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Phones / Re: Sony Ericsson P990i: How Many Of You Remember This Powerful Phone? by SUXXI(m): 10:22am On Jul 17

Who is this Xavier?
I always come across his savage comments grin
He is a comedian
Education / Re: Online University BSc. Degrees In Nigeria by SUXXI(m): 8:43am On Jul 16
University of the people is a very good online degree university.
U can google it
Family / Re: My Wife Wants To Kill Me. What Should I Do? by SUXXI(m): 4:50am On May 01
Hello my dear.I guess you did not know how pregnancy can affect a woman.Ask matured mothers to explain more.Many become very aggressive during pregnancy.Some will punch you and insult you and YOU will tell them i am sorry.What can i get for you my love?They are passing through many changes during pregnancy and it is expected you pet them and endure all that comes with it.You are even fortunate she is not irritated by your smell or looking at you if not you will need to give her space or move out.They are very sensitive at this period so you need to take your time to study her to know how best to handle her.She is your wife and all she is doing i not her fault.She does not hate you or want you to suffer,she is passing through a lot.
My wife bites me during pregnancy and i will tell her i am sorry.Hope she did not injure herself and beg her to be biting me small small or i sometimes run when she is in the biting mood.When she delivers,she will be back to her normal self again.So use this time to study her to know how best to handle her.Ask matured mothers and fathers how they were able to cope during pregnancy and you will gain a lot of experience in handling yours.I will also suggest you start preparing money for a safe delivery my man. Congratulations in advance young father.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Ever Lost A Job Or An Opportunity Because Of Your Personality?. by SUXXI(m): 2:43am On Dec 23, 2020
I went for a job interview in a hotel as network administrator,i was asked how many years working experience. i told him i had none but i am a super very fast learner,he was still asking for my years of experience and not what i know.
He finally asked for my CV.
I was like...CV?
I did not carry any CV didn't know i needed it for the job interview.
I went with my CV in the next opportunity to get a job where i currently work
I ended up where i currently work and i am super happy and enjoy my work teaching the youths computer engineering,networking,general ICT.
Do not give up as you will get your dream job.Get a job you enjoy doing and you are paid for it.
Get a skill so as not to depend only on your employers for your source of income.
Family / Re: Wives Living In Nigeria And Husbands Abroad: My Encounter by SUXXI(m): 11:26pm On Sep 24, 2020
My family comes first then work.When I just got married I was offered a six digit job abroad.My wife was pregnant with our first baby.I told my wife about the job and my decision to be with her and my yet to be born kid.I will not leave them or get a job that separates me from my family.I am still in Nigeria and we are managing.I and my wife and kid do things together,play together.
If i am to leave this country to abroad,if I can't take my family along, then it is a big no.My family is my world and I will do my best to provide what I can and be with them.
Today when I lock back,I have no regrets as I am always there for my family,spiritually,physically,emotionally,financially.


Career / Re: What Would Your Occupation Be If You Followed Your Childhood Dream? by SUXXI(m): 7:27pm On Sep 15, 2020
An inventor,working in a research facility and creating things that will help humanity through technology.
I still have many ideas though but no funds
Education / Re: What Took You To The Principal's Office In Secondary School? by SUXXI(m): 9:42am On Sep 06, 2020
I was called to principal's office when i was in jss3. My friends was asking me what crime i have committed and i said i do not know o.
I entered his office and my heart was beating like the drummer boy, he asked me to sit down.That in his years as a principal he has not seen a wonderful result like mine and gave me a warm hand shake and congratulated me as the best student in Jss3 junior waec exam in my school.
I was later called to stand in front of the whole school and was announced as the best junio waec student in my session and the school clapped for me and some teachers dashed me some money.
only 2 student passed without any carryyover.The exam that year was one of the most difficult in junior waec history as there was massive failure.
I made it!!!


Events / Re: What Was That Thing You Later Realised You Wasted Money On During Your Wedding? by SUXXI(m): 9:01pm On Aug 26, 2020
My wedding is not one of regret but one of happiness,appreciation and thanks to my lovely wife.
We had just 5k when we fixed our wedding date. My wife said if I do not have money,we can goto court and marry and she is ready to follow me home.
No elaborate wedding.Just family and few friends in court.I had to make sure we did a memorable wedding.I had to to hustle o.We were able to get money to have a wonderful,amazing,memorable wedding.All finances was managed by my wife and got assistance from family,friends and relatives.
Everything was well planned from ushers,dj,mc,and all invited have to dress decently. Food went round,same for drinks.I didn't invite much so the little we have will be able to go round the few people invited.As for invitation,I got about 20 invitation card from my friend and I photocopied them and used the photocopied invitation card to invite,bulk sms and oral invitation.
My students were camera men and photographers and dj.
Its a day I will never forget and I am ready to do my best for my wife as she is really wonderful woman,friend and companion.

