founded when a black president was in office? A feat that was touted as an advanced progress in racial relations.

They merely hijacked George Floyd's assassination case to further their sinister plot. They want to be seen fighting for black causes but that is not their ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to infuse their disturbing messages into black issues. They are aiming at entering the blacks through the back door.

George Floyd was murdered by a criminal in police uniform. The murderer should be tried and sentenced accordingly.

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Health / Re: Covid-19: Death Rate Lower dan Previously Report but 7times deadlier dan flu-CNN by porka: 8:17am On Mar 31
The media agenda failed woefully.

CNN causing hysteria and panic went into overdrive. Now that Chloroquine has shown Cononavirus less fatal, they have to try to walk back the narratives.

The world media will cleverly deviate from COVID-19 reporting in about two weeks from now.

China is responsible for this virus, but the media which made all efforts to get early reprieve by demonizing efforts to try various therapies should be held responsible also. They are complicit.
Health / Re: Coronavirus Survivor Says Chloroquine Saved His Life by porka: 11:28pm On Mar 29
Donald Trump is where he is today because he is right about some things. He may be right about Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine.

Please note that the man in this story did not self-medicate. He consulted a doctor, they discussed it, and then the nurses administered it.

Will it not be crazy if it turns out that we're shutting down the whole world over a disease that can be cured by a obsolete anti-malarial drug?

Our 'scientists' in Hollywood and the Capitol, who had been very critical of this 'innocent' drug, have been fixated on the scenes in their fictional movies where a pandemic of this type was only tackled by "extraordinary' solutions such as patients and doctors wearing masks, ventilators and other super gadgets inside some state-of-the-art medical facilities just so they can showcase their excellent medical emergency efficiencies only to be disappointed by not only the existence of such out of this world facilities and readiness in an embarrassingly limited number but also the 'shame' of sharing an 'obsolete' drug, restricted to only the Third-World, with the rest of the world.

As this 'third-world' drug is proving efficacous in the treatment of COVID 19 cases, our 'scientists' friends are now in dilemma; whether to swallow their pride and agree with their 'unscientific' president and get people treated and move on or continue in their illusions that their ultra-superior healthcare system is capable of taking on millions of cases simultaneously. The fact that it was Donald Trump that has been pushing this drug is also a huge turn off for our 'science loving' media. If it were 'Prof.' Barack Obama that has been promoting Chloroquine, by now the mass media media would have touted an overwhelming 'consensus' of its efficacy among the 'global scientists'.

Among those who are motivated by the politics of November 2020, a part of them is wishing that Chloroquine is discredited completely for the treatment of COVID 19 cases and would still maintain that it is useless even in the likely event that the drug is approved for treatment of some COVID 19 patients in the coming days.

At the end of the day many would wish they had listened to the 'scientists' much eatlier.
Politics / Re: FG To Appoint 16 New Permanent Secretaries by porka: 7:07am On Mar 25
Nigerian women can claim state of origin both by birth and marriage.


Health / Re: Should China Be Made To Pay For The Aftereffect Of COVID-19 Epidemic? by porka: 11:54am On Mar 24
China should be held responsible for throwing the whole world in turmoil.

They lied and punished the doctors who raised the alarm at the very beginning of the virus spread.

Authorities in China suppressed information and hide data while the virus spreads around the world. They declined multiple offers for assistance from advanced countries at the early stage of the virus, only to come out shamefully later to attempt to blame the US military for the emergence of the virus.

China must come out to offer a public apology to the world.

Chinese authorities must be shown that becoming a global economic power is not an end in itself, it comes with responsibilities that go with utmost transparency, accountability and ethical standards that ensure adequate safeguard of human lives.

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Politics / Re: Did China Deceive The World: A Conspiracy Theory by porka: 1:43pm On Mar 21
This is myopic.

The aftermath of the so-called "tactic" is horrible for China and its economy.

First, the pandemic has exposed the humongous advantage that China enjoys in the critical supply chain, especially in the pharmaceutical industry which will never remain the same after the "war".

Americans and Europeans and others serious nations have seen the serious threat posed by allowing China to dominate the supply of drugs and other health supplies. This is a real threat that won't be allowed to continue. Response to this threat is bound to devastate China's industry.

In the same vein, the importance China to the global economy, vis a vis the capacity for disruption is only being experienced. The rest of the world will do just anything to mitigate the risks to the disadvantage of the China's economy.

