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Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 2:57pm On Jan 01
The poor little boy we’re engaging knows all this.

He knows the Segun Toyin Dawidu is his brother, he only needed to save face.

The shame going on here is massive.

If you were in his shoes, won’t you save face?? Lol.
Lmao! These idiots are so annoying. See how these halfwits even thought the said Segun Toyin Dawodu (their fellow Edo man) came up with these Oba panegyrics in the first place? They even accused him of being a Yoruba, even though he's the founder of that stupid Edonation site o, lmao. Is it our fault that he bears Yoruba names like many of them? It's not easy to be patient with these idiots, honestly. You're trying.


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 2:44pm On Jan 01
Edo-Nation is an Edo webpage.

Edo people bear Yoruba names.

A Yoruba man would NEVER identify with the Ekaladerhan=Oduduwa fiction.

Suck up your Edo mess humbly.

The damage is done

This is from Edo.
You know the funniest thing? This Segun Toyin Dawodu is even Edo, lol. He's the founder of Edonation, the number one nonsensical, revisionist site where ahistorical horseshits are fed to the gullible Edo youths. Another Edo revisionist is Ademola Iyi Eweka. Would they call him Yoruba too because his name is Ademola? In the bid of these monumental asshats to discredit the panegyrics of their own Oba, they're accusing Segun Toyin Dawodu (an Edocentric clown like them) of being a Yoruba man who came up with those praise names for their Oba, lmao. They don't even know who's Edo or not amongst them because many of them proudly bear Yoruba names. Let's laugh at these legendary dunderheads while they're around. They just owned themselves, lol.


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 2:35pm On Jan 01

Thanks for schooling these fraudsters. Imagine a Yoruba compelling some dog shit and ascribing Edo to it and their fellow Yoruba are parroting it as the official Edo account. These is how they deceive themselves and unsuspecting Nigerians.

Tao could just wake up one day, writes some historical bull shit, put Benin Edo name on it and start to reference it as an official Edo account.

This is the reason I always demand an eyewitness historical accounts when debating them. They always run away from this demand because they have no history before 1824, everything before then are shrouded in myths. Imagine the dullard calling one version of oral history that have eyewitness fraud.

Oduduwa story is oral history without evidence to back it and as such no one can vouch or claim any one version to be the authentic one, obviously these guys are not clever enough to know this.

If Yoruba want to debate history, they should bring forth history that was documented by an eyewitness that was present when the historical events happened, not translation of what some claimed he was told, alot of information can be added or lost in translation. Even various versions of the bible don't all always give the same account of an event mostly due to translation from their original Hebrew language to English.

If the Yoruba say Ife or Oyo was great, then produce a historical accounts from a eyewitness that witnessed this greatness not what you wrote in 2010.

I already provided eyewitness written accounts of the Alaafin stating in 1911 that his predecessors were paying tributes to Benin and that Alaafin in particular started that he was waiting for his friend the Oba of Benin to send him army to help put down his rebellious neighbours. This is how history should look like not telling us that Ife traded in gold in the 13th century without eyewitness historical accounts of a visitor to Ife in the 13th century.

Yoruba just make up stuffs as they go along.

Another pea-brained slowpoke surfaces. Segun Toyin Dawodu is your fellow Edo man, lmao! He didn't even come up with those praise names. He's the founder of Edonation.net, the number one revisionist site where ahistorical junks are made up for the consumption of you nitwits. But how would you know Segun Toyin Dawodu was your fellow Edo man when you people have stolen Yoruba things/names to the brim, lol. Bunch of shameless people. Oya, is Olumide Akpata a Yoruba man or Edo? Lmao.


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 2:23pm On Jan 01

Just as the praise name of the Ooni of ife is

Ovbi Ekaladerhan
The Child of Ekaladerhan

Eniti Benin se Oba
The One Benin made king

Omo Ogiso ti owa lati orun...
The Child of the ogiso that came from the sky

Hope u'll also agree with me...

At least I've educated u and others will continue to use this post as reference to ur false claims of Oba praise... U can choke on ur ignorance for all I care

Anytime u post this, I'll continue to refer u to this
Dude, go take your meds, you have chronic paranoia.


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 2:19pm On Jan 01

Compiled by a Yoruba man... Ovbi Umogun Oza doesn't even mean what he writes... Ikeji orisha doesn't mean anything in Benin language...


Ikeji Orisha doesn't mean anything in Benin language, likewise Orunmila, Ayelala, Ogun, Shango (Ishango), Eshu and all the Yoruba dieties your people worship. Likewise all the Yoruba names like Ajayi, Alonge etc your people bear. Go to bed, kid.


