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Politics / Re: Niger Delta Youths To Shut Down NLNG Facilities Over Planned Lagos Shipyard. by Symphony007: 7:28am On Aug 05, 2015
we need a permanent solution to this triibal issues... and am not suggestion separation.. infact, am against it, we are strong as one.. God help us
this is not about tribalism, it's about opportunity and common sense, what is the sense in building a seaport in the city with the most seaports in the nation...taking jobs away from those who need it and are the bane if your buisness to somewhere else, it is just ridiculous and an insult to host communities.

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Politics / Re: Niger Delta Youths To Shut Down NLNG Facilities Over Planned Lagos Shipyard. by Symphony007: 7:15am On Aug 05, 2015
For a company like NLNG which has maintain a very good relationship with their host communities unlike others like shell, this was a stupid decision. Which I can only attribute to Babs omotowa attempt to steer vital NLNG buisness back to his region after ibeneche's outright and sudden relocation to the south.

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Politics / Niger Delta Youths To Shut Down NLNG Facilities Over Planned Lagos Shipyard. by Symphony007: 7:09am On Aug 05, 2015
N’Delta youths threaten NLNG over plan to build shipyard outside Rivers

NIGER Delta youths have threatened to stage a massive protest and possibly shut down facilities of the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Company (NLNG), if the company fails to reverse its decision to build dry-dock shipyard outside its operational base in Rivers State. Over 30 youth leaders handed in the threat yesterday in Port Harcourt while briefing journalists on the developments.

Some of the youth organizations include, the National Youths Council of Nigeria, Rivers State chapter, Ijaw Youths Council, Bonny Youths Federation, Niger Delta People Volunteer and Salvation Front, Rivers Ethnic Youth Leaders Coalition among others. Speaking under the aegis of Niger Delta Youth Organizations, the spokesman of the group, Simeon Wilcox said, “the youths would shutdown NLNG facilities if all peaceful modalities failed to convince the company to reverse the decision to build its shipyard outside the region.”

Wilcox disclosed that the youths were particularly grieved on the fact that NLNG decided against all odds to construct a dry-dock shipyard worth $1.5 billion dollars in an area outside its operational base in Niger Delta. “The NLNG did a kangaroo feasibility study without the knowledge of the stakeholders from Rivers State and Niger Delta at large,” the spokesman said.

He said such decision taken by NLNG was seen as a clear case of insensitive and provocative corporate plan, adding that the company has failed to consider the high unemployment rate in the Niger Delta region, especially in Bonny Kingdom. Wilcox said, “We are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari, Chief Nyesom Wike and members of the Rivers State House of Assembly to intervene on this all important matter in order to avert a serious anarchy.

“We are going to shutdown the NLNG facilities if the company fails to do the needful, the youths of Rivers State and that of Niger Delta would be mobilize to protest across every NLNG operational community until the company consider the interest of the region.”
N’Delta youths threaten NLNG over plan to build shipyard outside Rivers.


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Politics / Re: Meet The Man Expected To Be Buhari's SGF:photo by Symphony007: 4:29pm On Aug 04, 2015
Foolish idiot! Let me see how you become SGF with rivers state 140 million dollars water project loan still unaccounted for.


Health / Re: Ebola Vaccine Works, Offering 100% Protection In African Trial by Symphony007: 9:55am On Aug 03, 2015
If in 18 months, the world could find a vaccine for ebola then there is an ulterior motive fir allowing HIV ravage the world for more than 30 years.


Politics / Re: Photo: General Abacha Welcoming M.K.O. Abiola To Aso Rock Villa In 1994 by Symphony007: 10:29pm On Aug 01, 2015
MKO Abiola ; The President Nigerians want but never had. cool cool cool

Poster above me, wariss dis?
correction, the president yoruba's wanted but never got.


Crime / Re: Armed Robbers Now Disguise As ATM Users –Police by Symphony007: 8:23am On Aug 01, 2015

