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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 3:24am On May 15
It has been a while I have been here. Trust you're all are doing good? I'm now a PhD candidate and I will be rounding off my PhD next year.


Education / Re: Why Is Any Number Multiplied By Zero Equals To Zero? by Quoran: 12:28pm On Jan 14
Always write the source of your answers. You copied this from Quora.
First the commonsense explanation:

Say you are giving away free apples. An infinitely big apple tree has sprouted in your garden (it's hypothetical) and you have decided to give away apples to each person who comes by. You have decided that you'll give 1 apple to each person that comes by. If one person comes by, you have given away one apple. If two people come by, you have given away two apples. If seventy-five people come by you have given away seventy-five apples. This is multiplication by 1. If there are n people that come by, 1*n tells you how many apples you have given away.

Say you are giving away 2 apples per person. If one person comes by, you have given away two apples. If two people come by you have given away four apples. If thirty people come by you have given away sixty apples. This is multiplication by 2. So if 'n' is how many people came by, 2*n tells you how many apples you have given away.

Similarly, if you are giving away 100 apples per person, 100*n tells you how many apples you have given away in total where 'n' is how many people came by to collect their apples (everyone loves apples).

If you are giving away 0 apples per person, then regardless of how many people come by, how many apples would you have given out by the end of the day? Logically? None, of course! Hence, 0*n = 0.

This also works the other way around, because of the commutative law for multiplication. So lets say no people come by, i.e., n = 0. Regardless of how many apples you want to give away, the total number of apples you have given away will always be 0. Cause no one comes by to take the apples! So a*0 = 0 where a is how many apples you give away per person, which doesn't matter.

Now for an explanation hinging slightly more on mathematical notation:

Multiplication is basically addition, done over and over again. Multiplying a number n by 2 means adding n twice --> n + n

Multiplying a number by 7 means adding it seven times --> n + n + n + n + n + n + n

Multiplying a number a gazillion times means n + n + n ... (a gazillion n's)

So what you multiply 'n' by tells you the number of n you have to add together. If you multiply n by 0, then there are no n's in the picture. Since you are not adding anything, you are left with nothing, aka 0. So:

2*n = n + n (two n's on this side)
7*n = n + n + n + n + n + n + n (seven n's on this side)
0*n = (how many n's do you see on this side? None.


Celebrities / Re: Debola Williams Engaged His Girlfriend On A Boat (Video) by Quoran: 9:41am On Nov 30, 2020
One of those who helped package the failure called Buhari. Congratulations to him. May his union not be tumultuous as President Buhari 's reign.


Politics / Re: Ebonyi Governor’s Defection To APC Hangs In The Balance by Quoran: 6:27am On Nov 15, 2020
This man will be shocked. He will end up getting nothing from the APC and PDP and Ebonyi will still be PDP.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 5:15am On Aug 15, 2019
Congrats to everyone who got in this Fall .Congrats @sherlock5577. I'm happy for you bro.


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by Quoran: 6:06am On Jul 09, 2019
Sorry about this. As others have suggested, try Abuja this time. I'm just curious. Why didn't you pick you University of Florida ?
Location: Lagos Embassy

Date: 8 July 2019

Status: Denied

PhD Full funding, No deficit

VO was a
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 6:00am On Jul 09, 2019
You just need to change your strategy. Have you taken any practice tests from the official GRE guide ? What was your score ?
Guys I'm scared, scared of writing the GRE again. I've written twice before and the results were not impressive. First in 2014, and then in 2017 where I scored 298.
I'm not even sure magoosh videos would suffice, because I just don't believe in myself right now.
Are there reputable Tutors I can use probably on Saturdays? I'm looking to take the exams in October. Please I would appreciate your opinion on tested and trusted tutors here in Lagos. Thank you.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 5:58am On Jul 09, 2019
Greetings bro

Welcome back Quoran!
It's been a while. smiley

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 5:56am On Jul 09, 2019
Greetings bro

Omo Stanford. It's been awhile o but we understand Sha.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 12:15pm On Jun 27, 2019
Been a while I visited this thread. Alot of amazing GRE scores. Kudos guys.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 11:33pm On Mar 15, 2019
Congrats to everyone who has received an offer.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 11:32pm On Mar 15, 2019
I love your area of interest. It attracts funding alot. Which school did you have your BSc? I will give you a list of schools shortly. Note that many applied Maths programs are funded. At PhD level, all are funded. Have you taken any machine learning course before? Are you also good with Algorithms and the use of packages like MATLAB,Python etc. These things are basic entry requirements but these days, everyone in the sciences can code. You will have a lot of choices. I wish you the best in your GRE.
Please I need help on best school to choose for PhD full funding.

