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Politics / Re: Photos Of Ongoing Road Construction At Azikiwe Street, Port Hacourt,Rivers State by Symphony007: 3:44pm On Jul 10, 2015
Ameachi did roads with underground drainage system.... .. . Now wike is taken us back to the days of odili
Just doing a street and it is in the news.. .. .. . I live few Street from there and I can tell u dat in diobu alone ameachi did more than 20 Streets
shut your trap! The Eagle island road ameachi abandoned for months now have been completed belt wike under weeks....political rubbish won't allow you folks to be objective.

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Politics / Re: Must See!!! Obama At 26 Years When He Still In Village by Symphony007: 12:59pm On Jul 07, 2015
Nigerians! Keep killing yourselves over gay marriage! Meanwhile since the day it was legalised in the u.s to this day over half a million people have died from terrorism in your country! Don't put things in perspective. Keep languishing in bigotry no one cares about.
Phones / Re: Blackberry Isn’t Dead; An Android Phone ‘venice’ On Its Way (Pic) by Symphony007: 7:05am On Jul 07, 2015

You must think you're getting
something out of responding
to me? Since you're not looking
for me to educate you but for
me to hate on your response, I
deem you out of touch. 2015 still acting like a warrior for blackberry? really??
just act like a matured human bring and admit you messed up by saying BB10 phones hang. It won't cost you anything rather than disgracing yourselves here.
Politics / Re: 6 Die In Suicide Bomb Attack On Redeem Church by Symphony007: 2:13pm On Jul 05, 2015
Boko haram is back and stronger than ever!! Meanwhile we have no defense minister or a well articulated plan to halt their offensive talk less of stopping them! How far the service chiefs? Have they moved to maiduguri?


Foreign Affairs / Re: County Clerk Resigns Instead Of Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses (Photo) by Symphony007: 11:36am On Jul 04, 2015
. You re wrong sir. She swore to uphold to the tenets of the existing law as of the time of her appointment.
laws evolve! So in your view,a judge who swore to uphold the law at a time when it was not illegal to smoke pot will refuse to jail someone caught smoking pot when the legislature criminalise pot smoking?
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Slaughter 150 Muslims Praying In Mosques Before Breaking Ramadan Fast by Symphony007: 12:33am On Jul 03, 2015
Okay, let's see which federal government northern elders will blame fir not adequately protecting them, the one run by their brother?

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Politics / Re: Lawal Musa Daura, The New SSS Director General's Profile by Symphony007: 12:30am On Jul 03, 2015
We have an Alhaji dantata as DSS director?
Politics / Re: Peter Obi & Jonathan Brought Boko Haram Prisoners To Anambra Not Me – Obiano by Symphony007: 12:28am On Jul 03, 2015
The same igbo crying about marginalisation can't even project unity. What a joke!

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Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Lagos Roads Flooded After Heavy Rainfall Today by Symphony007: 7:51pm On Jul 02, 2015
Our mega city!! This is the sceptic tank igbo's and yoruba's are dragging!! grin grin

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Politics / Re: BVN: Bank Customers Abandon Banks, To Wait Till October 29 For Another Rush by Symphony007: 7:49pm On Jul 02, 2015
This virtually sums it up!

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Politics / Re: 30 Days In Office: 5 New Governors That Have Started by Symphony007: 7:46pm On Jul 02, 2015
Wike is Working or Witch Hunting?

That boy should take it easy
wike just completed the Eagle island road in bearly two weeks, something which has been stalling since the ameachi era.
Celebrities / Re: Desmond Elliot Hits The Gym To Control His Growing Pot Belly (Photos) by Symphony007: 7:45pm On Jul 02, 2015
Did'nt they tell him that a pot belly is a must have for a Nigerian politician?


Foreign Affairs / Re: County Clerk Resigns Instead Of Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses (Photo) by Symphony007: 7:43pm On Jul 02, 2015
Good! Resign and go look for job elsewhere since you can't differentiate your personal beliefs from your duties as an officer of the state who swore to uphold your duties without fear of favour. Other bigots should follow suit. With an unemployment rate of 5.3, there are a lot of people waiting to take ur jobs.


Politics / Re: 30 Days: APC Lists 8 Major Achievements Of Buhari by Symphony007: 5:06am On Jul 01, 2015
When your party and not the people list your so called "achievements"...you know you are an incompetent joke.

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Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity Begins! As Lagos, Ibadan Filling Stations Begin To Close (photos) by Symphony007: 5:04am On Jul 01, 2015
This is scary o! I have exams next week o! And I don't stay on campus...
Politics / Re: US And Cuba To Announce The Opening Of Embassies,re-establishing Diplomaticties by Symphony007: 5:02am On Jul 01, 2015
Another feather in the cap of one of the most consequential presidents in mordern history, barack obama, over turning a mistake of hubris of about 50 years and further weakening Russian influence in South America. Next up, Venezuela and other south American countries..