Guy u too think well, who uses 5 atm cards or how many common man get 3 bank acct talkless of 5 and why all at the same time at 12 midnight? Wetin u wan take 500k do for 12 midnight ? Use ur brain abeg
the cards does not necessary all have to belong to the same person, do you know if others gave him to withdraw for them. You folks should not be myopic, what will the police gain from lying on this?
Crime / Re: Armed Robbers Now Disguise As ATM Users –Police by Symphony007: 8:21am On Aug 01, 2015
. Using 5 cards. Guy have u witnessed such urself?
if I have'nt, I won't be saying.
Crime / Re: Armed Robbers Now Disguise As ATM Users –Police by Symphony007: 8:07am On Aug 01, 2015
Those of you accusing the police of lying fail to think above the conventional...have you not been on a ATM line before and somebody withdraws money with more than 5 ATM's..in that instance, can't the withdraw 500,000?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Using A Blackberry Might Prevent You From Getting A Job. by Symphony007: 12:45pm On Jul 31, 2015
As student, i've used BB hub email multiple times to send scholarship applications and other important things and had prompt reply so with no issues, latest of which is the agip scholarship which I just wrote. We should realise that some problems are individual to phones and not generalize it.
Politics / Re: Gov Oshiomhole: “we Found Nothing Incriminating Against President Jonathan... by Symphony007: 7:37am On Jul 31, 2015
Despite all the madness, he has managed to stay above the fray.

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Politics / Nostalgia: Does This Look Farmilia To What's Happening Today? by Symphony007: 10:12am On Jul 30, 2015
LAGOS, Nigeria, April 29— Four months after seizing power, Nigeria's military leaders appear to be suffering an erosion of popular support.

Last Dec. 31, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Buhari led a group of young officers in a coup against the civilian Government of President Shehu Shagari, saying the takeover was necessary to save Nigeria, Africa's richest and most populous nation, from economic collapse.

The military intervention appeared at the time to enjoy enthusiastic support from a broad range of Nigeria's population.

Many intellectuals argued that the corruption and incompetence of the Shagari administration had made drastic action both necessary and inevitable. Traders, merchants and people in the streets welcomed the soldiers and looked forward to a quick improvement in their standard of living.

Growing Disappointment

Recently, however, there seems to be growing disappointment with both the military Government's approach and pace.

''Since coming to power, this Government has not found a single problem,'' said Dr. Olu Onagoruwa, a prominent lawyer and a longtime opponent of the Shagari administration. ''But it has managed to alienate the judiciary, the press, labor and students - all the groups that supported it just a few months ago.''

Critics of the military Government point out that it has yet to present its budget. Loan negotiations with the International Monetary Fund continue but Western economists say that Nigeria and the I.M.F. appear to be further apart now than during the final days of the Shagari administration.

Early indications that General Buhari would agree to devalue Nigeria's currency, liberalize trade and reduce domestic petroleum subsidies have so far not materialized. Prices Have Climbed

In addition, prices for food and other essential commodities, which fell in the first weeks after the coup largely because of the presence of soldiers in the marketplaces, have now returned to or exceeded their levels before the coup. Unemployment has been rising, and many of the imported raw materials and spare parts needed to keep factories running have been lacking.

Critics note further that political activity and even debate have been banned and some students organizations have been outlawed. There has been a clampdown on Nigeria's press, and the country's traditionally independent judiciary has also seen its role sharply diminished.

''At the moment we're looking at a clear movement toward authoritarian dictatorship,'' said Stanley N. Macebuh, executive editor of The Guardian, an independent newspaper that had often taken the Shagari administration to task. ''It's a trend that disturbs a lot of people, not least those who welcomed the change of government.''

Spokesmen for the military leadership maintain that they know what they are doing and refuse to be rushed. They deny the charges of inaction, saying that steps have been taken. Trials Being Prepared

The Government, they say, has put much energy into investigating the corruption of the Shagari administration and in preparing tribunals to try the accused, close to 500 of whom are now under detention.

Officials say about 2,000 illegal aliens have been ejected from the country and several thousand people have been detained in a crackdown on suspected criminals and Moslem extremists.

They say Nigeria's bloated bureaucracy has been streamlined through the dismissal of thousands of officials and civil servants.

Three weeks ago an agreement was reached in London on converting a part of Nigeria's uninsured trade debts into loans.

The Government's critics respond that the economic initiatives treat symptoms rather than causes and aid the larger issue of how to restructure Nigeria's economy.

A Western diplomat said General Buhari ''could have accomplished so much if he had moved quickly and boldly in the early days when his popularity was still so high and when he could have credibly blamed everything on Shagari.''

