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Travel / Re: Mark Babatunde Living In Russia’s Yakutia, Cold Village, Shares Photos by Slimpotter(m): 2:58pm On Mar 18
Nigerians self. Were una no dey? I don't think you will see an Israelite here because there are no drugs to sell cheesy

I dey play o grin
Bros na only God go forgive you
Travel / Re: Boeing Is Going To Update The Control Software On The 737 MAX by Slimpotter(m): 12:40pm On Mar 13
America is such an hypocritical nation. Is it not shocking that a country that will normally be the first to have grounded the plane model hasn't because it is an American product? Whether the model is updated or not, most countries will never use the model again because there is no guarantee that the software update will prevent another crash. America the hypocritical nation!
I've been waiting for a reasonable comment like this. That country is full of hypocrisy. if It was a Russian or Chinese made airplane, I'm sure they would have started barking sanctions like a dog on them. Nobody should even buy their planes again. This is a bad PR situation, but they're trying to stage manage it. Useless country.

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Literature / Re: Chimamanda Adichie: Wear What You Want To Wear by Slimpotter(m): 1:50pm On Mar 11
I don’t quite agree with this woman. Many things she says, I don’t follow at all.
There’s a very tin but crystal clear lines between morality, and, freedom.
I understand with the women’s right to things as human; if that’s what she’s advocating for, fine.
But she shouldn’t just open her mouth and say things just to remain relevant.
No need to pull crowd, with irrelevant stance and border line view.
We have cultural morals and we have social norms, as African, we have standard of living and they have served us all our lives. Don’t tell my girl to wear what she wants just to prove she can exercise her freedom. Who is fighting her for her freedom??
Why do I feel that Chimamanda is raising fighters against no enemy or is she raising them against unforeseen circumstances?
Teach our young women to be hardworking, goal driven, determined, pacesetters, women of vision, women on a mission, strong women, resilient, dependable, consistent and constant women.
Teach our ladies and women to be FEMALES WHO STAYS. Stay in their homes, in their success path, in their academics, in their career pursuit, and so on.
I may be wrong and I stand to be corrected but the real victims of social injustice, abuse, and many more are in war-torn countries. There crazy things happens and girl-child are victimised every second.
All these feminist and their leader should head towards there and fight a good fight.
If I'm looking for a lady that actually uses her brain, I guess I've found one in you. But I've made my reservations clear to many ladies on this lady's brand of feminism and it's extreme nature but they say I hate her. Is she the only feminist?. If you know Nnedi Okoroafor she has more moral standing to be a feminist than this lady. Nnedi is a professor and a single parent with just her kid, but she has been very constructive and direct in her criticisms of patriarchy and chauvinism.
But this chimamanda every time she tries to make it as if she's fighting men, and it's very bad. I'm a communist and I recognize the importance of women in society, but if you turn women against men, you're fighting a gender war and not a good cause.

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Politics / Re: US-EXIM Bank, AECOM Offer Support For $11.1bn Nigeria’s Coastal Rail Project by Slimpotter(m): 10:16pm On Mar 10

If there will be tech transfer, I rather go with American loans....even if the interest is higher....
Chinese will never agree with u on technology transfer....
They want to forever keep building for u.....
They write their manuals in Chinese letters that our engineers can't read....
They refuse to engage our engineers in critical areas of infrastructure they build for us.....

Let's be careful, Chinese are not our friends either....
Africa should wake up n think for itself....
Neither China or america will want africa to develop to its level...
Enough of hoping on external saviour....

What we need now is to think for africa and build for africa.....

When taking loans for infrastructure development...
Let's insist on technology transfer, training of local staffs, using local resources for the project, engaging local staffs in technical and critical areas of the sector, using local population in all areas apart from areas of technical expertise and that should have a limit......

