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Romance / Re: My Fiance Cheated And Has A Child. What Do I Do? by Sanguine77(m): 4:52pm On Jan 31, 2016
Please my fellow Nairalanders,Am very depressed,I have a man who I have known for 8years,we were friends and started dating 4years ago,although the relationship was a distance one,cause I school in Ogun state,while He reside in delta state,He practically does everything for me including paying my school fees,He is a very caring man,we have agreed to get married this year 2016,Although I don't love him,but I never wanted to be an ingrate to him,and I believe since we are friends that the love will eventually come.
Last year June I had a dream,and I saw a woman and a child crying in front of him, while He kept on pushing them away,I was worried so I asked him if there is any secret He is hiding from me,that I already know, but I wanted to hear from Him,that was when He told me that He got a woman pregnant by mistake in 2013 ,that He does not love the girl,and He has even refuse to see her since she gave birth.
I was depressed and I felt betrayed I stopped picking his calls for Two weeks,and the next thing He did was to rush down to my elder sister and told her everything we have shared in the relationship,and even threatened to deal with me if I don't marry Him,He boasted about all He has done for me,including paying my school fees and all that.

I am truly confused,I need serious advise, please no insults. Thanks.
if you leave him, be ready for the worst. You should not have allowed him to spend on you if you never loved him.
I have seen 3 cases where a man who spent on a girl arranged some guys to kill both the girl and her new lover because she refused to marry the man who sponsored her.
Truth be told, you have eaten your cake and its either you marry him with his baggage or you refund all he spent cos right now in Nigeria, there are no free meals and if you doubt me, ask Dasuki and co.
Romance / Re: When Your Beauty Becomes a curse. by Sanguine77(m): 11:49am On Jan 20, 2016

You dey fear? grin grin No worry she won't trap you with pregnancy!
I have proposed to another so no way.

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Crime / Re: Female Banker Caught For Stealing N15m, She Blames Evil Spirit by Sanguine77(m): 11:45am On Jan 20, 2016
Blame Jonathan like the APC goons.

Iranu, abacha, elede.

People should learn to own up to their actions whether good or bad.

Spiritual problem, residual prblem ni.
Romance / Re: When Your Beauty Becomes a curse. by Sanguine77(m): 10:06am On Jan 20, 2016

Alright, keep encouraging her. She'll need it!
You are right but I am keeping her at arms length cos she wants marriage too.

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Romance / Re: When Your Beauty Becomes a curse. by Sanguine77(m): 9:38am On Jan 20, 2016
maybe she was also proud,,common cox you beautiful doesnt mean you can have everything you want in life..
One can be beautiful and also intelligent but its rare because they get more disturbances from men than the average looking dudes so they are easily distracted.

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Romance / Re: When Your Beauty Becomes a curse. by Sanguine77(m): 9:36am On Jan 20, 2016

Sir, Farming is not a bad job even for a lady,you need to visit the Agriculture section often, make friends with serious farmers and watch people become millionaires from farming.
I am encouraging her just that most times she is moody because she never thought she would end up a farmer.

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Romance / Re: When Your Beauty Becomes a curse. by Sanguine77(m): 9:06am On Jan 20, 2016
Sexy without been brainy. I once had a sexy hot school mate who was the rave of the moment, many people wanted to date her or sleep with her, I tried myself too and though she agreed to go out with me once but we did not date officially.
Fast forward to our final year, we started dating but she had other men while I too had other chicks and she finally ended up marrying a rich dude who used her and dumped her after she had a child for him and she even graduated with. The worst possible grade from the university.
Now her beauty is fading, nobody wants her now cos she has a child and she cannot find work with her certificate.
She is now a farmer.