Romance / Re: How Many Guys Have Sexy Girlfriends Like This One(photo) by Symphony007: 8:48pm On Jul 29, 2015
She looks like a cripple.
Politics / Re: Did GEJ Really Do This ? by Symphony007: 9:13pm On Jul 28, 2015
Foolish idiots! The president ordered the vaults of the CBN emptied and brought to his bedroom where he uses his bare hands to stack them, even sanity abacha was not do brasen. Only fools will be belive this.
Celebrities / Re: Satanists Unveil Statue Of Satan Baphomet In Michigan,Christians Protest(Pics) by Symphony007: 8:56am On Jul 28, 2015
Free speech!! If Christians can dot the street with crosses and nativity scenes, then other religions should be permitted to do theirs.
Sports / Re: Stephen Keshi Demands N1billion Compensation From NFF by Symphony007: 7:33am On Jul 27, 2015
grin Steven keshi wants the allocation of a state like ekiti as salary. The man is bonkers!!!
Politics / Re: No One More Corrupt Than Amaechi, Wike Warns Buhari by Symphony007: 8:12pm On Jul 26, 2015
Indeed!! How Buhari threats ameachi will be the ultimate litmus test of who he says he is, despite the fact he has failed many others since he assumed office.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 8:10pm On Jul 26, 2015

Oya let's not keep going on with big words. Give me an African or in short a nigerian tribe that pioneers homosexuality.

The extent your shaky brain has taken you keeps making you compare unrelated things.
There us always a difference between what is normally bad and what is outrightly unheard of.
If u think u are deeply rooted in the traditional ways,then u won't be spitting such
education wipes away ignorance, hate and idiocy.

21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality | 76 CRIMES
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 3:21pm On Jul 26, 2015

Thanks mate for enlightening me with some history. I apologise for saying shame to you. I should have respected your opinion on the subject. Like you said, it should be the prerogative of individual to follow what they believe.
it is my pleasure and I am very grateful for the resolution.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 2:55pm On Jul 26, 2015

I agree with you on the punishment to corruption being nothing compared to gay. Those are part of the problems we have here in Africa and our dear Nigeria. We treat corruption with levity. That's why u see a thief of onion sentenced to 15yrs or more but the corrupt public holders sentenced to 6months imprisonment with the option of fine. I expect Obama to talk to us about issues like this and not asking us to support gay. Case study: while the Americans have punished those involved in the Halliburton scandal, Nigeria is yet to charge it's own citizens involved to court.

As per your facts, I don't know about it but I know for sure that Nigerians prefer to watch pornography that involves people of opposite sex than watching some crazy lesbians or gay.

Even you, I know u will prefer to watch a man and woman sex tape than watch a man&man or woman & woman sex tape.
I thank you for your calm and sensible response, it's something lacking on this forum. We may disagree greatly on this issue and I do not begrudge you for that. I am heterosexual but I will always stand for the rights of gays as I belive they have a fight to their lives so far as it does not affect the next person negatively, for years, humans have tried to set standard on what is right or not, in the 60's, it was inter racial marriage and just like this there was a lot of reasons against it, where is it today? ...we as nigerians have a lot of problems but our leaders are pointing to that shinny thing in the corner called gay rights and we are playing along while they rob us dry, forgetting that there has not been a single protest or Nigerian in this territory advocating for rights whatsoever, they are busy doing whatever they do in their private bedrooms, so why channel so much energy and hate on a non issue? Is according to Uhuru kenyatta, gay rights is a non issue, why does it warrant discussion in federal parliaments across africa puting our various problems in the back seat. As a continent, we can channel our energies in what people do in the privacy of their rooms that is going on somewhere even as we speak and can't stop or we can move to better things that ensure be bequeathed a better africa to our kids than we currently have. Thanks!
Music/Radio / Re: My Top Ten Gospel Jams by Symphony007: 2:35pm On Jul 26, 2015
Though i'm not a christian, I enjoy imagine me by kirk franklin.


Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 2:17pm On Jul 26, 2015

What is this one saying?

The fact that they dont allow gay rights does it make them any less successful than the west. The likes of South Africa that supports gay rights does it make them more successful than the rest.

Don't link success with approval of gay rights or corruption. Russia does not support gay rights does it make them any less successful.

Gay rights is Evil and the devil is trying to make it look like it is freedom which is linked to success.

Uhuru couldn't put it more better. "Let us develop and get to your level before we start thinking of Gay rights. Right now we have more pressing issues than gay rights".