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Family / Re: I Look Too Young And I Find It Hard To Relate With People by SUXXI(m): 11:05am On Aug 22, 2020
I was in same situation.
My voice sounds like a girl.
My looks and shape looks like a girl
I had no beard.
In my late 30s I manage to get small beard.
I still look like a kid when I shaved.
When I married,ehen,I gathered body and looked more matured.
Now I do not look like a kid anymore except my voice.
2 days ago was my 4 years wedding anniversary.
Be patient.
Get married.
Have self confidence.

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Family / Re: Kwara Blue Eyes Family: Risikat Azeez-Ayegbami Speaks "My Husband Abandoned Us" by SUXXI(m): 9:20pm On Aug 06, 2020
indigo children
Computers / Re: What Happened After I Bought A London Used HP Probook 6450b For N65,000 by SUXXI(m): 10:43am On Aug 05, 2020
The computer does not play games and good frame rate is because of the type of laptop you bought and not necessarily the sellers fault or the bbn buyer.
I am a computer engineer and I play pc games a lot.Its because of gaming I studied computer science in school.
If a client wants to buy a laptop,first I ask is which type of work do you want to do with the laptop.
DJ laptop,gaming laptop,school and project use laptop,video editing and movie production laptop,programming laptop,hacking laptop.The work of the user will determine what I recommend.
Laptop of exactly same model may not have the same chipset motherboard and configuration.
Some laptop comes in 2 or 3 model chipset types.
Some have core i3,corei5,corei7 with intel graphics,others may come with nvidia graphics,ati radeon graphics.The graphics will determine how good it will render animation,games or high end videos.
To really enjoy games,your laptop will need to have dedicated graphics.
To check,
1.click start
3.click graphics
If it is nvidia or ati radeon. Then it will play games well.
If it is intel it may not play high end games.
The ram is also important for smooth gameplay.
Each dedicated graphics also have video ram. The higher the video ram of your graphic card the better and smoother the gameplay.
To check video ram of your graphics card.
Windows 7.
Click start
Type :
system information
Click components
Click display
Then check adapter ram.
This will give you the size of your video ram.
If the video driver of the laptop is not installed,the games may not play or it will lag.
It will not be able to show you your video ram if the driver is not also installed.
So Alfer may be in the clear if the laptop you have does not have dedicated graphics.
You can also upgrade your ram by adding more ram to it.
Pets / Re: Have You Been Chased By A Dog Before? Share Your Experience. by SUXXI(m): 3:38pm On Jul 31, 2020
In my house we use to have lots of dogs.Bingo hybrid type so I dont really run from dogs.I have been bitten by dogs 3 times.One even tore my trouser when I went to visit my friend.Dogs look into your eyes and if you are scared,they will chase you.
I remember one time I was coming from evening lesson in secondary school.I see one okala bingo don for road.I chased the dog,it ran away and I was like yeah.The dog went and brought about 7 others dogs for me.My brothers were like see this dog o.The started chasing us but I didn't run,same with my brothers.We bent down pick up correct stones and the dogs stopped.We decided to turn our back and go home.They started chasing us.This time I decided one of the dog must collect the stone I had.I was about to throw the stone and my brother shouted STOPPP!!!The dog was standing close to a white Mercedes Benz car and I may have damaged the car if I stoned the dog.The dog with its gangs were backing and jumping up and down as we decided to leave the fake dogs and walk home.I do not run from dogs nor am I afraid of them.we ate our last dog when things was tough.


Phones / Re: Which Data Plan Are You Using On This Lockdown? by SUXXI(m): 8:21pm On Apr 09, 2020
i use smile 24k for unlimited data at 6mbps speed for 30 days
Business / Re: How Has Coronavirus Affected Your Business? by SUXXI(m): 9:32pm On Apr 04, 2020
Positively as my business is online and as most people are now at home and online... My business is experiencing massive growth.I get paid from online gaming.More people playing games online,more money for me...whats app 08038785576 if you want to work from home with your phone to make money...What i have made this lock down is more than what i worked for last year combined.

