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Properties / Re: 120 Plots Of Land Commercial Land Facing Express by thelegend1(m): 1:18pm On Sep 23
What's the land use approval?
Business / Re: What Could Save Nigerians From This Bad Governance by thelegend1(m): 10:19am On Sep 21
Hunger is their strategy for 2023
Politics / Re: Harsh Economy And Flirting by thelegend1(m): 8:49am On Sep 21
True talk. Even the ladies are becoming more friendly...person wey no dey talk to me before, all of a sudden says "I just wanted to check on you".
Autos / Re: Extremely Clean 2014 Bmw 5SERIES With Original Duty by thelegend1(m): 8:27pm On Sep 18
Still available?
Autos / Re: Very Clean 2008 BMW 5SERIES Selling For 1.5m by thelegend1(m): 8:25pm On Sep 18
Still available?
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Leaders Have Relocated To Southern Kaduna From Sambisa: SSS by thelegend1(m): 12:34am On Sep 15

The terrorists are said to have relocated to Rijana forest in Chikun local government area of Kaduna state.


DSS you knew this and still let it happen. You're advertising your incompetence in my opinion.
Or is there something more sinister going on...like Free Passage?
Romance / Re: Addictions: Which Is Hardest To Quit? Sex, Masturbation, Drinking, Smoking Etc? by thelegend1(m): 8:06pm On Sep 14
Alcoholism is the worst. You don't realize the addiction and damage until you're neck deep.
Family / Re: My Mum's Constant Insult Is Driving Me Crazy, It Is Time To Move Out? by thelegend1(m): 8:04pm On Sep 14
From personal experience, I will advise you move out even if you have to be homeless. Yes, people will treat you worse than shit but the effect will be different and you'll cope with the trauma.

Your mental health is the key to a fulfilling life.


Politics / Re: Sit At Home Compliance: Gov Obiano Meets With Security Council/ Heads Of Banks by thelegend1(m): 3:43pm On Sep 10
If you force banks open by providing security for them primarily, and you don't cater for other businesses (large scale and SMEs in particular), then you're wasting your time. The banks will have no customers on Monday.


Politics / Re: BREAKING: Bad News For APC As Tinubu Sickness Worsen by thelegend1(m): 3:45pm On Sep 07
Not bad news for the evil party, but good news for the Professor Pastor

Osinbajo/Zulum 2023 Vs Atiku/Obi 2023

I think Atiku/Obi will take it this time around. Osinbajo has proven to be too docile to lead; plus anything that reminds Nigerians of this current administration leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

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TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija: Emmanuel Wins Head Of House, Picks Liquorose As Deputy by thelegend1(m): 8:11pm On Sep 06

See this Liquorose as she be like Eba wey dem no turn well for real life, come fine for package

Hey God...see description.
This really cracked me up.


Politics / Re: Buhari Met Nigeria As One, But Allows Bandits To Rule Part Of Country — Sheikh K by thelegend1(m): 9:41am On Aug 29
Watch this space. You will hear DSS has picked him up on or before September 1st 2021

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Politics / Re: Tears For Abia State! Efcc Traced N551 Billion To Former Governor Son's Account by thelegend1(m): 8:50am On Aug 23
That's why I laugh at those clamoring for Biafra/Ipob.
Your problem is not the FG, it is your fellow brother!
Nairaland / General / Re: 2008 Toyota Prado For Sale by thelegend1(m): 3:04pm On Aug 20
This is a Lexus na
Autos / Re: Check Us Out by thelegend1(m): 1:07pm On Aug 14
Price and location?
Celebrities / Re: Why I Am A Lesbian – Temmie Ovwasa (Photos) by thelegend1(m): 2:55pm On Aug 13
I can only imagine the trauma parents face seeing their beloved children turn LGBT.

That's why Bobrisky's hand is floating and not allowed to touch the cake.
Celebrities / Re: Meet Genevieve Nnaji’s Beautiful Daughter Who Is A Carbon Copy Of Her Mother by thelegend1(m): 6:49pm On Jul 30
Genevieve Nnaji is a familiar name when it comes to the Nollywood industry. It is a bit difficult to know the personal life of most celebrities today, and Genevieve is not an exception. However, it is difficult to hide everything from the public. So many people don’t even know that Genevieve has a daughter that looks so much like her. Infact, it is almost an impossible task differentiating the duo whenever they are together. Not so much is known about her as she has been well protected from the public. In this article, I will be sharing with you some interesting details about Genevieve Nnaji’s daughter.

Do you want to read their story??.....check it out...


That's her youngest sister...mschew.