BSc Mathematics
3.84/4 (WES unofficial)
1 year GA experience

Interested in Data Science or Machine Learning.
Applied Mathematics.

Please help me out ASAP my GRE exam is next week.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 5:35pm On Jan 16, 2019
@ bolded , That is key even when applying for admission in STEM fields. When you can code, understand algorithms and solve problems, you have an advantage.

All the best in your internship search.
I know much has been said about top schools and programs in the past, but there is more to schooling here than just that. As much as possible (especially for those of you with more than 1 option) make sure to investigate the culture of the school as it relates to people from this part of the world or from different academic backgrounds. Some of those top schools are overwhelmingly unwelcoming to new intakes or have this smug and super-competitive aura about them. if you are not thick-skinned you will suffer. That smaller school with a kind PI may just be what you need to settle.

US education is not as easy as vaunted. There are certain things that can be draining. Presentations, Term papers, reports. And then the volume of homework. Many times getting good grades is about over-applying yourself rather being brainy even though being brainy helps.

In the past 4 months I have been applying for internships against summer. The feedbacks have been disconcerting to say the least, but we keep pushing. So far, I am certain I have made about 70+ applications with 20+ rejections. The essence of saying this is not to discourage anyone. I am just chronicling my experiences so that when the story changes, it will make for a good ending. There are some Nigerians that have gotten into Internship programs in top companies like Tesla, Cummins, Micron etc. [b]In my little experience, having some sort of programming or coding skill makes a wealth of difference because that is the major skill that many companies look for amongst others. [/b]Having good extracurriculars, leadership experiences are also very useful.

It is important to also mention that some US citizens themselves have not secured internships regardless of the fact that, most of the rejections many Nigerians will face in the job search will be based on work authorization and citizenship. The good thing is, there are many many many job openings and once there is a will, there is a way.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 5:30pm On Jan 16, 2019
You're correct. I know someone who is there now (PhD Mechanical Engineering) and since he got in, all the promises of funding have been a mirage. He's from a rich family so he is pulling through. Michigan Tech is really disappointing considering the nature of industrial work in Michigan

This is not true. In fact, on this thread I have discouraged people from applying to Michigan Tech for that very purpose. Even when they fund, it is usually not full and this has been the consensus on even grad cafe.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 8:35pm On Jan 13, 2019
Majority of universities with funding will not have any open applications now. Deadlines are usually December 15th /31st
While some might extend to January 15th. So you may not find many options except you're applying for Spring 2020. Have you checked the University of Kentucky, Texas Tech, George Washington university, Washington state university, University of Oregon State etc ?

Just a quick one. When applying, always include your programming skills and projects to your CV / application. There's little or no hope without that here.

You have a good profile

Hi guys,

Please I need someone to recommend "safe and moderate school" with "guaranteed funding" for PhD and MS in Computer science for fall 2019?

GRE: 310...162Q 148V awa:3.5 (prepared for roughly 25days. I felt really bad abt my verbal when I saw scores but I really don't have plans to rewrite)
TOEFL: waiting
GPA : 4.54/5.0 comp sci
1 research paper published @International Journal for computer applications

I've applied to
Tufts University phd
Vanderbilt University phd
University of Texas at Dallas phd

I intend applying to
University of Tennessee Knoxville for phd

Please suggest other safe schools guys.



Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 12:59am On Jan 10, 2019
This is really a good effort. The only thing that will stop you from getting in is if there is no funding available in any of the schools. I expect your testimony on this thread.
Nice that people are posting about their applications. Way to keep the thread lively and inspire fall2020 applicants and beyond. I remember the exploits of Scholastica16, drhopeful, femi132 et al and how reading their stories kept me going.

