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Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by SonOfUbunja: 3:45pm On Dec 16, 2021
It seems Crowdyvest is gradually joining the list of companies defaulting. My vault savings was due 14th December and I initiated a payout, received an email stating to expect the funds in my bank account within 48 hours.
I called customer care this morning to remind them its 2 days now and the lady that picked actually said they are experiencing some financial issues for payments above 1m and they will get back to me by 31st December!
I guess they are towing the part of their predecessors!
It's a banking challenge especially for microfinance banks. The CBN is clamping down on payment of 1m and above done through MFBs. It's an interesting country we live in
Business / Re: You Can Only Have A Maximum Of $10,000 In Domicilary Account - Stanbic IBTC by SonOfUbunja: 8:54am On Aug 23, 2021
Dear Customer (Name),

This is to inform you that effective Monday, 23 August 2021 the cumulative cash deposit on USD accounts will be revised to a maximum of $10,000 (USD) monthly. While you will be able to make multiple cash deposits within the month, the total cash deposit summation will be capped at $10,000 (USD) in any calendar month.

We assure you of our continued commitment to serving your best interest as much as possible.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Best Regards,

Stanbic IBTC Bank

The circular made reference to CASH DEPOSIT, and not interbank or offshore transfers. Meaning that you CAN have more than $10,000 in your Dorm account, but you cannot deposit more than $10,000 in CASH PER MONTH. Please let the moderators that worded this topic be guided.
Stop spreading misinformation.
cc seun lalasticlala
Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by SonOfUbunja: 12:21pm On Jun 18, 2021
Lol. You pathetic loser! You think quoting people's quote and editing it to say something else is funny? That's the definition of fraud! You are falsifying information to achieve your desired aim to insult and derail. You're such a waste of internet bandwidth. Go get a life you petty idiot!
Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by SonOfUbunja: 10:06am On Jun 18, 2021
Some Fraudsters won't like this!

Lol, attention seeking child. You're at it today again. Keep it up, maybe your mother will love you more
Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by SonOfUbunja: 9:20am On Jun 18, 2021
We don hear you grin
if you done hear me your dimwit head would not mention me in your next slow post.
Mr. Man get a life. Your type only have identity on Nairaland, na here you get power. Person way get pensionable job no go dey go about looking for who to troll.
Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by SonOfUbunja: 10:44am On Jun 16, 2021
Where are those greedy Fraudsters who were defending these Agritech (Ponzi Schemes Criminals), and insulting me!
Can you now see that your ignorance, lack of good education and home training is clear for the whole world to see?

I bet you're hiding your faces in your villages!

You Demonic, useless and unproductive full that spends his time on nairaland looking for who to troll. Get a life and find meaning in your life so you don't have to be jobless here.
You lazy, jobless, demonic nigerian youth.


Romance / Re: Virginity Or No Virginity by SonOfUbunja: 9:51pm On Feb 04, 2021
just know this,Virginity does not garunty a good or faithful wife, I have seen a Lady that marry as virgin and still cheat in marriage, and I have seen a prostitude that never open her central bank for somebody else again after marriage.like me,I don't care if u cheat in me,most important thing is I should not just know.I trust alot
Rubbish lies. You have not seen anything, stop
Making up things in your head


Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: by SonOfUbunja: 9:46pm On Feb 04, 2021
You must meet these criteria
- Genuinely born again (No sex before marriage)
- AA genotype
- 30 years and above
- 5'10 and above
- Have a steady source of income
- Smart, family oriented and have a sense of humour
- Live within the middle belt (FCT inclusive) & be willing to travel.

What you need to know about me
- Believer in Jesus Christ
- Tall, light skinned, 6'1
- Mid twenties
- Self employed
- Well educated, ambivert
- Ardent lover of books, pets and nature
- Full of witty humour. Never a dull moment
- Lives in the middle belt.

If you're interested, send me a DM.
You’re not a virgin and you’re asking for the bolden. You wouldn’t get it

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Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: (2020) Where Do Wet Coochies Go? by SonOfUbunja: 5:21pm On Dec 20, 2020
This is the reason the RedPill is better learnt as a single guy. When your life is tied up with another as in marriage, and there's joint investments and children involved, a man can only change so much and in turn only influence his woman so much. Mostly a man is stuck at the position of simp for life. He may change and acquire some elements of Alpha but the woman's memory of him will always be stuck at Beta. Or maybe improve by the smallest of degrees. Some men simply divorce and start over with another woman. But that's too costly.

