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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Workers Program- Connect Here Part 5 by Unionised(m): 1:13pm On Sep 22

Her best bet is to use the one year NYSC, it's straightforward.
She can still use these past six years but it will require LOEs, affidavits, all kinds of bank statements and would probably earn her an interview in Accra.
IMHO, just use NYSC to claim points and capture the family businesses in personal history

Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Workers Program- Connect Here Part 5 by Unionised(m): 11:02am On Sep 22

My opinion though, if she has managed her father's bakery and Mother's school, why don't you package those?
Her relationship with her employer is inconsequential. Search for the right NOC for her managerial positions, get the bakery and school to provide letters of employment and ID if possible.
If she had worked in a bakery that wasn't owned by her parents would you discount it as non-experience?

My thoughts exactly/

But she wasn't being paid.

You know how family can view a child as helping the family after all, she lives under their roof.

So how does she overcome the hurdle when her Statement of Account is requested showing proof of Salary?

Thanks homguy cochtrane estac
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Workers Program- Connect Here Part 5 by Unionised(m): 7:56am On Sep 22

Has she served?

She can use her NYSC experience.

She wants to put something more than NYSC.

But how does NYSC work?

She served 6 years ago...
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Workers Program- Connect Here Part 5 by Unionised(m): 7:17am On Sep 22
Hi All,
So I have a girlfriend taking her ielts test next week.

Thing is she is still undecided on her job experience.

She has not worked a day in her life, so to speak.

More of volunteer work.

She has managed her father's bakery and her father's pure water venture.

She has also managed her mother's school for a while.

She has a BSc in Business Admin and MBA too.

How should she sell her Skills to Canada immigration?


Thank you.
Romance / Re: My Bestie Is Now Asking Me Out by Unionised(m): 3:36am On Aug 10
I am a very gregarious or rather should i say a social individual,i keep alot of company but my actual real friends circle is pretty small,i actually never bought this male bestie of a thing from the onset because i felt it was thrash and irrelevant to me, i was satisfied with my girlfriends around,but during my 100 level in the university there was this particular guy i met then i was still a fresher i never knew much about the school he helped me alot with my clearance,getting a place to stay,showing me around school with alot of stuffs too numerous to mention here.

As time goes on suprisingly we started getting very close much more closer than i ever expected he was very nice and caring to me,sometimes he acts like my dad he is the only male friend i have who dares scold me in my wrong doings as time goes on before i could even realize it he was the closest to me among all my friends he was always there for me when i needed someone even when i dont he was there. We became so close i started confiding in him alot,i even told him stuffs i cant tell my mum we got so close he knows almost everything about me,everyone av dated,whom am dating,my breakups,my sex life,my kind of guy,my attitude towards dating,how i reason, even before saying something he has an idea of what am about to say,this guy knows my girlcode to the freaking core there is hardly anything i can hide from him,he has being of great assistance to me always forcing me to read my books and forget social medias,the truth is that he is the major reason for my drastic 0improvement academically, i was always at the receiving end,there is hardly anything i do for him yet he stayed i realized i needed him more than he needed me.

it all started few days ago as usual we just left from an eatery store heading back home he decided to drop by my place to charge his pc which he was using for his finals project work since there area had light issues,fast forward to when we got home there it goes we were talking as usual then all of a sudden he started saying stuffs how he feels about me all this while but only kept it to himself after hearing him speak for almost 3hours i was totally confused i didnt say anything i just starred at him the whole time till he finished ,noticing my silience he then asked me what i had to say about what i just heared,i had no idea on what to say i was totally confused i have never seen him this serious my entire life,in an attempt to escape the moment and look on his face i told him to give me sometime to dissolve all what i have heard after which he left.

Now am put in one of the most difficult situations i have ever being he is a very nice person,one of the nicest guys i have met yet he treats me better than anyone else, he treats me better than anyone am dating words can hardly explain i like him alot but i dont think i love or have any feelings or so for him this a guy who waited almost 4yrs to ask me out,a guy who knows me better than all my friends,i feel this guy knows too much and am scared he might use that against me one way or the other after all he has done for me i feel i owe him more, i cant look him in the eyes and tell him that i dont love him,i dont want to hurt his feelings and i dont want to loose him either cux he is my bestfriend i dont want to look like the bad person in front of everyone else but pleasing him here means displeasing myself i dont know what to do anymore cux i dont want to hurt anyones feeling, have being avoiding his calls and text cux i dont know what to say please i need a sincere and modest advice here what can i do in this situation i dont want anyones feelings getting hurt.

