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Food / Re: See The Yams I Bought For 2,500 In Benue State (pictures) by sorom4: 11:39pm On Jan 14
Benue state is blessed.

Middlemen are responsible for the inflation.

Op abeg dash me one na grin
Politics / Re: Why Peter Obi Decided To Campaign Specially In KAFANCHAN. by sorom4: 4:58pm On Jan 21, 2023
What have you achieved with all the positions you have in politics? Are you better of than the Igbo's who have not been in the positions that you have mentioned?

Your question would be answered soon Feb 25 and you shall understand exactly why no Ibo man has become President since 60s no Vice or Speaker since 70s no Senate President since 2007

You people always want to learn the hard way

Politics / Re: Shettima: We Will End Insurgency In Six Months by sorom4: 6:10pm On Nov 01, 2022
Dem don start again.

They couldn't do anything for the past 8 years after promising us same thing but they are here again to tell us 6 months

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Politics / Re: Bola Asiwaju Tinubu Branded Phone Floods Nigeria (video) by sorom4: 11:56am On Jul 08, 2022
I will also want you to know that even if the House of Assembly is dominated by these two parties that you mentioned...that most of them will immediately defect to LP in a matter of seconds if PO wins. Our politicians dey follow were belle face
I'm 100% sure the Jagaban, just like the rest of us is seeing this for the first time on the internet.

I would like to remind some of you that the in 2023, the House of representatives and Senate will still be dominated by APC and PDP politicians. Even if Obi wins the elections, how do you think that plays out? Remember that Obi was in PDP 2 minutes ago.

What do I know? Maybe I should just shut up
Politics / Re: Labour Party Election Song For Peter Obi By CAMPO (Video, Pics) by sorom4: 2:46pm On Jun 27, 2022
The recent happening shows that you are either insane or stupid. ( I no curse you oh). It also shows that you do not love Nigeria like you have always claimed. It also shows that your patriotism lies along party lines and not who will surely make this country a better place for you and your future generations. You don't care who is a better candidate as long as it comes from APC. Your shame dey shame me
Don't mind the boy abeg.
They love hypocrisy so much.

Song of disobedience pandora.
Ipob national anthem.


Religion / Re: Mbaka Supporter Threatens To Kill Bishop, Peter Obi After Church Ban (Vid) by sorom4: 8:42pm On Jun 20, 2022
Shame don deh catch me
Food / Re: The Hilarious No Sex Notice Pasted At Tanterlizer by sorom4: 7:33pm On Apr 04, 2022
Why you take am personal na? Are you a suspect? �
'you and your family will die' that's very very unprofesional, coming from a very big brand
Business / Re: See Condition A Debtor Gave A Man On Paying Back The Money He Owned Him (pics) by sorom4: 12:39pm On Apr 01, 2022
Why would he leave the guy? Shut your mouth if you do not have anything reasonable to say.
Leave d guy abeg. See ur balance still yu no wan allow d guy rest. If yu need ur money back, draft d letter
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Forces Take Over Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant In Ukraine by sorom4: 8:37pm On Feb 24, 2022
The Western powers doesn't want a senseless world war. World war will break out if they support Ukraine or target any Russian...and that war go join every nation
Damn i really feel for this people of Ukraine, the western powers they depended on now has deserted them.
Instead of sending In troops,na sanctions wey no reach anywhere them dey sanction.
Politics / Re: Bad Fuel: Buhari Didn’t Order Query Of NMDPRA Head – Vanguard by sorom4: 4:49pm On Feb 16, 2022
Nawa for this my country oh
Celebrities / Re: Fraudster Opens Bank Account With Peter Okoye P-Square's Name (Photo) by sorom4: 12:44pm On Jan 08, 2022
Yes he doesn't have right to any of those names and he knows. But I think you jumped so soon to comment without you reading where he talked about verification before opening any account. Did the banks verify the account opening using BVN, utility, etc of the person who opened the account? If yes...does it correspond? If yes ...is it the original? If yes ...then he has no case. But if no...yawa don cast for the bank
Who ever fetches an ant infested woods shouldn't cry when the lizards start their ow jobs. He started the zoom whatever and was actively calling people and promoting it... He can't win the banks as he has no right to any of the names, whether Peter, Psquare or Okoye.

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Family / Re: How My Heartthrob Just Melted My Heart This New Year by sorom4: 8:58am On Jan 05, 2022
The singlet and boxers crew left the thread
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Ran Away Because Of My Proposed Family Financial Plan by sorom4: 12:52am On Jan 04, 2022
I don laugh tire for most comments here.

