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Pets / Re: 14-Year-Old Indonesian Girl Has Six Pythons As Pets (Photos) by sizer07: 4:42pm On Jul 31
We all know how this story will end, raise up your hand if you dont? She is a dinner well served in the waiting.i can bet my left ball on this.is a shuah banger
Crime / Re: Stella Okotie, UNIBEN Staff Killed, 1 Injured As Police Chase Driver Over N100 by sizer07: 2:10pm On Jul 22
Nigerian Police are at it again. Benin police to be precise. I came down from lagos yesterday with a car I cleared from port, from lagos to Ore 8 checking points, demanding 500 flat or you pack, 5 army check point also collecting 500 naira by there road boys or you park.from Ore to BENIN 14 checking points of SARs,high way polices also 500 naira. The lock down has opened there eyes that what ever they charge, Nigerian are desperate and most pay. I was giving the money and swearing before giving out may Ogun,thunder, Amaduoha finished who ever rip me off my hard earn money.I saw a man who chanted incantations before giving out. I forgot to mention the heavy tax collectors Custom. There's is 1k flat or you pack even with a complete custom papers, full duty payments infact there is a stickers giving by port and cargo once all payments are met. Customs on the high ways on sighting the stickers, they new there is no show and the next thing is there 1k by fire by force.Nigerians who plight high ways are going through hell becuz of those thiefs in uniforms.I spend close to 15k from Lagos to Benin just to pay my ways and avoid delays due to high robberies and kidnappings going on on the highways which are no longer save to travel during the day times not to talk of night. We are suffering and dying in silent in this country. God saves us all


Crime / Re: Onubi, Retired Navy Admiral's Daughter, Driver Killed By Kidnappers In Kogi by sizer07: 4:32pm On Jul 10
abt going into dry fasting and prayers as we speak any moment about that road... what to do! man most move you cant becuz of fear not travel. The only thing is to commit your life and journey to Jesus, fast and pray before plying that road. The boys are hungry, due to 3 month lock down, the high ways where scanty and now that inter state ban has been lifted ,that road is going to withness one hell of atrocities. Lest not forget our security force , army in particular who have been doing a great job on that root most have been deploy to other parts of the country to fight boko haram, bandids in north central. God help us.passing through abuja- okene, lokoja,abaji road is like going beside hell fires back yard. God help us

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Politics / Re: Is EFCC Chairman Only For The North? - Yul Edochie, Reno Omokri Ask by sizer07: 11:34am On Jul 09
Una never see anything so long this hypocrite,nepotic, bigotry man,the king of the north is at the helm affairs. This kind lopsided appointment will continue abated.oya his zombies followers the flow is open over to you. Fear has relegated the other part of the country. You there not say pim, u will be pick by Dss or sss, whilst the reason why all the security heads are all from the north. Tyranny at it picks

Celebrities / Re: Jay Gunz Shot Dead In His Home In US (Photos) by sizer07: 9:39am On Jul 09
Its take a slit second to act bravely at times.I for one dont see a reason why any of them did not think to hide behind a black item on the curidoor that look like an iron grail, charge at the second shooter who came very close and did the damage , wrestle him down with that metal. He did the major damage with a close range shooting , instead they guy on red who I assume was JAY GUNGZ was just lying cuddling him self on the floor with all the muscle and big chest. Fear fear babies. Guns don't kill people,people kill people with Gun. RIP.moral lesson for those niggars, never stay unarm if you belong to the bleeping gang in an insane country like America where even dogs on the street own guns

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Politics / Re: Boss Mustapha: If It Means To Lock Down Again, We Will Not Shy Away by sizer07: 5:58pm On Jul 07
This man most be high on monkey poo. Shege Dan burouba. He want to finished his estate. Idiaaaat go and lock your entire house hold.goro eating full.come why are all those mad men allow to be roaming the streets of abuja. Anu ofia. Go and lock ur entire village and leave us alone