I understand the gamut of emotions you're feeling right now.

Truth is, YOU WILL NEED AT LEAST A YEAR AWAY FROM HIM to sort your feelings.

Everything will become clear by then, and all will be revealed.


Oh well, let me give you a clue..

5 to 10 years down the line, you will realise how idiotic you sound right now
Please save what you posted above and read it loud to yourself whenever you hear of him in the future.
Maybe then you will realise just how much you lost...


Business / Re: Domiciliary Account Opening: Which Bank Has Best To Offer? by Unionised(m): 8:31am On Aug 05
Dear Nairalanders, please I would like to know the best bank to open a Domiciliary account with with respect to the ease of opening, charges likely to be incured ( bank commission, travelex and offshore) and minimum account balance. I intended to make a payment of less than $1,000 to a company in China thru transfer or western union. So I decided to use transfer using Dom account as I can't make subsequent transaction using Westernunion cos of quarterly restrictions.

I have been to more than one branch of some banks like GTB, first bank and FCMB and I hear different things from different branches of same bank . My experience is that most of these guys at the FX table of these banks are either not sure of these information especially on charges or purposely not sincere.

Dear all, I will be grateful for all info that could be of help in this regards.

Thank you.

The Gem of them all is Union Bank.

If you know, you know....
Politics / Re: Barr. Stephanie At Commonwealth Forum With Buhari, Barrow, Aisha by Unionised(m): 11:45am On Apr 19
I wonder what the name of the material Adam's Barrow is wearing?

TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by Unionised(m): 10:37am On Apr 15

True, a lot of strong women end up alone. Men want to work with strong people, strive on executive boards with strong men and women but come home to a pliant soft woman who is strong enough to mentally stimulate them ‘when’ the need arises.

It is what it is. More is required of the woman to strike a balance. Is it fair?, No. however, na so e be

A bottle of malt for you.
TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by Unionised(m): 7:27am On Apr 15

So much wisdom on a cool Sunday morning.

Here is another.

Good one.


TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by Unionised(m): 7:24am On Apr 15

I really hate reading stupid shiiit like this from religious nut misogynistic men.
What the hell is 'she stoops to conquer'?

Why the hell must women stoop to conquer anything while men can be strong and upright and proud. Women should mute their personalities and just be stooping left and right so as not to step on male ego or make them feel less of themselves.
Absolute complete rubbish.

Infact I have become a fan of CeeC after reading this crap.
She shouldn't stoop to conquer jackshiite. FOH with that nonsense.

Easy on the bile.

Pick your battles.

The war is a bigger picture.

That's what the women need to understand.

Figure that one out.

Not a campaign against Cee-C.

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TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by Unionised(m): 6:26am On Apr 15

Please and please, stop quoting me after this. Only like-minded individuals should. This is the 21st century where everybody is REQUIRED to be strong.

There is more to life than having a man, let alone a man that is not good enough for her just because she wants to have a man.
And don't ever say in your life that I should learn, you did not say I should learn from Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Gloria Steinem, Meg Whitman, Barack Obama, Dr . Martin Luther king, but I should through bbnaija Abi where everything is a game undecided
Is that what you tell your sisters at home. undecided
Those are examples of strong women. The strong women we want her women like Deborah, ready to take their stance and change the world.
That is what Cee-c does. You do something wrong and she calls you out on it. Attagirl.

We don't want a kind of girl that shrinks herself or limits her personality all in the fear of one man somewhere
We don't want a kind of woman that is ready to tolerate rubbish all in the name of ending up alone.

What has marriage and not being alone done for the world.

Did it help in innovation, technology, creation of wealth, economic power.
Marriage is just to combat loneliness that's all.

And with the advent of sperm bank, some women don't even give a Bleep about marriage anymore once they have their kids.

All what I'm trying to say is that the world is evolving beyond the way Africa is seeing it. Any talk about a woman must be linked to a man. Go for an interview, they will ask for a man, sit in a gathering, they'll ask for a man, greet your pastor, a man, walk on the streets, a man, go and do your hair, a man
Let's change our mentality and be who we want to be.
Instead of a woman doing everything for a man, watching the way she behaves, speaks bla bla . Why can't she do that for God. God has a purpose for her too now and not a man. Wetin happpppppppen.
Team cee-c
The legit squad
Vote Cee-c to 32052.
One love.

I did not bother to read through your submission.

Truth hurts and I realise that I touched a nerve, so sorry about that.

This is the 21st century with equal rights and emancipation and women's rights, etc.