If at all the "war" has any favourable outcome for the Chinese as being claimed here, it is only temporary. Efforts will be intensified to significantly reduced the vulnerability of the world's economy to a single country's internal dynamics. Ultimately, the world is going to come up with robust risk diversification systems that will take money away from China.

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Crime / Re: Meet The Man That Was Struck By Lightning Every Six Years, Even After His Death by porka: 2:04pm On Feb 25
This is the kind of fairytale that will rapidly energize the minds of we Africans.

But, did these incidents happen?

Did lightning strike Major Summerford?

Health / Re: Doctors To Begin Nationwide Strike Over Nuc’s Phd Directive by porka: 6:00pm On Feb 15
you're oblivious about medical field.
professors that take clinical students don't need to have Ph.Ds.
Residency is what they do and they become profs some years after..
Medicine is different from other professions.
Ph.Ds don't have any relevance in clinical medicine... Medicine is practical not theory.

Everybody understands that.

It is not only in the field of medicine. There was a time in Nigeria (not too long ago) when PhD is not a requirement to lecture in Nigerian universities. That was why people like Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and others lectured for years and became professors without having a PhD. Such is very highly unlikely under the current dispensation.

But things have changed. The NUC's regulation now makes PhD a requirement for all lecturers irrespective of their discipline. Perhaps the reason you are just knowing it is because they have limited the enforcement to other disciplines until now.

You should also bear in mind that other professions have their own certifications which lead to fellowships in their fields, and they are not equivalent to a PhD. For instance, a computer expert with a CPC certification or an accountant with an FCA or finance professionals with CFA cannot be said to have an equivalent of a PhD.

However, it should be emphasized that NUC should give medical doctors time to upgrade their academic qualifications if they choose to remain as lecturers.
Health / Re: Doctors To Begin Nationwide Strike Over Nuc’s Phd Directive by porka: 5:29pm On Feb 15

Medicine & other fields have evolved tremendously over the years through cutting-edge research!

PhD is founded in deep research that adds novelty to existing body of knowledge. One of the reasons the field of medicine isn't really advancing much in Nigeria is due to the paucity of research. Those who lecture medicine only recycle old notes to generations of students. No research, no new knowledge, no publications with ground breaking knowledge. This lack lustre approach can not advance the field of medicine or any field for that matter.

A PhD should be made compulsory! Not only for medics in universities but for ALL lecturers. The residency programme is not equivalent to a PhD. That argument won't fly! A PhD demonstrates rigor and novelty. There's a difference between a dissertation and a thesis. Read residency dissertations and a well-written thesis. The difference is clear! If it were same, medics in advanced countries won't go back for PhD after MD. Pick up most of the medical texts and check the qualifications of the authors. You'll often see MD, PhD. Why won't they make better docs?

They actually conduct research. They do. Most of the UI's researches that give them the ranking edge over other universities in Nigeria are from the UCH. Prof Isaac Adewole alone has hundreds.

That said.

They should be told that all their "residencies", fellowships and professional qualifications are not up to masters degree. Afterall, there are academic programmes in medicine. There are medical doctors with masters and PhDs. Dr. Sunny Kuku of the EKO Hospital has 2 PhD degrees in the field of medicine, and he also did those residencies and fellowships as well.

But since they have allowed them to get away with it for so long, if there's any need for a change, it is only rational that the NUC give them a cutoff date when the current generation is expected to produce the requisite qualifications while the new policy is applied to fresh appointments.

They need time to enrol for masters first then PhD thereafter.
Politics / Re: Fed. Perm. Sec. Busted For Working With Forged Documents. by porka: 10:32am On Feb 15
Fed. Perm. Sec. busted for working with forged documents.

By Our Correspondent Abuja. Posted February 12, 2020.

The Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offenses Commission [ICPC], has launched discrete investigation into allegations of certificate forgery, falsification of employment records and earning unmerited salaries leveled against a permanent secretary in the Federal Civil Service.

Dependable sources at the ICPC disclosed that the investigation was launched following a highly-worded petition dated February 5, 2020 from a group identified as Concerned Public Servants which alleged that the federal permanent secretary has overstayed in government by making illegal changes in his employment records.

The official, who currently serves in the ministry, has allegedly worked for several years, far beyond the retirement age of public servants, with forged academic documents and falsifying the dates of birth and engagement under the protection of a powerful godfather who allegedly shielded him from prosecution over the years.

