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Politics / Re: Certificate Forgery: Two Professors Tender Exhibits Against Gov Obaseki by porka: 2:37am On Jan 07
Two University Professors who graduated at the University of Ibadan along with the Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, Emmanuel Dele Balogun and Maikano Asekomhe have testified against him.

The Professors tendered exhibits, which include their original Degree Certificates to court.

Obaseki is in court defending an alleged certificate forgery suit instituted against him by his former political party, the All Progressives Congress APC.
The Professors, who graduated at the University of Ibadan along with the Governor, submitted the certificates for the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja to compare and contrast in order to arrive at a just conclusion in the suit.

While Balogun graduated from the Agricultural Economics Department in 1979, the same year Obaseki claimed to have also graduated, Asekomhe graduated
studied Banking and Finance in the same school and graduated in 1978

Banking & Finance in UI?
In 1978?
The claim itself needs thorough investigation.
Politics / Re: Which Parts Of The North Are Christian - Dominated? by porka: 6:36pm On Dec 15, 2020

will you keep quiet?

98% of voters in Kwara State are indigenous people (the other 2% is even negligible)

non-indigenes usually go back to their home state to vote since they registered in their home state, is this even a rocket science?

and this happens in other states too except states like Lagos, FCT and some other states.

Voters are adviced to register in their hometown because it's gives their hometown opportunities, I mean having large number of voters give their hometown some special status.
and that's why some towns do organize free transportation for their people living outside during voters registration.

shut up and stop quoting me.. this is what every SENSIBLE person should know.

No matter what is done, a local folk will remain local. You were offered a life-line to modify the nonsense you wrote but you doubled-down instead.

Is it conceivable that any smart person would claim that only indigenous people vote in any jurisdiction and even refer to that as "science" in December 2020?

Why then do politicians all over the country (including Kwara State) reachout to different settler communities in their domain to canvass for their votes?

If they all settlers travel to their villages and home states as your "science" taught you, who do politicians go to see for support during elections?

Do you know what intelligent people do? They refrain from throwing figures and percentages everywhere without anything to back them up otherwise they are seen as charlatans or quacks.

Except it is something everyone can verify or a survey you conducted or participated in (which, of course, should be in public domain) it makes more sense not to make bogus claims like you doing here.

In the absence of a scientific survey or a census (headcount), demography is difficult to ascertain. All the percentage you have been dishing out here amount to mere assumptions or wishful thinking or falsehood.

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Politics / Re: Which Parts Of The North Are Christian - Dominated? by porka: 9:38am On Dec 15, 2020

I was talking about Indigenous people only, there is no doubt that Ilorin is a Cosmopolitan city with hundreds of thousands of people from Kogi, Kwara South, Ibos e.t.c...

In Kwara non- indeginous people don't vote, they used to travel back to their hometown/state to vote.
Now if we use the number of registered voters in each local government to judge the population, the three Ilorin LGA are the top three (massively), Saraki wasn't actually wrong when he said his adugbo vote(I exaggerated when I said polling Booth) is far more than a certain LGA (Ekiti, Isin and Oke-Ero), he did said that.
And if we look at it very well, He wasn't wrong, looking at the massive registered voters in Ilorin west (Saraki LGA), it's possible for Agbaji to pull more voters than one of (Isin, Ekiti and Oke-Ero)
You can Google the number of registered voters in each lga.

NOW BACK TO THE SUBJECT UNDER DISCUSS (though I don't want to discuss this further)
KWARA CENTRAL : which constitutes 30-40% of the whole state population should be at least 95% Muslims (throughout my stay in Ilorin, I never meet and indigene that practice Christianity, I'm being fair with 5% I gave Christians, actually it should be 98% Muslims, from my own experience)

Offa is majority muslims(massively)

Ifelodun too is majority Muslims

Irepodun looks like 50/50 or slightly Muslims majority.

the above three are the largest and the most populous LGA in Kwara South out of 7.
If you are coming Southward from Ilorin, it's when you get to OKEONIGBIN in Isin that you will start seeing Christians dominated towns, from OKEONIGBIN downward are smaller towns and villages except OMU-ARAN(Irepodun LGA)
OMU-ARAN that I know very is like 50/50

Now back to OMU-ARAN (and Irepodun), omu Aran is cosmopolitan with influx of people from nearby small villages like (Oko, Aran orin, eleyin, Roore, Olla, e.t.c), these smaller villages are Christians dominated but very small in population.

Irepodun looks like 50/50, in Irepodun, bigger towns like Oro, Ajase-ipo are Muslim dominated, while smaller villages are Christian dominated.

Next LGA is Oke-Ero, Iloffa which is the biggest is 50/50 (I personally know this place) but other towns like Odo-owa, Ayedun, Ekan, Idofin with massive Christian population will set Oke-Ero at 80%/20% in favour of Christians.

Ekiti has the same pattern with Oke-Ero, the biggest town, Osi is muslim dominated and the rest villages are massively Christians 80% Christians with Oke-Ero.

Offa+Ifelodun will surely cancel Isin+Oke-Ero+Ekiti (while Irepodun will remain neutral)

OYUN LGA is what I don't have an idea, but it's also small and very close offa, I believe it should be 50/50, Offa should have an influence on this LGA, even most people don't know the difference between Offa and Ijagbo.

