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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Somstevee: 11:56am On Jul 17, 2020
I used it for immigration officers in Frankfurt..
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Somstevee: 11:30am On Jul 17, 2020
Travel transcript.

Obtaining a first class degree in biochemistry and graduating as one of the best in the class of 2017 Chukwemeka Odumegwu motivated me towards searching for a greener pasture abroad.

At first I thought it was all about having a good result, but experiences have made me realize that, although good results can give u an edge towards achieving your goal, they are not close to being the ultimate requirement.

I did my first application in 2018, to Australian universities using a study agent, was able to get two admission with both 50percent scholarship.

I lost interest in them cos the remaining 50 percent I was to pay was above 8 million naira.

Fast forward to 2019, I did several applications to US universities, got 3 admission letters with it one scholarship of about 75 percent but was denied visa twice on weekly interval.
Was depressed, local man wanted to give up.

On march, 2019 after US visa denial even on scholarship, I had to think about Germany.
My first application to Germany, was to three schools, I got only one admission that year for winter semester at Rhein Waal, received two rejection letters. I was happy cos one admission letter is enof to get me a visa.
I applied for visa, no interview date...
I was demoralised.
Early 2019 bleeped me up.

I started my admission/scholarship hunt with no preference to a particular country.

I applied to any country I see a notification of their scholarship on my mail with most of my applications going to UK and Germany.

I got a total of above 20 admission letters in UK with some of part scholarships attached, 7 admission letters in Germany ( got three admission letters for winter 2020 even when I applied for summer�) I received an offer in China, Saudi Arabia n Italy.

I had to go with my Germany cos of the free tuition.

I applied for an interview date for summer in August 16 2019, waited for 3 months, got my visa interview date on 31 December 2019.

I was meant to be interviewed on Feb 4 2020, I prepared wella,got to the German embassy dat day, they said they they don't have light, that all interview dat day re cancel and automatically fixed to the next day depending on an individual consent.
That was when I know dat village people dy ves�.

A whole German embassy Lagos doesn't have light, the first to have been witnesses for over 7yrs of their existence here.

I left, came bk the next day,on 5th ready on pouring my longed crammed practiced interview transcripts from others.� But luckily for her, my interview was not up to 5 mins.

I left with full conviction that visa is certain.

Fast forward to 3rd march, which coming bk from Frau Jennifer's Deutsch class, I got my Am.
Sent my doc n passport on 5th, got my visa on 11th march, all in my birth month�, but my visum stamp came with 18th march as the date it started.
Meaning that I cannot come to Germany unless it is 18th of march.

I booked my flight to travel by 18th march, came to Lagos on 16 to fly on 18, Germany lucked up on 17th marc.

Ever since den, I have been stucked in Lagos and watching my hard earned visa expire in my presence while I do nothing.
I waited for 3 months and 18 days until on Monday dis week when I have decided to take a bold step.

I have seen many people give reasons why you I can't enter Germany now because of the pandemic and some said Nigerians are not allowed to come in forgetting that students are expemted.

I was looking for that one person to give me reasons why I should look for a way n get out of this country but couldn't.

I got an information that Cotonou airport has been functional with out any form of lockdown ever since the conception of the lock down.

I looked for a way to confirm the info, and on validating it, I had to go to Cotonou by fire by force

I booked my ticket, to travel on 8tg, being yesterday.
Just arrived here today, and I was not convinced yet until I had to enter the wrong train to my house n spend another money...�

I have been a silent observer of this group n read everything going on here, but I find it difficult to talk cos much information are circulating dat we find it difficult to know the right one..

Wen I was checked in today in Frankfurt by immigration, I had to come back to the officer to ask him if it is only the stamp dat I require cos I was afraid to a point that students are not allowed to come in, but it is a lie.

As a student, if u can get a good letter from your school indicating that your presence is needed, u re good to go, or an enrollment letter can do.

PS. This transcript was not originally addressed to nairalanders
I am not stepping on anyone's toes, I apologize if I used the wrong choice of word, typographical errors,made the write up lengthy or took much of ur time, I just felt that some one might need it....

