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Romance / Re: Men Are No Longer Persuasive - Lady Laments by Vcblinks(m): 12:58pm On May 06
Men have lost the energy to flirt… some will just collect number n will never call case closed…lol
Na me be that,I get no time


Romance / Re: The Words "I Love You". Don't Say It If You Don't Mean It. by Vcblinks(m): 3:27pm On May 04
Me I go say I love you to collect kpekus,is it by force to marry you,free me let me Bleep in peace and not in peaces�������������������������
Romance / Re: The Jumoke Story: Before You Marry A Nigerian Lady, Act Broke For Months by Vcblinks(m): 11:25am On Dec 02, 2020
Why do we have foolish ladies,is marriage mearnt for only the man,they will end up marrying beast that will treat them like dog and come here and start shouting but the guy that truly understands her they will throw that one out,that is why I do not pity any lady when they keep shouting and be forming anonymous.my present meet me broke,she was also not doing well but at times she sends me the little she has and if I have I do send.if that lady wants the world now am ready to give her let her not just mention cos if she is the one she will do so.i can keep those idiot's around me.


Politics / Re: Killings In North: Enough Is Enough, Arewa Stakeholders Warn by Vcblinks(m): 2:46pm On Dec 01, 2020
That is you guys business and I do not give a Bleep,will never feel sorry for you guys cos you guys are not worth it.southerners In the army do not go and fight battle that is not yours.those people know their problem do not go and die foolishly.
Celebrities / Re: "From Bum Shorts To Leggings" - Ozo Called Out By Fans Over His Choice Of Outfit by Vcblinks(m): 7:11pm On Nov 26, 2020

Lol grin may I ask, what's your definition of hardcore guys?
my brother I understand the guy being with street brothers will give you sense.my elder brother was a correct guy mab,a guyish guy.the nigga and I use to smoke kpuff then.when I was in the uni.he will come we will kpuff the weed and he will lay down street orientation to me,if I dare Bleep up na problem.he will fight me as a man.even up till date I can never Bleep up even married with kids,I will always use my 99 percent intelligence and 1 percent ruggedity.i dare not call the guy and yarn okpata the guy will clear me straight up and always remind me to use my head.he made a man and not only me and my younger brothers.so once you grow up with guys your head must function but with ladies the guy will behaving like a lady

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Romance / Re: My Relationship Is Being Affected Because Of My Low Income. by Vcblinks(m): 8:55pm On Nov 20, 2020
Call of the whole shit abeg,thank God that God has revealed this to you.call of the whole thing and face it.God will give you someone that will appreciate you
Politics / Re: UAE Convicts 6 Nigerians For Wiring $782,000 To Boko Haram, FG Official Indicted by Vcblinks(m): 1:38pm On Nov 09, 2020
My happiness is that they are killing them selves,bunch of idiots,I don't how That stupid lord lugard joined us with those blood suckers.


Romance / Re: Why Majority Of Men Delay In Getting Married Nowadays by Vcblinks(m): 8:43am On Nov 07, 2020

Shameless leech.
that lady is irritating,very stupid leech

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Election Results: 6 Votes Remaining For Biden To Win by Vcblinks(m): 2:12pm On Nov 05, 2020
I'm beginning to feel bad for ipob. Who is going to give them Biafra now? Are you saying that all the stupidity and madness they have displayed were all in vain? Haba. Kai! We will not take it.
feel bad for your useless smelling almajiris polluting the atmosphere and not for us,useless almajiri,quota system ass hole.

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Crime / Re: US Forces Rescue American Citizen Kidnapped In Nigeria, Kill 6 Of The 7 Captors by Vcblinks(m): 5:42pm On Oct 31, 2020
Imagine,America rescued their citenzen in the same northern axis that the useless army with bastard's as the head cannot do anything.this country is cursed.


Celebrities / Re: Kanayo O. Kanayo Graduates From Law School (Photo) by Vcblinks(m): 2:50pm On Sep 17, 2020

please how.. I need clarification on this. how can I go about it
i will verify for you,my brother said he wanted to do hat at one tim.just drop ur whatsapp nos
Celebrities / Re: Kanayo O. Kanayo Graduates From Law School (Photo) by Vcblinks(m): 2:32pm On Sep 15, 2020
Congratulations sir

It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

As a child I have been really dreamt of studying med/surgery, but I ended up with biochemistry and proceeded with an M.Sc but every night my heart keep panting reminding me that I have a role to play in the health sector than being a mere biochemist without significantly working in anyway related to heath. After all this trouble going through my heart I am definitely willing to return back to the root and accomplish this dream.
So help me god!
you can still study medicine instead of the huge number of years,u can study for two years abroad