Politics / Re: Don’t Tempt Military To Attack N’delta – IYC President by Symphony007: 1:04pm On Jun 27, 2015
them don dey fear?grin
I thought they said they will declare war on Nigeria? undecided
Where is Tompolo, Boyloaf and Asari? iidiatsgrinangry
Those foools clamouring for Biafra, IYC just warned their youths to back out. na una dey remain

these guys know Buhari wont take shiit from themgrincheesy

the fear of PMB is real mehncheesy
shut up your stinking mouth! When sane people are doing heir best to avoid unnecessary waste of life and resource, ignorant fools like you are injecting useless political gamesmanship!!
Politics / Re: (pictures) Americans React As Supreme Court Legalise Gay Marriage Nationwide by Symphony007: 8:05pm On Jun 26, 2015
I still maintain that Barrack Obama remains the worst President USA ever have.
thank God the views of nobodies like you dies not matter in u.s public opinion.

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Politics / Breaking News:apc Changes Party Flag!! by Symphony007: 8:01am On Jun 26, 2015
As APC infighting not only continues but grows in leaps and bounds, the ruling party has changed it's national flag to accurately depict the current situation of the party!!


Politics / Re: Buhari Boiling Over Yesterday's Fight - Ministerial List To Be Delayed Longer by Symphony007: 7:48am On Jun 26, 2015
If you like, boil like pot of soup on fore, hopeless man!! You can't control your useless party yet you want to control nigeria, you can fight some power hungry idiotss in your party causing havoc in governance yet you want to fight oil marketers, corruption, etc.. i pity nigeria because as incompetent as I forecasted this government to be, they are beating my expectation.

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Education / What An American Twitted About Nigeria, Is It True? by Symphony007: 11:05am On Jun 23, 2015
An American twitted this in response to the Nigerian student who solved the years old math problem in a Japanese university!!

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Politics / Re: What Will Be The Fate Of Bankrupt States? by Symphony007: 9:32am On Jun 23, 2015

Buhari will need to get a supplementary Budget passed before he begins doling out money.

You can bet that northern senators whose states surprisingly do not owe their workers and have a far lesser debt burden than the SW states will oppose this or use it as leverage to table their own financial demands.

The SS and SE will obviously oppose this move and will rather call for the Osun State govt to declare bankruptcy.

So I don't see how Buhari can easily help Osun.
great points, let's wait and see.

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Politics / Re: What Will Be The Fate Of Bankrupt States? by Symphony007: 9:16am On Jun 23, 2015

If the FG is to bail a state like Osun out it should only be for Salaries owed only.

The FG will thus have to do a personnel audit of all Osun State workers and an embargo place on employment, promotions and allowances.

The case of the pensioners should be priotized with whatever revenue still coming to the state's coffers should be directed towards settling them and also the inclusion of all current Osun state civil servants into the Federal Pension plan.

Aregberascal should not be given a dime as we know he will still divert the money to pay Tinubu and himself for all the useless abandoned contracts.

The FG should also probe Osun state govt and also sponsor a bill preventing states from running a deficit budget based on bank loans.
exactly! These are the measure expected of the federal govt. To take against an irresponsible state but I doubt this federal government will want to play hard ball with a state government in the same party. This will be one of the test of pres.buhari's "I belong to no one, I belong to everyone" quote.

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Politics / Re: What Will Be The Fate Of Bankrupt States? by Symphony007: 9:06am On Jun 23, 2015
Well, this is a result of the gross incompetence of the state government who in all their years in office could'nt create a revenue base rather choose to spend and spend federal pocket money....the state ultimately will have to be bailed out by the federal government and a financial administrator in conjuction with the national assembly shall control the purse of the osun state government until the crisis is over and they are made to pay back what they owe the Nigerian people.

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Politics / Re: Salaries: FG's Condition Worse Than States, Says Oshiomole by Symphony007: 9:02am On Jun 23, 2015
You can tell from this man"s latest fixation on the federal government leaving his state, that he is gearing up for a national run or role of some sort after he leaves office next year, well if that is the case, then he is as dumb and stuupid as he is ugly.
Politics / Re: 'Wike not after former governor Amaechi' by Symphony007: 9:00am On Jun 23, 2015
Leave some nigerians to their stupidity, they can never be delivered from it! They claim to want a better country but are terming the probe of corruption "witch hunt" due to idiotic party affiliation that has done them no good! If buhari wants to probe wike's time as education minister, FINE!!! We need such things to move the nation forward. Your patriotism should be to your country and people not stupid political parties that could care less who you are.
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Snail Pace - PUNCH by Symphony007: 8:55am On Jun 23, 2015
Calling buhari a snail is an insult to every snail on earth.

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Politics / Re: VP Osibanjo Tweets About Him Resuming In Villa (picture) by Symphony007: 8:54am On Jun 23, 2015
All hand on "desk" or "deck"...proffesor indeed!!!
Politics / Anti Boko Haram Progress Made By GEJ Rolled Back Under Buhari-nbc News. by Symphony007: 1:51am On Jun 23, 2015
Boko Haram is winning.

That's the assessment of both U.S. counterterrorism officials and many experts who cover West Africa. After several months of optimism, and military successes by Chadian and Nigerian forces that rolled back the terror group's gains, Boko Haram has retaken the initiative.

