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Politics / Re: 2019: “tell Them At Villa That I Won’t Keep Quite”, Obasanjo Spilt Fire by Turnedaround: 12:06pm On May 31, 2018
Thank you pa OBJ, since the Nigeria youths refused to fight for their rights, it bestow on you to help reawake our docile and lazy minds,

What this man wants is a nation that works, mind you, nobody is perfect, but at least he decides to make up for his mistakes,

Like OBJ, buhari disappointed me too, I 'd never in my life believe he could turn out this bad, I campaign for him and actually believed his so-called "integrity" lies.

In my short existence, as a Nigerian who had lived all his life in different parts of this great nation, I CAN AUTHORITATIVELY SAY, BUHARI IS THE WORST PRESIDENT WE EVER HAD.

The nation is gradually breaking apart, and he lacks the mental power to hold us together,

And if he truly loves Nigeria as he claimed, he should step aside for those who can do it, after all he promised to stay one term,

If we votes him again, we're only voting those jackals and hyenas as usual, he thinks all Nigerian are blind, that we don't know those that being ruling us,

What this man is saying is that he should let the younger generation take a short at it,

OBJ is not a Saint, but he is an angel where Buhari is.

So it left to the youths to either fight or sit down and await when power will be given to them?


Celebrities / Re: Ifu Ennada And Bambam Visit Senator Florence Ita Giwa At Her Home (photos) by Turnedaround: 5:56pm On May 12, 2018
occultic woman that sleeps with young boys to better her own life

Who put your mouth, better be careful, before your mouth puts you in trouble.


Crime / Do Nigerians Truly Deserve What What The South African Are Doing To Them by Turnedaround: 12:55am On May 07, 2018
I saw this write up, and I can't keep it to myself,

PLS enjoy,

Et tu, South Africa?