Politics / Re: South Africans React To Ghana Closing Nigerian Shops (TWEETS) by Vcblinks(m): 2:51pm On Aug 19, 2020
You sound pained..So does it make any difference the guy is your friend?
it does not make any difference am just telling you to know that he can divulge any info to me,useless black mambas.rapist modafuckers
Politics / Re: South Africans React To Ghana Closing Nigerian Shops (TWEETS) by Vcblinks(m): 12:17pm On Aug 19, 2020
Imagine a white SAcan complaining about black SAcan to a black foreign national.....get the fuccick out of here.
Am telling you bro nitwit.The guy is my friend slowpoke.useless asshole.Third Hand citenzen
Politics / Re: South Africans React To Ghana Closing Nigerian Shops (TWEETS) by Vcblinks(m): 7:08am On Aug 19, 2020
Politics / Re: North Will Not Cede Power To South In 2023 — Arewa Youth Consultative Forum by Vcblinks(m): 10:19am On Jun 22, 2020
And how does that nonsense affect an igbo man,idiots keep holding on to power.igbos would soon buy up ur kano emirate palace join.anu mpama.the one that is happening in lagos where the yorubas are shouting up and down that igbos have bought all the mechanic workshops in ladipo.it will soon transfer to kano.keep that ur useless power to yourselves,it does not affect igbos one bit

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Romance / Re: I Think This Girl Is A Player/Gold Digger, What Should I Do? by Vcblinks(m): 5:11pm On Jun 20, 2020
You are a mumu man,have you bought your mother phone.it is gf,smart gurl.bankrupt the guy join self.anu mpama

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Politics / Re: Togo, Niger, Benin Owe Nigeria ₦32.04 Billion For Electricity Supplied In 2019 by Vcblinks(m): 4:26pm On Jun 14, 2020
So the government will rather sell our power than give us at least 12 hours power supply daily. Yet they have nothing to show for all the Billions generated from thus punishment. I fell like crying for this nation embarassed

Indeed there's no difference between PDP and APC

Please, I will Design a Professional Logo for your product or Business for 2k Only
do not mind,those idiots will sell power while we have nothing.useless bastards in power.
Politics / Re: Shooting In Aso Rock: PDP Raises Alarm, Demands President Buhari's Response by Vcblinks(m): 3:11pm On Jun 13, 2020
As far they are shooting themselves no wahala


Science/Technology / Re: SpaceX Flew Over Nigeria On Way To Space Station – Hadi Sirika (Video) by Vcblinks(m): 11:04am On Jun 02, 2020
Hehehehehe.. Oh SpaceX flying over Nigeria means future aviation coming closer? Coming from an aviation Minister
Whixh kind of shameless statement b dis for heaven's sake... How can a spaceX flying into the international space station go thru Nigeria before getting into orbit?? Who we offend abeg..
The future he is talking about is clearly the past for d Americans..
is the kind of fools we have as ministers in Nigeria,useless beigns
Politics / Re: Akeredolu Appoints 26-year-old Ngozi Ugochi-Igbo Make-up As Aide Causing Uproar by Vcblinks(m): 12:39pm On Jun 01, 2020

Anambra state that Igala people are indigenes

Even the governor of Anambra is an Igala man, are Igala people no longer part of Anambra again?
the governor is not an igala man,he is from aguleri.stop all those notions.yea igalas are in anambra.i have an igala ancestry from my fathers mother.there is igala in anambra no doubt about that.but the state is majorly igbos and for the governor to appoint an igala man,he shows that no tribalism.

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Appoints 26-year-old Ngozi Ugochi-Igbo Make-up As Aide Causing Uproar by Vcblinks(m): 9:25am On Jun 01, 2020

Hes not spewing Thrash. Go to Anambra and you will see how your people are religious bigots and Discriminatory. Even in government jobs, you can't make someone from another tribe to be leader no matter how much his qualification is high. Then go to lagos, you will see how Yoruba's have tolerated the Igbos so much, and yet you do not appreciate and feel like its because you are important. Thats why sometimes, I feel its best Igbos leave us alone, since you all would forever be bitter, pained, discriminatory which would never make any place to grow. Go and build your America with your hate and let us see. Mtchew
have any yoruba applied and they are not given.in that same anambra,an igala man is a commissioner.you do not stay inyour area and assume igbos are hostile.they have lived in lagos for how many years have they fermented trouble,they just go do their business.The position is just a common aide,nothing really ooh.

