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Politics / How Seized Imported Rice Ordered Released By Pres. Buhari Are Poisonous by sowore2019: 10:30am On Apr 08, 2020
Imported rice seized by Customs are poisonous and are preserved with dangerous chemicals harmful to humans - Col. Ali
Yet, President Buhari has ordered these dangerous rice released for public consumption.


Politics / Aac Warns The Public On Scammers' Raising Money With Our Emblems by sowore2019: 10:00am On Apr 08, 2020
It has been brought to the attention of the African Action Congress party that non-members, led by the expelled National Secretary, Leonard Nzenwa, and his fraudulent colleagues are plotting to defraud members of the party and the unsuspecting public through an illegitimate fund raising of 100 million naira and another of 1billion naira respectively.

This scam was discovered and reported to the Headquarters by unrelenting party members . The swift responses from the rank and file of our party to this daylight robbery are clear indications that this party will go to any length to defend its role as the genuine vanguard of the oppressed. It is to this end that the National Executive Committee of the party joins all party members and the entire public in dissociating itself from the sham being perpetrated by Leonard Ezenwa and his band of crooks.

The African Action Congress wishes to appreciate its members for standing firm in defence of the ideals and integrity of the party. We acknowledge you all for voicing against every attempt to hijack the party and distort its revolutionary ideas by persons who are in close allegiance with the State and its anti-poor machinations.

Recall that the AAC's National Executive Committee expelled its National Secretary on the grounds of several anti-party activities viz his romance with the ruling party aimed at undermining the Pro-people goals and aspirations of the AAC.

Subsequent to this, he proceeded shamelessly with his paymasters to obtain a 'jankara' judgment through the service of fraudulent documents and very irresponsible state apparatus who are hellbent on the destruction of the only mass based revolutionary party in the country.

Having observed the devious game being played by Leonard and his merry band of thieves, the party's NEC on July 27, 2019 and February 10, 2020 immediately re-affirmed the expulsion of Leonard Nzenwa and sent its resolutions to INEC. It should be noted that the AAC isn't joined in the suit filed by Leonard Nzenwa and hence reserves the exclusive right to take position on issues and decide its leaders.

The suit is between Leonard Nzenwa and Omoyele Sowore as well as Malcolm Fabiyi and with the decision of the party's NEC that re-affirmed Sowore as its National Chairman and upheld the expulsion of Leonard Nzenwa, it was clear to these culprits that the Judicial pendulum was going to swing against them. Worst still is that he could go to prison for the use of forged documents one of which is using one Abugu Bako of No.3 Bankole Close, Off Lagos Street, Garki Abuja in obtaining the dubious judgement at the Abuja court. The said Abugu Bako is not a member of the AAC as his fake registration number does not exist in the AAC database. It was also discovered that the address given by Abugu Bako is non existent anywhere in Lagos Street, Garki-Abuja.This is exactly why Leonard Nzenwa has been running from the court for months since the judgement he got has been appealed. He hasn't been able to file a single counter affidavit to support his dubious claim as "National Chairman".

Since his expulsion, Leonard Nzenwa has been involved in a lot of dirty jobs for the ruling and anti-poor parties using the hard-earned name of the party. While it is obvious his group have mobilized a lot of illicit funds by working against the party's interest, this fundraising itself may be a smokescreen aimed at justifying and covering up for the illicit money gotten from thieving members of the ruling class.

The African Action Congress wish to alert the public once again to steer clear of these fraudulent characters whose only aim is to undermine the impending and unavoidable Revolution of the Nigerian people. The party is prepared to use all legal means within its disposal to ensure the full weight of the law is brought against Leonard Nzenwa and his thieving colleagues.

We shall overcome!


Oshiokhue Philip Ikpeminoghena

National Organizing Secretary
African Action Congress


Politics / Let There Be An Immediate End To The Covid-19 Scam In Lagos State - Aac by sowore2019: 9:58pm On Apr 06, 2020

(Being a press statement of the African Action Congress, Lagos Branch)

The Lagos Branch of the African Action Congress (AAC) is appalled by the ongoing scam in the state which is being executed under the pretext of distributing relief materials to Lagosians.

We have reliably gathered that the Sanwo-Olu administration has been distributing relief materials meant for millions of Lagosians to members of the APC and their cronies in the State whilst several homes are facing untold hardship.

It is our contention that Lagos does not belong to APC alone, and so the politicisation of relief materials at a difficult time such as this is uncalled for, callous and totally unacceptable.

Since we uncovered the cruel politicisation of the relief materials, the Lagos State Government hastily began to distribute one derica of rice, N100 bread, street by street! Assuming without conceding that this last-minute desperation was sincere, how can a 21st century state reduce itself to such embarrassment and utter derision? This show of cruel, crass, and crude undermining of the people tells the kind of party APC is as well as the kind of governor Sanwo-Olu is! We must be ready to stand up against these anti-people elements.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is on record that Lagos has benefited from the ongoing donations than any other state in Nigeria, yet the disbursement of these funds to contain the pandemic has largely remained shady.

Whilst our party is in total support of the fight to permanently eradicate Coronavirus from Nigeria, we believe that this can only be effective if citizens are not locked up in their houses to be left at the mercy of hunger. In light Governor Sanwo-Olu’s plan to extend the ongoing lockdown, we have not gotten an explanation on how he intends to care for Lagosians, especially those who depend on daily struggles for survival.

