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Politics / Re: Kenyan Man Offers Obama Cows,goat And Chickens For Malia's Hand In Marraige. by Symphony007: 7:27am On May 27, 2015
Late last year, Malia Obama was rumored to be pregnant and few weeks later, the story was dismissed as false.

The way the media houses went berserk to douse the story showed that there was indeed an element of truth in that story; and ofcourse, the pregnancy must have have been terminated by now to salvage the image of the presidency.

I once read David Icke's "The Biggest Secret" where he exposed many of the secrets of the reptilians & illuminati bloodlines that manipulate & control humanity; particularly how George W. Bush sleeps with Bill Clinton's daughter and vice versa.

I won't be surprised if Zbigniew Brzezinski or Joe Biden are taking turn to molest Malia in the presence of Obama & his wife. These guys are demonic to the bone.

Anyways; goodluck to the Kenyan Man.
yeah, and my grandmother is queen elizabeth ii, she had my father while visiting nigeria in 1959 during a sexual ritual party with azikiwe, awolowo and amadu bello...it's the secret the media never wants you to know!!! say hi to your pal Alex Jones for me.
Politics / Kenyan Man Offers Obama Cows,goat And Chickens For Malia's Hand In Marraige. by Symphony007: 7:28pm On May 26, 2015
Kenyan Offers Cows To Wed Obama's Daughter

By Sky News US Team

A Kenyan lawyer has reportedly offered an assortment of livestock to Barack Obama in exchange for his 16-year-old daughter Malia's hand in marriage.

Felix Kiprono told The Nairobian newspaper he was willing to present the US President with 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats.

Mr Kiprono, whose age was not revealed in the report, said it has long been his dream to wed the President's oldest of two daughters.

"I got interested in her in 2008," he told the newspaper.

"As a matter of fact, I haven't dated anyone since and promise to be faithful to her."

Mr Kiprono planned to put his offer to Mr Obama when the President visits Kenya, the country where his father was born, in July.

"I am currently drafting a letter to Obama asking him to please have Malia accompany him for this trip," he said.

Mr Kiprono insisted that his love for Malia "is real" and that he is not after the family's money.

He told the newspaper he and Malia would lead a "simple life" as man and wife.

"I will teach Malia how to milk a cow, cook ugali (maize porridge) and prepare mursik (a traditional sour milk) like any other Kalenjin woman," he said.

Kenyan Offers Cows To Wed Obama's Daughter

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Romance / Couple Takes Pic At The Same Place 51 Years Apart. by Symphony007: 10:38pm On May 24, 2015
51 years,weathered bodies and lost youth but enduring love..

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Politics / frustrated chinese Man Seats On The Ground In Filling Station. by Symphony007: 9:24pm On May 24, 2015
Fuel scarcity has shown this man pepper, payback time for all the money they squeeze out of nigeria.

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Politics / Re: White Man Looking For Fuel With Jerry Can In Nigeria. by Symphony007: 11:22am On May 24, 2015

And your point is, deranged heifer? Did anyone ask him to move there? So he should be put on a pedestal becuz he's white and the millions of blacks there don't matter, right? Do you get the same treatment when things go wrong in white countries?

Nigerian women: dumbest and most white-washed buffoons ever. cheesy

the lady just made a point without insulting you and in return you insult her and all other Nigerian women including your mother and sisters!! grin grin..such immaturity.

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Politics / Re: White Man Looking For Fuel With Jerry Can In Nigeria. by Symphony007: 11:09am On May 24, 2015
Smh. Is a white man not just a human as you're, if not inferior to you, physically?

And who cares if a white man had to do what the other millions of blacks are doing?

Smh @ inferior complex...silly black raccoon worshipping a white man. undecided
hopelessly idiotic comment..nothing more, nothing less!

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Politics / White Man Looking For Fuel With Jerry Can In Nigeria. by Symphony007: 11:01am On May 24, 2015
When fuel scarcity prompts an oyibo man to fly okada with jerry can looking for fuel, you know it has come to the worse.

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Politics / Re: Lawmakers Move Out Of National Assembly (Photo) by Symphony007: 6:53pm On May 19, 2015
Even flag? This is so irresponsible! That is why this country keeps wasting money, where Is the government accountability officers to inspect this move outs and make sure outgoing lawmakers only take what is theirs and not also public property. Instead here we see somebody clearing an office to the point of flags too and tomorrow more billions will be earn marked for new stuff. Shameful!!
Politics / Re: Corruption: Buhari To Revisit Past Probe Panel Reports by Symphony007: 9:20am On May 03, 2015
I have no problem with probing corruption so far as your godfather tinubu and his friends are also on the list.#babaonechance.
Politics / Re: N’assembly Leadership Poll: New Senators, Reps Demand ‘juicy’ Committee Position by Symphony007: 9:16am On May 03, 2015
Since most legislative seats in the south of the country are held by the PDP, let me see how the APC leadership will allocate chairmanship of the oil and gas committees.. and such appointments will seriously affect their impending sharing of oil blocks to Tinubu and other cronies.
Politics / Re: Women Group Solicit For Female Senate President by Symphony007: 9:10am On May 03, 2015
The two comments above just shows you how idiotic some people are! "Nigerian women have failed in leadership"..dies that include your mother? Rubbish!!!
Politics / Re: Jonathan Bombed Abuja Oct 1st; Begged Me To Blame North,” Henry Okah Claims. by Symphony007: 9:03am On May 03, 2015
Such stupidity being exhibited here, shows you the depth of people's political depravity that they will belive the word's of a criminal just to advance their twisted views of Goodluck jonathan..well, waiting patiently fir the APC to react to this news and possibly for buhari to appoint okah to his to his transition commitee.

