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Romance / Re: These Biittches Are The Biggest HYPOCRITES!! [photos] by Raydans: 12:15am On Sep 01
Next time, if you decide to interfere in a discussion, start from the beginning or you ask questions, don't just jump into conclusion lest you fall into hot oil... I don't have any issue with him contracting a runs girl neither do i have any issues with entitled girls,,, He said all Nigerian girls are not loyal like as if he has tasted them all to start generalizing,, so i am now asking him that is a married man but still contracting sharp sands if he is loyal? Atleast to his God and his wife and kids?
Now lastly to you the mediator who said been entitled to someone else money is emotional theft, if you don't give to the ladies, will they rob you? Morever any man who keeps on attracting entitled ladies should check himself well because likes attract likes,,, if you as a man keeps on behaving like your life is entitled or attached to sex you will keep on attracting entitled ladies because a rotten wound will always attract flies.. To be a man... GO TO REAL MEN AND LEARN....
You made a comparison. Your comparison still doesn't add up with all this things you wrote still. In quote maybe you need to re-read and sink it properly
Lol. I will fall into hot oil. Is it the one you prepared with firewood abi electric cooker cheesy very funny.

Asif you know what it takes to be a man. Abi you have a diiick under you. haha
Oya lets get serious what's your own definition of a real man. I'm sure its also tailored to suit something of a personal interest to you grin
Romance / Re: These Biittches Are The Biggest HYPOCRITES!! [photos] by Raydans: 10:42pm On Aug 31
This is not my point to you... The same way you feel contracting a hookup is better than a girlfriend even while you are married is the same way some girls feel its be better to be entitled to men's money instead of working for thiers.. and since you don't want to be judged, also dont judge anyone... And lastly stop generalizing, because you said Nigerian girls are not loyal, which brings me to wonder how old you are to have sampled all the nigerian girls to know all of them are not loyal.....
Now answer my question again... ARE YOU LOYAL
Your comparison doesn't add up.

Entitled to someone else money is an emotional theft.
While contracting a runs girl for a parole is out of your own resource
Family / Re: Disadvantage Of Being A Full House Wife by Raydans: 1:49pm On Aug 25

Why are you asking me too many questions?
Because I'm sure personally yourself, you wouldn't want to be a full-time house wife that depends solely on a partner for existence.


Family / Re: Disadvantage Of Being A Full House Wife by Raydans: 8:37pm On Aug 23
The fact that a woman is a housewife doesn’t mean she is jobless and/or a liability as you people call it. Being a housewife is a job on its own. Do you know what it means to take care of the kids, cook and tend to the home affairs? Do you understand the monotony that accompanies the role of a housewife? Do you know that being a housewife is more monotonous than your regular 9-5 job?

A housewife is a homemaker and as well a home manager. And if she's a competent and energetic one, that's perfect.

Do you understand that a HOUSEWIFE can as well make money from home too? Do you know some housewives live better and more quality lives than you that run the usual rat race of trying to meet up to society's standard of being a career and industrious woman?

In totality, this means that she is likely to have a better home than her counterparts who are always out of the home because she is always present at the home front and for the kids.

For me, there are no DISADVANTAGES.

Side note; you are allowed to have your opinion(s). Don't force yours on me or make me see reasons why your reasons are superior to mine. And if you say that housewives are being maltreated or cheated on, then Ataga's wife should have been adored and been made a monumental piece of worship by her husband. If you marry a man who's conscientious, kind and humane, you will know peace. Working-class or not, you will be disgraced and trampled upon by a man who doesn't understand how to treat a woman right. The advantages and disadvantages depends on the kind of man you married. Please, let people do whatever works for them.

Housewives dey and housewives dey, abek.
I think you should start first with yourself. Are you a full time housewife. And if you're not yet married, Are you aspiring to be one when you eventually settle down? Now be truthful to yourself.

The meaning of full-time houswife as you insinuated is one that is solely dependent on her partner for existence. Nothing more nothing less


Family / Re: Is It Right To Hide Or Belittle Yourself To Find "Wife Material? by Raydans: 7:37pm On Jul 27
I've learnt alot from this thread.
It's now obvious that I'm in the right track
What's your right track ?
Family / Re: Share Your “ Feel At Home” Experiences With Visitors. by Raydans: 12:03pm On Jul 13

Well done, commentator extraordinaire.

