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Politics / Re: Adams Oshiomhole's Pretty Wife Stuns In Red At A Meeting In Washington by Symphony007: 12:13pm On Jul 22, 2015
Jim ovia a buisness minute that employs thousands in nigeria is not permitted to be with his president to seek more businesses and jobs for Nigerians from the international community but the wife of an inconsequential governor is tagging along. Okay!!


Jokes Etc / When Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Are Discussing.(pic) by Symphony007: 12:08pm On Jul 22, 2015
Is'nt this the kind of friendship we all want?

Health / Re: Nigeria Donates $1m To Fight Ebola In Africa by Symphony007: 10:36am On Jul 22, 2015
grin grin grin grin I thought as much!! When you don't have anything to say, shut up.
Health / Re: Nigeria Donates $1m To Fight Ebola In Africa by Symphony007: 10:33am On Jul 22, 2015
[size=15pt]TANoids are illiterates![/size]

To them, since PMB met a virtually empty treasury, Nigeria has no right to have any money nor even earn any more.

See them wailing at every news, good or bad:

your president met an empty treasury but did'nt provide any valid audit or proof of that utterly idiotic postulation and since he started "replenishing" the empty treasury where is the accountability and proof to buttress it? No finance minister, national economic council(without finance minister) inuagrated weeks ago and has met only once. Propaganda can only take you so far my dear.
Health / Re: Nigeria Donates $1m To Fight Ebola In Africa by Symphony007: 8:42am On Jul 22, 2015
More magic money from the virtually empty treasury...

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Politics / Re: Where Is Amaechi In Buhari's Delegation To The USA? by Symphony007: 8:41am On Jul 22, 2015
The man just sew that fine, new atibo for nothing..

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Politics / Re: Buhari Donates $1 Million To Fight Ebola In Africa - N200 Million by Symphony007: 8:34am On Jul 22, 2015
More magic money from the "virtually empty treasury"...

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Romance / Re: Who Did Cain (adam & Eve Offspring) Marry? by Symphony007: 7:42am On Jul 22, 2015
When you do an in depth study of Christianity and all religions in general and their vague tenets, you wonder how they manage to keep fellow humans with a functioning brain under their followership.


Politics / Re: Buhari's US Visit, My Opinion - We Place So Much Premium On The US. by Symphony007: 7:40am On Jul 22, 2015
Nigeria is gonna loose big time for senseless foreign policy shift from the east back to the west. After all the efforts Yar adua and jonathan to project nigeria as a neutral player on the world stage, this government is turning things around and fir what? What do we stand to gain except being further alienated from other emerging economies as we're seen as trojan horses for the west.
Politics / Re: Obama Does Not Respect Buhari (photo) by Symphony007: 11:24pm On Jul 21, 2015
The Americans are not stupid grin grin grin That Picture with the chinese President is a major reason why washington went into overide to stop GEJ.
exactly! A lot of them forgot that when jonathan was sworn in newly, he visited the u.s and was given a rock star welcome at the nuclear summit. Just by asking, nigeria's name was lifted off the terrorist list but when jonathan started looking east for other friend, they turned on him and now they have a new puppet.


Politics / Re: Obama Does Not Respect Buhari (photo) by Symphony007: 11:04pm On Jul 21, 2015
They want you to think buhari is the best thing to happen to nigeria since slice bread and we were widely disrespected until his buhariness came and saved the day!!

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Politics / Re: Obama Does Not Respect Buhari (photo) by Symphony007: 11:02pm On Jul 21, 2015
Pictures APC does not want you to see...

Picture according to sane minds.
Pres. Jonathan shares a light hearted moment with the pres. Obama, p.m cameron and chancellor merkel.

Picture according to APC if buhari was in it:
In an unprecedented move in the history of nigeria, pres. Buhari discusses with the leaders of three world powers, more evidence of nigeria's growing respect under pres. Buhari.

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Politics / Re: Obama Does Not Respect Buhari (photo) by Symphony007: 10:50pm On Jul 21, 2015
This is how you threat an equal head of state or government.

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Celebrities / Re: Olamide Looking Dapper In Red Native Outfit (photo) by Symphony007: 7:55pm On Jul 21, 2015
Politics / Re: Buhari Blunders At White House (video) by Symphony007: 5:20pm On Jul 21, 2015
The new normal for nigeria.
Politics / Re: We Will Continue With Jonathan’s Privatisation Programme – Buhari by Symphony007: 5:17pm On Jul 21, 2015
The only difference is that people like tinubu will now be the major beneficiaries.


