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Religion / Re: The Sack Letter Of Pastors In Winners Chapel Over 'Poor Church Growth' (Photo) by Restructure9ja(m): 9:02am On Jul 19
That is why I don't carry church on my head, I'd rather pray in my house.

You can't be a believer and ignore the church (gathering)[color=#006600][/color]
Career / Re: My Brother's Company Takes Him To Court Because He Resigned by Restructure9ja(m): 9:32am On Jun 29
I am writing this because I feel the management of this company is a group of people who do not want its workers to succeed.

My brother worked for this company for about 5 years, and within these 5 years, salary has never been consistent.

At times they may even stay up to six months before they pay one month

Even when his wife gave birth he met with them and asked them to help him with little money to cushion the cost of the hospital bills, but all to no avail.

Not only the fact that they were not paying salaries, but they were not also remitting his pensions.

You know what that means, these pensions are supposed to be paid on time to enable them to compound in interest.

Before he resigned they were owing to him four months' salary.

He was willing to let it go

So he left without getting paid

As soon as he left it wasn't even up to a week they paid him four months salary at once

After they paid him the salary they sent him a letter that he should come and pay them some money as a sort of compensation to them.

When my brother talked about the fact that they also owe him a pension, it didn't take them a week to remit pension of over 1 year 6 months

So they took him to court, ever since then my brother has been paying a lawyer who has been demanding money-wise.

This is a company that will sack its workers without any sort of compensation.

I feel they are doing this just to create fear in the mind of all the workers in the company so they can also tread with caution, but the effect of their decision is telling on my brother.

Right now he is not concentrating and he is spending money that he doesn't have.

Some time ago they gave him the training he did online and they claim they sent him to Australia to study.

And thereby he should pay them 2 million as compensation.

Guys please I need your advice and how he could handle this case very well.

Stop paying that lawyer, seek advice from another lawyer. The company can only sue of they had a signed agreement.
Career / Re: 10 Ways To Recognize Ponzi Schemes by Restructure9ja(m): 2:50pm On Jun 17
Business Agreement

This is a business agreement between
Ogu Lambert ( Management of Agro Westaf): 07042020423, Suit 31 Garki shopping plaza, Garki 11, Abuja.
Name (Investor): phone number, address
Next of kin:

The agreement is as follows;
1. XYZ has invested the sum of xyz naira with Ogu Lambert for the purchase and sales of Agro commodity products.
2. The agreed ROI on monthly basis is 11%
3. ROI will be paid between 28th - 30th of each month.
4. The investment tenure is three (3) months
5. The investor can withdraw his/her capital investment after three (3) months, given two weeks notice before withdrawal.
6. Start date of investment: **/**/****.

7. For the security of investors fund. Any information required by the investor as regarding the management (Ogu Lambert) including private shall be provided.

NOTE: We will sign an undertaking with the DSS/NPF for Investor's investment security.

8. Investors shall disburse funds immediately after agreement have been signed.

Ogu Lambert.
Business / Re: Government Money Wrongly Sent To An Individual Account. Advise? by Restructure9ja(m): 6:41pm On May 09
On Sunday, last two weeks my mom got a bank alert notification, someone sent her 3 million naira, she wasn't expecting money from anyone.

She was shocked, she called I and my younger sister. We couldn't believe it, so we waited for three days to see if the bank will reverse the money, they didn't, so I and my sister took our mom's ATM card to withdraw and test if the money was genuine.

We bought three phones from it. That's when we believed it was real. Then I transferred #50,000 to my bank and transferred #50k into my mom's other account which we used for foodstuffs.

On the fifth day the bank froze the remaining balance of the huge money sent. But no bank official or staff called my mom. That week passed, on the 3rd day of the second week, one lady called my mom by phone in the afternoon, she said her name is Sarah from so so bank.

My mom is not literate so they spoken in pidgin, she told my mom that she knows that my mom received a #3mil last two weeks and she has spent out of it. That the money was government money. Sarah told my mom to go to any nearest ........bank and write a mandate letter authorizing the bank to unfreeze the remaining #2mil in her acct and the bank will give us the beneficiary account which she will send the money back to. And we should return the money we spent out of it immediately.

