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Politics / Re: Fact File; Obj Vs Buhari (2003), 25% Is Compulsory In FCT. by stev120(m): 7:20am On May 06
The true sense and how it suppose to be is that Abuja is not more important than other states, it shouldn't be compulsory to get 25% in Abuja. What if a candidate gets 25% only in Abuja has he won the elections? No!

Let me now be honest, those who wrote that section of the constitution made a mistake by saying a Presidential candidate must get "25% in 24 states 'AND' Abuja". Talk to me intelligent people this statement is clear and can not be twisted.

Instead, it should be a Presidential candidate must get 25% in 24 states AND Abuja CAN 'make-up' the 24 states". Simple.

The "can" as a probability has settled the issues of the conjunction 'and'.

Over the years how has the conjunction "and" been used in the constitution?

I believe the Judges will not plea that it was a mistake from the Lawmakers that didn't properly state the constitution.

Also, the Judges can not claim to know the mind of the lawmakers better than what the Constitution states.

May God help our Judges not to disgrace the Judiciary.
Politics / Re: Are Nigerians The Tribal Bigots Igbos Now Claim We Are ? by stev120(m): 8:56am On Apr 27
In 2015, how did the north voted Buhari; this will help you know how to use the word 'tribal bigot'.
Literature / Re: Emotional Conflict: Could This Be Love by stev120(m): 4:38am On Mar 17
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Literature / Emotional Conflict: Could This Be Love by stev120(m): 4:38am On Mar 17
Emotional Conflicts

By: 360mind
Story encompasses: Life experiences: hustle, love life, hate, pain and emotional ambivalence
All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, whether via hard-copy or electronic without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations or critical reviews and other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests: Contact 360mind140@gmail.com

Episode 1
The Shock of our Life
I have always thought of making mama great despite how much bad life has been treating me, It's 3 years now, a first class graduates haven't gotten a job but some say it is not about the certificate but the artificate, the engine (think-tank) on the inside of you that matters. The good news is that I was called for an interview this morning well, being called for an interview isn't a new thing to me. As usual I packed my file, this will be the 12th interview in 3 weeks (as in, I done taya) I quickly drank a cup of garri and set out joylessly, and honestly I was angry just because I didn't use sugar for that garri its not that I didn't have the money I will be using the last 700 naira with me for transport and lunch. That's my life, I don't care much about break fast but lunch is nonnegotiable I got to move for the 8:30am interview.

Soon I stepped out with my white shirt, black tie, black trouser and my only shoes. I love black colors, I would have love red because my name is Valentine and red represents love, whatever. I live in Abuja, and you see, Abuja is a town that one can live economically if you want to, but the cost of transportation annually can start the foundation of 1 bed room flat, very expensive.

Before long, I took a bus from Bwari junction to Beggar, I was careful holding my pocket before I lose my last naira, (you know all this pick pocket guys nah) Not too long the bus stopped at the next junction and a lady showed up looking foiled, her Lexus jeep has frustrated her, she looks like she got to meet up an appointment and her car just broke down along the road, as the bus stopped, the following conversation took place.
Lady: conductor I want to pay for the whole seat (pointing at the second roll and I'm the only one sitting there)
Me: conductor where I go seat down?
Conductor: Oga abeg you go come down
Me: you say? (angry though still calm)
Conductor: Oga do come down, you know say passengers done scarce now, see madam where wan buy one 4 seat.
Me: Four seat just to relax (straighting my four fingers above my head)
I started getting angry, I looked at my watch 14 minutes to go, if I get down I will miss this interview
Me: madam manage this space naw
Lady: please hurry, I need to meet up with something,
(So na me come need to miss interview I said in my thoughts, this annoyed me more)
Me: I am not arguing, I just want you to understand that we all have target to meet up with, please manage this other space, I really need to meet up with something very important
Lady: do you know who I am, beside I have paid for the seats
Me: how will I know you, we are just meeting for the first time
Driver: Oga no waste our time come down
Me: I no dey come down if she no fit sit down here make she dey go, I said in pigin English
Soon other passengers join the conversation and supported me
One of the passenger: you dey do fine girl for public transport
Everybody: laughed out loud.
This hit her hard and she succumbed, coming inside she gave a very bad look, (eye me)
Lady: If not for my car that f***ked up non of you will see me here
Me: I no send..oo! las las I no commot for the bus
Lady: (silent)


I got to Beggar and trekked to the location following the address on the job notifications. I arrived at the company, Crown Water Limited it was written well on the sign board but before I would make my way I saw a circular informing applicants that; "the supposed interview by 8:30am has been postponed to 10:00am Chai! I said with anger killing the ant on the circular as if it was its fault. I was angry because I invested alot of hope to come deliver, I have studied for this interview, l studied like one who has not prayed, and I prayed like I haven't studied just to get this job. Any way, let me manage. I hanged around.