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Health / Re: Lassa Fever : Rat Poison, Trap Sellers Record High Sales In Abuja by Sanguine77(m): 8:27pm On Jan 17, 2016
Rats in Lagos are usually very big and fresh, not afraid of people, can swim very well while some even hunt lizards.
Its time to hunt them down and kill 'em all.
We conquered ebola and we can also defeat Lassa.
Politics / Re: Senator Uche Ekwunife Decamps To APC by Sanguine77(m): 11:12pm On Jan 08, 2016
Igbos-- Any govt in power (AGIP)

Show me one igbo man that have been in opposition for the past 16 years and I will show 5 yorubas..
Ogbonnaya Onu
Politics / Re: Anenih Lied, I Didn’t Receive Up To N63m From Him- Yakassai by Sanguine77(m): 10:14pm On Jan 06, 2016
But u received something? Its time to pay up cos a new sheriff is in town.
These people just shared our commonwealth like a piece of cake.
Pls Buhari make them pay in tears; clamp them in detention, let them feel the pain of poor Nigerians who sleep hungry, have no access to pipe borne water or good health care or standard education.
These people are old but very wicked, they should be made to pay for their sins; they should be showed no mercy.

Nigeria is doomed if we do not stand against all these corrupt and wicked people who are responsible for our woes.


Career / Re: Job Resignation. .. by Sanguine77(m): 10:10pm On Jan 06, 2016

Niger Delta..
Ok, Jah bless your hustle. Boko boys and girls will not see you, suicide bombers will not see you, even all evil people. Go in peace and come back in peace.
Career / Re: Job Resignation. .. by Sanguine77(m): 9:25pm On Jan 06, 2016
Nairalanders grin... Alright y'all know I just got a job. I expected d job to be in lagos bub right now d company has said we would be transferring to Kano to work...
I m prepared to go, buh my parents are at loggerheads with me.. my Dad even said I should resign... iono wat to do o..
Pls I need ur advices... is kano safe for ND guy like me.. etc..
Shud I go to Kano, or shud I resign and kip sitting at home wit my parents again o... tnx..
Do you mean you have National Diploma or you are from Niger Delta?
Politics / Re: Awolowo Nominated Nnamdi Azikiwe - 'West African Pilot', February 10, 1961 (Pic) by Sanguine77(m): 7:12pm On Jan 06, 2016

What's the form of development then?
And you dare says Ogun isn't learned when there are people like Wole Soyinka, Osinbajo etc!
Abeg leave mata for mathais!
Ogun has the highest spread of higher institutions in Nigeria but they still have a high rate of poverty, underdevelopment and illiteracy. Forget names; Ekiti has more professors than Kano and Kaduna states but is Ekiti more developed?
Politics / Re: Awolowo Nominated Nnamdi Azikiwe - 'West African Pilot', February 10, 1961 (Pic) by Sanguine77(m): 6:39pm On Jan 06, 2016

Do your reseach, Ogun state will strike you. i know you are aware of this though. you are just being urself
Na you Ogun state will strike grin

Do your reseach, Ogun state will strike you. i know you are aware of this though. you are just being urself
Na you Ogun state will strike
Politics / Re: Awolowo Nominated Nnamdi Azikiwe - 'West African Pilot', February 10, 1961 (Pic) by Sanguine77(m): 6:27pm On Jan 06, 2016

Ogun and Akure says hi!
Abeokuta? Shagamu? Ijebu? Sango? Forget Akure. Schools and industries do not guarantee development. Development is genuine when the higher percentage of the populace are learned. Dont tell me about Awo's free education policy cos i am an adult education specialist in your west and I have come across people who are sixty years and less and who have never sat down in a classroom to learn until we brought succour their way.
Romance / Re: Snooping On Your Partner's Phone by Sanguine77(m): 4:06pm On Jan 06, 2016
Sometimes it is good, other times it is bad. Last two years, I suspected my girl friend who was staying with me then was playing games with me. I had no way to find out cos I leave the house by 6 am and come back by 10 pm so the only way left was to snoop on her fone on a Saturday when she went to bath.
I found out she was telling a guy that lived close who promised to help her get a job about me and even my work schedule and that he should come back on time so she can visit him.
She even was begging the guy for money even when I was working my sorry ass out to cater for her and my brother who was staying also with me.
I confronted her and she apologised but that was the beginning of the end and the reason why I am still unmarried cos I wud have married her last year.
Snooping is dangerous cos u go see something wey go scatter ur dada.