When we got to my mom's bank, we went to customer agent area, instead of writing the mandate letter, we told the agent everything that happened leaving nothing untouched. the agent said we should give him the number of the staff that called us, when he called the Sarah with his phone, Sarah gave him another name, instead of introducing herself as Sarah, she said her name is Evelyn. She now told the agent to hold my mom down till she (Evelyn) gets to that bank to arrest my mom or whatever.

The agent said on what basis would he hold my mom down. The agent checked the description when the money was sent and he couldn't understand the description. He was saying how could this be government money. He told my mom to try and return the money spent and he told us to go.

The description on the transfer when it came in on Sunday was: "National Procurement of Scanners" #3million.

Is this truly a government money?

Nairalanders what are your opinions? Because my mom is scared, Sarah or Evelyn bullied her on the phone with jail time.

I don't know what to do.

Call 09028778072
Agriculture / Re: Updated Price Of Grains And Location. by Restructure9ja(m): 12:45pm On May 07
Oloyin beans 47k,drum 48k,white beans 40k,white maize 18k5,yellow maize 20k,white sorghum 18k,red 21k,bambara nut 38k,paddy rice 15k,millet 19k,pearl millet 22k,groundnut java nut 60k,agusi 35k

Is the paddy rice Faro 44? and how many kg please.
Delivery state is Niger
30 tons
Please confirm, so I can forward buyers number to you.
Romance / Re: I Told My Fiancé That He Can't Stay In My Duplex, He Changed by Restructure9ja(m): 6:36pm On Apr 26
Help Me Before I Make The Greatest Mistake Pls

I'm a single mother in my early thirties, my daughter is just 2year old and the father is not ready to marry me or take any responsibility on her but still hiding me and his secret wife and won't let me go but I have decided to leave becos he's no adding any value to my life n my daughter's either.

Fast forward
I met a guy online who claims he lives in the US and I discovered I like him since I've met him and now he said we should settle down and marry. I own a duplex in a choice area in Lagos, completed though still small loan I'm paying on it. I agreed to settle down with him but since I told him he can't stay in my house that he needs to get a house, he started acting funny.

The second one, I asked him to show me proof of ID or his work ID, for me to be sure he's who claimed he is, he changed it for me. I tried to let him know that I'm just trying to be careful, don't want to fall prey again but he won't listen to me. He stopped calling and when I call him, he will return my call after like 5hours.

Pls advise me, is it polite for a man to marry and come stay in a woman's house because he said he will soon travel back? This is someone I like to support to get another apartment somewhere else but I haven't told him that. He has really changed in days.

No insult pls...pls ignore rather than insult me pls.

He's shown you the red flags already. You can't marry some one you don't know. There's nothing wrong with him living with you. But it seems you don't know him enough.
Most importantly, it seems you don't really put God first in your matter, this is not being religious. But think of it, have we ever gone wrong or lack peace when we follow God's way?
Your peace is far better than satisfying your ego/flesh. Don't marry him yet until you know him enough. 07042020423
Investment / Re: 1M Naira At Hand by Restructure9ja(m): 9:22pm On Apr 22
A lil advice. Foodstuff supply business.
More info 07042020423

onions/pepper/carrots/tomatoes/garri/ground nut oil/ goats

How to source the products and how to supply in PHC eleme market and mile12
Agriculture / Re: Updated Price Of Grains And Location. by Restructure9ja(m): 10:00am On Apr 01
Any plug for paddy rice, prices please? Thanks
Investment / Re: 1M Naira At Hand by Restructure9ja(m): 9:10am On Mar 06
[color=#990000][/color]Kasimseun2 Pls I need suggestion any business or investment I can start with the money?? Thanks

You can invest in any of our village market outlet in Lagos, Abuja or Phc. We supply foodstuffs from the North. Agro Westaf 07042020423
Agriculture / Re: Updated Price Of Grains And Location. by Restructure9ja(m): 5:16pm On Mar 05
30T of Soya beans is needed in ibadan. Kindly contact 07042020423.
Agriculture / Re: Updated Price Of Grains And Location. by Restructure9ja(m): 5:07pm On Mar 05
Who can run soya beans 30T. Serious contacts 07042020423
Agriculture / Re: Updated Price Of Grains And Location. by Restructure9ja(m): 2:41pm On Feb 12
Please how much is egusi now... Hand peeled and unpeeled? and pure groundnut oil not mixed?
Agriculture / Re: Updated Price Of Grains And Location. by Restructure9ja(m): 2:36pm On Feb 12
Prices as of today:beans brown 38k,white 33k.maize white 17k,yellow 18k,Suyabeans 29k,paddy rice 15k,sorghum white 17k,red 18k,groundnut 42k,agusi 35k peeled and 10k unpleed.

