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Politics / Re: INEC Voter Education: Tinubu Rejects Okoye's Renewal, Olumekun Heads Committee by Ulunne777(f): 7:30pm On Sep 05
Okoye will be used and dumped.
Evil man

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Religion / Re: Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere Allegedly Accepts Child From 22-year-old Babymama by Ulunne777(f): 7:27pm On Sep 05

Put not your trust in man.They will stain your white.

Daddy has blood flowing through his 'akwara' grin
Politics / Re: Aba Is Gradually Wearing A New Look Under Alex Otti by Ulunne777(f): 9:34am On Aug 05
@Workch,It is time the new Ngwa road road from Asa to OUK bridge be cleared and slabs used to cover it .I could never understand leaving drainages open.
The sight I met the other day made me almost vomit.The drainages are filled with waste and so when the rain falls,the water remains on either side of the roads .It is Avery unpleasant sight.
The govt must meet with mkt union leaders to find a solution to this.
That beautiful road should not look the way I saw it.

Phones / Re: Stolen SIMs To Be Blocked In Five Minutes — NCC by Ulunne777(f): 12:06pm On Aug 02
Politics / Re: We Can’t Afford Ekpa’s Two-week Sit-at-home Order – Gov Otti by Ulunne777(f): 3:49pm On Aug 01
Umu aba dey fall hand …

Ndi azu Igbo wan come Dey dictate for igboland

Ekpa is a fool

Abia is not observing it.All the markets are open and busy

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Health / Re: Physical Effects Of Eating Spaghetti by Ulunne777(f): 8:56am On Aug 01

It is known to cause internal heat.
Not advisable to eat often.
And not applicable to everyone.

I have learnt oo.this was my first time this year to eat it .
I'm gonna stay so far away from it. Internal heat shouldn't be experienced by anyone.
Google literally told me my organs were getting inflamed.Haa!

Chukwu aju

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: See How Heartless People Are by Ulunne777(f): 3:41am On Aug 01
If what he said was true,my greatest worry is that he may have just made himself look like a liar to them.

As their brother begins to drive a problem free bus,they will only conclude you were being insincere.

A little drama,a lil resistance would have been okay
Health / Re: Physical Effects Of Eating Spaghetti by Ulunne777(f): 9:25pm On Jul 31
I ate ukazi/ Afang soup on saturday evening .Woke up in the midnight with my whole system hot as if someone applied aboniki balm inside my body.

I was very frightened.took the whole of Sunday before I got relief.

Had to Google it and found that the leaf was the culprit.Something I've eaten my whole life without experiencing it

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Nairaland / General / Re: Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly And How Do You React by Ulunne777(f): 5:04pm On Jul 30
Happened where I Went to buy sweet potatoes last year.Had made payment waiting for her to tie up mine and hand me my balance .Next a customer came and she started attending to her .Told Aunty to hurry up next thing I heard is that I haven't given her money.Before you know it she had escalated it,calling me a fraudster and all.
ppl gathered and her co Sellers and neighbors urged me to leave her.
I refusedooo because I had already warned her earlier to stop the hot gossip with her neighbor and focus .It was a family friend that dragged me away.I was very livid! undecided

Exactly 5 days later,was passing by and she called me to come and collect my money and apologized.I told her to summon all the onlookers and witnesses to our show of shame.
I really matched her energy cos if her voice had drowned mine,market ppl would have sided hers and that label would have stuck.
Stupid gossips

Since then I don't give penny until I've received what I bought.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Federal Character Commission Was Like A Market For Selling Job Slots – Chair by Ulunne777(f): 2:23pm On Jul 30
A lame comeback because she was exposed by the other 37state commissioners.All of them are involved in it.They got angry cos she now has her own agents who now sell slots for herinstead of sharing with them to trickle down to the 36 states and fct.
Swearing in Allah even when she has been perpetrating evil.
If you watched the video,you will cry

Shame on all of you.