I was running with my necktie flipping left and write, no time straight to the interview spot, I quickly joined the cue as the last person that just arrived, already I have started revising the responds I planned for certain questions if asked, not too long, it was my turn. I took a confident step into the office and guess who I saw, the shock of my life, the ajebo lady at the bus, in my 27 years of living I have never been this shocked. I exhaled knowing that I am doomed. All my confidence melted.
Lady: you..! (Pointing at me and making a face in a manner that makes me uncomfortable)
I was speechless standing with an assurance that I have loss this job.
Although, she was looking more adorable in the office, brown skin, her long hair, I guess she is in her 25.
Lady: hey! What are you thinking are you not here for the interview?
Me: emmh emmh
Lady: smiles.

Continue reading
Politics / Re: What Exactly Did The Electoral-Act-2022 Say About The Election Results.?? by stev120(m): 7:13am On Mar 04
149. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Act, any defect or error arising from any actions taken by an official of the Commission in relation to any notice, form or document made or given or other things done by the official in pursuance of the provisions of the Constitution or of this Act, or any rules made thereunder remain valid, UNLESS OTHERWISE CHALLENGED AND DECLARED INVALID BY A COMPETENT COURT OF LAW OR TRIBUNAL.[/quote]

Does the court have the right to make judgement that negate the constitution?
Politics / Re: Lets Analyse Tinubus Remaining Chance Of Winning... by stev120(m): 8:06am On Feb 27
According to the law, the winner needs to meet up with 2 criteria not one.

1. Majority vote

2. 25%. for 24 states and FCT.

Meeting up with 1 of the criteria does not makes a person winner. A candidate must meet up with the 2 criteria. If non meets up with the 2 criteria run off will be taken from 2 parties closer to wining majority or 25% spread.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Wins Suleja LGA In Niger State by stev120(m): 11:43pm On Feb 26
Tinubu has won three local government areas in Niger already.

Suleja was a PDP stronghold.

I have stayed in Suleja.
Suleja has been CPC stronghold
Translate to APC and was APC stronghold till today.
Non indigense and indigenes (Gbagyi) took decision to vote for Labour party.
Politics / Re: Situation Of Igbos Post Tinubu Win . by stev120(m): 11:31pm On Feb 26
Many of them are in pains!

I am starting to feel for them, but still happy with their tears!

I warned them, but never listened

Majority now soaked in regrets, pain and agony

Someone came from London, voted APC and went back.

You dey with me for naija cum vote APC dey feel say u done do me, bro you do us. Add 8 years to your year u go know Whatsup. Meanwhile, we just finish 8 years you look your life finish say everything dey alright. Chai!

My pikin go ask me how far we take be like this for this country I go explain how suffer no taya some persons, you go explain how you take wan punish us with APC.
Politics / NIGERIA DECIDES: My Analysis On The Voting Pattern by stev120(m): 6:50pm On Feb 24
This is my projection and analysis coupled with commentaries that are backed by personal observations and recent opinion polls.

If you're relying on previous elections to judge this one you will definitely be shocked on tomorrow. You must consider religion even over ethnicity.You must consider BVAS machine that will exposé the previous surplus figures in some region.

Also, since electoral structure have been changed, that is, the new electoral Act; blocking any possibility of rigging, the last card is violence and vote buying (which is a little bit weak).

To win the Presidential election the candidate must win 25% of 24 states and FCT.
So having majority vote is not enough to win. That is why a run off is obvious.

If a free and fair election takes place, this is how it would look like

*Highlight of Major Situations*
In the North. There is an amount of persons that are tired of APC and some tired of PDP this set of people have fall to Kwankwaso but I can't tell the degree of the population but I am certain that it is a significant number.

