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Religion / Conquering With The Crucified King by Sinkills: 6:56pm On Apr 12, 2017
The National Easter Retreat of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry is around the corner. THEME: Conquering With The Crucified King. VENUE: KM 42, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway (and other camp grounds in Nigeria). DATE: Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th April, 2017. Ministering: Pastor W F Kumuyi. Come and conquer all your sicknesses, enemies, predicaments and problems.
Politics / Re: Nigeria In Trouble If Buhari’s Anti-corruption Fails – Osinbajo by Sinkills: 2:23pm On Apr 12, 2017
The question is this: Is president Buhari actually fighting corruption? Is this so called fight not more about noise than substance? Is it not more about drama than getting results? Is it not more about labelling the opposition as corrupt while the ruling party is full of saints? Is it not more about dispossessing the opposition of their 'stolen' money while the members of the ruling party hold on to theirs, so that during elections, the ruling party will have advantage over the opposition in bribing hungry Nigerians? Yes, the fight against corruption, if it actually exists, should start from somewhere but should it be limited to those who are not in the same page with the presidency two years on? It appears everything about this so-called fight against corruption is just politically motivated to weaken and intimidate the opposition for a free election ride by 2019. Let us see how it pines out. God bless Nigeria.


Religion / Re: Who Are The 3 Best Teachers Of The Scripture In Nigeria? by Sinkills: 1:59pm On Apr 12, 2017

Have you been to other men of God closet to see if they don't masturbate? At least Pastor Chris said his own loud.

So many people are like Samuel who only look on the outside and not the inside.

If you stand by men of God you might not enter even.
To me, both the person who said his own sin loud as well as those who keep their own secret are not worth following. There are also those who are preaching holiness and living it out by the grace of God. These are the real ministers of the gospel of Christ. "By their fruits, ye shall know them".
Religion / Re: Who Are The 3 Best Teachers Of The Scripture In Nigeria? by Sinkills: 8:14am On Apr 12, 2017
Have you ever listened to pastor Protas Opara of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement? He is a great teacher of the word. But the carnal comparisons of teachers of the word of God are not necessary.
Religion / Re: Who Are The 3 Best Teachers Of The Scripture In Nigeria? by Sinkills: 8:10am On Apr 12, 2017
Chai see as pastors plenty...........since y'all claim this or that pastor is more rooted to the scripture can anyone of you followers of their gospel get them to answer just one question
According to the scriptures God created Adam and then eve and they begot cain and abel only.........and one of them got killed by the other
My question is did God create another set of humans abi how we take plenty like this
Adam and Eve gave birth to Seth (another son and daughters (though not mentioned in the Bible). Cain and Seth married their sisters. Yes, they did. There were no other women to marry and procreate other their own sisters. Hope your question is answered?

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Religion / Re: Who Are The 3 Best Teachers Of The Scripture In Nigeria? by Sinkills: 7:58am On Apr 12, 2017

Why is Christianity filled with so much disgusting errors these days? Who told you that you can decipher someone's way of life/fruit by what the person says? You pentecostals, I really pity you. You guys have lost your spiritual sanity. It is like you only listen to your pastor's version of the Bible. Why? What went wrong? Where did you miss it?

Their fruit is not their words; it is their WORKS/ACTIONS especially actions in the Secret
You are quite right.
Religion / Re: Who Are The 3 Best Teachers Of The Scripture In Nigeria? by Sinkills: 7:53am On Apr 12, 2017
Lol...why is the word of God called Good news then?
So the ones that major on condemnation messages are the real Pastors. Smh for you.
The true gospel is balanced. It reveals the love of God for sinners to embrace by repentance and faith in Christ for salvation. It also reveals the fiery indignation awaiting those who reject the salvation through Christ. It should not be one-sided. Those who present the gospel as only about mercy, love and blessing from an indulgent God are just deceiving the people (Mark 16:15,16; Romans 2:4-11). Thanks.