Foreign Affairs / Re: Jair Bolsonaro: Brazil's President Tests Positive For Coronavirus by sizer07: 5:26pm On Jul 07
Far too expected. A clap of a mosquito no be clap of victory na to see how the son of man one take kill the mosquito. He was one of the Covid-19 is a scam crue. Egungu has finally enter express. Congrat to him

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Education / Re: Schools Reopen In Oyo Today, Observe COVID-19 Guidelines (Photos) by sizer07: 5:53pm On Jul 06
PR stunt. Come in the next 4days and you be shock at what you will see.obubuyeye is all for the cameras..... if you know you know


Politics / Re: Ganduje: PDP Is Only Interested In Edo Treasury by sizer07: 3:41pm On Jul 06
Dan buroba shege nama see kettle calling a pot black. Gandola d biggest babanriga thief has the gods to call some one treasury looter.aboki no just get one sense walahi even this chairman they gave him he will still starched his agbada with campaign money. The man is a serial criminal

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Attacks UN Helicopter, Kills Two In Borno by sizer07: 6:04am On Jul 05
Buharudeem. He will be shocked at the attack as usual .hushbubu yahoo yahoo APC, there stooge and zombies, those innocents souls that kept believing hushbuhari has tactically defeated Boko boys, giving then false sense of security. There souls are crying for vengeance for misleading and turing them into sacrificial lambs.APC blood sucking demons will surly pay for there crimes against humanity. TACTICALLY DEFEAT BOKO BOYs and the are still racking havoc left right and centre. Buhari will pay for that helicopter. Na market we buy so


Agriculture / Re: Deadly Pig Disease Hits Abia, Farmer Loses Millions In 4 Days (photos, Video) by sizer07: 5:40pm On Jul 03
Piggy swan flu. Been around since feb. Our yeye vets are yet to figure out how to stop the spread. Vet Drs have all gone into hiding as a result of covid-19. Piggy farmers are counting there loses in millions all over the country. What a sad and sorry state
Health / Re: COVID-19: Boss Mustpha Says This Is The Right Time To Lockdown by sizer07: 8:03am On Jun 26
What is this useless goro eating full called boss talking abt? The first lock down,what did his useless govt gave the masses as palliatives?when all they did was to loot,all the moneys donated to enriched there self and allies, divert food to northern sates.he and all those thiefs are all stupid for ever thinking they will short down this country in the name of lockdown just to create another conduit pipe to continue looting. Mad man. Go and luck ur village and live us alone. Anu ofia. Mad people from top to button
Politics / Re: Ajimobi: Buhari Reacts To Death Of Ex-Oyo Governor by sizer07: 7:45am On Jun 26
Buhari shocktualization enuendu is now in reaction mode. He now react ,not shock .madagaska covid organic they bought for bubu is working... Hallelujah!!!no more buhari is shock abt the death of late ajimobi, buhari is shock,buhari is shock! shock!! shock !!! RIP to the dead jareh


Health / Re: Enugu Law School Student Dies Of Cardiac Arrest While Jogging(Disturbing Photos) by sizer07: 3:46pm On Jun 25
OMG cry .......this is what I do 3 times in a week,jogging and covering several kilometers, RIP to the dead and may we never die a premature and horrible death in our lives.something one thing something MOST kill a man.see the guy as if he is just taking a quick nap after coming back from a tiring round of jogging. What a sad and painful way to die.RIP to the dead

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Politics / Re: Martins Idakpini: Lance Corporal Blasts Buratai Over Incessant Killings by sizer07: 8:00pm On Jun 23
Corp matins..... this guy has balls made up of titanium steal.if it where during coup de tat era ,I see this guy piloting and organizing a deadliest one for the sake of humanity not minding who's head is at steak. He has rat him self out.OYO is his name. mean while corp martins you deserve this chill bottle of heinene before BURATASHI comes for ur head.am sorry for what is to come next. But you are already a hero

Politics / Re: Fasoranti, Clarke, Nwodo, 13 Others Sue Buhari Over Lopsided Appointments by sizer07: 6:38pm On Jun 22
grin grin clout chasers are just waking up from there slumbers. Ndewonu... Ndi alas and Onukus .anyway its beter late than never, but the nepotic, bigotry, tribalistic king of the north has so many on his sleeves to even answer you guys. Aisha, his wife is trying to be the next de-facto president, whilst the reason for shootings in Aso rock Vila, his kings mens are coming for his head despite all the security chiefs from the north, bandits,kidnapping are ravaging the north. Apc power tussle is giving him a sleepless night on the other hand. His hands are full.

