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TV/Movies / Re: Nigerian Classic Movies/ TV Series......... by sammyironside: 10:19pm On Jul 30, 2022
Lol, can somebody ever find dance of shame to watch again?
Lol Omo gone are those days..
I really enjoyed watching it every Sunday night with my guardians and nephews we never miss it for once’s we don’t have generator then but there’s always light to watch this dance of shame every Sunday night lol..

I check this thread when it was posted and I saw the first comment was on 2012. And me I’m commenting 2021 lol after 9yrs of posting this thread lol
TV/Movies / Re: Nigerian Classic Movies/ TV Series......... by sammyironside: 10:17pm On Jul 30, 2022
How can some get this series, searches everywhere for it can't find it. Dance of Shame.

Nostalgia......lol, fun thing is you can't see any of the episodes online not even on YouTube. Great work gone like that.

Egejuru used to stay around my environment then. He's walks with his bag like Jehovah witness...lol
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by sammyironside: 4:43pm On Jul 28, 2022
Hello FAM, I will to learn domaining. How do I get started?
Celebrities / Re: Moment Two Staff Of An Eatery In Amsterdam Recognised A 'disguised' Davido by sammyironside: 1:57pm On Jul 23, 2022
I don't understand so when one travel abroad, he/she is supposed to become an astronaut? Don't we have people working in mama put in Nigeria, don't we have graduates working in eateries here in Nigeria? How some of you think is appalling.

My pikin dey abroad

So these one dey Armsterndam they serve food for mama put.

My pikin dey abroad
My Aunty dey abroad
My Sister dey abroad
Na e be this.

If u japa, no japa go dey serve food for mama put.
Celebrities / Re: Terry G Begs Mimi Omoregbe, His Baby Mama For Another Chance by sammyironside: 4:25pm On Dec 10, 2019
Nobody should insult him, takes a strong man to do this.

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Travel / Re: My Experience Living And Working In The UAE by sammyironside: 11:41am On Dec 10, 2019
I am working on Canada express entry and if it doesn't workout, I will go back. I am not going to Canada because its better than the UAE, but just to give my other kids Canadian passport. Thats the only problem I have with the UAE. There is no pathway to citizenship. My daughter was born there but they don't care she didn't get residence not to talk about passport. But she's attending a great school and can move to the UK for her High school so its a win win. Plan well never go to the UAE with a one month or 3 months visa in the hope of getting a job and changing to residence. If you do get a Job, your employer will apply and pay for your residence and seize your passport and you will start working like a slave for 2years. Meagre salary, 12 or more hours of work a day. You can only get by but never enough to achieve anything worthwhile.

Why did you come back naa?
Travel / Re: My Experience Living And Working In The UAE by sammyironside: 12:38am On Dec 10, 2019
No future at all when they are caught, they will be jailed if they can't pay their fine, which is 10,000 naira a day for the number of days they've overstayed. Their only bet is through an amnesty program where the government will deport people for free all fines wiped. That will happen next year. Even if you stay in the UAE for a thousand years legally you still won't even get citizenship.
No their nationals don't date foreigners, you can't even see them. Hell they don't even use the same car plate number with foreigners. Their plate numbers comes with 3digits others 4 and 5. Thats the level of distance between the Emirates and other nationals. You can save well depends on how much you earn.

So what's the future of those that overstayed?

Is there any pathway to citizenship?

Does UAE Nationals date Foreigners esp Africans?

What's d average savings in a month ?

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Travel / Re: My Experience Living And Working In The UAE by sammyironside: 12:25am On Dec 10, 2019
You can live comfortably in the UAE with your family, the problem with us is we dont do research and we are always in a hurry to do everything in Nigeria. A 2 years freelance visa is 1.2 million if you get a company in the UAE to do it for you. But agents in naija will collect 1.4. Dont give any agent money for the freelance visa though, most will collect the money and wont deliver, they only know how to do 2 weeks visa, which cost about 40k and 3 months. Go online and contact companies. With the freelance visa you can get a job for 2500 3000 dirhams, thats 250,000 and 300,000 naira. You can get accommodation in Ajman or sharja for 1000 or 1500 dirham a month 500 will go for expenses and still have little to save up to renew your resident after 2 years. You don't have to live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi they're too expensive. When you're doing the resident visa, tell the company to use a higher salary to apply for the visa, for instance they can claim you earn 8000 to 10,000 dirham's, this will enable you to also apply for your wife and kid in a couple of months with just a token. With a freelance visa, no company will hold your passport if you're employed. And you can do side business quit anytime you want and move to another company if you get a better offer. I went to the UAE about 7 years ago to work, although I am back to Nigeria.

