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Career / Mastering The Art Of Small Talk. by Symphony007: 7:09pm On Apr 21, 2015
Have you ever been on a situation where you meet somebody for the first time and after name introduction the conversation dies and gets awkward? It due to the fact you are lacking in the skill of "small talk"..in today's buisness world, a mastery in the art might be a huge plus to your career. As a mass communication student with special interest in public relations, I have come to master this art and here are some tips for you to start off..
Phones / Re: Has Your Facebook Account Been Breached? Then, Read This. by Symphony007: 10:09pm On Apr 19, 2015
My uncles account was hacked recently and for thieves were sending Facebook messages to his friends begging for 1,500 naira MTN card, via Facebook chat. That he was at very important meeting in Abuja and could'nt get airtime. He promised to pay back. Bunch of thieves!!! I caught them immediately because my millionaire uncle will never beg card, I even played along with them and said i'll send the card via E top up to his phone, they refused and send I should send through Facebook chat. Rogues!! Called my uncle immediately and informed him.
Religion / Reverend Sister Drinking Beer!!(pic) by Symphony007: 7:16am On Apr 19, 2015
Meaning that one is a nun does not mean I will not enjoy my life.

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Politics / Re: Final Result Of Gubernatorial Election In Rivers State by Symphony007: 8:42am On Apr 13, 2015
Alhaji ciroma rotimi amadu should pack his laid and start moving to Abuja before the buhari administration wanna be appointees queue is full...there are a lot of disgruntled politicians already there...


Politics / Re: Things You Will Want The APC FG To Do Within The First 100days! by Symphony007: 5:46am On Apr 13, 2015
All their leaders should return all the money they have stolen...ameachi should pay back rivers people's money that he used to fund buhari campaign, especially the 280 million dollars loan.

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Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Kisses Wife, Remy So Deeply And Passionately (Photo) by Symphony007: 10:46pm On Apr 12, 2015
That woman will be crying a river in her soul!! The things we do for money and power...

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Celebrates With People At His Residence Over Apc’s Big Win (photos) by Symphony007: 10:42pm On Apr 12, 2015
The celebration of criminality and theft going to high places!!
Politics / Re: International Observers Call For Outright Cancelation Of Rivers Elections by Symphony007: 10:41pm On Apr 12, 2015
Shhhhhh... Keep your voice down.... You're sounding like a livid demented oaf.... You risk letting everyone know....

Huuuuush. grin
ahh..when faced with facts, the rats scatter!!
Politics / Re: International Observers Call For Outright Cancelation Of Rivers Elections by Symphony007: 10:38pm On Apr 12, 2015
How many peole lost their lives where Apc won?
It is currupt people like you that have kept us where we are today as a nation.
please my name is not bola tinubu or rotimi ameachi so check that sentence of yours.

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Politics / Re: International Observers Call For Outright Cancelation Of Rivers Elections by Symphony007: 10:37pm On Apr 12, 2015

You can never conpare the situation in rivers to any state in nigeria, wish you know how desprate this guys are since 2yaers now.
Well let see how it unfold.
APC wants their hands on the two cash cows of nigeria..rivers and akwa ibom state but they know they can never win it so they create chaos in those states election to cast aspersions on it to get foolish statements like this cancellation out, but it will never work and they'll learn that in a hard way.

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Politics / Re: International Observers Call For Outright Cancelation Of Rivers Elections by Symphony007: 10:34pm On Apr 12, 2015
When next you wanna comment, make sure to employ the services of your brain. If you don't have one, you can as well borrow.

It says "international observers" and not APC. That is the crux of the matter here.
save me the idiotic talk you slowpoke!! Were there no shooting and voter intimidation in lagos? The rivers state that you speak of, wike was barricaded in his house by the military and never left, the same ameachi that went around the state harrasing voters and inec staff but still lost has in conjuction with his master, tinubu orchestrated this sharm call for cancellation by fictitious foreign observers. The APC is evil! They know they can't win rivers na d akwa ibom so they create chaos to cast aspersions on the election results when they finally loose. But they will fail, this election will stand, this is not like the presidential election where ameachi paid stuupid women 50,000 each to protest, any rubbish APC stunt will be met with resistance by the "real" rivers people.

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Politics / Re: Rotimi Amaechi Congratulates Nyesom Wike by Symphony007: 9:14pm On Apr 12, 2015
For where? I never knew i'll see the day but PDP is now the matured person in the room, when they loose they congratulate their opponents, when APC wins, they scream and bicker like entitled kids...nigeria than enter one chance.
Politics / Re: War Is Coming Back To The Creeks Again. by Symphony007: 9:10pm On Apr 12, 2015
I don't care whatever nonsense APC is doing but if they extend their nonsense to the south, if tinubu tries to use his new found stooge in Abuja to spread his cleptomanic tendencies to the Niger delta, buhari will fight a war on both fronts, Boko haram in the north and the militants in the south...we will see how much of a general he is..rubbish!!!


