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Sports / Re: AFCON: South African Official, Clayson Monyela Accused Of Xenophobic Comment by TwentyOnePilots(m): 7:42am On Feb 07
Very lazy and violent beings....most of them.

Nigerians in SA should stay safe cause we are winning tonight.

We def winning...!
Asabe4, are you from the Northern part of the country? Good morning.
Politics / Re: Nationwide Blackout As TCN Shut Down National Grid Over Labour Strike by TwentyOnePilots(m): 2:38pm On Nov 14, 2023
The same NLC that would call for strike and reverse at the last minute but finally pushing ahead now is not serious as far as I am concerned

Government hiked fuel price by almost 600% pushing for an increase in transportation cost for commuters, food prices soared and companies are folding up because of these, yet these mumus would not push ahead for strike or call for strike only to call it off a few seconds later after alat don enter

Now thesame NLC wants to go on strike because their oga received slaps and Igbati olooyi

So, basically the strike is to serve and massage their ego, not for the causes of the masses

If una like, shut down light at the end of the tunnel, we go use hand fan when heat dey


I believe this "ENKR" means "ENiKuRe" grin
Politics / Re: President Tinubu Assures Nigerians Of Accurate Population Census by TwentyOnePilots(m): 6:08am On Nov 09, 2023
Crime / Re: Girl "Mistakenly" Kills Her Friend In A Fight (Pictures/Video) by TwentyOnePilots(m): 8:12am On Nov 08, 2023
Even in football... I have seen players who went separate fights getting booked, sometimes getting Red carded.

Exactly Baba .... A typical example was a match during the world cup, Super Eagles and a country I can't remember now.

There was an altercation between two players, far away from the ref, immediately the Super Eagles player saw the Ref coming, my guy moved, only for the Ref to Booked the next guy he met at the scene cos He looked confused as to who was real offender but had to give the card anyway.

We need to be careful at all times. God rest her soul.... Amen.
Business / Re: LAPO Launches The Lapoxpress Promo Season2 - Become A Millionaire With Just N10k by TwentyOnePilots(m): 3:31pm On Oct 21, 2023
...LAPO.... Run for your Life! grin


Foreign Affairs / Re: 2 American Hostages Released By Hamas by TwentyOnePilots(m): 9:34pm On Oct 20, 2023
.... Good News!
Religion / Re: Why Did You Stop Going To Church? by TwentyOnePilots(m): 8:59am On Oct 15, 2023
Romance / Re: Video Of Single Ladies In Wedding Gowns Praying For A Life Partner (pics/video) by TwentyOnePilots(m): 11:26pm On Oct 14, 2023
unessesary , married ones sef looking for a way out...see them praying as hell when they get the man next is frustrate his peaceful life

.... I wish I could like this your post like a million times. grin

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Crime / Re: How David Ogbenye Tortured Me - Chinaka Chigozie by TwentyOnePilots(m): 9:48pm On Oct 01, 2023
Autos / Re: How To Quickly Stop Your Car When The Brake Fails by TwentyOnePilots(m): 9:47pm On Oct 01, 2023

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Webmasters / Re: Is Your Whatsapp Responding? by TwentyOnePilots(m): 9:36pm On Jul 19, 2023
Yeah... Just checked.
Crime / Re: Anambra: 6 boys Gang Rape 19-year-old Girl, Record & Upload It Online by TwentyOnePilots(m): 6:12pm On Jul 15, 2023

Anambra's foster son will not like this

No Song dedicated to them
I dey always gbadun you.
Politics / Re: Ganduje Giving Ride To Kwankwaso On A Motorcycle (Throwback Photo) by TwentyOnePilots(m): 6:06pm On Jul 15, 2023
When the going was good.

Used to be my homie, used to be my ace...”

I dedicate this classic diss song aimed at Eazy-E to them “F*k Wit Dre Day” (And Everybody’s Celebratin’) by Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg. Great jam!

Are you a DJ?
Education / Re: House Of Reps Asks JAMB To Extend Validity Of UTME Results To Three Years by TwentyOnePilots(m): 8:13am On Jul 13, 2023
Good Development.... I pray it sees the light of the day.
Family / Re: Married Civil Servants In Today's Economy, How are you coping? by TwentyOnePilots(m): 9:31pm On Jul 10, 2023
Some people get relative yankee wey Dey assist them. You think all depends on salary Dey play

Sure, I can relate. I have a colleague at work that basically, his Aunt and Brothers pay his Bills... School Fees, House Rents, House Keeps, Even Monthly Allowance to the wife.