In the South, particularly southeast and south south, a huge number of persons are tired of APC and PDP and these persons have falled to Labour party. NNPP and LP will alter the historic patterns of voting in Nigerian.

Atiku has lost southeast and south south. Northwest is shared with Kwankwaso and northeast between Atiku and Tinubu's vice Shettima, even, Kwankwaso is present there.
To me, who wins more states in north central MIGHT become the president, however, if north central is shared a rerun is possible.

Adamawa: PDP, APC, LP, NNPP

Lets go,
Northeast is shared between Atiku and Shettima, of cause, we know Shettima can only beat Kanuri part of Borno and Yobe. Atiku have a better part of Northeast, but you see Taraba Obi will partake in the division. NNPP will do better in Bauchi but not better than APC.

*North west*
Jigawa: APC/NNPP, PDP...
Kaduna: APC/LP, PDP
Katsina: APC--PDP, NNPP
Kebbi: APC, PDP, NNPP,
Sokoto: PDP, APC, NNPP, LP
LP is almost not appearing in most Northwest states this is where APC intend to take the lion share but was cut short by Kwankwaso, PDP is relieved with the emergency of Kwanwaso. We see Kwankwaso shaking Kano and Jigawa, this might be as a result of the high populations of Hausas who might play the ethnic card to support their brother, Kwankwaso. APC and PDP underate him at their peril. Don't be shock if Kwankwaso wins Kano he remains the second force in Jigawa or almost draw with PDP. One thing is certain for Jigawa APC will not win with a bigger margin.

Meanehile, Kaduna is out as Labour party is taking southern Kaduna and making road into the northern Kaduna through Datti. If Elrufia works harder Kaduna can be a battle ground and PDP is not insignificant here. The remaining Northwest is scattering among Tinubu, Atiku and Kwankwaso.

*North Central*
Benue: LP, PDP, APC
Kwara: APC, PDP, LP
Nasarawa: APC, PDP, LP, NNPP
Plateau: LP-PDP, APC
Federal Capital Territory: LP, PDP, LP

Here, religion is the card, we see Obi shaking Benue and Abuja as he drills a little through Plateau, particularly, Christian areas of Plateau. Also, Obi has taken the Christian areas of Nassarawa and Niger. Kogi is APC very non-negotiable. APC and LP will share north central, surprise right? PDP remains third here. Infact, I predict that PDP might not win any state in north central at most Plateau, but they could maintain second in some states.

Without sentiment, notice, for the first time northern Christians will be testing their voting strength. I can tell that Obi will get more Christian votes in the north than in the southwest. Meanwhile, APC remains strong in north central facing stubborn LP. PDP is no longer the main opposition here.

Lagos: (maybe, LP) APC, LP, PDP
Osun: PDP- APC, LP
Ekiti: APC, PDP/LP

For southwest, Tinubu would have win hands down but religion has given Obi an advantage as many pastors are making body languages to suggest Obi.

In Southwest, APC will do well but not as expected, if you think that Nigerians are not sentimental in regards to religion then you have not been following Nigeria politics. PDP have 2 states in Southwest, APC have 4. both PDP, APC and LP will share Southwest but APC shall take the bigger potion.

Atiku will do less in southwest compared to 2019, maybe, for the obvious reasons, it is because, a Fulani just finished 8 years and another is coming.

Lagos is war scatter (like sharing) but Tinubu will win Lagos except miracle happens for LP.

PDP will win Osun because of Adeleke but this is now shaking following court decision questioning Adeleke's victory.
Although, in southwest part of the surprises is that, LP *might* beat 25% in one or two states there. This prediction is based on religious card be played.

Ebonyi: LP, PDP, APC
Abia: LP, PDP, APC
Anambra: LP, PDP...

Here APC has no appearance in Anambra state, that's an opinion based on observation, PDP are coming second with almost insignificant figures.