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Appoints 26-year-old Ngozi Ugochi-Igbo Make-up As Aide Causing Uproar by Vcblinks(m): 8:47am On Jun 01, 2020
Ordinary class monitor, Yoruba cannot get in Igbo land, but our governors will be dishing out appointments to them anyhow. It's time south west governors chose what they want; it's either they are hundred percent Yoruba governors, or they go and contest election in the south east and give them all the appointments!!!

my guy igbos are not that hostile,go to aba and see yorubas who are tailors that even marry from there,my father was trained in abia state and he has a friend seun,that you will never believe he is yoruba.in my place there is a place called ajasa most yorubas are there selling agbo and tailors too.i know a guy that owns a laundry room at my place close to ose market.he is yoruba.stop spewing this stuffs ooh.


Sports / Re: Lewandowski Scores Against EVERY Current Bundesliga Club Hitting Personal Best by Vcblinks(m): 9:49pm On May 31, 2020
Another farmers league like Laliga....

Hard to do this in the EPL....
i tell you ooh,it the eight season in a roll bayern has won the league.Thats why i like EPL.any team can surprise you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG To Pay Jobless Youths N20,000 Monthly To Sweep Markets, Clear Gutters by Vcblinks(m): 10:35pm On May 29, 2020
And this bunch of bastards are ruling us,what a stupid policy.
Crime / Re: White Woman Calls Police On A Black Man Over Dog Leash In New York (Video) by Vcblinks(m): 1:50pm On May 26, 2020
There is a whole level of hate in that country,i cannot stay there ooh.been there a couple of times and i will tell you is crazy.where your fellow human beign will leave the walk way cos ure black.will call you a niggar.if someone told me these i would say is a lie but to my face it happened in oregon.america is something else


Travel / Re: Moving Back To Nigeria After The Lockdown by Vcblinks(m): 1:19pm On May 23, 2020
they will never install 24 hours electricity in nigeria because the ppl in the generator importation business in naija are in the corridors of power.do u want their generator business to collapse cheesy.i head the mikano generator is owned by atiku.
bro is so painful,most countries have left that phase since and we are still struggling with that,so bad.they just need to hang all those assholes by their balls.

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Travel / Re: Moving Back To Nigeria After The Lockdown by Vcblinks(m): 10:46pm On May 22, 2020
Nigeria is a good country if only if there is electricity,if they can get electricity just for 24 hrs,the country is good.a whole lot of investment will be there.i have been to countries like germany,estonia,US(seattle,ohio).The level of hate in Germany,men is crazy was in paderborn,those germans are anti social, unfriendly,the level of rednecks in estonia alone is so crazy,we all know the centre of hate and police brutality is crazy,was with my cousin driving to super market to buy me some stuffs in the state of ohio,police pulled us over,the level of fear in thats guys eyes cos he is a black dude,i cannot phantom but God helped us.Nigeria is Good if we can stop tribalism, corruption and fix up the electrivity.then you will nigeria is better off than some countries,i know what am talking about


Family / Re: My Husband's Family Is Sucking Him Dry by Vcblinks(m): 3:11pm On May 19, 2020
The guy to me is not a man,while i was trying to hussle for my life as a man,my mum told me i would me taking care of my junior brother as am hustling and trying to garner grounds.i bluntly told her No that i cannot do,it is not wickedness but thats the truth,if u are the one in reverse it will be the same thing afterall u did not deliver them.parents should take care of the responsibility but add a little sha but do not kill yourself.that why i will go any lent to train my children should have their own and sustainable so that no one will be a burden.and i train them without asking any money from anyone


Politics / Re: We Are Worried About Movement Of Almajiris Into Our Region - SouthEast Governors by Vcblinks(m): 12:04am On May 17, 2020
Fulani will soon take over your so called Biafraland. Southeast and Southsouth remain slaves to the Fulani and these Almajiris
ypu means those fulanis pushing wheelbarrow in market,trust igbos they will disseminate you guys in no time.
Politics / Re: FG Gives FAAN, NAMA, Others 45 Days To Relocate Headquarters To Abuja by Vcblinks(m): 7:59am On May 16, 2020
That is what i tell my brothers but heavy stupidity is their problem.they can see the s/east is a passer by.all of us should come home and start developing and leave those idiots.if everyone put their efforts,we will forge ahead.no land is barren.a case of Switzerland comes to limelight,that country is landlocked,been there especially Zurich.but you will find out is more successful than the countries beside it,it only shows resilence.every one should come home work with the existing government and develop and leave those fools there
Sports / Re: Clattenburg: Mikel Obi, Bellamy, Roy Keane Are Among My 5 Most Annoying Players by Vcblinks(m): 11:35am On May 14, 2020
All this chelsea fans self,every referee is a man u fan.even howard webb and clattenberg.so it was these two referees that made man u go to champions League back to back and win all their premier League abi.chekshit fans ehnnn.u guys like talking out of place ooh.man u for life.


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