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 2:16pm On Jan 01
The honest truth is that u are just deceiving ur self... Lemme just say this .. I don't have time to drag things with obviously jobless people who spend 20 hours on nairaland fighting Benin history

Now the Edo site where u got ur pRaISe nAmeS from was compiled by a Yoruba man named Segun Toyin as u can see...

It can be clearly said that out of his supposed love for the Oba decided to praise the Oba in his own language hence he added the ikeji orisha, ovbi Umogun Oza and others that clearly do not have a meaning or an entire different meaning other than the original ones...

If it was an Igbo man that wrote this, he would have also added his own tongue to it

Now as I have said before praise names are dynamic and unofficial... here are some videos where the Oba was praise and check if anyone of them have even up to 30% similarity with the so called Edo site that u tend to hold as the official praises of the oba...






As u can see, I have posted 5 different videos of where the Oba was praised and each of them do not sound 100% similar... This thus trashes the claim of the Edo site praise name is the official one in the entire kingdom...

Also the claim that because an edo site (obviously compiled by a Yoruba man) write abt the praise name, its the official one is baseless because the official website of the oba palace, kingdomofbenin.com never approved it by posting in theirs...

Edo nation is not the official website of the Benin Palace and whatever they say is merely their opinion... I hope u'll be bright to understand this cheesy

Anyone can open a website with 20,000 naira and claim they are for one tribe but as long as they are not approved by the relevant authorities, they are just saying their own personal opinion... There are a lot of Benin sites that claim to be for the Benin palace but as long as they are not recognised by the relevant authorities, they are just saying their opinion

Now for example,if u think that the Ikeji orisha word that was written in the website was not caused by the fact that the writer was a Yoruba man, provide 2 videos like I did where the speaker used the word ikeji orisha ...

Its obviously clear that the writer added his own Yoruba words because the meaning of ikeji orisha is second in command in English but the Benin will say Ukpogieva in their own language... This further establishes the claim that the writer of that post added his Yorubas words/sentiments into the article...cheesy

Another example is the word Ovbi Umogun Oza....
First its wrong translation as Umogun refers to the royal family which includes the oba cousins, uncles, aunties and the likes.

Another loophole is that the royal family doesn't hail from oza

But believe me, u just swallowed the article gullibily and started vomiting nonsense on my mentions... Hope u know better now

I can also give u another example of the error he made... This goes to show that author was not even well grounded in Benin language for him to make such errors

I know u'll still mention me with the useless talk of how it's a Benin website or Yoruba bear Edo name and all that but I won't reply u because having disproved the authenticity of that authenticity, u are clearly dumb to reply me with such statements grin


Cc: Sesan85 this is for u... Besides why isn't there a written praise name for the Ooni of ife that should have been official like u are screaming abt the one of the Oba...

Shut the Bleep up, you bloody liar! These are praise names of your Bini Oba, which even all your fellow Ekala-whatever Bini revisionist pages on Facebook and sites on the internet boldly disseminate around. I can't believe this colossal nitwit is accusing a Yoruba of coming up with those praise names. Aren't you clowns ashamed of endlessly lying and denying to cover your shame? What a people!


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 9:37am On Jan 01
First of all, there is no such thing as “Izoduwa”, “Idoduwa”, “Imadoduwa”, or “Omonoyan” in Benin oral tradition.

These are only present in Benin forged stories which were invented in the 1970s. I would clarify.

Historians, for example, name these forged stories [of “Izoduwa”, “Idoduwa”, “Imadoduwa”, or “Omonoyan”] as the Benin “deliberately unauthentic” stories.

Do historians regard these stories as forgery simply because they woke up on the wrong side of the bed feeling that way? Obviously not. smiley

These [“Izoduwa”, “Idoduwa”, “Imadoduwa”, or “Omonoyan”] stories are found to be forgeries for the simple reason that much earlier documented Benin tradition debunks these stories.

For example, some eighty (80) years before these [“Izoduwa”, “Idoduwa”, “Imadoduwa”, or “Omonoyan”] stories were invented, Mr. Cyril Punch had documented the Benin tradition about Ekaladerhan.

Mr Cyril Punch’s documentation of the tradition about Ekaladerhan around the year 1889 (and quoted in Roth 1903) shows categorically that Ekaladerhan has absolutely nothing to do with Ife.