What married men can do is make peace with their predicament. They don't turn their wives on. But do these men themselves get what they married for? Do they feel their woman is upholding her end of the bargain? Is the sex and the respect still coming? Do they feel like they are getting their money's worth? If it's all yes, then they can continue in the relationship.

Still, there are redpill content makers who specialize in content for married men. Married men will benefit to some extent from this. But by and large its almost an impossible task changing a woman's perception of you.


Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: (2020) Where Do Wet Coochies Go? by SonOfUbunja: 8:40am On Dec 20, 2020
Somehow I don't think this writeup is going to go down well with official boyfriends and husbands.
Surely there should be a solution for them.
How does a boyfriend/husband starts to reap the fruit of his investments? What should he do differently so that his wife/girlfriend pussy will be dripping for him? How does he spend only the barest minimum on her and get the maximum pussy enjoyment? How does he become the fvckboy is wife/girlfriend is dreaming of tearing her pussy?


Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: (2020) Where Do Wet Coochies Go? by SonOfUbunja: 6:00pm On Dec 19, 2020
The question to answer is can a man be both? Can he be the one that provides financially and the one that tears her pussy apart and make her pussy dripping wet?

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Romance / Re: Runs Girls Are Getting Better Husbands Than Church Girls - Lady by SonOfUbunja: 8:19am On Apr 23, 2020
Dont be deceived by useless posts like this.
Runs girls dont get married to good men and live happily. This is just a way of useless girls that started having sex since they were 15 to console themselves for all the abortions they've done.
Good girls marry good men and live happily.
Research have shown that people who dated only person before have better marriages and are more satisfied in the bedroom.
When you go online and see things like
"Dear joro, hide my identity, my husband did..." those are the runs girls talking. They are either comparing penis size, or saying their husband is a 2 min man, or he likes a weird fetish etc.
That is how runs girls become, they never make good wives. They never got to build any communication skills because they were using their pussy and sex to communicate.
And lets not forget, this runs girls thrend is very recent. None of them have stayed married for 20 years. So before you conclude that they are happier in marriage wait to see the results. No be social media marriage they happen.
Be guided


Romance / Re: Chasing Pavlovian Sex !!! by SonOfUbunja: 3:44pm On Apr 16, 2020
cc ubunja
Romance / Chasing Pavlovian Sex !!! by SonOfUbunja: 3:44pm On Apr 16, 2020
PostFri Mar 20, 2009 5:35 pm

......Advice to Men and Women: Only mutual pursuit produces mutual respect.

....Advice to Women: Choose between being chased and being respected; they are mutually exclusive conditions. Never use sex as a reward or punishment — it reduces you to a prostitute.

Source: http://thenononsenseman.mensnewsdaily.c ... c-h-rudov/
March 8th, 2009
by Marc H. Rudov
Validating His Vitality

We all laugh when watching a dog chase a car. It’s inexplicable but amusing behavior. The dog achieves nothing, other than fatigue. Does the dog have any real interest in the car? No, just in chasing it … to validate his vitality.

I find it more amusing to watch a man chase women, especially because he has the faculties to know his behavior is idiotic and unnecessary. Does a man have any real interest in a woman he’s chasing? No, just in chasing her — which explains why, right after catching her, he wants a new one. He, like the dog, is validating his vitality.

Sadly, many women love to be chased, insist on being chased, falsely equating pursuit with passion. There’s a direct correlation between a woman’s insecurity and her desire to be pursued and courted. Newsflash to women of this ilk: men who chase love the chase, not you. Never interpret the chase as a compliment.

The women I’ve coached have admitted, reluctantly and repeatedly, that being chased like cars always has led to dysfunctional and broken relationships. And, the men I’ve coached tell a similar tale: when they chase like dogs, they never feel good about themselves. Right — and they never will.

I’ve written, ad nauseam, that men chase women because they’ve been socialized to believe a lie: the male libido far exceeds the female libido; chasing women is the only road to sex. In fact, this lie is the single source of all stupid male behavior.

The truth is, women are hornier than men, every day of the week (hint: that’s why they buy vibrators), and men don’t have to pay or chase for sex — ever. This is the underlying principle in my popular book Under the Clitoral Hood.

Relationship Contrition

Men, unfortunately, don’t want to learn or accept the truth about female sexuality. Instead, they choose to cling to a psychological hangup, stemming from religious and cultural messages, that sexual women are sluts. Alas, this hangup prevents many men from enjoying women as peers.