If you have any questions on my little epistle, feel free to ask, if not, I will take my leave after tonight for others in the waiting room to be added...
Thanks to u all...

Note:. 99.9% of the passengers I saw in Cotonou yesterday are Nigerians

I wrote this transcript since last week...
I forgot to post it here where I started...
Tut mir leid


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Somstevee: 7:29am On Jul 17, 2020

For what course bro?

Hi, I sent a personal email to you
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Somstevee: 6:50am On Jul 17, 2020
I got admission there too for winter.

Hello bro.
I wrote to you in mail, kindly accept my request, so we can work together.
I also got admission there precision medicine.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Somstevee: 10:27pm On Jul 16, 2020
Good evening all, please is there any one studying/studied, or knows about this school: HOCHSCHULE FURTWANGEN / Baden Wurttemberg??

Please I urgently need your help��

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Somstevee: 7:14am On Mar 10, 2020
Good morning fellow Nairalanders.
Please is there any one in Kothen (anhalt) or any one that knows about Kothen that could help me with the features of the City.
I got an accommodation in the city.
I wish to know how the city operates.
Please Ladies and Gentle men, I will appreciate if my question is answered soon.
Thank you all. May God bless us all in our German quest.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Somstevee: 10:06pm On Jan 21, 2020
Good day all.
Please house is there any one in Anhalt university of applied sciences (Bernburg, Kothen, Dessau)?
I will love the person to help me get an accommodation there.

I have tried applying for one online but is not going through.

Please I urgently need your help.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Somstevee: 7:10am On Jan 13, 2020
Good morning house.

Please can someone kindly help me with the link for downloading the visa application form and declaration form respectively
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Somstevee: 4:14pm On Jan 09, 2020
forget about GTB and Zenith use Access bank is the best bank to fund BA or Some people have good experience with First bank as well, Go to your bank with an aboki who have dollars or euro in his account and transfer to your domicillary account then fund your BA in the bank.

Thank you so much.
Am grateful.
Please how do I go about it?

Kindly explain the steps.
Thank you...

I also sent u an email.

Will love us to private chat


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Somstevee: 3:02pm On Jan 09, 2020
Good day all.
Please what is the easiest way to fund BA.
Wished to fund using Domiciliary account but the bank (Zenith/Gtb) said that the maximum amount to pay into my domiciliary account is 1000€ weekly and I don't have much time on me.

All the Bureau the Chargers I went to said that they don't have euro in their account to transfer to mine and it is an issue to me.

Please I will appreciate it if a solution is provided soon.

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by Somstevee: 2:58pm On Jan 06, 2020
Good afternoon all.
Please I wish to know the exact document needed for German visa interview.

I have surfed the web, and I am getting confused with what I am seeing.
Please house, I will be grateful if any one of us will help me with a comprehensive list of the documents/requirements needed.
Thank you all.
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by Somstevee: 7:22pm On Oct 14, 2019
Hello everyone, I’m a summer applicant due to no AD from the embassy for this past winter, I already have AD for summer now, for Nov 15. I have a bsc in engineering but I’m planning to study international business for masters. My question is that, I hope there won’t be an issue with getting a visa because I don’t have a business background?

Also, small advice for summer applicants, try to search very well and apply to schools with online admission application instead of focusing solely on schools that need uni-assist, so that you can get admission much faster. You should still apply to the schools that need uni-assist too tho, but the earlier you have an admission the earlier you can book for interview.
. Pl brotherly what are the name of the schools you applied for summer semester
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by Somstevee: 6:51pm On Oct 13, 2019
Good day house.
Happy Sunday all.
Please I wish to know if there is anyone here has booked for interview date for summer 2020 and what date he/she was given.

I will be glad if question is attended to soon..
Dance Schon
Travel / Re: Thread for South Korea prospective students by Somstevee: 11:10am On Jul 20, 2019
Good day all.
I must commend the good work of everyone here. Thanks for the bunch of information.
I am new here, but have gone through the thread.
I wish to study any graduate biomedical course in South Korea this fall, I wish to know if it is late to apply for admission?