If the lockdown is eventually extended, and appropriate measures are not put in place to transparently care for the people, the government will be committing genocide by fighting one deadly virus and enabling a deadlier one in the process.


Elias Ozikpu
Publicity Secretary of the African Action Congress, Lagos Branch

6th April , 2020

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Politics / Re: Sowore Gives Account Of How Publicly-raised Campaign Funds Were Spent by sowore2019: 9:14am On Apr 10, 2019
Sowore makes history by becoming the first Presidential candidate in the history of politics in Nigeria to give detailed account of campaign funding and expenditure.


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Politics / Sowore Gives Account Of How Publicly-raised Campaign Funds Were Spent by sowore2019: 9:11am On Apr 10, 2019
Omoyele Sowore, presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) in the just concluded general election, has given detailed account of expenditure from public funds he solicited to fund his presidential ambition.

In a detailed infograph released on Sunday, the Sowore 2019 Campaign Organisation revealed that it had spent a grand total of N157,884,936.98 for its campaign activities.

The campaign, which spanned 50 weeks, and cut across 36 states in over 15 countries detailed its expenses to include townhall rentals, which gulped N9.8million for event centres and N3.2million for accessories.

PHOTONEWS: Sowore Releases Account Statement Detailing Campaign Spending Of Publicly Raised Funds
Others include caravan rentals for N8.1million, travel costs N5.5million, mobilisation of attendees N20.2million, refreshment for attendees N3.3million, accommodation of candidate and team members N4.2million, and security and Intellegence N740,000.

Sowore raised monies publicly through a GoFundMe account and a Zenith Bank Account.



Politics / Re: Akpo Bomba Yeeh Decamps To PDP, Dumps APC by sowore2019: 1:56pm On Mar 25, 2019
They only join the party and not the movement, you cannot imbibe the Take It Back movement tenet and dump the party....the movement powered the party


Politics / Vat Hike Will Impoverish Nigerians - Take It Back Movement by sowore2019: 8:27pm On Mar 21, 2019
The Take it Back Movement seizes this medium to state its outright rejection of the government's proposition to issue a 50% increase on the Value Added Tax (VAT) on commodities, an increase from 5% to 7.5%.

We deem it to be thoughtless, cruel and worthy of total condemnation by all who seek to see a Nigeria that works for all and not for a privileged few. The TakeitBack Movement is battle prepared to join the hungry and angry Nigerian people in resisting this renewed attempt at subjecting the Nigerian people to a new depth of abject poverty.

Last year, the Nigerian Labour Congress embarked on numerous protests and strike actions to press for minimum wage to be increased to 30 thousand naira. After denying the average Nigerian of a wage increase for many years, the Buhari-led government, in a transparent bid to garner support in the upcoming elections, made a very reluctant concession to the demands of Labour and increased the minimum wage.

The 2019 elections, unlike previous elections, had been issue based and the question of minimum wage was going to play a crucial role in whipping up workers' sentiment - especially at the time the AAC's Presidential Candidate, Omoyele Sowore, had brought the subject matter to the front burner of the campaign.

While Atiku's PDP was fronting anti-poor programs of selling public property to enrich his friends and his APC counterpart was busy assaulting Nigerian workers with economically insignificant minimum wage, Omoyele Sowore was the only candidate in the race that included his plans to pay workers a living wage of a hundred thousand naira as a major campaign agenda.

The blackmail that it was going to lead to inflation was immediately and intellectually deflated by the campaign. Our campaign reminded the public that while Nigeria had not witnessed a minimum wage increase since 2011, the rate of inflation between 2012 after increased fuel pump price and 2015, and on to 2019 upon the emergence of Buhari and his anti-poor policies has increased steadily to a maddening crescendo.

The campaign showed how the government, in collaborative relationships with big corporations, used inflation and other artificial policies as excuses to target the living standards of the poor while amassing more wealth for themselves, families and rich friends.

The Buhari regime is one that gives with the right hand and robs with the left. As soon as the National Assembly passed the hard-won minimum wage increment into law, the incumbent government announced a VAT increase to “fund the new minimum wage” – an amount that is still comparatively a slave wage when compared to other African countries with substantively fewer resources.

The genius of this new tool of oppression is in its simplicity: a VAT increase will lead to a hike in the price of commodities. This will further push inflation rate to a whole new level, thereby proving the diabolical reasoning of the Buhari regime and completely diminishing the purchasing power of workers. The VAT increase, not the increase in minimum wage, will set the tone of poverty and unforeseen suffering for the next four years.

It is no secret that the Nigerian government is the most expensive in the entire world; a government that oversaw Nigeria slipping into the position of world’s poverty capital on their watch. Despite a yearly increase in the amount used to maintain the many wasteful government bureaucracies, the government did not blackmail itself with the increment of VAT. With all non-oil government parastatals telling us that they are making and generating revenues to the tune of trillions, we can't but conclude that the government intends to be deliberate in shoving this level of unimaginable sufferings down the throats of hardworking Nigerians.

The TakeitBack Movement believes that this is one of the many more poverty-inducing programs the Buhari government will be unleashing on the suffering people of Nigeria. We have been vindicated in our declaration that Buhari and APC’s Next Level refers to the next level of poverty.