Politics / Re: International Observers Call For Outright Cancelation Of Rivers Elections by Symphony007: 9:02pm On Apr 12, 2015
APC wins and PDP calls to congratulate them, PDP wins and APC alleges malpractice and wants cancellation!! This party is worse than I thought, it's evil will make PDP's look like child's play! Nigerians are in for it.

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Politics / Re: Don Jazzy’s First To Congratulate Ambode As Lagos Governor-elect by Symphony007: 6:12pm On Apr 12, 2015
Political musician...
Politics / Re: Confirmed Results: Wike Leads In Rivers - Vanguard by Symphony007: 4:52pm On Apr 12, 2015
Alhaji chibuike rotimi ameachi should start moving to Abuja and join the buhari administration appointees queue!!


Politics / Re: Bola Ahmed Tinubu!!! The Great Political Strategist Of Our Time. 8) by Symphony007: 4:25pm On Apr 12, 2015
Party of change celebrating a known criminal and looter!!! Very funny..


Politics / Re: Nyesom Wikes Plans Exposed In Rivers by Symphony007: 4:18pm On Apr 12, 2015
With the level if irresponsibilty APC shows in the face of defeat, I assure you that nigerians just threw out one devilish party for a bigger devilish party.

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Politics / Re: Against All Odds, Rochas Wins Re-election by Symphony007: 4:13pm On Apr 12, 2015

exactly my pain since it has been IMO n rivers bothering me, if IMO is out now left with rivers .tribunal might be able to upturn the result if there are evidences, but I would prefer it is left in the hands of wike so that when he and mama peace finish dealing with that state, next time you don't have to beg them to vote a more responsible person!!
responsible? A supporter of the party of tinubu and ameachi accusing others of irresponsibility? Please tell tinubu to return all the stolen money and properties of lagos, also tell ameachi to return all the stolen billions and loans of the rivers people! Ask dakuku what he did in his four years as works commissioner and subsequently representative for opobo people talk less of rivers people that he wants to be governor, it's utterly pathetic how members of a criminal party have the brass to point fingers at others, a classic case of pot calling kettle black, that is why this country will never grow or change.


Politics / Re: Photos: Asari Dokubo And MASSOB Leader Hold Private Meeting by Symphony007: 3:02pm On Apr 12, 2015
Instead of Asari to approach & dialogue with the incoming government,to see if the amnesty program contract would be extended for their own good...But he seems to believe he can face the government.

Let someone tell him that black magic (juju) doesn't work on the military,if an order was given to the Nigerian army,they would just level the entire Niger Delta under 48 hours.
you are so stuupid, when you die, I pray you donate your brain to a scientific institute to study it to learn more about the art of advanced and chronic stupidity!!


Politics / Re: Are You Selling Cars Here: Buhari Questioned Tinubu by Symphony007: 9:41am On Apr 12, 2015
What if once sworn into office buhari moves against tinubu, Ameachi, and other thieves who funded his campaign with the Peoples stolen money? Imprison then and return the remaining loot to their respective state and then tenders an apology to the Nigerian people for associating with such men but it was the only way he was to get elected and deliver nigeria the change it desperately needs? Am I over optimistic, hallucinating or day dreaming?


Politics / Re: Dakuku Is Love By Rivers People But The Hatred For Govnor Ameachi Made Him Lost by Symphony007: 9:38am On Apr 12, 2015
you seem to me like the kind of person who throws away the baby with the bathwater.
symphony,no problem. All of us dey nairaland. We will meet in 4 years to compare notes. I hope this your new found "objectivity" will still be there in 4years.
I dey kampe! And my note will be ready whenever the comparison starts...

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Politics / Re: Dakuku Is Love By Rivers People But The Hatred For Govnor Ameachi Made Him Lost by Symphony007: 9:33am On Apr 12, 2015

symphony,Its a pity that you of all people.one of the few people i could rely on to say things objectively is talking like this.Its a Pity! Little wonder the Niger delta is the way it is. When the educated ones see black and call it white.
In a country where each region is in a race to make progress, my people in the SS/SE want to remain undeveloped. They want to remain animals and turn around to get angry when treated as animals.
rivers people have chosen ! No wahala. But Let them just forget development for the next 8years.If you think wike has a plan for rivers state, then you all need to have your heads checked.
you vote stupidly,you get stupid leadership! QED

excuse me!! See who is accusing me of colour blindness! Wike has no plan for rivers state! Granted!! What plan gas dakuku fir rivers state? I just spoke of the 280 million dollars loan ameachi took on behalf of the state to fund fictitious water project. Where is it today? Gone to fund campaign while that debt is on the backs of you and my unborn children...once again, you loose credibility when you fail to realise their is no difference between these parties!
Politics / Re: I Will Congratulate Winner If I Lose – Okorocha by Symphony007: 9:25am On Apr 12, 2015
Mallam rochas!! With the amount of disgruntled politician that will be waiting for appointment in buhari government eh...he will organise a raffle draw to pick those who go through..