I noticed that some documents need to be sent to the school in a legalized and notarized form.
Pls can high Court do the notarization??

Thirdly are there any form of scholarship scheme for graduate studies?? Graduated with First class in Biochemistry

Finally what is the visa acceptance rate for students visa in SK?

THANKS YOU ALL AGAIN as I await a quick response.
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by Somstevee: 10:47pm On Jul 16, 2019
Good day all, please I will appreciate an urgent answer to my question
I wish to know school that grant early admission to students.
I am a victim of NO AD this winter due to late AL.
I am ready to commence summer application and will love to avoid late AL.
Pls, I will really appreciate your response!!
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 7 by Somstevee: 1:31pm On Jul 12, 2019
So we are here... Part 7 Testimony page


Testimony Excerpts from part 6


Testimony 1 (page 317
I received my first Admission Letter today Tuesday, May 21, 2019. 2:03pm
BEng Electronic Engineering @University of Applied Sciences, Hamm-Lippstadt

Testimony 2 (page 360)
I received my second admission letter today Tuesday, May 28, 2019. 1:03pm
MSc Environmental Toxicology @University of Duisburg-Essen

Testimony 3 (page 375)
Appointment date (AD) just landed today, Friday 31st May, 2019.
I booked on Tuesday 28th May, 2019.
I filled September 2, 2019 as start of studies
I was assigned to Wednesday, July 17, 2019.
Category A for Masters students

Testimony 4 (page 520)
I received my third admission letter today: Thursday, June 27, 2019 at about 5:48am
MSc Medical Photonics at Frederich Schiller University, Jena

Testimony 5 (page 546)
I received my fourth Admission letter today: Monday, July 1, 2019 at about 9:24am
MSc Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience at University of Regensburg

Testimony 6 (Page 555)
I received my fifth Admission letter today: Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at about 1:51pm
MSc Biochemistry at Frederich Schiller University, Jena

Testimony 7 (Page 562)
I received my sixth Admission letter today: Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at about 2:00pm
MSc Nuclear Applications at Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Subsequent testimonies will be updated on this page too.. by God's grace.

I wish everyone success in every stage we are at the moment cool

Good day bro.
I am really impressed with the way you and your likes help people here.
I started this quest with little or no knowledge about this Germany, but I can possibly say dat am grounded with the basic information needed.
I am at d stage of waiting for AD, n I will not love to take chances.
I wish to Start for summer application.
Please, can you help me with possible schools dat can be applied online for summer intake.
I ve tried daad.de but most information dia are for uniassist.
Thanks again


Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 9:30am On Jul 05, 2019

Someone should please answer me.

Good morning bro, if I understood ur question pretty well, u applied for cat B while u going for masters....
There are requirements and criteria to be met for several categories.
I think that since u going for MSC and u obtained 2.2 and above in your degree, the right category for u I A and not B.

Secondly I will advise you do the needful if you ve applied to the wrong category.
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 10:11pm On Jul 03, 2019

This is about Jena, thuringia. From Pauluche

Jena is NOT exactly the way people painted it. It is a city not some suburb. There are student jobs in Jena, Erfurt, Nora, Weimar to mention a few. All you require is good command of the German language. Without German knowledge, the probalilty of you getting a job in Jena is slim you may have to go out to the other cities which I mentioned earlier.

Having a student job here is more profitable than having it in the big cities. Why? On the average a prudent student will not spend more than 380-420 euros per month. House rent 180, insurance 83, feeding and other petty things make up the balance.

Now how many ''big cities'' can average that? I know of people who pay 450-550 euros per month on rent alone.

Even if you decide to not work, you can still save as much as 250 euros per month.

Finally most Nigerians and indeed Africans in Jena have jobs. We all know the nature of student jobs.

I know of a friend who borrowed 1.4million naira. He earns around 400-450 euros per month from his mini job. As I write this, he has been able to send 4600 Euros home in the space of seven months! How did he do it? He's been living on his earnings and hasn't touched the money in his block account for seven months!