Addressed to the Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission [ICPC], Justice Emmanuel Ayoola and signed by Alhaji Umaru Ahmed, a spokesman of the group, the petition alleged that Edet Sunday Akpan started working as a state civil servant.

He allegedly transferred his service to the Federal Government in 1999 after rising to the rank of Commissioner for Finance and Industry in Akwa Ibom State.

Records showed that the official rose in the Federal Civil Service as at 2013 to the rank of director and was later promoted to the rank of Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals despite the clear inconsistencies and missing links in his obviously forged academic credentials.

For example, the civil servant claims to possess a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Economics from the University of Calabar, a Masters of Science Honours Degree in Economics from the University of Lagos and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Ibadan among other qualifications.

However, among the array of documents he tendered periodically for employment and promotions, certificates relating to his graduation in the lower academic cadre especially the primary and secondary school grades were conspicuously missing although he claimed to have attended Qua Iboc Science Secondary School, [Etinan Institute] from 1965 to 1970, College of Education, Nicvel and the University of Lagos Akoka from where he allegedly obtained a Bachelor of Science degree between 1977 and 1980.

There has been series of complaints against the Permanent Secretary over the discrepancies in his academic qualifications, the variations in his date of birth and the date of commencing employment as an employee of the Federal Civil Service Commission from concerned citizens who expressed apprehension that a public servant has been allowed not only to work with fake documents but has allegedly prolonged his stay in office illegally by the corrupt variations of appropriate dates.

Efforts made by our correspondent to contact Edet Sunday Akpan to throw light on the allegations leveled against him were ignored and text messages dispatched to him seeking audience or a public response to the allegations against him were equally thwarted.

Find attached more details;


The sentence in boldface refers.

The reason for the inclusion of that aspect of the man's records is not clear.

Without prejudice to the claims of the accussers, no one rises to the "rank" of commissioner in any state as in the context. It is not a "rank" one attains based on promotion from the lower cadre.

The post of commissioner in the state government is purely based on politics and it is the prerogative of the governor to appoint any one he feels can be part of his government at the cabinet level (subject to the approval by the state legislators). The civil service rules do not apply to commissioners in the cabinet. They get hired and fired by the governor even on a whim.

The highest "rank" in the Nigerian civil service is the Permanent Secretary.
Politics / Re: Muslims Form Majority Of South West’s Population—muric by porka: 12:52am On Jan 29
Muslims' presence along the Railway Belt of the South West can be very misleading when compared with the entire South West population.

What MURIC and his type take for large population is perhaps the congregrants for Friday prayers in Central Mosques in the said Railway Belt. Yet, Celestial Church and C&S parishioners alone - worshipping together in a single spot in those cities - will discount all those numbers.

Again, the sound of call to prayer on loud speakers on the minarets of almost empty Mosques every morning should not be confused for actual humans.

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Politics / Re: Restructuring: South Has Majority In The Legislative House, North Is A Minority. by porka: 8:32am On Jan 27

This is basically the issue. It's like the provision that requires "spread" in presidential, governorship and local government elections. It is not enough for a candidate for the presidency to win majority of votes in the election. He must also win 2/3rd of the votes in 2/3rd of the states. This is to ensure that no single region can determine who will be president. A candidate must win in multiple regions before he can be declared the winner.

Similarly, I told people that said that Buhari was going to "Islamise" Nigeria that it was not possible under our current constitution. You would need to get the consent of 2/3rd votes of 2/3rd of the state houses of assembly and that's impossible.

The bold face refers.

The requirement according to section 133(b) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) is one-quarter (25% or 1/4 or one-fourth) of votes in 2/3 states and Abuja.

It is not 2/3rd of votes of 2/3rd states.

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Education / Re: Sidi Osho: Professor & VC At ABUAD, Then Demoted To A Dr. At OOU. Then Sacked by porka: 11:55am On Jan 23
I took time to read all the comments. I smile and at some point, shake my head given the way Nigerian youths can argue authoritatively while they are wrong and ignorant.