Delta: LP, PDP,
Akwa Ibom: LP, PDP, APC
Bayelsa: PDP/LP, APC
Cross River: LP, PDP, APC
Rivers: PDP/LP, APC

Since 1999 both southeast and southsouth have been voting for PDP, LP changed the narrative and this is a big blow for PDP. Regardless of Okowa being Atiku's vice, I predict Labour party winning Delta because of ethnicity influence. Maybe there are more Igbos in Delta, remember, I said maybe.
LP will win Edo with a fight, while PDP will become second because of it's a PDP state, structure will work here. While through Adams Oshimhole's influence APC will get significant number though remain third.

AkwaIbom is LP, Bayelsa is battle ground between PDP and LP. PDP has always win Bayelsa, Jonathan former PDP Presidential flag bearer is silent and the silence is a disadvantage for PDP.

Rivers, a G5 state, particularly Wike state, he has been the black sheep in the PDP fold. His moves remains unknown, but for me he is confuse and I think Rivers is LP, this is debatable but it won't go easily PDP will fight politically to win Rivers but to no avail.

*Final Drops*
I can predict that there is no block vote from any region except southeast and partially south south. Also, I can categorically tell that, if there be run off it would be between Tinubu and Obi except Atiku makes surprise victory in northwest.
But if it is between APC and LP then Obi need miracle to win.

Finally, surprises are possible, because of the economic situation of the country and APC Muslim - Muslim ticket; there might be high voters participation from individuals particularly Christian areas in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa giving LP one time escape victory. I repeat surprises that can give ESCAPE victory is possible. As many sees Obi as the Messiah.

This is my opinion say yours

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Politics / Re: If A Presidential Candidate Wins The Majority Of The Votes But Doesn't Have 25% by stev120(m): 12:22pm On Feb 24
If a region is more populated than another and one wins the highly populated region losing 3 or 4 other region. It will be unjust to declare such person winner. President of all not one.

So if a person gets 28 million votes in10 state another 22 million by having 25% across 24 States and FCT. The 22 million guy wins.


Politics / Re: How Simon Ekpa Was Arrested In Finland by stev120(m): 4:45pm On Feb 23
At last, them done play their last card and them no jack-pot.
Politics / Re: How Presi. Election Is Planned To Be Rigged According To 99%Oppressed On Twitter by stev120(m): 4:41pm On Feb 23
If you know the functions and operations of BVAS you will chill.

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Politics / Re: Churches That Won't Vote On Saturday 25th February. by stev120(m): 4:34pm On Feb 23
They have never voted in the history of Nigeria election. Also, Shite Muslims have never voted in history.
Politics / Re: Registered Voters By Region. No Winning Path For Peter Obi. by stev120(m): 1:15pm On Feb 23
Even with that 10m

Soludo will drag small
Ikpezu will drag his own
Umahi will snatch his own for us
Hope will highjack his own for us
Ugwuanyi will also overthrow his own for Atiku

Finally Obituary will be left with 1.5 votes from SadEast and be declared as president of IPOB and CAN 😀🤣😂

Atiku will take some in northeast and Kwankwso will now finish work in northwest, especially Kano.
Politics / Re: JUST-IN: Labour Party State Chairmen Give 12-hour Ultimatum Over Marginalisation by stev120(m): 12:59pm On Feb 23
Labour party have no enterprise, we are aware of millions donated to the obidient group both within and abroad. Such money must be followed up cuz people who donated them money are individuals who posses burning passion of changing this country.

Are you aware that in recent time, non party members that identified themselves as obidient where cumbing the northeast and northcentral, most of them didn't ask for shi shi.

Recently, some northwest LP leaders decamped, you behave like one.
But e go shock una, the people has decided to hell with those against the people's decision.

Non LP supporters stay off na family business.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi And Asiwaju Tinubu Shake Hands At The Peace Accord (Photo) by stev120(m): 8:24pm On Feb 22
You this small boy with container business that is aspiring to rule a country with over 200m people

You want to turn Nigeria to Anambra ??

Obi: You where no get billions or use bullion van, after you become governor you blow, you wan expand your Lagoon stealing pattern to Nigeria??
Politics / Re: The Result Of Presidential Poll By Arewa Prof. Sani Wuhil by stev120(m): 5:19pm On Feb 22
You still don't get it, do you? Any online poll you conduct today, Obi will always win, no matter whose timeline you conduct it.

If you recall correctly, in 2019, Buhari lost all polls, online and offline. In fact, when Buhari was pit against a Stone, the stone won with landslide.