It is on this note that the TakeitBack movement is calling on well-meaning Nigerians, the Labour movement, and the civil society to join us as we collectively resist this socio-economic coup and deliberate conspiracy against the living standard of the Nigerian people.
We cannot continue to fold our hands and allow the same people who never care for the people's welfare to attempt to punish workers for demanding what rightly belongs to us.

We propose:

That the Labour movement (as led by NLC, TUC, ULC and FIWON) call for discussions all over the country to prepare for mass actions over the expected failure to implement the #30,000 minimum wage, and also the expected delays in paying across the states.
That the civil society should start unity talks in conjunction with the Labour movement and revolutionary parties like AAC to start mass resistance on the VAT increments.

We must focus our efforts on taking back our country through pro-active means. The Buhari/APC government cannot continue to insult us in this manner any longer.

Nigeria MUST progress.

Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi
Director, PR, Media and Communications
Take it Back Movement

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Politics / Re: Sowore Disrupts Godfatherism Politics, Raises N150m From Public Donation For Cam by sowore2019: 6:09pm On Feb 21, 2019
It has never happen in the history of Nigeria politics

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Politics / Sowore Disrupts Godfatherism Politics, Raises N150m From Public Donation For Cam by sowore2019: 6:08pm On Feb 21, 2019
Oppression can be an insidious thing. It is not always the loud brutality of a military man on a “bloody civilian”. Sometimes, the “agbada” employs long-learned military techniques and “weaponizes” societal ills – fear, poverty, hunger, religious and tribal bias, and stereotypes – to much greater impact. Sowore For over 58 years, Nigerian politicians used these tactics to silence the Nigerian masses.

Wholesale rigging, thieving, murdering and destruction at the very fabric of the nation while Nigerians were compensated with finger pointing and despondency. The oppression was so thorough that it quieted any dissenting voices, and turned Nigerians – renowned worldwide for their resilience and resourcefulness – into quivering cowards, grateful to just be alive to “see another day”, regardless of the untold hardships they were waking up to face. The centerpiece of this oppression is the “godfather”. By financing the election runs of major candidates, and determining who emerged via corrupt party primary processes, they ensured ready, steady access to the Nations coffers, pausing only to throw bones to the next candidate who promised to provide access to yet another cache of the “national cake”.

To truly complete the cycle of oppression, the average Nigerian was taught that this was the only way politics could be practiced. They took turns producing stooges, calling it “zoning”. They sponsored messages of division, employing details like “state of origin” and “political sharia” to divide Nigerians amongst ethnic and religious lines. Meanwhile these godfathers stayed united in their vision of raping, pillaging and looting Nigeria into nothingness, looking beyond any ethnic or religious lines to divvy up the country as they saw fit. Frank Condemns Magu, accuses EFCC as APC’s tool against opposition

Omoyele Sowore, the Presidential flag bearer of the African Action Congress (AAC) party, and his ‘Take It Back movement’ have systematically dispelled myths and fallacies perpetuated by the ruling class to hold Nigerians in a vice-like grip of corruption and fear. By running a crowd-funded presidential campaign, they have disrupted the status quo of Nigerian politics. They have also proven two things to be true, foretelling the end of “godfatherism” in Nigeria. You do not need Godfathers to finance a true campaign.

Perhaps the most crucial part of any political campaign is fundraising. After all, money is the bicycle with which the gospel is disseminated. Whoever raises the funds in a political campaign not only determines its trajectory, but the heart, soul, and complexion of the incoming government. This, to a large extent, is how godfathers have thrived. By injecting millions and billions of Naira – most of it stolen from government – into campaigns, they retained, and even expanded their influence. Many Nigerians acquiesced to this “reality”, thinking it impossible for ordinary Nigerians to fund a campaign.

Sowore and the AAC envisioned a campaign solely funded by the Nigerian people – a vision that was initially mocked. Their foresight has now been validated. On the eve of the 2019 elections, crowd funding for the campaign has reached an equivalent of 150 million naira! These are donations from Nigerians! Home and abroad, rich or poor, Muslim or Christian, some gave as little as 50 naira, while others gave as much as 1 million Naira.

All of it to sponsor their cries for freedom from looters, thieves, and yes – Godfathers. Nigerians can volunteer. Money, however, isn’t all that a campaign needs. Campaigns require different kinds of resources and skill sets. A successful campaign needs strategy and policy analysis and development; grassroots engagement; communication with electorate; logistics; security; and planning, amongst others. A significant portion of the resources of a campaign are typically spent on these activities. Sowore has run a world class campaign without the financial resources other parties would have thrown at these necessities. He did this by pooling remarkable staff from all over the world. Now, this too, can be achieved with money – lots of it.

The difference is that most in his campaign are volunteers, an almost alien concept in Nigerian politics and even everyday life. Beyond the monetary donations to the campaign, people have donated billions of naira’s worth of skills, resources and time. Many wonder how Sowore’s upstart presidential bid and a five-month old party could have catapulted into becoming the alternative to the two failed establishment parties. They need to look no further than the thousands of global experts his campaign has attracted, in areas as diverse as policy, as specialized as analytics, and as involving as political strategy. The Take-It-Back movement of people drawn from all around the world – within Nigeria and spanning every continent –birthing a true revolution of ideas. Nigerians are ready for true change. Perhaps the most telling indication of this new paradigm is the extent to which Nigerians claimed the campaign as their own. Beyond the official strategies implemented by the campaign, this organic movement saw Nigerians take full ownership of their politics.

