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Crime / Re: Two Armed Robbers Killed At Alakija Bus Stop, Satellite Town, Lagos by Princek12(m): 12:51pm On Jan 18, 2018
How do you know they are armed robbers? They could be innocent citizens who were shot for refusing to pay bribe to the policemen. Extra judicial killings or shooting should be discouraged.
Politics / Re: Pictures Of New Abule-Egba Fly Over by Princek12(m): 9:43pm On May 06, 2017
They don't learn anything in Nigeria. Bunch of idiots running things. Why are they still painting the curbs and barriers white and black? The previous ones that have been painted white and black are dirty, but they are still doing the same foolish, stupid crap in 2017. What does that tell you? They never learn anything in that country.


Crime / Re: How Nigerian Fraudsters Cloned American Banks’ Cashier Checks, Pilfer $3million by Princek12(m): 2:34pm On Jan 06, 2017
Whoever who says the criminals in this case are smart needs to be evaluated. There is nothing smart about creating fake money orders and asking unsuspecting victims to deposit them.

The criminals took advantage of a trust in which U.S. banks give credit to account holders for deposits made until the deposits have cleared. Taking advantage of a system built on trust is not being smart; it just means you can't be trusted.

Many, if not most, Nigerians have a culture of taking advantage of any trust given to them. And some mumu will call it trust.

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Sports / Nigeria's Disgraceful Showing At The Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony (VIDEO) by Princek12(m): 1:40pm On Aug 06, 2016
While the contingent of every country matched in the opening ceremony with outfits celebrating their culture holding multiple flags, Nigeria's Olympic contingent matched in a sports jumper (track suit), and there was only one flag. This was after the embarrassing episode of Nigeria's football team being stranded in Atlanta and risked missing their opening game against Japan, save for Delta Airline's last-minute decision to transport the team for free.
Properties / Re: Construction Of My 3bedroom Flat All Ensuite by Princek12(m): 3:26pm On Jun 18, 2016
In 2016 people in Nigeria are still building houses that are not adequately spaced and without roads for cars. This is an urban planning failure. In 2016 the urban planning is still done as though it was 1716 when mud houses were built all over without sufficient roads that led to those houses. Everyone is celebrating this nonsense as progress. And now you can see why Nigeria's problem are her people. The building is an absolute disgrace because it is an area that has no roads, no driveways, no pedestrian walkways, no trees, and no neighborhood feel. Absolute nonsense.


Investment / What Will The Naira Trade Against The Dollar On June 20, 2016 And Why? by Princek12(m): 10:41pm On Jun 16, 2016
It is no news that the Central Bank of Nigeria has decided to float the Naira, effectively allowing market forces to determine the price of the Naira, rather than the CBN-regulated rate. The Naira will officially begin to trade on Monday June 20, 2016. Before CBN made the announcement, the official market rate was N199 to $1, while the parallel market rate had been fluctuating between N325 to N365 a $1.

Question now is what do you think the naira will trade for against the dollar starting Monday June 20, 2016 and why? Please provide a reason for your answer. Thank you.
Culture / Re: White Students Of Yoruba Language At Wisconsin University (Photo) by Princek12(m): 2:54am On Mar 14, 2016
We study English and other foreign languages here too. No big deal! undecided

But you don't teach your kids your indigenous languages. Big deal.


Science/Technology / Re: Nigerian Man Builds "Helicopter" In Oyo (photos) by Princek12(m): 6:21pm On Mar 07, 2016
Before you enter this helicopter to fly you somewhere, do the following:

1) bid you family members farewell and say your last prayers;
2) ask God to forgive you all of your sins;
3) Write your will and get life insurance for your loved ones;
4) Plan your funeral ahead and make provision for payment of your funeral expenses; and
5) prepare to meet your maker.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Walks From Fed. Secretariat To National Assembly Looking For A Job(pic) by Princek12(m): 7:09pm On Nov 13, 2015
nigga you wrong. try using >>> i'm <<<< in any professional job interview, you will be thoroughly lashed with koboko and thrown out of the interview room. your CV will be used to wipe the chalk board

IT IS >>>> I AM
It is obvious you cannot read. Didn't you read where I said I'm not is preferred in professional settings. The fact that it is not preferred in professional settings does not mean it is grammatically incorrect.

Reading comprehension, please!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Walks From Fed. Secretariat To National Assembly Looking For A Job(pic) by Princek12(m): 9:43am On Nov 13, 2015
nigga, its not ' i'm ' though. even that is bad english. is it >>>> I AM

You are also the product of a failed educational system. I am is preferable in professional papers, but when people use "am" their intention is to use "i'm," which is the proper contraction of I am. I'm is the proper contraction, as opposed to "am." Again, while in a professional paper I am is preferable, i'm is not grammatically wrong. Using am instead in place of I am or i'm is grammatically and linguistically wrong.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Walks From Fed. Secretariat To National Assembly Looking For A Job(pic) by Princek12(m): 9:28am On Nov 13, 2015

It's possible she made the mistake when she was in a rush to write those words. Don't quickly jump to criticise her. I remember I made one or two mistake too yesterday when I sent a message to a white man, it was after I sent it that I noticed the mistake.

