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Politics / Re: pres. jonathan and buhari sign pact and hug today in abuja(pic). by Symphony007: 11:24am On Mar 26, 2015
To all the respective supporters, keep fighting and killing yourselves, the elites are clicking champagne glasses in Abuja.

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Politics / pres. jonathan and buhari sign pact and hug today in abuja(pic). by Symphony007: 11:21am On Mar 26, 2015
Here's a photo of president Jonathan and APC presidential candidate Gen. Buhari at a peace accord signing in Abuja this morning ahead of Saturday's election. The meeting was put together by the national peace committee chaired by Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar.

Travel / Re: Photos: Ocean Of Travellers Today At Murtala Mohammed Int'l Airport by Symphony007: 11:15am On Mar 26, 2015
Hey! I saw the same thing at Port harcourt international when I saw off my cousin!! Is this unnecessary panic or there is something coming down the pipe in this election that some people know and others don't? I'm getting concerned o!
Politics / Re: Reasons to have a peaceful election (Graphic Photos Inclusive) by Symphony007: 11:02am On Mar 26, 2015
All those who are ready to die for this elections should realise that those who died for the 2011 elections are not here today, neither of the presidential candidates care and when you die in this election, nobody will care in 2019!! Be wise!!

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Politics / Re: [photo] CNN Election Monitoring Team Spotted In Ikeja This Morning by Symphony007: 10:07am On Mar 26, 2015
This election no go easy o! This is the battle for the soul of nigeria! The world watching nigeria in 3D. The great masquerades are about to display!!


Politics / Re: What Will Happen To These Monikers After Election? See List... by Symphony007: 7:34am On Mar 26, 2015
Op, I pride myself as a political centrist and independent minded thinker! I'm no stooge for either party.
Politics / Re: What Will Happen To These Monikers After Election? See List... by Symphony007: 7:33am On Mar 26, 2015
Politics / Re: Election Day Map According To Dele Momodu(pic) by Symphony007: 3:18am On Mar 26, 2015
Rivers state is not a battleground state, it will go to PDP, along with imo state and pretty much all the states in green. Despite buhari massive support in the north and west, it will not be as solidly red as projected here, there will be patches of blue which is just what PDP needs to pull it off, this was the electoral map in 2011 and frankly I see little change.

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Politics / Election Day Map According To Dele Momodu(pic) by Symphony007: 2:58am On Mar 26, 2015
Die hard APC follower and media mogul has predicted how the country's electoral map will go on election-day, and he predicts the country going red(APC). Is he right?

APC wins(red)
PDP wins(blue)
Battleground states(green)

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Education / what is wrong with this school?(pic) by Symphony007: 4:02pm On Mar 25, 2015
Which is worse the fact that the school does'nt know the difference between dolphins and penguins, or can't spell the word "dolphin" correctly? And this school is nurturing young minds...

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Politics / Kid Salutes Commander In Chief Obama. by Symphony007: 7:21am On Mar 25, 2015
After a delivering a speech, pres. Obama met the crowd and while other shook hands with the commander in chief, this kid showed them how it's done.

Foreign Affairs / Re: “prepare For Nuclear War” Russia Warns Citizens As US Tanks Flood Into Europe by Symphony007: 8:03pm On Mar 24, 2015
when you finish spouting your idiotic and imbecility talking point, bare in mind that nobody cares especially pres. Obama, one of the greatest leaders in world history.

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Politics / Re: U.S. 2016: Senator Ted Cruz Announces White House Bid by Symphony007: 11:31am On Mar 24, 2015

Regardless of how you twist it - I don't see a democrat slam dunk, with a back to back rule. When was the last time that happened? Despite the popularity of Bill Clinton after he left office before all the bubble he created started bursting - Al Gore couldn't nick it despite being a Clinton disciple, popular Vice President during Clinton's tenure, and very loyal.

The Bush family has a massive structure and a powerful connect within the circle of decision makers that control US power play/politics. Can't you see Obama left the core of Bush's people in there when he assumed office and they are still the ones running things? No one is stopping the Bush 3-peat.