It is important to point out that every country has guiding principles and laws. Same goes with education in various countries. Guidelines are set. And what is applicable in the United States of America for instance, might not be the same in Nigeria. For instance, in the United States of America, a faculty member with PhD can be promoted to a full professor with just two quality publications or patent in high impact journal. They are more interested in contribution to knowledge. In Nigeria, ours is "suffer head". Suffer head in the sense that we don't regard ourselves to be competent. Hence, the system allows one to be promoted to the rank of professor not only after acquiring PhD, but must published as many articles and and be promoted through the ranks (lecturer 2, lecturer 1, Senior lecturer, and reader). Each of these ranks required three years of teaching, community service and required publications
Do you know that some universities in Nigeria more especially the new federal universities promote academics to higher ranks within two years or less?

Let me quickly point out that even in Nigeria, promotion criteria differs across Senate of Universities. It is on this note that one can be a professor in University A for instance, but on applying to University B for a position, he/she will be assessed with University B criteria and might find out that he/she deserves to be in a lower rank like Senior Lecturer not even Reader. For instance, if any academic seeks to be employed in Ibadan as a professor, he/she can best be given SL. That is not really demotion to say. It's based on Ui criteria in which you can only be a professor by growing in the system. In the same vein, a senior lecturer in UNN for instance who feels he has all it takes to be promoted to a professorial chair can approached University XYZ and if he meets its criteria, can be given.

Again let me shed some light. Some academics who are privilege to be faculty members before obtaining PhD, rose to the ranks of L1 in some Universities in Nigeria. Thanks to their publications. As soon as they obtained PhDs, they were promoted to SL. I have a good number of friends who have benefitted from the largess. I wouldn't want to mention the Universities but mostly Private universities. If they decide to seek employment in University of Ibadan for instance, the criteria is irrespective of the number of years the person has taught in University or Universities, and publications in learned journals, he/she should be given a position with reference to the year he acquired PhD. For instance the the person acquired PhD in 2018 and is seeking to be a Senior Lecturer in Ui in 2020 given twelve years of teaching and publications. Ui will offer the person L2, a position for PhD without cognate experience. If PhD was obtained in 2017, Ui will offer the fellow L1 as long as he/she can boast of 8 points in publication based on Ui assessment.

Let me stop here please.

You spoke well.
Politics / Re: Amotekun: Tinubu Faults South-West Governors & Malami by porka: 2:03pm On Jan 22

Choice of words.

Don't mind such people.

Very warped mindset.

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Politics / Re: Amotekun: Tinubu Faults South-West Governors & Malami by porka: 2:01pm On Jan 22

Why are you getting agitated? I said that the Punch newspaper that is your source did not present its report based on the full facts. The Tinubu in question has his own newspaper where he published the full report of his statement and I presented that instead. It seems you are mischievously trying to promote a narrative that is based on a your own political position if not you won't be getting angry over nothing.

What is the meaning of full facts?

Did they say what he did not say?

They picked the ones they want to use out of the epistle he wrote, what is wrong in that?


Politics / Re: Amotekun: Tinubu Faults South-West Governors & Malami by porka: 1:44pm On Jan 22
The train has left the station and has moved very far, Oga.

Your input is irrelevant at this point.

This is a LIFE and DEATH security situation which you earlier trivialized as a happenstance.

A well meaning leader stands up for his people to any form of challenge.

Nobody takes you serious anymore.

The time has passed when people were genuinely looking up to you for leadership.

Unfortunately, you failed them. Because of your ambition.

Even this long epistle is a continuation of throwing them under the bus, to please your masters.

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Politics / Re: Amotekun Solidarity Walk: Police take over Ibadan venue by porka: 12:13pm On Jan 21

In as much as we need a localized security outfit, our governors goofed by not taking this initiative through the various states' HOA first.

Sentiments apart, Amotekun as it stands today, has no legal backing anywhere - whether in states or at the national level. Such is dangerous even for us Yorubas.

Politics / Re: Amotekun Solidarity Walk: Police take over Ibadan venue by porka: 12:12pm On Jan 21
As an Omoluabi, I’m seating down on the fence on this issue

Amotekun is good and born out of necessity but it has been bastardized the moment the governors and afenifere hijacked it.
Amotekun should be centralized!! And mode of operation well organized hence...it might be a political armed tools for the governors who are seeking second terms and also the one looking for presidency and also the Shameless Elders(Odumakin Squad) who wants to capitalize on it to make money from the federal government.
We don’t want the same thing that befall the NPF to befall this sacred institution

Politics / Re: Akeredolu: I Am Not Bothered If Amotekun Will Cost Me Second Term Ambition by porka: 11:47am On Jan 21

People over power.

Good thing Arakunrin for standing up for the Yoruba nation.

