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Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For January 17 2021 In Nigeria by TruthSeeker1: 2:30am On Jan 18, 2021
Lagos covid case is scary

If Lagos covid-19 case is scary, what then would you say about the cases in countries like USA, Brazil, India, Mexico, UK, even SA?

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Crime / Re: Lady Who Stole Iphone 12 Disgraced (Photos) by TruthSeeker1: 7:40pm On Jan 17, 2021
That guy kicking her on the neck is an animal. We protest about police brutality but just little power he has over a thief this is what he can do. Wish i had the money, i will pay for a new phone and watch that lady kick him on the neck back. Animal.

... then you will be doing the very same thing you are trying to correct.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Man Arrested With Loaded Gun and Fake Inauguration Credentials In Washington by TruthSeeker1: 5:01am On Jan 17, 2021
Health / Re: COVID-19 Second Wave: 566 Arrested, 502 Convicted, 32 Clubs Shut In Lagos by TruthSeeker1: 5:00am On Jan 17, 2021
Travel / Re: 5 Children, 9 Others Killed As Truck Rams Into Passenger Bus In Kogi (Graphic) by TruthSeeker1: 6:22pm On Jan 15, 2021
Whenever you go out and Come back Safely, go on your knees and Say thank you Precious FATHER.

These are times which we must be Eternity Concious.
Anything could Happen at anytime..
Live ready for eternity

What if there's no eternity? What if it all ends here?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Christopher Stanton Commits Suicide After Arrest For Capitol Riot by TruthSeeker1: 8:16am On Jan 15, 2021

That man is was a white supremacist, almost all trumps supporters are...
Romance / Re: Ladies Beware! (my Experience). PHOTOS. by TruthSeeker1: 7:23pm On Jan 14, 2021
You said you gave him a "fake home address", how then did the package get to you?

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Education / Re: Medicine Isn't Actually Hard!!! by TruthSeeker1: 5:20pm On Jan 14, 2021
i t

1) scale 7
3)i don't really have a particular time it depends on how determined I am that day
4)i try to understand as much as possible, sometimes when I read I explain it to my sis.. lol though she's 7 years old but i understand more when I explain it to someone
5)chemistry gives me tough time, biology and physics are good

Based on the answers you gave to questions 1, 4 and 5, I can infer that you're already doing well academically. So you shouldn't have any problem understanding and applying the tips I'll be giving you on how to perform much better.

The tips I'll be giving you will basically help you develop/improve 4 fundamental ABILITIES that are critical for learning effectively and efficiently. These are:
1. The ability to study DILIGENTLY
2. The ability to FOCUS and be adequately ATTENTIVE when studying (and when being taught)
3. The ability to UNDERSTAND the material/information you study
4. The ability to REMEMBER what you have studied.

Without a doubt, the more you improve your ability in these 4 areas, the better you'll be as a learner and the easier it will be for you to perform excellently in school. The sky will be your limit!

I'll give you the necessary tips on what you need to KNOW and DO as regards the first 2 parts free of charge. You MAY then need to pay before you get the tips for the other 2 parts.
Family / Re: Why Do Women Lose Interest In Sex After Marriage? by TruthSeeker1: 2:58pm On Jan 14, 2021
I am aware this might not be the experience of every couple but the many couple I have interacted with, the story is pretty much the same: the wife losing interest in sex once she gets married to the man and especially once children start coming. For certain couples it isn't as obvious as that, the wife simply approaches sex as a mechanical function that she needs to get over with and perhaps do something else. Why do you think this is so? Can one say it's because once married the woman feels socially secured and doesn't need to put in any effort to win the man? Or does it have anything to do with changing biology?

Even before marriage, women generally don't have nearly as strong a sexual urge as men do. After marriage, different biological factors further reduce a woman's appetite for sex.
This is because a man (like most male animals) is naturally designed to be polygamous before his sexual urge can be satisfied (nature's goal is to PUSH men to impregnate as many women as possible to produce a large number of children in order to ensure the survival and continuity of the human species). This is why most men usually find it quite difficult to be faithful to a single partner.

In terms of sexual satisfaction, the one man-one woman marital system that has now become the norm/standard is clearly disadvantageous to men. But while polygamy will certainly ensure a man's sexual satisfaction, it has its demerits!