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Events / Re: Photo Of The Day-why Is She Doing This To Herself? by Symphony007: 6:57am On May 03, 2015
I went to a wedding where people where stealing the souvenir by lieing they have'nt taken while hiding the one they already have, the bride had to take charge and give out the gifts herself as she knows her village people well and their kleptomaniac tendencies.

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Politics / Re: Scarcity Worsens As Fuel Sells For N300 In Lagos by Symphony007: 9:24pm On May 02, 2015
How come there is no scarcity in port harcourt?
Celebrities / Re: First Photos Of The Newly Born Royal Baby Girl Surfaces Online. by Symphony007: 7:51pm On May 02, 2015
Politics / Re: Osinbajo With Nigerian Celebrities by Symphony007: 9:44am On May 02, 2015
Symphnoy007, Any Eck center in and around Victoria Island or Lekki that you know of ?
i'm so sorry! But don't stay in lagos, i'll do my best to find out from eckist in lagos and get back at you.


Politics / Re: My Victory Is The Fulfilment Of Pastor Adeboye’s Prophecy- Osinbajo Testifies by Symphony007: 9:01am On May 02, 2015
Your victory is the fulfilment of years of blind submission to bola Ahmed tinubu as a loyal godson, how this man Of questionable character and association became a senior pastor on RCCG shows how much of a joke churches in nigeria are!!

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Politics / Re: Corrupt Leader Must Face The Consequences Of Their Action - Yemi Osinbajo by Symphony007: 8:58am On May 02, 2015
Does that include your godfather, bola tinubu! The idiott is a poster boy for the joke that is clergy in nigeria.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo With Nigerian Celebrities by Symphony007: 8:55am On May 02, 2015
"Pastor" mixing with someone who has a child out of wedlock and sings about raping girls...political pastor.

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Politics / Re: We Must Question Sources Of Rich Nigerians’ Wealth –osinbajo by Symphony007: 8:50am On May 02, 2015
Including your mentor, E.A adeboye and his friends like oyedepo and other "men of God" who feed on crowd funding called church donation and yet don't pay taxes on them?

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Politics / Re: Raymond Dokpesi To Buhari: Documentaries We Ran About You Were Factually Correct by Symphony007: 8:48am On May 02, 2015
"Reformed democrat" already muzzling the press before even stepping a toe in office! What a joke!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Federal Polytechnic Of Oil And Gas,Bonny Recruitment 2015 (over 50) by Symphony007: 12:40pm On May 01, 2015

are u sure u are a Nigerian
we wants to work in a place nor state that safety and life of an individual is not guarantee
when last did you hear of any security crisis on bonny island? Home to the largest LNG plant in Africa, the largest oil terminal, home of shell, LNG, TSKJ, etc and residence of hundreds of expatriate workers? Find out about bonny before disparaging it.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Federal Polytechnic Of Oil And Gas,Bonny Recruitment 2015 (over 50) by Symphony007: 12:08pm On May 01, 2015
bonny island ke
don't have strength for tompolo and his boys
what has tompolo of delta state have to do with bonny island in rivers state, you don't know what you are talking about you just feel the impulse to disparage ghe niger delta. What contribution have you now made on this thread rather than peddle falsehood and misinformation?

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Celebrities / Re: World Most Brilliant Scientist (these Photos Will Shock You And Make You Cry) by Symphony007: 9:30pm On Apr 26, 2015
Someone was comparing hawkings to carson?
Absolute nonsense.
Seperating co-joined twins like carson did does not require genius, especially when it is not a "prototypical" surgical procedure.
All you need is a little bit of talent and lots of practise.
Hawkings is a genius.
His works are 3-dimensional physics which requires a lot of imagination and highly uncommon brainpower.
I can only compare him a bit to leonardo davinci, who was probably the greatest mind in modern history.
don't mind nigerians! They sit on their behind and read "gifted hands" and assume Carson us the brainiest human since Albert Einstein..rubbish! Let them watch international news more and see how Carson is embarrassing himself while running for president.
Celebrities / Re: World Most Brilliant Scientist (these Photos Will Shock You And Make You Cry) by Symphony007: 9:27pm On Apr 26, 2015
Ben Carson
Ben Carson might have successfully done the dis joining surgery but he is a political and social idiott, he is currently running for president in the u.s and exposing his ignorance as he goes along.
Foreign Affairs / Re: South Africa Shuns Jonathan, Says "We Will Discuss With Buhari Next Month" by Symphony007: 6:19pm On Apr 26, 2015
The lawmakers were at the top of the fight because the presidency kept mute on the issue as usual. While I agree with the decision of the Nigerian government to recall its ambassador, I feel the lack of real action on the part of South Africa is a reflection of their level of disrespect for Nigeria and its outgoing executive leadership at the moment. See guts, they even made it indirectly clear they have no business with the outgoing president. President Jonathan really brought disdain to this country, South Africa will not insult us like this on a very good day..
you are an idiotic partisan hack to side with a foreign government over your president.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Exclusive Pics Of World Leaders Using The Toilet.(pics) by Symphony007: 10:50pm On Apr 25, 2015