Nigerian being attacked by South Africans
By Chijioke Okoronkwo
In South Africa, the rate at which Nigerians are gruesomely killed and their property destroyed has reached an alarming crescendo.
These dastardly killings have been going on unabated for some years; it is now done with so much impunity, relish and braggado.
Available statistics show that more than 117 Nigerians have been killed while property worth millions of dollars had been damaged in South Africa since February, 2016.
The latest being the burning to death of Clement Nwaogu, a Nigerian in Rustenburg, South Africa, after his vehicle was set ablaze.
Nwaogu’s death came in quick succession to the killing of another Nigerian, ThankGod Okoro.
According to Wikipedia, Nigeria’s relationship with South Africa dates back to the apartheid era.
Nigeria was one of the foremost supporters of anti-apartheid movements, including the African National Congress; the Nigerian government issued more than 300 passports to South Africans seeking to travel abroad.
Sonny Okosun, a Nigerian musician, wrote the hit song “Fire in Soweto” in 1977 to commemorate the 1976 Soweto uprising against apartheid in South Africa.
For the benefit of hindsight, Nigeria provided 5 million pounds to the ANC and the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) annually according to information available online.
In 1976, Nigeria set up the Southern Africa Relief Fund (SAFR) for the purpose of bringing relief materials to the victims of the apartheid and the military administration of General Obasanjo contributed 3.7 million dollars to the fund and Obasanjo personally donated 3,000 pounds to the fund.
More so, all Nigeria’s civil servants and public officers made a two per cent donation from their monthly salary to the SAFR.
It is on record also that Nigerian students skipped their lunch to make donations, which rose to 10.5 million dollars by June 1977.
Records also have it that between 1973 and 1978, Nigeria contributed 39,040 dollars to the UN Educational and Training Programme for South Africa.
Sadly also, it is worthy of recall that, Nigeria boycotted the 1976 Olympics and Commonwealth games in 1979 as part of its protest against apartheid in South Africa
Still counting, from 1960 to 1995, Nigeria spent over 61 billion dollars to support the end of apartheid, more than any other country in the world.
Nigeria refused to sell oil to South Africa in protest against the white minority rule.
Approximately, it is on record that Nigeria lost 41 billion dollars it ought to have made from oil sales.
Sequel to the end of apartheid in 1994, Nigerians alongside people from other parts of Africa immigrated to South Africa to assuage the labour demands.
Within years, Nigerians became enterprising in their various pursuits in South Africa amidst allegations of crime, drug business among others–this has led to envy and loss of goodwill form their hosts and its resultant killings.
From the foregoing, every well-meaning Nigerian may be forced to ask `even you South Africa? –et tu, South Africa?’
It surely beats ones’ imagination that a country that Nigeria contributed immense human and material resources to redeem now seems to be the most dangerous place to be a Nigerian.
Consistently, the Nigerian Union, South Africa (NUSA) has cried out to the relevant South African authorities to take a decisive action with a view to stopping the killings all to no avail.
The President of NUSA, Mr Adetola Olubajo, said the union was saddened by the reoccurring mayhem.
Olubajo urged Nigerian and South African Governments should protect the lives of Nigerians in that country.
“The union is not happy with the killings and we appeal to the Federal Government and South African Government to protect Nigerians here (South Africa).
“Something urgent must be done to stop this ugly trend,” he said.
Mrs Abike Dabiri – Erewa, the Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Diaspora Affairs, on her part, asked South African authorities to find a solution to the rampant murder of Nigerians in the country.
The presidential aide also asked Nigerians residing abroad to shun any criminal activities and be obedient to laws of their host countries.
Dabiri also stated that 14 Nigerians who were arrested for protesting the killing of a Nigerian were still being held in a South Africa prison.
“Just a few days ago, on April 17, the case came up in court. There was so much tension that even the Nigerian lawyers representing the Nigerians had to be escorted to court by Diplomatic police.
“The community has vowed to deal with anyone who plays a positive role in getting the accused Nigerians return to Rustenberg,”
“Four South African policemen are currently in court for allegedly killing and maltreating Nigerians with embassy officials constantly present in court for the hearings. This is the first time this will be happening,’’ she said.
On a similar sentiment, Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) worldwide has warned against further killings of Nigerians in the Republic of South Africa saying “these killings must stop and with immediate effect”.
The Nigerian diaspora interest organisation reminded South Africa of the sacrifices made by Nigeria to free the country from Apartheid, adding it is following with deep shock and concern, the continued unwarranted killings of Nigerians in the country
“NIDO is calling for the immediate cessation of such reckless attacks which are contrary to the constitutional principles of the Republic of South Africa, the African Union and the United Nations for the preservation of African freedom and unity.
“In pursuit of the African Union’s 2028 target for a fully integrated Africa, we hereby recommend an acceleration of the integration agenda towards eliminating xenophobic incidence like is presently happening in South Africa.”
NIDO called on South Africans to substitute violence with dialogue so as to facilitate peaceful co-existence and better integration.
The traditional institution is also lending its voice to the situation in South Africa as the Benin Monarch, Oba Ewuare II, has appealed to South African Government to take measures to end hostility against Nigerians.
“Nigerians should be allowed to reap what they sowed in other African countries.’’
He said that Nigeria contributed a lot in the struggle to free South Africa from Apartheid.
“We appeal to South African Government to do its best to stamp out hostility toward Nigerians as the country played a great role in the fight against apartheid, so that Nigerians can live in peace in their country.
“This will enable Nigerians to reap what they sowed in other African countries.’’
Nonetheless, a social commentator, Mrs Obum Okoye, said that bad leadership over the years had exposed Nigerians to maltreatment and ridicule across the world.
He said that it was regrettable that Nigerians escape poor economy and bad leadership to foreign lands; and most times, they engaged in various forms of crimes.
“Until, we have leaders who will promote the dignity of Nigerians and restore it to its rightful place in the comity of nations, these insults and maltreatment will continue.
“For instance, the whole world read the news of how herders kill Nigerians every day, how security agents kill unarmed citizens and other forms of human rights abuses; how then so we think other countries will value the lives of Nigerians?,’’ she queried.
Meanwhile, the South African Ambassador to Nigeria, Lulu Mngulu, said he preferred a diplomatic resolution of all the contending issues and forestall reoccurrences.
Speaking recently as a guest Arise TV Network, Mngulu said the South African police must arise to their responsibility and by protecting foreigners, arresting criminals and giving information on those attacked.
“As a country, our constitution is a democratic constitution and people have the right to air their views.
“But, for the sake of peace and for the sake of security, I will not support the xenophobic attacks.’’
Be it as it may, many Nigerians say that any Nigerian that commits a crime in South Africa should be prosecuted according to the laws instead of resorting to jungle justice.
They warn, however that the continuation of these attacks could trigger an agitation for the evocation of the principle of reciprocity.

