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Health / Fat Doctors!!! by Symphony007: 12:58pm On Apr 10, 2015
Every medical practitioner will tell you that a healthy weight level is key to good health but what if the medical practitioner giving that advice, is himself overweight...this is becoming a thread, especially I nigeria, overweight and unhealthy doctors, what advice will they give their patient?

Imagine this guy below is your doctor and he is advising you to loose weight.

Politics / Re: Hillary Clinton Launches Presidential Bid On Sunday In Iowa by Symphony007: 9:24am On Apr 10, 2015
Politics / Re: The Kind Of Fliers We See In PH by Symphony007: 9:17am On Apr 10, 2015
when your brother won in 2011, it was One Nigeria abi? Now that he has lost you can open your mouth and say "there is nothing like one Nigeria" forgetting the fact that GEJ got more votes in the North than Buhari got in the south.. Hypocrite!
thank you for your idiotic comment because you just gave a perfect example of the inbuilt tribalism in nigerians, you just called jonathan my brother without knowing a thing about where I was from! But just because I spoke critical of buhari, I am from ijaw.. grin grin grin what a sad contraption of a country?
Politics / Re: The Kind Of Fliers We See In PH by Symphony007: 5:58am On Apr 10, 2015
Some nigerians want to adopt the western approach to handling racism to handle our chronic tribalism... we know it's in your heart, don't just say it...if you do, we will gasp in horror, condemn you and rally around the torn green,white,green.
Politics / Re: The Kind Of Fliers We See In PH by Symphony007: 5:55am On Apr 10, 2015
All of you people feigning fake outrage, as much as you want to hide it, this how how the average niger delta feel! Do you think all the erratic celebration in the north when buhari won was because of they live democracy of because power has returned to them. There is nothing like one nigeria!! Give the cancer patient called nigeria honour killing ehhhh...she has suffered too much.


Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan surfaces In Okrika by Symphony007: 6:32pm On Apr 08, 2015
Gone to okrika,rivers state against Saturday to protect her last frontier of power. Wike as governor of rivers state.
Politics / Re: See Governor Fashola laps his Wife in Loved Up Beautiful 2in1 Photos by Symphony007: 5:21pm On Apr 08, 2015
Is it in line with islamic law to display such affection with your wife in public?


Politics / Obasanjo Returns $200 Million To National Treasury. by Symphony007: 3:51pm On Apr 08, 2015
Tomorrow, nigerians will be shell shocked and the political class thrown into disarray as former president olusegun obasanjo just this morning returned 200 million dollars to the federal government and promised to release names if those who do not follow his lead and return "what belongs to the Nigerian people" as he put it, an official announcement of this development will be made tomorrow, Thursday, 9th April 2015.

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TV/Movies / Nollywood Releases 2015 Election Movie About Buhari!(pic) by Symphony007: 2:17pm On Apr 08, 2015
It was only a matter of time!! grin grin grin...by that I mean less than two weeks!!

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Politics / Re: Clark Condemns Obama Over Presentation Of Certificate Of Commendation To Jega by Symphony007: 1:16pm On Apr 08, 2015

You talk like a confused citizen
that's an interesting characterization, how so?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 10 Hard Questions You May Be Asked At Your Next Job Interview by Symphony007: 12:03pm On Apr 08, 2015
11. Can u lie to defend our companies image?

What should b my reply undecided
Saying yes makes you a lair and no makes you a non team player so in my view this best answer is a tricky non answer like....

in the event of such a situation, I will work closely with my colleagues to come to a solution that will both protect our company and it's integrity.
Politics / Re: Forgive Akiolu And Move On, Buhari Tells Igbo by Symphony007: 11:17am On Apr 08, 2015

Were you born like this or imbecility is contagious in your community? If there is a part of history you don't understand, the right thing to do is to consult widely. keep your lies to yourself, we don't need it.
May be your Awkunanaw history teacher did not tell you that Awolowo was a Finance minister and Gowon the Head of state, who takes instructions from who?
Igbos should know better that for every action, there is an opposite reaction, Awolowo made them pay for the money Nigeria spent in bringing them back from secession, you don't start a war you will loose, that is why early historians will tell you war losers take their own lives.
see the odious nonentity way won teach me history! Awolowo the ex convict turned finance minister under general yakubu gowon was instructed by his boss who is the head of state, to pay every igbo according to what they lost in the war and Mr. Awolowo went contrary to that an paid everyone a flat rate of 20 naira! I thought the war was no victor no vanquished. Yet they are to pay for being vanquished? That aside sef who us awolowo to go against his boss except for his bigotry!! Mind your stuupid self o!!

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Politics / Re: Forgive Akiolu And Move On, Buhari Tells Igbo by Symphony007: 10:58am On Apr 08, 2015

Or one day, she may get better!
She just hasn't seen the right doctor!

Btw I heard Duke is proferring a treatment for cancer via Tetanus vaccinations!
Keep the hope Alive!