The truth of the matter be say...do what you think works for you. There is no particular model for every marriage. If you be man and you want to spend all your money in marriage without your wife contributing...go ahead. If you be man and you want your wife to contribute some or all her earnings towards marriage...go ahead. No allow anyone to tell you how you should run your family/marriage. Do what you think that will work for you.

For me oh...I believe that my future wife must contribute 100%. There will not be anything like "my money is only mine and your money is for both of us". Whatever we earn will be jointly pulled together (no matter who earns more) for the success of the family. I have always told her that I am not interested in her money now cos we are not married but mine also belongs to her. But immediately we marry...her money ceases to be hers alone but ours.

Time don change. The success of the family is for both of us to work towards and not only me


Politics / Re: Uzodimma: APGA Is Like Keke NAPEP, It Can’t Take Igbos Far In Getting Presidency by sorom4: 5:24pm On Dec 20, 2021
You couldn't have said it better
The People that have been with the Presidency for years, what are their benefits?

Are they in any way better than the Igbos?

Anambra has been with APGA for years, aside Lagos and FCT,(No Man's Land), tell me the State doing better than Anambra.

Katsina is with the Presidency....same Katsina is the headquarters of bandits.

We don't need your Presidency.. what we need is a safe and sane environment where we can do our business, excel , buy or build big houses, buy big cars, pepper Umuekwensu and enjoy life to fullest before we meet our Maker.
Sports / Re: UCL Round Of 16 Re-draw: Live Updates. by sorom4: 3:16pm On Dec 13, 2021
Manchester United vs Athletic Madrid
Politics / Re: Lekki Massacre: HURIWA Calls For Lai Mohammed’s Sack, Prosecution by sorom4: 8:32pm On Nov 16, 2021
I am not and can never be a Fan of Tinubu, Lai or Buhari and I agree largely with the report of the Panel but the entire reportage is not balanced.

The government of the day - LASG and FG (IG of Police) did not manage the entire EndSars protest professionally. The brute force that was used to disperse the protest at Lekki toll gate was the only option left for the Government at that point in time and these are my reasons.
1. Why is nobody reporting that the government allowed the protest to last for over 2 weeks in lagos, Abuja and several other cities meaning that the govt. recognizes the right to protest.
2. Why is nobody talking about how the protest at the toll gate gave birth to many other protest sites in several parts of lagos and was making normal life unbearable for other citizens due to road blocks and all.
3. Why is nobody talking about how the protest have degenerated into a crisis situation with prison break, burning of Police stations, killing of police men, looting and destruction etc. As at 7pm of 20.10.20, over 30 police stations in Lagos was on fire and several policemen killed.
Last but not the least, the people that were at the lekki toll gate protest venue at the time of arrival of the military cannot be said to be law abiding. They were defying a government imposed curfew which is to take effect by 4pm that day.
Citizens have all right to protest but the government should also be up and doing in managing the overall security situation in the communities. My 2 cents
Celebrities / Re: Share Your Embarrassing Or Snub Experience With A Celebrity by sorom4: 9:34pm On Nov 01, 2021
Una get time oh. I no be fan of anybody talkless of jumping up and down when I see a "celebrity" at a function or any place. If na only me and all these "celebrities" dey for this world...na them go end up greeting me when they see me cos I no send anybody


Politics / Re: UN Queries Nigerian Government Over Nnamdi Kanu's Case by sorom4: 2:26pm On Oct 26, 2021
The ministry is moving

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Politics / Re: Rivers Ex-Commissioner For Justice Wore Tinubu Shirt To Visit Senator Abe by sorom4: 2:17pm On Oct 26, 2021
This shows that you are not a lover of Nigeria like you always claim. You are loyal along party lines and stomach infrastructure
Bola Tinubu is a done deal 2023

He paid the price

He’s the most qualified for the job 2023

Before you start insulting or casting aspersions on my person

Ask what your father is as doing why he’s not even contributing to your immediate community

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not the cause of your generational problem
Nairaland / General / Re: I Want To Quit Friends & Social Media Because Of Too Much Of Financial Begging by sorom4: 9:54pm On Oct 24, 2021
I understand you perfectly. But there are also those who are in the position to beg but chooses not to beg. And since they do not beg for reasons known to them...others thinks that they have and beg them.

I am that type of person that will trek a mile cos I have no transport money rather than beg people on the road to give me that transport fare for the mile. And you will see someone begging you as you dey trek for the same transport fare that is not up to a 100 meters.