We should embrace whoever is willing to do the above...
The nonsense of the past should stop....
Africa should build it's own infrastructure....
While I'm entirely in support of Africa building our own technological capacity. My grouse with the US is their interference in a country's affairs. The Chinese might have plans for extending their reach into African resources, but US always have sinister motives whenever they offer you something.
Politics / Re: US-EXIM Bank, AECOM Offer Support For $11.1bn Nigeria’s Coastal Rail Project by Slimpotter(m): 8:52am On Mar 10

In addition to this, they should make it 'tech transfer' unlike those Chinese guys that will be forming 'foreign language' when it comes to exposing the cores to the Nigerian technical crews.

Grow up bro everybody is in March 2019

I agree with you. But let's be hopeful that things are possibly getting better.
May be our attitude as a country (majorly through our leaders tho) have been blowing up the opportunities.
May be this might be the time for progressive nation, its all about our attitude to function well. I assure you that if good attitude is being guaranteed from the necessary qtrs, we ll get there.
Mind you, nobody, no decent society wants to invest in a porous system like ours except the smart cunning ones that know the crookered ways to go about it. China has distinction in that!
Take that from me.
Bro forget US, the Chinese loans are more transparent. I never trust anything US, why are they bringing the offer now. They're threatened by the growing Chinese influence. it's better to be in bed with the Chinese than Americans, they're more greedier
Car Talk / Re: China’s Car Brand, Aiways U5 All Electric SUV Is Set To Debut In Europe by Slimpotter(m): 8:27am On Mar 08
is it what the western media told you that the Chinese are cloning their technology? so the fact that Tesla is producing electric cars means others cannot? the same people accused China of cloning their military drone (name forgotten) and selling it at far cheaper price. Technology is not the birthright of one country, people learn from one another. if it is so easy to clone, why can't Nigerians clone technology and sell it to the world. Mind you, Chinese also have their own inventions while also learning from others. the same way western countries are leading in semiconductors and jet engines, Chinese are also dominating in electronics, textiles, building constructions, and more.
No mind all these people listening to CNN rubbish. They be hating on the Chinese ingenuity but can do anything. innoson that is even trying does not even get support from it's citizens, useless people calling out Chinese products but can't even invent nothing.
Sports / Re: See What Solari Is Saying About Resigning As Real Madrid Manager After 4– 1 Loss by Slimpotter(m): 12:58pm On Mar 06

Ajax went to Madrid 4-1 reason... because Madrid's monthly VAR subscription has expired.

As if you know

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Romance / Re: Your Parents First Reaction When Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend First Visited You? by Slimpotter(m): 9:56pm On Mar 04
Momsy looked at kid sis boyfriend that day.

With a frown , she said ' ARE YOU FROM WHERE?'.

..and we all died. cheesy
Bro come and take the award please, yours is just too hilarious, I had to jump up laughing.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Dozens Of Bodyguards Surrounding Kim Jong Un's Limousine In Vietnam(Pics) by Slimpotter(m): 1:27am On Feb 27

Continue gobbling up your usual Amerikan propaganda like coca-cola without engaging your grey-matter.

Trying to convince brainwashed friends & acquaintances alike of the reality of the World has been a futile, fruitless, pointless task.

Any Sovereign State that refuses to surrender her natural resources to Amerika & the Empire at large for their mass plundering is automatically demonized & isolated.

North Korea is sitting on a $6 Trillion mineral resources and the AngloZionist Empire has been trying to lay its filthy blood-drenched hands on it for decades. You don't get to read this on CNN or BBC.


The North Koreans are a happy & peaceful people but are resolute in defending their land & resources from predators & vampires like the iFUKUSA (Israel, France, UK & Amerika).

We saw what happened in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, and now we’re seeing the Amerikan imperialists go to work on Venezuela. Each time, with new intervention but the truth about what is actually going on becomes clearer by the day and an inevitable conflict that will bury Amerika is getting nearer.

The Amerika you so much adore is bankrupt economically, financially, politically, socially, racially, morally & spiritually.