Also, with how Obama has flopped - I don't see the Democrats returning to power.
just like Ronald regan, barack obama will leave office handing over to a fellow democrat. He has laid the foundation of that will a massive Hispanic, black and white vote. Al gore lost the presidency because I ran away from Clinton during the generals because he believed the lewisky affair will affect him, despite that gore still won the popular vote and would have won if the supreme Court did'nt get involved. There is nothing phenomenal about the bushes, it's all hype. A one term bush senior and a bush junior who lost the popular vote in two consecutive elections, very funny.

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Politics / Re: U.S. 2016: Senator Ted Cruz Announces White House Bid by Symphony007: 9:04am On Mar 24, 2015

That's the sad constant for Republicans. In all general election hypothetical match ups, Hillary is winning by, at least, 12% points. grin
indeed! And it scares republicans like crazy! I follow reince priebus, the RNC chairman on twitter and all he tweets about is hillary Clinton and one so called scandals or the other, I tweeted him back one day saying "for republicans and their chairman, the fear of hillary is the beginning of wisdom "....republicans on twitter tire into me, i'm still getting hate tweets till today.
Politics / Re: U.S. 2016: Senator Ted Cruz Announces White House Bid by Symphony007: 8:59am On Mar 24, 2015

The other baggage Hillary will carry are the mysterious deaths of Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and others who were all coincidentally killed by a gunshot to the head. Those dead folks were, in some way, connected to the Clinton scandals right from a Little Rock to D.C.
all what you just outlined here are Washington dc talking points that nobody apart from political junkies know. To the average America, hillary is an experienced politician and states woman they have known for over 20 years, stop using political talking points to measure political success, fails everytime. Failed the republicans after impeaching bill thinking the American people were behind then, ended up loosing massively at the mid terms, the pundits said hillary will never win her senatorial campaign in new York because all the so called scandals including white water, what happened in 2000?
Politics / Re: U.S. 2016: Senator Ted Cruz Announces White House Bid by Symphony007: 8:54am On Mar 24, 2015

So, in other words, Scott Walker will be the likely nominee. If Kentucky amends it's law to allow individuals to run for more than one office, I see Rand Paul clinching the nomination.
Scott walker is the likely nominee, he is the only candidate so far with the ability to bring the establishment wing and tea party wing together, rand Paul will never get support from the hawkish neo conservative wing of the party for his liberatanism and even evangelicals distrust him for his views on gay marriage, etc.. Scott walker holds all the cards at this point, plus he is a Washington outsider still he will be beaten by a hillary Clinton.
Politics / Re: U.S. 2016: Senator Ted Cruz Announces White House Bid by Symphony007: 8:50am On Mar 24, 2015

Bill Clinton is damaged goods and cowboy. All he managed to do was create an economic bubble and sell the people a dream with his charming deceit. Don't forget he created the housing bubble of the 90s that crashed during the recession and most people haven't forgiven him for that.

Then you have the disaster in Somalia etc.. A large percentage of US electorates with never forgive playboy Bill Clinton. Maybe Hilary might get most of the black votes cos most among the black population can relate to the Clinton family and they are mostly democrats.
forgive what? Bill Clinton is the most popular and respected living former u.s president, respected by Democrats and republicans alike, in 2012, he got people to the poll for obama through his rousing campaigns and electric speech at the DNC. Republicans for years have tried to somehow trace the disastrous bush economy to Clinton, heck they even tried tracing 9/11 to him but the American people are not buying it one bit, and the polls says it all, face it, the only problem the Clinton will face will be in a primaries where voters have moved further to the left and are distrustful of the Clinton and their centrist DLC kind of leadership, an obama type left wing candidate like elizabeth warren might embarrass them, but save that. In a general election, they will trounce anyone republicans bring forward, that's why the republican party is scared and digging up whatever dirt they can on her.
Politics / Re: U.S. 2016: Senator Ted Cruz Announces White House Bid by Symphony007: 8:02am On Mar 24, 2015

There's no bigger 419 than that grin

But I'm concerned that these campaigns are getting more expensive every cycle. Imagine Clinton would raise over $1bn for a job that pays a 'paltry' $400,000 annually
indeed! The money is politics is concerning but that shows how high stakes things are now, real presidential candidates are not fighting for power for the fun of it but to leave their mark on America and drive it in their ideological direction, and more than ever with citizens united, there is an endless stream of billionaires to fund them both directly and overtly through superpacks.
Politics / Re: U.S. 2016: Senator Ted Cruz Announces White House Bid by Symphony007: 7:56am On Mar 24, 2015

Shut ya gob, big head lol.