Hey...and some of the money that people beg are to afford things that you do not necessarily see as important. The money will end up been used to service olosho, smoke, play bet9ja and even drink beer. And these are some services that the giver doesn't engage his or herself in
You should thank God you are in the position of giving and not the other way around. Or would you want to switch places with them?
Ask those begging, they wish to be in your position. So stop. Complaining.

What you should rather be doing is praying to God to sustain you in that position and increase you to a point where you'll have more than enough to give to the needy.

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Crime / Re: Lagos Police Rescue Debtor Tied To A Stake Over N4.6m Debt by sorom4: 12:28pm On Sep 25, 2021
If I be the creditor...I go also sue am for 30 billion for emotional trauma, failure to pay money given in good faith, obtaining money through false pretense, interest for the money given, and so on
Na so dz guy go lose him 4.6 millions. Cos this guy now fit sue am demand 1billion naira compensation.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Young Boys Vs Manchester United : UCL (2 - 1) On 14th September 2021 by sorom4: 6:41pm On Sep 14, 2021
See as you dey beat your chest like "WE wasted money". Are you part of the "we"? How much have you contributed to United purse?

Honestly this is why we ve spent almost the same amount of money as City but our team is still far solid as City team because of poor signings. We wasted money on Sancho, Van do beek,


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Young Boys Vs Manchester United : UCL (2 - 1) On 14th September 2021 by sorom4: 6:39pm On Sep 14, 2021
Must you comment rubbish in anything?
Ole is a useless coach

Why use Awb when dalot day bench
Sports / Re: Why Ronaldo May Not Start For Man United Against Newcastle On Saturday by sorom4: 4:05pm On Sep 07, 2021
Ronaldo don start training today oh
Politics / Re: Garba Shehu: IPOB Has A Huge Stockpile Of Weapons, Bombs Across Nigeria by sorom4: 1:24am On Sep 02, 2021
Stop speaking trash. Think for once
Massage their Ego and move to crush them.

Only fools will believe this trash and the fools are Igbos.

They will be shinning teeth because presidency said they have ammassed weapons not knowing it a glorifying statement and if not refuted the same presidency will capitalise on it to move brutally against their acquired double barrels.

Men need sense but Igbos lack one because they are already cursed.
Politics / Re: 6 APGA Lawmakers Defect To APC (Photo) by sorom4: 1:55pm On Sep 01, 2021
Nonso is a disappointment


Politics / Re: Bishop Ndubisi Obi: Leave IPOB/ESN Alone, Go After Bandits & Terrorists by sorom4: 10:46am On Aug 30, 2021
You might be indirectly wishing yourself death cos you support someone who is a terrorist too
May all terrorists, their sponsors and supporters disturbing the peace of our darling nation all die before the end of this year.

No be curse,

We Rise.
Crime / Re: Lady To Beggar: 'Go Do Ashawo With Your Big Nyash, Ashawo Na Good Work' (Video) by sorom4: 10:40am On Aug 30, 2021
There is nothing hilarious about this video. Some women no get shame
Politics / Re: Court Adjourns Kanu’s Trial To Oct 21 by sorom4: 12:57pm On Jul 26, 2021
Zuokwanu ike ha ekpere ruo oru n' Isi gi
It has just started.

I promise you, Nnamdi kanu case will be from one adjournment to another till he is 70 years of age.

His supporters will be coming to every adjournment until they get tired and old.

Some of his supporters will move on, get married, have a family and Nnamdi kanu will be left to face his nemesis alone.

A new generation will come and they won't be interested in any Nnamdi kanu because they never knew him.

When Nnamdi kanu is eventually released from prison at age 70 through a presidential pardon, his old supporters will be watching from TV telling the new generation about his history, many will criticize him because they are now more matured and experienced while some will regret being a part of ipob.

Nnamdi kanu will go and retire at his village and be with his wife and children who are grown up and married. for the first month he will get lot of visitors, and fans, who might print the banner ( Nnamdi kanu for president) by the second month, his visitors will be reducing and reducing until he is left alone.

It is a tragedy, a very sad one.

Sports / Re: Nigerian Super Falcons Abused In Austria For Representing A Terrorist Nation by sorom4: 3:52am On Jul 21, 2021
Una see wetin Bubu and APC don reduce us to? We are a Zoo nation. Infact Zoo better pass us sef

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Politics / Re: Fulaniman In Austria Attacks Nigerian Olympic Team, Says They Support Terrorism by sorom4: 3:50am On Jul 21, 2021
Una see wetin Bubu and APC don reduce us to? We are a Zoo nation. Infact Zoo better pass us sef


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