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Religion / Re: Prince Kpokpogri: Tonto Dikeh Stole My Lexus SUV Worth ₦67 Million by preselect(m): 11:18pm On Sep 15
Hope ac Milan will beat Liverpool today

ntoooo tongue
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs AC Milan : UCL (3 - 2) - Live by preselect(m): 11:05pm On Sep 15
Liverpool I beg unah wit God name pls make unah win dis game tonight,,,,

I stake 20k for Liverpool straight win!!

grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Real Warri Pikin Shares Family Photos & Motivational Message About Her Marriage by preselect(m): 2:53pm On Aug 26
The type wife I want but sadly we can't find them anymore in Nigeria

dem still dey o, just that the yeye girls are too loud and noisy so tey the good ones are unheard and unseen but them dey

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Celebrities / Re: Real Warri Pikin Shares Family Photos & Motivational Message About Her Marriage by preselect(m): 2:49pm On Aug 26
this is beautiful
Politics / Re: Nigerian And Thai Wife Charged With Smuggling Crystal Meth In Thailand by preselect(m): 7:25am On Aug 26
still better than boko haram

this modafoka will just get himself executed for nothing, period. While boko haram and their cousins the fulan herdsmen will get villages sacked and kill hundreds and thousands of innocent people including old women, pregnant women and children.

so who really is destroying nigeria's name? we are number 3 in world terrorism list.
Crime / Re: Usifo Ataga: DPP Indicts Chidinma Ojukwu, Clears Four Others by preselect(m): 7:19am On Aug 26
Kaiiiii I feel for her

why? angry

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Afghanistan: 800 People Crammed Into A US Plane As They Escape From Kabul by preselect(m): 4:22pm On Aug 17
Take them to America or Europe now, they will refuse to assimilate and integrate themselves into the society, they will still long for the sharia law and right to wear hijab and Islamic veils that they're fleeing from today.
What an irony.

anyone remember Jihadi John? The British ISIS executioner we used to see on television beheading westerners in orange uniform.
That motherfucker was about 2 or 3 yrs old when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. He was rescued by the west, his family was granted assylum in the UK and he grew up in Britain, hence the British accent. Only for him to turn against the west.

No wahala, n look I de look the west.
If it was an african country with black people trying to escape, they wont take them o, even if they are christians with names like charlie and brianna.

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: What Is Happening In Nigeria Today First Happened In Afghanistan by preselect(m): 4:11pm On Aug 17
Unfortunately Nigerians are not aware of the mess they are in with all these so called repentant boko haram fighters now in the military.
Politics / Re: Edwin Clark: Using Southern Oil Money For Exploration In The North Is Fraudulent by preselect(m): 6:04am On Aug 17
Good morning, Pa Edwin Clark!

grin grin
Politics / Re: "Nnamdi Kanu Is Another Saviour" Sowore And Others Sing At Court by preselect(m): 6:42am On Jul 30
Keep voicing out!

This regime can make excuses for Ganduje bribery collector

They can make excuses for Pantami that regards terrorists as better human beings

They can justify the killings by Fulani herdsmen

They can negotiate with terrorists

But they can't understand why people are agitating

Yet they preach unity undecided

they can find Kanu in Kenya
They can pursue igboho in a foreign country
Yet they can't locate the Bandits in the forests in their backyard

oh wait. . . . you drive 40miles from owerri to Aba you find 500 check points
yet bandits kidnap 300students and walk for 300miles and no check point stops them


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Family / Re: Doctor Divorces His Beauty Queen Wife After Discovering She's A Secret Call Girl by preselect(m): 1:58pm On Jul 28
That woman is a pathological liar.
She was doing Olosho work Before, during their marriage and she lied her husband about it

She was earning major cash and lied about the source.

She lied about travelling for work and hanging out with friends.

Then she lied about her education saying she went to uni but dropped out, when she no even grad high school.

ALL THIS despite the fact that her husband already has money and is taking care of her.

doctors should marry doctors, dem no de learn. doctors in Yankee are too busy to mainatin their wives sexual needs. and i'm sure this dude comes home tired everyday. And such a pretty girl is alone and idle. . .what d'you expect.
But umunwayi shaaaa. . .. . . . chei!!!!

nnaa I don de suspect this my babe wey dey Norwich, she say she de into IT . . . . I no understand wetin she de do o shocked shocked shocked shocked
Politics / Re: "Igbos Don't Have Any Connection With Biafra, Ijaws Own It" - Asari Dokubo by preselect(m): 1:51pm On Jul 28
people saying they dont know the meaning ofBiafra, are u just knowing that the name came from an Ijaw man? for those saying they cant answer the name they dont understand, what is the meaning of "Nigeria"? i'm sure they told you it means the Niger Area. . . cheesy . . . . but how did the River get the name Niger? Anyone asked that question? umuiberibe angry

ana akpo unu nigger everyday una no even know. . .


