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Travel / Re: I Have Never Been To An Airport by scally11: 2:16pm On Feb 23
I am in my late twenties. It seems strange that I have never visited an airport. Sometimes i feel ashamed and never talk about it with anybody.

I don't know if it's due to too much responsibilities on me. Who is in the same boat with me? How do you cope when people talk about visiting an airport? Do you pretend as if u have visited an airport? Do you say the truth and let people mock you?
U don't need to bother ur head about that because when it is your time u will certainly not only visit but board a plane. My wife always say that she feels ashamed that she has never boarded a flight even if na local flight but when she got visa to the UK it was her first flight. Your time too will come just like my wife own that hers was even international. It is not a shame to ask questions if it's your first flight.
Politics / Re: The NTA Did Not Ask General Gowon To Speak In Hausa by scally11: 7:54am On Feb 23

I think it is you that is just hell bent on being unreasonable, despite the explanation made, which surprisingly add up cos we didnt see that angle
Some countries are threatening to leave ecowas, these countries speak hausa largely which you can go verify, hence why the anchor was pushing for Gowon to speak hausa so as to reach a wider audience

However i don't see why netizens are even making these an issue, Is Gowon not an hausa and shouldnt he be proud to speak is language, and as a matter of fact Hausa is the most widely spoken language in africa but, slavery mentality is why people like you feel so subservient to "English" if you don't speak english you feel like a worthlessbeing
My friend hausa is not a language in Ecowas. U either speak English or French. Why should he speak hausa. If Obasanjo wants to address Benin Republic on Ecowas platform will he speak yoruba because Benin people speak yoruba abegiii

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Politics / Re: The NTA Did Not Ask General Gowon To Speak In Hausa by scally11: 7:49am On Feb 23

A total load of crap with no substance at all. What is the problem? Is it comprehension or is it that you didn't even read the post at all?

Communication needs to be meaningful to be effective, but your post lacks any meaning at all.
My friend stop trying to defend rubbish. That program was on NTA NOT NTA Hausa and the man is wiser than even you with all the rubbish u wrote trying to defend stupidity exhibited by the NTA. If the man doesn't want to speak a native language but chose to speak his lingua franca who are u to defend NTA misdemeanours of cutting a live show by an ex president. We know una. No worry make una continue history will not forget una


Education / Re: Brain Drain Of Teachers In Private Schools: What's The Way Forward? by scally11: 11:30am On Feb 22
I worked as a teacher for over 14years but truth is proprietors are the wicked set of humans in the world followed by school heads. They collect much and pay teachers peanut. The day I saw the student schoolfees I was downcast for a week. A pupil pays over 80k and they pay teachers less than 50k. Pupils buy other things, pay party money and some do extra lesson but no other money for teachers. Parents complaint nko, some parents will call u at night and be telling u their child refuses to wash plates as if na teachers responsibility. Proprietor will organise seminars even during midterm do that u cannot use that period to look for something good and will pay u middle of months so u don't run away. See my eyes see wetin my mouth no fit talk. School principal and headmaster self go dey runs and no go pay u for extra class. Until I japa runaway from Nigeria. The first wage way I collect for uk was like my annual salary on Friday way no dey miss. I remembered days I go go house tell my wife say dey no pay us salary today hence na bread we go chop. When d salary come self na debt I go use am pay. School owners worse pass politicians self

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Religion / Re: Why Did You Reduce Or Stop Going To Church? by scally11: 2:54pm On Feb 18
I stopped because nhs pay 22£ for Sunday and going to church looks like going to meet someone deceive u with sweet lies while living a deceitful life nicodemusly


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Mbappe To PSG: "I Will Leave At The End Of This Season" by scally11: 8:40pm On Feb 15
If he like make e move to barca join, na man city go still win the champions league

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: When Is The Usual Salary Payday In Your Place Of Work by scally11: 5:48pm On Feb 12
Every Friday. And it has never failed. Friday morning is my best day of the week.
Religion / Re: Nigeria Needs Urgent Spiritual Help – Adeboye by scally11: 5:22am On Feb 12
This man here is one of the problem of Nigeria. When prophets or men of God can not see a spade and call it a spade because of the favour they get from corridors of power. prophet of Old will not rigmarole around lies telling lies that before the end of the year naira will rise, all will be well by the end of the year and fake prophecies that have never come true. I have stopped referring to Adeboye as a man of God. Tueh!