Unprompted, they created jingles and flyers; eagerly, they engaged their fellow Nigerians on street corners and in public transport. These patriotic Nigerians stoutly defended their new-found hope to the hilt; refusing to return to the brainwashed days of APC and PDP. Godfathers have oppressed Nigerians by emphasizing money in politics. Bankrolling incompetent officials, sponsoring violence, vote-buying, etc. are all just pavestones on the way to situating thieving government officials to steal for them by proxy. By de-emphasizing the influence of money in politics, Omoyele Sowore and the AAC party have disrupted Nigerian politics, beginning with the ringing of the proverbial bell for the demise of the godfather.

Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi
Head, media and publicity
Sowore campaign organization/TakeItBack Movement

Read more at: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2019/02/sowore-disrupts-godfatherism-politics-raises-n150m-from-public-donation-for-campaign/

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Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore Celebrates 48th Birthday With Mother Amidst Election Postponement by sowore2019: 7:02pm On Feb 16, 2019
Several hours before INEC 'agreed' that they have postponed the elections, Sahara Reporters broke the news. I posted the postponement and everyone came for my head. 'You and your yeye Sowore. Is this how you plan to 'take it back'? Many rants like that took over the social media streets. Twitter Lords including our broda Tolu Ogunlesi regarded it as *#FakeNews* in a bid to discredit Sahara Reporters. The media outfit stood its ground on the postponement.

Don't forget the Man who founded SR- *Sowore*. He has broken more mouth-tearing news for the past 12 years, stepping on all corrupt toes at the expense of his own safety. From Obasanjo to Amaechi. Saraki to Wike. Tinubu and Fayose. Corrupt Pastors to Businessmen. He has dared them all.

All his published reports are always 'fake news' until confirmed true. Sowore is far ahead of others in doing his work diligently. Anything and everything you hear from Sowore is true.

It's about time Nigerians appreciated this Man for his good work in expanding the democratic space

Nigerians would be lucky to have this Authentic Man as President come June 12, 2019 if they do not postpone the inauguration too.

Happy birthday to THE MAN who has dangerously conquered FEAR! ✊

Femi Adeyeye.

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Politics / Omoyele Sowore Celebrates 48th Birthday With Mother Amidst Election Postponement by sowore2019: 7:00pm On Feb 16, 2019
Today is Omoyele Sowore birthday, the Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress AAC, celebrated his 48th Birthday with Mum in his hometown of Kiribo in Ondo state. The celebration was coming amidst election postponement. Watch the video below



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Politics / 16 Qualities That Make Omoyele Sowore An Exceptional Presidential Candidate by sowore2019: 6:43pm On Feb 08, 2019
When you hear the name Omoyele Sowore, what comes to your mind? The former student union president of the University of Lagos, Nigeria? The publisher of Sahara Reporters? The Presidential Candidate of the African Action Congress of Nigeria in the upcoming 2019 general elections?
Sowore is all these and so much more and if this is the first time you are coming across his name, here are some facts about him that might interest you.
Sowore was born and raised in the Niger-Delta region of South-Western Ondo State, Nigeria. He is the first child out of 16 children who learned how to ride a motorcycle and fish at the age of 11. He was a beneficiary of the free education system introduced by the late Obafemi Awolowo. Through this education, he proceeded to the University of Lagos in 1989 with the view of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Regional Planning.

That same year, he took part in student demonstrations protesting the conditions of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan of $120 million to be used for a Nigerian oil pipeline — the IMF loan conditions were to reduce the number of universities in the country from 28 to just 5.
In 1992, Sowore contested for, won and became the student union president of the University of Lagos until 1994. During his tenure as the president of the SUG, he was passionately involved in anti-cultism and anti-military government protests and activism which led to his expulsion and reinstatement twice. He led 2,000 students in protest against Nigeria’s notorious kleptocracy. Police opened fire, killing seven. Sowore was arrested, interrogated and beaten, but he refused to back down in his struggle for decent education in his country.
In 1999, he attended a peace conference at American University in Washington. Fellow activists recommended he seek help in the United States for the psychological aftereffects of torture, and one colleague put him in touch with the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture, an initiative that helps victims rebuild their physical and mental health. He had planned to go back to Nigeria, but doctors advised, for his mental health, against an immediate return. Instead, he sought political asylum in the United States and enrolled as a graduate student in public administration at Columbia University. Frustrated by his distance from his homeland, he soon realized that his re-entry into Nigerian political activism could come online.
In 2006, out of his desire to disrupt the media industry and promote free speech, he started Sahara Reporters, from his computer in a small room in Manhattan, NY. Sahara Reporters is an online news agency based that focuses on promoting citizen journalism by encouraging everyday people to report stories about corruption, human rights abuses and other political misconduct in Nigeria. A frontier news source for advocacy journalism Sahara Reporters has been referred to as the “WikiLeaks of Africa” by The Daily Beast. This platform has also been the recipient of grants from the Ford, Global Information Network and the Omidyar Foundation.
On February 25, 2018, Sowore declared his intention to run for the president of Nigeria and on August 15, 2018, he became the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, a registered political party in Nigeria. Up until his declaration to run for the highest office in Nigeria, Sowore was an instructor of Modern African History at the City University of New York and Post-Colonial African History at the School of Art, New York.
Now that you know some details about him, it’s time to discuss the 16 qualities that make him a rare breed and an exceptional Nigerian presidential candidate:

1. Passionate: Sowore scores extremely high when it comes to being passionate about the Nigerian project. When Sowore is in the room, you can’t help but feel the burning passion in him for a better Nigeria. In Sowore’s lens, the Nigerian project is a project of possibility. He has a rare yet unique way of lighting up a fire within you rather than lighting up a fire beneath you. His words carry power beyond the ordinary. It’s an indescribable feeling that should be experienced more than imagined.