Correspondingly, women have been socialized to downplay and deny their sexual appetites — mainly to assuage insecure men. Women tell me frequently that they habitually mask or attenuate their true sexual cravings — in other words, play a sexual charade — because most men can’t handle the truth.

Men who find comfort in this silly sexual charade will attract women who use the promise of sex to manipulate them, like Pavlov’s dogs, to spend money, do chores, and jump through hoops. I call this ritual Pavlovian sex: women dangle the bedroom keys; men salivate and beg.

When there’s friction in a Pavlovian relationship, the woman will not be the one apologizing — that’s for sure. To test this phenomenon, I dropped into my local Hallmark card shop, to ask the proprietress whether she sells any cards designed for women to express apologies to men. Nope. In fact, she told me that, if a woman feels the rare need to apologize to a man, she wouldn’t admit it publicly, especially in a card shop. Shocking.

I then visited two floral shops, both female-owned, to inquire about the percentage of women buying flowers to apologize to men. In each case, the owner laughed at me, saying, in essence: Women don’t apologize to men and certainly wouldn’t buy flowers to do so.

What about men? Oh, when men come to the florist, the first words out of their mouths are, “I screwed up,” or “I forgot our anniversary,” or “I need to make her happy. Can you help me?” For the record: a man who “forgets” his anniversary, in reality, hates his anniversary.

In addition to petals of penitence, apologetic Pavlovian men stimulate the economy by purchasing jewelry, cars, furs, vacations, and expensive meals to placate their angry women because, after all, only men err and bear the chief responsibility for relationship contrition. Right?

Illogical Weakness in Men

Where does a Pavlovian “dog” live after transgressing against his woman? In the proverbial doghouse, of course. Have you ever, in your entire life, heard of a woman “in the doghouse” after fighting with her boyfriend or husband? No, you haven’t — and you never will. Why? First rule of Pavlovian sex: women are always right; men are always wrong.

In fact, JC Penney built a Web-based doghouse into which “aggrieved women” are invited to put men. To exit said doghouse, the punished men must purchase jewelry. Imagine an American corporation treating women like dogs. How many execs would get fired for that! The reason they abuse men: men will take it.

After alerting my readers about JC Penney’s misandry, one of them went on a mission to confront Michael Boylson, SVP of corporate marketing. Here’s a synopsis of his exchange with Boylson:

Boylson admitted that the “doghouse” ad campaign was financed by DeBeers in conjunction with the JC Penney fine-jewelry division — and that the doghouse Website has garnered over 20M hits! According to Boylson, this ad “played off of the negative stereotypes of men.”

Boylson said that, of all the calls and responses JC Penney has received about the doghouse ad, mine was the ONLY negative one — one, singular f-cking complaint! No wonder this sh-t keeps happening.

When asked whether he would support advertising that trashes women, Boylson said, “No, because over 80% of our customers are female.” Said he: “We had a Fathers’ Day ad about 3 years ago that pissed women off, and we received tons of angry letters.” Boylson was adamant that JC Penney will not repeat that experience but has no compunction degrading men.

The double standard of permissible misandry but intolerable misogyny exists because too many men are chasing Pavlovian sex. Naturally, women see this illogical weakness in men and take advantage of it: at home, in bars and restaurants, in the workplace, in business, in the legal system, in universities, in the media, and in every other conceivable arena.

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

I spoke with a beautiful, talented, 25-year-old woman the other day. She was lamenting life in a man’s world. A man’s world, huh? I reminded her that women comprise 60% of college graduates and own most of the rights in this country — reproduction, rape, domestic violence, due process, child custody, etc.

Then, I set up this scenario for her: You go into a restaurant with no purse, and I’ll go into a restaurant with no wallet. Who, do you suppose, is going to eat dinner? She giggled to me, “I will.” Of course she’ll get the free meal — because, no matter where she goes, she’ll encounter men “trained” to chase Pavlovian sex.

Now, if you believe that whoever buys her dinner is just being a “gentleman,” you’re too socialized to get it. No, he’s a sucker. Why aren’t there scores of gentlewomen trained to treat men to dinner, instead of ditching them in a bad economy? Because they live and profit by the rules of Pavlovian sex.

So, what has the tradition of Pavlovian sex wrought? Illogically weak men who beg and salivate for sex, sanctimonious women who never apologize, and retailers like DeBeers and JC Penney that openly mock men. In other words, a sick culture.

Advice to Women: Choose between being chased and being respected; they are mutually exclusive conditions. Never use sex as a reward or punishment — it reduces you to a prostitute.