I applied to 9 schools for a mix of MS and PhD programs:

Virginia Tech (MS)
Purdue University (MS)
Auburn University (MS)
Colorado state university (MS)
University of Maryland (PhD)
University of Massachusetts (Ms/PhD)
University of Tennessee (PhD)
Iowa State university (PhD)
Rennsalear polytechnic institute (PhD)

Program: Electrical Engineering
CGPA: 3.64/4.00
GRE: 163Q/158V/4
TOEFL: 104

I was a bit ambitious with my applications this year. Reason being that I have seen people with lesser profiles get admitted into these schools. I've put in my best and corresponded with professors in some schools. I'm hopeful that one of these schools provides admission and funding. I however have a contingency plan but I hope it doesn't come to that.

#Fall2019 #YesWeCan


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 12:47am On Jan 10, 2019
lol Your village people cannot stop you when it is time. Dem no reach! grin

What course are you going for ?
Oga Quoran, Oga Quoran..........How many times did I call you?
Hmmm...........Let me tell you one very important but mostly overlooked reson why some people are not posting it here or saying - It is simply because they have carried out an evaluation of the strenghts of their village people. If they have acertained that their village people's network has 10G where others that are posting are using 2G, they will just lock up and wait until they have landed in JFK beforere they post GRE,Admission,,Visa and PoE transcripts. grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Hello people.......I just dey joke oooooo.......Make some people village people no go cross border enter my side o..

Well for me, I applied to about 6 Universities and None has given me Admission.All PhD. grin
1.Washington State University
2.Baylor University
3.Louisiana State University
4.University of South Carolina
5.Brown University
6.Tulane University
I'm still thinking of applying to more if need be... grin grin grin

GRE: 304
TOEFL: 108
UG GPA: 3.3/4
PG GPA: 3.68/4
Publications: NIL

Just praying for now for successful outcomes, also praying for blindness to my village people's eyes to this post, though I know their network is not too strong(just 2G)....and i'm using 6G grin grin grin grin grin grin
Cheers guys and Ladies......Las las we'll all be alright.
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 12:44am On Jan 10, 2019
No it is not compulsory. Just score well in the Quant GRE (>160). Many schools have stopped using the GRE Subject test.

If you are going for applied Mathematics especially something related to Mathematical Physics, CFD, numerical methods etc, you can be funded in a really good school. Mathematics has alot of funding. I also discovered that alot of people do not like Mathematics programs for Graduate studies because they feel there are few opportunities therein. With Mathematics, you do alot of interdisciplinary research.
Most industry funded research in Science and Engineering use Mathematics (Algorithms, Linear Algebra, Data Science, Optimization etc) a lot so they usually have funds for Professors willing to do research.


Hello ...Pls..Is it compulsory to write GRE maths subject test for MSc in Mathematics??
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 7:11pm On Jan 08, 2019
Be hopeful. Many schools will start Graduate admission review this week especially for schools with December 15th/31st Deadline. You should hear from them from either next week up to the first week of February. Funding usually delay admission decisions. Also PhD admissions take a while to make a decision compared to MS. Just be hopeful.

Since I got into this system, I realised that many people apply to study in USA schools. So if you're chosen, God has definitely favored you. It is never a mean feat even if it is an averagely ranked school.

I applied to two schools Texas A&M University-Kingsville and North Carolina A&T University-Greensboro both for Masters in Industrial Engineering. I applied quite early to both schools. I have an admit from Tamuk already (since November last year) though no word on scholarship yet (I was asked to mail them this year). For NCAT, my application has been with the department since December for review.

So the wait continues but the wait is almost over.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 7:04pm On Jan 08, 2019
I am so sorry. Can you please just email me again? I changed my phone so I dont have your contact details again.
you promised to message me but you didn't..it is not fair at all @Quoran
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 3:57pm On Jan 08, 2019
I think alot of people are applying. They are simply not saying/posting it here.
Not many people seem to have applied for Fall 2019


Politics / Re: Presidency: Can Olawepo-hashim Upstage Buhari, Atiku?- Independent Newspaper by Quoran: 9:06pm On Jan 07, 2019
Who's that ? shocked

He's only popular on nairaland.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 14 by Quoran: 8:53pm On Jan 07, 2019
Anything is possible but I know that both countries share alot of information.
Please does anybody have an idea if it's possible for someone who has been banned from applying for a visa to Canada, have a shot at getting a visa to America?
Politics / Re: No Investor Will Put Money In Nigeria Under APC Government by Quoran: 3:19am On Jan 07, 2019
It is only on nairaland you see People's Trust Presidential candidate, Mr Olawepo Hashim.
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 6:19pm On Jan 05, 2019
Congratulations elevatedmind.