But recently, he was asked to move out from his current place to a vacant apartment owned by the Brother....Seems everyone is kinda feeling the heat one way or the other undecided


Crime / Re: How Lady Trapped Armed Robber With Sex During Operation by TwentyOnePilots(m): 6:22pm On Jul 09, 2023
Moral of the story: Never Mix Business With Pleasure. cool

Reminds me of Biggie's 10 Cracks of Commandments ....Rule Number 7: This rule is so underrated, Keep your family and business completely separated...Money and blood don't mix like 2 digs and no Babe...Find yourself in serious shit! wink


Music/Radio / Re: Which Song Would You Sing At Karaoke's Night? by TwentyOnePilots(m): 7:08am On Jul 09, 2023
This is a good one for karaoke.

Seems you're a rock head, your moniker.

Yeah Bro.... wink cool

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Music/Radio / Re: Which Song Would You Sing At Karaoke's Night? by TwentyOnePilots(m): 4:01pm On Jul 08, 2023


Family / Re: This Is A Photo Of Father & Daughter In Ilorin & Not Husband & Wife by TwentyOnePilots(m): 8:45am On Jul 02, 2023


Business / Re: Please Help, He Has Refused To Refund My Money by TwentyOnePilots(m): 12:44pm On Jun 28, 2023
This is not fair..... But there are still some honest Peeps out there. I could remember when I over pay a Dude selling building materials of over 20K... I realized this and called the guy when I was making my calculations when I got home.

The guy told me he will check from his end and accounts he made for the day and revert back to me the following day... And to his words, he called me and asked for my account number for the refund. Really appreciated his honesty and sincerity.


Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Official Portrait As President Unveiled by TwentyOnePilots(m): 10:48am On May 29, 2023
Romance / Re: ● 6 Things You Should Never Tell Everyone ● by TwentyOnePilots(m): 10:52am On May 27, 2023
... Beautiful List.
Family / Re: How & Why do siblings fall apart? by TwentyOnePilots(m): 1:00pm On May 07, 2023
When you have a younger Sister like mine, I am pretty sure you won't ask this type of question. Someone who shows she is envious of good things and wishes no good come to people. Even went as far as calling meetings because she heard I wanted to go for my travel history, and the same human being is processing admission to go to the UK.

I wanted to date her friend, she had already started to like me, This lady went very extra length to scatter the relationship between us both, went very far as telling the girl stories that were not true in anyway. The relationship shattered , everyone moved on, even when the girls father died, it was a feat for me to extend condolences, but whatever , I am a man, it did not have to be so, i extended my condolences and moved on, and we thank God for all in the very end.

So many other things, OK let me talk about the one of last year, I lost my job. I got bored with accepting anything that looked like a job offer and decided to focus on having my personal startup, instead of being engaged and loosing out after sometime. I was able to finance things for the family and what not. Even this same girl was working, the only thing she does is to come and cause problems in the house, then she comes to the house and pack everything i bought as food stuff with my money, and takes to her own house. Just a minor shaking, she as usual, went to feed my father with abrupt nonsense. If my father sees me, I started to look like irk to him. At some point , i used to go to Cotonou like weekly in order to avoid provocation. She did not stop there, She even made my elder sister fight me and threw something at my face that made me bleed from my nose. And what did she do, she pretended to be the Angel as the very usual. When she heard I started working, she called on the phone and started to behave like she was the best person. I just laughed loudly. And stomach certain things for the major interest of peace.
Before i got the job, i was seeking finances to put my startup in order, after I lost friends , helpers and what not. Just few friends were there for me. I resorted to using Loan sharks to put that my business in order, so i would not be able to pay in say a day or 2 after the due date, when they call, She would tell my parents to leave me to suffer alone, that when I had money i never cared for them at all. I remember i paid Light bills, bought fuel and all treated the family members well when I had money before i lost the Job, what was my offence? That i do not give her money personally at hand, so therefore they should leave me to suffer and bear the brunt alone - but this is someone that comes to the house to pack everything and move to her house, My father saw this and he said it is normal, i looked at him and never said a word.

Or is it the one a friend in Canada volunteered to help me offset the bills, she called the boy in Canada never to help me. That i spend money and go to Ghana and other countries for travel history, that no one should help me, they should allow me bear it alone. I thank God later on, my friend in Ancona in Italy send me over 3000 Euros and i was able to offset everything once and for all, and happiness came back. The boy in Question said if he sees her, they would have serious problems. I been the one calming him down. The one in Canada ended up marrying someone else because of her bad character.