What's your say on this?
Business / Re: See How The Richest Man In The World Wants To Spend His Money by Turnedaround: 11:44pm On May 06, 2018
That's a man with vision, and on a mission cool
Business / See How The Richest Man In The World Wants To Spend His Money by Turnedaround: 11:36pm On May 06, 2018
lse.ng May 5, 2018 6:24 PM
Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, with a fortune worth $131 billion, but he finds the work he does for Blue Origin more important. Every year, Bezos liquidates $1 billion to invest in the space travel program with the ultimate goal of settling outside of Earth.

Jeff Bezos (right) during an interview with Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner in Berlin. (Axel Springer SE)
Jeff Bezos — the richest person on Earth — liquidates $1 billion of Amazon stock every year to invest in space travel.
Bezos is the CEO and founder of Amazon, the source of his $131 billion fortune, which he thinks will be easy to blow through.
Bezos' Blue Origin aims to send people to space and eventually, have human settlements beyond Earth.
Most people feel like they blow through their money too quickly, but it may be difficult imagining spending your way through a $131 billion fortune.

Yet, even the richest person in the world thinks he will go through all of his wealth. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said as much in an interview with Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of Business Insider's parent company, Axel Springer, and Business Insider US editor-in-chief Alyson Shontell.

"The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel," Bezos said. "I am going to use my financial lottery winnings from Amazon to fund that."

Bezos plans to spend his fortune — the largest wealth in the world — on space travel through Blue Origin, which he called his most important project.

"I get increasing conviction with every passing year, that Blue Origin, the space company, is the most important work that I'm doing. And so there is a whole plan for Blue Origin," Bezos said in Berlin after winning the Axel Springer Award 2018.

While it may be unfathomable to spend over $100 billion on any venture, Bezos is confident that space travel can lighten his purse.

"That is basically it. Blue Origin is expensive enough to be able to use that fortune. I am liquidating about $1 billion a year of Amazon stock to fund Blue Origin. And I plan to continue to do that for a long time," Bezos said.

However much Bezos invests in Blue Origin, he will still have money to spend on his family. Discussing a recent family vacation to Norway, Bezos highlighted the fact that he doesn't feel as if he needs to hold onto all of his money for personal use.

"I have lots of pleasures, and we just came back from an amazing trip with the kids, MacKenzie and I did," Bezos said. "We went to Norway for three days and we stayed in an ice hotel. We went dogsledding. We went to a wolf preserve and actually got to interact with timber wolves. It really was an incredible vacation, a pretty incredible holiday. We got it all done in three and a half days."

Space is not a new frontier for the founder of Amazon. According to him, Bezos is "interested in space, because I'm passionate about it. I've been studying it and thinking about it since I was a 5-year-old boy."

Blue Origin's reusable New Shepard rocket launches with a space capsule on top.
Blue Origin's reusable New Shepard rocket launches with a space capsule on top. (Blue Origin/Twitter)
Bezos rationalizes his spacey spending spree by noting he doesn't have many alternative ways to spend his fortune.

"You're not going to spend it on a second dinner out. That's not what we are talking about," Bezos said. "I am very lucky that I feel like I have a mission-driven purpose with Blue Origin that is, I think, incredibly important for civilization long term."

Aside from an academic interest in space, Bezos thinks space travel is necessary to cultivate and support a more advanced and larger human civilization. "I'm pursuing this work, because I believe if we don't we will eventually end up with a civilization of stasis, which I find very demoralizing. I don't want my great-grandchildren's great-grandchildren to live in a civilization of stasis," he said.

Mentioning Earth's cap on energy usage, Bezos said that settling in outer space can increase human production and efficiency.

"The solar system can easily support a trillion humans. And if we had a trillion humans, we would have a thousand Einsteins and a thousand Mozarts and unlimited, for all practical purposes, resources and solar power unlimited for all practical purposes." Bezos said "that's the world that I want my great-grandchildren's great-grandchildren to live in."

It is clear what Bezos thinks is the next step for Blue Origin and space travel. "We may put humans in it at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. We are very close," to human flight on Blue Origin shuttles, according to Bezos.

The company is also working on a large orbital vehicle that "will fly for the first time in 2020." He plans on "having millions of people and then billions of people and then finally a trillion people in space."