Lesson 1: Wisdom is profitable to direct.

Lesson 2: All things are lawful, but not all are expedient

Lesson 3: There is no freedom without a limit, for how then could we understand liberty?


Go figure.


TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by Unionised(m): 2:22am On Apr 15

Tobi didn't know he lost gold. The mumu is with mediocre Alex because she dosent challenge him in any anyway possible. LMAO. I'm just sipping my tea and watching how my baby cee-c is shining. grin
She's so strong. I'm so proud of her. Women like her are much appreciated in developed countries.They are much appreciated because they will challenge men to up their own gender(women) and not DOOR-MATS.
LMAO. She has not even cried because of a guy in that house. Why should she?
Does she owe a guy her life.
But if it's the mediocre one, she will be shouting Leo up and down as if Leo went for hunger games.
Vote for Cee-c dear.
And when Leo went , she hopped on Tobi like an hungry frog. SMH.

Strong women, who generally end up alone.

Watch how she systematically chased Tobi away, and learn.

Her style is actually a documented evidence of the LIFE of such "strong women".

Watch it, apply, and learn.

Her type will end up loving the wrong/right man to death, and still end up alone.

Its also her type that would chase her man into the arms of the types of Alex, who is easy-going.

Everyman wants to come home to a Alex, not a Cee-C, and not necessarily because a Alex is better.

A man might love Cee-C but will definiteley abhor "Miss My-Way-Or-The-Highway"

Not hating though, just stating facts from time immemorial.

A wise woman buildeth her home, Wisdom of our fathers......

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Family / Re: Parents With 2 or More Boys How Do You Cope? by Unionised(m): 10:24am On Apr 14
I have a situation right now where the younger bullies his older brother.

He is 2 and the older is 4, but because he's almost the same height with the older one and a bit fatter, he uses every opportunity to ride his brother. Though the older is calm and homely, very gentle and highly intelligent, he even takes care of this younger one as a big brother but this boy will forcefully collect foods, drinks, toys and even his bigger bicycle from him.

I sometimes tell the big brother to beat him and stand up to him whenever he comes with his bullying but that most times results into fights and I don't like seeing them in wrestlemania.

Please parents with similar issues how do you tame them?

They will sort things out themselves.

Seniority is no entitlement, and a parent should not hamper their development by intervening.

Let the boys bond their own way.

Believe me, as much as they fight each other, they will unify against any outsider.

My boys are 4 and 6 now, and I can see the senior gradually taking his place.

Its a mind thing

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Career / Re: Best Companies To Work For In Nigeria In 2018 - Jobberman by Unionised(m): 6:21pm On Apr 11
Jobberman should grow up and learn to release this yearly trash with facts and figures to back it up.
Truth is there are hundreds of silent companies in these country that top most of the above listed companies

We are talking blue chip companies here, not baba chukwudi nig ltd.

Silent kor, noisy ni....
Properties / Re: 7 Things You Should Not Do In A Rented Apartment In Lagos by Unionised(m): 5:13pm On Apr 07
10: No flexing, changing cars, cooking meat /bringing take away upandan bcus your rent go dey increase as chilling is increasing.

mathematical it is inversely proportional. my 2 cent

Explain this your "inversely proportional theory" in relation to your submission above.

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Business / Re: Man Sits At ATM ABU Zaria With POS, Gives Cash To People At Different Charges by Unionised(m): 11:29am On Mar 22
Don't insert your ATM card with good account balance on all this corner POS centers. Majority of this guys steals people's information.

That's a new one grin

Pray tell us how they will manage to steal your info with a POS Machine.
Education / Re: Union Bank Takes On 3,000 Students On Financial Literacy by Unionised(m): 1:47pm On Mar 19
[quote author=Tinalex post=65966112][/quote]

I take it then that you have not been able save much since then.

Try put away like 5k every month from your earnings.

That's what unionkorrect is about.

Use it.
Education / Re: Union Bank Takes On 3,000 Students On Financial Literacy by Unionised(m): 9:39am On Mar 19
Wash, Union Bank and their scams. They stole my 5k via that mumu contribution scheme " union korrect". They keep telling me, write to this write to that all to known avail, no one thaught me I just jejely withdraw my whole money. Since then my brain is always alert to all these their mumu scheme.

Since you "jejely" withdrew that your money, how much have you saved elsewhere?

Na favour dem do you.