Proudly Nigerian.
Loudly Igbo grin
I hope you know there is no cure for cancer?
Politics / Re: Photos : Gov. Rochas Welcomes Buhari With Joy As President-elect Visits Imo by Symphony007: 10:38am On Apr 08, 2015
This fat slob is waiting to succeed buhari as the igbo president grin grin grin......he will soon get the hausa/yoruba treatment!! Now na morning.
Politics / Re: Clark Condemns Obama Over Presentation Of Certificate Of Commendation To Jega by Symphony007: 10:35am On Apr 08, 2015
This man should realise his time is up and look for a new cash cow!! No more army as personal protection, no more 200k as monthly pocket money for the grandkids.

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Politics / Re: Forgive Akiolu And Move On, Buhari Tells Igbo by Symphony007: 10:24am On Apr 08, 2015
A few days after independence, ahmadu bello called igbo's coackroaches and said he'll rather employ expatriate that igbo nigerians in the northern civil service, in 1966, major. Nzeorgwu killed key members of the federal govt and left the head, azikiwe who was his brother, post civil war, awolowo cheated igbo's of their compensation and gave each 20 naira contrary to the instructions of gen. Gowon.....after all this we re still singing one nigeria. rubbish! This nation is cancer patient who is being bombarded with chemotherapy against it's wish by greedy children who want her alive to feed on her wealth, but one day, she'll surely die!!!!!!!!

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Politics / Re: Forgive Akiolu And Move On, Buhari Tells Igbo by Symphony007: 10:18am On Apr 08, 2015
APC are lairs, they act as if this anti igbo sentiment in lagos started today! Even fashola deportees igbo's to their homeland and had to apologise for it. I remember when I went to lagos, though I was not no igbo, the yoruba's landlord of the house I stayed in though I was and could not stop shooting veiled insults my way, one time he called me and showed me the incredibly deep well in the compound and asked if the lazy people in the east can build dig this, all they know is chase money. If not for his age I would have insulted that man....tribalism is and will always be in nigeria, instead of politicians to deny it, they should advice people grow a thick skin. nigeria's dysfunction did'nt start today.

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Politics / Re: REVEALED: The Men and Woman Who Convinced Jonathan To Concede Defeat. by Symphony007: 10:13am On Apr 08, 2015
It is clear jonathan did the right thing as a person but to his party, he betrayed them. You will soon see them dumping on him, jonathan post presidency will be a statesman, get a gig somewhere in Ecowas or the AU and live a fulfilled life, meanwhile the PDP will be picking up the pieces of it's shattered party, from the premiere party of 16 years to a party who lost the presidency, national assembly in one election, who knows what will happen this weekend? Well, I thing it was a worthy price to pay for the sake of peace.


Politics / Re: Governorship Polls: Jonathan Warns Against Intimidation Of Nigerians by Symphony007: 9:54pm On Apr 07, 2015
All you APC swines should shut your shot hole, did the president call any name? He just gave a general warning against problems leading to elections and you are all here vomiting rubbish!! Brainless political hacks!!
Politics / Re: Widespread Power Outage in White House, Washington Dc. by Symphony007: 7:48pm On Apr 07, 2015
Evacuation ordered on government buildings and museums.

Politics / Re: Widespread Power Outage in White House, Washington Dc. by Symphony007: 7:42pm On Apr 07, 2015

Police block off road leading to white house as power outage hits.

Politics / Widespread Power Outage in White House, Washington Dc. by Symphony007: 7:33pm On Apr 07, 2015

D.C. hit by power outage

The power outage in the Washington area was caused by a small explosion at a power transfer line in southern Maryland, according to a U.S. official. CNN has been told that The Department of Homeland Security is closely monitoring the ongoing power outage.

The outage struck everything from the White House to the State Department, where government employees and reporters saw lights and power flicker out.

Power at CNN's D.C. bureau twice flickered off and on early in the afternoon.

The power went out during the daily State Department briefing, with Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf using a phone light to continue taking questions from reporters. Power remained off for the State Department as of 1:15 p.m., though most other affected buildings appeared to have power restored within seconds of it going out.

Police and fire officials were dispatched to the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative's Ryceville power substation, which appears to be the cause of the D.C. outage, Charles County Sheriff spokeswoman Diane Richardson told CNN.

Charles County spokeswoman Donna Fuqua said fire department officials were responding to "a substation that caught fire on Ryceville road," as of 2 p.m.

A spokesman for Pepco, the city's major electric utility, told CNN that the company is aware of the outages and is investigating the source of the problem.

The outage also forced the Smithsonian to evacuate four of its museums in D.C.

The power outages did not appear to affect major buildings outside of the District besides the power substation. Neither of the city's two major airports, which are both located in Virginia, were affected.

A White House spokesman says the power outage that affected many parts of the city also affected the White House complex. The White House was on a backup generator and is now back on normal power.

In addition to the briefing room, power went out very briefly in the West Wing and other portions of the White House. Building maintenance workers ​were circulating through office space ensuring power had been restored, which it had.