KWARA SOUTH AT BEST IS 50/50 or slightly Muslim majority (judging by the analysis in the last two paragraphs)

Hence I wasn't wrong when I said the Yorubas (Kwara central and Kwara South) are 70% muslims, 30% Christians, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ADD MORO(the other Yoruba LGA in Kwara north) Moro is majority Muslims and will surely cancel Oyun (that I said I don't have an idea about)

70%-30% in favour of Muslims looks fair.

Now since we all agree that Kwara north is Majority Muslims, won't that reduce everything? Kwara north will reduce Christians to like 20-25% at best.

Last, Mr Nowenuse, I'm not a Muslim, I have no reason to deny my faith.

Ogbeni, you have been making many bogus assertions but this one in boldface is the worst. No educated person should type that.

Just remove that one immediately or modify ASAP.
Politics / Re: The 1999 Constitution Is Nigeria’s Greatest Misadventure Since 1914 -Bisi Akande by porka: 5:26pm On Dec 13, 2020
But, Baba Akande, you made your socalled "gentleman agreement" with Buhari under the same constitution nau.
Foreign Affairs / Re: William Barr: No Evidence Of Widespread Voter Fraud Yet by porka: 7:53am On Dec 02, 2020
It's now about widespread voter fraud.

Didn't they claim earlier that there wasn't any voter fraud at all?

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Education / Re: Adeola Babatunde Ekanola Emerges New Uinversity Of Ibadan's Acting VC by porka: 6:27pm On Nov 30, 2020

I like the traditions of those premier universities where they don't allow students from another university to be their VCs and DVCs. UI and OAU still maintain this tradition.

Pls what's the academic field of this prof.?

Do you mean alumni of other universities?

Students don't become Vice Chancellors in UI and OAU or anywhere for that matter..

Vice Chancellors must be university lecturers who must have been appointed to the rank of professor for minimum of 10 years (7 years in some cases).

There's hardly a way a student will stand any chance with such high requirements.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Nigeria Officially Slides Into Worst Recession Since 1987 by porka: 4:56am On Nov 22, 2020
The recession is inevitable. It is a direct result of COVID-19 and nothing else. All major countries in the world are also in recession as a result of the pandemic. Hopefully, we will record a positive GDP growth during the 4th quarter of 2020.

What's with this "all major countries" comparison? Is it not also true that "major economies" are paying their citizens every week/month to cushion the effects of the pandemic?

And what exactly are you basing your hope of recovery in Q4 2020 on? Where is the recovery plan? Can you share with Nigerians?

The FAO recently sounded an alarm that Nigeria and 3 other countries are on the verge of plunging to extreme famine "of biblical proportions" in 2021. No mention was made of any "major countries" in the prediction.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Nigeria Officially Slides Into Worst Recession Since 1987 by porka: 4:30am On Nov 22, 2020
The government would have to find a way to swallow the humble pie.

Everything they have tried so far has just refused to work.

Debt has not worked. Multiple creditors are now worried about lending the country money that they are inserting bizzare clauses to safeguard their positions.

Oil revenue is dipping. Tax is more of a mirage than reality. Customs is even thinking of concessioning their duties to foreigners. The DG Budget Office is worried that multiple MDAs would be unable to meet up with salary obligations in November and December.

Everything has been tried. All has failed.

It's not too late to trace steps back. It is not difficult.

1) Take security seriously. The country is too dangerously insecure right now. Effect personnel changes. The current people have tried their best. Their best is not adequate. Get some fresh people who have something to prove: those who have people (Nigerians) to impress.

2) Prioritize FDI again. All countries are looking for FDI. Stop scaring investors away from Nigeria. Ensure their activities are properly regulated. Leave business dealings to the courts - for the rule of law.

3) Open the land borders. Nothing has been achieved so far; except impoverished merchants at Idumota and Daleko markets who are getting more agitated.

4) Modify TSA. It's effect on corruption is marginal, at best. It has only centralized corruption. There wouldn't have been any need to start "scavenging" for funds in dormant bank accounts and unclaimed dividends if TSA had had any magical impact.

5) Support REAL agriculture, don't waste money on political crops, like rice, alone. Support national cash and food crops and livestock, not ethnocentric normadic initiatives.

6) Headhunt successful Nigerian economic and financial experts across the globe to come and assist.

7) Reduce attention on winning election at all cost.
Politics / Re: Arabic Script On Naira Notes: Culture Clash Over Nigeria's Rival Alphabets by porka: 5:26am On Nov 15, 2020
Arabic numerals are the ten digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

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Politics / Re: Ahmed Lawan: Another Protest Looms If Unemployment Persists by porka: 6:11am On Nov 10, 2020
It's not even unemployments.

It's HUNGER, first.

FAO listed Nigeria among Yemen, South Sudan and 1 other to experience famine in coming months.

Didn't you people see how Nigerians were scrambling for food at COVID palliative warehouses across the country?

Didn't you notice how security men participated in the food "looting" too?

It is time to reopen the borders and let Nigerians eat food. The policy has failed. It has caused more harm than any good intended.