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Phones / Re: How To Convert Airtime Bonus To Data. by TruthSeeker1: 12:42pm On Jan 13, 2021
I don't think it does , have tried it.


Romance / Re: See what my girlfriend did to me based on stingy men association thing by TruthSeeker1: 12:35pm On Jan 13, 2021
Perhaps you made her believe you had money (so she'll be impressed and like you). If you had told her the truth about your financial situation, she would not disturb you about money or she might have even helped you out (if she truly loves you).
The problem with most men is that they pretentiously present themselves to women to be better, richer, more comfortable and more successful than they really are.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Am In A Seriously Embarrassing Debt. I Need A Job To Pay Up by TruthSeeker1: 12:25pm On Jan 13, 2021
How much is your debt? Who are you owing? When is the deadline for repayment? What sort of embarrassment are you likely to suffer if you don't pay up?
Education / Re: Medicine Isn't Actually Hard!!! by TruthSeeker1: 11:05am On Jan 13, 2021
thanks sir,, pls teach me
First of all, I'll need to know the kind of student you are and how well you are currently faring academically.
Think about the following questions carefully and answer them sincerely:
1. On a scale of 1–10, what would you honestly grade yourself in terms of your academic performance (10 being the highest)?
2. Have you written UTME before? If yes, what was your score?
3. How much time do you generally spend studying and how frequently do you study?
4. How do you study? For instance, when you study, do you usually try to "cram" what you read or do you try to understand it as much as possible?
5. What subjects do you consider yourself to be good at and which ones give you tough time?
The answers you supply to these questions (and a few more I may ask later) will help me know the best way to help you.
Family / Re: I Almost Had A Fight With My Mom by TruthSeeker1: 9:40am On Jan 13, 2021
I believe there's something your mum is not satisfied or happy with in her marriage which is subconsciously and uncontrollably making her to be bitter and hateful. To worsen the situation, she has a choleric personality (she's bad-tempered and irritable). If you reciprocate her bitterness with hatred (which is how you would want to react naturally), you would only aggravate her bitterness and make her more hateful.
The best approach to change your mum for the better is for you (and your siblings) to show her love (genuinely or pretendingly) despite her dislikable attitudes. Don't ever give her the impression that you hate her for being who she is.
Talk to her lovingly and play with her cheerfully. Show her that you love and care for her. Stop being angry at her. I know this may be hard for you to do (considering how she behaves and treats you), but that's the best chance you have of ever changing her to a better person.
When she perceives such love coming from you (and other members of the family), it will be hard for her to remain bitter and malicious.

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Education / Re: Medicine Isn't Actually Hard!!! by TruthSeeker1: 1:47am On Jan 13, 2021
You won't find medicine hard IF you know how to study effectively and efficiently. Otherwise, you may feel frustrated studying medicine (especially if you don't really have PASSION for it)
I can give you a few practically useful tips on how to study diligently, understand what you study properly and be able to remember it effectively.( I teach and train students on HOW TO LEARN EFFECTIVELY AND PERFORM EXCELLENTLY )
Crime / Re: Bartender Jailed Eight Years For Illegal Withdrawals From Employer’s Account by TruthSeeker1: 1:20am On Jan 13, 2021
its applicable in all be it human action or object can't you see

This shows you lack a proper understanding of the law. I don't blame you though.. I blame Newton for using the words "action" and "reaction" in stating the law.
Romance / Re: What's The Weirdest Or Naughtiest Thing You've Caught A Lady Do by TruthSeeker1: 8:34pm On Jan 12, 2021

No matter ur location there is nothing that is supposed to make a young lady mastubate with the door open, like someone could even film her during the act.

Some young ladies are acting all manner of porn videos for the whole world to see.. have they died?
Some ladies don't care like you do whether someone finds them masturrbating

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Crime / Re: Saki Youths Burn Cattle-Laden Truck For Killing A Boy In Oyo (Disturbing Photos) by TruthSeeker1: 7:27pm On Jan 12, 2021
Do you have sense at all? We are talking of human life you are saying nonsense.