History will be kind to you for protecting your people against terror and hegemonic machinations.

Those sitting on the fence don't realize that power is ephemeral.

They will soon realize that personal political ambition at all cost - at the cost of human lives - have consequences.

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Politics / Re: Farooq Kperogi: Imo Judicial Abracadabra & Illegalization Of Amotekun Are Linked by porka: 11:33am On Jan 21


this game is simple, North pushes for Presidency again dangling VP to SouthEast, then SouthWest Preaches Regional Policing, Restructuring and Resource control

In the End The North mostly the Fulani are pretty helpless on this issue.. whats the use of Presidency if we restructure and keep them poor? or if we police ourselves and checkmate all Fulani activities..

If Yoruba postulate the idea of regionalism we already have SouthSouth and Southeast to support that, and we know for sure 1/3 of Kogi (Okun land) and the whole of Kwara would join the idea... even Benue Pleatue and Taraba might consider the juicy offer


Which restructuring again?

Osinbajo: Geographical restructuring isn’t the answer to our problems


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Politics / Re: Farooq Kperogi: Imo Judicial Abracadabra & Illegalization Of Amotekun Are Linked by porka: 11:31am On Jan 21

But there is Railway in the South West now.

Plus many other big big INFRASTRUCTURE.

With those humongous CIVIL works going on in South West who needs the presidency again?


Politics / Re: FG Declares Operation Amotekun Illegal by porka: 9:13pm On Jan 14
Mr. Malami,


Under which law are they operating?
Business / Re: Abubakar Malami Revokes MTN's $2 Billion Tax Case by porka: 5:53pm On Jan 11
After destroying Nigeria's economy for five years, ehn?

This was by far the biggest signal to the global investment community that Nigeria was going back to cave economic mentality. The rest civilize business leaders had to boycott the bush for them.

Unfortunately, this was what some of their robotic wishful thinking worshippers said would give them their budget funds that year. They proclaimed "owo budget wa ti pe" very foolishly and ignorantly to their fellow ignoramuses.

Now, after destroying everything and discouraging foreigners from bringing their money for investment, even the ones made by Nigerian investors inside Nigeria are going to be shipped abroad in a signal to total lack of confidence in the economic management such as was announced by Dangote this week.
Crime / Re: How I Helped Robbers In Foiled Abuja Bank Robbery- Bank Staff by porka: 9:10am On Jan 02
On normal situations, we have sat down to have drinks. We discussed football, family and how to move forward. He is a barman

A barman?
Politics / Re: Re: Obasanjo Gets External Debt Figures Wrong - APC Is Misquoting Obasanjo by porka: 10:17am On Dec 30, 2019
That Obasanjo cleared Nigeria's external debt - accumulated by successive governments - as president is not in doubt, though.

The whole wolrd knows that.
Politics / Re: IMF Ranks Nigeria Number 6 On Countries With Best GDP Growth Of 2019 by porka: 7:16pm On Dec 26, 2019
Thank God o, at least we still hear one good news this month, am tired of bad news.

This is fake news.

It is one of the fakest news on the internet right now.

Nigeria's GDP growth is actually among the poorest in the world this year, 2019.

They need to peddle fake news to cover for the bad public image of the past week.

Here is the main IMF source.


Check for yourself.


Politics / Re: IMF Ranks Nigeria Number 6 On Countries With Best GDP Growth Of 2019 by porka: 6:55pm On Dec 26, 2019

This hatred and bitterness that your parents planted in you will choke you to death if you don't vomit it. Are you cursed with bad news? Why does good news makes you feel dizzy?

Do you mean fake news?

Well, psychiatrists are still debating how to classify people who are in love with fake news like you.

When they are done, the world would know what to call your condition.


Politics / Re: IMF Ranks Nigeria Number 6 On Countries With Best GDP Growth Of 2019 by porka: 4:35pm On Dec 26, 2019
You are ignorant.

This is fake news.

IMF did no such ranking. Nigeria is not even in the 90th position.

Ethiopia's 2019 GDP growth (projection for now) is 7.4%. Ghana is 7.5% Even Niger is almost three times that of Nigeria at 6.3%.

The Twitter source you quoted ignorantly only compares selected countries' data. It doesn't rank them.

Check the full list on the IMF site by yourself.


When you read and you don't understand what you have read, make more findings. Don't just rush to expose your level of ignorance to people who are hitherto not aware of it.

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