Use the energy being deployed to policing social media to look for food for Nigerians to eat.


Politics / Re: 4 Ways Joe Biden As United States President Will Affect Nigeria by porka: 1:54am On Nov 06, 2020
Joe Biden's policy against hydrocarbons in favour of green energy will have devastating effects on the Nigerian economy. The IOCs will be severely disincentivized to make investments in exploration in new fields. With no income from oil sales, governments will be unable to fuffil their financial obligations as and when due. This will lead to increase in poverty. Poverty and hunger will lead to more social unrests.

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Politics / Re: I want to bet on a trump win by porka: 11:02pm On Nov 01, 2020

Pls take a chill pill,
I wrote about my personal opinion/observations on who is gonna win the election & also try to correct some popular misconceptions on polls among other things.
I am nt an American nor am a Democrat or Republican.
Beside, you sounds as if all the polls are partisan. There are lot of non-partisan/neutral Pollsters. Your beloved Fox News released their poll some days back & has Trump trailing Biden.
So is Fox News now also fake news or leftist media to you?
Not everything is an attack.
If you have contrary opinion/observations, set it out.

Your "personal opinion/observations on whose gonna win the election" is not based on any objective premise. It's heavily tainted with blatant unfounded allegation of a particular candidate cheating.

Beside, you sounds as if all the polls are partisan.

You should learn to read very well. It will save you serious avoidable embarrassments. There's no where in the post you quoted where anything "sounds as if ALL the polls are partisan." As a matter of fact, my first statement in that post already takes care of such "sounds".

And no, you didn't correct any popular misconception. What you did was reinforce a totally irrelevant myth about 2016 polls being accurate on popular votes, whereas such narrative is nonsense. Such is the BS people write on Quora every time. Nairaland is diifferent from Quora.

The polls simply predicted Hillary Clinton winning by a landslide in 2016 and become the president. Since Hillary Clinton didn't win and did not become the president it means that the polls were wrong. Spinning the failure around her winning the national popular votes and losing the electoral college votes is not correcting any misconceptions, it's denying the reality.

Polls said she would be the president. Actual election results showed she failed woefully - 227 votes against Trump's 307 electoral college votes is a woeful performance. She didn't become the president, therefore polls failed. As simple as A B C. If you are now saying that the polls were right on the national popular votes then the polls are useless because the national popular votes are useless without the electoral college votes.

No one contests presidential election in America just to win the national popular votes and leaving the important votes that actually make him or her the president. What American presidential candidates do is to seek a path to 270 electoral college votes that will make them president.

Mr Man, Fox News is not the most conservative news outlet in America. If you ever think that Fox News is the "beloved" of anyone who opposes liberal agenda, then you have a long way to go.

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Politics / Re: I want to bet on a trump win by porka: 5:54pm On Nov 01, 2020
He will win with a very tiny margin against Biden; although most blacks over there do not feel the same; especially black immigrants...Blacks generally anyway. They're very confident that they will bid him goodbye.

The democrat party makes a public show of owning the blacks. They genuinely believe that blacks cannot think for themselves.

But times are changing, though.

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Politics / Re: I want to bet on a trump win by porka: 5:45pm On Nov 01, 2020
Polls are nt exact science. What many people don't know or look at for is that every poll has a margin of error. It maybe ± 2% or more.
About 2016,polls didn't exactly failed in 2016. The problem was that Clinton's lead percentage dropped nationally & in key swing States very close to election allowing rooms for the margin of errors And Trump chances of winning was underestimated/underrated. For example , few weeks to the election Clinton's national lead was 4% in some national polls bt narrowed/lowered closer to the election. She still won the popular votes bt lost the Electoral College votes.
That's why Biden is nt playing with those swing & battle ground States. And his high percentage lead nationally & in some swing States allows him to withstand the margin of error in the polls.
Barring a last minute miracle for trump or foulplay i think Biden will likely win the election. He has learnt from Clinton's mistakes & arrogance.

If polls are used correctly, they can serve as a guide for the candidates or stakeholders. They could point to areas they need to work hard and those they need to maintain. Besides that, polls can be used for the purpose of influencing the outcome of an event without necessarily reflecting the proper perspectives of the population. That seems to be the sole reason of the polls from the most leftist arm of the western media organized polls. They are not to find any science or art or anything but simply to make supporters of their opponents feel depressed and resign to fate.

Unfortunately, the traditional liberal media don't understand that the social media has eroded their power of influence in the most significant ways. They are still in denial - still assuming that those 1980s 1990s society's reliance on their platforms for information and direction still works. It is the reason they failed totally to achieve their First Female President agenda in 2016. It is also the reason they failed to stop the British from leaving the EU.

The idea of national popular votes is useless in American presidential elections. It is the media that keep talking about it and elevate it to an important position. It's so useless that no one should waste his time on putting any emphasis on it.

The media might be emphasizing it to assist Hilary Clinton psychologically, to help her manage her failed ambition, so she wont go and harm herself. If it was useful for anything, she would have been the president. As things are, she can't even use it for the least political position. Her socalled national popular votes were mostly from few liberal states with large population.