Please i[color=#006600][/color]s the Egusi(melon) biggest bag for 10k?
Autos / Who Has Toyota Avensis 2006 Model? by Restructure9ja(m): 5:41pm On Mar 24, 2020
Who has or knows anyone that has a clean Toyota avensis 2006 model for sale? Kindly contact me 09028778072 (WhatsApp preferably)
Business / Re: What Business Can I Start With 1 Million To Make 5k Daily? by Restructure9ja(m): 2:34pm On Feb 22, 2020
Hello guys, Please i need a business that I can start with 1 million naira and it will be fetching me between 5 - 10k daily.
I will like if it meets the following specifications
Type of business: Offline
Less supervision: I have a stressful 9 - 5 work
Easy accountability
Location - Abuja

Printing business.... everything u need to know. WhatsApp 09028778072
Family / Re: My Brother-In-Law Dips His Hands Inside My Pot Of Soup by Restructure9ja(m): 10:53am On Feb 06, 2020
you obviously don't build social relationship with your husband immediate brother, if you'd calling his attention to what you see as abnormal wouldn't have been a big deal

forming attitude to him won't stop anything and I like your husband God bless him, my own brother use attitude sent me packing then because he wanted to pleased his wife. if my wife give my blood brothers attitude she will become my enemy immediately

retrace your relationship with your husband family most esp his brother then all this will come to pass with polite correction

You're very wrong sir, except you dont understand what marriage is...your wife is a part of you not by chance like family but by covenant which you swore to during your marriage. If you allow anyone disrespect her sorry cuz u r disrespecting yourself. Why shld anybody even think is okay for his brother to enter his wife's pot? If he needs more he shld ask except he's proud and has not come to terms with the fact that, his brother is now married. He is wrong sir

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Family / Re: My Brother-In-Law Dips His Hands Inside My Pot Of Soup by Restructure9ja(m): 10:43am On Feb 06, 2020
You better be careful and not to send yourself out of your marriage, madam food is nothing and don't make it look like a big deal. My younger brother cook for us whenever he comes around and I am also married, All I see is here is you want to rule your home

In my house, you aint allowed to open a woman's pot after your food have been dished, if you want more just request and it will be done asap....there's nothing wrong with what shes doing. Every home have their principle...

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Family / Re: My Brother-In-Law Dips His Hands Inside My Pot Of Soup by Restructure9ja(m): 10:39am On Feb 06, 2020
First of all...your brother in-law is wrong in what he's doing...but it is an attitude he picked up b4 u became the woman of the house so the changes might be difficult for him for now.
However, your husband has to take responsibility to talk to his brother or you can start serving food and then lock up the pot in your kitchen cabinet if theres one in order to pass the message to him indirectly cuz since you ve told your husband abt it, it wont be wise for u to confront your inlaw urself...just give ur husband the time to do so.
But find an alternative like locking up the pot in the cabinet or your room so that the boy will get the message but serve his food well o.
Remember that it will stare up some resentment in him towards you but dont let it bother you cuz even if his family hears it...they wont be happy with him. It is wrong for any extended body to enter a woman's pot.
Celebrities / Re: Humble’ Mourinho Not Planning On Big Changes At Spurs by Restructure9ja(m): 6:01pm On Nov 21, 2019
Good good.... My super coach....i love this man #Chelsea!!!!
Politics / Re: The Accident Victims Involving Obaseki’s Convoy (Graphic Photos) by Restructure9ja(m): 1:02am On Oct 20, 2019

That is my real nigggar
Tomorrow is not certain. Life is too short
That is why I always enjoy the moment
I live my life in the fast lane
trying to make dope money
Smoking weed, banging ladies, drinking alcohol

