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Politics / Re: 20 People Convert To Christianity Over Deborah Samuel's Death - Father by sigiyaya(m): 9:36pm On May 20

You think I am just the one that called you fool in my previous message, it is word of God. Psalm 14:1 says

Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and their actions are evil; not one of them does good!

Only question I may ask you is for how long have you been manifesting your own foolishness trying to defend your pendophile Mohammed or atheism? It is not only in Nigeria, Islam is a cancer to the world
Me Islam grin grin grin My brother religion is a scam and Christianity is biggest joke of the century.
Politics / Re: 20 People Convert To Christianity Over Deborah Samuel's Death - Father by sigiyaya(m): 2:41pm On May 20

No sane human being practice religion devotedly....G*d created heaven and Earth in 6 days..Then you ask who created Mercury and Mars that existed before Earth? How was there light on the first day without the stars. Shey na Nepa on light? And some mentally unstable people will be quoting this book. Following it's principles as for the other religion of peace...I reserve my comments.
Broda you are reasoning like this because you didnt allow yourself to be brainwashed. An average Nigerian Christian will see you as an Antichrist and the Devil himself grin grin Region is very dangerous especially to a black man who is yet to able to develop the mentality of how to develop, civilizes and even lack the ability to feed, provide his people with vaccine for Ebola and even recently Covid 19

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Politics / Re: 20 People Convert To Christianity Over Deborah Samuel's Death - Father by sigiyaya(m): 12:01pm On May 20

And since they killed for Mohammed, has Mohammed come down to thank the murderers for the work well done or take them out of police detention? Jesus already prophesied that Christians will face persecution even unto death and warned not to fear people that can kill body but not spirit; death is not end to journey of christians but just a transition to another phase of life with Christ.

He himself choosed to die when he could delivered himself not to die, his diciple were also persecuted, beheading and they didn't denied Christ unto death. In this case, for Deborah to die even though she called Holy Ghost fire doesn't proof anything as you are trying to describe. Jesus already knew some will die in this way and called them matyrs who will be rewarded.

God can deliver her if He wants to, He has delivered many from similar situations like this in the past and also allowed many to sleep in the Lord as their final journey on Earth. Situation like this doesn't prove existence or non-existence of God as your are trying to paint because God doesn't see death as you are seeing it. Wheather he chooses to deliver one now or not, everyone will still die. According to Bible, It is only fool that says God doesn't exist
Religion always gives you reasons to be foolish.

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Politics / Re: 20 People Convert To Christianity Over Deborah Samuel's Death - Father by sigiyaya(m): 9:46am On May 20

Every mortal must die religion or no religion.
Then let's stop deceiving ourselves with religion and simply face the reality of life.
Politics / Re: 20 People Convert To Christianity Over Deborah Samuel's Death - Father by sigiyaya(m): 8:56am On May 20
The North have a radical christian faithfuls who is not afraid to practice their religion even in the face of constant persecution.
They are brave warriors of Christ.Even Deborah's opening statement on the whatsapp group chat was ''Holy Ghost Fire grin'
Rest in peace saint Deborah.
After shouting Holy Gost fire what finally happened to her?? Bro religion is a scam.

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Religion / Re: IPOB To Kumuyi: Don't Hold Crusade In Aba, South-East, Pray In Your Lagos Church by sigiyaya(m): 6:17pm On May 19
IPOB terrorists and Islamic terrorists have one goal, to attack Christianity.

While Simon Ekperima is proud about his evil actions, Emma Powerless hides his motives.

But we all know both are working together to destroy Igboland.

Imagine the reaction if Muslims were the ones that are threatening Kumuyi.

End IPOB to save lives!
ur useless Christianity is a fraud of a religion, everything about it are lies, lies and lies. Before you call me a Muslim from the North my name is Ifeanyichukwu Odunna from Mbaitoli LGA IMO state.