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Religion / Re: Who Are The 3 Best Teachers Of The Scripture In Nigeria? by Sinkills: 10:32pm On Apr 11, 2017
The only teacher of the scripture I know is the Holy Spirit. These men of God are teaching you what the Holy Spirit has taught them. You cant divide the church of Christ. I LOVE THESE MEN OF GOD AND MANY OTHERS. In fact, I love you.
Spot on.
Religion / Re: Who Are The 3 Best Teachers Of The Scripture In Nigeria? by Sinkills: 10:25pm On Apr 11, 2017
.. So who are the teachers and who are the men of integrity??.. Coz I. believe as a Christina, a pastor at that.. you should be a teacher and a man of integrity.
I wonder o!
Religion / Re: Who Are The 3 Best Teachers Of The Scripture In Nigeria? by Sinkills: 10:02pm On Apr 11, 2017
This is exactly the same division that Paul the Apostle spoke of. Which one is best preacher of the word again?
Isn't the ministration supposed to be inspired by the Spirit? So the Spirit in Pastor A could be better than that in Pastor B etc.
This is the point xtians miss it, looking up to man instead of up to Jesus.
Last last, a fellow up there mentioned Kumuyi and was like "unblemished, unspotted bla bla bla." Mehn xtians are more gullible than almajiris, confirmed, it's not by education. Do you know if your Pastor Wan.ks in his closet or does some more despicable things?
Even Paul the apostle admitted to his weakness.
Abeg let's be borrowing sense sometimes.
You started your statement well but ended it wrongly. You could have made your points without such dangerous insinuations especially mentioning of name. Yes, it is very dangerous for YOU! (or are you an atheist pretending to be a concerned Christian?) You have an opportunity to remedy your risky error though. Thanks.
Religion / Re: Who Are The 3 Best Teachers Of The Scripture In Nigeria? by Sinkills: 9:52pm On Apr 11, 2017
None, they are all teachers of get rich without working .
Are you really sure?
Religion / Re: Where Was Lazarus Soul After 3 Days He Died by Sinkills: 8:50pm On Apr 09, 2017

But Joshua 10 vs 28 said he destroyed Souls MR ?

Is it Sinkills thats lying or the Bible?

If the word Soul represent the entire human being . That means Joshua destroyed those people ENTIRELY . Destroying the Soul means Destroying the entire human being . Comprehende ?

Besides, The Messiah was prophesied that he would pour his Soul to death to save many people , Now my question is : How could the Messiah Pour his Soul to death, if the soul is immortal ? Isaiah 53 vs 12.

Hahahahaha @ real personality . Okay when Jesus died for the Sin of the world as teached in Christianity .. Did the real personality called Jesus DIED or its just his body that died ?

answering this can settle this case.

Sorry , none of this verses mentioned immortal soul. infact the description in Luke 16 follows a typical human ( eyes , finger, tongue , Water) Not some imaginary alien soul.

Sorry, God commissioned me and other saved believers to preach salvation from sin through Christ Jesus for whosoever wills. He did not send me to engage in endless arguments, debates and strife. But where I see errors especially soul damning ones, it becomes necessary to correct such. There are people who ask questions to know or be clarified while there are those who ask to defend their errors and who deliberately close their eyes not to see. I think I know where you belong. I end with this (while you are free to continue your debates): You and I were born and grew up as sinners. Christ died on the Cross to save you and I from sin and its consequential eternal damnation in hell fire. Those who repent of their sins and believe in Christ will be saved but those who refuse will be damned. I heard this message, simply believed and got saved. I pray you and all who are reading this get saved as well in Jesus' name, Amen.
Religion / Re: Where Was Lazarus Soul After 3 Days He Died by Sinkills: 11:39am On Apr 07, 2017