The beginning and ending of the Ekaladerhan episode from Mr Cyril Punch’s documentation as quoted in H. L. Roth, 1903, pp. 53-54. is as follows:

Ekaladerhan fled Benin due to a grave scandal; he founded the kingdom of Ughoton; he ultimately reached a mutual solemn compromise with Benin, namely that:

His “independent sovereignty” is allowed at his new kingdom of Ughoton, but he was not return to Benin again.

Following this documentation of the Benin episode of Ekaladerhan (which shows both his independent sovereignty at Ughoton and his truce with Benin); Chief Egharevba also grew up to independently collect the same tradition about Ekaladerhan some fifty (50) years after Punch.

It took another 80+ years after Punch for some Bini ‘miscreants’ (Omoregie 1970, Edebiri 1970, Akenzua 1971, and Iyare 1973) to to attempt a reversal of the already documented Benin episode of Ekaladerhan.

The first of these Bini ‘miscreants’ first Ekaladerhan as one and the same person with Oranmiyan. However, those who followed his lead thought it was better to equate him with Oduduwa instead.

Not minding their revisions’ external contradictions with Egharevba’s older documentation (and with Punch’s much older documentation); these Bini ‘miscreants’ couldn’t name a single informant of their strange claims, neither could they cite a source of information.

Having exposed the forgery of the [“Izoduwa”, “Idoduwa”, “Imadoduwa”, or “Omonoyan” stories; it is noteworthy to mention what the classical Benin oral tradition says about the person of Oduduwa himself prior to the 1970s Benin forgeries.

The official Benin tradition collected by Chief Egharevba from Benin (particularly from Benin court) decades before the just debunked 1970s forgeries has it in summary as follows:

Benin’s rulers, prior to the present dynasty, were known as the Ogiso. This earlier monarchy came to an end when its last ruler, Ogiso Owodo, was banished by the people for misrule and cruelty.

His only heir to the throne, Ekaladerhan, who would have succeeded him had earlier fled a grave scandal to Ughoton where he lived and died having being under a solemn concession of never stepping foot in Benin again.

The Binis then decided to set up of ‘republican form government’ with a native commoner Evian as the leader of the Binis.

At his old age, Evian unilaterally names his son ‘Ogiamien’ (aka. ‘Ogiamwen’) to be his successor as the Benin leader after him.

The Benin elders reacted to Evian’s unilateral decision and abuse of power by dispatching an embassy to Ife in the Yoruba country asking the Ooni to send one of his sons to Benin because as Chief Egharevba puts it:

Things were getting from bad to worse and the people saw that there was need for a capable ruler.

The Bini elders called upon Ife for “a capable ruler” as their last argument in their struggle against Evian and Ogiamien et al., and as a return to the beginnings in which the Ogiso foundation itself was set by Ife.

Oranmiyan was eventually sent from Ife accompanied by several courtiers. He had a son, Eweka, born to him by the daughter of the Onogie of Ego.

He stayed only a few years but requested that his baby son be installed as oba in his stead whenever the boy becomes grown enough.

It is further said in this received traditions that there was no serious resistance throughout his stay (and during his son’s reign up to the third reign) since Ogiamie still held sway in the city, while he was based at Usama – the part of the city where his hosts (the Bini Elders) resided.

It is received that real confrontation and resistance from Ogiamien and his factions began during the fourth reign when Ewedo decided to move the seat of his government from Usama to the site of the present palace.

Ogiamien was said in the received traditions to be defeated in the course of this struggle and Ewedo was able to consolidate his hold on the city and hence the throne.

Refer to: J. Uwadiae Egharevba, A Short History of Benin, 1968, pp. 1-10. This is an English edition of the earlier Edo publication released in 1934.

LOL! First of all, as I have demonstrated above, the “Izoduwa”, “Idoduwa”, “Imadoduwa”, or “Omonoyan” stories are forgeries NOT for the incoherent and meaningless reason you’ve mentioned here.

No! They are forgeries for a separate reason – a coherent and meaningful reason. They are forgeries because the documented accounts from Benin which predates them by 80+ years exposes them to be so.

You mean that Benin would rather dwell on its absolute absence of contemporaneous textual evidence to substantiate the existence of your fathers & heroes such as: Eweka 1, Ewedo, Oguola, Ewuare 1, Ezoti, Olua, Ozolua, Esigie, Orhogbua, Ehengbuda, and several others?? Wonderful!! grin

All that Benin history have as evidence to prove the existence of these personages are the multiple oral traditions which name these persons and claim that they existed. There is zero contemporaneous textual evidence to substantiate their existence.