An Idle hand is the devils workshop. African countries are too busy struggling with development than allow devil to take over. USA has developed to an extent where they are now Idle(no more development), the only thing is for them to be used as a devils workshop to spread evil all over the world.
you can boliviate all you want but the fact remains if Africans channel all their hate for gays who have done them no harm to the wicked leaders who are responsible for their sufferings and death, their lives might improve.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 2:09pm On Jul 26, 2015

Judeo bla bla bla my foot. Traditional African values!! And still as a matter of fact,no matter where u hide in to argue about this,it still doesn't hold water.
traditional African values of which of the thousands of tribes in Africa? Do you know that there are tribes in Africa that pioneer homosexuality? It is your type that say it is not African culture for girls to wear skimpy clothing meanwhile the bush men if southern african swahili tribes pioneered skinny clothing the the G-strings, I can go on forever..stop being ignorant.
Religion / Re: The Second Coming: A Failed Prophecy??? by Symphony007: 1:15pm On Jul 26, 2015
there was never a jesus, christianity is a scam.
indeed, there was a Jesus but Paul and Peter made him out to be what he never was.. ceaser Constantine and the early christian which is now the Catholic Church sealed the deal.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 1:08pm On Jul 26, 2015

[size=13pt]Even when all their countries wealth are monopolized by the 'ruling' family and they only give peanuts to their 'subjects' to buy materials things and marry for distraction purpose.

While they go and buy Islands, companies, football clubs and close French Riviera in the West.

And if any western bastard threaten their 'peace' they blow up their malls and planes to warn them to back-off.[/size]
you want to compare standard of living in the UAE to africa? Even if africa's presidents for life give a little of their loot to their subject it will be better.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 1:07pm On Jul 26, 2015
i rebuke every form of foolishness in ur head.
in the absence of anything further to say, the least you could have done is to bow out gracefully...nice chatting with you!
Politics / Re: Caught In The Act: Meet The Man Defacing Port Harcourt by Symphony007: 1:05pm On Jul 26, 2015

Na boma huxband 4 marine baxe deh do all dx rubbixh
grin grin grin so you know boma! You be my guy o!!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 1:03pm On Jul 26, 2015

Like Uhuru said, Africa is plagued with so many more important challenges in health, infrastructure, employment etc.
Gay rights or no rights is a non-issue
maybe if they put the same energy and hate into these issues like to do into gays, they would be solved in no time.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 1:01pm On Jul 26, 2015

Shame on Obama. He knows Africa's position on this issue and shouldn't have raised it. There are other problems that are more pressing to us than issue of Gay.

Shame on you too for saying "we are among the highest consumers of gay porn in the world". Where did you get that fact from? You better grow up son and wise up. SMD for u.
NO! God bless obama for being true to his conviction, he should have even gone further to ask Africans why the punishment for gays is stiffer than corruption and which has been more detrimental to africa.

You are entitled to your own opinion and not your own facts. Those are the facts, you don't believe it, counter with better.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 12:58pm On Jul 26, 2015

It is ironic you labelled someone as ignorant while displaying an extreme form yourself.
How does loving gays make a country great ?
I hope you are joking with that line ?

If we are to go with your reasoning then Africans need to increase their level of gun violence
since USA with all their gun violence nonsense are living in splendor.

You need to learn the difference between causality and coincidence.

Finally , your statistics on gay porn is humorously odd with the magical twist of
transforming opinion into facts.
please, rephrase your statement to make sense so I can understand and respond adequately. Thanks.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 12:56pm On Jul 26, 2015

The fact that the wrath of God has not yet befallen those doing evil doesn't mean what they are doing is right!
I see you have had a one on one discussion with God and he has educated you on what is evil and what's not. Pls, tell me more..
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 12:55pm On Jul 26, 2015

Shut that worthless mouth of yours before God strike it with parkinson fool.

I have lived in US and best countries in Europe and I can categorically tell you that Africans are more happier than your so called Western world citizens. How is your life better than those in Africa? I presumed cos your whole life revolves around debt- from student loan to mortgage for 35 after graduation. You finish paying the mortgage at age 70yrs and your children pick up the same useless and worthless life (vicious circle). All these things are paid for in Africa without borrowing money to send their children through University and of course their houses.

You all go to Africa to shout and scream about strange diseases and all that with your one sided media, please, could you permit me with my camera to go to your hospitals to show the whole world what you guys are silently enduring which are all sort of diseases that have never been heard in Africa continent.

If your life is truly better than people in Africa, how come your fellow Europeans are committing suicide at every passing seconds?

The only different is that your Govts see you guys as fools by giving you weekly handouts-welfare so as not to revolt against their extravagant lifestyles.

Get the Bleep out of here you gay.
you just conjured together worthless words and lies with shades of insult and think you made sense? You are actually going to compare life in advanced countries to africa? grin ; grin

Tell your leaders to make the punishment for gays which is not the greatest killer of Africans, synonymous or party synonymous to that of corruption and high level theft which is the greatest killer of Africans, and maybe you will witness some development and improvement in life expectancy.

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