Politics / Re: Obama Expresses Confidence In Buhari’s Leadership Style by Symphony007: 5:05pm On Jul 21, 2015
Just the way he expressed confidence in jonathan's leadership to the point that he removed nigeria's name from the terrorist list at immediate request until they fell out when he started playing away match with the Russians and Chinese, The dull nigerians celebrating these insignificant gestures will be singing a new song soon.
Politics / Re: What Is Wrong With These Pictures Of Obama, PMB And GEJ by Symphony007: 5:02pm On Jul 21, 2015
The way Obama suddenly switched off believing the administration of GEJ is a lesson for PMB. All smiles and good gestures can change if you fail to play along.
I wish Nigeria could look inwards, stay united and look outside the US for help.
that's why nigerians are so stupiid....thisis exactly the way it started with jonathan. a lot of people forget that upon his first visit to the u.s, jonathan made the government remove nigeria from the terrorist list and when he stepped out of line, look how things are..they are celebrating obama hosting their president in the white house for a few hours, not even a state dinner or visit, later Africans will cry of inferiority complex. Let's see how this next few years go.

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Politics / Re: More Photos From The Dinner Hosted In Honor Of Buhari By The US CCCCA by Symphony007: 4:57pm On Jul 21, 2015
Repositioning our foreign policy from global emerging global players like russia and China back to the west who are partly responsible for all Nigerian woes, at this rate nigeria will never be admitted into the commitee of emerging nation's as we will be seen as a trojan horse for the west. The start of a pathetic foreign policy.
Politics / Re: Lionel Messi Paid N756m To Come Lay Stadium's Foundation In Gabon by Symphony007: 4:53pm On Jul 21, 2015
Won't be surprised if confirmed...African leaders are idiots. How many gabonese people would have lived a happier life with that money?
Politics / Re: Breaking: President Buhari Plans To Arrest Jonathan? by Symphony007: 2:30pm On Jul 21, 2015
Are you ready to pick up arm and fight for GEJ if he is arrested today? Nigerians can sha run mouth ehn. These people don't give a damm if you live or not yet I see youn men/women beating their chest daily for them. What did GEJ do for his people when he was there? Anybody who risks his/her life for a Nigerian political leader is the greatest fool on earth.
I agree with whatever you wrote up there so far as it applies to every corrupt individual that gas rules this country. You can't cherry pick who us corrupt...
Politics / Re: Breaking: President Buhari Plans To Arrest Jonathan? by Symphony007: 12:29pm On Jul 21, 2015
Must these thieving thieves bring ethnicity to everything what is anti-ijaw in probing a politicians.
start with obasanjo, babamgida, danjuma, etc rubbish!!

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Politics / Re: Breaking: President Buhari Plans To Arrest Jonathan? by Symphony007: 12:28pm On Jul 21, 2015
Arrest the former president from the mist minority tribe in nigeria while you comrades from the north and west live in hilton mansions in abeokuta and minna? Try it and trigger the implosion of nigeria. I know this news is fake.


Celebrities / D'banj Dedicates MAMA Award To Don Jazzy (Photo) by Symphony007: 9:53pm On Jul 18, 2015
Singer-songwriter, harmonica player, and businessman, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo (D’Banj) who won the maiden MAMA Evolution awards, has dedicated the prestigious prize to his former business partner and producer, Don Jazzy, who is the boss of Mavin Records.

The Evolution category is meant for established artistes who have made a huge impact on the African music scene, taken African music to new heights around the world and pushed the boundaries of creativity.

D’Banj beat fellow Nigerian representatives Asa, Psquare and 2face  to the awards. Fally Ipupa (DRC), Samini (Ghana), HHP (South Africa) Chameleone (Uganda), Black Coffee (South Africa) and Anselmo Ralph (Angola) were also nominated

It will be recalled that the musical marriage  between D’Banj and Don Jazzy ended on a sour note in 2012.