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Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Vs Andy Ruiz Jr. II - Rematch (Live Updates) by sammyironside: 6:05pm On Dec 07, 2019
Please guys where can I stream the fight live?
Romance / Re: She Keeps Insisting On Having Sex Without Protection by sammyironside: 8:57am On Nov 21, 2019
Honesty I don't know what's wrong with some guys. You don't love her, you don't see a future with, but you want to take her for medical test, so if she comes out clean you can have unprotected sex with her. If you don't love her, why don't you cut ties with her. Must you have sex with her? The girl is probably after something spiritual from you.
That girl na winch o my guy run she don't even care if you are HIV + or not she is on a mission
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by sammyironside: 11:34am On Nov 20, 2019
Damn!!! I owe you a bottle of Moet Rose.

You need to get a dictionary or brighter grammar or primary 6 / JSS 1 English textbook to learn more about the basics of English language, because it is not my duty nor part of my purview / scope / ambit to educate you but for emphasis sake l will do it again

The original form of that adage / expression / saying is about 700 years old and it states that "Curses are like chickens and they always come home to roost" while in modern English, it means that "chickens have come home to roost", which also implies that the bad things that someone / a group of people has done in the past, have come back to bite them, which I quoted correctly.

You are the one that needs to learn to grow up or register with ldumota grammar school , acquire the basic use of both written / spoken English language before you travel to the US because you will need it to be able to communicate with your American audience

Lastly, I don't give a hoot about the 6 million quid you claim to have, it is Irrelevant to me in this discuss and I am absolutely not interested to know about it, and it is balderdash to me, where is my koboko laden with chilly pepper angry

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Travel / Re: Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot by sammyironside: 3:37am On Nov 05, 2019
I agree with you Tina, and I also believe the Canadian government, just want those who are already in Canada to be able work and live legally and most especially move to rural communities that young people are running from. Its very funny how people who are not in Canada are excited about this program when its near impossible to qualify.
they never gave false hope. People refused to reason well. Only 250 slots per community. It was only logical it would be hard and employees would favour those there already. If a fresh student grad comes to apply i would take him over someone in Nigeria. Its rural too the kind of jobs there are not going to be fancy jobs too (agric and manufacturing). I saw the requirements of one of the communities. It was funny and too hard

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Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Brazil by sammyironside: 3:15am On Nov 05, 2019
Whenever I see a page I am interested in, the first thing I do, is start reading from page one silently, till I finish the whole thread. And if there are information I need that I didn't see, then I will ask and while reading, I always go to google to research myself. All your questions has been answered by beloved adjo or someone else here. Please read from page one next time.

1.if you're are going with her, apply together.
2. If you have enough money in youe account to convince the V.O that you can cover the trip without putting hole in your pocket, I think yours is ok.
3. I believe the second person should have proof of his/her funds. If he/she doesn't have a job, you should at least have a business and present your business certificate its one of the requirements to apply for any visa.
4. Only the wife will get the PR, you don't expect anybody to give you PR when you're in Naija. And if you go with your wife, you will stay back in Brazil with your wife after the birth of your child, for at least 3months to get the PR.
5. Within 3months
6. After about 2, 3, 4 or even 8 years Adjo got Hers after a year, but some people said it could take longer just read the thread you will know why.
7. If I am a VO and you're applying for tourist visa I will want to know whether you've traveled for tourism before. So its important I believe. But you can also get a visa on a virgin passport.
8. UAE one or two African countries, shenghen etc. If you can afford it, travel and build history, if you can't just go ahead and apply our level of grace is different. Someone might get a Visa for the first time another person can be denied because you have not traveled enough to convince them that you will leave their country after your tour.
Hello house,

please i need help with answers to the following questions:

1. Will a husband and wife apply separately(individually) or together with one as the principal and the other attached/dependant?