Politics / Re: 24-hour Curfew In Adamawa As Youths Go On The Rampage, Loot Government Grain sto by Ulunne777(f): 2:14pm On Jul 30
Hunger knows no rparty,religion or ethnicity.
If it comes you will know.

It is not by being 1st class citizens or highest voting blocs.


Politics / Re: Abia State Government Begins Work On Cemetery Road, Aba by Ulunne777(f): 11:07am On Jul 29

Does Abia look like a state that lacks Human capital development?

Abia of a places?

Don't mind him.O Ka asikwa na ana enye suggestion.
Is their any city that rivals Aba in Human capital Development?

It needs power,wastemangaemebt and good road network.
Every other thing leave it for the citizens.
Crime / Re: Christian Woman Butchered To Death For Leaving Islam by Ulunne777(f): 8:25pm On Jul 28
That is how their religion remains the fastest.
Whether you are born into it or found your way into it,you must never go out of it or death awaits you.
Politics / Re: Gov. Alex Otti Visits Long-Abandoned Enyimba Hotel Aba, Plans To Reactivate It by Ulunne777(f): 3:05pm On Jul 28
That area is best for for fit for a pleasure park and the Aba River near it dredged and beautified.
Cinemaa,cultural exhibitions and recreational events under PPP will be better

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Romance / Re: My Wife And Side Chic by Ulunne777(f): 12:36pm On Jul 28
Talk to your wife. Tell her everything.

For me this isn't the right time to tell her anything that'd will raise her bp and threaten that pregnancy.
It's a high risk pregnancy and she needs all the peace to get through it.

As for side chick,I can't say but pls let your woman not hear of your evil exploitd till she delivers.thank you.
After she can decide to leave your ass or not


Politics / Re: Multidimensional Poverty: Akwa Ibom, Rivers Lead South-South States - StatiSense by Ulunne777(f): 9:59am On Jul 27
Politics / Re: See The Rubbish Obidot Governor Otti Of Abia State Is Doing by Ulunne777(f): 9:43am On Jul 27
Kudos to you for bringing in this! Thank you @Alex Otti! Thank you to Ndi Abia for being patient.. It shall end up in praises!

Thank you dear.
The way I kept begging ppl to go reg for PVCs,still followed them up for pick ups.
Election day nko,I went compound to compound begging them to come out and vote.
Still worked as an unofficial agent in my polling unit.Now they call me 'Labour' grin when I go out.
I can't thank God less for this election.Majority told me to stop wasting my time
I've already started reaping the dividends.
Free medical care for one month now at the general hospital.I got my eye drugs complete and free.
No waste pile anywhere unlike before.
New road works ongoing despite the heavy rains.
Just the beginning of more beautiful things.Amen


Health / Re: Resident Doctors Declare Total & Indefinite Strike, List 8 Demands by Ulunne777(f): 11:20am On Jul 26
Pay them from the 1.9T you ppl made in June.
Their salaries and allowances should be more than that of the legislooters.
Evil leaders in a very evil religious country.


Politics / Re: Hunger: Arewa Youth Mobilizes For Mass Protests by Ulunne777(f): 10:14am On Jul 26
Bashir told them to focus on praying to Allah but has been absorbed as a staff of NNpc with a basic salary of #430k

Alalhs wrath is not against poverty


Politics / Re: Governor Akeredolu Commences Construction Of First Flyover In Akure (photos) by Ulunne777(f): 10:10am On Jul 26
I don't understand the name there.
I know Shagari, who is Onyeruagbula?

It means 'nobody should do me wickedness' in Igbo.
Lol.Those olden days heavy traditional Igbo names.

I'm curious to know if it was named after former military gov or something.


Politics / Re: ‘boko H Will Be Child’s Play If You Do Anyhow’ – Asari Dokubo Warns Rivers Gov by Ulunne777(f): 6:30am On Jul 26
Was that what he learnt at the Hajj he went to
The only thing he majors in is to recruit hungry jobless illiterate villagers to forment war.
One would think he has the interest of his ppl at heart .If not he abandoned his village to go build university in cotonou with his amnesty money.