Lately, I worked for a Switzerland company and i was able to get finances, from the money mules, i been able to cost out few cash for house rentals , and i am still working squarely to get cash and give my father for the remainder Also from there i was able to establish my startups for good, we working closely on the funding. She lost her job, and she just been at home here. When money comes, i give her and she also eats. I buy fuel for the generator and do things for the family as usual. She does not even feel free and she barely talks to me. I just let her be for the time being and focus on what I think is quite necessary and I let myself be happy no matter what. I was helping her work out admission in the UK where i was her reference, i completed the reference form and submitted it, she said because I did not upload a letter, she started to haul abuses at me again. So the letter i typed for her is what? She started to call me names like i am useless and co, I just held myself because i am expecting something from GOD so, I would not want to say anything. I went to church and knelt down to thank GOD for all. The visitor who came to the house be like "Is this what you see?" I just laughed! This happened few days ago!

Its quite Long and everyone be asking me to forgive, personally i have forgiven her, but she is very free to go, but i told myself one thing, if it would take the last drop of blood from me to make sure i give my children the best life without any of my siblings, and having anything with my kids to do with any of them, I am ready to do everything. As for her, she can go. We thank God for all.

With siblings like these, We do not need enemies. I have accepted everything, and right now, I will work hard with all It will take to go very far away from them, and I am very glad, its gradually working out. I just have to be more prayerful.

The thing i deciphered from everything is envy.I have the best job, from the job I got my own company, I travel anywhere, even if I get shakedowns , few days i am back on my feet. This is the main reason, Siblings have problems. For me, I have forgiven her, but I will never have anything to do with her again. She and the rest can go.

This is so Deep! It is well with you Bro.


Family / Re: How & Why do siblings fall apart? by TwentyOnePilots(m): 12:41pm On May 07, 2023
This is always sad to see. Siblings fa. But then, never be the cause of family ties being severed. Try as much as possible to stitch it together, the lord will surely bless you for it

....I tried getting it stitched but got burnt for it. It's sad, painful and at the same time, pathetic!

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Career / Re: Lagos Workers Get 20% Salary Increase, LASG To Implement From January 2023 by TwentyOnePilots(m): 9:34am On Mar 21, 2023
Abia and Enugu are presently been held hostage but na Lagos matter you carry for head. Talking about selective outrage.

Oshe...@Selective Outrage like Will Smith from Chris Rock!!!! cheesy God Bless you!
Family / Re: Good Old Memories To Make You Smile (Throwback Pictures) by TwentyOnePilots(m): 3:39pm On Feb 13, 2023
Good old days 😭😭.
Who remembered when Stv was Stv.
5-8am cartoons.
Ben 10 alien force
Courage (stupid dog)
Kkb show
Johnny Bravo
Pinky and brain
Should I continue guys?

Omo....Courage.... "Stupid Dog"!!! That will eventually save the day!/ grin
Family / Re: Good Old Memories To Make You Smile (Throwback Pictures) by TwentyOnePilots(m): 3:35pm On Feb 13, 2023
But those dogs are supposed to be 2 nao.

Then, we used to go and hit a nail on the ground

grin grin

.....you badt gan Ni oh grin
Romance / Re: He Ran Away Because Of Valentine's Gift by TwentyOnePilots(m): 1:30pm On Feb 12, 2023
Able Bodied Parasite Everywhere!!! grin grin grin

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Car Talk / Re: Ezra Olubi Buys Tesla With Vanity Plate Number R3T4RD. by TwentyOnePilots(m): 5:54pm On Oct 23, 2022
Business / Re: Can A Woman Who Runs Beer Parlor Business Still Be Faithful To Her Husband? by TwentyOnePilots(m): 12:05pm On Oct 08, 2022
One of the requirements of opening a beer parlour is opening the down parlour

Bro.... grin grin grin grin
Music/Radio / Re: What Song Are You Listening To Right Now As The Day They Go by TwentyOnePilots(m): 6:38pm On Sep 03, 2022
[quote author=Vultron101 post=116323571]When am working or driving I listen to some of my favorite
Demon Hunters
Linkin Park

You've got taste Bro.. Beautiful Selection!!!


Religion / Re: What Do You Want From God Today? by TwentyOnePilots(m): 9:02am On Jul 17, 2022
Grants me All my Beautiful hearts desires. Amen.

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