The most important thing in the American presidential election is the elecloral colllege. 538 electoral college votes are at stake. Half of that is 269, which means the winner must have at least 270 (269 + 1) votes out of that number. That's what matters.

Each state is allotted electoral college votes equal to the number of their congressmen and senators. Among the reasons the electoral college system was designed is to avoid the stupidity of claiming political legitimacy due to votes from an assemblage of people in few big states. In other words, few big states should not be in the position to always dictate to smaller states who to select as president.

What exact lessons has Biden learnt from the 2016 election? Is it that he can openly threaten to destroy the source of people's livelihood in important energy (oil and gas) states and still expects them to vote for him? Or that he can rely on few media personnel and journalists (who are only read or watched by the elites) to tell him that he would win because Americans 'hate' his opponent? Didn't they say he would win if he just stayed in his basement? Why is he coming out now and running helter skelter?

You are probably one of the people already trying to establish a cover up for failure even before the actual failure occurs. When Donald Trump was victorious the last time, you people peddled the Russian collusion theory for years before reality set in.

You don't even want to wait for the declaration this time before you make unsubstantiated allegations of cheating. So who is it going to be this time? Russians again?
Politics / Re: Fact Check On American Citizen Recused By American Soldiers. by porka: 4:11pm On Nov 01, 2020
This is a very useless post.

The hostage was not rescued in NIGER.

The American hostage, Philip Walton, 27, was rescued in Northern Nigeria.

The US SEAL Team Six conducted a daring rescue operation that killed six of his 7 abductors inside Nigeria's territory.

He was kidnapped in his home in Niger and taken down across the border into Nigeria.

The most important narrative should be why it is so easy for cross border crimes in Nigeria.

It should be about why Nigeria is found safer than Niger for terrorists to keep their victims.

That's what should be of utmost concern to any intelligent Nigerian and not the irrelevant thing of who gave the order or who claimed the victory.


Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu To Gani Adams: Amotekun, Get Your Facts Right by porka: 5:53pm On Oct 27, 2020

Well if either Gani, "one of the greatest leaders in Yoruba land" or you cannot do a google search, it's then a pity

But do you know the difference between PASSED INTO LAW



Why not take your own advise and "google search" the difference?

For your education and those other ignorant or those paid to muddle issues, bills are PASSED INTO LAW by the legislature. Thereafter, the legislature sends the passed bill to the executive (the governor or president) for assent - that's when they are SIGNED INTO LAW. That's when they become law.

Adams actually used the word SIGNED but the link you provided is saying PASSED INTO LAW by the LAHA.

Even the response from the commissioner didn't provide any proof that the bill was SIGNED as he claimed.

Is it that you are deliberately distorting information or you don't know your right from your left?.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Economy Unstable, Directionless Under Buhari, Says Economic Society by porka: 10:06am On Oct 07, 2020
ATTENTION: Mr Garba Shehu

The National Economic Management Team (NEMT)

is different from

The Presidential Economic Advisory Council (PEAC)

Very different.
Politics / Re: American Blasts Nigerian Uber Driver For Hating On Trump, Calls Nigeria “trash” by porka: 4:22am On Oct 05, 2020

I have a big problem with toilet wipes like you. When bugs like you come to the United States, you never vote Republican. You know instantly that the democrats are your friends. It is the democrats that try to help immigrants float along until they can obtain permanent residence or citizenship. It is the democrats that pursue legislation that fosters equality, that targets immigrant-households and alerts them that the government recognizes them. When you are poor, hopeless, and downtrodden in America, it is the Democrats who look out for you and give you hope. The Republicans are all about conservatism, whose definition seems to loosen or tighten depending on what their present leaders are up to.

It is only JEALOUSY, IGNORANCE and SCHADENFREUDE that cause Nigerians to support Trump and his mean immigrant policies, over the Nigerian, Kenyan, Mexican, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Polish, and other immigrants in the US. You're jealous because your life is FC.UKED up in Nigeria and you can't stand the fact that other Nigerians, like you, have escaped the vicious cycle of poverty and disease in Nigeria. How can any right thinking Nigerian support Trump? Trump who treats people who look like you like sh.it. Dem swear for you ni? Onye iberibe.

You're suffering from cognitive dissonance.

Calm down. Immigration is a very volatile issue. Even Nigerians are complaining about uncontrolled immigration from other countries into their country. It is normal.

The most liberal countries in Europe are finding out in a hard way that massive influx of migrants can be detrimental to the economy. Sweden just recently discovered that they made a huge mistake in taking up many migrants in 2015. There have been reported increase in violence and physical attacks since 2015.

The democrat party in America doesn't just 'assist' immigrants with their papers because of God. In fact they deny the knowledge of God on many fronts. They are inclined to "help" migrants for economic purpose - for their own bottom line - they use them to suppress wages knowing fully well that economic refugees will easily accept 'slave wages' giving their perilous economic conditions in their home countries. The relationship between the democrats party and the immigrants they purport to help is an advanced slave and slave owner relationship. They only try to use the media to burnish their own image. They also use them to shore up votes knowing that many migrants will be receptive to socialism ideas.