A spokesperson for the city's Metro rail system says 14 stations are on backup power, meaning no escalators or elevators working -- but lights are on and trains are running.

CNN's Jim Sciutto, Shimon Prokupecz, Matthew Hoye and Jamie Crawford contributed to this report.

D.C. hit by power outage - CNN.com

Politics / Re: Opinion: Our Government Should Remove "STATE OF ORIGIN" In Filling Forms by Symphony007: 6:08pm On Apr 07, 2015
There is nothing like nigeria and there never will. Unity my behind.

Nigeria reminds me of the middle east which is in flames today because all the countries the British created after world war I across ethnic boundaries is breaking up. This country was never meant to be but they keep fighting for it's existence. It's stupid! 100 years and no unity, how many more years do you need?

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Romance / Man Named Burger To Marry Woman Named King, Burger King To Sponsor Wedding. by Symphony007: 1:51pm On Apr 07, 2015
It's almost too perfect to be true - Joel Burger is getting married to Ashley King.

Joel and Ashley are childhood sweethearts from Illinois, USA, and they actually announced their wedding by taking their photo next to a Burger King logo and sending the picture to their friends.

The Burger-King wedding will take place on July 17, and news of the wedding has reached so many people, that Burger King has now agreed to pay for all the costs.

Usually the woman's name would go first in the announcement (making it the King-Burger wedding), but in good humour the couple flipped it so that it has officially been listed as the Burger-King wedding.

Incredibly, after hearing about the wedding, Burger King contacted the couple and offered to pay for the whole wedding, which came as a lovely surprise.

At the least he didn't buy her an onion ring...
Burger King made a Skype call to the couple, but didn't tell them they were paying for it until the very end of the call.

The couple said they were blown away.

"When we heard about the happy, Burger-King couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage," said Eric Hirschhorn, Burger King Brand spokesman. "On so many levels it felt like fate; they found each other and their story found us."

Burger-King wedding: Man called Burger is marrying his childhood sweetheart... Miss King - Mirror Online

Politics / Re: President Elect Buhari Visit Lagos Pics by Symphony007: 12:39pm On Apr 07, 2015
See the kind friends our incoming president is keeping and he wants to fight corruption!!! grin grin we are watching....
Politics / Re: Gbenga Daniel Celebrates 59th Birthday by Symphony007: 12:55pm On Apr 06, 2015
The only thing I know about him is his smile. Which I like.
Politics / Re: From May Nigerians Will Know The Difference Between The Senate And House! by Symphony007: 10:05am On Apr 06, 2015
I thought APC was also in control of the house?
the PDP is the majority in the house except defections happen following the swearing in of a new assembly.
Politics / From May Nigerians Will Know The Difference Between The Senate And House! by Symphony007: 9:55am On Apr 06, 2015
As of may 2015, for the first time in our democratic history, different parties will control the two chambers in our national assembly and that is when those who say the two chambers serve not function will know the difference and it won't be pretty! In fact, we shall see the evils or some will say beauty of bicameral legislature.

Confirmation of ministerial nominees
Ratification of treaties and foreign policy
Confirmation of judges, military leaders,ambassadors, etc
Oversight, etc

Passing a budget.
Power over the purse of the nation.
Appopraition of money bill, revenues.
Power to raise taxes.
Impeach the president., etc
Oversight of ministries.

This is are brief overview of both houses and their powers, so if president muhammadu Buhari is not able to unite warring factions, or if both parties don't put country above party, it will be a tough four years to come... imagine how long it will take to pass a budget? imagine how hard it was when one party controlled both houses. Goodluck nigeria!!! Welcome to divided government.

Politics / Wike's Political Jingle/vieled Threat. by Symphony007: 11:08pm On Apr 05, 2015
The political jingle of the PDP rivers state gubernatorial aspirant, nyesome wike which has been playing on radio in p.h has been termed as a vieled threat to voters in the state as tension runs high, it goes like this.
"Wike dey come o"
"Wike dey come o"
"Wike dey cone o".
"I no go gree, stay for your house o"

What do you think?
Politics / Re: Five Exxon Mobil Staff Kidnapped In Akwa Ibom by Symphony007: 11:00pm On Apr 05, 2015
Let me see how the general wages war in the north and south with our dwindling economy, rising debt and falling revenue! You want power? Take it!!! We are watching in 3D.
Education / Re: "I Don’t Shake Hands With Women- RSUST Best Graduating Student", Says. by Symphony007: 10:55pm On Apr 05, 2015
No girl would have even agreed to shake him!! grin grin..i know the guy! Person we book wan kill, he has no life outside academics which is really bad. Always looking unkempt with a certain worn out school bag he even brought to his convocation. grin grin


Politics / Re: What Happens To TELE IKURU Dep Gov Rivers State by Symphony007: 10:04am On Apr 05, 2015
Let's not write his political obituary just yet, wike can still win the governorship and he will still remain relevant in rivers politics and government.

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