Lol. And you too. Tigress surveillant général
Family / Re: Share Your “ Feel At Home” Experiences With Visitors. by Raydans: 11:57am On Jul 13

You should never have said anything at all. Enjoy minding your business.
You really are in the mood for some fight don't you.

I was going through the thread like everyone else and commented. Still in range of my business
Family / Re: Share Your “ Feel At Home” Experiences With Visitors. by Raydans: 11:47am On Jul 13

Oh please spare me the sermon. Guys go about insulting ladies unprovoked and I don’t see your likes calling them to order, but the minute the lady responds, you jump out

You don’t tell me not to insult the only pussy I am sure is present in his life. I will drag that nonexisting pussy through the mud if I have to.
I never said you should not insult him back.

My point was clear.

Enjoy your dragging!
Family / Re: Share Your “ Feel At Home” Experiences With Visitors. by Raydans: 11:38am On Jul 13

The young man didn’t insult whose parents? I am replying on behalf of my own kids. How do you know I am not someone’s mother? Whatever I am guilty of, it is the same thing his mother is guilty of.

If she didn’t train him well to keep his face out of other women’s pussy, then he would bring shame and reproach to her own pussy!!
Nawa o. Because he made reference to your pussy!!!
You shouldn't take it here serious if you aren't guilty as charged.

You should have just insulted him back in same light and leave his mother out it. No be the mama insult you.

The innocent mama fit dey village now dey break firewood.


Family / Re: Share Your “ Feel At Home” Experiences With Visitors. by Raydans: 11:22am On Jul 13

I have just been chill, trying to mind my business and maintain beauty, but these nonexisting buffoons be mistaking it for cowardice.

If he wants us to be razz, I have that mode 100%. No old pussy born him well to keep up. Na him go run!
But the young man didn't insult your parents in anyway.

What are you guilty of that made you jump start to insult his mother first.


Family / Re: Do You Always Imagine Something Like This Once In A Life? by Raydans: 5:17pm On Jul 09
Your beat is okay. You have cool rhymes too. But you need to improve greatly on your lyrics. Avoid repetition as much as possible.

You also need to infuse ranges of melody in your songs. Its too monotonous and makes it sounds boring.

And work on your chorus verses. It should stand out.

Lastly you can be pathing your songs to make it sounds pleasing to the ear.

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Romance / Re: Did Your Ex Finally Come Back? Kindly Share Your Experience. by Raydans: 3:27pm On Jul 06
Wetin concern me with ex.he never came back, me too never went back.. We dated for few months. We broke up the period I got pregnant for him.. the funny part of it, is tht I have the child, and he doesn't even know how the child looks like..he will die without ever setting his eyes on him..na em own karma be tht.... who cares... My 2021 goals na to double up my hustle. Who ex help
So you think when the child grows up and of age he won't ask who his father is. Smh

The child won't rest until he solves the mystery. The emotion is undeniable

Get set!


Religion / Re: This 3D Reality Does Not Belong To a monotheist God - (thought Experiment 11:11) by Raydans: 3:24pm On Jun 19

It is intended to trigger the neural synapses and feed input to the micro-tubule and to mind as a means of activating certain faculties left dormant by religions and dogmatic belief.

Not many will actually understand, it is a thought experiment a certain evolved beings.
Its still difficult to understand. Maybe you should use simpler expression
Romance / Re: I Have Been There Too by Raydans: 12:20am On Apr 30
Reminds me when I wanted to employ a replacement staff for my company.

I was to interview two ladies. At the interview I asked the first lady what does she have to offer, she was blank and empty. I then went ahead to ask her why I should employ her and she replied I should employ her because she is a woman lol. I mean wtf!!

I was almost pissed but kept my cool. I knew she has lost it. I just rounded up the interview formally. She still have the guts to ask me when I will call her back. I calmly told her I will get back to her.

I picked the second lady because she has something upstairs

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Politics / Re: #LekkiTollGate: Live Updates From #OccupyLekkiTollgate Protest (Pictures, Video) by Raydans: 8:04am On Feb 13
#Zlantan. Lagos Anthem on full blast.