As you would have noticed, a very large number of people who vote republicans are more economically stable and would likely resist economic disruptions which excessive immigration can cause. They see democrats run cities (especially those so - called sanctuary cities) infested with crimes and squalor and adversity and misery, and they shudder at the thought of their communities turning into such. It would be foolish of any human being to put his own survival in jeopardy just to be seen to be welcoming to strangers. It is against the of nature. It is better to structure immigration.

For the avoidance of all doubts, the republican party (and in particular President Donald Trump) doesn't hate immigrants. They only want legal immigration. They are more likely to offer a decent wage to a qualified medical doctor or a skilled plumber from Nigeria if they come to America legally. If you sample these set of people, you will be surprised that there are many who support the republican party. Donald Trump himself has expressed his preference for a point based immigration system that encourages highly skilled migrants as against those who may be more of liability and weigh down their food stamps and infrastructure. Nigerians are more likely to be acknowledged as well educated and hardworking professionals by republicans and more likely to be seen as a threat by the democrats voting blacks.

If you do your findings very well, many Nigerians were indifferent to the political ideology of the United States at best until Barack Obama introduced his homosexuality mission as a foreign policy and employing the coercive powers of the United States government to try and railroad everyone to accept his subculture. By doing that, he inadvertently demarketed his party as most African holds conservative views on such social issues. The influence of the American Evangelical Christians on Africa is very strong, therefore, many have a very poor view of the democrats party.

As per your assertion that JEALOUSY, IGNORANCE and SCHADENFREUDE driving the love for Trump by Nigerians, it's very obvious you don't know what you are talking about. Perhaps you don't know that it is not all Nigerians that envy the lives of a refugee in America. Nigerians are rather feeling pity for you guys who have overstayed your visas and are only hanging on the benevolence of the immigration officers to prevent deportation. Many people would love to take advantage of legal and straightforward uncomplicated migration routes than plunging their lives into uncertainties that is not seen to be beneficial to more than few people due to luck.

Rest assured though, and inform your other colleagues (undocumented immigrants) that no matter who wins on November 3, majority of you guys will still be absorbed into the society. You are already there. They have already expended some resources on you, so it doesn't make sense to deport you enmasse.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye: Restructure Or Risk Breakup Of Nigeria by porka: 6:13pm On Oct 03, 2020
Lebanon is already practices something very close to this proposed model. And what is the situation there right now?

The choice for Nigeria is between; 1) the practice of real democracy where leaders are rewarded for good performance with additional terms or purnished for poor performance with rejection at the polls. This is the best option and leads to tremendous progress within the shortest possible time. Democracy will take Nigeria very far. If leaders are shown that they can quickly become liabilities and discarded by the people, things will really shape out very quickly. Many people think this is not possible, but it is actually possible.

2) Succumbed to fascism, where the 'leader' is the supreme and lord of his subjects. He uses religion or quasi irreligious platitudes to intimidate them and shut them up while showing the world that he is doing aesthetics (flowers planted, and other useless stuffs without any tangible benefits to human life) that may not last the test of time. This option is popular within a particular religious circle and those who always tout Rwanda as example. This option is particularly fascinating for some Nigerians who really believe that a form of dictatorial leadership is the best for them. When you point them to the brutal military dictatorships in the past, they seem not able to reconcile their hypotheses.

3) The last choice is the break-up option. It is the most painful choice and most unpopular among the 'peaceful' citizens. Majority feels a break-up is not achievable without bloodshed. While many break-ups have been very bloody, there are many examples for guidance. The recent Brexit is a very good example of how to achieve seperation without firing a single shot. Some will argue that the situation is different and those who are involved are more mature. But they failed to realize that Nigeria's independence was painstakingly negotiated with the British by Nigerians themselves without any physical uprising like many other countries in Africa. It was a divorce. It was a separation. And it was peacefully done. If we can achieve that more than 60 years ago, nothing says negotiations can't be done better now.

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Politics / Re: To Boost Revenues, FG Posts Treasurers To MDAs by porka: 3:57pm On Sep 25, 2020

As you don't have sense 4k u
People where commenting based on TSA, which has nothing to do with the subject l missed only one alphabet and you are comparing me to them.
You don't have sense, once again 4k u

The question is legitimate - within the context of the report. Does it mean the TSA has failed?

You had an opportunity to answer the question if at all you have any idea - whether or not the deployment of Treasurers to physically monitor revenue inflows in MDAs signify the failure of TSA.

But you chose to broadcast your poor education to the worldwide audience.

TSA means Treasury Single Account. It is the federal government account domiciled in the CBN into which all revenues of the federal government are to be deposited electronically - in theory. Every revenue item is to be paid into it [via REMITA] in the commercial banks or online. Your JAMB form purchase and other payments to government are supposed to go into that account. The claim was that government officials would have access to the real time balance - and other details - of the revenue inflows at the click of a button.

Given the above, why are Treasurers being deployed to MDAs again to monitor the same revenue that are supposed to be paid directly into government accounts electronically without interference? Does that mean the TSA is not able to do what they claimed it is doing? Is it overhyped? Is there a foul play?

Do you understand now?

Next time when you question someone's ability to read make sure your writing ability is not in question in order to avoid this type of embarrassment that has already battered your self-esteem.

By the way, the word you used above [in bold] is not where, it is were... look them up and note the difference, henceforth.

