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Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 12:49pm On Jul 26, 2015

What a profoundly moronic statement.

Did you think you made any sense when you made this cretinous statement?
I did! That's why your little brain could not come up with an appopraite and factual response.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 12:46pm On Jul 26, 2015

What's your point actually? Cos we strive to make it doesn't mean we should compromise and fall away from our norm for the sake of help and development. Anyhow u see it,anyhow u wanna put it,anyhow it means or anyway u understand it,it is unacceptable.
your norms? What norms? Judeo-christain values or traditional African values? You guys just use words loosely without knowing it's dept.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 12:44pm On Jul 26, 2015

And the real ARABS who don't do gay too are suffering too abi.

The earlier you accept that been gay is both mental and spiritual case the better for you.
Arabs don't allow gay rights but they don't pay more attention to gay rights than corruption and thefy.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 8:35am On Jul 26, 2015
Gaylord, go to u.s and practice your sexual tolerance, sexual orientation there.this is Africa we don't need such here.
typical ignorant black man things supporting a cause means you are part of it, well I don't care, Africans can keep up the hypocrisy! Can't you see where our "morality" has kept us? We are doing splendidly well as a continent, meanwhile see how the west with all their gay nonsense is suffering in penury and sqalour.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: How Kenyan President Wisely Shut Down Obama On Gay Issue(video) by Symphony007: 8:26am On Jul 26, 2015
I applaud pres. Obama for standing by his conviction and bringing up this issue despite him knowing it is very toxic and divisive in Africa.

Kenyan's can keep basking in their hypocrisy!! We hate gays but we are among s the highest consumers of gay porn in the world. grin grin


Romance / Dutch Police Adopt Sexiest Police Uniform(pic) by Symphony007: 10:05pm On Jul 25, 2015
The royal Dutch police just rolled out their summer uniform and it's got women all over the world seeking to be arrested.

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Politics / Checkout This Hilarious Facebook Post By Kenyan(pic) by Symphony007: 9:42pm On Jul 25, 2015
Acronyms gone wrong...

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Politics / Re: Caught In The Act: Meet The Man Defacing Port Harcourt by Symphony007: 12:18pm On Jul 25, 2015

He is not the one. This man writes from Rumuokoro to Nkpolu and never beyond. Everyone around Rumuokoro axis know him including the Police.
hmm..so they are two, cause there is one really dealing with us here in town, he has defaced everything, even government buildings like civic center, judiciary, nipost, secretariat and even govt. House. This is unacceptable and why they are not arrested is beyond me.
Politics / Re: Caught In The Act: Meet The Man Defacing Port Harcourt by Symphony007: 7:57am On Jul 25, 2015
Chei! Op, God bless you!! Finally, i've seen this fool..i used to think he does it at night but look how openly he is doing it with no consequence! Law enforcement in port harcourt is messing up, I lost hope when this man defaced a decorative stone in front of the government house with the terms "Jesus is lord"...the best we can hope is this guy dies soon.

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Phones / Re: PIC Of The Day!!!! by Symphony007: 9:17pm On Jul 24, 2015
Very true! Especially for blackberry10 users like me, who receive all messages in real time and never put off data.
Politics / Re: Obama In Kenya. Witch Doctor Tosses Shells & Says Obama Must Visit Village. Pics by Symphony007: 5:40pm On Jul 24, 2015
Africa and juju! The world us growing leaps and bounds in tech and we are still stuck in juju.

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Politics / Re: 13 Ex-Militants Dismissed From Lufthansa Pilot Training School In Germany by Symphony007: 5:34pm On Jul 24, 2015
A pig will always be a pig no matter what. There should relocate to our local pilot school here. This is austerity period.
you and your generation, pigs!!
Family / Re: Man Snatches Friend's Wife And 5 Children; Says He Fathered Them by Symphony007: 11:55am On Jul 24, 2015
If this man were to killed by his friend and he was brought into my court room, as judge, I will not only discharge and acquit him but recommend him fir national award.
Pets / Re: Big Monkey Shot Dead In Ogun State (Photos) by Symphony007: 9:10am On Jul 24, 2015
It was coming from ota arm where it went to visit his relative whose name shall not be mentioned but starts with olu.


Politics / Re: Nigerians Who Lost Their Reputation Defending Goodluck Jonathan by Symphony007: 9:08am On Jul 24, 2015
Why APC won't leave pres. Jonathan alone and focus on their "change" is beyond me. Shows they they have nothing to show for months in office so they keep deflecting to the other guy.

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Politics / Re: Arunma Oteh Appointed World Bank VP by Symphony007: 8:59am On Jul 24, 2015
world bank Sec DG or not he will still be probed and if found guilty.....
He will be jailed...
ignorant mofo! So full of hate and ignorance you don't even know who is being talked about.

Arunma Oteh is a woman.


Politics / Black Man Makes Racist KKK Member Piss In His Pants.(pic) by Symphony007: 8:47am On Jul 24, 2015
Racist from the KKK movement in the United States mocks a black man and he goes nuts..

When your hate is strong, but your bladder is weak.#blackpower.