Now, do you still insist on the laughably ignorant and meaningless claim that oral traditional accounts are nOtHiNg bUt mYtHs?? Or have you made up your mind to continue to rELiSh mYtHs aS hIsTorY?? Lol!

Cc: Ideadoctor, Obalufon, Newton85, Balogunodua, babtoundey, sesan85

It's really amusing and mind-boggling the lenght these clowns shamelessly embark on to manufacture spurious, ahistorical horseshit. They just woke up one day with some nonsensical Izoduwa, Imadoduwa, Idoduwa, yet none of the manufactured names were mentioned to the Europeans by their ancestors, but you have mentions of Oduduwa here and there in their REAL, non-revisionist oral traditions.
Just look at their bold attempt to turn Oranmiyan into some asinine "Omonoyon."

I remember when these buffoons used to argue that Eti-Osa was originally Etinosa, or that Apongbon was originally Agbongbon, until we told them the meaning of Eti-Osa in Yoruba and that Apongbon means "reddish beards" in Yoruba and was named after controversial British/Scottish consul/merchant in Lagos William McCoskry because of his reddish beards. If you take a peep into their various revisionist sites, you'll see them shamelessly claiming Ifa, Orunmila, Eshu, Shango, Olokun, Aiyelala, Ogun etc, and accusing the Yorubas of stealing these deities from them! I'm so tired of their nonsense hence I go uncouth on them. They don't deserve my civility.


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 9:17am On Jan 01
Bro calm down... I'm not here to argue with u... I just wanted to set some things straight... After this post, I don't think I'll say anything more as I'm busy...

The fact that some praise name was posted on the internet doesn't mean that its official and its what the chiefs use consistently.. Let's get deeper into it

Firstly, I was surprised to see that u know the praise name of the oba of Benin even though u haven't personally been to the palace , associated with any of the palace chiefs or understand Benin language but the praise names of the Yoruba Obas are relatively unknown to average person. Well it could be due to the fact that the Benin own was posted online by someone knowledgeable in Benin customs and traditions...

Secondly praise names are dynamic not static, unofficial not official. It could change anytime depending on the person saying it. The way u praise ur Ooni can be different from the way another Yoruba will praise the Ooni so I don't see the fuss abt the praise name being an attribute of the oba originating from ife...

Also the inclusion of ikeji orisha and the other that doesn't have meaning in Benin language is also a clear proof that the originator of it is someone grounded in Benin and Yoruba languages... Someone born and bred in Benin will never think of a word called ikeji as it would seem jargons..not to think of using it to praise the Oba .. that would mean his head would be on a platter quickly

Now to the praise names, i think the first place u saw the praise names was when maco.f created a thread for it around August this year. The website he most likely got it from was this website below


And the website source in turn was from a nairalander here

Now this poster before making this post had made mockery of the Oba here

So it can be obvious that the original poster was mischievous and decided to add Yoruba words to suit his narratives... A clear look at the guys post history shows that he is a Yoruba Muslim(or at least he was called) and not a Benin person... The poster wasnt even a palace chief so how did u then assume that the praises was official when praises for a person is dynamic

Let me point one loophole in his praise name,
The poster said Ovbi' Umogun Oza. Now there is no info out that the Oba's late mother Princess Egheniuwe Akenzua was from Oza. This is highly false.
Samuk, does this even mean "the child whose mother is from Oza".. I'm not that fluent in Benin that's why I'm asking...

Modified: I've checked the meaning of umogun and it is used to refer to the royal family.. if u watched videos of where the Oba is being hailed, some people say Umogun gha t'okpere which means Long Live the royal family.. ..... . Also the real way to say "the child whose mother is from Oza" is most likely ovbi Iye Oza and not the false narrative that u are pushing here

This further cast doubts on the authenticity of the praise name and its source

Lastly I have a video of a man praising the Oba of Benin and I never heard the praise names that u have been pushing here like everyone in Benin uses it

Now having said this, let me quickly say some things abt Oduduwa story... Samuel Johnson who is one of the first Yoruba historians to write abt Oduduwa mentioned that he was a mythical figure...
Egharevba didn't explicitly say that Oduduwa was from Ife.
Then Erediauwa gave his account of his own origin that Ekaladerhan is Oduduwa in the 1970s...
Then as at 2010 one historian claimed that Oduduwa was from Ife.
This more recent claim would seem like an attempt to remove the mystery of Oduduwa origin...