you guys are funny @ bold , Later u will tell me Satan is a liar , [i]based on the Bold, Did Satan now lied when he said Humans will not die ? [/i]There is physical, spiritual and eternal deaths. When Adam and Even sinned, they died spiritually though alive physically. Then they died eternally when they were driven away from the presence of God. So Satan deceived them into believing they will not die spiritually, physically then eternally. Yes, the soul is immortal. Sometimes, the Bible uses the word 'soul' to represent the human being. Dying or being killed physically is not the end of our existence. Our physical body is like a house or tabernacle. Our real self remains forever either in a place of eternal bliss or in a place of eternal punishment (Luke16:19-31; 23:43; Phillipians 1:21-24; 2nd Peter 1:14). That is the real issue. If 'man die go', then one can as well commit a lot of atrocities and 'enjoy' the height of sinful pleasures since his/her punishment is just physical death or total annihilation.

Really ?

" And that day Joshua took Makkedah, and smote it with the edge of the sword, and the king thereof he utterly destroyed, them, and all the souls that were therein; he let none remain: " Joshua 10 vs 28

How could Joshua destroy Immortal Soul with Sword ? or wetin the verse talk Bro ?

Joshua did not destroy the immortal soul. The word 'soul' is used to represent the entire human being since it is the most important aspect of man. The bodies were severed from the real personalities that will exist for ever either in a place of eternal Bliss or eternal suffering (Luke 16:19-31; Luke 23:43; Philippians 1:21-24; 2nd Peter 1:14). Thanks.
Religion / Re: Pastors And Controversies...kumuyi's Example by Sinkills: 12:01pm On Apr 05, 2017

TV is a devil box. TV then later became a box of Yahweh in Kumuyi's churches cheesy
Members used their sweat and money to build university and high schools. Kumuyi the thief sidelined them and hiked school fee. Now the so called unbelievers are the ones in those schools.
Kumuyi the master miracle forger and storyteller. The potbellied thief.
No one is allowed in Deeperlife to wear earring and celebrate marriage, but Kumuyi allowed his own daughter in law to do so. Earring is a sin for others to wear,but not for Kumuyi's own family members cheesy
TV is an evil box if what a Christian watches is immorality, pornography, corruption, voodoo, vanity, violence and materialism. Such is inimical to the purity of heart that is a basic requirement for heaven. But the same TV is a good box if it is channeled towards reaching multitudes with the saving gospel so that they would not be damned in eternity. The Deeper Life Schhols are not free. There are children of Deeper Life members and children of other Christians as well unbelievers there so long as you can afford it. Or are you insinuating that it should be for only Deeper Life members so that you can accuse pastor Kumuyi of discrimination? Even if it is just for Deeper Life members, the spaces are limited, so every member's child cannot be there. As for Deeper Life weddings, I think you are talking out of ignorance. You need to attend one as well the reception that follows. If your mother, wife, daugher or friend is interested in putting on earings to Deeper Life, she is most welcome sir. You are obviously not happy that people have not associated any scandal with pastor W F Kumuyi and you are desperate to manufacture some. Thanks as I await another onslaught against this revered servant of God, a gift to our generation. On the alternative, you can repent of your sins and surrender your life to Christ now. He is merciful. He will forgive and receive you.
Religion / Re: Pastors And Controversies...kumuyi's Example by Sinkills: 11:36am On Apr 05, 2017

This Family Member in question is a grown man, an adult that can do whatever he likes, i dont think the dad should be held responsible.
& pertaining marriage celebration, broz you got it wrong... Ive been to most of their weddings & its been celebrated moderately.
Thank you very much sir. Don't mind mind that atteist. He is not happy to read that pastor Kumuyi does not have a scandal and is desperate to manufacture some against him. You forgot to let him know that pastor Kumuyi like other genuine men of God, preaches against the materialism, immorality, porn and violence in the TV. That does not mean the same TV as a mass medium cannot be employed to reach millions with the gospel. Once again thanks bro.

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Religion / Re: Where Was Lazarus Soul After 3 Days He Died by Sinkills: 8:33pm On Apr 04, 2017

a fully conscious person is one that is Alive . to be conscious is to be Alive . Living person , Not the dead. once a person is certified dead all those sense organs you mentioned cease to function, Isnt it ?

its even in your bible that the dead Are not Alive! Isaiah 26 vs 14 .