2. Vision: If you ever take your time to listen to Sowore’s vision about Nigeria and the world in general, you’ll observe how he takes you on a special journey to see the glorious end from the beginning. He has a special ability to envision the future, bring it to your conscious and map out a pathway of achievement. Through his vision and leadership, he was the first to establish a thriving online news publishing platform, currently valued at $10 million, in Nigeria. Other initiatives include launching a media laboratory in Nigeria to promote investigative journalism and free speech.

3. Selfless: Each time you hear the name Sowore, selflessness is a word that will always stand out. His selflessness is evident in the way he attends to the needs of others, fighting for them and helping to restore hope, faith and dignity.

4. Disruptor: Sowore has redefined the way political campaigns are done in Nigeria. He’s the first presidential candidate in Nigeria’s history who has taken it upon himself to meet with, deliberate and listen to every Nigerian no matter where they are located in the world. In addition to this, he is also the one of the few, if not the first presidential candidate who honors ALL Nigerians no matter that socio-economic, educational, religious or ethnic status.

5. Innovative: When you talk about being innovative, it’s impossible to ignore him. He is the first presidential candidate to have raised almost $100,000 transparently through the crowdfunding online platform, GoFundMe and counting.
He’s one of the few presidential candidates, if not the first, to give a clear proposal on how to increase power generation from 7000 megawatts to 24,000 megawatts within four years, the use of technology to fight corruption, the exportation of cannabis to generate revenue and so much more.

6. Orator: Sowore is truly a great orator at heart. He has a rare way of engaging his audience from the heart, often times holding them spellbound. His speeches are mostly unscripted, articulate, and not only great in depth but also well thought out in breath.

7. Compassionate: He’s one of the few Nigerian presidential candidates that have demonstrated clear compassion to the plight of the Nigerian people. In June 2018, Nigeria overtook India to become the poverty capital of the world, with about 87 million Nigerian citizens living in extreme poverty.
His proposal to pay 100,000 NGN as the minimum wage of a Nigerian Federal worker, though criticized by the current establishment, is a welcome development to all workers and their families who find it hard to feed daily let alone provide for their basic needs. Furthermore, his inclusion of the accommodation for people with disability, a bloc that has been totally ignored by other presidential candidates, in his plan, is highly commendable.

8. Energetic: When it comes to being energetic, Sowore is a rare breed which makes one wonder where he gets his energy from.
He travels almost daily, holding multiple events and never seems to get tired. He streams most of his meetings live and answers every question from every Nigerian both old and young without holding back or mincing words.

9. Ready: While many Nigerian leaders wait until they assume leadership positions to know what is needed to transform the country, Sowore is one of the extremely few who has demonstrated that he’s ready.

10. Clarity: He’s the only Nigerian leader I have seen in recent terms whose sense of clarity is mind-blowing. In the course of his bid to become the next president of Nigeria, he has been asked over 5000 questions and has successfully answered every question with clarity, poise and tact.

11. Resourceful: He’s the only presidential candidate thinking about using the resources Nigeria currently has to transform it into the country everyone would be proud of.

12. Motivator: There’s something extraordinary about Sowore that is not found in a typical Nigeria. He’s blessed with a unique ability to motivate others into not only believing in themselves but also motivating them into action.

13. Intelligent: There’s no question about Omoyele’s intelligence. He understands Nigeria as a pastor filled with the holy spirit understands the bible and explains it to his congregation from a unique perspective. Many of his followers have coined the name IOS for him, meaning Intelligent Omoyele Sowore.

14. Courageous: If you are looking for qualifying words that sum up the totality of who Sowore is, one word that will keep recurring is courageous.
He’s not afraid to speak his mind no matter whose ax is gored. He’s one of the few, if not the first presidential candidate, to have led countless protests against oppression, high-handedness and ineptitude of the Nigerian leaders and in the process, puts his life on the line. He is a pro-democracy campaigner and human rights activist that gives voice to the voiceless, decimated, forgotten and the oppressed even if those actions will cost him his life.

15. Incorruptible: Each time you think of the word, incorruptible, all you need to do is to think of Omoyele Sowore. While he was the student union president of the University of Lagos, he stated that he was offered and rejected the gift of a brand-new car from the then military President Babangida. Also, due to his works and the fight against corruption in Nigeria, people with special interests continue to try to entice him with “thank you money.” He has stated numerous times that he consistently rejects these types of enticing offers even when they appear like the right thing to do. Not only has he made this claim, but he has also repeatedly challenged anyone who thinks otherwise to provide evidence to disprove him. Till date, there has been no concrete evidence to counter his claim of not receiving any “thank you money” from anyone.

16. Emancipator: Omoyele Sowore has special abilities to free people from any type of mental and self-imposed bondage. He speaks with power, poise and wisdom such that you can’t but be liberated from whatever is holding you back.
With these exceptional leadership qualities, Omoyele Sowore is a rare breed which separates him from among the pack of those currently vying for the office of the president of Nigeria. Here’s wishing him astounding success in his bid to become the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come February 16, 2019, which coincidentally is the day he turns 48 years old.