Politics / Re: Awolowo Nominated Nnamdi Azikiwe - 'West African Pilot', February 10, 1961 (Pic) by Sanguine77(m): 4:04pm On Jan 06, 2016

The evidence are there, Chief Awolowo was detribalised, ready to work with whoever. He was a master strategist, the aim of the calculation was to form a solid alliance with the Eastern region so as to dislodge the North.
But don't get that twisted, as explained, Chief's choice of Great Zik was not because Zik was best for the job, but because Chief Awolowo was ready to strike alliance with him and that was a token of trust. The evidence of the best man for the job is there evident for all to see. Even in this 21st century, the Eastern region is still struggling to catch up with the West. A legacy set by Chief Awolowo.
The east is struggling to catch up with the west? Aside Lagos which development is as a result of its former status, and maybe Ibadan, which other west are you talking about?
Politics / Re: Awolowo Nominated Nnamdi Azikiwe - 'West African Pilot', February 10, 1961 (Pic) by Sanguine77(m): 2:52pm On Jan 06, 2016
I hope our Igbo brethren, who think Yorubas are their problem will have a rethink.
For your mind abi? Some times, you may have no option than to nominate the best man for a job cos anything else will not work.
That said, why ddo the Yorubas think that the average Igbo man hates him?
We cannot move forward if we continue with our prebendal politics as well as elevating mediocrity and tribalism over and above merit and efficiency.


Romance / Re: He Is Too Shy by Sanguine77(m): 3:26pm On Jan 05, 2016
I met this guy not quite long on a social media, we are friends and I think he wants me but too shy to express his desire. He barely looks into my eyes and whenever am close to him, he tends to develop cold feet: I think I like him but how long do I wait for him ...maybe because we are not on the same level ? am a working class Lady and he is still in school

Should I ask him out or wait for another guy? I like him alot.
Ask me out instead :
Health / Re: Chicken Pecks Buyer To Coma In Asaba by Sanguine77(m): 5:55pm On Jan 03, 2016
Endtime chicken sending endtime buyer into coma in an endtime market on the beginning of the week. What figure of speech is that

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Assad Makes Surprise Christmas Visit To Church(pix) by Sanguine77(m): 11:50am On Dec 31, 2015

Do you realise the level of resentment people all over the world have for the west because of their hypocrisy,imperialistic and hegemonistic tendencies? People are gradually being awakened to the atrocities of the west and I don't need my opinion to be reckoned with before people see the light because nobody can stop the truth.
Its all alright. The west was and is still responsible for the economic $ political woes of Africa via colonialism $ neo-colonialism but the bulk of the blame should go to the African leaders who thru their avarice and corrupt tendencies have suppressed any form of development as well as making sure we continue to be in the doldrums of underdevelopment.
We are our own problem so stop blaming the west.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Assad Makes Surprise Christmas Visit To Church(pix) by Sanguine77(m): 10:17am On Dec 24, 2015

Those men are criminals, who deserves to be hanged for wanton destruction of the middle east. Millions of Iraqi,Syrian and Libyan lives have been lost in the bid to protect their "national interest". No WMD was found in Iraq and Saddam had no proven link with al-CIA-da, so why was Iraq attacked?
They were not defending any national interest by attacking those countries rather it was a ploy to destabilize the whole region for a greater Israel.
Do you realise that ISIS and other terrorists will take over Syria once Assad is forced out and Syria will lose its secular way of life forever all because Assad refuse to do the biddings of the west by allowing Qatari pipelines through Syria to Europe.


Well, you are entitled to your own opinion which may not count in the scheme of things but like I said, the west has by their actions and inactions contributed in no small measure to the crises and militancy in the middle east.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Assad Makes Surprise Christmas Visit To Church(pix) by Sanguine77(m): 6:06am On Dec 22, 2015