The United Snakes has a current military budget of $1,134 Billion while Russia military budget is $61 Billion, being reduced to $46 Billion. Amerika has Trillion dollar budget & trade deficits. She has been borrowing $4 Billion a day. Debt levels are out of control, some say $250 trillion - but they're covering it up.

Cities like Detroit have lost half their population & look like Wild West ghost towns. It has a corrupt, broken, dysfunctional political system incapable of reforming itself.

It has all the warning signs of an empire in terminal decline. A bloated, out of control & very inefficient military establishment. A gross disparity between rich and poor and the flaunting of wealth. The debasement of the currency and looting of the public treasury. Irreversible and increasingly apparent decline in all areas.

The Empire is falling apart and is latching onto decade-long campaign to undermine sovereign states that have boycotted her useless currency - "The Petro-Dollar".

The only question is when, exactly how & what the catalyst for the collapse will be.

My advice to you is to keep your filthy mouth shut & be objective when next you read or watch anything coming from the western mainstream media about North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, China & Mother Russia.



Good News Coming From Syria grin

Iran Took Control Of Several US Drones Flying Over Syria & Iraq

Death To The Children of Satan In Washington D.C & Their War Equipments - Sango Akbar! grin

Don't mind the guy, they'll just be listening to western media, swallowing the lies hook line and sinker without filtering through it.
Any country that doesn't play ball with US will be sanctioned, such is their immaturity and greed. I'm still wondering how US leaders will wake up one morning and be issuing threats against a sovereign country like Venezuela

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TV/Movies / Re: Name A Movie You Can Never Get Tired Of Watching by Slimpotter(m): 2:07pm On Feb 26
Harry Potter franchise Da Vinci's demons The Originals Pirates of the Caribbean Lord of the Rings Megas XLR Family matters
TV/Movies / Re: Name A Movie You Can Never Get Tired Of Watching by Slimpotter(m): 1:59pm On Feb 26
Too many to name. But more recently, Aquaman. cheesy
is the HD version available
Politics / Re: Why Are You Not Voting Today? by Slimpotter(m): 2:24pm On Feb 23
Its no news that a couple of eligible voters won't be voting today because of one reason or the other.
Some due to the unpeaceful political environment, some due to distance, a lot wanna use the day as home vacation.

Well I am not voting cos dey cancelled last week"s election and I can't travel such a distance this week to the area I registered my PVC.

Oya guys why aren't you voting today. I hope your reason is genuine, if not, I will urge you all to exercise your right and do the needful

Ideological reasons. I'm a Communist and Marxist, and we don't support those whose vision does not align with our own.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Amazed By African Woman's Ball Juggling Skill by Slimpotter(m): 7:32pm On Feb 19
Wow. This to tell you Donald Okechukwu Trump knows everything happening in Nigeria presently. Just that they don't like to react on political stuff outside their country not to see as controlling everything happening in the world. 

But Buhari must visit haugue soon cause of his dictatorship this saturday 

This will soon happen to Buhari if he refuses to conceed defeat.. grin angry cheesy wink

The Venezuela option... cool

Who told you they don't interfere, and in your smart mind you think the Venezuela option is a good option?
Travel / Re: Beijing Daxing International Airport: Making Of World Largest, Biggest Airport by Slimpotter(m): 12:22pm On Feb 18
someone should please remind me if China has the richest pastor in the world? or the biggest church auditorium?...that is what we are busy doing here in Nigeria.... *sighs
Don't mind them, that was how one was trying to justify Nigeria's suffering by saying we'll go to heaven instead of the Chinese.
Religion / Re: Why It Is Wrong To Tell Nigerians To Dump God Because Of The Prosperity In China by Slimpotter(m): 11:07pm On Feb 17

So God will destroy China? grin grin grin grin grin grin

Your thread should start gracing the Jokes section. You are starting to sound unserious every Sunday
As in ehn, he even had to justify the sufferings, the corruption, the cheating and greed of Nigerians as chastisement
Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman Speaks On His Preferred Candidate: 'Thief Better Than A Killer' by Slimpotter(m): 9:09pm On Feb 17
there are only two candidates in this race, Atiku and buhari.