Well to each his own, Benin believe Oduduwa came from Benin while Ife believe otherwise ... To each their own

I'm busy now Sha... I've said my own
Oga, those are the praise names of the Oba of Benin, your delusional protestations and denials notwithstanding. Once again, go to bed.


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 12:41pm On Dec 31, 2020

Hear directly from the present Oba of Lagos on who the father of all Lagos monarchy is, You are a wannabe without historical roots.

Oduduwa Olofin Adimula, a Yoruba man, is the father of all Benin Obas via Oranmiyan. Alaagba, the Ijesha father of Ologun Kutere, is the father and ancestor of Obas of Lagos. You can't rewrite history. You're an ill-educated dunderhead who's ignorant of the praise names of your own Obas.

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Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 12:16pm On Dec 31, 2020

But Bros no vex... How u take know say dem dey call Benin Oba abieyuwa and ikeji and adimula...?
Dude go to bed if you can't go look up the praise names of your own Oba.


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 12:15pm On Dec 31, 2020

An illiterate masks every word with insults to divert attention, this is the practice here on nairaland by the average Yoruba, this can only intimidate someone who have nothing to say. I just zigzag through your insults and see nothing tangible and sensible in your comments as usual.

Someone with sound education and with superior knowledge and information always relishes the opportunity to school the less informed or ignorance. The reason I am always reluctant to reply Yoruba insults most of the time is because, it distracts from the knowledge and education I am passing into your block heads.

Insults doesn't win you an argument and it doesn't distract me from bursting your lies.

In Benin oral tradition, the Benin prince Ekaladerhan assumed the name Izoduwa (I have chosen the part of wealth) which the Yoruba corrupted to Oduduwa. He chose this name because of the circumstances surrounding his escape from Benin to Ife, beside, it's customary for every Benin prince to choose a new name on assumption or when they become an Oba. Benin oral history says Ekaladerhan became oba with the new name Izoduwa AKA Oduduwa in Ife

Enough of the Oral history above because it's nothing but a fantastic myths to the average Benin person. Like every society, Benin also have her myths and this is one of them. Benin rather dwells on real history because Benin is full of history. Yoruba don't have history, so they relish myths and they try to present their myths as history to the less informed.

Even the Yoruba can't prove that Oduduwa wasn't a myth that came into Benin oral history in the 1800s. The reason the Yoruba is fixated with the Benin/Ife connection is without it Yoruba history is nothing.

Yoruba history that started in 1824 when the Europeans first visited Oyo needs Benin history desperately to backdate their history to the 1100s through the fabricated Benin/Ife relationship.

This was a grand conspiracy against the Igbos because it gives the Yoruba history an illegitimate legitimacy above Igbo history.

Yoruba people as we know them today began in 1808 through the amalgamation of freed and returnee slaves with the negro of south western Nigeria.

Sesan85 did you notice that I hardly have any room for insults during the course of this lecture? It's so because I have something to say and a superior knowledge and information than you.

The irrefutable facts.

1. As already stated, modern Yoruba was created in 1808 from descendants of freed slaves from all over Africa and south west Nigeria people.

2. Some of you here are parroting Ife as your new homes because you no longer know where you originally descended from in African because of the circumstance in which your ancestors found themselves in Nigeria amongst the south western people of Nigeria.

3. Most original people or owners of south western Nigeria don't subscribe to Ife or Ooni supremacy, this is still evidence today. After almost 100 years of the political creation of Ife as the cradle of Yoruba nation, the Ooni and Ife is still struggling to gain any recognition from the Oba of Lagos, Awujale of Ijebu, Olugbo, etc, the superiority of the last Ooni was never recognised by the Alaafin.

4. If Ife was genuinely the cradle of Yoruba civilisation and not a concocted and fabricated lie, there wouldn't have been supremacy tussle amongst south west monarchs.

5. The supremacy of the Benin monarch is not being questioned by any monarchy in the entire south south Nigeria because Benin is real while Ife is a fake political imitation.

6. All Oba of Lagos from present to previous sees the Oba of Benin as their royal father not the Ooni. They see themselves as Benin descendants not Ife.

7. You will hardly see real Ife here on nairaland debating what they know to be lies. Only the wannabe without historical roots are here parroting Ife fabrications and lies.

8. Yoruba can only try to sell theirs lies to those that don't know or have history. Benin itself is history others study and the average Benin person is very much at home with history and can't be intimidated and cowed by insults from nitwits without historical roots.