I told u earlier that a dream is an imagination of the brain. Have seen people who dreamed they were shot in the dream, only to wake up and laugh it off .

You are yet to answer my question : those organs mentioned in that story , Eyes , Tongue , Fingers , drinking water are body parts and feature of Human , Yes or No ?

omniscient really ? and yet didnt know when the end will come . thats a topic for another day

So you mean Lazarus of bethany was chilling in heaven and yet Jesus brings him back to earth ?

He must be lying in John 3:13, dont u think ? There was a poster on this thread who claim nobody goes to heaven before Jesus died, i guess u guys are reading different Bibles ?

Those in heaven or hell are fully conscious, yes alive. They know everything going on around them, they feel pleasure or pain. The implication is that we do not really die. Our souls are immortal. Lazarus of Bethany was in the same place where the dead saints of old were before Christ's death. The name of the pre place is immaterial. What matters is that it was a place of comfort. As for Jesus, He is God but became man for the purpose of redemption. As God, He is omniscient but as man, He temporarily derobed Himself of His omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. It was necessary because if not, He would have told His disciples of the day of His second advent. Thanks.
Religion / Re: Pastors And Controversies...kumuyi's Example by Sinkills: 8:58am On Apr 04, 2017
Instead of peace, religion in Nigeria has brought nothing but confusion and chaos
True sir. That is the difference between religion and Christ in one's heart. Religion brings confusion and chaos while Christ within brings salvation from sin and its consequences, peace, love, health, happiness, prosperity, fulfilment and heaven.
Religion / Re: Pastors And Controversies...kumuyi's Example by Sinkills: 8:53am On Apr 04, 2017
Why would you expect kumuyi to heat up an arguement. Will wining or loosing make any difference or change the deeper life church. Different context as with a criminal case as kemi's. Do you even understand the meaning of controversy? The person in this case only aired his thoughts and opinions... thats freedom of speech.
Publishing scandal and fake news to defame people is a crime. Totally different. May God grant Nigerians wisdom and intelligence.
There is no doubt that it is a crime to publish scandals and fake news to defame people. But do you think that people have not published scandals and fake news about pastor Kumuyi in his 53 years of being a Christian and fearless preacher?
Religion / Re: Pastors And Controversies...kumuyi's Example by Sinkills: 8:45am On Apr 04, 2017
How can we verify this story?
No way.

All your write up is the reason why fulani and others are killing Christians like Christmas chicken without resistance.

Those who brought Christianity to us are not taking any attack lightly.
So, what are we self
Pastor Kumuyi told the story himself in one of his messages and I heard him myself. I don't see any correlation between the write-up and the persecution of Christians as you implied. The op wrote to encourage other ministers of the gospel to emulate the exemplary lifestyle of pastor Kumuyi. Do you have any problem with that?
Religion / Re: Pastors And Controversies...kumuyi's Example by Sinkills: 8:38am On Apr 04, 2017
He has the anointing of holiness while the others had that of prosperity and swag. If you attack the image of a holy man, you won't inflict any damage whereas an attack on the image of a prosperity preacher will affect his business and drive his customers away. So they need to defend their business jealously.
Religion / Re: Pastors And Controversies...kumuyi's Example by Sinkills: 8:34am On Apr 04, 2017
Am sorry to say this but kumuyi is the only preacher I admire, cherish and respect in the whole universe. I don't attend deeper life but this man teaches the real word of God, he preaches the bible from cover to cover, he is humble and he would have lived a flambouyant lifestyle if he wanted to but cos of his understanding of the word of God he is living a simple life which has made him excel spiritually. I am a sinner and I pray for Gods grace to turn away from my bad ways and I hope to have an encounter with papa kumuyi someday.
To God be the glory. May the mercy and grace of God reach you and other sincere sinners to repent, accept Christ and be saved before it is too late I J N, Amen.