People were... it is not people where...
Politics / Re: To Boost Revenues, FG Posts Treasurers To MDAs by porka: 10:46am On Sep 25, 2020

Mugu you should have known it was a typo meant to be treasurers

So, how dare you make a comment on someone's understanding ability when you can't express yourself in a single sentence without a 'typo'? Just one sentence!
Politics / Re: To Boost Revenues, FG Posts Treasurers To MDAs by porka: 11:51pm On Sep 24, 2020
is it that Nigerians can't read or that Nigerians don't want to read I just don't understand the comments I'm reading on this page what has treasures got to do with treasury single account

You, sir, do not understand what you are writing.

Where did you see your own treasures?
Politics / Re: *the Coming Generation Of Nigeria Scares Me... Real Hard!" by porka: 1:10pm On Sep 24, 2020
There is always the temptation of assuming that the older generations were well trained while the current one is in danger. Closely related to this is the notion that people of a certain generation read a lot of books, therefore, they are better than the current one. These are mere hypotheses.

The world has always been the same. Some youths have always been wayward while many have always been conscious of future - that's part of human development. There are many people in your generation who cannot string together a sentence in English language without a mistake. Many! And they are in leadership positions. That man in the national assembly who speaks horrible English is not in his 20s. He is part of your generation. In fact there are many more like him there. Some in your generation also have been convicted of crimes.

Youths have always been youths. Majority of the people in the world do not have political ambition. Human beings have always focused on money and pleasure. Majority of the musicians in your generation ran away from school as well. Some of them became successful in their crafts.

There's no significant advantage of your generation over the current one. A lot of them are doing very well. Don't ever make the mistake of equating reading James Hardley Chase with making progress. You merely read them for your entertainment purpose. That was what was in vogue at that time. Moreover, the knowledge of James Hadley Chase may not be suitable for the current challenges. In terms of word count per day, the current youths also read thousands and thousands words everyday on various content providing platforms.

Even more worthy of note are the excellent performances recorded by the same youths in various national and international assessments beyond the comprehension of your generation. Instead of acknowledging this glaring fact of life, your generation has attempted to downplay or even denigrate it by arguing that some [undefined] standards are somehow lower than your time. Yet, exams that looked so insurmountable in your days are regularly being trounced by current youths.

These days, youths are focused on other productive things aside reading for pleasure. You will find a typical 12 or 13 year old girl/boy already versed in coding and AI skills, which were not even within the imagination of your generation. Many 25 year olds have started their own business and trying to cope with little or no assistance. Youths of today are more independent than your generation and more likely to succeed than your generation in many ways (not only in spoken English).

Even in politics, where it seems the law has been deliberately employed to shut them out, they haven't fared as badly as being assumed. A look at state level appointments and some federal appointments will reveal that youths are not totally unrepresented. They may be underrepresented but they have also taken it upon themselves to remove obstacles limiting their participation - like the age limits.

While it is a good thing to be concerned about perceived or real moral decadence in the society, there should be a conscious effort to situate that fear within contexts and not to generalise. Population is one very important factor to consider when looking at some of these things.


Politics / Re: The First Communist Take Over - Joeseph's Egypt by porka: 1:49am On Sep 24, 2020

Egypt is a desert..

It is constantly experiencing drought.

The lush banks of the Nile is what sustains it

Joeseph used climate scare tactics to cause a regional famine by telling Pharoah to hoarde food exports.

Same thing that is ongoing now with China buying up all the world's food reserves.

By January there will be a global famine caused by this same man made scarcity .

That is when your Messiah who wants to replace your immune system with his vaccine will roll out his Monsanto GM crops as the only solution to end farming.

These are conjectures. Anyone can come up with any theory based on one assumption or another.

My intervention is limited to your link of the Bible with communism. I believe that has been successfully debunked.
Politics / Re: The First Communist Take Over - Joeseph's Egypt by porka: 1:34am On Sep 24, 2020

There is no mention of war or a blockadw during the 7yrs of scarcity.

If Egypt , as you presume was under a blockade or seige why then were refugees streaming into it ?

We know it is the height of the famine that Jacob told his sons to go to Egypt. Will that be possible if Egypt was under seige?

And we know that the levant especially Canaan land which was where Jacob settled was only good for rearing goats and not farming.

Joeseph's forced collectivism and food grabbing was what led to severe famine outside Egypt. We know this because Jacob specifically ordered his sons to go to Egypt to buy grains. That means Egypt had enough food but wasn't exporting rather Egypt was hoarding food and not exporting it

You said drought earlier, though.

I never presumed any blockade. I stated other possible causes of famine apart from drought which you based your theory on. I mentioned pests and crop diseases as well. There are several things that can cause famine.

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Politics / Re: The First Communist Take Over - Joeseph's Egypt by porka: 1:05am On Sep 24, 2020
Manufacture a catastrophic threat be it a pandemic, drought, climate change or war and you have your perfect excuse to effect a Heggelian Dialectic take-over.

The case of Joeseph is the earliest recorded Communist take over of a Nation citing an imaginery threat.

By way of dream interpretation pandering to the superstition of the Pharaoh, Joeseph was able to institute a drastic shift in the ancient Egyptian society.