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Education / Re: Meet Chinedu Mitchel, The Shortest Man In ABSU Who Anchors 'Personality Checks' by Turnedaround: 5:55pm On May 06, 2018
Like seriously shocked, can someone get this guy a job

Cos only an idle mind will do this.

Politics / Re: Nigerian Politicians When Elections Are Near.(photo) by Turnedaround: 3:11pm On Apr 25, 2018
They are all the same may God give the populace wisdom to see through their lies

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Politics / Re: The World Is Watching A Repeat Of Rwanda – Middle Belt Group by Turnedaround: 3:17pm On Apr 24, 2018
I only commented on a single Benue... I gat better things to do.
I have no apology for what I said. The north Central, have always seen themselves as north n they joined in the killing during the war. They should have a taste of the demon,they built. Didn't they voted massively for Buhari n for change? They should enjoy it,while it last. What a man sow,thats what he ropes!

Do they give themselves north central, at least we can all testify to their new name which is middle belts.

Moreover all the actors of coup and counter coup, which eventually ends with war, were all not thinking straight, cos if the y were, we won't be in this situation today,

The Jew of Israel went through worse treatment, but, today they have their own country,

Sometimes you achieve a lot showing your enemies love,
Let join these people to cry to the world,

We can't always pay evil for evil,


Let's unite to fight our common enemy (bad leadership)
Thanks bro, God bless

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Politics / Re: The World Is Watching A Repeat Of Rwanda – Middle Belt Group by Turnedaround: 2:46pm On Apr 24, 2018
Pretending to feel for the North central grin grin grin
Good morning from the south

Hello mr. You've been enjoying yourself since morning, spamming and trolling every thread that as benue killings,

I just hope you're not a sadist, cos it people's life we are all talking here, if you don't feel their pains, don't add to it,

I wonder where you got your mind filled with hatred,
I was not around during the Civil War, but I can tell you, both sides killed themselves, It
war remember

But even with all your tales, and the sitdon look attitude, I wonder how you sleep at night.

This killers sees everybody as the same once you're not fulani, if it happens to your neighbors, and you don't want to care, when it gets to you no one will care too.

Stop this tribal rubbish and do your part, except only if you're a kid, I won't encourage you to start now.

Mind you, I'm not from benue or Taraba, but a Nigerian, who wants peace,



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Crime / Re: Fathers Joseph Gor And Felix Tyolah Killed By Fulani Headsmen In Benue (Photos) by Turnedaround: 1:11pm On Apr 24, 2018
It has gotten to a point where killing people is a normal thing in this country.. Life decadence

My brother you can say that again,

But what pains me, is that the Nigerian youth, despite all the insult and derogatory claims by our suppose leaders, we tend to live by the insults,

Was it not the youths in Egypt and Tunisia that started the Arab spring, they came togather to fight a common cause,
But, what do we do in Nigeria other than insult ourselves and distort history, or engage ourselves with inconsiqential things to like the BBNAIJA.

When there are serious national issues, or what do we make of this killings in Benue and Taraba, why the ethnic cleansing, what is their crime, are they the only states in Nigeria to go against open grassing, are they the only states in the Middle belt, this and more are questions begging to be answered.

In a country that has president, if we keep quiet today, cos it not affecting you, do you know what will happen tomorrow,

This is how the boko haram started, first it was the Christians and churches they started with, then the northern elders sees nothing wrong, but today is it the mosques that is their targets.

We have the power of social media, my fellow youth, let's use it to tell the world what we are going through, let's play our part so that history will remember us,

Rwanda comes to mind, don't let us wait until it get to that,

Let's shout until it gets through the bad ear of our president, don't leave the Benue and Taraba people to their untimely death,



Sports / Re: "Mikel Obi Not Helping His Family" - His Cousin, Obiekezie Chukwuemeka by Turnedaround: 11:22am On Apr 24, 2018
For all those supporting Mikel, just remember eboue of ivory coast, with all the millions he made from his career, and living his life the white man's way, I. E neglecting his extended family and focusing on his oyinbo wife, didn't he run down.

There is nothing wrong extending small hand to your extended family, especially when the person in question is sick and your uncle, mind you if he doesn't do it, God can raise someone else to do it,

Or he wants them to take it public to raise money for his treatment, like his cousin said, it not even about money, do you people know how close the uncle was to him growing up, cos you'd notice he asked mikel's father, if Mikel knows his sick.