The governor should know what to do before they grow wings


Family / Re: My Room Transformation Progress With Cost Breakdown(photos) Cont. by Ulunne777(f): 7:04pm On Jul 25
Nice one.

Please don't allow any girl to monopolize the room.

We will.What can you do ?


Family / Re: My Room Transformation Progress With Cost Breakdown(photos) Cont. by Ulunne777(f): 6:59pm On Jul 25
It is from this space you will hear,

"Mbappe is a fool to accept Al ahily's offer"
"We bought Chukwueze £500000"
"I can buy you and your generation"
"All Nigerian girls are useless"
grin grin grin grin

Kudos nwanne,we hope to see an upgrade soon.
God bless your hustle and your days of humble beginning.
Keep the pictures well .There will be better 'Afters'

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Family / Re: My To Be In-laws Are Frustrating Me by Ulunne777(f): 2:20pm On Jul 25
If The mom is looking at you to sponsor the UK journey,then let her allow you ppl to marry first.
What's the big deal?
***If she later agrees make sure you fulfil your promise.Dont use pregnancy to abort her future prospects.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-Power Batch C1 & C2 - 2023 by Ulunne777(f): 10:10am On Jul 25
Ezenwa, nassim portal is not opening ooo. I have tried chrome, opera, Phoenix and firefox. What should I do please?

Restart your phone or clear your browser caches.

You can also drop your details so ppl can check it for you.

If you've received your 3 mths payment complete,I really advise you don't stress yourself checking it.Nothing is going on there.

If alert comes,you will know

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Family / Re: Please Kindly Adopt My Daughter by Ulunne777(f): 8:16pm On Jul 23
When she come online we will hear her next story.
If a baby is actually involved,let's not be daunted.What I saw at the hospital yesterday for exactly a 10 yr old girl living with her grandma,a stranger brought her but the hospital insists the girl won't be going back home to her due to the severity of the infections and abuse seen

If she's a scam,we will get to the end of it.
The phone no from her palmpay account no is switched off
Politics / Re: "Imo Can't Vote For Uzodinma" - Kelly Handsome, Clashes With APC Chieftains by Ulunne777(f): 4:08pm On Jul 23
Is Athan Achonu working for APC to make sure the Hopeless Supreme Court Governor is reelected?
I don't understand the news

Obviously my dear.

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Politics / Re: George Akuma Release 20 Nuggets On How Tinubu Intends To Transform Nigeria by Ulunne777(f): 9:00am On Jul 23
The govt hat will save us

Music/Radio / Re: Logos Olori's 'Jaye Lo' Video Causes Controversy by Ulunne777(f): 7:17pm On Jul 22
Will lead to more clicks grin idiots!

Ppl like us who never listen to secular has had to go check the video out.

Whats their fuss?

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Family / Re: Please Kindly Adopt My Daughter by Ulunne777(f): 7:15pm On Jul 22
95% men loose their senses when they see women.Its not made up.

I'm waiting for when this man will die and the group who tells you to forgive will crawl out from their crevices.

Growing up,the most pampered ,entitled and spoilt among children are those raised by their grandparents .No punishment ,just excess wisdom,love and excess food.
But what is this child benefiting from her Grandpa?Suffering and rejection.
Just because of Toto.


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Family / Re: Help Me With Pretty Igbo Names To Flatter A Woman. by Ulunne777(f): 2:41am On Jul 22
Onu ugu m grin
The tender end of the ugu leaf.
Used to describe your woman as someone delicate,pretty and your spec
Politics / Re: New Video Of Governor Akeredolu Surfaces Online by Ulunne777(f): 2:16am On Jul 22
Just negodu...
Next thing you will hear"it's his brain we want not his body"

A very sick person should step down and let someone else handle things.

The one we are using his brain,na so so increase his brain reports.


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