Grain seizures where instituted for 7yrs straight - a classic hallmark of a Communist take over. This would surely have had an adverse effect on the Egyptian economy as grain prices would have risen astronaumically and factoring that Egypt was a major food exporter in the region and up to the Levante, this would surely have affected the wider economy.

But was there a drought as recorded in the Hebrew Bible?

To answer this you first have to know Egypt is usually described by meteorologists as a place with no weather but only climate. The rich banks of the Nile was the first place where artificial irrigation was developed. Ancient Egyptian agarian practices where never dependent on rain-fed irrigation rather the egyptians diverted the Nile by digging ditches to irrigate their fields. This system of irrigation ensured a near year long planting season which made Egypt the food basket of the then known world up till the Roman times. So even if there was to be a drought it would have had to be a significant drop in the Nile level owimg to significant failure of rains in the Ethiopian high grounds but this has never happened in the entire recorded history of the Nile.

So with a fake science like clinate change which same Jews are using today with their Jewish brat, Greta ThurnBERG to alter society, Joeseph was able to impoverish the masses of Egypt with heavy grain tax, drastically cut earnings from exports as that would have been banned, which summarily led to a drastic shortfall in grain supply in the Levante and surtondings thereby enforcing the drought myth.

At the end, Pharaoh became the most powerful man in the region as he used the grain blockade to drive his own diplomatic agenda and expansion in the region. As for Joeseph, he became head of the Silos and had power to deny or grant any one access to the king's grain.

Joeseph will later use his position to get his siblings to be settled comfortably in Egypt.

But, the Bible did not mention DROUGHT in the referenced passage. What it says is FAMINE. Genesis 41: 33 - 36 talks about the period of abundance and period of famine.

Famine and drought are not the same. Famine means 'extreme and general lack of food' in an area while drought means 'prolonged shortages in water supply' Even though drought can cause famine as your story suggests, but not all famine are caused by drought.

Famine can as well be caused by military blockade, poor harvests as a result pests and diseases, over-cultivation of land etc.

What Joseph did was a prudent management of opportunity and threat. It's like any modern economists would do. For instance, an expert could use data to project a glut in the oil market in the next 3 to 4 years which could lead the economic recession and then advise an oil producing sovereign to have enough savings or to consider raising some taxes at present in order to have a buffer to mitigate the threats of an anticipated massive revenue loss in the future.

In Joseph's case he employed the power of the dream.

Communism is not compatible with the Bible. The only passages referred to in the Bible by Marxists are Acts 2: 42-48; 4: 32-35. These was immediately after the resurrection of Jesus Christ when the disciples were still all together and needed to make arrangemets for the upkeep of the congregation. Even so, it was more of a voluntary arrangement, no one was forced, they were only encouraged to be truthful to the Holy Spirit. No one took anything from anyone by force. The case of Ananias and his wife was a conspiracy to keep a portion of their belongings for themselves and lie about it, which was absolutely unnecessary because they could have kept all if they had wanted and simply declare that they don't feel like donating to the common purse.

Climate change 'science' and alleged agenda are well discussed but they are not related to Joseph's dreams as you are attempting to link them.

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Politics / Re: To Boost Revenues, FG Posts Treasurers To MDAs by porka: 11:01pm On Sep 23, 2020
Does it mean that the Treasury Single Account (TSA) has failed?

They said every revenue goes into that account, what went wrong?

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Politics / Re: FG Takes Over Revenue Management Of NNPC, Customs, FIRS, NCC, Others by porka: 9:01pm On Sep 22, 2020
Does it mean that the socalled TSA has failed?
Politics / Re: APC Concedes Defeat, Congratulates Obaseki, Admits Edo Election Free, Fair by porka: 8:59am On Sep 22, 2020
Given the initial press release by the their national publicity sec-Yekini Nabena that the Edo election was marked by electoral irregularities, this still proves that the APC have no iota of integrity, lack cohesion as a band of chronic liars, scammers and anti-democratic people.

The eventual turnout of the Edo election really dazed these wicked people that have set the worst standard for any but good governance.So that initial denial stage of grief was too much for them to handle.

Was Yekini Nabena not a member of Oshiomole's NWC that was sacked? Why is he still regarding himself as the National Publicity Secretary? How did he get the position when the party itself only has a Caretaker Committee?

Both Nabena and Isa-Onilu still see themselves occupying the previous positions. Are they members of the Caretaker Committee? Or where did they derive the authority? Are they still legally occupying those positions? And why should the media continue to indulge them by taking what they say as official?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Cancer: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG, Dies At 87 by porka: 7:10am On Sep 19, 2020
Condolence to her family.

This clearly shows that human beings have no power over life.

This woman held on to her seat tenaciously in defiance of nature.

She refused to resign to go take care of her failing health, earnestly supported by her ultra liberal/left-wing supporters in the media and especially in the democrat party.

In spite of multiple life threatening surgeries, she refused to quit, she played politics with her own life throughout, believing that the republicans would nominate a hard conservative to replace her.

It is worth noting that there was no call for her to resign because of her failing health and her advanced age from any of the usually WOKE section of the media and the new age movement. Nobody thought it fit to advise her to take a bow after serving her country meritoriously for decades.