So y'all can say whatever you like, but you only know what you know,

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Celebrities / Re: Angry South African Mob Burns Ebuka Alive by Turnedaround: 8:00pm On Apr 23, 2018
Abeg wetin Nigerians still dey find for South,

Seriously, no amount of money is worth one's life,

This is becoming frustrating and annoying, even in the presence of law enforcement,

God, they'll never know peace in that glorified zoo

Something they can't try with the minority white,
Now we can all see, why the whites handle them with iron hands,
This guy's are savages, they truly deserve what they got during apartheid Era,

Animals killed someone for no reason.
Haba, may God avenge for the innocent soul
Politics / Re: Viral Picture: If You Can’t Convince Them, Confuse Them (photo) by Turnedaround: 7:47pm On Apr 23, 2018
Confusion everywhere

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Romance / Re: Girlfriend Beats Her Boyfriend For Impregnating Her Roommate (Video) by Turnedaround: 7:44pm On Apr 23, 2018
The guy go be like, I for nor gree oooo

Celebrities / Re: Davido Snubbed A Lady Who Tried To Touch Him At A Party (video) by Turnedaround: 7:05pm On Apr 23, 2018
Nor blame Davido, all of una nor see where the girl hand dey go,

With how many millions dey him neck,

Who knows where the girl dey Co. Etc from?

If na jazz man house?

Make all the blinkblinks come disappear shocked

The story nor go funny ooo lipsrsealed

So na to play safe sure pass cool

I nor fit blame Davido......

Can't trust those hoes cool

Romance / Re: Is This Love Or Madness? (PHOTO) by Turnedaround: 12:07am On Apr 23, 2018
I'm very certain, the guy's mother is late

If not, the otumokpor strong wella

Which kind yeye love be that,

Education / Re: At Last: A Nigerian University Ranked Among World’s Best by Turnedaround: 12:03am On Apr 23, 2018
Romance / Re: Mens Only: Will You Marry Or Have This Kind Of Girl As Your Wife/girlfriend -pi by Turnedaround: 11:39pm On Apr 22, 2018
Lifeofpolice1 post=6 6935561:
are u alright at all

No ooo,

Na you nor well, at all, if you nor get something to say, then

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Celebrities / Re: BBNaija : CeeC Is Nigeria's Most Bitter Woman According To Google Search by Turnedaround: 11:11pm On Apr 22, 2018
Granted CeeC is a crazy woman..but if you're able to tame the shrew and harness that fire you'll have a powerhouse of a woman behind you.

The one that will send you to early grave

Hmmmmmm I nor want shocked


Politics / Re: President Muhammadu Buhari Returns To Nigeria From London (Video) by Turnedaround: 11:58pm On Apr 21, 2018
That where he should hide his face, #lazynigerianpresident


Politics / Re: LCC Targets Lagos-ibadan Expressway, Opens New Operation Office by Turnedaround: 2:53pm On Apr 13, 2018

If you know how well-maintained Lekki Expressway is, you wouldn't complain about the company's desire to manage Lagos-Ibadan. The govt in Nigeria cannot manage ANYTHING. Any company that would ensure that the road is well-maintained should be given the job. I don't care whether the company belongs to Tinubu, Nnamdi Kanu or the Sultan. Just get the fvvvcking job done!

Shot that trap, what maintenance are you talking about, do you know how much they generate within an hour, not to talk of a month, it's the helpless Lagosian that is suffering the pains,

I was. among the protester on the toll increment and we ask that they (LCC) publish their financial books, but what did do, They simply hired thugs armed to disrupt our protest.

If you must know LCC is a scam, it just a money making venture for Tinubu.
Do you know that his son owns the electronic advertising screen on the tolling station, so that means, the father is collecting from the ground, and the son is collecting from the top, na only Tinubu God do Lagos for,

No wonder he's being fighting for recognition in his own party, this as being is plans all along,

IT WILL NEVER WORK OUT, Lagos - Ibadan is a national property not Lagos,

Mind you I'm a full undiluted Yoruba man, so don't use Tribe sentiment with me,

His wife is in the senate
His daughter is the Iya loja if Lagos State
His son in law is an honorable
And he's the defacto governor of Lagos

What else does he want, he should hands off national assets.

Which stupid maintenance is he doing on Lekki - Epe road. Thief.