Any vote for sowore, moghalu,fela durutoye is a vote for buhari.. they are working together, don't be naive.

If atiku is indeed a thief, he would have been arrested.. calling him a thief without doing anything is another reason to vote out the incumbent president.
Do you have any incontrovertible proof to support this claim?
Celebrities / Re: Tobi Bakre's Photoshoot With Horse Sparks Reactions On Twitter by Slimpotter(m): 2:23am On Feb 14

Allen Avenue Dotraki...

Ikorodu Khal Drogo grin
May God forgive you, see as I almost peed my pants because of laugh.
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Dating Stefflon Don, UK Rapper? by Slimpotter(m): 4:29pm On Feb 12
She's supposed to be dating skepta
Politics / Re: Picture Of Zahra And Yusuf Buhari Campaigning For PMB by Slimpotter(m): 3:51pm On Feb 12
Not relevant
Politics / Re: Abubakar Tafawa Balewa: The First And Only Nigerian Prime Minister In His Office by Slimpotter(m): 6:51am On Feb 12
The best candidates were this evening on # ThePeoplesDebate ,
but the truth remains that no matter how salutary, ambitious,
poignant, effulgent and clearcut your ideas may be, they are
unachievable with our present structure and with the 1999
Even world's best leaders like Lee Kuan Yew, Barrack Obama
and Thomas Sankara put together, will fail woefully in Nigeria
with our current atavistic structure.
Nigeria has a structural problem which must be solved
# Mycountry
You sound learned. This system of government alone promotes corruption, delays government activities with the so-called division of powers and bureaucracy, as also seen in the US government shutdown. Yes the government is a problem, but the system of government we practise promotes that problem. A strong arm kind of politics is needed.

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Politics / Re: Obiano Commissions Josan Rice Mills, Umumbo In Anambra- PICTURES by Slimpotter(m): 6:11am On Feb 12
Boycotting nigeria elections is task for every biafran.

Between buhari and atiku none is good for us,freedom remains the best.

I have my pvc but am not .voting.
See as you fine
Politics / Re: 10 Richest States In Nigeria In 2019 (by IGR) by Slimpotter(m): 4:33pm On Feb 08

What if Lagos has the same petroleum resources in Rivers state?
Leave them, I don't know why they won't just appreciate something good, this is still our Nigeria, it's not that were competing. if Lagos had oil and the south south didn't, those oil companies won't be there.

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Politics / Re: European Union Answers El-rufai: We Only Go To Countries That Invite Us by Slimpotter(m): 9:07am On Feb 07
I won't be surprised if El Rufai ends up in the Hague as a war criminal. The case of Southern Kaduna killings is still there and he adds this one...

Just because Atiku was granted visa to their shame, just because the American ambassador decried Osun elections as being biased, just because Nigerians are tired of bad leadership...
Before you say I support pdp or apc, I support none, and what ever El rufai did, posterity will judge him, but please let's find another means to punish our leaders and not that Hague. Their only work there is to punish African leaders. Look at Laurent gbagbo, nobody gave a white man's court jurisdiction over us.
Politics / Re: European Union Answers El-rufai: We Only Go To Countries That Invite Us by Slimpotter(m): 9:02am On Feb 07
Although i condemn the statement made by El rufai but it showed a great courage and pride. Some cowards with no balls think we are still under colonialization, they want us to be licking these guys as,s. Small thing, they call EU, Germany, Italy, US, you think these guys are ready to help us? Is there no AU or other regional organizations? Blacks keep suffering from inferioty complex. Nice response from the EU anyway.
Same here bro, I'm not a supporter of any of these political parties, but even though he was kind of feisty with his statement it's the truth. Yes I know we have bad leaders but my own is let pdp and apc supporters oppose themselves, we don't want any western interference. I look at the people reporting to the west especially our leaders writing to them to come to their aid, imagine the rubbish, a sovereign country like Nigeria.
Politics / Re: I Disagree With Chinua Achebe, The Trouble With Nigeria Is Not Politicians, But by Slimpotter(m): 8:54am On Feb 03
Nigerians want to remain blind and dumb. If only the illiterates are the ones misled and brainwashed, I would have focused on education weaknesses, but funny enough, even the so called educated ones are even the dumbest.
That's the shameful part, you try to blame illiteracy but even the educated ones are not so educated after all