Imagine if it was the other side of the divide. Extremely partisan pundits and so-called experts from the left would have been hosted many times by the leftist media like CNN and others to pile pressure on her to resign. There would have been hundreds, if not thousands, of Op Ed and editorial opinions in the New York Times, Washington Post and other leftist media on the need to get her out.

Now see the very precariously situation her death has put the nation. This period that the country is not in a good situation and literally divided as never been seen before is when her clock stopped ticking.

Her demise will so energize the conservatives more than before. The motivation to troop out enmass to vote has just been presented to them.

Those who hold power today should know that life is fragile. It is not worth any political considerations. Life will move on after one is gone. It is not worth anything holding on to power when one's capacity is already sapped and the health is not at its best. It is always wise be true to oneself and bow out honorably in order to avoid this type of controversy.
Politics / Re: How Nigeria Can Reduce Unemployment? by porka: 12:56pm On Sep 03, 2020
Nigeria is a country of 206 million which is expected to increase.The human population is the energy of any country that is why countries with low birth rate are constantly seeking migrants or increased birth rate.Our problem is not overpopůlation.

Nigeria is a consumption based economy inspite of the increasing poverty.The countries you buy your products (tourism,automoblie,Accesories etc)from are getting richer taking your money and creating employment for their children.
We the consumption based country keep sinking in poverty because we spend more than we can afford.

In Sweden,they value their volvo cars and Scania trucks.Volvo buses are used for Public transport.Remember that when you buy from China you put money in the pocket of the chinese man to provide for his children or youth.

We Nigerians love to complain without proffering solutions to the problems facing us as a people.
Government cannot do everything.

Nigerians need to produce what we use ,eat and wear,we have the large population to make a lot from one another keeping the money in our pockets and economy.

Every family should go back to the days when families had a special skill like Gold smith,hunters,Traders,farmers etc passes onto to all children of the family aside schooling

The Scandinavians no matter their level of edication always have a special skill or learn new skill for side hustle.

I read a news about increasing rise of food products.The solution is plant more food crops and watch the prices go down.Subsistemce farming can also help some families to cushion the effect of high food prices.
What are your solutions to the unemployment in the country?
Lets create our paradise in Nigeria and learn from each other.

Your solutions are mere wishes. Large population alone is meaningless without other factors of production. All the factors of productions - LAND, LABOUR, CAPITAL, ENTREPRENEUR AND REGULATIONS must be appropriately combined. Out of these, Nigeria, and indeed, Africa can only boast of 2 (two) - LAND and LABOUR. Africa does not have adequate CAPITAL. We don't have enough skills to manage resources and people - ENTREPRENEUR (MANAGERIAL abilities). Poor REGULATORY framework is one of the results of poor MANAGERIAL skills. These also reflect on the choices we make in selecting our political leaders. Everything is interwoven.

Africans, like you, should stop being elementary. Those type of elementary skills you mentioned cannot develop any country. There is no country that has ever developed through HUNTING. It is just a fallacy. No country has ever developed without CAPITAL - and FOREIGN CAPITAL is a key component of it. All the requirements to lift Africa up are already in the books, we should not reinvent the wheel. Countries do not necessarily have to produce EVERYTHING they consume internally. It doesn't make sense. What is important is to PRODUCE more than one CONSUMES. And SELL higher than one BUYS. On the technical side, one has to PRODUCE what one can spend less on and gain more than the other person producing it - COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE. All countries buy from and sell to one another. If things cost less to buy than to produce, it makes no sense to produce them, it's a waste of resources. All countries have things they can produce cost effectively.

In all these, FOREIGN INVESTMENT is key. Foreign investment brings the needed CAPITAL, plus TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION. It uses local LABOUR (which is employment), and stimulate competition for local investment. FOREIGN INVESTMENT also comes with SKILLED HUMAN RESOURCES. Ultimately, these skills and TECHNOLOGY are TRANSFERRED to local folks, who can then replicate the business in MULTIPLE, thereby creating EMPLOYMENT opportunities for others.

All the countries you mentioned are still desperately seeking foreign investments in one form or another. The large population of China was a liability until its leaders called FOREIGNERS to come in and invest. They took a cue from Singapore's earlier experience, which enabled them to rise from abject poverty to a first class society in one generation. That method has worked for all the country that has adopted it. It has worked all the time. There's no need to go back into AMAZON FOREST MODE (like hoe and cutlass farming or wood carving or hunting as you suggested) to develop. Development doesn't happen backwardly. CAPITAL can be created locally or IMPORTED from abroad.

When next you reflect on this issue do not just do it in abstract like the radio or television show guests do. Consider them in tangible form. When next you go to Europe or America or Asia and you see bridges and those fanciful things that Nigerians like to focus on, don't just assume that they GREW from the ground by MAGIC, consider that CAPITAL, LAND, LABOUR, ENTREPRENEURSHIP (MANAGEMENT) and REGULATIONS have gone into them. It is the country that knows how to combine these factors that will reduce unemployment, not the country discouraging youths from going to school and instead pushing them to learn trade or push carts or carry Dane gun to hunt games.

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