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Religion / Re: Pastors And Controversies...kumuyi's Example by Sinkills: 8:26am On Apr 04, 2017
I grew up mostly as a Deeper Life member and i left because of their doctrines. However, i think Kumuyi is someone that other so called men of Gd should look up to when coducting themselves. I'm not saying tat Kumuyi is a saint but as far as being humble and meek goes, he thumps all the Pastors that i've ever come across.
Every genuinely born again and right-living child of God is a saint. Please what are the 'doctrines' of Deeper Life that made you leave such a wonderful Church where the truth of the Scriptures is emphasized under an exemplary rare gem of a pastor? This is not to imply that there are no other good Churches. But I am interested to know sir.
Religion / Re: When Pastor Kumuyi Of Deeper Life Bible Church Was Very Young (photo) by Sinkills: 10:13pm On Apr 03, 2017
Humble and sincere man
To God be the glory.
Religion / Re: When Pastor Kumuyi Of Deeper Life Bible Church Was Very Young (photo) by Sinkills: 10:11pm On Apr 03, 2017
This man and God have been like this www.nairaland.com/attachments/3950595_img20160628143459766_jpeg1331e4a92e327d1b3306eb0494ea5f05 before Nigeria civil war
And he has been consistent in teaching the undiluted truth and living an exemplary life for fifty three years! O God, I pray you grant me the grace you gave this servant of yours in Jesus' name, Amen.
Religion / Re: When Pastor Kumuyi Of Deeper Life Bible Church Was Very Young (photo) by Sinkills: 10:05pm On Apr 03, 2017
So because this is how this guy likes to dress.. All his church members must dress like this too..
Not at all. BTW, that was how he used to dress then not now. You need to watch him on satellite, video cassette or attend his crusade, retreat, one of the combined Sunday services or Monday Bible Study live to know how he dresses now. But most importantly, pastor Kumuyi teaches the Bible as though he was there when it was written. He is a gift to our generation. To God be the glory.
Religion / Re: Where Was Lazarus Soul After 3 Days He Died by Sinkills: 9:40pm On Apr 03, 2017

its funny how you guys keep coming with the fallacy of dreams , Let me tell u an experience . A young boy Dreams he was on the Field playing football with his friends and he feels like urinating , So he went to a nearby gutter and he urinates . Behold! He was actually urinating in his bed .

his brain tricked him through images that he was actually on the field , Is he actually on the field ? NO! its an imagination .

Please tell me those body parts that those in heaven and hell have ? Because the body parts mentioned in that story we are talking about are actually body parts that lay in the morgue
If you really want to know, all the sense organs (of sight, audition, taste, smelling, feeling and any other) are active because the fellow will be fully conscious. Back to my illustration with dreams: when you dream, you see, hear, taste, smell and feel but not with the physical organs. So is it in the spiritual. There is absolute consciousness, perception, feeling, recollection and rememberance in heaven and hell. Back to the topic, Lazarus, the friend of Jesus who died for four days went to Paradise before he was brought back to life. He was not permitted to utter what he saw (at least not publicly). Christ Who is omniscient knew that Lazarus would make it back to Paradise or heaven. If not, it would have been a deservice bringing him back.
Religion / Re: Where Was Lazarus Soul After 3 Days He Died by Sinkills: 4:40pm On Apr 03, 2017

this man , So because it starts with " a certain Rich man and a certain poor man named Abraham " = True story ?