Advice to Men: Act like a car-chasing dog, get rewarded with sex for being a good boy and sent to the doghouse for being a bad boy. Or, you can be a man — take back the leash you handed her.

Advice to Men and Women: Only mutual pursuit produces mutual respect.

About the Author

Marc H. Rudov is a globally known radio/TV personality, relationship coach, and author of 100+ articles and the books Under the Clitoral Hood: How to Crank Her Engine Without Cash, Booze, or Jumper Cables (ISBN 9780974501727) and The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth (ISBN 0974501719). Mr. Rudov, the 2008 recipient of the National Coalition of Free Men’s “Award for Excellence in Promoting Gender Fairness In The Media,” is a frequent guest on Fox News Channel’s Your World with Neil Cavuto and The O’Reilly Factor.

Rudov’s books, articles, blog, radio/TV archives, and podcasts are available at TheNoNonsenseMan.com.
Romance / Re: Why do Guys Lose Interest In A Lady After They Have Slept With Her by SonOfUbunja: 6:01pm On Mar 21, 2020
Is that how the world revolves? A guy calls a lady every minutes and if she says yes, Then operation changes after thebfirst sex..

First sex : She will be the one to call and ask, so u wunt call me abi.. U av forgotten me abi

Second sex: hy, wassup na.. Any gist.. The guy will say no gist but don't forget, before he had sex with her, there was always unlimited gist

Later on, Na the babe go dey carry pussy go meet am for house so that she wunt be dumped

Cc Sixfeetbelle jewessgratitudd seunmohmoh funmisticqueen2 Froshloaded biGDhAp tohyorsih2 proclinician
This is called the Coolidge effect.
Google it

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Investment / Re: International Breweries Plc Ends 2019 As Worst Performing Stock by SonOfUbunja: 2:03pm On Jan 30, 2020
All this will change from Q1 2020, the right issue will significantly transform their capital structure by paying down large part of their debt. This will reduce finance charges on the income statement and move them to a positive net income.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agro-park Development Company Limited Is A Scam!!! by SonOfUbunja: 3:05pm On Jan 26, 2020
[color=#000099][/color] Everything they said about this farm all are false allegation. They bring out their advert for GTP(graduate training program), its a training program and an empowerment which at the end you will have to continue your own life journey. The company is not assuring that they will staff everybody coming for the training, theirs is to training and if they feel your impact and wish to retain you, they will. At least we still have some GT there now benefitting from what you people are condemning. Agro park is a nice place to be, you going there is to be trained forget the mentality of going there to be a staff(many are call but few are chosen) and about the treatment there you are not in your comfort zone so you don't expect them to be satisfying your wants all the time, its a training ground my people moreso as it is a training ground they even allocate some stipend for the GT. If you have endurance and determination you will gain what you want to gain and leave the farm not even thinking of being a staff member, a Yoruba adage says ' you didnt suffer and you say you are wise, who is your teacher?!.' Everything will become a joyful story to tell when other too are saying theirs when we make it in life. Agro park is a nice place to be don't let anyone discourage you.
#Redefine agriculture
Lol. What a pathetic attempt by their staff. You should be ashamed


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria (SPDC) Graduate Trainee Recruitment, 2019 by SonOfUbunja: 8:35am On Jan 26, 2020

Bro people have resumed already
You can keep your hope alive though

But it is best to just move
I just want to know if there are others.
Education / Re: I Had 2.80 As CGPA Can I Still Have First Class? by SonOfUbunja: 10:01am On Dec 14, 2019
Pls I'm a student of Microbiology in one of the Nigeria universities. I had 2.80 as CGPA in my first semester in 100 level. And first class has been my goal. Can I still make it to the Top? Pls I need your advise. Because it is a technology school where I'm using 5yrs.

Yes you can.

If you get 5.00 for the next seven semesters, you'll finish with a 4.72
Remaining semester = 7
Possible GPA = 5.00
5 X 7 = 35

35 + 2.8 = 37.8/8 semester = 4.72
Your final CGPA if you get a 5.00 from now till your last semester will be 4.72

The minimum GPA you can get in any given semester to achieve this is 4.7. Good luck

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Regret Laminating My O'level Original Certificate. by SonOfUbunja: 8:35am On Nov 16, 2019
Greetings to you my fellow nairalanders,

My heart is filled with tears as I type this because today, the devil used Mr Joel in the recruit department of workforce group to be the stumbling blocks to my breakthrough.