Them go talk say money no dey lagos

What are they using 200million/perday tollfare for
Politics / Re: European Union Backs Okonjo-iweala For WTO DG by Raydans: 8:44am On Oct 27, 2020
She has won already. As far as she has the backing of the AU and the EU. Congratulations to the incoming director


Family / Re: How to solve this fraudulent act by Union Bank staff by Raydans: 5:31am On Oct 16, 2020

Like I have been telling you throughmail,you deserve to be angry and by God's grace,God will vindicate me.It's a pity all Nigerians look like scammers to you.I am not one,you have really helped me,I will continue to say that and I appreciate it.
By the grace of God,we would get to the root of this matter and you will know that it's not all Nigerians that are scammers.
I gave you the name I am bearing now when you asked for my name,gave you my second phone number.All the data I gave you were my data,not knowing you needed it for transaction which will require my account name (maiden name) and my main line and that is why the first transaction was cancelled,still you didn't stop there.You still drove to Western Union to send money to a total stranger,I appreciate you.thanks.
It is even better for me to admit that I have collected the money than what I am experiencing now,but will I lie against my self?I am the one who knows how much am spending on transport daily.But in all, God will vindicate me
Something is fishy. To the Op. Why did you provide a wrong information in the first place when you were asking for help at same time. To me I will say its a subconscious ingenuity of the mind to be able not to be traced easily since the intentions are not true. But then no one is above mistake.

To the helper. That you met 2 people that scammed you out of 200million people should not make you conclude all nigerians are scammers. It is fallacy of hasty generalization.

Please wait till the findings of the op before you conclude she is one.


Romance / Re: My Personal Experience -true Story About A Near Case Of Domestic Violence. by Raydans: 7:28am On Oct 15, 2020
If i was in your shoes i will act differently. You could have avoided all the damages if you have acted on the spot.

I can't open my eyes and watch someone inflict physical pains and injuries on my body without taking the best cover all because I want to be called a gentleman.

The best cover in this case is for you to shield yourself and throw her outside and lock your doors. She can start fighting the walls from outside if she wants. If rain and sun beat her head well she will calm down.

Now you just suffered physical assault and loss of properties

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Crime / Re: #EndSARS Protesters Apprehend Hoodlums Behind Attack In Abuja (Video) by Raydans: 5:03pm On Oct 14, 2020
mere looking at them, you'll know they're Arrewa's brothers, that's why he have been running amok trying to defend them on the other thread, but the truth can never be hidden. Our next campaign should be #educatenorthernyouths# grin cheesy
What's the inspiration behind your moniker. Is there a story ? Care to share
Romance / Re: Nairaland Ladies (A Thread For Ya) by Raydans: 10:55am On Sep 17, 2020
thanks for not hiding her number

I'll reach out to her.
we ain't Leeches or any of what you said we are..
just that some girls don't want to upgrade.
Upgrade on your own sweat or on someone else's sweat lipsrsealed


Romance / Re: I Caught My Guy's Fiancee In Another Man's House by Raydans: 12:48pm On Sep 05, 2020
It's a bit lenghty so bear with me.I'm in my late 30's very very eligible for marriage but still single.Alot of friends in my circle are married but up close and personal stories coming out of their camp and experience av had in d past isn't encouraging ,so i just wanna have a baby mama(These lady's arnt loyal).

Pressure from Family n friends to settle but am not giving in. so this particular friend of mine(now a true definition of born again- i wont mention name) changed my mindset and promised to help me get a 'good wife material' through his fiancee.

I yielded and i reluctantly gave him d permission . I'v never met his fiancee one on one bc she stays in a different city and each time she comes visiting her guy am always busy but we speak on phone.She gave my number to her friend (my hookup) we got talking but i told her point blank that am a christian but not a born again like ur friend fiance -i club i drink socially but i dont smoke,to my surprise she told me same here! (hmmm red flag bc i was expecting otherwise since her friend was a born again). I told her no problem.

This week my guy's babe visited town ,i was very busy still but was able to meet them at d park when she was travelling back. she was already inside d bus when i drove in.
she came down from d bus to greet me since passengers were still boarding ,she's beautiful i must confess with nice curves but was wearing all those long born again gown and holding a bible .I told my guy despite leaving 'd world' for us he still got good eyes,we laughed and joked she told me her friend(my hookup) is prettier i said wow cant wait to meet her.

Something strange happened,i noticed an old time friend in d bus which this babe was boarding we shared pleasantries and exchanged number he asked if my babe was travelling with them i told him she's my guy's fiancee not my babe he complimented her beauty also.