The Islamist terror group attacked a police academy in Chad's capital city of N'Djamena this weekend, killing dozens of officers and recruits. Boko Haram had also killed dozens of Nigerians, including police officers, in a series of recent attacks around Maiduguri, the biggest city in Nigeria's northeast. On Wednesday, a sack of bombs killed more than 60 people in Bauchi, Nigeria.

"You can quibble on this and that, but yes, they are winning," said John Campbell, the Ralph Bunche Center director at the Council on Foreign Relations and a former U.S. ambassador to Nigeria. Campbell said that Western observers had "way overstated" the territorial gains by Nigerian and Chadian forces that dislodged Boko Haram from small towns it had overrun in the spring.


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Thousands Flee Boko Haram in Nigeria to Island in Lake Chad 2:38
"There have been successes," said a U.S. counterterrorism official. "But it's whack-a-mole. Boko Haram does strategic retreats. ... They will move out from the forest into the countryside, attacking villages, then when confronted will beat a retreat and carry out bombings in Maiduguri. ... We've just had three days of bombings in Maiduguri. It had quieted down in Maiduguri."

Officials in Nigeria and four neighboring countries -- Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin -- have been trying to form an 8,700-man fighting force to battle Boko Haram. Both the United States and France has been helping with intelligence and other support, but the multinational force is still has no central command.

So Boko Haram retains the initiative, and commands the pace. The group has also solidified its connection with ISIS, referring to itself in a June 1 video as the "Islamic State, West Africa Province," ans is borrowing the Arab terror group's military ideas.


Though U.S. officials say there's no evidence that ISIS has supplied Boko Haram with anything other than production help on social media, J. Peter Pham, director of the Atlantic Council's Africa Center, says there's evidence of what he called "revolutionary" military tactics inspired by ISIS.

"What I have seen is increasing sophistication in confronting Nigerian forces," said Pham. "In attacks on Nigerian forces, it's always been see-saw battles for control. What's interesting is that tactics have changed."

Before, said Pham, the Nigerians would flee and Boko Haram would advance. "That's still ongoing," he said. "Now, however, Boko Haram is attacking on two of three sides and will put the bulk of their forces on the escape route and the Nigerians are getting ambushed. That's a military revolution."

The counterterrorism official agrees, saying Boko Haram is showing "a lot more nimbleness."

The attack on N'Djamena is a bold move by Boko Haram, say experts, because it will spur reprisals from Chad. The French-trained Chadians, who already have 5,000 soldiers committed to the fight, are seen as the "warriors" of the region, U.S. officials say, compared to the other national armies. But there are issues with the way Chadians fight.


"They are fearless and have the best training in the region. In short, they bring it," said an official. "On the other hand, they think direct combat is the best. As a result, they tend to lose more people. They think body armor wimpy," said the official.

In a long war, that tends to be problematic, the official added. "Neither Chad nor Nigeria nor Niger nor Cameroon have the troops to sustain a long-term effort."

Pham thinks the attack on the police academy will have consequences, ending an implicit agreement under which Boko Haram was permitted to keep its families there. Even Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau had a favorite wife living in Chad. "That tacit understanding is over," said Pham. "Expect the families to be rounded up." Some in the U.S. note that Chad's military, like Nigeria's, has a record of human rights abuses.

Boko Haram soldiers fighting in Nigeria. NBC News
Chad has asked for U.S. help, but so far the U.S has been reluctant. "Do we want to get involved in yet another civil war within Islam?" asked Campbell. "Not small arms, not intelligence sharing? A war. Do we?"


On Monday in Johannesburg, South Africa, Undersecretary of State for Africa Linda Greenfield Thomas announced he U.S. was sending $5 million to help build the five-nation coalition, but that's seen as a token contribution.

The next steps militarily could be up to Nigeria's new government, which is headed by a former military dictator, Muhammadu Buhari. He said this week he will go to Cameroon soon to help make the multinational coalition happen, but previous talks were fraught with in-fighting based on past border disputes. And, said a U.S. official, "We have seen no big changes in the Nigerian military. They're still not a good fighting force."

Campbell says it looks like a long fight. "Boko Haram seem intent on recreating the pre-colonial Islamic Emirate of Borno," he argued. "Pieces of Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon were all part of that pre-colonial emirate."

How ambitious is that? Said Pham, "We're probably talking an area that's close to 100,000 square miles -- the size of Wyoming.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Picks Kogi, Akwa Ibom For Nuclear Power Plants by Symphony007: 4:21pm On Jun 20, 2015
So a country as advanced as Japan can have so much problems handling the fukushima nuclear plant when tragedy struck, an underdeveloped entity like nigeria want to try it's hand on nuclear power. God forbid, that'll be after I move out.

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Phones / Re: Photo: See What Guys Have Turn Social Media Into by Symphony007: 12:25pm On Jun 20, 2015
Seen this a lot on my sisters Facebook wall. Pathetic!!

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Politics / Re: Wike Recovers Vehicle 'Illegally' Acquired By Amaechi Spokesman (Photos) by Symphony007: 6:19pm On Jun 18, 2015
Stuupid nigerians on this thread condemning the right thing because of political affiliation but tomorrow they will shout that they want a better nigeria.


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