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Politics / Sowore's AAC Unveil Mobile App For Reporting 2019 Elections by sowore2019: 6:42pm On Feb 07, 2019
The African Action Congress (AAC), a political party and progenitor of the TakeItBack movement, has launched a mobile app for Nigerians to report the 2019 elections.

The launch, which took place in Lagos on Monday, featured a down-to-basics exposition of the features of the app, most notably the ‘Monitor Election’ feature.

The app offers the opportunity for individuals and other observers to monitor and report common electoral anomalies if found, report accurate votes scored by each party, and take photographs of the results as pasted at their polling units.

However, before observers can start using the app, they are required to fill in their details under an ‘Edit profile’ section.

According to Abiodun Thorpe, the developer of the app, “members of the public who identify with the TakeItBack movement can also use the app to familiarise themselves with the party’s constitution and manifesto, register as members of the party, send messages to the party, volunteer for the party, donate to the party, receive news updates, and get contact details of the AAC party hierarchy on a state-by-state basis.”

The app also affords individuals the opportunity to know AAC candidates nationwide and obtain voter education.

It is available on Google Playstore with the keywords ‘AAC Take It Back’ and is 9mb in size. Members of the public are, however, advised to be wary of a similar, deceptive app with the name ‘African Action Congress’ that is 2.4mb in size.

In case of internet glitches, individuals are advised to report through the AAC hotlines: 09075080891, 08185900110.


Politics / Re: Govt That Fails To Build Schools Would Definitely Build Prisons — Sowore by sowore2019: 2:31pm On Jan 21, 2019
For those interested in enquiries and volunteering for the SoworeOnCampus Special Intervention Unit, contact details are: 08065693312, 08169053108.


Politics / Govt That Fails To Build Schools Would Definitely Build Prisons — Sowore by sowore2019: 1:50pm On Jan 21, 2019
'Govt That Fails To Build Schools Would Definitely Build Prisons' — Sowore Outlines His Plans For Education

Omoyele Sowore, presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), has revealed his plans for the education sector.

Sowore, who is also the Publisher of SaharaReporters, premised his plans for the education sector on the following: Free, compulsory and qualitative education; payment of cost of study allowance; abolishment of fees and exorbitant charges; establishment of community colleges and creation of vocational/technical colleges.

According to a statement by the SoworeOnCampus Special Intervention Unit, there is need to invest in the sector, as the current system "isn’t only designed to produce mass of unemployable graduates, it is also structured to keep and send millions of children with poor background out of school".

The statement read: "Right from the military regime and down to the draconic civilian dictatorship which was albeit misnamed democracy, we have always been victims of government policies targeted at creating an army of extremely poor and uneducated population. It is no wonder Nigeria is at present the poverty capital of the world despite its enormous human and natural resources. Without regard for the slightest economic caution, all the economic facets and sectors haven’t only fallen prey to indignation and deprivations, but they have also been consciously designed and rigged against the poor.

"One of the major economic gang-up against the poor people is the several and wicked attempt by government at all levels to price education out of the reach of the poor through education underfunding, unaffordable fees, arbitrary fee increments as well as animalistic living and learning conditions. The Nigerian education system as of today isn’t only designed to produce mass of unemployable graduates, it is also structured to keep and send millions of children with poor background out of school.

"Creating an investment based education system was and had never been in the plan of the Nigerian ruling class. They have consciously failed to see and acknowledge the unbreakable link between functional education system and national prosperity. Our party, the African Action Congress (AAC), believes that a government that fails to thoroughly invest in the education of its young people should definitely prepare itself for unsustainable economy, increased crime rate and terrorism. A government that fails to build schools would definitely build prisons. It will continue to invest in feeding prisoners since it has failed to invest in the education of young people."

The statement highlighted the plans of the party to improve education as follows:

Free, Compulsory and Qualitative Education: While Atiku through his ‘spokesperson’ Ben Bruce has communicated their plan to privatize our tertiary institution — a move that would bring school fees to a minimum of 600 thousand naira — meanwhile, the Buhari’s administration through his ‘spokesman’ on education, Dr Wale Babalakin, has made public their intention to increase school fees to the tune of 350 thousand for non science courses and 500 thousand for science related courses.

Contrary to the madness of the PDP and APC, our party, the African Action Congress (AAC) and its Presidential Candidate, Omoyele Sowore, would ensure education is free from primary down to the tertiary level. Admission racketeering, nepotism and favoritism would be completely eliminated from our tertiary institutions. We would also immediately employ 200,000 teachers to increase the capacity of personnel in primary and secondary education.

Payment of Cost of Study Allowance: Omoyele Sowore and the African Action Congress would pay N100,000 per session to students of tertiary institutions as study allowance. This will ensure our students do not study under empty stomachs and are also able to meet up with basic financial and academic needs.

Abolishment of Fees and Exorbitant Charges: When elected as President, our administration would not only reverse all fee increment policies, we would completely abolish all fees.

Establishment of Community Colleges: Aside the fact that our administration would pump enormous resources into funding existing tertiary institutions, we would establish a community college in each local government of the federation. This would ensure that learning and academic curriculum are drawn within the confines of the economic requirements of each community and local government. For example, students in a fishing/leather-making community should learn with a ‘fishing/leather-making curricula’. Just as we have it in the US, policies like these would industrialize our local communities on a large scale; give bigger economic roles to communities and local government. This itself would constitute a major leap to national prosperity such as which has never been seen even in the history of Africa.