That is why this evening I walked down to the nearest ATM and i tried to withdraw some of my sins(money)
Like twenty thousand naira

And right now am drinking some bottles in one hotel popularly known as play house in okhoro, Benin City

I know that such a life sounds like fun, the pleasures can be overwhelming. But I'm sure you do know were that kind of life choices ends up. Do u really want to live like that knowing fully well how such choices ends up? (hell). Our lives on earth surely have end but our souls never dies. They continue for eternity but is either in Heaven or hell no matter what we believe. You are created for something better, seek truth, seek God, seek life ., seek Heaven is the best choice you can make man. Jesus is Lord. John 3:17 can help.

Romance / Re: I'm Confused by Restructure9ja(m): 8:17am On Oct 11, 2019
I can assure you of one thing... You won't regret keeping that child...is not gonna be easy but the troubles will pass. Still keep an open heart for the father...not all men have such strength to accept responsibilities initially.... Above all make peace with God. Solidify your relationship with God. God bless you


Romance / Re: I Don't Understand My Life Any Longer by Restructure9ja(m): 8:46pm On Sep 10, 2019
My life has always been going well until I lost my dad when I was in year one in university, it shocked me so hard but I still manage to graduate...

I graduated and served d nation.

I have always been an extrovert and I like places that are lively...

I have a lovely gf who is so understandable even though I'm not taking care of her as expected cos of my lack of job

I served and returned home, I have spent 9 months at home since after my service, I looked for job everywhere but no job in sight, my uncle looked for job for me but d job is too tough with little salary ( they call it sales representative but d description is of sales boy), going to work from Monday 8 am to 6 pm Saturday with 18k salary which 6k will go for transport fare in a month.

I know I won't be able to cope with it so I rejected it, but it now seems I'm becoming a burden to my family as they look at me as if I don't want to work.

A woman told me to come and be teaching in her school, jss1 and jss2 only typically a new school, the school location is typically a village, but d pressure from home is much for me and doubt
left me with no choice than to accept d offer, d pay is 25k per month... Though out of it I'll be d one to pay for rent and furnish it, house rent is #1500/month....

I traveled to d place today and I can't believe what i met, d place is a very local place and everywhere is just so quiet and boring, i have 5 students in my class.

My gf is already serving and we've not seen each other for months which is already having a bad effect on our relationship...i got home this afternoon and having deep thinking with tears in my eyes if this is how i will continue to live my life...Im 27yrs of age and seems no direction in where my life is going...

Pls, i need mature advice from mature people pls...

It's looking as if i can't survive here at all and my gf is complaining cos better things are not looking to be forthcoming soon.

I'm typing this with tears in my eyes, pls pardon d errors

Life has a process... If you embrace the process and use the environment you have to focus on your life purpose cuz God didn't bring you to this world for nothing. You've a great future ahead but you need sincerely seek God for you know it.
From ur story, it seems to me ur main worry is ur gf... It may not sound easy but here me... If u don't have a clear future/plan yet u have no business with a woman. Your work now will help you to coordinate yourself, experience and give you the opportunity to develop patience. You're 27 and that's very fair in Nigeria.. Plan ur next 3yrs and focus on a career path. Make sure to save from u have. Focus ur energy on ur plans and current job. It will help. Get ur purpose from the right source. God Almighty. John 14:6

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NYSC / Re: Struggles After NYSC ... (Welcome To The Real World) - Meme Collection by Restructure9ja(m): 11:41am On Jul 09, 2018
I can't stop laughing...


Health / Re: Help. The Vitiligo Spreading On My Lips Is Making Me Suicidal (pics) by Restructure9ja(m): 2:21pm On Jul 05, 2018
Now you are only worried cuz your heart is after what people will say and the relationships you may lost, I think you shld be thankful cuz those who love you will not change their status quo with you.

secondly, you should focus more on your career and concentrate your heart and mind on your goals in life.

thirdly and most importantly JESUS is the Way the Truth and Life. any decision you take without him will not end well.

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Politics / Re: Saraki, Dogara, Kwankwaso, Others Form ‘new APC’, Set To Join PDP by Restructure9ja(m): 6:17pm On Jul 04, 2018
its just the beginning. more to come


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