Breaking: D'banj dedicates MAMA awards to Don Jazzy - Vanguard News

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Politics / Ridicule:italian Prime Minister Wears Bulletproof In Kenyan State House by Symphony007: 7:19pm On Jul 17, 2015
Italian PM wears body-armor to meet Kenya's President

Story highlights

Italian PM Matteo Renzi concealed a bullet-proof vest under his suit as he met Kenya's President Kenyatta on Wednesday
Kenya's State House is heavily guarded and watched over by CCTV cameras
A government official claims the decision was due to a 'tight schedule'
Negative reaction on social media
Prime Minister Matteo Renzi raised eyebrows among Kenya's social media users this week when he appeared to be sporting a bulky flak-jacket in a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta in his visit to Kenya's State House on Wednesday.

The images became a parlor game of 'did he or didn't he?' with red circles highlighting the unusually bulky suit jacket.

Kenyans mockingly asked whether Renzi took the adage 'security starts with you' a step too far.

In recent years, Kenya has been hit by a series of horrific terror attacks, mostly blamed on Somali militant group Al-Shabaab.

But the colonial-era presidential palace is arguably one of the safest places in the country.

State House is barricaded by fences, guarded by heavily armed paramilitary officers and surveillance cameras are always keeping a watchful eye.

Speaking from experience, it is not even wise to attempt a u-turn in front of the gate.

At first, Italian Prime Ministers' office would not comment on the matter.

But an Italian government official later confirmed to CNN that Prime Minister Renzi wore a bullet proof vest during his visit to Kenya because of security concerns.

However, the official, who did not wish to be named, said that Renzi wore the protection inside the Presidential Palace because of a 'tight schedule', not because of security.

Apparently, he didn't have time to take it off.

Manoah Esipisu, presidential spokesman told CNN: "We don't have a formal comment on the matter."

In the lead up to President Barack Obama's trip to Kenya later this month, it is sure to raise questions on security protocol.

President Obama, whose father was Kenyan, is hugely popular in the country.

In recent months, Kenyan papers have repeatedly run articles emphasizing that the U.S. president would still be coming despite the security risks.

"It's incredibly unusual for there to be circumstances that would justify a head of state actually wearing body armor, and especially to a dignitary or a VIP meeting," says Will Geddes, a security analyst, on viewing the footage of the meeting "and one has to question what decision-making was made within the security detail that would necessitate presenting this option to the Prime Minister."

CNN's Robyn Kriel and Ingrid Formanek contributed to this report.

Italian PM wears body-armor to meet Kenya's President - CNN.com

Religion / Re: Donate To Church Or School..imagine The Possibilities? by Symphony007: 8:19am On Jul 12, 2015
Una try, so how much have u taken to ur state govt for
public school donation so far?
you don't need to donate it to your state govt. Go and execute a project directly in the school that produced you so the task of producing others will be easier. An alumini of my university produced the borehole we used in our hostel as during his time they had to walk miles to get wager. I wonder if that money would have been better spent in the coffers of a church.
Religion / Donate To Church Or School..imagine The Possibilities? by Symphony007: 8:10am On Jul 12, 2015
What if half of all the money donated in the millions of churches along the length and breath of nigeria this Sunday is channelled into our public school system, what will be the outcome? There is no church in nigeria were worshippers sit on the floor to listen to semon but there are thousands of schools in our nation where kids sit on the floor to learn, a therefore ask schools and churches, which is more crucial to the development of our nation. You fellow nairalanders that donate millions to your churches and "daddies in the lord" have you donated a single wooden desk of chemical bicker to the public schools that produced you? Think about it......

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Politics / Re: Tension As Aba Boys Beat-up Hausa Soldier;army Retaliate,ransack Strt- Igberetv by Symphony007: 5:17am On Jul 12, 2015
Such a stuupid country! When did the prestigious military whose responsibility us to defend the territorial integrity of the nation start settling domestic disputes?
Politics / Re: Apc Wins Round One At Rivers Governorship Election Tribunal by Symphony007: 5:09pm On Jul 11, 2015
Very funny! Shows you the utter desperation of these APC stooges...if they think they can win Barr. Emma ukala and nyesom wike in court, they are as deluded as they are stupid.
Politics / Re: North Korea's New Stunning Airport Puts American To Shame by Symphony007: 7:27pm On Jul 10, 2015
What rubbish! Is this close to Chicago's o'hare that has 12 runways? All this anti American bullshit..
Politics / Re: Police Seal Up 22 Rivers LG Secretariat On Orders From IG by Symphony007: 7:25pm On Jul 10, 2015
This is the same thing APC accused the jonathan government of using the police for, now look at this, shows they were not shouting because of misuse of power but because that power was not theirs to misuse.

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