And what do you think should happen to Bush,Blair, Cameron, Obama and the criminals occupying Palestine if Assad is to be tried for war crimes?
The people of Syria should be allowed to decide whether he stays or not.
He won a an election last year and still has the mandate of the Syrian people.
The liver eaters and throat cutting 'moderates' promoted by the Zionists cannot win elections in Syria, hence the "Assad must go" chant.
These men you mentioned tried to protect their national interests by fighting the regimes that harboured dissidents and terrorists who operated against western interests from the middle east. That said, I still believe that the middle east crises would not have escalated to this extent if the war in Iraq was not fought and even the ouster of former Libyian strong man. The west value the lives of their citizens and when a view a country as an enemy, they go all out against them even if they are wrong in their assertions.
The crux of the matter is: the middle east should be sincere to fish out all terrorists in their enclave while the west should employ the application of intelligience and tact because the numerous wars of terror have yielded no much fruit.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Assad Makes Surprise Christmas Visit To Church(pix) by Sanguine77(m): 11:59am On Dec 20, 2015
That is good but his actions and inactions have led to the death, displacement and poverty of millions of his country men.
The essence of good governance is to provide for the greater good of the greater majority and when the presence of a leader breeds chaos, war and death, then it is time to go.
His actions is a good one as it encourages religious unity, but he should be arrested for war crimes.
On the other hand, kudos to these Syrian christians who in the face of war, death, pestilence, famine and uncertainty, they are upbeat nd even planning to celebrate xmas even after their church has been bombed: do not lose hope no matter the present situation cos tomorrow will be better.

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Culture / Re: Daughter Of The Ooni Of Ife, Princess Adeola Ogunwusi by Sanguine77(m): 8:39am On Dec 17, 2015
Meet me Prince Sanguine, the son of the Most High King.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Unemployment And Leadership's Selfishness:Agony Of The Depressed Nigerian Youths by Sanguine77(m): 6:36pm On Dec 12, 2015
I have never felt more connected with somebody in a longwhile.
Just yesterday, I was talking about this issue with a group of angry young people under my mentorship: the average Nigerian has every right to be angry because he is hungry, jobless, helpless, dejected and in darkness no thanks to the avaricious and rapacious attitude of our leaders.
Right now, the struggle is so real and poverty abounds. For how long are we gonna hope? We must take arms against a sea of trouble and by opposing end them cos the dagger that did the damage still drips with blood!!!

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Politics / Re: Banker: How I Ran Maina's N2bn Illegal Accounts by Sanguine77(m): 9:05am On Nov 05, 2015
This is not a matter of PDP or APC, tribe or people matter, corruption is affecting us all whether we like it or not, let us rise in unison to condemn all such vices.

Its not or never!
Politics / Re: Banker: How I Ran Maina's N2bn Illegal Accounts by Sanguine77(m): 8:54am On Nov 05, 2015
The avarice of these politicians and civil servants, chai, there is God o and He will surely punish all those who have looted our commonwealth.
You steal the pension of others; will you be alive to retire and enjoin your loot? The cry and curses of these pensioners will surely get to God and all these evil men will pay with their blood and that of their generations yet unborn.
Culture / Re: The Dialects Of Ibibio And Where They Are Spoken by Sanguine77(m): 10:33pm On Nov 02, 2015
Annang mma..iya
Annang mma..iya
Annang mma mma do...iya iyai
proudly an Annang lady...@op ur head is der
Why are you sharing snakes with me?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Liverpool (1 - 3) On 31st October 2015 by Sanguine77(m): 12:46pm On Oct 31, 2015
Strong one. Big matches have a way of bringing out the resilence $ courage in Mou $ his blue boys.

Who will win, who will draw the first blood, who will get a red card?

Let the best team win, I don't want a barren draw o.
Family / Re: My Horrible Experience When Living With A Relative. by Sanguine77(m): 11:43pm On Oct 24, 2015
I can never forget how my own eldest sister (same father, not same mother) introduced me to all her high society friends and sons' friends as 'the help'
I can relate with the poster. They become very nice when your parents are around and they call your name with a snarl. I thank God the story has changed now. They interviewed my sister recently and she refered to me as her 'baby sister, so and so, who works at so and so'. In fact the same friends she introduced me to as 'the help' are now chasing me with CVs for their children. I have sworn, God helping me, that my children will not step a foot in any relative's house even to spend as much as a weekend!
I sincerely pray that your own success story will better than this. That is the best revenge for them

Pls, I want to chase you too with some peoples CV who are on my neck.


Literature / Re: How A Girl"s Visit to My Room Changed my Life ( Short Story) by Sanguine77(m): 11:07pm On Oct 17, 2015
This op is totally high Like completely high on salt!! grin plus this is the first tym am commenting on Nairaland... Even though I visit this site like five tyms daily cheesy
Oge pls visit me so I can get inspiration to write my own story. grin

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