Creation of Vocational/Technical Colleges: For us in the African Action Congress (AAC), we do not find commissioning of projects like roads, bridges, railway, etc., worthy of celebration until we ‘commission’ a generation of engineers and technicians (plumbers, welders, miners etc) who can build our infrastructures. We would invest massively into the technical education of the citizens.

"We then seize this medium to call on all well-meaning Nigerians to join in the struggle to revitalise education to the highest level for national prosperity, the statement added with a call on Nigerians to cast their votes for Sowore.


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Politics / Re: Video: Omoyele Sowere's Past Catches Up With Him As Woman Lays Curses On Him by sowore2019: 10:03am On Jan 19, 2019

So of he campaigned for agbaje means her stories are lies

Can you summarize what she said?

See the beginning of her conversation with Sowore 4 years ago

Politics / 2019 Presidency: African China Endorses Omoyele Sowore by sowore2019: 10:03am On Jan 19, 2019
The prominent reggae artiste, Chinagorom Onuoha, popularly known as African China endorses Omoyele Sowore for the president of Nigeria. In an Instagram post published on 12th January, 2019, he admonished the youth to make better inputs in the area of politics just as they have done in the area of sport, music, movies and computer apps.

In a country where prominent voices are either silent or subtly deployed for the political oppressors, a gesture like this is important to our national politics. We hope that it provokes more voices to take more definite stance towards the general elections.

Though it is important to acknowledge that some artiste are already helpful in the area of voters education and advocacy, we expect that these voices take a step further to endorse Omoyele Sowore. The problem with Nigeria requires a political and/or partisan involvement as standing on the fence gives strength to the thieving political oppressors.


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Politics / Re: Video: Omoyele Sowere's Past Catches Up With Him As Woman Lays Curses On Him by sowore2019: 9:51am On Jan 19, 2019
Has anyone watch the video? this is the same woman campaigning for Agbaje in 2015

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Politics / Re: Video: Omoyele Sowere's Past Catches Up With Him As Woman Lays Curses On Him by sowore2019: 9:34am On Jan 19, 2019
Irrelevant, it is expected, she wanted to use Sowore play politics in 2015 - see the screenshots


Politics / Glints Of Hope As Hurricane Sowore Storms Adamawa by sowore2019: 9:04am On Jan 19, 2019
Nigerians are tired of the present crop of political leaders – party faithful.

With fervor and strong faith in the Nigeria project, Omoyele Sowore continue to travel to all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria. He storms Yola yesterday, 16th of January, 2019, with the AAC and Take It Back campaign team.

At Burunji, Jimeta, Sowore submits, it is the people who are working that are suffering in this country and that must change. Sensitizing the people, Sowore speaking further says, I know that every time politicians come here to get your votes and after that they run away … but we will never forget you.

At one of the events, a party faithful speaks passionately about the political inspiration Omoyele Sowore has become and how it has compelled rare devotions, including the donation of a car for campaign by Mr Robert. Speaking passionately, he says;

This is engineer Robert, when he watched omoyele sowore video clip, he joined us in the struggle and he donated his car. He gave his car for use for the campaign. We have branded it. We are taking it out of town. We are taking it round the city of Yola, we taking it to LG to do campaign.

As a matter of fact, something happened yesterday, we are all surprised; while this engineer drove this car around Mubi roundabout, Most of you may not which location is Mubi roundabout but Mr Omoyele Sowore knows that place quite okay because he did his NYSC service here in Adamawa State… the youth gathered, they converged around him and they started shouting this is our party, this is our candidate, we are going to vote him, we are tired of PDP, we are tired of APC… this is the first time we are seeing a car like this and we like what is happening. I am telling you, Nigerians are tired. We are tired. Youths are tired. And we are out. We are coming out. In full force. In full measure. Resources is not going to hamper us. Determination is all we need to succeed.

The speaker speaks of the strategy employed for their local campaign;

we are sensitizing the people and we are getting attention of people to vote Omoyele Sowore. That is what we do. All of their emphasis is on rigging. Do we have the cabals around us that would help us rigged elections and grant us victory? I say see, rigging is not going to work in 2019 elections. Whoever rig election is out of the game because we will not tolerate that anymore. We will go every length to stop any illegal move as far as the elections is concern.



Politics / Re: Atiku Withdraws From Presidential Debate, States Why by sowore2019: 8:46am On Jan 19, 2019
Lol! what a way to render BON/NEDG debate irrelevant.


Politics / Police Intensify Clampdown On Opposition Party - AAC Supporters Shot & Arrested by sowore2019: 10:39am On Dec 10, 2018
Police intensify clampdown on opposition party - AAC members shot & arrested in Lagos

More TakeItBack and AAC members were arrested this morning at a peaceful protest to demand the release of 6 members who were arrested yesterday for pasting posters.

The Take it Back Movement and AAC party is still trying to account for its members that embarked on a peaceful protest this morning.

Witnesses at the scene reported being shot at and tear gassed, with many of them sustaining injuries.

At least one vehicle has been impounded complete with a mounted sound system for campaign purposes.

Sahara Reporters, on hand to cover the peaceful protest, report that ten members have been arrested – including some of their own staff.