All Obas of Lagos since Ologun Kutere were/are descendants of Ijesha priest Alaagba, you ill-educated sub-slowpoke! No wonder your shallowitted ass didn't know "Abieyuwa N'ovbi Odua N'uhe" (The son of the wealthy Odua of Ife) was a praise name of your Oba. There's a supremacy battle between your Ife descended Oba and the Ogiame, you halfwit. The Ogiamiens don't acknowledge the Oba as king over them. They're still telling him to acknowledge the Ekiopagha treaty as a tenant from Ife. And there's no Yoruba sub-group that doesn't claim descent from Ife.

You have still not cited pre-Erediuwa sources - both local and Benin - that claim Oduduwa was some spurious Ekala-whatever. It appears your ancestors weren't aware of this Ekala-whatever-cum-Oduduwa hence they couldn't mention him in the praise names of your Oba. Let me make it clear again, I don't believe in showing civility to dedicated paranoid asshats, and I give no hoot about your feelings or dishing insults back to me.


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 9:07am On Dec 31, 2020

You demonstrate the hallmarks of an illiterate. Are you not aware that Benin oral tradition says Oduduwa was a Benin prince?

My argument is there is nothing in either Benin or Yoruba history that supports Benin/Ife relationship earlier than 1800s.

Tao is still looking for evidence to prove me wrong. Until then, you guys can continue to fool yourselves with fabrications.

Dear annoying, stubborn, incorrigible midwit, your ill-educated "fictional Ife" cockamamie has been debunked by even your own Bini ancestors who call your Ife descended Oba "Abieyuwa N'ovbi Odua N'uhe" (The son of the wealthy Odua of Ife), appellations your dumb ass wasn't even aware of.
Secondly, can you show me any reputable "oral tradition" of Benin (whether local or foreign) which claims Oduduwa Olofin Adimula was some spurious Ekala-whatever, or Izoduwa, or Imadoduwa from Benin predating Erediauwa's 1970s-80s revisionist and ahistorical dross?

How come in the praise names of your Oba, Oduduwa's other name "Adimula" gets a mention (your Oba is also called "ovbi' Adimula" - son of Adimula), but no presence of Ekala-whatever? Again, how come there's an Ugie Odudua (a Bini festival in honour of Oduduwa) and no Ugie Ekala-whatever? Could it be that your Bini ancestors weren't aware that Oduduwa was Ekala-whatever? Unlike TAO11, I don't believe in showing civility to irredeemable knuckleheads who pompously disseminate ignorance and don't care about facts hence I avoid "debating" with colossal clowns like you. You call Ife "fictional Ife" but your own Bini ancestors venerate the same "fictional Ife"? The irony.


Politics / Re: Makinde Suspends Curfew For Crossover Nights In Oyo by sesan85(m): 10:49pm On Dec 30, 2020
It's Funny when I see people trying to do some funny things in the name of securing lives...

How do you Secure God's Creature by shutting GOD out?

The Only Reason Nigeria and Africa at Large has not seen the Prophecy of Mr billy and his wife is because of the Church..

There are People who have stood in Gap to stop the thoughts of men from happening in Nigeria..

If we all had one Mind, we stay away from iniquity and Call on this Only Good GOD, Nigeria and Africa would be totally spared..
Well, it's always been asserted that religion often breeds low IQ and delusional disorders. You're a legendary proof of that. Bloody RELIGITARD!

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Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 10:38pm On Dec 30, 2020

It's not only Abieyuwa, it's Abieyefe. grin grin
This colossal slowpoke doesn't even know the praise names of his own Oba, smh. And this is the incorrigible dimwit TAO11 has been wasting intellectual energy on?


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 10:37pm On Dec 30, 2020


Why is your Oba called "Ikeji Orisha," "Ovbi Adimula" (son of Adimula) and "Abieyuwa N'ovbi Odua N'uhe (The son of the wealthy Odua of Ife)?

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Politics / Re: National Resentment Of The Igbo, In Achebe's Words by sesan85(m): 7:03pm On Dec 30, 2020

He won the Gordon Bell prize in super computing (considered to be the Nobel prize of super computing just as the Fields medal is for Mathematics)!

Philip Emeagwali won the Gordon Bell Prize, not the Nobel Prize. It's only "considered to be" by some people. You should simply have said Emeagwali won the Gordon Bell Prize and save us the confusion. You think Igbos, who have always been butthurt that Soyinka is a Nobel Prize winner and not Achebe, wouldn't have been endlessly disturbing the whole world with their typical delusions of grandeur that an Igbo man has also won the Nobel Prize?


Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 5:31pm On Dec 30, 2020

Which psychiatric hospital did this one escaped from?

Everyone can now see that though the Yoruba style themselves as educated but most of them, especially the ones here on Nairaland lacks reasoning abilities.

Are you aware that the Europeans were consistently in Benin for 400 years with countless reports on every aspect of Benin culture, tradition, trades and war exploits without being told anything about Oduduwa, Ife and Oranmiyan.

If Ife was as great as you guys are parroting, don't you think the Europeans who were in Benin for 400 years would have be inquisitive enough to visit this wealthy, sophisticated cradle of Yoruba civilisation, Ife?

Benin to Ife is less than 200 miles, yet no visit from the Europeans. The European even visited Lagos which was then under Benin kingdom and much further away from Benin compared to Ife which was closer.

The Europeans served as mercenaries in the Benin/Ida war of the 1500s, yet they heard nothing about Ife.

Ife only appeared in Benin history in the 1800s, why would Benin forget to inform the European about Benin/Ife relationship for 400 years? Because it never existed, it was fabricated in the 1800s. Please prove me wrong.

Unfortunately for the Yoruba, most people that read these comments can think and people are now moving away from unsubstantiated oral history and now seeking fact and evidence based history.

Benin/Ife relationship have no historical, provable, independent eyewitness evidence earlier than 1800s to support it.

Benin/Ife relationship is "me say, you say" history, the Benin says Oduduwa was a Benin prince, Yoruba say Oduduwa is from the Sky, Mecca and now Ife. This is the kind of myth and unsubstantiated oral history people are moving away from.

Benin and Yoruba are not in agreement on the origin of Oduduwa. So stop fooling yourselves pretending there is an agreeable historical account of Oduduwa

Repeat a lie for as long as you want, it will never become true. Your insults will also not help your lies become truth.

The Yoruba don't have problems believing each others lies.

My comments and submissions are for right thinking and logical reasoning other Nigerians and diaspora you guys are trying to mislead.

Yoruba hinterland was first visited in 1824 by the European.. Yoruba came of age after the end of Benin empire/kingdom.

Your Oba is called "Abieyuwa N'Ovbi Odua
N'uhe" (The son of the wealthy Odua of Ife) by your own Bini ancestors, end of. Except you're saying your Bini ancestors were/are stupid and drunk for calling your Oba such appellations. You're paranoid and mentally unstable, go take your meds.


Politics / Re: National Resentment Of The Igbo, In Achebe's Words by sesan85(m): 10:45am On Dec 30, 2020

Yeah! Blaming others for your woes as usual...yet Ndigbos have staggering levels of wealth in other regions but they have very little investments in their own region.

Wole Soyinka has a Nobel prize in literature but has been of immense support to the yoruba people but Philip Emegwali is of the Igbo extraction and is the only African Nobel prize winner in Super-computing, an area of immense relevance to industrialisation but what has been his effect on the development of the Ndigbos? Nothing that I know of.

Ndigbos are the cause of their underdevelopment. Look at the yorubas that have developed Amotekun to defend their interests but the Ndigbo governors have done nothing till date (until Nnamdi Kanu intervenes).

Ndigbos are responsible for their failures...the East has immense human and natural resources but zero coordination, lack of group interests and a maniacal craze for individualistic materialism.

"Philip Emegwali is of the Igbo extraction and is the
only African Nobel prize winner in Super-computing."
Please, when did Philip Emeagwali win a "Nobel Prize" in Super-computing? Could that be made-in-Onitsha Nobel Prize?


Politics / Re: National Resentment Of The Igbo, In Achebe's Words by sesan85(m): 10:38am On Dec 30, 2020
If only Nigerians know the people they are measuring dick with.
Which people are they?

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Culture / Re: Oni Was A Chief Priest by sesan85(m): 10:24am On Dec 30, 2020
Fictional Ife? You mean like FICTIONAL Benin Kingdom? LMAO!

Me: The Europeans didn’t visit the deep hinterland Yoruba until the 1800s for safety concerns.

Still Me: The same Europeans visited (costal) Yorubaland in the late 1400s before visiting Benin kingdom.

Samuk: Yay! Benin is Great!

Me: Is Saamu okay? LMAO!

I understand you would have done better if you had a better argument.

Except that Ife was no where near the coast.

And except that Ife was noticed by the world at a time when Beninwas no where to be found.