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Politics / Re: B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G!! Why Buhari Wont Probe IBB, Abacha, Obasanjo, Only Jonathan. by Symphony007: 7:51pm On Jul 23, 2015
Jonathan is corrupt!
Buharies: yesssss, off with his head!!! grin grin

Buhari is corrupt!
Buharies: wailing wailers!! angry angry
Politics / Re: Jonathan Is Extremely Uncomfortable And Unhappy by Symphony007: 7:49pm On Jul 23, 2015
Utter rubbish! Former president and commander in chief of the armed forces of the federal republic of nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is enjoying his retirement in peace after serving his nation in every executive capacity that exist. Something no other idiot former head of state or the current one can boast of. Cheap propaganda.
Phones / Re: Pic:Evolution Of The Cell Phone. by Symphony007: 3:02pm On Jul 23, 2015
Op you forgot the almighty 3310

it's there! Sixth from left.
Phones / Pic:Evolution Of The Cell Phone. by Symphony007: 2:31pm On Jul 23, 2015
This is the evolution of everybody's favourite companion, from it's advent in the 1980's to date...

Health / Cure For HIV Is Impossible- HIV Discoverer. by Symphony007: 1:47pm On Jul 23, 2015
Francoise Barre-Sinoussi: HIV cure is almost impossible

She spoke with CNN at this week's International AIDS Society Conference, in Vancouver, about activism, the future of HIV and why there's still no cure -- as well as answering questions submitted by our readers on Twitter.

At the beginning, the epidemic was in San Francisco in the gay community. How have you seen this change over time?

The epidemic changed in the gay population, for example, because they were very well informed and starting to protect themselves against the infection. However, we are starting again to see the epidemic starting in the gay population -- at least in a proportion of the gay population in Europe, Australia and United States. I am a little bit worried that we'll start to have the same profile of the epidemic that we were having in the early 80s.

But in the early 80s we were speaking about the profile of the epidemic in Europe or in United States because we did not know very well at that time what was going on in Africa. But we started to realize the situation in Africa around 1985, and over there it was clear that the epidemic was mostly heterosexual and still is today. The situation in Africa, in a lot of countries, is mostly a heterosexual epidemic.

How much does that issue of a resurgence in HIV in certain communities concern you?

I am really concerned and worried about that. We are not speaking as much about HIV/AIDS as we were in the 90s. The populations -- including in the developing world -- they know there is a treatment. They are less afraid about being infected by HIV and this makes things very difficult. The education and information should be adapted to this evolution. It has not been perfect. The campaigns should take into consideration that it's a treatment for life, there is a proportion of treatment, after many years, that develop complications, and there are co-morbidities.

The general population is not very well informed about co-morbidities. I saw when I gave a talk to the public, when I start to think about cancer, or aging diseases that appear in patients on long-term ARVs, they say "nobody told us." They are not fully informed and we have a responsibility.

Why do you think so much stigma and misinformation still exists around HIV?

I guess we are still suffering of the early years of HIV ... in the early 80s it was written everywhere in the media that HIV/AIDs was a disease affecting certain populations: in particular the gay population and the intravenous (IV) drug users and that's really remained in the mind of civil society in general. They still feel somehow that, first of all, it's a disease that particularly affects those people that are vulnerable but that do not belong to the regular population.

I have that kind of discussion, for example, with taxi drivers when I speak with them. You know, taxi drivers they like to speak, they say "what are you working on?" and after a while I say "I'm working on AIDS" and they say "Oh! You're working on this disease that are affecting those gay people ... you better work on other disease like cancer or any other disease that's affecting us!" (An appalled is expression upon her face). So that means a lot to me.

Even in my own country, in France ... I was strongly affected by all the discussion around gay marriage in my country. I thought that after so many years we had made progress in terms of recognition of any population and I was really upset when I saw so much conflict regarding the legislation. Fortunately, it's over and the legislation has been accepted. But still, not everybody is accepting of those populations. That makes me really mad. Really mad.

With AIDS, the people affected have been very vocal compared to other diseases. How has the activism impacted the way the field has developed?

I think it's a real partnership. The voice of the activist has been critical for the decrease of the price of drugs, antiretroviral (ARV) treatment, without them probably the prices in terms of access to the treatment would not have been possible.

It's a reason why I think this collaboration between researchers and activists is critical. For scientists, if you deliver and you have new diagnostic tests, or drugs, or vaccines and those tools are not available for everyone, then you are feeling very frustrated. And it's not acceptable. I personally believe a scientist has to become an activist somehow.

So are you an activist?

Some of my colleagues sometimes say that I am an activist and that is the best compliment they can make!

How do you feel about the stage we're at now in HIV science? At the time of your discovery did you think we'd be where we are now?

In the early 80s, personally, I think we were very naive. We were very naive after the discovery of the virus. We said, okay, now that we have found the agent responsible for the disease we will be capable to develop very fast a treatment, a cure; we will be able to develop very rapidly a vaccine and more than 30 years later we still do not have a cure, we still do not have a vaccine.