Religion / Re: The Rapture : The Glorious Return Of Our Lord - Joseph Prince by sigiyaya(m): 10:12am On May 15
Foolish people

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Crime / Re: Herdsmen Slit Man’s Throat For Attempting To Save Sister From Rape (photo) by sigiyaya(m): 8:56pm On May 14
The Lord will judge.
No stupid Lord is judging anything, actions need to be taking by men cool
Family / Re: My Skin Is Getting Bad and discoloured.Advice Needed(photos) by sigiyaya(m): 3:11pm On May 10
I've been having this re-occuring breakouts of little boils around my torso.

It first started from the back of my right arm before it spread to the whole of my back and my chest area.

It doesn't seem to stop despite the medication I've been taking.

It has also spread to the back of my head.It's giving me migraines and also affecting my sight.

When I stare at the TV,I see things slightly doubling and also sometimes little cloudlike shade forms at the corner of my eyes.

It's getting me seriously worried
OP now listen and listen good. I am very sure of what I am about to tell you because I have experienced this before. You have Candidates ( Candida or Yeast infection) it is very dangerous and it can get you blind. Please stop taking antibiotics if you are already taking it. The medication is Fluconazole 200mg, probiotics, antifungal cream or use Apple vinegar liquid as a cream. Also make regular phycal exercise and take a shower after you must keep your body dry. Please stop talking antibiotics it is dangerous for you at this time. If you follow my instructions you will get better and I wish you the best.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Blood Red Sky Blankets City Near Shanghai Sparking Armageddon Fear (Pics, Video) by sigiyaya(m): 11:06am On May 10
The Signs of the End are vibrating in Massive and voluminous Frequencies all over the Universe.

Signs on land, in the skies, the sun, the moon, just everywhere.

One of these days, it will be like a movie or dream. Millions of people allover the World Saved and washed in blood of JESUS Christ will suddenly Disappear from the Earth.

The Vawulence and Katakata on earth that day will be unimaginable. The whole world will be in Confusion and tormoil.

JESUS is Coming! I tell you JESUS is Coming ! And it's just a breath away.

Come into Genuie relationship with JESUS Christ. Completely surrender to HIM and begin to live according to His Commandments.

They who Have Ears to Hear... Let them Hear.
I know that what ever Lazarus Muoka has done to your brain can never been undone anymore but please control and mange the stupidity and foolishness embarassed embarassed


Celebrities / Re: Princess Shyngle Defends Yul: 99% Of All Married Men In Nigeria Have Side Chicks by sigiyaya(m): 6:18pm On Apr 28
Even if the whole Earth engages in evil, it does not make it good.
It does not Matter the number of People that engage in evil! Evil is evil!

Never Follow the Multitude to do Evil.
All thanks too JESUS! Praise GOD! I am in the 1% that do not have.
Double standard!! Remind me of how many wives and concubines the man after your God heart have in that stupid book given to you by your white Master..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Has Weapons No Other Nation Has. Will Swiftly Use Them If Needed - Putin by sigiyaya(m): 4:46am On Apr 28
God will use Putin's adventure in Ukraine as a Historical Specimen of Military Disaster for future Generations if Christ tarries

so that the whole Earth would know that it is God Almighty that fights and Wins every Nations Battles for them

Putin's Collapse will be bigger than that of the Soviet union
But why has this your God failed totally in Nigeria
Religion / Re: Seminarian Slumped And Died While Acting Passion Of Christ Drama In Imo (photo) by sigiyaya(m): 12:43pm On Apr 17
Heaven is your home my brother.
Lets keep deceiving ourselves in Africa while the rest of the world are moving ahead grin grin grin
Business / Re: MTN Gets Approval For Momo Bank In Nigeria As It Diversifies Into Banking by sigiyaya(m): 12:56pm On Apr 11
MTN succeeded in Nigeria bcuz they were the first telecommunication company, no reasonable Nigeria will prefer to bank with their so called bank when we have world class banks around us (and I don't see them giving any special kind of banking aside what we're having already)...not with all the wahala they're giving us with their network
World class banks in Nigeria?? The way u guys will just stay in a shit hoe Nigeria and be talking rubbish is amazing.