Celebrities / Re: Coral Edgar Used To Lure Her Ex To Flat Where He Was Tortured To Death (Pix) by preselect(m): 4:52am On Jul 08
You see this gender ? Fear them, They're devil most powerful bait/weapon to lure somebody, especially Men undecided undecided Asin ehn, I'm still wondering sef, undecided undecided if you take a look back, you'll realize how many people have been ruined by this Gender and mostly sexual related cases

E.g That T.V CEO murdered in Lekki And many more we haven't heard too

u need to go back 3,000yrs. . . .Samson and Delilah angry
Politics / Re: Photos From Southern Governors' Meeting In Lagos by preselect(m): 2:58am On Jul 06
God knows the only reason I'm still proud of this country is the south. I'm only patriotic to the south, I see the north as zoo. Wish we can just join heads together to brake off I'm sure we won't regret it

The north is afraid of southern unity. The north's power depends a lot on southern disunity. If the south unites, and perhaps the middlebelt joins them, then the whole power held by the north may shift base.

If the south has been rulig this country, aswear things may have been bad but not like this. Imagie if people like mbalwe, Jakande etc have been ruling this country since 1960, d/you think nigerians would be going to ghana for education?


Politics / Re: Photos From Southern Governors' Meeting In Lagos by preselect(m): 2:50am On Jul 06
mehn, you just have to love these south-west governors. These yorubas love their people.
The south-eastern governors are pathetic, work against their own people, and are seriously determined to destroy the south-east just to please Buhari and the APC and maintain a hope of being Vice President. . . . . which they wont even get.

Ndi Igbo Ndo nu o
onye mere anyi ihe a
Politics / Re: Muhammad Ahmad Shot Dead In Katsina. Son & Driver Kidnapped by preselect(m): 2:26pm On Jun 30
it may interest you to know that the lawmaker, and his fellow katsina Naizoorians are more interested in arresting Kanu than taking care of the Bandits and Terrorists in their backyard



Politics / Re: No Tears For Nnamdi Kanu - Farooq Kperogi by preselect(m): 6:44am On Jun 30
for all you almajiris masturbating upandan, Biafra is bigger than Kanu.
And Biafra is coming, sooner than later. And the Zoo must fall

enjoy your show

Zoo is still a Zoo
Politics / Re: Joe Igbokwe Blasts Senator Abaribe For Wearing 'The Dot Nation' T-Shirt by preselect(m): 1:39pm On Jun 23
Proud Dotizen of the Dotted Republic of Biafra cool
Haters of the Cow-Zoo Republic of NaiZooria
Career / Re: Should I Continue Studying Medicine In Nigeria Or Should I Start Afresh Abroad by preselect(m): 9:23pm On Jun 22
i see japa japa japa everywhere.
is this a new word in Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan Arrives Mali For Talks On Mali's Path To Democracy (Photos) by preselect(m): 3:23am On Jun 09
Am Terribly Sorry Sir, I was Part of the Stupiid Wagon that Chased you out of Aso Rock and was stupidly shouting sai- baba, Now I know better.

I clamour for Change then, but den don Change am for us ooooooo.

You are still a far better President than this Senile biitch in Power. I Salute you Dr Ebele

It would be understandable if your are below 30yrs of age.
I can also forgive illiterates above 40yrs
I can unfortunately understand northerners above 40yrs old, educated or not. they prolly wanted a southerner out, and a northerner in

but those educated southerners 40yrs and above, who knew when this beast was president in the 80s, and still wanted him back, I will never forget to add their name in my history books as the beasts that sold their brains for a simple political game;

wole soyinka
oby ezekwesili (i felt good when buhari's soldiers harrased her and her BBOG campaign. something she used to harrass GEJ and bring in the beast of daura
rotimi amechi. . . well, i kinda understand his game, he was into politics and hoped to gain from buhari.
Roshas Cockrochas

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Politics / Re: Buhari Arrives Abuja From African Finance Summit In Paris by preselect(m): 9:53pm On May 20
I miss the buhari we actively campaigned for in 2015 and 2019, the buhari of then was outspoken and wasn’t shy of the camera

WhAts happening now

you were scammed. what you se now is the real Buhari. The Buhari you campaigned for does not exist

If u are single, be careful before u marry o. Bc this is the way people are scammed into horrible marriage. and you look like you are one of those that are easily scammed. tomorrow we begin hear, he/she has changed. this is not whom I married. No, he/she didnt change. and what u see is the real person.