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Politics / Re: Kogi Indigenes Protest Along Abuja-lokoja Road Over Kidnapping (pics) by sizer07: 6:23pm On Jun 22
traveling on Abuja abaji lokoja down to okene to ekpoma auchi road is now a den of kidnapping,herdsmens and arm bandits, people minds are always in there mouth when plying that root, In fact its like passing through the back yard of shekau and his bokos boys in sambisa.fasting and prayers is seriously needed Norway days when traveling Nigerian roads, not for accidents, or ogbanjes that usually cost accidents on the high way to feast on peoples blood.those stories no longer scare or exist, you pray and fast against kidnapping, herdsmen,and bandits.Nigerian has never had it this bad.Buhari is a pandemic Nigeria will never forget in a hurry. Oya his zombies on NL over to you ..
Politics / Re: Isa Pantami Shed Tears Over Killings In Northern Nigeria by sizer07: 1:06pm On Jun 21
SAI BABA zombies ....crying wolf cry.there is a reason why KARMA was called a bitch. They created the monster hydra that is consuming them now.I have no pity for all those nitwits northerners. Installing a docile dullards on Nigerians to muscle power and do a kill and rule where as there are better candidates from the same north who could have done better than that dullard at the vila. Kwankwaso,tambowal,danjuma goje,former gombe state govr are all suitable, tasted and trusted candidates that would have been 100% times better than buhari, but they went for General bubu and look at where it has brought us and them now.I repeat Buhari is a pandemic Nigerians will never forget in a hurry. I for one dont have any remorse for the north, its there doing, they shd enjoy it while it last.


Politics / Re: Judiciary Groans As Buhari Delays Judges’ Appointment - Punch by sizer07: 5:43pm On Jun 18
The grand patron of nepotism,bigotry,tribalistic is probably searching for his kins men to appoint. Braking news.....buhari is shocked he can't find northerners to to appoint as judges......Buhari is shocked his kins men are crying wolf that buhari is promoting lopsided appointment.

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Politics / Re: Nastura Sharif Arrest: Bashir Tofa Warns Buhari by sizer07: 5:08pm On Jun 18
Let me Borrow a wise saying and quoth it verbatim ......ehhheehh eeehhheh.throat cleared. A man who enjoys eating a scrotum(Blokos) of a Heee goat should never complain when he wakes up with a swollen blokos In the morning. Chiwetta Agwu 2012..Buharideen zombies ooohhhh!!! where are thau? come and defend your hypocrite,tribalistic, bigotry master. His kins men are bleeding,hand has finally reached them.we warned them but there ears where filled with cottons,the only thing they hear and understood was..SAI BABA.be careful this baba is a leopard ohhhhh.for where na....SAI BABA.this man is a tyrant ohhhh.for where SAI BABA SAI BABA.SAI BABA kiiii una there Ndiara. The Cain they used in flogging an old wife will be used in beating new wife. the coast has change,make una enjoy una SAI BABA . We cried and cried of Fulani herdsmen killing and raping our mother,women,destroying our crops. I can't farm this year as a side hustle due to killings, kidnappings, high rate of insecurity in the land.ur tyrant master sent his killing machines, tear gass us and incarcerated us. Showore tried to organize what would have been a game changer to bring this docile govt to it kneels. SAI BABA zombies came for him. I can go on and on....the bottom line is you can never give what you dont have. BUHARIDEEM is a pandemic that Nigeria will never forget in a hurry. OYA bubu zombies over to you. 1 2 ready go.come for my head. Its your usual oparandi. Suffering and smiling ...ONUKUS....dont worry he will be shocked tomorrow morning as usual. He has Been shocked from the very first dat he took over and will continue been shocked. Burahi express shocked! buhari express shocked.shege nama

Politics / Re: Akemokue Lukman Funny Resignation Letter From An APC Ward Chairman In Edo by sizer07: 4:45am On Jun 18
grin grin

very funny.