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Celebrities / Re: Gospel Artist, Osinachi Nwachukwu Is Dead by sigiyaya(m): 3:33am On Apr 09

I wish her well but most gospel singers do not make heaven.
Yes and that is because there is no heaven anywhere bro

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Politics / Re: We’ll Rebuild, Unite Nigeria - Tambuwal Vows by sigiyaya(m): 8:18pm On Apr 07
Oga United Nigeria is a Scam please... We have been hearing this nonsense since 1914


Religion / Re: Leke Adeboye Apologises For Calling RCCG Pastors Goats by sigiyaya(m): 6:06pm On Apr 07
It is well brother!

True Believers know that it was not intended to insult or malign.

All the same,take the Discipline in Good faith and in total submission to GOD ALMIGHTY.

The Church of GOD is Marching on and the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against it.
Total Hypocrisy with out common sense; one of the reasons i dont take church people clowns serious

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Pentagon Releases Secret Documents About UFO Programme (Pics) by sigiyaya(m): 1:46pm On Apr 06
Everything is suddenly being brought out in open.They know and Understand the Signs and they know it is about time.

The Strong Delusion that will likely be used to explain the Sudden Disappearance of people allover the World, to those left behind.

Folks wake up, be watchful and praying. Don't be a Foolish virgin to avoid Lamentations and regrets.. We are at threshold of the Rapture. JESUS Christ is at the Door.
I know that what ever Lazarus Muoka has done to your brain can never been undone anymore but please control and mange the stupidity and foolishness embarassed embarassed


Politics / Re: Ado Doguwa: Nigerians Must Be Allowed To Take Up Arms & Defend Themselves by sigiyaya(m): 4:12am On Apr 01
Nigeria hasn't reached that level Abeg.

It will create more harm than good!

Prayer kee u there.... Ewu!!!


Politics / Re: Bandit Attack: Normalcy Returns To Kaduna Airport – FAAN by sigiyaya(m): 5:29pm On Mar 27
Normalcy angry grin grin grin Nigeria more than a zoo and I believe it is a jungle.

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Politics / Re: Electricity: National Grid Restored; Minister Of Power Abubakar Aliyu by sigiyaya(m): 9:55pm On Mar 16
Nigerian leaders got no shame I swear!!


Foreign Affairs / Re: US Threatens ‘full Force’ As Russia Takes War To NATO’s Doorstep by sigiyaya(m): 5:26pm On Mar 15

I am sorry to ask but are you NEVER tired of all this 'Nomerica' bullshit? Just asking
Mad people never get tired of doing what they know how to do best.


Foreign Affairs / Re: US Threatens ‘full Force’ As Russia Takes War To NATO’s Doorstep by sigiyaya(m): 5:24pm On Mar 15
Forget Biden!!
Nomerica will do nothing!! Anything she tries to do will Fast Forward her Fall.

Nomerica is a shadow of itself!
Take this to the Bank! Mystery Babylon is Gone!
She is Weak and is only an Expert in Propagating so called Climate Change, Lgbt, abortion , Drag queen, Binary, Non binary and Nonsense
The damage Lazarus Muoka did to your brain is very unfortunate cry
Science/Technology / Re: Asteroid Strikes Earth Off The Coast Of Iceland by sigiyaya(m): 8:54am On Mar 15
Events of the Great Tribulation is casting its Shadows Massively on the Earth.

We are seeing Plagues, Earthquakes, Pestilences, Famines, Wars, Deaths, Insane weather Patterns, Hailstones , Volcanoes, Floods, Asteroids,etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen, go and read the HolyBible book of Revelation. These are the events that will rock this world in FULL FORCE once the Bride of Christ is taken away.

Folks!Let us Humble ourselves and seek the Face of GOD
Let us Cry to GOD in Repentance and Surrender to JESUS Christ as our Lord and Savior.

What is Coming on this earth is Unbearable, Unbelievable and terrifying!
Run for your Life! Run to JESUS Christ!
HE is the ONLY way of Escape.