Education / Re: 13 Corp Members Died, 7 Injured In Fatal Motor Accident[graphic PHOTOS] by thelegend1(m): 1:02am On Jul 29
No now...Dear God this is quite painful.
R.I.P to the dead.
Politics / Re: Can Anyone Remember When These 2 Idiots Called For The Break Up Of Nigeria? by thelegend1(m): 6:00pm On Jul 28
Hypocrisy and double standards
Science/Technology / Re: The World's Top 9 Deadliest Snakes (Photos) by thelegend1(m): 11:00am On Jul 27
Abeg Snake na Snake, take off upon sighting one.

Which one be ranking here again?
Car Talk / Re: Man Cries Out As Cow Destroys His New Car While The Fulani Herdsmen Look On. by thelegend1(m): 3:57pm On Jul 21

Cow jumped on the car?
Its very refreshing to know that we have human beings whose IQ is below that of a cow.

So said the ignorant man who has never seen a cow jump before. Go and climb the back if e sure for you.

Quick tip: Male Cattle is referred to as Bull. I'm sure you've seen Cowboys riding them and how high they can jump.

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Car Talk / Re: Man Cries Out As Cow Destroys His New Car While The Fulani Herdsmen Look On. by thelegend1(m): 3:53pm On Jul 21

"The Car has hit the Cow", he said. We drive and see Cows as well, he should have waited and avoided them. If I'm insurance coy, no claim will be granted from the use of his phrase. "The car has hit the Cow" There is a dent from the low side of the Fender which means a hit before getting on top. The Fog light is out as well. The Cow is on the ground motionless by foot. A cow that climbed the car won't be motionless by foot as it would have climbed all through to the rear and more so not straight on sides as it will the either across the bonnet to the driver side or through from the bonnet to the boot.

Try saying "red lorry yellow lorry" 7x really fast without mixing words.
You can't right? Now hear this, you have a car upwards of N7m which an illiterate (who has different values system) damaged with his cow and you know he can't pay for the damage...won't you mix words when you have been complaining but language and understanding is a barrier for the illiterate?
Secondly, the damage to the car is not in a straight line, the dent on the lower bumper is most probably the cow's point of leverage and the cow is immobilized on the floor by other people/herders to avert further moronic and brazen behaviour...do same with your keyboard.

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Car Talk / Re: Man Cries Out As Cow Destroys His New Car While The Fulani Herdsmen Look On. by thelegend1(m): 5:26pm On Jul 20
You can only see this in Naija.
He rammed into a cow and should blame himself for reckless driving instead of shamelesslystanding there to blame an irrational beast. A cow is an animal that does not understand the dangers posed by a mechanically propelled vehicle and so cannot be blamed for an accident. The driver of any vehicle that hits an animal moving along the road is responsible for any damage resulting from such an accident. But since this is Nigeria, anything is possible. Cows can be blamed for all sorts of things including causing an accident.

Some have eyes but cannot see, some have brains but refuse to utilize reasoning.

Watch the video well before you type rubbish; or is it that you've never driven or owned a car before?
If he hit the cow the damage on the car will be way different than what is shown...headlights must break, the bumper will be damaged with blood stains etc.

It's very clear from the video that the cow just jumped on the car, and you can see the hoof prints on the bonnet.

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Car Talk / Re: Man Cries Out As Cow Destroys His New Car While The Fulani Herdsmen Look On. by thelegend1(m): 3:00pm On Jul 20
I feel this guy's frustration. And the owner of the Cow will be nowhere to be found; but kill their cow by mistake and watch an entire clan of swordsmen come for you.
This open grazing especially in Abuja is a joke. I mean does a Cow pay tax for the roads?

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Pets / Re: My Pet Snake by thelegend1(m): 4:51pm On Jul 18

Came home yesterday and saw this on my doorstep. I researched and found it's non venomous. I wish to keep it as a pet.
Any advice?

Is your life that boring and lonely?
Car Talk / Re: Low Fuel On Ford Edge. by thelegend1(m): 5:36pm On Jul 17
Check the fuel pump and tank underneath the back seat. The pump should be responsible for the tripping off, while the tank probably has leaks due to rust.


Crime / Re: Please Save Me From Cultist!!! Help My Life And Soul!!! by thelegend1(m): 9:45am On Jul 10
Please my fellow NairaLanders.

I'm using an anonymous account to post this because I know alot of cultist are here on Nairaland. I want to remain safe from this tools of the devil.

I past through alot early this year, that I have to leave my 1 bedroom Flat that I'm staying here in Abuja and go low for a Single Room Self con due to some difficulties in my business. I trade Cars Online. The business was doing me well not Until I started noticing many downfall. I lost many things.

Now I have to gather money to pay for a Single Room SelfContain in one Rural Area in Abuja.