Before he started running for office, was he intelligently outspoken over any national issue? The only time he spoke out was during sharia riots in 1999 and during some violence in Ibadan involving herdsmen in the early 2000s. Na those issues dey him heart.
so this is it. Bubu for life.

enjoy the APC-soup, it aint about to change.
Fashion / Re: The Newest Trend Of Brides Rocking Trouser-like Outfits For Their Wedding by preselect(m): 6:25pm On May 01
good idea
next they should stop wearing white, and start wearing pink, or yellow or something else. . . . .
That white was meant for virginity and purity.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Fulham (2 - 0) On 1st May 2021 by preselect(m): 6:20pm On May 01
who's really at home here?
Stamford Bridge is in Fulham grin
Chelsheet couldn't even build a stadium in their own city/borough


Romance / Re: Man Proposes To Girlfriend Who Slept With His Brother And She Said 'Yes' by preselect(m): 9:10pm On Apr 25
good luck homie. Just dont come to bother us if she messes up again o

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Politics / Re: Cattle Traders Chase Police, Enugu Officials With AK- 47 - Punch by preselect(m): 9:08pm On Apr 23
Smuggling and weapon infiltration. Every tribe/ethnicity are stockpiling weapons. Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gun powder.

Nigeria was created on a keg of gun powder, no be today, but one thing is sure, that gun powder go explode one day, and the leaders are not doing anything to unite this kwantiri. Everyone is playing ethnic politics, nobody is thinking. Police go about killing people left right and center. they forget this is 21st century. One day the police and army will be running away from the people. and no, i'm not talking of the "unknown gun men" causing havoc in the south-east. That one na preamble. They are test running their power and the nigerian police have been found to be a bunch of weak idiots who only have power in the presence of unarmed civilians. The nigerian army has also been exposed to be too thin for multiple security challenges at the same time.
soon and very soon,
it is coming,
they youth will pick up arms, the army will either run, or realign, with some supporting the youth. The nation will explode. To your tents O israel. some folks reading this post will think its just another joke. But no one ever thought that gun men aill attack police stations in Imo state ad polic will run away like chicken. No one ever imagined MNK will wake up one morning and announce ESN with 100s if not 1000s of volunteers roaming the bush and kicking herdsmen out. Keep oppressing the weak. One day u will wake up and hear a different story. It can happen. and it will. It may not even be in the south east.
Let Buhari and his goons keeo fooling themselves.
As per the polthiefcians i the south east, If I were them, I will start working hard to please te people, bc the day of reckoning will be very bad for them. The anger in the south-east directed towards the 5 fools in government house is 100 times more than the anger directed towards Buhari. And while Buhari can finish his term and retire in Daura, these 5 Fools in the SE will be here in the east.
The day of reckoning is coming
It is coming
Soon and very soon
It would come

Biafra or no Biafra, the SE youth is waiting for the day they will pounce on these 5 fools in government houses.
Education / Re: Can You Guess The Department? by preselect(m): 8:53pm On Apr 23
My prayers are with the 182. God will make a way for them.

spare some prayers for the 18 that graduated too. Job no dey anywhere for them
Celebrities / Re: Ada Jesus’ Death: Rita Edochie Reacts To Backlash by preselect(m): 8:34pm On Apr 22
im struggling to find ways or even one way of connecting this bad story to Buhari undecided undecided undecided . . . anyways, I'll find something later.

for now, those of una wey de like watch nollywood movies, abeg make una begin boycott Rita Edozie's movies ASAP.

Until then, Buhari's incmpetence led to thi bad news. . . I will prove it later angry

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Henderson Holds Meeting Of Big 6 Captains Over Super League by preselect(m): 6:30pm On Apr 20
me na baseball i go de watch from now on
Make I even watch today's game, begin dey used to am small small
Education / Re: Pictures Of University Of Cape Coast, Ghana. by preselect(m): 6:16pm On Apr 20
Can someone do something like this for UI. OAU is living in past glory, my own school nko eye sore.

40yrs ago, UI, OAU, Unilag and ABU were better than this.
60yrs ago people came from Europe and Asia to school in UI and other nigerian universities

Our leaders kill us finish

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Education / Re: Pictures Of University Of Cape Coast, Ghana. by preselect(m): 6:15pm On Apr 20

3rd in GHANA
51st in AFRICA
And part of West Africa top 10 Universities


UNN 17th in Africa
Ibadan 20 in Africa
Unilag 23rd in Africa
Even Uniport na 50 just ahead of this Uni. . . . . .

HOWEVER . . . ,I agree with you, the rankings of the nigerian universities above this one is due to the excellence of the nigerians, despite the ineptitude of the government, and despite the lack of facilities.

Ghana is moving forward, I wish them well. I hate to admit it but I wish them well. Somebody as to step up and show the world that Blacks are not all baboons, some can actually build a country.

Go Ghana!!!!


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