Cc: Obalufon

Lol, what!? Did that cretin just call Ife "fictional Ife"? Is the monumental ill-educated buffoon aware that his Bini Oba is called "Abieyuwa N'Ovbi Odua N'uhe" (The son of the
wealthy Odua of Ife)? How exactly do you always have the time and patience to knock endless truths and facts into the brains of these ridiculously annoying, incorrigible miseducated midwits? I get tired easily.


Religion / Re: RCCG Stops Worshippers Without Face-Mask From Adeboye's Crusade In Badagry by sesan85(m): 1:34am On Dec 30, 2020

Can blood of Jesus stop you from contacting malaria, if you allow mosquito to bites you or not?
So, people who contract malaria via mosquitoes "allow" mosquitoes to bite them? Lol, what a religious genius.
Nairaland / General / Re: Send A Shoutout To Nairalanders That Made You Smile This Year by sesan85(m): 12:13pm On Dec 29, 2020
Shout-out to my favorite nairalanders - seunmsg, legendhero, arrewa, ODVanguard, GoatandYamTheory, Uptimum123, Golan007, NGpatroit, QuotaSystem, Ethicallyright (hope I got this correct), Deadlytruth, Sesan85, SilverNorGold and all other patriots on this forum
Edit: how on earth did I forget Omenka
I'm very much appreciative.

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Religion / Re: RCCG Stops Worshippers Without Face-Mask From Adeboye's Crusade In Badagry by sesan85(m): 9:23pm On Dec 28, 2020

First, it is a miracle that Africans are not dropping dead in those places where I am struggling with commas.
I guess you see it as miracle that you weren't affected abi.

Just mention church, your mind goes GA a ga bring anything to the mud typical of a mind filled with rebellion against all evidence.

One day , you will know the truth , the truth beyond your tiny mind, and you will set free. It is not for me to do so, if God be God as we Tout him to be then He alone will have to prove himself to you with consequences.

I am happy to be called a sheep as earlier stated.in earlier message. That is what Jesus called us.

Seriously I appreciate the compliment
Take it a step further please and call me the chief of sheeple

Pray, those that are not sheep are called stubborn goat. I ask that you take it as a great compliment
Dude, go seek help and take meds for your religious schizophrenia.

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Religion / Re: RCCG Stops Worshippers Without Face-Mask From Adeboye's Crusade In Badagry by sesan85(m): 9:22pm On Dec 28, 2020

The beer parlour arguement have abruptly stopped SEBI??

you have not said any coherent statement backed up with fact and experience but seems drunk on your bile against the church.

So happy to expose that and don't expect any response from me .

Just go to bed, bloody RELIGITARD!
Celebrities / Re: Tayo Sobola Celebrates Her 35th Birthday With Lovely Pictures by sesan85(m): 3:11pm On Dec 28, 2020
Gosh, bleaching wont kill yoruba women oh.
i wonder why the all crave to bleach so much.

And the makeup on her face can paint a full 3 bedroom bungalow.

Low IQ dimwit


Celebrities / Re: Victoria Inyama Talks About Etinosa's Child: "Hope The Baby Is Not Drugged Up" by sesan85(m): 1:05pm On Dec 28, 2020
What's wrong with using a book of fiction and fairytales like the Bible as ashtray to smoke? Etinosa did nothing wrong.
Religion / Re: RCCG Stops Worshippers Without Face-Mask From Adeboye's Crusade In Badagry by sesan85(m): 12:52pm On Dec 28, 2020

It can protect.in my case
Let me ask you a simple question before I explain much to you.
It worked for me without face mask

I am assuming you are either an atheist or a Muslim becos my explanation won't matter to you.
Your answer will tailor my question before my question.

Stay bless brother

Dude go to bed, you're delusional.


Religion / Re: RCCG Stops Worshippers Without Face-Mask From Adeboye's Crusade In Badagry by sesan85(m): 12:51pm On Dec 28, 2020

So why is a cabbage sized and made brain answering me in this manner.
You have gone to public place like shop, work market event where the virus lurks but no mentions about your gullibility but once church is mention, Choas from hell is unleased?

Na wa o

Because "shop, work market event" (you're not fighting with commas, are you?) aren't places where so-called "miracles" are performed like crusade grounds, you utterly credulous, dim-witted sub-slowpoke!
Religion / Re: RCCG Stops Worshippers Without Face-Mask From Adeboye's Crusade In Badagry by sesan85(m): 8:16am On Dec 28, 2020

Hmm but If they disobey the guildline you will still say they are not obeying the government directive. Let the government remove the covid19 guildline let's see if you will see anybody with facemask .
Oga, can "blood of Jesus" protect against Covid or not?

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