I've planned to stay there on the low as I struggle to get my life back. Because I'm always a Man of myself from the Onset.

I Paid 200k for the rent and now I've spent 3month in House.

Now this is my problem, I just noticed this Area is the territory for cultist. They sing and Chant in the Night as they smoke and gather theirselves with Axe. I watch them from my window.
Late last month, they started stopping me on my way in plights of harassing me. But I was not giving them face.
This month, it has now get to a level they are now asking me for money. Stopping me on the way. Even if I'm angry but I know this boys are so harmful and I don't even have friends around there so I have to just act nice to avoid there problem.
Now they think I'm week to the extent they have started trailing me down to my house to visit me.
This week shocked me, they celebrated one feast just opposite my house all through the night, shouting 777.

They came to my door at that time to knock and started harassing me, asking me questions like "who goes you" bla bla bla. I've too just keep it cool because I was scared. They ask for my number and said they're coming to chill with me the next day. I left my house as early in the morning and Ran to my friends house in Far Far Town and explain to him what's going on. He advised me to leave the area and that's actually my plan now.

The problem is I don't even have money to leave now and I must leave because I can never stoop so low to those lifestyle. I know who I am and I know my worth and I have reputations to keep.

My friend also said he's not strong financially now to help. Now I'm in his house. I've actually got a deal I'm expecting to pay me before end of next week.

I tried taking loan from app but they're offering me 7500 so I declined.

Please my fellow NairaLanders. I'm here to seek for a Loan from anyone here. Please help me. I want a loan of 170k. What I have in my account is just 30k. I will pay back with 200k next weekend I promise.

I'm totally confused. I can't even sleep in my house aga in. I'm depressed. I can't arrest this boys for this without firstly leaving that environment. Please help me. I'm in deep pain. I have planned to put the house on rent but it taking long to get someone.

Please help me. Next weekend I will pay back by the grace of God that I serve. Surely and Unfailingly. cry

Rethink this your strategy if you're really genuine. What if it's an Axeman that requests your account details to help you? Then they know exactly who you are and how you think!

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Crime / Re: Please Save Me From Cultist!!! Help My Life And Soul!!! by thelegend1(m): 9:37am On Jul 10
Whether the story is real or fake, I will just drop my advice sha.
1. You can stay in your house and be cordial with them but don't fraternize (no long talk), since you're relocating next week.
2. Get a military friend or hire one to come and visit you in full glare of the public
3. Don't go joining a rival cult, because you will not be able to live there again or walk confidently like a free man as a target will be on your back for something you know nothing about. Look for church to join instead of cult.
4. Mind how you carry yourself about. Respect yourself and people will definitely respect you.
Crime / Re: Two APC Officials Killed By Armed Herdsmen In Makurdi Attack by thelegend1(m): 5:20pm On Jun 11
I may sound callous but haven't Benue indigenes been pushed to the limit of doing something drastic to protect themselves?
I'm starting to loose sympathy.
Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by thelegend1(m): 6:41pm On Jun 10
I'm forced to comment and don't know where to begin. I just had to comment because the argument over thread vs trend is worrying. I am just afraid of what has become of our educational system. It's really happening. This is a thread that was opened by someone narrating his experience. Unfortunately, there has been a trend of some people derailing it, which is what some others have commented on but it appears that from what I am observing, some people think posting on a thread makes it trend!

Anyway, you will get to a stage in life where you won't be quick to comment or conclude. For instance, one person that posted with a lot of errors had many likes. Though, it is worrying how poorly people write but something about communication is getting the message across. We have three stages of our existence:

There will be knowledge but no experience.

There will be experience but no knowledge or lack of adequate knowledge.

There will be knowledge and some experience.

The wise one knows that knowledge and experience will continue forever. You cannot know it all and the way you react to people's experiences will show how much of knowledge or/and experience you have. Every year, new words and terms are added to the dictionary because of how millennials or internet users have used them. That teaches us context and how things evolve.

I do not want to take over someone's thread till he has got to the end. From my experience on NL, it is tiring reading long threads like this if you did not follow it from the beginning. Why? Because more often than not, unnecessary posts add up to the number of long pages and the message is lost somewhere in the pile.

Comment is free but let the writer be free to start and stop so that readers can have a logical flow. It's okay to interject but once again, the fact that comment is free doesn't mean we should abuse freedom. There are some things you will just ignore and there are sometimes silence is really golden. People keep making the comparisons between NL and other fora where people intelligently discuss topics. Readers get a lot of USEFUL information there.

Respect other users and readers please.
You're a real objective gentleman. This would've been a great thread to read, had it not been for the constant derailment by "keyboard warriors" who have no meaningful or real life experience to add.
OP posts one story, they derail it for another 10 pages with useless rants.

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