Come Saturday, when votes start to trickle in from all over the country, reality is going to set in.

I expect to be insulted, as is now usual.

BVAS will shock you
Politics / Re: Kwankwaso Mega Rally In Kano Tomorrow(photo) by stev120(m): 5:12pm On Feb 22
Body dey sweet me, I no be Kwankwaso fan you suppose know my party by now.
Politics / Re: I Asked CHATGPT: Is Northern Nigeria More Populated Than Southern Nigeria by stev120(m): 9:35am On Feb 22
I know the north practice polygamy but I am struggling to put it into logic.

All over the world, swampy and riverine area are more populated than desert or near-desert areas. It is only in Nigeria that it is different.

Look some figures

Niger population is 26,516,733 as of Tuesday, February 21, 2023, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

While, the current population of the Republic of Chad is 17,667,893 as of Tuesday, February 21, 2023, based on Worldometer


= 44,184,626

What is the population of the north again?

BVAS will help us understand a little
Politics / Re: Obidients Will Blame Datti When/if Obi Loses The Election by stev120(m): 9:15am On Feb 22
Even Okowa knows he can't win Delta talk more of south south.

Shettima knows he is no match for Kwankwaso and Atiku. And APC last card is "Buhari campaign for us".

If Datti can deliver southern Kaduna we are fine.

Election no be do or die.

Na APC government make Nigerians ment. Abeg avoid some kind persons:

Those coming back from ATM
Those buying petrol at unbearable price
Those paying POS charges

Them dey vex

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Politics / Re: CNN Describes Tinubu As Regional Politician Credits Obi As Better Alternative by stev120(m): 8:47pm On Feb 21
Mr Stingy got me tho..

..But when I look at the billions Tinubu is taking home monthly just because he is Lagos ex governor, and how his henchmen cornered Lagos fortunes with Bullion vans.

And I look at how Peter Obi rejected everything, including his gratuity and the "No Shishi Paradigm" I become so tempted to vote Obi.

But as a professional tribal bigot, yeeboe Ipob slayer and a naturally w!cked person, I will vote BAT.

The testimony of an individual
"I hate healthy Presidents, I love corrupt and drug Lord Tinubu because he speaks my language".
Politics / Re: Tinubu Takes A Bus Ride For APC Presidential Rally In Lagos (Pictures, Video) by stev120(m): 8:18pm On Feb 21
You can't support Buhari 2 times (2015, 2019) and be a good person. One might be mistake but two is purpose.
Politics / Re: 2023: For Tinubu To Win, He Must Get Up To 80% Of Votes From The North by stev120(m): 8:13pm On Feb 21
If you're relying on previous elections to judge this one you will definitely be shocked on Saturday. You must consider APC failure as confirmed by all political parties, including APC presidential flag bearer Tinubu.
You must consider religion even over ethnicity.
You must consider BVAS machine that will exposé the previous surplus figures up north.

Northeast is shared between Atiku and Shettima of cause we know Shettima can only beat Kanuri part of Borno and Yobe. Atiku have a better part of Northeast, but you see Taraba Obi will partake in the division.

North west, we see Kwankwaso shaking Kano and Jigawa, underate him at your peril. Kaduna is out as Labour party is taking southern Kaduna and making road into the northern Kaduna through Datti. If Elrufia work harder Kaduna can be a battle ground and PDP is not insignificant here.
The remaining Northwest is scattering among Tinubu, Atiku and Kwankwaso.

North Central, we see Obi shaking Benue and Abuja as he drills a little through Plateau, particularly, Christian areas of Platuea. Also, Obi has taken the Christian areas of Nassarawa and Niger. Kogi is APC.

Notice for the first time northern Christians will be testing their voting strength. I can tell that Obi will get more Christian votes in the north than in the southwest.

Lagos is war scatter (like sharing) but Tinubu will win Lagos.

Lets leave southeast and south south Obi got the two region. Any other claim is self deceit.

For southwest, Tinubu would have win hands down but religion has given Obi an advantage as many psstors are making body langauge. Atiku have nothing really significant in southwest maybe it is because a Fulani just finished 8 years and another is coming.

I can predict that there is no block vote from any region except southeast and south south.

I can categorically tell that if there be run off it is between Obi and any of this two: Tinubu or Atiku.