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Education / Re: What Course Did You Study In The Tertiary Institution And What's your job now? by SUXXI(m): 2:09pm On Mar 22, 2020
I studied Computer Science.I am a computer Engineer and also an Instructor teaching others Computer Engineering in a Vocation Training Center.
I enjoy my profession and my job.
Impacting knowledge to others.
Romance / Re: My Fiance Is A 2-Minute Man & We Are Set To Do Our Introduction. Please Help by SUXXI(m): 8:15am On Jan 17, 2020
Longrich man power.You will be the one begging him to stop.
Romance / Re: Am I Taking The Right Decision To Love This Girl? by SUXXI(m): 5:39pm On Jan 04, 2020
Before i got married.Myy mum always tells me a story of a very hard working young girl ripe for marriage.Many wanted to marry her but no one had the courage to ask her hands and her parents to do the needful.One day a young man came with his dad to meet the parents of the girl to ask for her hand in marriage.On getting to the house,they met the family eating correct eba and egusi soup.The family welcomed them and asked them to join in the meal.They agreed and they were served their own meal.The young man and his dad was enjoying the meal and another friendly visitors came.a young man with his dad.they were all like we meet una well o.They were asked to come and join them in the meal.They declined and asked to see the father of the girl as they have a very urgent matter on ground.The father of the girl washed his hand and they went outside.The young man and his father went straight to the point.My son wants to marry your daughter,he has discussed with her and she asked us to talk to her parents first.The father was very happy and told them since the daughter is already in love with the young man,she is not getting any younger.Her father agreed for her daughter to marry the son.They went their way immediately to start preparation.The father of the girl entered house to continue his food.The first people that came were still eating and they were like this food is really delicious o.Her father told them that it was prepared by his daughter.They now said yes she is a really nice cook and they like her that is why they came to ask for her hand in marriage.The father told them that the people that just came and called him outside have already made same request and she agreed to marry and him the father is also in support.The people that came first finished eating and went home.They delayed and missed the woman they came for even though they came there first.
With this experience in mind when i wanted to marry.I saw my wife had those qualities i desire in a woman.I did not waste time to tell her i want her as a wife and we dated and got married.i asked if she was in any relationship first before i started dating her.I do not believe in wasting time when i see what i want.I am a hustling man but she rejected those with cars etc when i told her i want to marry her.Today we have a kid and we are living the best happy life as a family.If it is you she wants,let her tell her abroad guy.If it is abroad guy she wants, let her tell you so you stop wasting your time on her.Marriage is not something you enter and be regretting later because you wasted time or did not clear the ground well.Let her make her choice so u can move forward with marriage or find another wife material lady.Put everything in gods hand and start asking the tough serious questions with her so both of you can sit ,discuss heart to heart and conclude.Many ladies go for men with a future even if he is not financially strong but have the capacity to take good care of her as a wife and friend.when i was dating my wife, i told her i had nothing o.In my house then ,i had just a mattress and one small table,no sitting chair in my house before i even married.Today it is a different case.
Romance / Re: What's That Misconception That People Have About You? by SUXXI(m): 5:27am On Jan 03, 2020
Many believe that i am a computer hacker since i am very good with computer and tech stuff. Some even bring huge amount of cash with them for me to agree to their evil schemes for me to hack for them.I always tell them what Bible says about stealing that i do not such.I can teach computer repairs,networking etc but NO NO NO to malicious hacking and stealing

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Family / Re: What The Law Says About Next-of-kin In Nigeria by SUXXI(m): 7:39am On Dec 05, 2019
Sorry for my typos.
Family / Re: What The Law Says About Next-of-kin In Nigeria by SUXXI(m): 7:37am On Dec 05, 2019
Next of kin gets the property of the deceased if there is no will before death.If there is a will before death,next of kin becomes invalid.
Where my mum worked,her boss asked all staff to update their next of kin before they will be promoted.Many have forgotten their that they put their friendsbrothers,sisters,,uncle,aunt as next of kin.They are now currently married with kids but the next of kin is not from his or her family beca use during employment have not yet married and so put close friend or family members.
That many family have been in pains as the father or mother dies,it is the next of kin that comes to claim the benefits and most will not share with the family of the deceased.So next of kin is former ex husband or wife.After remarry,it is needs to be updated if not ,the ex will come and claim those benefits.
Next of kin is very very powerful so it's good to always update it.I have updated mine from my brother to my kid as next of kin.So if anything happens,my child will not be left empty handed.
Letter of authority from probate registry seals ownership of rights for the deceased to the next of kin to be able to lay claims.
Also,care should be taken when selecting next of kin so as to be able to to be reasonable and handle and share the benefits to family members like brothers and sisters,parents etc.Not to claim everything as his or her owt leaving the rest empty handed.

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Music/Radio / Re: Iwant This Old Skool Song-big Belle, E Never Marry, Big Belle 90's Song by SUXXI(m): 9:12pm On Nov 09, 2019
Romance / Re: Lady In Tears As She Says No To Her Boyfriend In Public Despite The Cameras(Pics by SUXXI(m): 1:41pm On Jul 24, 2019
Mine was twice.She said no the first time.
She said YES the second time.
None was done in Public.