Your stupidity is legendary!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Sues Meta, Calls For Instagram To Be Blocked Over ‘death Calls’ by sigiyaya(m): 12:32pm On Mar 12
goat can u say this against Allah...I nor blame u..common blasphemy done by a guy in Kaduna una they shout death by hanging
Mohammed and Jesus are useless bro and mind you I have never been a Muslim before rather I was born in to a Christian home. I am an Igbo man who grew up to know and understand that Jesus is completely useless!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Sues Meta, Calls For Instagram To Be Blocked Over ‘death Calls’ by sigiyaya(m): 7:52am On Mar 12
shut up your dirty mouth, you uncircumcised sub human that God Almighty ever banished and forbidden from his presence, may desater befall you because you defiled the name that about every other names. JESUS, May this your write up be used against you in the judgement day.
Bro I am not a Muslim and have never been a Muslim in my life. I was born a Christian from Imo state Nigeria but I can tell you that your Jesus is powerless and useless. I say because I am more exposed than you and I have seen things and traveled around the world. You guys are just bèn gullible in Africa.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Sues Meta, Calls For Instagram To Be Blocked Over ‘death Calls’ by sigiyaya(m): 10:09pm On Mar 11
Folks the World is a Stage!
The actors are acting according to how JESUS Christ said it will be, as a sign of End.

The Globalists Leaders, New world Order Proponents and Great reset team are working Hand in hand but all they do is Fulfilling of the Scriptures.

Like we said long ago Corona was a Plandemic!
Now we have the world being readied for Wars, Global Famines, etc

Watch out for the next Stimulated Panic! It's gonna be a Crisis bigger than Covid. It is Gonna Be a " CYBER PANDEMIC" also known as a "CYBER POLYGON".

It is gonna be a Cyber attack with Covid like Characteristics. According to them , it will spread faster and Futher than any biological virus.

They wanna to RESET the world in what is termed THE GREAT RESET. What is in their way is the Bride of JESUS Christ who are still on Earth.

2 Thessalonians 2:7
For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way

Folks! The RAPTURE is upon us!
Hell is about to break loose on Earth.
Now is the time to solidify your relationship with JESUS Christ and Live for HIM so that you will Not be here when hell breaks loose.

JESUS Christ is Coming Quickly! Be ye Prepared!!!!

Tell your Jesus to first go and rescue Leah Sharibu from the hands of boko haram. The truth is that you and your Jesus are shameless!!

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Celebrities / Re: Pastor Tobi Adegboyega Sprays Davido Money At A Night Party In UK (Video) by sigiyaya(m): 10:02am On Mar 11
99.9 percentage of Nigeria pastors, daddy GO'S and prophet are all scammers, con men including Righteousness2 cry


Religion / Re: Cucumber: What Could Be Their Prayer Points Here? by sigiyaya(m): 6:58pm On Mar 08
Blacks and stupidity.
I have come to the agreement that we black people are the lowest in the human race cry

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Macron: Putin Wants All Of Ukraine And Worse Is To Come by sigiyaya(m): 7:13pm On Mar 03
Any man, woman, government, leader or spirit that tells you, the world is gonna get better and Peace is here, is giving you a Huge big lie!

Listen! We are in the Biblical Endtimes...
From now until the Rapture and Second Coming of JESUS, forget about World Peace and that Feel good lies.

Things are Gonna get Crazier in Fearsome Frequencies. Earthquakes, Wars, volcano, tornadoes , Insane Weathers, etc.

But For the People of the Most High GOD, Saved and washed in the Blood of JESUS Christ! You Have Nothing to Fear or tremble about..
Anytime! Anyday ! Anymoment! We are Leaving this Earth for them!
Get Ready Folks! Live in that Joy! JESUS IS COMING!!
Idiot has spoken!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Opposes US, EU Sanctions Against Russia ( Pix, Video) by sigiyaya(m): 8:08pm On Feb 28

And what has crippled Nigeria with all the millions of churches and prayers and vigils and ............

Hypocrisy stinks to high heaven!
Good question bro but I tell you that the brainwashed idiot has no answer

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Family / Re: Help: My Brother Is Addicted To Gambling by sigiyaya(m): 8:07pm On Feb 21
Gambling is a Spirit. A very wicked and destructive spirit. Just like sucubus and incubus.

Your bro needs a constant dose of the word of GOD and Deliverance prayers. This will chase out the spirit and the spirit of GOD will come in and take over.

I recommend You begin to attend services at the Lord's Chosen with your brother. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.
Guy try to the manage your stupidity naaa!!

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