Hopefully, many more folks will testify this year.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 3:50pm On Jan 03, 2019
Happy new year guys smiley

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Religion / Re: Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Shares N30 Million To Members For Christmas by Quoran: 10:36am On Dec 26, 2018
These pastors do not seem to understand the purpose of the gospel.


Religion / Re: The Experience 13: Live Thread by Quoran: 3:11am On Dec 08, 2018
Yet you stole @ogbeniDipo's tweet from Twitter and wrote it here like as if it is your own. Smh

Christians can shut down a city for religious events but MOST of them won’t come out to vote. They keep on praying for progress and development of country but won’t lift a finger to influence political issues.

A good example is this experience. Until we learn to take steps concerning what actually works. Our global indices can continue to spiral down the tunnel.

I case my rest.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 2:20am On Nov 02, 2018
LOL This your advice though. I agree with you nevertheless.

Please don't just refire it's risky, try get set, set your target, aim and refire
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 3:30am On Oct 19, 2018
Okay. I will send you a message.
Hii Quoran,
Please,we need to talk.
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 4:45am On Oct 17, 2018
If you are offered an RA/TA, you do not need to upload a statement except if there is a short fall or a balance you need to pay(It is rare in good Programs). Also, most times, the decision for admission and funding are not made at the same time. Many of these schools have a way they process admissions. Some will ask you to upload a financial document as soon as you are offered admission. That is just normal administrative procedure. You do not need to respond as long as you still waiting for a funding decision.

But I noticed that it is expected of one to upload financial statement once offered admission.
This confuses me in that if one was offered scholarship in the form of RA or TA or GA...in the school, would one still need to upload statement?
Na there yawah won gas.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by Quoran: 4:40am On Oct 17, 2018
Hello Folks. I can see a lot of progress here. A lot of Good GRE scores as well. If you need to retake the test, do not despair. Follow the invaluable advice from veterans here. It will help you.

Unpopular Opinion: Your Statement of Purpose is actually the most important document in your application when you are looking for PhD positions in the STEM field. When a Professor or someone in the admission committee reads it, it make him or her curious to see what the student has to offer. Though it is not a technical document but it should give a glimpse of the applicant's future aspirations and the reasons he or she is an ideal candidate. Many Professors take your future goals quite seriously. They believe that should fix your motivation to do a PhD. That is why doing a PhD simply because you want funding is not a good idea.

Your SOP should sell your candidacy to the anonymous person reading it. He should be curious about what you have to offer. Naturally, he will then quickly glance at your CV (Academic CV off course). Then, if he is convinced, he takes a look at your Transcript to see if you possess the prerequisite to succeed. i.e. Do research,think and develop ideas. He or she will probably want to see what a colleague or someone of like mind thinks. That is where you Letters of recommendation plays a major part.

The use of the GRE is debatable. It is mostly used to screen out applicants. Some claim they holistically consider all parts of the application. Since not only one person considers all the applications, there is likely to be some bias for certain aspects. How will you feel if your application was not read at all and just screened out because of poor test scores? Try and get a good score especially in the Quant. Most universities do not have a minimum score. Some professors do not believe in its ability to predict anything useful.Even if they badly want an applicant, you must satisfy the set minimum. Taking it is very important especially as an international Student. Everyone knows the GRE is a weird test in some regard. Doing well in it especially as an international student dispels some bizarre myth about certain foreign degrees.

There is alot of bias in the admission process. You cannot take that away from it. Human beings have that unconscious bias that they are not even aware off. For example, A Chinese Professor may be inclined to accepting a student from Tsingua University because he knows the school and will be skeptical about admitting someone from the University Of Benin. These things happen. Though Professors have to explain their choices, many cannot be questioned much because of their reputation and the grant funds they bring in. Put in your best. Take time to draft your SOP. Do not plaglarise.

Publish if you can and also try to attend conferences. Contact students in the lab you wish to get into. Trust me, they know how their Professors pick graduate students.

By the way, it is a good thing to know what your potential supervisor has been doing lately, in terms of research. Check their webpages or check databases and see their recent publications. It will help you in drafting your SOP or amplifying your areas of strength in your CV and SOP.


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