2. Will both husband and wife individual SOA be included in the application?

3. What about a situation where only one spouse can provide a salary account statement with pay slip but without significant account balance, while the other spouse without a salary account statement has a very significant account balance? Will both accounts be accepted individually or collectively for an application?

4. If a wife delivers without the husband present with her in the country, after formalizing baby/babies citizenship, will wife and husband acquire PR together or just wife? If just wife, how will husband acquire his?

5. How long after delivery will baby/babies acquire citizenship and parents acquire PR?

6. How long after PR will parents qualify for citizenship and passport?

7. Is travel history very important for both spouse to obtain a visa? Or Can the travel history of one spouse cover for both?

8. Which destination(s) can serve for a good travel history?

Please answers to the above questions will really help and be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Travel / Re: Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot by sammyironside: 1:41am On Nov 05, 2019
Hello guys this program is not as easy as a lot of people are making it look. There are many requirements including writing IELTS, providing proof of funds in millions that you will present, although its quite lower compared to express entry. But that's not even the issue, the major set back to be able to even apply to a community, you must have a proof of employment and employment certificate from an employer in not anywhere in Canada but in that participating community. Now the biggest problem is this, no employer wants to employ anybody outside Canada, they won't even look at your CV once your address is not Canada. There are lots of students and asylum seekers in Canada that they can employ. Your best bet is, if you have someone is Canada, that can help you look for a job and get the certificate for you. Aside that this Canadian people are just giving people false hope, when they are not willing to employ people living outside Canada. But nevertheless there is no harm in trying here is a Canadian job site where all those employers post jobs indeed.com and jobbank.com just type the community and the job you're searching for. There are lots of jobs in Canada but this people should just make it a little bit easy to get in Like American visa lottery, where you don't need a job or money once you are selected, you will start your job search when you get to the Us. Unfortunately, Nigerians cannot participate for now, Good luck guys.


Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Brazil by sammyironside: 10:44am On Sep 10, 2019
One day I will meet you personally � � U have really been a good leader and a teacher. Please keep this brilliant work going, God will continue to strengthen you.. Kudos

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Travel / Re: Information On Macedonia by sammyironside: 7:58pm On Sep 04, 2019
Lmao cheesy
Larry Na all countries you dey always look for embassies wetin happen gan .

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Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by sammyironside: 1:04pm On Sep 02, 2019
Yes its the same thing, if you have certificate of local government from a state of course you're from that state.
Please can local government of origin certificate be used in place of state of origin ?.

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Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by sammyironside: 5:22am On Sep 02, 2019
If you can travel to Benue state its fast, I did my renewal in Abuja and payed 35k and it took 2weeks to come out with the help of an immigration officer and its the new passport. My wife and daughter traveled to Makurdi for the holiday and I asked them to do there. Fresh application, they both did and got it the next day because she went late in the evening. Wife 23,500 daughter 20,000 for the old one. Now the requirements are as follow: 1. State of origin certificate 2. Birth certificate 3. Passport data page of a guarantor (somebody in the office can help you do this. 4. NIN ( for the new one for the old passport they don't request for it. Nevertheless there is a Center close to the immigration office in makurdi were they do the NIN same day and you can proceed to the passport office. If you can travel to Benue state then you're sure to get it same day or early the next day.
Please which of the immigration offices is the fastest to get the passport... I can travel anywhere please.


Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Brazil by sammyironside: 1:23am On Jul 22, 2019
I want to thank this woman once again, beautiful soul, humble, down to earth. It will surprise you that she is not even Nigerian and has travelled far and wide. But there is no single trace of pride in her. She answered all my questions and practically spoonfed me with all the necessary information. A lot of people will ignore you, or even insult you for asking some certain questions but not her. May God bless you, its unfortunate that some people are saying negative things here, that could affect others application in future. We don't know who is reading, I don't advice anybody to try and fraudulently exit this country but please let's not drag ourselves here and continue to spoil things until every country starts rejecting Nigerians. MA, I have plenty of information to share but not here. I am a very reserved person and I wont like anyone to insult me.