They didn't have to burn the cows (nor even the truck). Two wrongs will never make a right!
Besides, has burning the truck with the cows brought the dead boy back to life?
Crime / Re: Bartender Jailed Eight Years For Illegal Withdrawals From Employer’s Account by TruthSeeker1: 7:18pm On Jan 12, 2021
Newton said for every actions there is an equal and opposite reactions, if u have considered d opposite rxn this wouldn't have happened.
Newton wasn't talking about human action..
Education / Re: BREAKING: FG Postpones Jan. 18, 2021 School Resumption Indefinitely by TruthSeeker1: 6:59pm On Jan 12, 2021

She is in JS 2. Quite frankly, it's not so bad. The only issue is that only about 50% of subjects are covered.
Okay. Thanks for the info. Wish her the best in her studies.

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Education / Re: BREAKING: FG Postpones Jan. 18, 2021 School Resumption Indefinitely by TruthSeeker1: 3:51pm On Jan 12, 2021

Most private schools are already holding zoom classes. My child's school is, but not all subjects are featured and the cost is exorbitant unfortunately.

What class is your child and how effective do you think zoom classes have been in teaching him/her?
Education / Re: BREAKING: FG Postpones Jan. 18, 2021 School Resumption Indefinitely by TruthSeeker1: 3:48pm On Jan 12, 2021
Lol. Nigeria is a failed state.

Okay, why not do this? Every student should be assigned a zoom id on his or her portal. Telecos should cut down the cost of data for students. Engage students with online classes and Cbt exams should be done online too.

How about students who don't have phone or laptop (or money for data) to use for zoom?
Education / Re: FG Considers Shifting January 18 School Resumption Date by TruthSeeker1: 3:34pm On Jan 12, 2021
let us just remove take our minds away from off school resumption.
Education / Re: Think Outside The Box by TruthSeeker1: 6:55pm On Jan 11, 2021
How can we ascertain that you can conduct such a training competently and proficiently? Also, how effective will telegram be as a "venue" for a training on oracy?

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Crime / Re: Man Throws Down His Househelp From A 2-Storey Building In Aba (Photos) by TruthSeeker1: 5:35am On Jan 11, 2021
Education / Re: Answer If You Think You Are Smart by TruthSeeker1: 4:49am On Jan 11, 2021
ALL of the above
Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Twin Sisters Because They Can’t Live Without Each Other by TruthSeeker1: 10:49pm On Jan 10, 2021

What exactly does it mean that God 'resides' in us? How can one "look inwards"? Aside our much superior intelligence and higher level of consciousness, how else are we different from or better than the other animals?

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Twin Sisters Because They Can’t Live Without Each Other by TruthSeeker1: 10:18pm On Jan 10, 2021

The key word is spiritual strength and maturity. Thus, we start from the simple to the complex, known to unknown, theorem to practical and so on. For instance, if my level of spiritual strength requires me to burn seven candles while performing a specific spiritual task and I burn twenty one for more efficacy, the consequence might be devastating. That is why we need mentors to take us through the various stages.

Okay. Thanks for the explanation.

I'm someone who doesn't believe in spirituality, God or demons, afterlife, heaven or hell and other superstitious, supernatural ideas. However, I'm open-minded and I try to challenge my beliefs from time to time in an effort to find out the real truths about the universe and particularly about our existence as humans. Do you have any words for me sir?
Education / Re: See What The Economy Has Turned Her Graduates To - Photos by TruthSeeker1: 8:42pm On Jan 10, 2021
Who wears suit to fry Garri?
A graduate
Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Marries Twin Sisters Because They Can’t Live Without Each Other by TruthSeeker1: 7:50pm On Jan 10, 2021

Good day sir, hope you are having a nice day?

In contrast to the mundane life, the pathway to mysticism is narrow. We seek truth from the deepest of the deep, one truth opens doors to more truths which will either harm or elevate us depending on our spiritual strengths.

Good day to you too sir. Yeah, my day has been nice, thanks. How is your side too?

If I understand you correctly, your point is that "mystical truth" is like a double-edged sword; it can help or harm us. If that is the case, what would you then say is the best approach to seeking such truth? Or is seeking such truth even substantially advantageous?

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