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Career / Re: Pursuing Money Vs Education: Should I Drop Out Of School? by SUXXI(m): 4:53pm On Jun 09, 2019
Start National Open University.It will give you your degree and it is online so it won't clash with your online business.
Family / Re: My 18-Year-Old Maid And Her Boyfriends by SUXXI(m): 5:47am On Apr 06, 2019
I have seen such situation in where i live.All indication shows the bloom of youth and she will only learn you want to help here when she is pregnant.A Ghanaian neighbour where i live is training her younger sister.She started following boys,all advice and beating did not work.One day she ran away from home and called here sister that she has returned to her parents in Ghana.She came to show me the phone number which was a Ghanaian number but i told her she does not have the means or money to go back to Ghana.Story cut short,she was staying with a guy in Nigeria and he was taking care of her and she got pregnant and she decided to come.Another where i used to buy food too.She follows boys,they bought her android phone,she ran away to stay with the guy and he got her pregnant.This also happened to my relative who was helping his younger sister.Same running after boys and decided to leave home as they were to strict not giving her enough freedom,she stayed with the boyfriend and her married her.Best is to send her home with all her load to stay with her parents.If she gets pregnant and do abortion and anything happen to her,you will be blamed.If she gets pregnant under you watch,you will be blamed.If you send her to her parents and she continues her boys boys life,your hand is clean.You did your best.flogging is not the best as this is the teenage time blood dey hot.Advice is the best.After you have sent her home,still enroll her for waec and neco.She will come and write when the time comes.Before you decided to put this issue here on nairaland,it has really bothered you.God will bless you as a good mother who wants the best for here.If you get BP because of here,you will be blamed.If you kill your self because of here,you will be blamed.If you send her back to here parents,you will have time to get rest of mind and take care of your wonderful family without all the drama from someone you wnat to help to get a better life.No be force to help someone who does not want it.
Gaming / Re: PUBG Mobile official Thread (Mobile Game) by SUXXI(m): 1:39pm On Feb 28, 2019
pubg on pc with Tencent Gaming Buddy and mobile phone
Technology Market / Re: Mpower Inverter Battery 12V 200amp by SUXXI(m): 8:01pm On Feb 18, 2019
Technology Market / Re: 1kva Suoer+10amp Smart Charger ,,21k by SUXXI(m): 6:48pm On Feb 18, 2019

1kva suoer+10amp smart charger ,,21k

For 100ah battery angry
Call us today

Why you dey vex na?

No pictures?

How do I charge battery?
Family / Re: Share Your Experience After Marrying Without Your Mother's Or Father's Consent by SUXXI(m): 9:23pm On Jan 12, 2019
Marriage is union of two families and as such parental consent is important.In some cases,you have to follow your heart even if parent(s) do not agree.This happened to my younger brother who was about to marry.My dad was totally against it even though my mum was in support.He came with his sisters and children and they beat us all up that my brother can and will never marry the girl.How can his son marry her without seeing the colour of her panties?How can he marry the said girl without him (my younger brother) first having sex with his wife to be.That he is suppose to carry enough girls,make like 5 girls pregnant before my dad will select the one he is to marry.My dad's sister on the other hand said this thing can never get pregnant.That over her dead body will my brother marry her.She even went to threaten the girls family.My mum believe in abstinence before marriage while my dad believes in getting the wife/numerous girls to be pregnant before marriage.After we all collecting beating from my dads sister and her children.We decided to continue with the marriage without his consent.My dad is a hardcore womanizer so we his children that do not carry women was a big disgrace to him.Today my brother is happily married with 3 wonderful kids.My mum encouraged all of us to keep ourselves until we marry.I am happily married with a kid.


TV/Movies / Re: 30 Things Nollywood, Has Taught Us by SUXXI(m): 5:40pm On Dec 20, 2018
watched a nigerian movie where they used naruto soundtrack. the thing just pain me as them use the soundtrack anyhow for the movie.It also ended in confession and the bad guys dying in the end.
Phones / Re: How Long Can You Go Without Your Smartphone? by SUXXI(m): 8:56am On Oct 18, 2018
I don't have a browsing phone for a very long time and my clients starting getting so angry with me for not being online.I told them no money to buy phone.They advised me to find a way because they need me to be online.I have been offline for about 6 months plus.
I can not be addicted to phone as I have super control based on video game addiction many years ago which is now under control.I am in control but with no phone, a lot of my clients is in correct soup so I am using a borrowed phone for now to post this and attention to my clients.
I am an IT Support Professional with no android phone.

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