But if it is between Obi and Tinubu then Obi need miracle to win.

This is my opinion say yours

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Politics / Re: Does Obidients Really Know Where North Central Is? by stev120(m): 7:42pm On Feb 21
Obi can win Benue, FCT and hopefully, 25% in Plateau.
North Central is divided
Politics / Re: MY Pastor Almost Scattered His 27 Years Church Today. by stev120(m): 9:01pm On Feb 19
Church started in a normal ways, after Sunday school class the main service began.
Praise and worship was so amazing, we dance and praise God in unusual way.
Immediately after praise and worship, Offering and tithe follow and service was getting shape.

The next thing on the service was for the daddy G.O to come to the alter and lead some prayer but when Papa came he started with the topic of whom to vote and how he want the congregation to vote, I was like this is unusual of daddy G.O to be talking about the politics on the pulpit but daddy G.O keep saying vote for the man that has interest of Nigerian, do not vote any old man because is your tribes man.
One church man now asked that please sir who should we vote? pastor was like I think Peter Obi should be the best.
Immediately he pronounce that most member walked away from church with anger that pastor should stop that otherwise they will not attend the church again that they are for Tinubu and nobody can change their mind on that.

This is the first of it kind or maybe it is false.

Reports have that in all Churches Obi is mentioned members react positively. We can see videos of how churches celebrated him.


Politics / Re: It Will Be Hard For Peter Obi To Lose Next Week. See Why. by stev120(m): 3:51pm On Feb 19
In Nigeria, no body believed a ruling party will fall until it happened to PDP in 2015

You won't believe until it happens, I am certain that 2023 election is not for the Goliath.

I am among those that believe that 2023 is Mass movement vs the present structure.

I also believe that with the current INEC strategies 2023 election will reveal the robberies we have experience in past elections.

Don't beat your chest or rely on past glory.


Politics / Re: See Why Peter Obi Is Always Attacked And His Supporters Called Ipob!!!... by stev120(m): 3:39pm On Feb 19
I belief that majority of Nigerians are tired of APC and PDP. This tiredness will manifest on Saturday.
Politics / Re: The Economist Endorses Peter Obi, Says He Offers Nigerians Hope by stev120(m): 6:35am On Feb 19
A renowned Professor of Economics and former CBN Governor who is occupying the office once occupied by Mr Obi for 8 years of mediocre leadership in Anambra under him, Economist Soludo, has passed a verdict on Mr Obi; he regards Mr Obi as a colossal failure in 8 years reign of Mr Obi as Anambra state Governor.

None of the current or past Governors of Anambra endorsed him and none of them can vouch for him.

Any Economist hyping Mr Obi is like the discredited ANAP 'poll' and should not be taken with seriousness.

The current Governor of Anambra state, Prof Soludo, a Professor of Economics and former Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) Governor, already gave the scorecard of Mr Obi. Soludo said publicly that Anambra state investment that Mr Obi made in the capital market is today worth next to nothing.
The renowned Economist, Prof Soludo stated that Anambra state under Mr Obi took the first position in Nigeria in the democratization of poverty!

Tinubu’s legacy investments are still standing today and yielding huge returns to Lagos state government. He was one of the first state governors to ever use the capital market for raising state bonds, Lagos made huge ROI on its shares in Airtel, Asiwaju initiated the vision that today birthed Lekki Deep Seaport(only deep seaport in Nigeria and largest in West Africa) and Lagos state majority-owned companies like LASACO Plc are doing well in the capital market.

All these manipulation of facts to rewrite history in order to hype Mr Obi will end in 5 days time.when Mr Obi would have been defeated at the polls in a free, fair, transparent and credible election.

The good thing is that his defeat will teach other current and past mediocre governors a lesson: If you do not want to be paying PR guys money to hype you, work very hard in office so that your work will speak for you.
Nigerians will open your record for posterity when you are mediocre in office then come later to contest. No media hype will pull wool over people’s eyes.Serve well. He is wasting his money on sponsored post.smh

Serve excellently like Tinubu served Lagos as Governor for 8 years. Mr Obi and Alhaji Atiku were mediocre in office for 8 years.
check my signature for free stuffs!

You haven't apologize for voting Buhari you planing another one.

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