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Politics / Re: I Disagree With Chinua Achebe, The Trouble With Nigeria Is Not Politicians, But by Slimpotter(m): 8:51am On Feb 03
It's quite unfortunate what we represent as a nation. We're not getting things right at all, we've made a mockery of Democracy and the country is oozing with filth, most of our politicians are very useless and we're encouraging them. PDP or APC are not the solution to our problem right now, regardless of how much anyone wants to make things work as the President from both of those parties, before coming into power there are a lot of people (idiots) who will help them because of one reason or the other and they'll need to compensate this people in one way or the other and the same cycle continues having idiots in sensitive positions.

Can't we elect someone else? Why vote because of tribe or religion instead of competency? Why are we so USELESS in this country? Why hate another politician because he's from another tribe instead of looking at his competence level and intelligence? We're truly very useless in this country, no hope even in the next 15 years if this cycle continues.
Bros 15 years too small o, when the old ones go, what of the younger ones, do you see any sign of good leadership in them, truly we're too useless.
Travel / Re: Introducing Minus 25 Degrees! I Visited The Ice City! � by Slimpotter(m): 7:45pm On Jan 31

Are you saying that God does not like them?

Lemme flip that sentence for you:
Harbin my Harbin, God loves us, see people living inside Sun.

Does it make sense?
These are people who see wealth in their environment. With all the sun, still no solar energy generation, may God help us. Meanwhile when am I joining you? my first stop will be at the Great Hall of the People.

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Politics / Re: 2019 Presidency: SERAP Reacts To Atiku’s Plan To Grant Amnesty To Looters by Slimpotter(m): 6:06pm On Jan 31

China was and is still a communist state ie socialist
The only thing seperating china and north korea is tech and common sense
Do you want Nigeria to be communist before it can handle corruption?
Politics / Re: 2019 Presidency: SERAP Reacts To Atiku’s Plan To Grant Amnesty To Looters by Slimpotter(m): 6:00pm On Jan 31

there is no justifiable reason for that, if a man who stole 500 Naira because of hunger will be cooling of in prison why will a public/civil servant who stole billions out of greed be pardoned.
Is this how China, USA etc survived and sustained growth?

No leave them, until they steal their salaries for months and get amnesty for it, they'll understand.
Politics / Re: 2019 Presidency: SERAP Reacts To Atiku’s Plan To Grant Amnesty To Looters by Slimpotter(m): 5:58pm On Jan 31

grin grin grin
Instead of you to condemn the statement, you're smiling at it.
Politics / Re: 2019 Presidency: SERAP Reacts To Atiku’s Plan To Grant Amnesty To Looters by Slimpotter(m): 5:57pm On Jan 31
Most people will just jump on condemnation instead of trying to understand the whole reasons behind such decisions.
Buhari has made so many bright minds shallow in thoughts in this country.
You're more shallow in thought if you think this is right. No matter what good intentions, it is criminal to steal someone's money not to talk of public money.
Politics / Re: ‘I Wole Soyinka Will Not Be Voting For Either Buhari Or Atiku’ by Slimpotter(m): 5:45pm On Jan 31
Simple, clear and straightforward. There is a devastating way on how a poor economy can affect the mind. Such is the case of Nigeria. The suffering mentality has reduced people's capacity to reason rationally. Buhari is not the way forward, but replacing him with Atiku is synonymous to "the dance of the Penguins" One step forward and then, two steps backward.
And I thought the smart Nigerians are difficult to find on Nairaland, exactly as you've said it. Hunger and poverty has interferred with our capacity to think


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