A minute later she said she doesn't wanna travel with this bus which they have already paid for again, she will rather wait for d next bus that her spirit isn't in line with d bus ..
I was confused and asked her to explain she said she doesn't want to go wit this one bc she's having a strange feeling concerning d bus but i should allow my friend inside d bus already to travel with them its fine -It didn't make sense to me,if u think this bus will have an accident i should at least alert my friend to come down too she said i shouldn't worry.

My guy waited for her fiancee to catch d next bus while i left for work.

The next day was weekend and i decided to go visit another friend(lets call him guy B) of mine so we could hangout . It's a big compound with plenty room n parlour self contain.when we were about leaving the compound together i saw an eye catching figure come out from another apartment wearing bump short,transparent shirt that was revealing all her breast going to dry clothes on d ropes...Behold it was my friend's fiancee!!!.

I was shocked bc yesterday nite i called my friend to confirm if his fiancee finally got a bus and had arrived her destination he told me yes and thanked me for showing up and for my concern. Someone that was suppose to b in another part of Nigeria was in another part of d city ? . Immediately she turned and saw me,she was shocked n her clothes fell off her hands. I didn't say a word i just walked straight with my guy B to my car .

She ran towards me and drew me privately and said i should keep it privately she will explain on phone .my guyB confirmed to me that she came in last nite and that's her boyfriend apartment i refused to tell him anything tho.

The reason why she left that initial bus begin to make sense to me now.

I need advise please ,ordinarily i will look the other way but the guy in question is my very good guy and a born again christian engaged to her,weeding is two months away. The lady also according to him is supposedly a born again but this dressing stated otherwise... tho i didn't catch dem 'doing' oh.

I wanted to ignore but I know how dicey this kind of situation can be hence my resolve which I hope you'd follow.

Agree for a meet up with the lady in an open location and warn her sternly to drop all atrocities with immediate effect, tell her to cut ties completely with all and whomever she is frolicking with at once.

Tell her you are not gonna reveal anything to your friend but you will tell your friend to monitor her closely henceforth. Its all in her hands now.

Please ensure you take evidences, conversation recording, pictures, clues or anything just in case she wants to turn the tables around. You can't trust a girl much, she might want to emotionally manipulate your friend against you and say you want to sleep with her at the end the of the day you blame yourself for everything. They are that desperate and deceitful.

On the part of your friend. Encourage him to pray more, Advice him to do his due diligence and pay more close observation to the girl that you think something is off about her. If he ask why. Tell him the scenero that happened at the park the other day made you feel so and for the fact that you're meeting her for the first time. Do not say more than that.

If your friend find out by himself its fine, it will be as a result of a later infidelity on the girl part which you have sternly warned her about.
I think this is the best you can do at this junction as a good friend.

I hope this helps
Romance / Re: Ladies And Gentlemen. Have You Ever Had Sex On A First Day? by Raydans: 9:53am On Aug 31, 2020
Yes. First day, second day, third day. And I have another that its been 10years now no show lol
Romance / Re: I Slapped Her For The First Time. Is This My Fault? by Raydans: 11:17am On Jul 02, 2020

Lol,he should apologize? What of the crazy girl? grin
From his words he said he loves her and don't want to loose her. Apologizing for the slap will be an opportunity for him to set her straight on her manners
Romance / Re: I Slapped Her For The First Time. Is This My Fault? by Raydans: 8:26am On Jul 02, 2020
You should apologize only for the singular act of slapping her and at the same time make her realize she deserved it and it was all her fault for not patient enough to understand the situation on ground. Make her understand such attitude is a redflag for you and she needs to work on it


Romance / Re: Ladies Set Ur Standards by Raydans: 9:37pm On Jun 30, 2020
so dramatic
I don't have anything against you setting standard for the kind of man you want. Everybody does. But my advice for you is to be a deserving standard yourself and empower your self not to be a subject to a man. That way your man compliments you and there no limit to what both of you can achieve


Romance / Re: Ladies Set Ur Standards by Raydans: 9:07pm On Jun 30, 2020
so it’s not an achievement to feed myself when people can’t provide two square meals , talk about shelter and cloths. Lol other women seting their standards for men are most times achieving it , if the fact I said that’s the woman I want to be , hurt ur feelings. Then I Am sorry... call me whatever u please . I stand by my words
Safe to say men is your god. Without a man you are nothing but a piece of dust

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