Nairaland / General / Exclusive Pics Of World Leaders Using The Toilet.(pics) by Symphony007: 10:45pm On Apr 25, 2015
To show that the all powerful world leaders we all revere are still ordinary humans like us, an artist commissioned this hilarious pics portraying world leaders doing their "buisness" like we all do. grin grin

Nairaland / General / The Titanic Compared To Today's Cruise Ships.(pic) by Symphony007: 8:32pm On Apr 25, 2015
This is how the titanic, wonder of 19th century ship engineering compare to one of the numerous cruise ships we have today.

Career / Re: Mastering The Art Of Small Talk. by Symphony007: 4:46am On Apr 22, 2015
I really appreciate your write up. You are good. I do wish if you can help me overcome my troubles at my work place.

I am not confidence to talk or even express myself properly in the company where I was newly employed. I find it difficult to speak due to the fact that I don't want to make mistake and this makes me feel lonely and inferior among my colleagues.

Please, I will want you to assist me with tips to overcome this situation.

I will be grateful.
of course, are you naturally unable to socialise or it's peculiar to your workplace?
Career / Re: Mastering The Art Of Small Talk. by Symphony007: 7:10pm On Apr 21, 2015
How To Master The Fine Art Of Small Talk

Small talk gets a bad reputation. To avoid this allegedly meaningless drivel, people skip networking events. Or, almost as bad, they attend, but talk to the three people they already know.

This is shortsighted, says Debra Fine, author of The Fine Art of Small Talk. "Small talk is the appetizer for any relationship," she says, and people like to do business with those with whom they’ve established common ground. "A good networker is looking to foster relationships and build a community never knowing how that contact can help now or in the future. My motto is ‘every conversation is an opportunity for success.’" Here’s how to do small talk better:

1. Lower Your Expectations.

While you can hope for the best, don’t expect too much from any given chat. If you come to cocktail hour hoping for nothing more than a good restaurant or book recommendation, you can relax and enjoy yourself, and be pleasantly surprised by anything else that happens. Relaxed people are, incidentally, more enjoyable for others to be around too.

2. Have something to talk about.

"I never approach a meeting, an industry function, or a networking event without at least three things to talk about," says Fine. "When is the worst time to come up with something to talk about? When you have nothing to talk about!" In particular, she practices a solid answer to "How are you?" or "How are things?" so she doesn’t respond with an "unhelpful one word answer" that forces a conversation partner to do much of the work.

3. Lead with a declaration.

While questions are generally good, leading with one carries risk. You might ask about the one topic the person doesn’t want to cover: "How’s work?" results in "They just announced huge layoffs" or, more likely, an evasive answer and awkward silence. Some people might view asking a direct question at the start of a conversation as rude.

Instead, volunteer something positive about a topic that’s potentially common ground, so the person can choose to reciprocate. "Our host said she just got back from California" lets the person talk about the host, vacations, business she’s done in California, a time she visited California, etc.

4. Then go for questions.

Most people like to talk about themselves, so asking questions is a good way to follow up once you’ve established a safe topic. Avoid close-ended questions ("Did you go on Space Mountain?" could be answered "No"wink and instead ask about favorite memories. That lets people tell their best stories.

If you’re in a conversation with someone who’s particularly hard to engage, try the old interview trick of giving people two options: "Did you rent a car in Amsterdam or take the train?" If one option is correct, people will elaborate on it ("We rented a car, but we had to special order a minivan. Hertz didn’t just have one at the airport..."wink or if neither is, people are quick to correct a faulty impression ("Actually, we traveled the whole country by bicycle"wink. The correction then offers multiple follow-on possibilities.

5. Prepare for a lull.

You can extricate yourself ("I need to go say hello to my old client"wink or you can introduce your conversation partner to someone ("Would you like to meet her?"wink but there may be nowhere else to go. So good conversationalists also know how to shift. If she’s been talking about work, Fine likes to ask "What keeps you busy outside of work?"

If you’ve established general biographical info, she recommends letting the person show you her best self with "What has the highlight of your year been so far?" Who knows, it might be a highlight you’re interested too, and the person goes from small talk partner to honest-to-goodness friend.

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