I went for an interview with workforce group gbagada, and during my credentials check, Mr Joel accused me of tampering with my D.O.B on my Waec certificate just because it was laminated and the ink looks faint. Mind you the D.O.B on my O'Level corresponded with my ID card and my birth certificate.

I tried to prove my innocence, but rather he chased me away from his desk, and that was how I lost the job as I wasn't interviewed. I almost cried right in front of everyone there, because I have been searching for a job for months now and this happened.

I don't know who needs to hear this but please, do not laminate your credentials, so that you can be able to defend the authenticity of it when your recruiters touch them.

A young man in the name of Ayo who also works in that department saw how downcast I was and walk up to me and encouraged me not to be troubled, that something big will come my way. Thank you Ayo for your word of encouragement. God bless you, I believe something big will come, and when it does I'll share the news.

Thank you too Mr Joel, you were only doing your job. Cheers �

Please move to front page.

I read this and I think you are guilty of forgery.
Education / Re: Covenant University Installs Cameras In Classrooms (Photos, Video) by SonOfUbunja: 9:40am On Nov 07, 2019
Glorified Secondary School

Yet, it has produced more refined graduates than 90% of so called public universities in Nigeria

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria (SPDC) Graduate Trainee Recruitment, 2019 by SonOfUbunja: 8:59pm On Nov 02, 2019
i would give a summary later, but it was one of the most detailed structured interviews I have ever had
Thanks, look forward to it
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria (SPDC) Graduate Trainee Recruitment, 2019 by SonOfUbunja: 9:59pm On Nov 01, 2019
guys, this thing is by department, i just finished my final interview. don't fret if you haven't gotten final stage invite yet.
It will be nice to know how it went though.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Development Bank Of Nigeria Management Trainee Program by SonOfUbunja: 5:09pm On Oct 31, 2019

Yeah, I got a call from their HR, told him can't make it.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Development Bank Of Nigeria Management Trainee Program by SonOfUbunja: 12:55pm On Oct 31, 2019
Look, DBN has an office in lagos but their head office is in Abuja so I don't think anyone will have their interview in Lagos.

Yeah, I got a call from their HR, told himI can't make it.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Development Bank Of Nigeria Management Trainee Program by SonOfUbunja: 12:54pm On Oct 31, 2019
I got a call from DBN to confirm my attendance for the AC. I told them I cannot attend because it is in Abuja. He asked for my reasons, I told him distance and the financial implication. I wish everyone going from Lagos the best, let us know how the experience was.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Development Bank Of Nigeria Management Trainee Program by SonOfUbunja: 7:03pm On Oct 30, 2019

No fed govt agency pays that high, not for entry level.

DBN is a public company, it is not a government agency.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Development Bank Of Nigeria Management Trainee Program by SonOfUbunja: 5:48pm On Oct 30, 2019


Thanks, I'll have to message them to change my center to Lagos. I did my test in Lagos, don't know why they are putting me with Abuja.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Development Bank Of Nigeria Management Trainee Program by SonOfUbunja: 5:47pm On Oct 30, 2019
The agency pays far better than Central Bank of Nigeria, while CBN paysN 180,000 (N140,000 Basic salary + N40,000 Feeding) Development Bank pays N380,000 with yearly performance bonus, these are some of the silent Agency that pays far better. Good luck to applicant.

With limited time to deadline MOD should move to front page

davide470 uboma

Hello Tammy,

Just a quick ask, is it from a reliable source that DBN pays upto 380k for entry level?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Development Bank Of Nigeria Management Trainee Program by SonOfUbunja: 5:16pm On Oct 30, 2019
Invites for Assessment Center just dropped! Check ur mails guys wink

Are you Lagos or Abuja?
Car Talk / Re: As Seen In Ladipo.. Old Toyota Prado Being Upgraded To 4th Generation Prado by SonOfUbunja: 4:35pm On Oct 26, 2019
The easiest way to ensure you don't get misled or deceived is to get a comprehensive history report before you buy any car.

In this case however, because the Prado was not sold in North America, ownership and other details may not be easily accessible.

The specs, including the factory colour, year of production and model year etc would still be vital to avoid scenarios like this, especially when one considers that sometimes the VIN may also be tampered with to match the more recent physical appearance of the car, in which case one would need to analyse the VIN carefully.

That information, in addition to general research and thorough physical inspection by a professional would be of great help.

I am a satisfied customer and I endorse this message.

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