Politics / Re: Look At The Stress We Are Facing In Makurdi, Suswam Thank U For Voterz Card Reg by Turnedaround: 10:46am On Apr 10, 2018
And it's so easy for the northerners to get theirs, I'll implore you not to get tired,

The battle as just began, to remove Buhari is a task that must be done,

The youth should brace up, cos those old maggots won't let go easily,

Let rewrite our story, it can be done, it must be done, if you do, history will remember you, if you don't, it will certainly do,

Enough of this misdirection, let collectively snatch our freedom from our oppressors, all tribes no matter where you come from, we are all going through the same things,


Get ready Nigerian Youths, THE BATTLE IS NOW.


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Business / Re: How I Started A Soap Making Business From Scratch (pictures And Videos) by Turnedaround: 6:51pm On Apr 09, 2018
Nice work bro
Romance / Re: Meet Crowncy Anyanwu, 25-Year-Old Virgin Nollywood Actress Who Wants Rich Guys by Turnedaround: 12:27am On Apr 09, 2018
Virgin indeed shocked

Religion / Re: Lords Chosen Man: "I Fought A Demonic Cat And Killed It In Osun" (Photos) by Turnedaround: 8:18pm On Apr 08, 2018
This man's brain is really slow ooo.

Common sense is not common at all, he needs serious reset shocked

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Politics / Re: Police Officers Help Abia Woman Tie Her Palm Fruits (Photos) by Turnedaround: 5:18pm On Apr 03, 2018
Dem still collect joor, look down the last pix, you'd see two bunch on the ground, shey, na spirit go carry dat one, shocked,

Nigeria police nor fit do anything free, tarrrr, make I naked baff, shocked, all na paparazzi who snap them, killers on the loose
Crime / Re: Man Hacked To Death By Cutlass-Weilding Thugs While Travelling. Graphic Photos by Turnedaround: 1:56pm On Apr 03, 2018
The army won't arrest this evil doers now, mainly because they are fulani, but if it was the manbila rebel they'll arrest them with in hours, we are really in trouble in this country,

The painful part is the 'I don't care' attitude of the fools in power, I believe it's the duty of government to safeguard the lives and property of the citizens,

But they don't care, all the want is to sit in villa, and pretend it's not happening,

Hmmmmmm, revolution is hard to start, but when it takes off, even the innocent will not be spared, nobody as the monopoly of violence, how I wish this thing can be nib before it get out of hand,

Arab springs is still fresh in the the mind, once the people rise and stand togather, nothing, I say nothing to can stop them,

BUHARI, call your brothers to order, is it not when you still have a country, that you talk about elections, with the way things are going, when everyone starts defending themselves, Oga you won't remember to campaign again.
Education / Re: Ghana's Computer Teacher Gets New Classroom ( Photos) by Turnedaround: 12:28pm On Apr 01, 2018
is social media not just great!

Yeah, but Nigerians will come on it and insult each other, as if that's what it is for,

I wish we stop this tribal rubbish online and reliase the that the world is reading and watching us,

Just see what this young man achieved with internet,
We can also, even if we are not on the same political beliefs.

Nigerians the world is watching us. embarassed
Politics / Re: Lagosians Line Up To Welcome Buhari In Lagos Today (Photos) by Turnedaround: 10:37pm On Mar 29, 2018
Suffering and smiling.......

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Business / Re: First Bank Apologises About Lagos Trekking Tweet Today (Screenshots) by Turnedaround: 9:17pm On Mar 29, 2018
that's how Buhari is paying Coneheads Back after they voted him... The ones that promised to trek for him from Lagos To Abujaif he wins that didn't fulfil it, are doing it today.. Ndi iberibe

Your stupidity is on another level,

Who told you that it only Yoruba people this trekking affect,

Well I don't blame you, you've never left cave you call home to see the real hustle,

On the streets, no one cares about tribes, like you and your fellow bigots try to dwell on rubbish talks,

You try to paint Nigeria to the outside world, as if this two tribes kill themselves on the street, which is not so,

That you have different political outlook does not stop both tribes from suffering the same.

So if you don't know what to comment, simply read other comments and learn, than to fool yourself in public.


Crime / Re: Man Dares Police To Wait For Him At The Airport As He Lands From Australia. PICS by Turnedaround: 11:05pm On Mar 28, 2018
When naija police finish with am, na like this him face go look

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