But what if Obaseki comes back.

What will he write?

oya bring back the broom make we for quantinu.


Crime / Re: FCTA Seals Jabi Mall Due To Naira Marley's Concert (Video & Pictures) by sizer07: 5:41pm On Jun 14
This naira MALEY of a boy is becoming penchant for braking covid-19 laws,he has been on a news of late for a wrong reasons, Ode is killing his brand with his own hands. Biggest brands when it comes to music. Wizkids,devido, kizz Dan,egbere papa one,phyno fineno n Whole lots who are way richer better than hibernate and stay quiet working underground to shock the world with good musics when everything is back to normal, this one is busy flaunting covid-19 rules, killing his brand.the boy get strong head shar him no de fear Buharudeem self
Politics / Re: Babagana Zulum Unveils 326 Projects In 365 Days by sizer07: 11:38am On Jun 14
Hmmmm if you dont know zulum you better ask. The man has the mentality of late shehu musa
yar adua.very selfless man to the core. Go to borno and see projects left right and centre. U will not understand until you see it for yours self. If He zulum shd have the kind of allocation the alleged oil states are having, that man will turn that desert of a state to mini dubai in Nigeria. Seen is believing. Travel to Burno and see for yours self. Pls when doing that,do remember our boko boys are very much running things.dont say I thin warn you grin
Business / Re: High Cost Of Haulage From Lagos Port Rattles Importers, Manufacturers by sizer07: 11:20am On Jun 14
Mbok I don't want to say what will spoil my mood this morning. Its very sad that uptil this moment calabar sea port,wori sea port and so many coastal areas in the country where it require only dredging,cargo crane, and adequate security to receive big cargo ships and decongest lagos, but no.everything is lagos lagos lagos. We have one of the vibrant navy in west Africa. Sea pirates and insecurity at the high Seas shd never be a problem to this country . Why !why!!why is our govt so so docile like this? See mbok OP pls leave us alone this morning we are just coming back from churches .lets not start coursing this govt upandan this morning with this kind of horrible angry news abeg.what does it even take to run this Nigeria self? The bottom line is...you can never ever give what you don't have. This govt are too docile abeg over mumu de worry them from top to bottom. Very sad
Politics / Re: Fashola: Many Countries Begged Nigeria For Food During Lockdown by sizer07: 8:43pm On Jun 13
If only buharudeen , the grant patron of zombies and and his kins men nama nama aka herdsmen will allow people to farm and cultivate arable lands God has bless us with, if boko boys will be a thing of a pass. See I can say with out fear or favour that Nigeria has the capacity to feed the whole of Africa. I personally wont be farming this season due to ethnic clashes,herdsmen, kidnapping. I do mechanize farming of Beniseed as a side hustle and transport to Kano to sale.its quite unfortunate this year wont be possible I am so so angry right now.there is money in farming. It will flow in at once like blood money. God has really bless this country but we are our own problem. For other African countries to call us giant of Africa is not a mistake. If we had gotten it right from early 50ths,China will not see our back. We will be competing with US, and other big economy for real . Our leaders have failed us big time.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Man Gains Over 100kg Within 5 Months Of Lockdown In Wuhan (Pics) by sizer07: 6:26pm On Jun 13
Poor him,exercise, watching what goes through your mouth is the best recipe for longevity.no matter how hectic ur schedule is,take a time out in making sure you exercise,no matter how small, it will go along way .cook what you eat if you can, if not ,watched what you eat. Very essential to longevity...obese at such a young age is horrible.

Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Nigeria Can Turn COVID-19 Pandemic To Economic Victory by sizer07: 11:33am On Jun 13
Where.....which hole is this one crippling from?Lekwa..... i even forgot we have vice president in this country oh. why is he not wearing mask? dont trust buharideem oh, all those covid-19 organic bought from madagaska na bubu de drink am oh.osinbanjo shd better behave an wear his mask when coming in contact with buharudeem. Trust no body

Crime / Re: Cult War In Amaokpala, Anambra: 3 Killed (Graphic Photos) by sizer07: 9:30am On Jun 12
Leave by the sword and die by the sword is there watch word. Valhalla will received them where they will fist and dine with Odem. Cultism those not pay. This is how the story ends .no two ways no mater how high you have reach in the rank and file be it CAPON,OMEGA,ARMOR TANK, what ever names you call your ranks,hear me and hear me well .....KALA will always locate you ,ether by rivals or the arm of the law. No two ways about it.you most showly fall. SAY NO TO CULTISM

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Phones / Re: Fraudsters Sell Fufu As Iphone 7+ To Man At Computer Village As He Cries by sizer07: 12:22pm On Jun 11
Mugu don chop mugu.iphone 7+ for 20k .he for kuku ma find ewedu soup chop the eba. Let it not look like he lost everything. Greed is a recipie for falling in to swindlers hand.
TV/Movies / Re: TSTV Loses Office Due To Debt - Premium Times by sizer07: 7:50am On Jun 10
Dstv is are one of the mafioso behind the death of this TSTV company. They are after all pay Tv satellites in Nigeria just to insure the monopolies the market. They are shorting down all CTL offices who are there biggest rivals in the south south with the collaboration of Nigerian govt,some state law makers using SSS and police. CTL are the only indigenous pay TV that shows all the 5 top leagues in the world all FA cups and all carlin cup of all the top 5 leagues and all champion league games along with ABG satellite. The owner of ABG is a northerner from KANO, a cronies of the cabal in the seat of power which is why ABG is waxing stronger in the northern part of the country and cannot be brought down by Dstv.its competing side by side with Dstv in abuja and most northern States . In the case of CTL he is an igbo man. Benin,port stations have been short down, reason is they are showing Dstv programs,Z word and telemondo, two most useless TV series as far as guys are consign no offense to our ladies . All there sport channels are Arab commentaries with the exception of few which are broadcast in English mostly weekends . There movie channels,mbc2,mbc action, etc. A very robust satellite Tv service ,affordable as low as 3k monthly subscriptions 7k for 3 month .Dstv with black belle short them down. This country is a mess. Our leaders,law makers are only after what them and there cronies families can benefit, if not tell me why a foreign company, south Africa zanophobic vagabonds will be playing gods in Nigeria by frustrating and shorting down indigenous sat Tv companies with the help of the same law markers.


Politics / Re: Isanlu Bank Robbery In Kogi: Dino Melaye Blames Last Election by sizer07: 8:27pm On Jun 06
I said it on a thread during Kogi elections then that all those arms used will find it ways back to crime cycles. Yeye Bello and his cronies are to be blame for this menes.

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Politics / Re: Diezani: Setback In Extradition Moves Over Dominica Republic Citizenship by sizer07: 9:50am On Jun 06
That diplomatic passport cost her roughly $1m dollars, add agency and other bribery charges she most have spent close to $2m if not more.I watched a documentary about Dominican republic passport of how wealthy people acrose the globe who loot there country of origins of there patrimony do everything humanly possible to get that passport and because its a commonwealth country on a Caribbean island. Its has a law that protect it citizens from been extradited any where in the world . The scattering details are enormous to mention. She knew what she was doing whilst why she was smart enough to get that passport Asap.she is protected and enjoying her spoilt in UK, our common patrimony she looted,and for your info Nigerian govt where just able to lay its hand on 1% out of 100 of what that woman stole. Na small thing Abacha own carry pass her. D margins is small like an ant head, if you know you know. She has recovered from her illness using too much money with the best medical health care at her disposal. What money can do .even bubu de munu can attest to that, after all he got the best health care in UK and his life sperm was increased .power of good medical facilities.if magu de zombie and all his zombies cronies in EFCC like they shd involved queen of England,Trump, No body can touch Danzinie. D woman too sharp abeg. But there is a reason why Karma was called a bitch. It will showly catch up with her

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