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Sports / Re: AFCON: Tinubu To Land In Abidjan For Nigeria V Cote D'ivoire by scally11: 9:48pm On Feb 09
And there goes the nation cup. if Tinubu goes there then we are surely losing the match.
Health / Re: Nigerian Nurses To Work For 2 Years Before They Can Practice Abroad - NMC by scally11: 11:56pm On Feb 08

This is nothing but the right thing to do.

But for the illiterate children of frustrations, hate and sadness,
Any news about taking Nigeria forward is pains to them.
They always fu
Ind fault in every good government decision.
All they want is chaos, deaths, kidnappings etc.
Sore losers and swines in life.
All the bad things you wish for out darling nation will never leave your household as long as God lives.
Since I know u, u have never ceased to support evil. U are evil in human form. U always support evil and wicked people.why are people abroad not running away from their country. Its because the government makes the economy and lives better. Imagine the evil policy of holding nursing graduate who wants to prospect for better life instead of improving their working condition, but u no dey surprise me again. From ur wicked darling daddy to this present apc administration. Tueh to u. Smh
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa AFCON 2023 Semi-Finals (4 - 2)pens On 7 Feb 2024 by scally11: 11:16pm On Feb 07
Congratulations on your sliver medal too cool
Oga go sit down. We beat u abi u no beat u. If u like no eat today, we dey play final for Sunday while u go play third place. No be penalty take u reach semi final. Chop ur bearing in peace. Na Cote'D Voire go pain pass because na their house we go take collect cup.
Sports / Re: Ivory Coast Vs DR Congo, AFCON 2023 Semi-finals (1 - 0) On 7th February 2024 by scally11: 11:03pm On Feb 07

Don’t worry. We will do to Ivory Coast the same thing Greece did to Portugal at Euro 2004
No be France na Portugal. Na beating Portugal take start and they still beat them 1 nil to collect Euro 2004
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa AFCON 2023 Semi-Finals (4 - 2)pens On 7 Feb 2024 by scally11: 8:02pm On Feb 07
Na look lookman cause all this tension. If to say he buried his chance then. Nonsense and Tinubu
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa AFCON 2023 Semi-Finals (4 - 2)pens On 7 Feb 2024 by scally11: 6:56pm On Feb 07
If Nigeria continue this style of play they will lose by 2 to 0. Nothing in the midfield. The only player is see is the DMF which is Oyenka. Kudos to the keeper too
Travel / Re: I Envy People Who Left Nigeria Already. by scally11: 7:14pm On Feb 01
When I hear strange story of people abroad advising other people not to come and they stay there without travelling back I knew that human wickedness to human is real. I once told one friend of mine that instead of advising me not to come abroad make himself come back to naija. Nobody said abroad is paradise but its worth it over a billion times compared to staying put in naija when u are not a politician seeing free money. My only regret is that I should have come a long time ago until recently. Now I can work, plan myself , no fear of kidnapping or police brutality. I never even see gun here. I never see any military self but crime rate is minimal. Make una still dey pray to God to save Nigeria as if na God cause am. When people vote in bad leaders they will now be expecting miracle that God can use him to change the country. Nigerians will plant mango and be praying to God to turn it to apple.

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Business / Re: Naira Hits Record Low Of N1,348.63 /$1 At The Official Market by scally11: 6:06pm On Feb 01

I doubt you are in UK, most stingy set of Nigerians are in Uk cheesy, they can't joke with 1pounds and they monitor xchange rate more than abokifx

I have recieved dollar and euros from friends but that Pounds cheesy dem no dey gree
Well that is hasty generalisation. Even though to earn pounds is not easy just like any foreign currency, I still dey try settle some of my friends. Giving is not dependent on currency but mindset. Anybody way wan give u money go give u even if she dey earn dollars, pounds , yen or naira
Business / Re: Naira Hits Record Low Of N1,348.63 /$1 At The Official Market by scally11: 6:03pm On Feb 01

You think you are winning.

Value is stored in money.

When you want to use your money to do anything in Nigeria, you will pay more for goods and services.