The protest is in response to 6 TakeItBack supporters who were arrested during the early hours of yesterday, Sunday 10th December, following cooked up charges of damaging and defacing posters belonging to other parties. The order to disrupt the peaceful awareness exercise being carried out by members of Sowore’s party, the AAC, is believed to have come from Imohimi Edgar, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police.

Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi
Director, PR, Media and Communications
Sowore2019/African Action Congress Party

Watch video of the attack here >> https://www.facebook.com/sowore2019/videos/1117809641726949/?t=1936


Politics / Re: Stop Harassing Civilians, Sowore Tells Nigerian Army by sowore2019: 7:30pm On Dec 04, 2018
For those thinking it was staged, watch how Sowore was threatened by Nigerian Soldiers at an Accident Scene In Nigeria in 2015

Politics / Stop Harassing Civilians, Sowore Tells Nigerian Army by sowore2019: 7:09pm On Dec 04, 2018
The Nigerian Army have been called upon to concentrate on their duty of protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria, rather than harass civilians.

The call was made by Omoyele Sowore, presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), when he rescued five men from harassment by men of the Nigerian Army along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

In the viral video which captured the incident on social media, Sowore is seen approaching the scene of the incident after which he said: “My name is Omoyele Sowore, a presidential candidate in the 2019 elections. I saw that Nigerians are being made to lie on the street and I want to find out what happened”.

Explaining the situation, a Lieutenant who is also a priest in the Army and was overseeing the harassment said: “As you can see, that’s our convoy. These idiots where driving behind the vehicle and even when they blew the siren, all of them, these old men, kept following us. We were going out; we are going to pick a big man, and all of them were just charging behind”.

In his response, Sowore said: “I completely understand. You are military officers going to pick someone, so my advice to you is that can you make them sit down because of the dignity of their human person. I am worried about the dignity of their person. My advice to you is that you use the Police”.

Narrating his account of the incident, Sowore said: “We were returning from the Redemption Camp, when we saw grown men being made to lie on the street while being harassed. One had suffered a cut to his arm, so I immediately stopped and asked what was wrong. They said they where going to pick a big man and the men were driving too closely behind them.

“You see this is the problem with our Army. Instead of defending the territorial integrity of Nigeria, they are harassing civilians. When they found out we were recording the incident, they physically attacked our team members, but I stood my ground and they eventually freed the men. Turns out they had seized the identity cards of the men who were OPC members and were already planning to lock them up at a detention facility. It is wrong. The civilian population should be managed by the Police, even if they have committed an offence. Why are people made to lie in the dust for traffic offences? Don’t we have laws?"

He called on Nigerians to always speak up against injustice, confront the situation and record such incidents so as to serve as a deterrent to others.


cc: Lalasticlala
Politics / VIDEO: Sowore Storm President Buhari's Hometown Daura For Campaign by sowore2019: 6:13pm On Nov 28, 2018
A few days ago, I breezed into President Muhammadu Buhari’s hometown in Daura, Katsina state to the excitement of young people and inhabitants. Like the rest of Nigeria, Daura residents can’t wait to end Buhari’s disastrous reign. They were without electricity at night and many expressed optimism that the election of Sowore will bring succor to them regardless of their ethnicity and religion. They didn’t ask me for food or money. They kept asking if I could come back the next day!


cc: lalasticlala
Politics / Re: 27-Year-Old Omoyele Sowore Threatens Military At MKO Abiola's Burial (Throwback) by sowore2019: 1:57am On Nov 20, 2018

I am from Kwara state how can I join AAC I am from Kwara state.

Register at https://www.aacparty.com/members/ and contact Kwara State coordinator - Buhari Olanrewaju (08076708892)

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Politics / Re: Buhari, Atiku Are Failed Participants In Nigeria's History, Says Sowore by sowore2019: 3:23pm On Nov 19, 2018
A vote for this one is a wasted vote

What is a wasted voted?


Politics / Re: 27-Year-Old Omoyele Sowore Threatens Military At MKO Abiola's Burial (Throwback) by sowore2019: 10:13am On Nov 19, 2018
“It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently.” ― Anthony Robbins

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Politics / 27-Year-Old Omoyele Sowore Threatens Military At MKO Abiola's Burial (Throwback) by sowore2019: 10:10am On Nov 19, 2018
Please WATCH:
Sowore in 1998 conducting the burial of M.K.O Abiola after he declared the Military persona grata and that Abiola's sons have failed Nigerian youths.

The video teaches two things basically-
1. It teaches Process. Sowore has gone through all those circumstantial travails to be refined to what he is today- the firebrand revolutionary leader.

2. That Sowore is not a 'new-comer'.
The 'new-comers' are the ones who have never done anything significant for the people other than owning non-reproductive 150 cows and truncating Democracy by planning coup.

The other new-comer is the Custom Officer who miraculously became a billionaire. It is only in Nigeria we don't ask questions bordering on Public wealth and how few people corner it for themselves.
While you can point to Bill Gates' Microsoft and he can be inspirational. Zuckerberg can tell you how he started Facebook. Nigeria billionaires would tell you that 'God has been faithful'.

Atiku would only be a Motivational Speaker in a symposium organized by 'ritualists' and advocates of 'get-rich-quick-anyway- anyhow'

#SoworeForPresident #AAC


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Politics / Re: Compares Your Monthly Salary To That Of A Nigerian Senator's Monthly Allowance by sowore2019: 6:55pm On Nov 05, 2018

Bros, be courageous to share the result.

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