There are basic rules of grammar that no one should make. And I can guarantee you it wasn't a mistake because she made the grammatical error twice.

That error (the use of "am" instead of "i'm"wink is common among a circle of Nigerian graduates, and it is a reflection of the failed educational system.


Romance / The Career Choices Typically Claimed By "Runs Girls." by Princek12(m): 1:29pm On Oct 27, 2015
We all know that there are girls who make a living selling their bodies for money. That is old news. Unlike your typical prostitute, who overtly asks for money in exchange for giving up her body, "runs girls," many of whom pursue aristos, do not overtly ask for money. These girls, albeit being the functional equivalent of prostitutes, portray themselves as "career women" and hope that the unsuspecting aristo, rather than view and treat them like the typical prostitute on the roadside or in the nightubs, will view them and treat them as quality women and, in turn, make them their mistress and lavish them with money, exotic trips, luxury goods, and the like.

These girls sure know how to "milk" the cow. Sadly, many of these girls are uneducated. What they lack in education, however, they make up by dressing nice and by utilizing their "street smarts." Since many of these girls are uneducated, they still want to give the aura of being professional women by claiming that they are working in one of the following fields (of course, not every woman in the following field is a runs girl):

Make-up artist.
Personal shopper.
Interior designer.
Event promoter, party promoter, and the like.
Casting agent.
Personal assistant.

A good way to know if a girl claiming to be working in any of the above professions is truly a professional in that field is to observe whether or not she is actively working in that field. Another way is to see whether her lifestyle corresponds to the income generated based on her experience and business setup. For instance, an entry-level interior designer will most likely not have the clientele to generate an income that will enable her to buy a luxury apartment or to take "shopping spree" trips to places like Dubai, USA, or London.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Ben Carson On US Muslim Presidency: "I Would Not Advocate That" by Princek12(m): 7:45pm On Sep 21, 2015
It seems a lot of people hear can't read or listen. Ben Carson said that he would not support a candidate whose religion or values are inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution. I support him one hundred percent.

America was founded upon judeo-christian principles: freedom, tolerance, independence, and so on. Islam is found on Sharia and forces women to do things they don't want to do, which is fundamentally inimical to the U.S. Constitution.

So why on earth should the U.S. support a Muslim president, when Islam fundamentally opposes everything the U.S. stands for?

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Fashion / Re: Most Beautiful Girl In Abuja Pageant Holds First Pool Party Screening (photos) by Princek12(m): 6:38pm On Sep 04, 2015
see what, internet, social media and DSTV has caused.
Politics / Re: Iweala’s Family To Open Multi-million Dollar Hospital In Abuja - Sahara Reporter by Princek12(m): 10:56am On Aug 24, 2015
its a problem bro

are you telling me we don't have professionals Here in Nigeria for the job?

at least the money should remain here instead of giving it out to foreigners.

maybe she doesn't want us to know how Much the project cost because you know say our mouth too dey leak.

Nigeria does not have any professionals in Nigeria to do the job. All those Nigerian -trained architects who cannot design a simple school that can looks world class cannot be expected to build such a grand hospital. Mention one world-class hospital that Nigerian companies have built.

Nigerian schools are not capable of training world-class professionals. Period. And most Nigerians who are trained overseas, especially in the USA, and have the skillset stay overseas and work for the same multinational firms making money.

All those your Unilag or Unical architects cannot mange space or include function on their designs. They don't even know how to design a house with closets and storage spaces with washer and dryer rooms. They don't know how to design multilevel houses with parking decks and underground parking.

And you want them to design a world-class hospital with world class equipment. I laugh in Swahili. You better give it to Yankee people and let give you top-notch design, which woukd be better than all those cap that the Chinese are building around.
Education / Re: Pictures of University Of Ghana Beautiful Hostels by Princek12(m): 11:56am On Aug 13, 2015
The hostels are beautiful when compared to Nigerian hostels. They are below par and ugly when compared to American dorms or world-class dorms. It depends on your level of exposure. If all you've ever seen were Nigerian hostels, then these U of Ghana hostels would be "beautiful" to you.
Romance / Re: The Deceptive Things That Women Do! by Princek12(m): 1:50pm On Aug 11, 2015
The truth really, really is bitter.
Romance / The Deceptive Things That Women Do! by Princek12(m): 12:24pm On Aug 10, 2015
1) They wear either Brazilian, Peruvian, or Indonesian hair to deceive us into thinking that it is their hair. Na lie.

2) They wear a wig to deceive us that the bang or hair on their head has been growing for years. Na lie.

3) They wear waist trainers to suck in their fat tummy to deceive us into thinking that their stomach is flat. Na lie.