Berra go back and do another "korrect"

If you know, you Know...
Education / Re: Union Bank Takes On 3,000 Students On Financial Literacy by Unionised(m): 7:27am On Mar 19
Chai! This bank ehn? I cannot fit yab dem because dem old pass my grandpapa!
Sometimes, I begin to think maybe the children of Israelites have accounts with Union bank… Their security men sef na old old old papas dem be….
You go enter bank to pay na people with walking stick u go dey see ..

See this one wey no even get account anywhere.

Come, you get BVN?

ID card nko?


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Car Talk / Re: 4 Reasons Why Nigerians Usually Have More Than One Auto Mechanic by Unionised(m): 12:47pm On Mar 18

please do you have his contact? kindly reply back with his phone number if you do.

Gazzuzz, someone needs your attention.

Car Talk / Re: 4 Reasons Why Nigerians Usually Have More Than One Auto Mechanic by Unionised(m): 8:14am On Mar 18
Gazzuzz is my mechanic.

That's actually demeaning.
That word mechanic has been bastardized jare grin

He is my Engineer.

Sounds better....


Romance / Re: She Confuses Me: Her Love Fluctuates Like Glo Network After Subscription by Unionised(m): 11:49am On Mar 12
Let me give a little background info here.
I am corper(Nysc) posted to one of the northern states.
I met this cute girl at orientation camp, she's 26 also a yoruba like me.

Ever since we met at camp, she's been into me:Body signs, gestures, the way we talk and all that.

Also, she would hold my hands at the slightest opportunity and always come to my apartment(rented) whenever opportuned but no romances.

Meanwhile, I have fallen in love with her as she's the first and the last thing on my mind daily.

Even the way we move around on the street(whether my side or hers); people would think we are dating.
But we aren't dating as she's said we can only be friends because she has someone or so.

The confusing aspect is that she also have other male friend(s) but she rarely meets with them. And she's jealous whenever i talk to her about other girls.
Not to mention the gifts aspects because i do make extra money apart from allawee, i do help her out financially too smiley

She seem to be in love with me but her love is fluctuating like Glo network after subscription.
Am confused about what i should do..

Should iI walk away or hang around? Any help pls

She's just a virgin.

And you my friend, are inexperienced....
Career / Re: Best Banks To Work In Nigeria: List Of Highest Paying Banks - FinancialWatchNgr by Unionised(m): 4:49pm On Mar 11

thanks and edit that monicker not good for ur future

When you know, you know
Career / Re: Best Banks To Work In Nigeria: List Of Highest Paying Banks - FinancialWatchNgr by Unionised(m): 4:25pm On Mar 11

yes am one more load off but happy and leaving my dream, proudly entrepreneur and earn twice my monthly pay at union in a week
you can keep ur sorry ass there and hope when u get old u tell ur children u spend ur whole life working as an employee chasing target
my brother when u die na only a minute silent them go hold people go continue chasing target and forget ur sorry ass

Whatever makes you happy bro.

Reduce the bile though.

Not good for your health.


Religion / Re: What's The Difference Between Grace And Mercy? by Unionised(m): 9:01am On Mar 11

so what you're saying is that there's no Grace for tbe saved??


Not in that context.
Celebrities / Re: Akon Talks About Running For Us President In 2020 & Picking Mark Zuckerberg As H by Unionised(m): 8:49am On Mar 11
Dream on..
Religion / Re: What's The Difference Between Grace And Mercy? by Unionised(m): 8:41am On Mar 11
i was in first service this morning and my pastor preached from Romans 3:20-24 emphasizing so much on the Grace of God, saying it was the greatest gift God has given to man even greater than His mercies.

So Nairalanders, is there any difference between God's grace and His tender mercies?

Grace - even though you are living in sin, I will continue to love you and overlook them and bless you on this earth.

Mercy - when you turn to me, I will forgive you. Because without My forgiveness (mercy) you cannot enter My Presence or heaven.

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Webmasters / Re: After Much Programming Finally Finished It by Unionised(m): 8:41am On Mar 11
Work in progress...
Celebrities / Re: ‘the Last Time I Had Sex Was On Friday’- Nina Confesses (video) by Unionised(m): 8:35am On Mar 11
Friday of which year?

My Ifu cannot do that on live tv.

She just dey play the game.
Technology Market / Re: Mr Beard General Hair Growth For Men And Women by Unionised(m): 7:04pm On Mar 10
I need hair on my armpit.

Good to go?

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Celebrities / Re: Emmanuella To Battle Davido For Favourite African Star At Nickelodeon Awards by Unionised(m): 7:03pm On Mar 10
No contest.


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