Everyone loses in this stance.
So what about people that earn in naira in Nigeria. What should dey do? Dey should commit suicide abi. What I meant is that any small pound u send to Nigeria is a big amount because there is a buffer when u earn in foreign currency.
Travel / Re: I Envy People Who Left Nigeria Already. by scally11: 5:42pm On Feb 01

Our Reply at dem MANNA......

Sit down there and be deceiving urself that a lizard in Nigeria cannot be a leopard abroad. Nigeria that will kill ur dream make u believe that its ur family people that are killing you. At least for abroad if u no dey lazy or selective u go see small hustle do before u get something worthwhile. All our leaders should be tired to a stake and shot including some terrible citizens that will see white and call it black. Truth is, no place is paradise but u see to travel abroad genuinely is far far better than working in government establishment in Nigeria. The only people enjoying the country are the politicians and their family.

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Business / Re: Naira Hits Record Low Of N1,348.63 /$1 At The Official Market by scally11: 10:12pm On Jan 29
Pounds Don pass#1800 on lemfi and taptap. Now to send money to people in naija takes nothing from me. 260k self no pass 150£. All thanks to bulaba

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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 3) by scally11: 9:35am On Jan 25

E pain me walahi, cos no be word wey i go use for my fellow when no be say we get issues before, but as a peaceful person wey i be..i go lock up. Make who wan stup!d remain stup!d unprovoked.
Well I will be quite Frank with u. Those two new entrants are been childish because its too different job. The construction worker failed to understand that long term on construction is not healthy because its stressful. Moreover the care worker should not that care jobs are easier than construction work hence should enjoy more pay. Bottom line is having done the two jobs I would gladly pick care to construction work. Infact I regret doing construction and warehouse job because na them shift my spinal cord when I could earn easy money just on observation with a patient. Averagely I earn over 600£ every week working 4days on 12hour shift as an nhs staff. My advise is let the carer look towards nhs. And for the ops, look at the daft as one cheeky comment. Wage comparison is a normal thing because people always want to earn better but meanwhile health is wealth. U can not pack all the pounds. I rather earn less with less stress than earn more with more stress


Politics / Re: Isaac Fayose Stops Unknown Minister From Using One-Way In Maitama, Abuja by scally11: 8:10am On Jan 25
Like say he self no dey do am. Abegi Nigerians claim this rubbish when it's not in their favour
Sports / Re: Victor Bekewei Is The Nigerian Spiderman! (Stunt Videos) by scally11: 9:05pm On Jan 19
Make e no worry, one day monkey go go market he no go come back. Oyinbo way dey do stunts know say health insurance and NHS cover them. Me I no go drop any money to save anykne6
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Equatorial Guinea: AFCON 2023 (1 - 1 ) On 14th January 2024 by scally11: 4:59pm On Jan 14
Summary of the game is
Shitty, lacklustre and poor team. All the the players are below poor.
Shitty Nigerian team


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lets Discus Payrolls In Nigeria. What Is Your Monthly Salary? by scally11: 10:12pm On Jan 11
Let's bring the Salary scale in Nigeria by the companies and organizations. Hide your identity please, by not adding personal info.

What is your Salary?
What is your Position?
What is your Qualification?
How many year/s experience?
Organization or company name?
Lastly, tell us your location/state?

This will help employers know the salary of different professions and what to offer new employees, and will also help employees know their supposed earning. Thank you
1. 4million or 2700£ ( 4days a week)
2 Care Assistant.
3. Msc Social w........ (Japa master)/ Msc Geophysics
4. 7months.
6. Scotland
But when I dey naija I dey earn 50k as Salary but i dey run lessons they make extra 100k making 150k. Transport dey remove like 30k so take home is 90k. Naija teachers dey suffer sha


Family / Re: See The Borehole I Am Doing For My Uncle...a Relief Indeed! by scally11: 11:21pm On Jan 09
It's a fair price, that area looks like sedimentary area since imo is on sedimentary basin. Hand drilling was what was done. Some years 8years ago we did our borehole for 250k with installation and till today we haven't change anything


Travel / Re: Should I Keep My Federal Job Or Travel to the U.K by scally11: 10:59pm On Jan 03
I usually don't want to advice anyone who still think Nigeria has a future with the current leader that we have. @ ops ur monthly salary is not up to my oneday wage in naira if u convert pounds to naira. So advise urself

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Food / Re: How My Sister Treated Me Like A King With. by scally11: 5:02pm On Dec 06, 2023

My brother,
U r a very experience man .
I want you to advice on this.