4) They wear body shapers that configures their body to deceive us into thinking that they have an hour glass figure or a figure 8 shape. Nq lie.

5) They wear make up and paint their face with all kinds of colors to deceive us into thinking that they have smooth skin. Na lie. Wake her up in the morning when she is not wearing her make up and you will run for your life.

6) They wear butt pads and/or butt lifters to deceive us that their ikebe is one to die for. Na lie. Na pancake dey dat ikebe.

7) They wear fake eye lashes to deceive into thinking that their eye lashes are long. Na lie.

8 )They wear fake acrylic nails to deceive us into thinking that they have been growing thir nails for years. Na lie.

9) They play hard-to-get and do small shakara to deceive as if konji or Agro is not plaguing her. Na lie. Just as a Fela said, shakara oloje ni. She desperately needs it more than you.

10) They wear dresses with an hour glass shape drawn in front of it to create the illusion that they have an hour glass. Such dress is deceptive and misleading.

11) They bleach their skin with all kinds of skin-lightening products to deceive us into thinking that they are light-skinned. Na lie. Take a look at her knuckles and you will see that they are black. Take a look at her ikebe too and it would be black. How she has a yellow face with a black butt is deserving of an explanation.

Disclaimer: the above does not apply to every woman and it is not a female-bashing thread. It is meant to highlight how our culture has been diluted by western influence and African beauty is no longer being cherished mostly in Africa and in the black world.

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Sports / Re: Ahmed Musa's Wife Gives Birth To Their 2nd Child by Princek12(m): 5:22pm On Aug 05, 2015
what I can't believe it. He gave birth in a Russian Hospital, not an American Hospital.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: New Strokes From Centje And Bro by Princek12(m): 4:49pm On Jul 23, 2015
good, but not breathtaking

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Lady Boyfriend Dumped To Marry Another Woman Breaks Nigeria Twitter by Princek12(m): 10:48pm On Jul 05, 2015
If you play hard-to-get for five years or leave a guy hanging for five years why are you upset when that guy marries a lady who did not put him through hell to marry him?

Do you think the guy will out all his eggs an a basket that is not sure just because of some yeye love? Abeg she should jump off third mainland bridge if she is upset.

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Celebrities / Re: Top Ten Richest People In Nigeria 2015 And Net Worth - T.I.N by Princek12(m): 6:58pm On Jul 02, 2015
Very useless set of people. They can only get rich in a lawless country like Nigeria. Money miss road.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Hungary (2 - 0) U20 World Cup On June 7th 2015 by Princek12(m): 6:27am On Jun 07, 2015
Awoniyi needs to learn to stay on side.

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Sports / Sepp Blatter To Resign As FIFA President Amid Corruption Scandal! by Princek12(m): 8:03pm On Jun 02, 2015
Yankee has done the unthinkable. Yankee's investigation and indictment of several key, high ranking FIFA officials has prompted the resignation of Blatter, the reigning FIFA president.

Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Korea DPR (4 - 0) U-20 World Cup On June 4th 2015 by Princek12(m): 7:19pm On Jun 01, 2015
Alampasu is a better goalie than Enaholo, but Manu Garba did not start him because Alampasu missed the African Youth Championships, purportedly because Alampasu was touring Europe in search of a professional contract.

It is high time Manu Garba put all his personal resentment aside and return Alampasu to the starting line-up.


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Brazil (2 - 4) U-20 World Cup On June 1st 2015 by Princek12(m): 2:36am On Jun 01, 2015
any links people?
Jokes Etc / Why You Should Not Get Too Drunk When You Go Out! VIDEO! by Princek12(m): 10:29pm On Mar 26, 2015
Sports / Re: Reception For Victorious Eagles In Abuja (Photos) by Princek12(m): 10:35pm On Mar 24, 2015
These lads need to be promoted to the Super Eagles and should form the core of the next Super Eagles squad. We can hire Siasia as the coach, with Manu Garba as the technical adviser.
Food / Re: The Flavour In Party Jollof Rice by Princek12(m): 6:07pm On Mar 16, 2015
It is the tomato paste and burned smell from burned rice at the bottom of the pot.

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Romance / Re: Why Do Women Ask For Favours During/After Sex by Princek12(m): 6:43pm On Mar 13, 2015
Op and what's th MORALE of ua story undecided
Moral of the story is that some women ask for favors during sex, and the the OP is just wanting to k ow the reason why some women engage in such a deplorable act.
Family / Re: What Kind Of Woman Would You Love To Marry- Choose (picture) by Princek12(m): 12:55pm On Mar 04, 2015
Marry the beautiful wife and hire the other one as the cook. Shikenah.
Romance / Re: Must A Lady Have Big Bosoms For Her To Look Attractive by Princek12(m): 6:58pm On Feb 18, 2015
A lady with no booty (or nyansh) is useless and ain't sh*t. Little Wayne said it. What are you suppose to grab on? Bone?

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