Apart from Rand Paul, on paper, is there anyone better than him? Anyway, I wrote the script for both DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODLicans - two sides to the same coin, and it is Jeb Bush's presidency to lose. No one can stop the Bush dynasty. Not even Hilary Clinton the noisemaker lol.

Don't lose a limb in Guam...heard US just tested the 3min man ICBM in Cali. The shooting in the nearest future is going to be epic. Be ready cos Jeb Bush loves a good shooting match.
job bush will not make it through the primaries no matter how much money the establishment showers on him, one, the country is still reeling from his brothers disastrous presidency, the party hates his centrist and sometimes left leaning views on immigration, common core,etc, there is a reason his brother has'nt been invited to any party convention since he left office, the bush name us now damaged good.

And your comparison with the Clinton is laughable! The 90's under bill Clinton was the most prosperous period in u.s history, despite Monica lewisky, bill Clinton left office with an over 60% approval, all they need to do is to cast the election as a return to the good old 90's or a return to a presidency that ended with two failed wars and the biggest economic meltdown since the great depression. You don't need a prophet to tell you who'll win.

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Politics / Re: U.S. 2016: Senator Ted Cruz Announces White House Bid by Symphony007: 7:49am On Mar 24, 2015

Right on the money! And by virtue of being an official presidential candidate, he would likely command 6-figure speaking fees.
of course! Herman cain after running a circus if a campaign sold thousands of books, earned millions in speaking fees and now has his own right wing radio talk show. It does'nt get better than that!
Politics / Re: U.S. 2016: Senator Ted Cruz Announces White House Bid by Symphony007: 7:21am On Mar 24, 2015
Ted cruz is a joke and will be a good source of commit relief in the 2016 primaries, he us going no where and he knows it, he just just setting up himself to be picked as running mate by the eventual nominee who will need the crazy evangelical and tea part vote, finally cruz has a very confusing and conflicting ancestry plus he was born in Canada, I hate he will also he asked to produce his birth certificate and also be subjected to all the ridicule matted out against obama about his ancestry but I guess not, cruz is white!!
Literature / Re: Susan Rice Mourns Chinua Achebe On Twitter Thought He Was Laid To Rest Today by Symphony007: 5:46pm On Mar 23, 2015
This Barack Hussen Obama's administration has been the worst for Africa since Reagan. They are simply beyond stupidityy.
rubbish! Why don't you provide proof of the crop you just said? How much more aid money does Africa need?
Politics / Re: Tere Ikuru's Defection Shocked Me But He Is Free To Go, Says Amaechi by Symphony007: 8:06am On Mar 23, 2015

Did I hear you say people like Lee Meaba is the one controlling Andoni LGA? For clarity sake, Lee Meaba doesn't hail from Andoni but from the Ogoni axis of Rivers state. Please do not equate Tele Ikuru as a lighter weight with no capacity to pull strings in his LGA. Holding such assumption will amount to committing a political blunder. Tele definitely has his own supporters who will defect with him to the PDP. Don't also forget that by virtue of his position he was automatically the leader of APC in Andoni LGA.
if you don't even know where lee meaba is from, there is no need continuing this discussion.
Politics / Re: Tere Ikuru's Defection Shocked Me But He Is Free To Go, Says Amaechi by Symphony007: 4:13am On Mar 23, 2015
dey here dey talk rubbish. Why did it shock Amaechi if Ikoru is irrelevant ?
because the man has been loyal all thus while considering the fact that it was an act of benevolence for ameachi to pick a political lightweight like him to be his deputy, if is stupid for ameachi to be shocked, he should have expected it....no matter how dull a person is, a struggle for survival and relevance is still prevalent in them and that is what Mr. Ikuru just did.
Politics / Re: Tere Ikuru's Defection Shocked Me But He Is Free To Go, Says Amaechi by Symphony007: 4:09am On Mar 23, 2015