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Politics / Re: Where Is The $280 Milion Dollars Loan Ameachi Took For "Rivers Water Project"? by Symphony007: 9:22am On Apr 12, 2015
Every honest rivers resident will attest to the fact that since this loan was taken and bearly four months to the end of his term, Ameachi has not dug a single borehole!! We all know where the money went.

But it is our prayer that our incoming "anti- corruption" undecided undecided undecidedpresident will probe those who funded his campaign with the commonwealth of the poor masses!! we are watching.


Politics / Where Is The $280 Milion Dollars Loan Ameachi Took For "Rivers Water Project"? by Symphony007: 9:19am On Apr 12, 2015
RIVERS ASSEMBLY: Assembly approves $280m water project loan for Gov Amaechi

LEGISREPORTS NG – The Rivers State House of Assembly has approved a request presented to it by the state government to loan $280million dollars from the African Development Bank and World Bank to fund water supply and sanitation project in the state.

The approval came after the lawmakers debated the letter sent to the House by the State governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

The letter reads in parts:

“It may interest you to note that the Rivers State government has successfully obtained approval from the Boards of the African Development Bank and the World Bank respectively for the Port Harcourt water supply and sanitation project.

“The purpose of the project is to provide sustainable and safe access to clean and hygienic drinking water and sanitation in the city of Port Harcourt.

“The project which is being undertaken by the Federal Ministry of Finance for un-lending to Rivers State is to enable the state government commence the project at the earliest possible time”, the letter read in part.

In their contributions, the lawmakers said the loan was a welcome development considering the wide criticisms the governor had received for lack of potable drinking water in the state.

They however insisted that the state commissioner for water resources be invited to the floor of the House to offer detailed explanations of the financial implication of the loan.

Ruling on the matter, Speaker, Otelemaba Dan-Amachree who divided the House for a vote thanked the lawmakers for their contributions and directed the Clerk to inform the commissioner to appear before the House on its next sitting, while the loan has been approved.

The loan is to span through 22 years with an initial three percent interest.

This report was prepared by our reporter in Port Harcourt

RIVERS ASSEMBLY: Assembly approves $280m water project loan for Gov Amaechi | Legisreportsng
Politics / Re: Dakuku Is Love By Rivers People But The Hatred For Govnor Ameachi Made Him Lost by Symphony007: 9:14am On Apr 12, 2015
yes,we shall get there but 8years is a long time to waste especially in the Niger delta that needs to develop rapidly.
a continuity in the APC leadership through dakuku is just what the doctor ordered for rivers state.
rapid development under dakuku? What did he do for opobo as their federal representative? Where is all the billions ameachi collected and took loans in the states name to "provide water for rivers people"? Until you admit that APC is a criminal syndicate no different from PDP,yo can never have credibility.


Politics / Re: Dakuku Is Love By Rivers People But The Hatred For Govnor Ameachi Made Him Lost by Symphony007: 9:11am On Apr 12, 2015
Everybody above me are idiots! I never liked wike but i'm happy he won. The APC, a criminal syndicate is on a mission to turn this country into a one part state despite not bring any different from PDP, at least, PDP organised a primary in rivers are selected wike unlike dakuku who ameachi woke up one morning and made candidate. That is the puppet, you want to be governor? All the billions ameachi and his criminal house of assembly that sits in government house took and used to find buhari and dakuku campaigns under the guise of water project of which not a single borehole has been dug must be accounted for, let me see how the do called "anti corruption" president will fight corruption with thieves like ameachi in his government and renowned rogues like tinubu having funded hus campaign. It's gonna be an interesting few years to come.


Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Congressman Finally Makes Move To Impeach Barack H. by Symphony007: 11:28am On Apr 11, 2015
Useless news from a stupid conservative website!!! Attempt that rubbish make hillary Clinton president and handover congress back to Democrats. Bush who sent thousands of u.s troops to die on a lie in iraq and left office with a 32% was not impeached, it's the guy that's cleaning up the mess that you're targeting..
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi's Russian Girl Friend Posts Bed Time Photo by Symphony007: 9:57am On Apr 11, 2015
If you wanna see raw and utter jealousy, grace through the comments on this thread.


Politics / Re: Presidency Orders AIG Ogunsakin Out Of Rivers, Accuses Him Of Being Anti-pdp by Symphony007: 9:50am On Apr 11, 2015
Premium times? Media arm of the APC? I'll pass...

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