Alright. I have not received any email from you yet please. Thanks


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Kim Oprah And Ella Begin Their Media Tour After Eviction (Photos) by sammyironside: 11:20am On Jul 17, 2019
My brother it is so appalling, sometimes I feel like weeping for this country.

honestly am shocked, one week in a locked apartment, and they now want to start a tour, tour of what exactly?? new album, or new singles or what? no wonder the politicians take the youth as fools, thank God am outta that place for now.
Travel / Re: Cost Of A Nigeria International Passport by sammyironside: 5:06am On Jul 17, 2019
Good morning everyone, please I want to renew my passport and its very urgent. What are the procedures? Can I have it in about a week? I have my NIN and I live in Abuja.
Celebrities / Re: Former Gulder Ultimate Search Contestant Narrates His Experience by sammyironside: 10:18pm On Jun 12, 2019
undecided undecided undecided

Now you know..
Celebrities / Re: Former Gulder Ultimate Search Contestant Narrates His Experience by sammyironside: 12:46pm On Jun 12, 2019
Wow!! Thank you very much I didn't know I could win a trophy with my sweet childhood experience.

Congratulations on winning the 'I suffer pass' trophy..
Celebrities / Re: Former Gulder Ultimate Search Contestant Narrates His Experience by sammyironside: 6:03am On Jun 12, 2019
Lol, this guy nah Ajebuta, I saw worst growing up as a kid in the barracks. We will go into a very dangerous forest in the barracks at 242 Recce battalion badagry Lagos state. I can't count how many times I killed snakes for meal. We will leave very early in the morning without eaten and return late at night. We've been chased by baboons, I've had leeches sucked my blood for hours because we were walking inside a swampy water that's up to our kneels. A lot of adventure that I can't narrate all I will come home and receive serious ass whooping only to return to the forest with my friends the next day. And I did this almost through out my childhood until I got to Jss 3 and started having girlfriends I come dey form fine boy and I had to stop all those adventure. Hell I was very stubborn my dad wanted to send me to NMS ( Nigeria military school) but my mum refused. Please pardon any error in my writing


Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Brazil by sammyironside: 5:53pm On Jun 08, 2019
What's the update please, will be very good if share.
OK house...so I travelled to Lagos last month and submitted an application for Brazil tourist visa at the Consulate. My wife is pregnant but we did it nicely that it didn't show a bit. We had a nice chat with the VO and he said we would get a mail informing us to come pick our passports soonest. He said if we weren't available, we could detail someone to pick up for us provided we inform the consulate prior...and all. Howbeit, I had to travel last weekend and I informed a friend in Lekki that he would do the pick up for us when the time comes. Now I have received a mail form the Consulate inviting us for an interview. I don't know if this is an invitation to pick up our passports or another round of VO interview. Mind you every single document submitted was authentic and original so I'm not worried of any such incident. I just want to confirm if this email title is meant to be invitation for collection of passport or not


Family / Re: Woman With Cancer Reveals, Husband Is Not The Father Of 3 Kids; Nigerians React by sammyironside: 8:14am On Jun 06, 2019
Why do people love to lie and come up with all sorts of story just to trend on Twitter. So all the children are 32 years, liar.


Investment / Re: Loom Money Nigeria: Crash Of Ponzi Scheme Imminent As SEC Warns Nigerians by sammyironside: 8:43pm On Jun 05, 2019
I don't understand this your message oh, you said crypto is a scam and someone gave you 5btc and you kept was it a scam or it made you rich? And you replied someone again that you bought some btc at 9000$ can you expantiate? How can btc be a scam and you kept the ones that was gifted to you and you still bought more. I am not understanding...
People really need to learn! 95% of all online money investment are scam, including em Cryptos! They’ll just come up one day to tell you one story or the other like Person wey sabi the password don die! Our website has been hacked! After people must have invested millions of money!! It’s all big time scam! Asian and Europe guys are mostly into this!

Naso I jam one isreal guy on telegram that year. Long story short, he dashed me 5BTC! Btc was at 3k+ yankee as at that time. Ah no touch the btc at all cos I still be novice that time. Ah no invest or anything. The btc was just living inside my blockchain! Few months later, btc moved to 10k+ yankee & that was the beginning of everything!

If at all you must invest, invest privately and not with any public investment forum! You can’t be so sure what’s what! Peace!

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Investment / Re: Loom Money Nigeria: Crash Of Ponzi Scheme Imminent As SEC Warns Nigerians by sammyironside: 8:41pm On Jun 05, 2019
dash me small btc naw abeg

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