If someone is planning to relocate to Germany
And the person wants to use job route.
Among these three job routes, which one is easier to get for the person in Germany?

1.Stick Welding and fabrication job;
2. Electrical Engineering job;
3. Healthcare ,carer job.

Which is faster and easier to get ?

All is good but Health Care is easier. I met a lady that got into NHS Scotland within 3months but the rest u will need uk certification and experience but health care u can get without uk experience provided u can link it up. Sorry disregard, I thought you were talking uk

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Food / Re: How My Sister Treated Me Like A King With. by scally11: 4:53pm On Dec 06, 2023
She was very nice. I really enjoyed my time there.

Nigerians full here o! Even for Scotland na so so broken, Yoruba and some Igbo I dey hear for streets by people talking on the phone or to another Nigerian walking with them.

When u enter Glasgow u go shock. Glasgow full of naija people. Most naija live for Maryhill and are more in Glasgow than Edinburgh. Try visit Kevingove, Glasgow museum and George Square.


Food / Re: How My Sister Treated Me Like A King With. by scally11: 4:49pm On Dec 06, 2023
I was in Manchester for 2 weeks as my first stop on my Europe tour, I plan to visit over 20 European countries on this tour.

I stayed with my sister and her family in Manchester, I was treated like a king with so many delicious Nigerian food.

I took pictures of some of them and here they are. These food might look like no big deal to many on here, but it is for me, since I don’t know how to cook and I live in Las Vegas where it’s very expensive to eat Nigerian food at a restaurant.

I’m in Edinburgh, Scotland at the moment, will make my way to Glasgow, Scotland tomorrow, and then board a bus that will take me to Northern Ireland. The bus will drive onto a Ferry to cross the Irish Sea. I will stay one day in Belfast and then jump on a train to places I don’t know yet, but I have to be at the airport in Dublin on Monday the 23rd of October to catch a flight to London, where I will stay with Dj Douglas for 1 week. He’s is a childhood friend of mine. He’s the one who taught Dj Neptune how to Dj. The last time I saw Douglas face to face was back in December 2005, when he went to the airport with me when I was traveling to Amsterdam from Lagos, on vacation. Before I got back to Lagos in January of 2006, Douglas don japa go London. Lol

He’s established now with a wife and kids.

I will post more as I go about my journey. Stay tuned.
I would have loved to hook up with u in glasgow tomorrow but am already booked. Well u can try visit Calabash at Union Street or Afrikana at Sauchiehall to catch a taste of motherland. All the same welcome to Glasgow latest Glaswegian.

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Travel / Re: UK Introduces Tougher Visa Rules by scally11: 10:50am On Dec 06, 2023

Lol...who earns £38,000 monthly?

That's obviously yearly
Even prime minister no earn that money monthly. 38k monthly na 56million. Na footballers dey earn that money because football na blood money
Travel / Re: UK Introduces Tougher Visa Rules by scally11: 10:44am On Dec 06, 2023

Nope thats not completely correct..just to clarify band 8 is not director level.

Band 8a-8b are senior managers

Band 8c are typically Head of departments, they earn £75k and above

Band 8d are associate Directors or deputies-£85k and above

Band 9 are Directors- £95k and above

Anything above Band 9( Very Senior Managers -VSM) are typically Executives in C-Suite.

To get the salary range, search "Agenda for change 23/24" you will see salary for each Band.

Am not doubting what u said. I am not totally correct that was why I said top level position. All the same thanks for the effort of pointing out that mistake. Now I know better

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Travel / Re: My First Snow Experience In The UK �� by scally11: 12:10am On Dec 06, 2023

If I were you, I'd have cracked that bone and sucked the marrow so she can see well. I don't give two fuqs about her or her opinion.

My issue with OP is that he is just like many UK japarians. They talk too much about every little thing.
Na babe way I dey eye on normal so I no wan derep myself. Atleast if I no eat am I no go die. U need to see her expression about the bone issue

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