wait, dont forget that the rich man still has his Fingers , Eyes , Tongue which are fresh bodily parts and e no be ghost o cos e asks for water ( is drinking water not an attribute of an human? ) . If we are to take that story as true , You mean people go to this Hell with their Body parts ? answer
Yes sir. People in heaven and hell have their body parts for perception and feeling (of course not the ones lying in the morgue or buried). The only difference is that they cannot 'die' or be annihilated. Sir, have you ever had a dream where you were perhaps hit on the head and when you woke up you started having pain on your physical head? Yes, it happens. Sir, there are a lot of things about the Bible that 'doesn't add up' to some genuine enquirers. That does nor make the Scriptures untrue. It is only that some of us do not fully grasp such mysteries or spiritual realities at least for now. For example, there are certain languages that are funny and absurd to my ears but those who understand such languages enjoy conversing in them. But you are at liberty sir to simply believe, repent of your sins (as I did), receive Christ and be saved or continue doubting and encouraging others to do same. God bless you.
Religion / Re: Where Was Lazarus Soul After 3 Days He Died by Sinkills: 12:45pm On Apr 03, 2017
No matter how you want to twist it.
the fact is that the explanation of post death by Christians is very flawed with a lot of inconsistencies.
One has to question if they even really understand the subject.
The story of Lazarus and Abraham was one of Jesus' parables and should not be taken literally.
Christians often claim after death is judgement, but a lot of places in the Bible say the opposite.
death is likened to a deep sleep.
Now another problem is that Christians in recent times that have supposedly died and came back to life often claim they went to hell of heaven and they saw Michael Jackson and Tupac Lol
Anyway, this their stories contradict the Bible which calls death a deep slumber, and people swallow this shii like hot eba
Sorry sir. The story of the rich man and Lazarus was not one of Jesus' parables. It was a true life story. Jesus said "A certain rich man and a certain poor man named Lazarus......". Thanks.
Religion / Re: Should A Man Who Is A Born-Again Christian Be A Gynaecologist? by Sinkills: 12:55pm On Mar 21, 2017

If you still find yourself struggling to please God, please run to Him beacause its an indication you dont have a strong enough relationship with Jesus to overcome the world.

Whatever that is born of our Savour overcome the world! Sometimes it difficult to explain but it real. Once He os in control the acute desire of the flesh diminishes. Like i have said i have been in both positions.
Thanks for your sermon. But you did not answer my question. Do you imply that there is no possibility of a born again Christian lusting after seeing beautiful nude bodies at any time?
Religion / Re: Should A Man Who Is A Born-Again Christian Be A Gynaecologist? by Sinkills: 9:04pm On Mar 20, 2017

Thanks. I am a woman o. grin
Thanks. I am a woman o.
OK. Correction taken. Thank you very much for your apt and insightful contribution ma.
Religion / Re: Should A Man Who Is A Born-Again Christian Be A Gynaecologist? by Sinkills: 9:11pm On Mar 19, 2017

A Christian should be light and an example in any profession he/she practices. People say various negative things about different professions but we still have good Christians practicing those professions and holding unto the tenets of the Scriptures. For instance, not all lawyers lie as some are Christians and have DECIDED to obey God and shine as lights to others.
I remember my doctor (male) going into the theatre and praying earnestly before the surgery began while the people in charge of anesthesia were doing their part. I always thank God for his life when I remember.
Also, on a larger scale, male doctors/ medical practitioners are more sympathetic to the plight of women esp. in pregnancy. Some female med. persons could ask unreasonable questions like 'na you first born' when a woman is screaming due to labour pains. Most male doctors will rather pacify the woman.
In conclusion, no profession is stated in the Bible or any other book/place to be restricted to any gender. Just discover your purpose in line with your career and follow through. Decide to shine as light in that profession. Life is all about DECISIONS. Peace.
This ia very apt and insightful. Thanks a lot for your contribution sir.
Religion / Re: Should A Man Who Is A Born-Again Christian Be A Gynaecologist? by Sinkills: 9:08pm On Mar 19, 2017
This topic is very technical, the point of the OP is about a Born-Again christian doing it, not that he or she will carry out deviant actions on the patient but what goes through the mind of such male in his quiet time or flashes through his mind..(After viewing a pretty damsel, a damn pretty one that will get all your nerves at edge...)...we are all humans and our brain gives us a daily replay of everyday activities while we rest...what playbacks do these Gynaes get at the end of the day...?
You got my message sir. God bless you.

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