Anyone who hasn't gotten a Job since they got here probably haven't put in enough effort in getting one or they have no knowledge of German.

I recently decided to prove to myself that there are jobs in this city by going out in search of a job. There was virtually no place I stopped by that they didn't consider giving me a mini job so what are we saying?

Conclusively, if you are to risk borrowing, ensure that: You are knowledgeable in German. You have a fair idea of the job condition in that city

The city you intend to live in is relatively inexpensive.

Bro u doing a very good job here.
Can u please tell us about kleeve in North Rhine Westphalia as regards to living n job


TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija: Tacha Emerges Winner Of Day 3 Challenge by Somstevee: 5:18pm On Jul 03, 2019
Only fools watch this evil show

For the fact dat u don't watch it doesn't make every body dat does a fool!!!



Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 3:44pm On Jul 03, 2019
Pls I need help in accommodation booking for Rhine waal university in kamp-linfort campus.... Any brother that have done this or know anyone pls dm me thanks

Dia is a link for that in your admission letter.
Use it and book for accommodation
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 12:04am On Jul 03, 2019

No I didn't write any exam.
I sent online application on April 1
My document got there April 30
AL came today (Biochemistry)

Congratulations once more brotherly.
Let's wait hopefully for ours!

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 5:30pm On Jul 02, 2019
Today has been a good day so far

My 5th Admission Letter rolled in not long ago

MSc Biochemistry
University of Jena.

I also received hard copies of Two rejection letters from FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Congratulations deustchenan!!!

I also applied for MSc in Biochemistry and molecular medicine at FSU but yet to receive any mail from them.
Did you write any exam for d biochemistry?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 12:35pm On Jul 02, 2019
Is anyone goingz to FSU jena this winter? Please PM

I applied for molecular medicine but not AL yet
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 7:28pm On Jul 01, 2019
Thanks bro, I have gotten a date in August.

Please bro when did u apply for the interview and what was your start date
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 10:16pm On Jun 30, 2019
SOMSTEVEE Since you applied at FSU give me your contact let's keep in touch
I sent u a PM now

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Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 5:35pm On Jun 30, 2019
Please *DEUSTCHEMANN* you said you received your admission letter from Frederich Schiller university Jena, for medical photonic, on June 27th,, I applied to the school but my application is still at "application sent to committee" the deadline for the course I applied has passed, this delay is really affecting my ability to apply for visa on time, I know the deadline for medical photonic is still July 15th, am worried that my application which the deadline of 31st may hasn't being attended to, did you write the master service center for your admission?

Bro, I applied for both molecular medicine and biochemistry to the same school but haven't heard anything from them.

I am highly disturbed
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 3:46pm On Jun 29, 2019

I saw it initially. But I can't find it anymore on the course website.
My application was rejected tho.
Please school are you guys talking about.
I applied for the course at FSU, but haven't heard from dem
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 4:06pm On Jun 28, 2019
September 16th. hw about you?
10th September
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 1:38pm On Jun 28, 2019
Hello house I don't know if I am the only one in this. I applied for Visa appointment under category A on Sunday which was just few days ago. I am yet to get a visa appointment date. Is there anyone in my shoes?
Applied on Tuesday, no show yet...
Let's wait, date go soon come out.
Which date do u put while applying
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 12:24pm On Jun 28, 2019
There is nothing like form A at CBN rate. I am talking from experience except you are willing to fund your block account at a rate even higher than aboki or black market rate then use form A
Please bro can you deliberate more on how to fund the account on a cheaper and safer mode cos I Don't know anything about account funding.
Please help me with the full information.
I am lost
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by Somstevee: 11:26am On Jun 28, 2019
Good morning beautiful people.
I really appreciate the help I have been getting so far here. Thank you all

Am at the process of funding my BA, I learnt that the safest mode of doing that is through bank but it might be costlier. I also observed that a FORM A is need for the transfer in the bank.
My question is, how can one get the FORM A?.

Secondly, what are the possible documents needed while funding d account?

NB, I opened a finitiba account, and intend funding soon but i need possible information on how to do that to avoid mistakes....

Thank you

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