Arrant nonsense!, you know nothing about politics. He is from a place, his ward, LGA and senatorial district would go to PDP with him.
tele ikuru has no clout or followership in andoni local government area, he was virtually unknown till he was picked as deputy governor, people like meaba lee control andoni politics not inconsequential tele.
Politics / Re: Tere Ikuru's Defection Shocked Me But He Is Free To Go, Says Amaechi by Symphony007: 4:06am On Mar 23, 2015
A deputy governor is not inconsequential bro, APC is like a prostitute being fondled in the public.
a deputy governor is not inconsequential? Of what consequences has namadi samba been in nigeria for six years? Not to talk of the deputy governor of a state, face it, PDP us grasping at straws.
Politics / Re: Tere Ikuru's Defection Shocked Me But He Is Free To Go, Says Amaechi by Symphony007: 8:24pm On Mar 22, 2015
I think it just shows massive desperation on the part of PDP that they are celebrating with so much vigour the defection of the most inconsequential politician in rivers state. I even doubt if 70% of rivers people know who the deputy governor is. Can anyone tell me actually when he brings go the gable except trying to save his own skin in the event of a wike government.

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Politics / Re: Breaking!!! APC Deputy Governor Of Rivers State Tele Ikuru, Defects To PDP by Symphony007: 8:19pm On Mar 22, 2015
I think it just shows major desperation for good news by PDP for them to celebrate with such vigour at the defection of the most inconsequential politician in the history of rivers state, tele ikuru. The man knows he has no future in APC and knowing wike will probably win, he is just looking to remain relevant in rivers state. Simple!!
Politics / Re: Photo Of Dakuku Peterside Fighting On The Floor Of The House by Symphony007: 12:55pm On Mar 21, 2015
Lies!! This was not on the house floor! This was at the house of Representatives committee room when ameachi and other anti PDP governors came to visit the house. Some bayelsa lawmakers came forward to attack,Ameachi physically calling him a traitor and dakuku intervened to protect him and the other APC governors.
Education / Re: indian parents Scale School Building To Help Kids Cheat exams(pics). by Symphony007: 8:40pm On Mar 20, 2015
I remember Nigerian parents doing this very much when I wrote some of my major exams including jamb, when I wrote Nigerian navy secondary school exam, there were patents trying to smuggle in expo and they received good flogging from the navy officer but we're still undaunted...it was sad to watch..
Education / indian parents Scale School Building To Help Kids Cheat exams(pics). by Symphony007: 8:33pm On Mar 20, 2015
PATNA, India — About 600 high school students in eastern India have been expelled for cheating on pressure-packed 10th grade examinations this week, education authorities said Friday.

The incident has received widespread attention after Indian television footage showed parents and friends of students scaling the outer walls of school buildings to pass cheat sheets to students inside taking exams.

More than 1.4 million 10th graders are taking the tests at more than 1,200 high schools across the state. They face tremendous pressure because they must pass the exams to continue their education.

Teachers and state education department officials supervising the examination caught hundreds of students who had smuggled in text books or scraps of paper for cheating.

“It’s virtually impossible to conduct fair examinations without the cooperation of parents,” said P.K. Shahi, Bihar’s education minister. He said it was not possible to monitor the 6 million parents and others who accompany the students to the examination centers.

State authorities posted police at all schools where examinations were being held, “but we can’t use force to drive away the parents,” he said.

Nearly two dozen parents were detained after they were caught helping their children, but were released after several hours.

On Friday, the high court in the state capital, Patna, ordered the Bihar police chief to ensure that examinations are conducted in a fair manner.

State education authorities have canceled examinations held at four centers after they received reports of large-scale cheating.

Bihar School Examination Board Secretary Sriniwas Tiwari said students caught cheating could be barred from taking the exam for up to three years, ordered to pay a fine or even sent to jail.

Cheating seems to be particularly widespread in Bihar, although there have been no reports of anyone being sent to jail for the offense.

600 Indian students caught cheating as parents scale walls - NY Daily News

Romance / Re: Can You Name This Kiss(pix) by Symphony007: 6:03pm On Mar 20, 2015
Seriously, this is a deeper life wedding...that's how the brides dress.

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