At that time we did not understand the complexity of the interaction between the virus and the body. It's really over the years that we started to understand all the complexities, not only of the virus but of this interaction, of the response of the host (patient) to the infection, the role of genetics, the role of immunology. Science has made wonderful progress but we are far from understanding everything.

And how about vaccines?

Even though we do not have a vaccine, I think we have learned a lot from the negative results as well ... it's not a failure. We are learning from negative data as much as we learn from positive data and I think vaccine research is typical of that. In the last six - seven years we are starting to see a lot of progress in the field of HIV vaccine.

I think the field of vaccinology in general is moving and maybe I am too optimistic, but I like to think because of HIV the field of vaccinology globally is moving, not only for HIV.

But difficult to say today, because we do not have a cure. I am not sure, by the way, we will have a cure. I used to say to develop a cure for HIV is an impossible mission.

What about a "functional cure"?

I prefer to say remission (when the virus is brought down to low levels in the body) ... That's possible. I'm convinced one day -- I don't know when -- we will have a strategy to induce durable remission. I don't believe that we will have only one treatment. It will be a combination of treatments.

(But) we need both -- a cure and a vaccine.

At this conference it was announced that a teenage girl was found to be in long-term remission despite giving up treatment. Should we be excited about that?

I'm not going to say it's not exciting because the people responsible for that work originate from my lab! So I cannot be objective. But no ... it's interesting data and we are learning from these patients ... It's true the studies on post-treatment controllers, we are learning which kind of response the therapeutic strategies for the future should use.

For me, it's something very critical to make progress in science.

Read: Teenager controls HIV infection without drugs for more than 12 years

Are you really not optimistic that a cure will be possible?

A cure for me is almost an impossible mission because the reservoir of cells is not only in the blood. How to eliminate all the cells which are reservoirs is why I say it's an impossible mission. They are everywhere -- in the gut, in the brain, in all the lymphoid tissue.

Even if you have a very efficient strategy, how you can make sure that there's not one or two cells still there and if one is there the virus will reappear again? That's why I say it's an impossible mission.

But you never know.

Are you really retiring this year?

That's right, in my country it's mandatory to retire. I already got three additional years. I will officially retire at the end of August. That means first of all my lab will close on 31 August, so I will not have any research activity myself. However, I will probably continue some activities of course at the Pasteur Institute ... and I will continue to be involved in international activity for the Pasteur institute.

My agenda is almost full until 2017! I'm part of different committees, boards, scientific councils and I will continue activity for the IAS (International AIDS Society), especially for HIV cure.

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you hadn't discovered HIV?

I guess I will have continued to work in the field of cancer, which I was before. At the end of my career now, we are returning somehow to cancer. Because the cells that are persistently infected are proliferating cells (multiply rapidly like cancer cells) ... so the field is coming back to cancer somehow.

So I'm coming back to the early days of my career ... at the end.

These are excerpts from the full interview with Francoise Barre-Sinoussi (lightly edited for clarity)

Francoise Barre-Sinoussi: HIV cure is almost impossible - CNN.com

Politics / Re: My Thoughts On Buhari Trip To US - Oh My Counrty by Symphony007: 6:39pm On Jul 22, 2015
Nothing new..unseriousness and incompetence in the federal government of nigeria did not start with buhari, but thought he promised us "change".


Politics / Re: Buhari Disgraces CBN Gov, Godwin Emefiele, Jim Ovia, Tony Elumelu, Wale Tinubu by Symphony007: 2:21pm On Jul 22, 2015
These are men who create jobs for a lot of nigeria's and the least their president can do is to carry them along in international circles so they can meet and solicit for buisness fir the unemployed back home. Even obama went to India with nearly 400 u.s buisness leaders. The thinking of this buhari is rather puzzling.
Politics / Re: Official Photos From The Chief Of Defence Staff Hand Over Ceremony In Abuja by Symphony007: 12:21pm On Jul 22, 2015
My dad told me that it was from the late 1980's, during babangida's regime that generals started having pot belly.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Attacks Hometown Of Buratai, New Army Chief, Kills 2 by Symphony007: 12:15pm On Jul 22, 2015
General,Just get some soldiers and do some more group push ups, i'm sure that'll scare them.

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Politics / Re: Adams Oshiomhole's Pretty Wife Stuns In Red At A Meeting In Washington by Symphony007: 12:14pm On Jul 22, 2015
Rochas okorocha looks like a marketer at alaba international market. Money does not buy you style o! How sad!!


Politics / Re: Adams Oshiomhole's Pretty Wife Stuns In Red At A Meeting In Washington by Symphony007: 12:13pm On Jul 22, 2015
Jim ovia a buisness minute that employs thousands in nigeria is not permitted to be with his president to seek more businesses and jobs for Nigerians from the international community but the wife of an inconsequential governor is tagging along. Okay!!


Jokes Etc / When Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Are Discussing.(pic) by Symphony007: 12:08pm On Jul 22, 2015
Is'nt this the kind of friendship we all want?

Health / Re: Nigeria Donates $1m To Fight Ebola In Africa by Symphony007: 10:36am On Jul 22, 2015
grin grin grin grin I thought as much!! When you don't have anything to say, shut up.

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